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Two Talks on Muslim Migration

The following are videos and transcripts of two talks that I recently gave on Muslim migration.

The first was at the Freedom Center's Restoration Weekend panel.

"Muslim Migration into Europe: Eurabia come True?" from DHFC on Vimeo.

Daniel Greenfield: There's an old Hemingway quote about going bankrupt. How did you go bankrupt? Two ways, gradually and then suddenly.

Here in the United States, we've had a front row seat to gradual bankruptcy. What does that mean? Under Obama, good policies have been replaced by bad policies. Good money has been replaced by bad money. Debt has been piled up in every state of the union. We have the same speech. The state of the union is strong. We're investing trillions of dollars in Muslim, green energy self-esteem. Of course, that's not an investment because an investment is when you get money back. It's just spending, but that's how you go bankrupt. And at the end of the day, the bill comes due and suddenly it's, "Where did all the money go?" "How did we suddenly go bankrupt?"

Now demographic bankruptcy is also a very real thing. Economic bankruptcy is when you have no more money. You wake up one morning. There's no more money. Demographic bankruptcy is when you wake up one morning. There are no kids, and this is a very real problem. You've heard China is abandoning its one-child policy. It's now going to be a two-child policy. Germany though has a one-child policy of its own. The German birthrate is 1.3. That's a one-child policy. That's a 1.3-child policy. There's a slight problem here because if you've got a birthrate of 1.3, and you've got socialism, who is going to pay for all of this? The entire system is based on the idea that the next generation is going to pay in, and the next generation is going to pay in, and this whole thing can keep running along indefinitely, but the Europeans aren't having kids. I grew up in Europe myself for sometime, and it wasn't unusual. I was one of the few kids running around. There are a lot of elderly people. There were some middle aged people. There were not that many young people, and it's actually getting worse these days.

So if you look at Germany, Germany is a very bad case scenario, but there are even countries that have lower birth rates. Now this is a problem because in the normal birth rate, you're supposed to have a pyramid. The younger workers at the bottom. Then it gets narrower. There are the middle age, and then there are the elderly. In Europe, the pyramid is upside down. You have the elderly at the very top. You have a small wedge of people who are middle aged, and you have a shrinking wedge of people who are young, which means they are going demographically bankrupt. Now Europe has been going demographically bankrupt for awhile now because of its falling birth rates, so the socialists who run it have come up with an absolutely amazing plan, which socialist plans can't possibly fail. They're going to solve this demographic bankruptcy and this resulting economic bankruptcy when there's nobody to do the work or pay the bills or even write the welfare checks by bringing in millions and millions of Muslims to fill in the gap. So you're going to have people from high birth rate countries come in, and they're going to be at the very bottom of the pyramid.

They're going to do the work, so Hans and Fritz will retire. They can retire at 55 or whatever. He'll get his pension, and that'll be fine, and Mohammed will come in, and he'll work hard, and he will have a lot of kids, and the whole socialist system will keep working great. There's just one, tiny, little, minor problem with it, and I'm not talking about the terrorism, the Sharia, the no-go zones, the attacks on Jews, or all the other fun stuff. There's just one other minor problem, which is that the people coming in don't actually work. Muslim unemployment rates, yeah. I mean you can count on socialists to bring in more people who don't work to a country where the problem is that too many people already aren't working.

But Muslim unemployment rates in Europe, it's not unusual to see unemployment rates in the 20 and 30 percentile range. Among youth, you see unemployment rates in the 50 and 60 percent range, and that's not because, as the excuses go, they're disaffected. They're not given work. They're not given opportunities. They don't want to work, and why should they want to work? Because there's a basic cultural difference between Europe, between the West, and Islam, the Muslim world. Europe, the West, we're a work ethic culture. We believe in working. We believe in coming home and saying okay, honey, what did you do? I worked 8 hours a day. That's great. The Muslim world, it does not work like that because the Muslim world is a slave culture. We're in the south now. We're in Charleston. We're supposed to feel very bad about slavery, which is a 19th century thing in America. In the Muslim world, it's a 20th century thing.

