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Bernie Sanders Is Not a Jew

Bernie Sanders hates discussing his Jewish roots, but that hasn’t stopped his lefty Jewish fans from gnawing at the subject like poorly trained puppies chewing on old tennis shoes.

Think Progress claims that Bernie Sanders is a "devout secular Jew". "Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, but He Doesn't Like to Talk About It," the New York Times coughs apologetically. (And the Sulzbergers ought to know.) A Forward editorial neurotically screeches, "We Need To Out Bernie Sanders as a Jew — for His Own Good".

But Bernie Sanders likes his devoutly Socialist closet. He prefers to describe himself as the son of Polish immigrants. Asked about religion, he disavows Judaism and embraces Pope Francis. The Times has him embracing the description “Non-Jewish Jew” which was coined by a Marxist in an essay explaining anti-Semitism, including the Holocaust, as a “superficial” reaction against capitalism.

Where Obama and Hillary ran on race and gender, Bernie Sanders avoids Jewishness as much as possible. He doesn’t practice Judaism, isn’t part of a Jewish community and avoids the “J” word.

One of the few times he used the dreaded “J” word was when a Muslim activist who cheered anti-Israel terrorism told him that she was afraid of Republicans. Suddenly Sanders puffed out his chest and told her, “I’m Jewish, my father’s family died in concentration camps. I will do everything that I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism.”

Considering that the activist, Remaz Abdelgader, had a quote stating, "It would be wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs" and snarled that, “Islam and civil rights issues are mutually exclusive”, that might not have been nearly as reassuring to the former MSA president as he intended it to be.

While Bernie Sanders invoked his last few drops of Jewishness and the Holocaust in support of a Muslim anti-Semite’s crybullying, he didn’t feel the need to do so for the Jewish State when it actually stood on the verge of destruction. Instead he had called for denying arms to Israel before the Yom Kippur War.

In 1971, he told an audience, “no guns for Israel.” Two years later, the Yom Kippur War brought Israel to the brink of destruction and shipments of American arms made the difference. But Bernie Sanders did not care and in 1988 still insisted that, “It is wrong that the United States provides arms to Israel.”

In 1990, he called for America to “put more pressure on Israel”.

Bernie Sanders sneeringly condemns what he calls Republican bigotry, but he endorsed Jesse Jackson despite his racist “Hymietown” slur. Before a joint appearance with Jackson, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan had warned Jews, "If you harm this brother, I warn you in the name of Allah this will be the last one you harm.” Despite that, Jesse Jackson refused to cut his ties with Farrakhan.

Jackson had told a Washington Post reporter, “That's all Hymie wants to talk about, is Israel; every time you go to Hymietown, that's all they want to talk about”. Bernie Sanders however tried to prove he was a good “Hymie” (or a good Non-Hymie Hymie) by defending Jackson’s hostility to the Jewish state.

Bernie Sanders brags about his endorsement from Congressman Keith Ellison despite his past support for the Nation of Islam and his appearance with Khalid Abdul Muhammad who had called Jews “bloodsuckers” and had said, “If you're a Jew, I'm against you.” Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan, who calls Jews “false Jews”, praised Bernie Sanders as a “real Jew, not a so-called Jew”. The very thing that makes Bernie Sanders seem suspect to Jews makes him more appealing to anti-Semitic hate groups.

Sanders met with Al Sharpton despite his anti-Semitic remarks and the horror of the Crown Heights Pogrom in which an entire Jewish community was besieged by racist mobs chanting, “Death to the Jews”. The former Democratic presidential candidate had taunted, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” Not a problem for Bernie Sanders.

While Bernie Sanders is quick to call Republicans bigots, he not only fails to stand up against anti-Semitism from the left, but he has supported and collaborated with anti-Semites.

And he’s still doing it now.

When Bernie Sanders reached out for perspective on the Middle East during his campaign, he contacted James Zogby, who defended Hamas and Hezbollah, and Lawrence Wilkerson, who had accused Jewish officials of dual loyalty and suggested that Israel was behind Assad’s chemical weapons attacks.

