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Islamic Terrorism Is Over If You Want It

The National Intelligence Council has predicted that Islamic Terrorism will end by 2030. Around the same time we'll all be eating food pills, driving flying cars and living entirely in an imaginary world.

By 2034, the last murder will have taken place and by 2042, a scientific cure will be found for crime. By 2051, even bad thoughts will have been eliminated, and by 2062, work as we know it will be abolished and everyone will mediate all day on the serious questions of life. "Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? How can there be a National Intelligence Council so devoid of intelligence?"

In the real world, by 2030, there will be thousands of emirates, many no more than small terrorist groups, but some of which control sizable territories. Some of these emirates will pledge allegiance to a single Caliphate like ISIS. Others will try to get big enough to turn into their own Caliphate.

There will be a hundred miniature Afghanistans fought by international peacekeeping forces composed of a combination of local forces and NATO troops try to push out the bands of Salafi holy warriors, and their pirate camps, brothels and drug labs. There will be drones over the skies of a hundred deserts fighting Toyota pickup trucks with bands of hooded men firing machine guns. There will be wire transfers from a dozen Islamic finance institutions wending their way from the great oil economies of the Persian Gulf and American soldiers, who have never seen a conventional war fought in their lifetime, heading in on another rescue mission into the territory of a Terror Emirate.

The United States of 2030 will fight some of these emirates, ignore others and try to claim that some of them are moderate. Clinton tried to work with the Taliban. Obama backed the Brotherhood. By 2030, the smart men and women who got us into this will conclude that the best way to fight some of these caliphates and emirates is to pay them protection money to fight the other caliphates and emirates. We're already doing that in Syria. Eventually we'll begin doing it everywhere.

In Benghazi, Hillary Clinton was paying protection money to an Al Qaeda ally for security. Today, Europe decided to pay protection money to the state sponsors of terror in Turkey. By 2030, we'll stop pretending that it's foreign aid and start calling it what it is. Or maybe we'll go on lying to ourselves.

Western countries are already paying their Jizya as foreign aid, trading cash for the promise of stability. The United States and its allies have paid out fortunes to Afghan and Iraqi militias during the past two wars. And that doesn't even begin to take into account the sheer amount of money spent on development in the Muslim world. It is likely that the United States has spent more on Jizya, the traditional protection money payment of the non-Muslim Dhimmi to the Islamic State, than every other nation had throughout all of history. And that's just the down payment on the big bill.

Back when the Marines first saw action against the Barbary pirates, most nations found it easier to pay than fight. Jefferson's "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute" set us apart. The Marines came into being because America decided to invest in defense instead of protection money. But defense today is so tangled with tribute that it's hard to tell the two apart.

There are countless such private deals that have been made already and there will be countless more made to allow Western countries, and their companies and NGOs to function in territory controlled by Islamist Emirates. And that territory will include international shipping lanes.

By 2030, most countries will have come to view Islamic terrorism as a strategic asset, the way that Saudi Arabia does. They will recognize that the only way to transform the strategic liability of Muslim terrorism into an asset is by funding it and aiming it at their enemies. Islamist militias, will gain valuable experience, training and weapons by serving as the barbarian armies of a decaying West that they will use to conquer the West, the way that the Goth ancestors of Westerners did.

The America of 2030 will spend nearly as much trying to buy off the Muslim world as it will spend on trying to kill terrorists. We will continue financing the terrorism that we are trying to prevent while appeasing our killers. American soldiers will be stationed around the world in a hundred little undeclared wars, building generators for sullen villages before coming under fire from them.

The war will be endless. Both sides will hate it and will perpetuate it anyway.

Imagine the conflicts of the Cold War if instead of Moscow, there had been a thousand decentralized Communist dictatorships across the world with no central enemy to fight, and if the Viet Cong were coming out of Oakland. Imagine the Drug War if the drug lords were aspiring feudalists fighting for a world government that would turn us into their serfs. Imagine World War II if the Nazis were a religion that anyone could convert to and immediately become a member of the master race with the right to rob, rape and kill anyone from the inferior breeds.

But you don't have to wait for 2030 to see that world. It's already here.

By 2030, Europe will be a police state fighting terrorism by eliminating privacy, deploying soldiers in every city and criminalizing dissent. The EU police state will be able to access the contents of any mobile device at a click. Even speech that is still permitted today will lead to prison sentences at worst or at best, mandatory reeducation at special centers organized to combat extremism.

