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Home Exploiting Dead Cops to Promote Their Killers

Exploiting Dead Cops to Promote Their Killers

In Dallas, Obama mentioned the name of dead sex offender Alton Sterling more times than those of the murdered police officers whom he was pretending to memorialize. After quickly dispensing with the formalities of eulogizing the slain officers, Obama demanded that “even those who dislike the phrase ‘black lives matter’” should “be able to hear the pain of Alton Sterling’s family”.

 Alton Sterling was a convicted sex offender, burglar and violent criminal who was shot while reaching for a gun. His family may mourn him, just as every criminal’s family mourns their own, but it was obscene to class him together with five police officers who were murdered by a violent racist while doing their duty.

It is even more obscene when Obama’s favorite sex offender displaces the murdered police officers.

And yet that was Obama’s theme in Dallas. Murdered police officers were contrasted with dead criminals. The proper thing for Americans to do, as Obama told us, was to mourn both officers and criminals, to respect the sacrifices of the police and the anti-police accusations of #BlackLivesMatter.

Obama did not come to Dallas to mourn the murdered police officers, but to defend the ideology that took their lives. And this is what he has done from the very beginning.

Before the shootings, Obama expressed his “condolences for the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile” and insisted that the criminal justice system was racist. His statements and speeches after the shootings echoed the same talking points and spin complete with the claims that accusing the police of racism is “not to be against law enforcement”.

“When people say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ that doesn’t mean blue lives don’t matter”, he famously said.

That’s true. Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean that blue lives don’t matter. It means that blue lives are evil. As Ta-Nehisi Coates, an author on Obama’s reading list, wrote of the dead police officers who gave their lives on September 11, “They were not human to me.” That’s the kindest thing that the black nationalists whose cause Obama has championed have said of the police.

In a more recent article titled, “The Near Certainty of Anti-Police Violence”, the MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and son of a Black Panther suggests that black resentment of police makes their murder predictable.

“Sanctimonious cries of nonviolence will not help,” Coates writes. “The extent to which we are tolerant of the possibility of more Walter Scotts and Freddie Grays is the extent to which we are tolerant of the possibility of more Micah Xavier Johnsons.”

It’s the core black nationalist message made more palatable for liberal audiences. Underneath the word games, the attempt to treat the ideological justifications for the mass murder of police as inevitable, is the same message delivered by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, the #BlackLivesMatter supporter who assassinated two NYPD officers, who had posted, “They take 1 of ours…Let’s take 2 of theirs”. Obama’s message was even more polished than Coates, but not really so very different. Coates had polished up the radical black nationalist message for liberal audiences. Obama’s speechwriters shaped his for a national audience. But underneath the religiosity and praise of the police was sheer contempt.

In one of the nastily cynical moments, Obama claimed that “to honor these five outstanding officers who we lost” we would have to act on “uncomfortable” truths such as his claim that the police are racist. “Insisting we do better to root out racial bias is not an attack on cops, but an effort to live up to our highest ideals,” he spun.

While the media applauded his “healing”, Obama was just recycling his speeches from before the Dallas shooting. The talking points had not changed. They had only been moved around a little to exploit the police officers murdered by a #BlackLivesMatter supporter in order to promote #BlackLivesMatter.

Indeed this had always been Obama’s first and foremost priority.

After the shooting, his initial response was to emphasize that the anti-police protests were “peaceful”. At Dallas, in his praise of the police officers, he insisted on inserting that same description of a “peaceful” protest “in response to the killing of Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge and Philando Castile of Minnesota”. The choice of words, ‘killing’ rather than ‘death’, is significant.

The “shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge” were equated with the murders of police officers in Dallas in a breathtaking bit of moral equivalence. Americans were encouraged to grieve for sex offender Alton Sterling and the murdered police officers at the same time. And, just in case there was any ambiguity about which side he was on, Obama warned that “we cannot simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protest as troublemakers or paranoid.”

It was a defense of #BlackLivesMatter at a memorial for their victims.