The truth about Bernie Sanders is that he is not Jewish in any sense other than the genetic. He is a left-wing radical who is uncomfortable with any mention of his Jewish background because he does not like Jews. Even his time on an Israeli Kibbutz, a staple with which his Jewish fans nurtured their fantasies of a Jewish Bernie, fell apart when it emerged that his Kibbutz had flown a red flag and admired Stalin and the Soviet Union as part of a radical leftist movement that had initially opposed the creation of Israel.

His first and foremost allegiance has always been to the left at the expense of the Jews.

Bernie Sanders cheered the Sandanista regime whose mobs chanted "Death to the Jews," "Jewish Pigs" and "What Hitler started we will finish." He did not invoke the Holocaust when a synagogue was firebombed and in an echo of Hitler’s Germany, its president was forced to scrub the streets.

The anti-Semitic regime that Bernie Sanders supported ethnically cleansed the Jewish population of Nicaragua. It marched the indigenous Indian population into churches and set them on fire.

And Bernie Sanders defended the Marxist terrorist regime that was committing these atrocities.

Bernie Sanders was equally enthusiastic about Cuba and the Soviet Union, two other Communist dictatorships that were persecuting the Jews. Sanders did not see fit to invoke the Holocaust on behalf of Jews actually facing anti-Semitic persecution the way that he has invoked it on behalf of Muslims.

But perhaps he thought that, like the other victims of the left, they were getting what they deserved.

When Bernie Sanders went on his visit to the USSR, there were no more concentration camps in Europe, but there were still Jews locked up in the gulags of the Soviet Union. While he was admiring Soviet youth programs, Jewish refuseniks were still being denied permission to leave the Communist dictatorship.

While American official visitors often met with political dissidents, there is no sign that Sanders did so. It would have been out of character for a man who had justified Communist crackdowns on the opposition to have met with enemies of the regime. For Bernie Sanders, the Sandanistas, Castro and the Soviet Union were models to be emulated and victims of capitalist repression by America, Wall Street and its evil corporations. Much in the same way that Muslim terrorism against Jews is excused today.

Bernie Sanders invokes the Holocaust when asked about his Jewish identity, not because he has empathy for Jews, but in a classic leftist maneuver to distract attention from that lack of empathy. His conception of the Holocaust is detached from Jewish suffering. It is purely about his leftist politics.

Surreally he references the Holocaust only to add that it taught him that politics is “important”. The Holocaust has no Jewish meaning for Bernie Sanders. It merely validates his self-importance.

At a Democratic debate, when asked about the historic nature of the election, he avoided saying that the first Jewish president would be as historic as the first female president. Instead he mumbled that it would be his “views” of “taking on the big money interests” that would make him historic.

Bernie Sanders does not want to be the first Jewish president. He wants to be the first Socialist president. There is nothing Jewish about Bernie Sanders except his vestigial accent. He makes common cause with anti-Semites because Jews don’t matter to him, only the agenda of the left does.


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  2. It's quite consequential. See the other meaning of ben nechar when it comes to korban pesach.

  3. Infidel7/3/16

    Also delusional. I assume you saw his latest: “When you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto and to be poor,” Sanders said. ”You don’t know what it’s like to be hassled when you walk down the street ..."

    What kind of a worldview does someone have, who perceives things that way? Never walked the city streets I guess ...

  4. Anonymous7/3/16

    I will from this campaign forward associate Bernie “the Commy” Sanders with ad nauseum repetition of the terms “millionaires and billionaires” - spittle drooling out the corners of his aged mouth as a result of his sick anger. Someone ought to check Bernie’s bank account and those of his children because I think he fits easily into the millionaire category. That would fit in well with his self-loathing personality – he must hate himself for his own wealth and success among the socialist elites as well as for his Jewish birthright. He hates his own people so much that he would punish them to death in Israel and prevent them from defending themselves to give Israel away to fascist Islamists. Bernie is a BDS Jew and I am quite familiar with his type who bullies Jewish students on campus and helps raise funds for the Islamic Brotherhood-sponsored hate campaigns against Jews and Israel. Bernie is a despicable character.

