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It's Time for a Palestinian State

A Palestinian state has never existed during any period in human history. Let’s change that.

Art by Bosch Fawstin
The United States has spent billions of dollars trying to create a Palestinian state. It’s time that we finally got our money’s worth.

We’ve been putting money in the broken Palestinian slot machine in the metaphorical Palestinian casino (the real one was shot up when terrorists turned it into a base) for decades. It’s time to finally get our Palestinian jackpot.

But to make it happen, we need to be realistic.

Forget the peace process. Forget negotiations. They’ve never worked before. They’re not going to now. And there’s nothing to negotiate anyway.

There are almost a million Jews living on territory claimed by the PLO. Removing them would be the single greatest act of ethnic cleansing against an indigenous population today. It would also be impossible. But the same people who insist that the United States, a country of 318 million, can’t deport 11 million illegal aliens, think that Israel will somehow deport 1/8th of its own population if they just chant loudly enough about “occupation” outside Jewish businesses in London or San Francisco.

Ethnically cleansing 8,000 Jews from Gaza/Gush Katif led to nationwide civil disobedience, riots and, eventually, the fall of a political party and three straight terms for Prime Minister Netanyahu. Now imagine trying to deport 800,000 people from their homes simply because they’re Jewish.

And it wouldn’t just be the Jews alone being rounded up into trucks, buses and maybe boxcars.

52 percent of Arabs in East Jerusalem would rather be Israeli citizens than live under the PLO. Are we support to deport 100,000 Arabs from Jerusalem to make way for this imaginary “Palestinian” state?

How much ethnic cleansing do we have to do to make the Islamic colonial fantasy of Palestine real? It’s not going to happen.

Let’s create a real Palestinian state instead. And I don’t mean the PLO’s President for Life Mahmoud Abbas going down to the UN to give another speech. Abbas is on his 11th year of a 4-year term. The US spent $4.5 billion promoting “Palestinian democracy” and the last PLO election was ten years ago.

Hamas won. It would win today all over again.

Current polling shows that 2/3 of “Palestinians” want Abbas to resign. Abbas has no political authority to form a Palestinian state, a Palestinian shawarma stand or a Palestinian anything.

If there’s going to be a Palestinian state, it has to be based on the will of the people. That means it will be a Hamas state. A Palestinian state that is not based on the will of its people has no legitimacy. The only legitimate Palestinian state is therefore a Hamas terror state.

And that’s the only kind of state you can have when 2/3 of “Palestinians” support stabbing Israeli civilians, 89% want to live under an Islamic State run by Sharia law, 84% want to stone adulterers to death and 66% support killing any Muslim who leaves Islam.

Only an Islamic terror state can truly represent the homicidal aspirations of the Palestinian people. Is this some sort of sick joke? Yes it is. But it’s not my sick joke. It’s the sick joke that is Palestine. Now let’s begin the process of turning this sick twisted joke into its own state.

The first thing to do is dismantle the UNRWA, a UN agency specifically dedicated to catering to “Palestinians”. The UNRWA is one of the key elements of the Palestinian welfare state. And the US kicks in around $300 million to the organization which fulfills many of the functions of a state. But a state doesn’t need its own refugee agency. And a Hamas terror state doesn’t need a further $350 million dollars in US foreign aid to promote “democracy” and improve its infrastructure and institutions.

This is going to be a problem because the imaginary Palestinian state also has a fantasy economy. The largest employer in the Palestinian Authority is the Palestinian Authority. Most of its money comes from America, Europe, Israel and, for some inconceivable reason, Japan.

The terror state gets its electricity from Israel. It gets its water and internet through Israel. So let’s get a clear look at what a real Palestinian state would look like. It would be Gaza writ large. But without the UNRWA and the rest of the NGOs lining up to provide jobs and social services. It would be an “open air prison”, as anti-Israel activists screech of Gaza, but a prison created and maintained by the inmates. It would be constantly at war with Israel and the rest of the world. The way it is now.