Obama’s spin was that he was calling for unity when in reality he was pushing the divisive agenda of the hate group whose rhetoric helped lead to the killings. He was not a healer, but an arsonist.

There was nothing unifying about his exploitation of a memorial service to push anti-cop messages or to call for gun control. Neither message is in any way, shape or form unifying. They are as divisive as can be.

Obama did not come to Dallas to mourn, to heal or to unify. His sole purpose was to protect his #BlackLivesMatter hate group from the consequences of its rhetoric. Americans were fed lies about peaceful protests featuring armed members of hate groups who had called for the murder of police.

#BlackLivesMatter draws its inspiration from a cop-killer. It has deliberately targeted white people in much the same fashion that Micah X. Johnson did. The only real difference between Johnson and the black nationalist hate groups frantically trying to distance themselves from him in much the same way that mosques do from the latest Islamic terrorist is that he followed through on a lot of their rhetoric.

Johnson was not trying to get a job writing Black Panther comics or making YouTube videos. He actually did the sort of thing that #BlackLivesMatter role models like Assata Shakur did. He killed police officers.

For Obama, Dallas was a bump in the black nationalist road. It was, like every Islamic terrorist attack, an unfortunate incident from which we shouldn’t draw any conclusions, except perhaps that guns are bad. The goal is to redirect our attention to the next set of #BlackLivesMatter protests or the next celebrity tweeting about gun control and how mean those men with guns who aren’t on their payroll are.

He did not come to Dallas to praise the dead, but to enlist them in the service of his anti-police agenda.

Not only had Obama’s actions led to the murder of police officers, but he was determined to whitewash their deaths and exploit them as weapons in his war against the police.


  1. Infidel14/7/16

    Some criminals are so bad they need to get shot.

    The white guy in Fresno had a better case for not getting killed, but MSM ignored that case. Some kind of non-lethal weapons could probably be developed for the police to use in such cases, like rifles shooting tranquilizer darts that would cause the perp to pass out instantly.

  2. Anonymous14/7/16

    Gas-lighting is a form of mental abuse in which a victim is manipulated into doubting their own memory, perception, and sanity. (Wikipedia) This time, Obama's masterful rhetoric and posturing served to affront the bereaved with the stench of racism. The uniformed victims of his finesse are posed behind him to applaud before they realize he has made fools of them.

    False humility and piety suffuse his equivocating sermons on Islam, Race, Culture, Invasion, Economy. We may feel disquieted seeing so many fancy words being so enthusiastically received. Why don't we agree? Play the video again to see the venom in his message. Obama's malice can not be denied when we see his meticulous crafting.

    Obama's "transformation" is always directed toward the demolition of our Civilized, Constitutional, Western society. How can we continue, after seven years, to see him as a force for good?


  3. Is there one rational (sane) person in this world that actually thinks Obama was pretending to memorialize the deaths of the police officers? Just one.

  4. Anonymous15/7/16

    One question should be asked of Obama about his viewpoint on law enforcement. Why do you keep your Secret Service detail? They are law enforcement too. His answer would be: "What is good for me is not good for thee."

  5. Anonymous15/7/16

    Prescient as usual Daniel.

  6. Anonymous15/7/16

    Fracken libturds!!

  7. Common 'tater15/7/16

    A great analysis of the taqqiya from the supposed leader of the free world. Did we really expect anything more?

    This is also a great example of the radical left idea that all lives are equal, although some are more equal than other. The meth head, regardless of color, that dropped out of school, has a gaggle of kids from different meth heads, all of whom are on welfare, and can't hold down a job is equal to the person, regardless of color that works multiple jobs to support a family and/or go to school and learn something, pays taxes, and even finds time to do some charity work. Yeah, right. They may have equality under the law, and certainly no one is perfect. However, to equate the lives of those that perpetually wreak havoc in our society to those that seek to better our society is nonsense.

    However, we also need to emphasize in police training and tactics that the brain needs to stay engaged in these high stakes confrontations. We have had too many instances where multiple officers fired multiple times. Deadly force needs to be used judiciously.