  5. Consequential in behavior. Many things are. But not consequential to his essence. Either he has a Nefesh Elokis, or he doesn't. L'mai nafka mina? If tomorrow morning the "Ben Neichar" wants to be reunited with his people. Today, most if not all Jews, are in the category of a Tinok Shenishba. And if one would claim that this is pure theory, we have volumes of stories of the return of skews to Judaism taking this inclusive approach, rather than one of exclusion. We are Am Yisrael and a Komah Sheleima. Just like you would do everything in your power to save a limb if G-d forbid it became infected, so too we must do everything to help every Jew, even ikvayim mamesh. Every single Jew will be redeemed when Moshiach comes so let's start recognizing that we truly are responsible for one another and help rather than reject.

  6. Anonymous7/3/16

    Fascinating comment and brilliant response.It does seem that Bernie Sanders, like many others like him, adhere to the values and rituals of a godless ideology and political system that follows from it. Bernie Sanders has converted to Socialism.

  7. Infidel, there's plenty of rural poverty in Vermont. Not an interest for him. Unlike crony jobs for his wife.

    Anonymous, he's a leftist, fanatical, hypocritical and egotistical. They're pervasive these days.

    Ambition, Bernie isn't a tinok. He received some Ortho education. Enough to be able to recite brachos. He hasn't simply forgotten. He chose to worship something else. In this case, the idols of the left. That said, I am obviously not speaking halacha le'maiseh.

    Bob, indeed. And that way lie cults of personality, man as god, consumer salvation, etc

  8. Anonymous, despicable character as in his behvaior. Not his soul essence. There's a critical difference and that is how you great him. If ואהבת לרעך כמוך means only those we agree with, or those who abide by what we agree with, then What's the mitzvah. רעך means Bernie. You don't agree with him? Rabbi Akiva taught us that we can respect the person, even if we reject his views. 24,000 students does because they couldn't understand this.

    Daniel, Would you call him a יודע את רבינו ומכוון למרוד בו? I can't.

  9. This isn't about disagreement. We're not talking about machloket le'shem shamayim or even shelo le'shem shamayim. We're dealing with leftists whose value system is entirely in opposition to ours and who believe it must displace everything else.

    I'm not interested in an extensive argument on the subject, or debating whether he's a min. This was a moral statement. Not a technical one.

  10. Daniel, And that's why we won't vote for him. I agree with your moral statement. I don't agree with the above notion that he is someone how not part of our people. That just Doesn't seem like the Jewish way.

  11. Anonymous7/3/16

    To MY1ambition: Sorry, you've got it all wrong. He might be a Jew by birth, but nothing more. A Jew can be completely void of his Judaism, but he retains his Jewish neshama when he does NOT side with the enemies of his people, fight against Torah Judaism and mostly, does not deny the G-D of Israel, Hashem & goes against His people, Israel.
    He can redeem himself by doing teshuvah (repent); if not, maybe he is just one of those whom we refer to as the Erev Rav, who stem from or reincarnated from the mixed multitude who left with the Jews from ancient Egypt. He will, thus, be judged no differently than the other enemies of the Jewish people. Check the Jewish sources for what our holy Sages have written and predicted.