The bombs will still keep going off, but they will be a nuisance. Europeans will learn to adapt to the occasional suicide bombing the way that Israelis have. A bomb will go off, the survivors will be carted away, the broken glass will be swept up and the television will praise the refusal to give in to extremism and hatred, while prominently featuring the half-hearted condemnation of a local cleric.

The No-Go Zones will grow and slowly turn into emirates. The authorities will make deals with the local gangs, who will act as Islamist militias. There will be lashes and honor killings in the formal setting of Islamic law and no one will pay attention. Urban and suburban enclaves will eventually become indistinguishable from Gaza. By 2030 the first crude homemade rocket, made with plans offered on the internet, may rise into the Parisian sky aimed at the Eiffel Tower.

But there will be immediate half-hearted condemnations.

Like Europe, the United States will operate a paranoid surveillance state that its critics decry, even while both the state and its critics support the migration that makes it mandatory. There will be  terrorist attacks, some thwarted, some not, including possibly one big one, when an Islamic terror group finally gets its hands on chemical or nuclear weapons from one of the Islamic states.

The America of 2030 will sink half its intellectual capital into praising Islam while the other half will be spent trying to find more elegant ways to kill Muslim terrorists. Homo Americanus circa 2030 will be a veteran of two dozen wars in the Muslim world and of two thousand television programs, museum exhibits, books, movies and high school classes celebrating Islamic religion and culture.

Western leaders, like their ancient Roman counterparts, have come to admire the virtues of the savage more than the virtues of their own civilization. By 2030 it will be clearer than ever whether the outcome of their bloody halfhearted campaigns to civilize the savages with doses of democracy and civic institutions will have led to civilized savages or the savaging of civilization.

Is this world of 2030 inevitable? No, it's not. We don't have to live this way. We choose to.

In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono put up billboards with the message, "War is Over! If you want it" to protest against the Vietnam War. Will terrorism end by 2030? It will if we want it to.

There are two sure ways to end a war; either by winning it or by losing it. The world's most famous cokehead and mental patient duo meant the latter when they offered their Viet Cong Christmas greeting, but winning wars is still an option. It just isn't the option that we've chosen.

The hearts and minds way of war will take us to the 2030 that I have described. And that 2030 will take us to a 2060 and a 2090 where the war is over because we lost.

If we want our civilization to end there, all we have to do is to keep on doing what we're doing.

We know how to win wars. We don't lack the tools or the skills. We lack the conviction. We aren't  trying to win the hearts and minds of the enemy because we know we're right. It's a strategy born of a lack of confidence. We don't believe in ourselves. We need the enemy to affirm our morality.

The United States does not lose wars except when it loses the conviction and unity of its purpose. To win, we have to believe that we have a nation, a culture and a people worth protecting. The enemy believes that. It believes that enough to destroy us. If we believed it, the war would already be over.

Islamic terrorism is over if you want it. We have the power and the skill to end it at any time. What we lack is the faith that we are worth fighting for.


  1. "What we lack is the faith that we are worth fighting for. "

    You need to take that on 'faith"? It can't be reasoned" that what we have is superior?

    The Islamics take it on faith that their fatwahs are justified and their way is superior. So did every dictatorship in history.It is the tool of every con artist, every fraud and charlatan.

    If it isn't provable through reason, then why bother?

  2. Infidel22/3/16

    Interesting. I hadn't thought of that.

    There seems to have been only one writer who correctly foresaw the nature of WW1 (I.S.Bloch, a Polish Jew/Banker). His description was eerily accurate, while all the other authorities spouted nonsense. You may have been the first to correctly see the future war (I haven't seen anyone else come up with a similar scenario).

  3. It isn't a matter of "faith." It's a matter of confidence in the life-affirming value of what we fight for. These things are firmly grounded in reason, in rationality. If people are made to doubt the value of what they fight for, of the things that make their lives happy, then they won't fight much for it. If they're told that reason or rationality is wrong, that it's racism, or "white privilege," or class oppression, or some other anti-mind folderol that today's intellectual harpies spew in colleges and government and even in business, if they're told to doubt the evidence of their senses because everything is "relative," they won't fight for anything and instead submit to the man-haters, the Islamists, to the Clintons. There isn't a single presidential candidate now running I would trust to fight terrorism as it should be fought, and that includes Trump, Cruz, Rubio, whomever. Not a one of them has come out and said, "Islam is evil, and this is all we can expect of it. Death and destruction and slavery in the name of a 'merciful' Allah. It's time to take off the multiculturalist gloves and extinguish this evil." It's not a very encouraging sign for the future of this country, when neither a sitting president nor aspirers to the office have the spine to even name the enemy.