The economy will be a thinly disguised feudal system of Islamists with engineering degrees in mansions paying starvation wages to laborers to harvest olives to be shipped to China. There will be shopping malls for some and little shacks on the edges full of smugglers, drug labs and brothels for everyone else.

That’s the Islamist dream.

Palestine’s political system will consist of Hamas and more Hamas. Or maybe once the Hamas alliance with ISIS in the Sinai lapses, there will finally be a democratic election between Hamas and ISIS to decide just how horrible of a place the misshapen slices of Gaza and the West Bank under terrorist occupation will become. Nothing will function except the religious police and the gallows in the dusty squares.

There will be wars every two years. That will be just long enough to rebuild the hospitals, mosques and schools that were being used as launch sites in the last wars. In between the big wars, the terrorist groups, Hamas factions, ISIS, Islamic Jihad and anybody else, will fight each other in the streets.

It will be glorious.

Imagine the last few decades of terror, bombings, missile strikes, firefights, corruption, thievery and utter dysfunction made into a permanent state of affairs. That’s Palestine. That’s the two-state solution. Just don’t ask what it solves except the Middle East’s severe shortage of terrorist states and terrorists.

If you will it, it is no dream. This nightmare already exists and it can be a real country. It already has an anthem, a flag, no elections and no reason to exist except killing everyone else. It’s a foreign aid funded ISIS with more olive harvests and a more robust campus presence.

Everyone talks about creating a Palestinian state, but no one actually wants to do it.

It’s time for Palestine to stop being a pipe dream full of pipe bombs that we spend billions of dollars on. Just pull out a seat at the UN, hold democratic elections and then step away from the explosions.

A real two-state solution is just that simple. And it can happen tomorrow.

Let’s stop fantasizing about peace. Peace and Palestine go together like oil and water. This is what a real Palestinian state would look like. And the moment it comes into being, any possibility of peace dies.


  1. Anonymous17/4/16

    Ok there was nothing called a Palestinian state, but they had a Caliphates as far back 622 and throughout their history. And i believe ultimately this is what they want.

    1. Is that why they say death to the Jews?

  2. They don’t want a state, they want dead Jews.

  3. I've advocated for years that in lieu of a 'palestinian' state we simply create a wholly owned dependency, a viceroyship of the EU. Instead of trying to bootstrap them into some Potemkin village semblance simply pay for, and operate everything for free. Shovel money and people and technocrats there to operate every single civic institution from top to bottom cradle to grave. Shuttle millions of out of work Europeans there on a rotating basis to run the post office, the garbage trucks, the banks, the phone company, the grocery stores, the schools, the media, the DMV....everything. Every single thing that people could possibly need do or want - do it for them. And then pay the Arabs to stay home and make more Arabs.

    It would assuage white liberal guilt, it would provide employment for Europeans, it would actually accomplish something for people who are clearly unable to do it themselves.

    And there is precedent. This is more or less what the EU has done for Kosovo. It installed its own autocracy in the form of a Viceroy who can make any law he likes and because the nation of Kosovo can never be self sustaining, it's operated as a utility service by the EU. All I'm suggesting is expand that to the Arabs who live under the PLO in Yesha. Whether they 'want' a state or not is unimportant. They can't do it on their own and like any other separatist movement anywhere in the world, be it FARC in Columbia or the Tamil Tigers or the Karen people in Burma either they can let someone else do it in the absence of their own ability to negotiate or operate as a state, or, they can keep splashing around in the sewer forever. I doubt it would cost more than $50 billion Euros a year to pull off and it would be a great test lab for all the social engineering the EU loves to impose on others.

  4. That's a crack-up Daniel. LOL.
    If your tongue was any further into you cheek it would break thru. Another right on blog.

  5. Anonymous18/4/16

    " ... 66% support killing any Muslim who leaves Islam ... "

    Correct that to say, " ... support killing any Muslim who leaves an Islamic country ... " make it a law, apply unconditionally, and watch 90% of world violence and terrorism disappear in days.