  12. Various commentaries on Shmos note that somewhere between a quarter to a half of the Hebrew slaves refused to leave pharaoh to go with Moshe. Millions of Jews refused to flee the Inquisition and the Shoah no matter how obvious it became to leave. Only today the news noted that 2 Yemeni Jews were killed fighting in Yemen. Jews who are given opportunity after opportunity to flee for their lives but who refused time and time again. I suppose in a perverted way that's an aspect of a 'stiff necked people'. Time and time again we see this an in a generation that portion is wiped out, assimilated or disappeared. That Sanders says he is Jewish or avoids the question is irrelevant. He is, to many, a 'Jew'. The hard core halachic Jews will say he is a Jew just like the country club Episcopalians would if he converted to the Episcopal church, changed his name, rewrote his past and fixed his accent. It's really neither here nor there in any case. We have always had our as-a-Jews (when it's convenient) and our crypto Jews among us.

  13. Anonymous7/3/16

    Daniel is right here! It is one thing to play the game of I am not Jewish to advance yourself in business or personal life; to be liked by the majority. But, when you sit in halls of power and aid all sorts of disgusting, leftists, radical people and their groups, by dint of association, then you're saying something else. Notwithstanding his difficult childhood, Bernie is a big boy and "does" know better! Unfortunately, he's a hypocrite and doesn't matter how you define his Jewishness. He is a potential harm to Jews.

  14. I think it useful to separate the personal from the impersonal in these sorts of things. There is a difference between rejecting someone in everyday association, and not supporting them when they are seeking a position of importance.

  15. Decades like the 1930's and 1940's saw an attempt by Western reds of Jewish extraction to demonstrate a sympathy for Jewish causes. They competed with FDR and his Democratic Party for Jewish affection and also hoped the Jewish community in the Palestine Mandate and later Israel would go Communist. I strongly doubt that much of this came from real Jewish affiliation or consciousness, as opposed to a desire to proselytize for the Party in the most effective way. When such people actually took charge, as in the USSR, their goal was the total destruction of Judaism, its rabbis, and its traditions. We can view Sanders' attempts at manipulation in this light.

  16. Anonymous7/3/16

    So, you're saying this loathsome guy is making Vidkun Quisling look good?

    By the way, Daniel, I think the old-fashioned, blunt term "Jew-hater" is a lot stronger than "anti-Semitic."

    We're all going to need to unite before November to keep both Shelob and Wormtongue out of the White House.

    Yours in the ranks of life, Gail

  17. Shelob and Wormtongue indeed

  18. Anonymous7/3/16

    When I look at the Middle-East,I see only one country where the people are civilized and I support them. They are surrounded by bloodthirsty barbarians who wish to kill them and everyone else who is not like them. I am not Jewish, but, this I understand.

  19. My dog is more Jewish than Bernie Sanders.
    It's no coincidence his initials BS stand for the stained cardboard box he was excreted from.

  20. Bernie is simply one of a long line of Jews who have let their universalism and self-criticism run away with them, leaving a legacy of "justifications" for the non-Jews to butcher their brothers and sisters wholesale. That line begins with the prophets of the Tanakh.

    From Bible to Bundists to Bernie supporting Jew-murdering Balestinians a straight line runs. Jews would be far better off leaving the universalist, humanist parts of Jewishness and going for the tribal aspects as revealed in the better parts of the Tanakh, such as the book of Joshua. Charles Darwin could be made an honorary Jewish rabbi (he had a black hat, suit and beard, after all).

  21. What I read is a big disappointment that he's a lefty, not that he's secular. Therefore the heading is not only factually wrong but also doesn't cover the content. It should be: Bernie's religion is Socialist.

  22. Anonymous8/3/16

    Just want to correct something from the above comment by Hasdei. You wrote universalist, humanist parts of Judaism. Judaism is the total opposite of all these above leftist and liberal ideologies. They contradict Torah in every way. The universalim and tikkun part is the agenda of the Reformists (Reform movement) and all the other isms; they thought they could bamboozle the uninformed and unaffiliated Jews with this claptrap so they wouldn't have to adhere to the rules, regulations and laws commanded by G-D. The way a Jew benefits the world is by being and acting Jewish and adhering to G-D's laws and if all Jews would do just that, the world would automatically correct itself. That is Judaism.