  4. I came across this recently. Daniel, you have said much the same, though I find the military perspective interesting. I've been saying similar for a long time: https://medium.com/@dantriplett/islamic-jihad-is-total-war-for-all-marbles-6c858098b76e#.lbwmufpvm

    Hope it is ok to post link.

  5. Great post. Made me think of Sherman and his quote ...
    War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. William Tecumseh Sherman

  6. Anonymous22/3/16

    Shamefully submitting to the extortion of Islamic Thuggery
    is a confirmation of suicidal self hatred.

    The American civilization, based on the positive sum game,
    is the wellspring of individual creativity;
    it towers over the primitive hate and fear of Islam.

    We do no favor to those so infected by pretending
    moral equivalence. They are better served by learning
    the proof of the toxic nature of the Islam Meme.

    History teaches that their proof requires that many
    of them die. Men, women, children; their rules.

    Our noblest act will be to unconditionally defeat
    the malevolent mental affliction of Islam,
    and free its human hosts to a serene and fulfilled life.

  7. Anonymous23/3/16


    The National Intelligence Council has predicted that Islamic Terrorism will end by 2030. -

    It does sound nonsense. However, we don't know if the world will continue to be patient with Muslims and Islam. If Muslims use a nuke on America or another 9/11, and America has a president that decides to wage a proper war, accepting nothing but unconditional surrender, then the future will be quite different.

    If the US accepts nothing but unconditional surrender i.e., the defeated have to abandon their motivating ideology, as one of the terms of surrender, then I see the death of Islam.

    Now it is a given that Islam is like Christianity or Judaism. In these two faiths, Jews and Christians do not abandon their faith, even when persecuted and mass murdered. Quite the reverse, the faith becomes stronger.

    Islam is different. It is a religion of the stronger horse, as binLaden put it, or the stronger god (allahu ackbar). When confronted by the undeniable fact that the forces of the Christian God were defeating the forces of allah, then Muslims will convert. This will specially be so, as the terms of surrender would be that they have to abandon Islam. Given that, or destruction, Muslims will abandon Islam for the stronger horse.

    Positions of power in the military and government will then be bestowed by the conquerors on suitable candidates. Those who not convert, and this will be a minority, will be pursued by ex-Muslims now Christians, in a vigorous manner, as diehard Muslims pose a threat to the new found power.

    My proposition is that we mistake Islam with Judaism and Christianity, as we have subliminally accepted the concept of Abrahamical religions. Before Islam manifested itself in the West, there was no widespread usage of such a dichotomy. Islam successfully insinuated itself in the West using an Abrahamical concept, a bogus concept.

    No Islam, no Islamic terrorism.

  8. Anonymous23/3/16

    DP111 writes..


    I read your link after I had put up a comment. The link is thinking along a similar lines. However, I believe Muslims will covert faster then you can baptise them in the churches.

  9. Anonymous23/3/16

    'Danke, Frau Merkel'- moslem lifes matter. lol

  10. Anonymous23/3/16

    is that the "fat lady" I hear singing ??

  11. Disappointing to find in these comments the specious opposition of faith and reason.

    "Reason assesses, faith trusts. No conflict. The opposite of faith is not reason; the opposite of faith is unbelief, or lack of trust. The opposite of reason is not faith; the opposite of reason is irrationality. So it certainly is possible to have reasonable faith, and it is also possible to have unreasonable unbelief."

    An expansion on this can be found at www.str.org/blog/are-faith-and-reason-compatible#.VvKpw0uprwl

  12. This is the same argument I had with people after Israel fled Gaza. I suggested that all that would happen is we'll reset the water level of acceptable atrocities and nothing material would change. All we ever do is accommodate in our own minds, the people killing us. And eventually we normalize it as we claim it went away.

  13. And we're told to feel proud for normalizing it.

  14. Anonymous23/3/16

    Explode, excuse, extort - Their EX3 doctrine of global jihad against every civilian population on earth. Only ordinary people are their targets, "nobodies" lacking the power either shoot back or hand over the jizya in a single direct deposit.