    And TeeJaw hit the nail squarely on the head.

  6. Fifty-plus Per Cent of "palestine's" Arabs would rather be Israelis than live under their current dictatorship ....

    So therein lies your solution! Not in two-states -- but in One.

    A single Israeli State, created with the consent and cooperation of all of its citizens.

    Brian Richard Allen

  7. Anonymous19/4/16

    Like so many problems, foreign and domestic, that U.S. grapples with, the solution is simple but not for the faint of heart. We need to stop subsidizing it. That's it; no declarations, policy statements, or word-mincing bleats by Secretaries of State are necessary.

  8. Anonymous19/4/16

    And none of their fellow Arab nations are willing to give them land, homes, or succor... Hmmmm... No one else wants them, so Israel has to put up with them.

  9. Here is a feasible peace plan for Israel:
    1. Israel and EU exchange refugees. One Syrian to Israel for one Palestinian to EU. Similar plan ( with slightly different exchange objects) has been signed between EU and Turkey, but it will never work.
    2.Israel asks no aid for absorption of refugees whatsoever, and EU (and hopefully USA) channel all previous aid for Palestine to absorption of Palestinians in EU. This aid should be enough for all needs of about one million of Palestinians.
    3. There is little doubt that remaining Palestinians and the new Syrian immigrants will adopt the successful coexistence model of Israeli Arabs. Some lands could change hands, further lowering cultural tension between Jews and Arabs, which should be enough to start building sincere coexistence.

  10. Drake19/4/16

    If Jordan and Egypt ever lose another war to Israel, after winning, the Israelis will fix the borders and force the Jordanians and Egyptians to annex the adjacent areas of "Palestine".

  11. Awesome article. You are probably among the first few who has spoken elaborately about the real issues in creating Palestine. Here in India we created Pakistan in 1947 and look what a monster terror nation it has become. Pak was apparently the first Islamic State. That experiment has failed. It lives on US money

  12. I vote that Herman Muenster Kerry, the Clintons, and Obama be given luxury residences and front row seats in Ramallah to the grand opening of the new Hamastan!

  13. Anonymous20/4/16

    Your solution is almost complete. The main issue is in the geography. A two state is not viable but a 3 state could work. The country of Gaza and they can rename the West Bank to Palestine, I would name it Jericho, a much more historically significant name. Not a made up word created to spite the Israelites. Israel unilaterally should define borders that are defensible. A defensible boarder would be to inhibit choke-points and other military significant features. With this mechanism you will have Jews on the other side of the boarder but they will become Palestinian Jews, similar to Iranian Jews or the two Yamen Jews. Plus you need to be careful not to absorb too many Muslims that might throw off the political balance. We would not want the Sharia State of Israel.

    To prepare for this Israel needs to do the following:
    1) Transfer ownership and responsibilities of power, water and sewage to the respective governments. Perhaps build new facilities to accommodate this.
    2) Finish the boarder fence/wall. Should be similar to the Egyptian boarder with a double fence and a road between.
    3) Provide the opportunity to purchase the land of Israeli citizens that would choose to move to the other side. Create a private not-for-profit group that would handle the ownership. You would not want to have the Israeli government owning the land.

    Once the keys have been given to the new countries you can react to problems the same way they react to Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian or Jordanian problems.

  14. Israel should define its borders, and then close its borders to the remaining land of "Palestine". If the PA does not like the redesign, they can meet at the negotiating table. Otherwise, let them have their country with all its attendant responsibilities and advantages. Make the move now, negotiate later.

  15. Israel should define its borders, and then close its borders to the remaining land of "Palestine". If the PA does not like the redesign, they can meet at the negotiating table. Otherwise, let them have their country with all its attendant responsibilities and advantages. Make the move now, negotiate later.

  16. Anonymous18/5/16

    But, but, but, this is what Clinton killed himself for, you ingrates!


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