  23. Big Bill9/3/16

    Oh, c'mon now. Bernie is not Jewish? He could make aliyah any time he wants and be welcomed in his national homeland with open arms. His national ID card would be stamped "Jew" without a moment's hesitation. Heck, he wouldn't even have to serve in the Jewish Army.

    And so could you, Sultan. That's the beauty of Jewish race loyalty and solidarity. It is what has kept Jews alive, healthy, and "a people apart" for four thousand years.

  24. Anonymous9/3/16

    I am sorry. I read this and am confused. What Beit Din issued Herem against Senator Sanders? Please point to the decision. Just because you disagree with him, does that make him not a Jew? If so, there are lots of Rabbanim with whom I find disagreement, can I issue Herem against them? Maybe you are afraid of his economic policies? Maybe you are afraid of his socialist (not communist) ideas? Of course, your fear does not make a compelling case for Herem--or does it?

  25. Bernie's socialism and the juxtaposition of him telling a woman that he's a Jew and his father's family perished in the Holocaust, leads me to believe there is something to the theory I have that some liberal Jews are liberal because Nazism scared them off of any form of conservatism or right winged-ness, as if anything further left than Michael Moore or Nasty Pelosi would suddenly and without warning usher in a second Holocaust. I am not sure whether those who conducted pogroms prior to the rise of Nazi Germany could be considered "right wing", but it wouldn't surprise me if they were characterized as such for the purposes of going left wing to avoid problems.

    Makes me wonder why Stalin and communism didn't get the pariah treatment from Jews even though Stalin himself was doing the bad things to Jews as well.

  26. *further right than Michael Moore, sorry, half asleep typing.

  27. In an insane and inverted world, coming to the GREAT sultankinish blog is often like moving through a hostile, threatening wilderness and coming upon an ordered and trim farmhouse on a green and pleasant hilltop. Semper Fi, patriot.

  28. We have to build our settlements amid the madness where we can

  29. "Bernie Sanders does not want to be the first Jewish president. He wants to be the first Socialist president"....

    Too late. We already suffered Peanut Khadr. And before that Woodrow Wilson. Don't forget Slick Willie. The Bush's were socialism light, then came the Obamessiah, how much more socialism is needed to ruin America totally?

  30. Lincoln might of been our first Jewish president -

    Lincoln didn't believe Christ was Lord which is really kind of odd considering he grew up in a Baptist Church -
    He was accused of Charges of Infidelity ---See Handbill Replying to Charges of Infidelity -July 31, 1846
    After charges of hostility to Christianity almost cost him a congressional bid, he kept his unorthodox beliefs private.
    He supposed his self coming from the Jews and had a strong desire to make a pilgrimage to Israel.
    His close friends rejected the idea he believed in Christianity.
    He never joined a Christian Church - or had that standard belief
    Was Impressed by Evolution
    And attended at least one Seance at the White House
    And was also believed to be a Melungeon --
    See Part IX Sephardic Jews and the LDS Connection: The Great Melungeon Migration Posted on December 7, 2009 by JA Benson
    Religious views of Abraham Lincoln - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --- See Abraham Lincoln's Jewish Ancestors from Lincoln, England -- Wednesday, January 9, 2013 ---- Nadene Goldfoot

    Good articles on George Soros ( A Jew ) and Bernie Sanders - What a pair - hu !
    See Articles -
    The Center for American Progress’ Jihad Against the Free World - December 29, 2011 Daniel Greenfield - Bernie’s Billionaires -- Cliff Kincaid — August 24, 2015 - The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Political Power -
    Cliff Kincaid — October 27, 2004 - Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous by Human Events - George Soros and John Kerry -- Cliff Kincaid — October 18, 2004

    1. I don't think you have any idea what your talking about. Lincoln was a Christian who simply didn't join a church.

  31. Sanders is the Jew who agrees with antisemites and the Israel haters. He is typical of the lefty Jews I know - only worse - and running for president so the whole world can see giving the world cover for their antisemitism and Israel hating.


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