    Just hold infidels hostage in their own lands and coordinate raids from terrortories they hold. Much like the war on drugs the organizations of political means are enriched and empowered and for the most part immune, why on earth would they want to stop it?

    While the average person often fails to intellectually distinguish society and the state, no one with power in the state fails to do so.

  15. AesopFan23/3/16

    "The war will be endless. Both sides will hate it and will perpetuate it anyway."

    If you have any other LDS readers, they will recognize this instantly as the burden of most of the Book of Mormon: perpetual war through generations between despots and defenders (also sometimes despots), disputing the right to rule over an increasingly brutalized and reduced population.

    In all of the various instances described therein, none of them ended well.

  16. Anonymous23/3/16

    If an organized group, no matter its size can disrupt public order to the point of economic and movement paralysis then we have a very big problem on our hands. From what I glean every day in the Jerusalem Post there's an daily ongoing street fight with guns and knives for control of the public space.

    It appears that fight will soon intensify in the streets of the West. Kitchen knives and cleaners, rather than nuclear weapons might do more harm to our order by disrupting normal activities due to the threats posed.

  17. Anonymous23/3/16

    Daniel is perfectly right, as usual.

    We are losing the war against terrorism (if we haven't already lost it) bacause there is nothing anybody in the Western world is willing to do to defeat the enemy. Heck, our Caliph-in-Chief (one Barak Hussein Obama) won't even call the terrorists by their proper name.

    And so, as Daniel said, these attacks are going to become the rule, not the exception. The new normal. It won't be long before we become totally desensitized to them. Terrorist attacks will be regarded on the same level as traffic accidents. Tragic, and all that, but you-know-what will happen.

    People will continue to light little candles in the street and wave signs that say everybody is united against hatred. Nice gestures, but about as effective as closing the barn doors after the horses have escaped, or putting a band aid on a festering wound, and designed strictly to make people feel good about doing nothing at all to eradicate the problem. That would be racist, you see.

    Personally, I would much rather NOT have a reason to light candles in the street, but I'm funny that way.

    I've said this once, I will continue to say it as long as I live: a) political correctness wil get us - IS getting us - all killed; b) I thank God I am not young anymore, and I hope I wiĺ not reach 80, if the only thing I have to look forward to is the dismal panorama described by David.

    1. Anonymous26/3/16

      I'm young, and unfortunately I live in an area where there various freedoms of 'diversity' - increasingly amounts of hijab clad ladies employed at the food court or departure stores.
      There are signs a couple cities over where Muslim groups have prayed Saturday morning at a post secondary school ground.
      Might have two- three women with only their eyes showing and one or two baby strollers, the man walking far ahead.
      People say all the violence in Europe and the middle east will end when we run out of oil.

  18. Anonymous23/3/16

    Suicide seems dominate these days. I see it at many levels: self-incriminating FB posts; theft schemes that will obviously be detected; meth; thugs w/ guns, captured & released by judges; states buying into o-care exchanges [which will transition to state funded]; teachers having sex w/ students and having photo evidence on their phones; beastly obesity; and the stuff DG speaks of.

    Something in the water. djr

  19. Anonymous23/3/16

    The muslims and Muslim world don't accept killing innocent people, and they have been fighting ISIS. ISIS will never represent muslims of the world. It is a terrorist group and the whole world has to fight it to succeed. By targeting the faith of Islam we will only send more confused people to join ISIS. But by working with Muslims we will eliminate ISIS quickly

  20. Muslims have been killing innocent people since the days of Mohammed. ISIS is not doing anything that Muslims have not done before, especially to non-Muslims.

    There are plenty of Islamic terrorist groups that kill innocent people and aren't ISIS.

  21. Anonymous30/3/16

    Can I dream a little bit?

    By 2030 homosexuality will be considered a crime, gay prides outlawed together with the silly bathroom rules for transgenders and the LGTB will go back where they belong, in a very closed closet together with their anti christian paranoia. On the other hand, Russia, China and Satellites countries (eastern europe and east asia) will have learnt the lesson and outlaw islam (like Myanmar is cleverly doing) and continue civilization as we know it.

  22. Anonymous31/3/16

    An ugly look at the future. Thanks Mr. Greenfield. Considering the "free world" is increasingly enforcing islamic blasphemy and heresy laws (regardless of whatever convenient euphemism they employ to enforce them) is the "free world" really free anymore?


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