  8. great article Daniel, our "agitator in chief" once again shows his alliances and commitments to destruction of western civilization. His muslim pals must be so proud.

  9. Anonymous16/7/16

    As Decent Americans, it's time we learn from Charley Brown's sad experience, every time he accepts Lucy's offer to hold his football. Neither We nor Charley are stupid; we so much want Lucy to confirm our wish for her goodness.

    So Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Angelou, Nihad Awad deliver sonorous addresses. Gwen Iffil, George Stefanopolis, Candy Crowley, Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, Helen Thomas pose as "fair" debate moderators and commentators.

    They all exude intellectual prowess and moral rectitude. Their sugar coating is so seductive. The underlying message is discouraging and contemptuous.

    These narcissists revel in their towering status above us, their mental pygmy serfs. We need only "Withdraw the Sanction of the Victim". (Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged)


  10. Terry16/7/16

    Another home run, Daniel. I'm surprised that this article has not elicited any comments. Even though the reality of Black crime and the propaganda campaign surrounding it has become the Emperor's New Clothes of our time (along with the true nature of Islam), there are usually at least some conservatives who are willing to defy political correctness and make their voices heard. Once such voice that deserves special attention is that of Heather MacDonald, whose recent book (The War on Cops) should also be read by everyone interested in this subject.

  11. Anonymous16/7/16

    This should be published as a front page editorial on every newspaper in the nation.

  12. Infidel16/7/16

    Having lived under black political leadership in my previous city (leading to city bankruptcy, corruption, city officials absconding with multi-million$, never to be heard from again, catastrophic murder rate and crime spree, etc.) tends to make one wish never to have to go through that again.

  13. Michael Smith,
    Michael Krol,
    Patrick Zamarippa,
    Brent Thompson,
    Lorne Ahrens


    How many millions of people now know the names of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile?

    And how many know the 5 names above of the police officers murdered in Dallas?

    Also, when was the last time Obama (or anyone) made a speech about a white criminal killed by police?

    What universe do we live in?

  14. Anonymous18/7/16

    Dallas and Hillary: In a casino, the paying slot machine sets off sirens and flashing lights. An individual win is improbable, yet one of a thousand machines is always paying. Many Police on Black deaths start from sullen black behavior, resisting arrest, threatening, and police response. Our large population and fomented tension assures this will happen almost daily. Media makes it ho hum or high alert.

    Jun 28: Phoenix Bill Clinton and AG Lynch meeting;
    Jul 01: AG Lynch will accept FBI say on Hillary;
    Jul 05: Obama-Clinton campaign to N. Carolina on Air Force One
    Jul 05: FBI's Comey says not to indict Hillary;
    Jul 06: AG Lynch accepts and won't indict;
    Jul 05-09: Public protest to "The Fix";
    Jul 06: St Paul Philandro Castile shot;
    Jul 08: Baton Rouge Alton Sterling shot;
    Jul 09: Dallas 5 Cops killed, 7 Cops, 2 Civilians wounded;
    Jul 12: Dallas Obama eulogy and scold;

    Email? Benghazi? Bribes? Move along, nothing to see here.


  15. Infidel19/7/16

    One thing that occurred to me this afternoon (after reading about the Kansas City incident) is that there is a spillover effect, where ordinary street criminals become more emboldened to shoot at police by seeing the political shootings, even if the criminals aren't particularly political themselves.

    Like, in California it is now illegal to shoot at mountain lions, so mountain lions are losing their fear of humans and invading populated areas, taking pets as prey and sometimes killing humans also. Similarly street criminals seem to be losing their inhibitions about shooting at police, which obviously makes policing more difficult, so stopping crime is even more difficult than before (a vicious circle, leading to crime getting more and more out of control).

  16. Anonymous27/7/16

    Obama, and the rest of his ilk, are steadily laying the groundwork for establishing a National Police Force that would supplant local law enforcement. This nascent Gestapo would be operated by and for the Democrat Party. The Constitution is still in the way, but for how long?


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