Saudi Arabia abolished slavery, I believe, in 1962. 1962. The JFK administration came to the Saudis, and they said maybe you should give human rights to women, and let people vote and get rid of the slaves. Back then we had a little more leverage with the Saudis than we do now, so the Saudis grumbled and said all right. All right. Fine. We'll get rid of the slaves. That was 1962. That was a great moment in Muslim human rights. The Muslim world has never really abolished slavery especially in the Middle East except because of European pressure. The English forced the Egyptians, for example, to get rid of slavery. The Saudis still have slavery, by the way. They just made it an even worse form of slavery. The original form of slavery, the slave owners would at least take care of the kids. They would take care of the old people. It was still evil, but it was slightly less evil. The Saudis and the Kuwaitis and the Qataris moved on to this kind of concentration camp slavery where you take workers at the peak of their lives. You take young workers. You burn everything out of them. In some cases, you downright kill them. Then you dump them back to the country where they come from with some pocket change. This is concentration camp slavery.

It's what the Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, that's what they're built on. They have huge work forces. All these nice skyscrapers, you see all these paradises for the rich, they are built by slave labor. They are built by thousands of people just dying in the heat building this thing. They are built by this, and it's like Sparta except we supply the military, and we supply the wealth, and they just sit around on their asses all day and own the slaves. That's the Saudi -- that's all these societies. These are societies where the idea at the top is not to work. You do not work. You see all these leaders who are fat, who are ridiculously fat. They look like they have trouble walking across the room. The Saudi royals, Qatar, that's because they don't walk across the room. They sit on their asses all day, and they have these servants from Africa usually fanning them with palm leaves or whatever, and they're not going to fan themselves with palm leaves because that's what slaves are for. That's how a slave culture works. Even the people who aren't at the top believe that work is something you're punished with. It's not something you want to do, and socialists, by the way, believe the same thing. Work isn't a good thing. It's something you have to be forced to do.

This is a slave culture, and in the slave culture when people come into a country where it has generous socialism, that has generous welfare policies, they're coming there not to work. In fact, you have the whole idea that these people are refugees. They are not refugees. They are not coming across the border from Syria, making it across the border into Germany, and saying, "Thank God, we're in Germany now. We can be safe from the civil war." That's not how it is. They're crossing into Jordan. They're crossing into Turkey. In Turkey, there's no war. There's no war in Jordan. They stop being refugees the moment they leave Jordan or Turkey, and when they head to Europe, they're no longer refugees. They are economic migrants. It is very important to remember that. There is no war in Turkey. There is no war in Jordan. They are not refugees once they leave Jordan or Turkey.

Now why are they going to Germany, for example? Why? What's so great about Germany? Now I interviewed some of these guys, and they say you know what's great about Germany? Hitler. We like Hitler. Germany is bringing in people to accord with tolerance and European values, and what these people admire most about Germany is Hitler. They may not have heard that he died awhile back, so they may be a little unclear about the details, but what's so great about Germany? What's so great about Sweden? Why are they all headed there? Welfare. It's a great welfare state. You have a German teacher asking her students in class what they wanted to be when they grew up. Susie, what do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be an ecological engineer. Hans, what do you want to be when you grow up? I want to fly hot air balloons. Mohammed, what do want to be when you grow up? I want to be on Hartz IV. Hartz IV is Germany's welfare.

Germany has very generous welfare policies. So does Sweden. They don't want to go to a lot of these countries. You have interviews with these refugees who are in Slovenia. They've never heard of Slovenia before. They're not interested in Slovenia. They don't want to live in Slovenia. Slovenia doesn't have great, free stuff. They want to go to Germany for all the free stuff they can get, so Europe is dealing with its demographic bankruptcy by bringing in more people who don't want to work, by bringing in more people who are going to take more out of the government than they're going to pay into it. So the socialists have actually managed to take a crisis that they are responsible for and made it even worse. Now how did demographic bankruptcy happen in the first place? How did you get to a 1.3 child rate? That's a ridiculous number. It's not China. Nobody was forcing women to have abortions. Nobody was marching in at gunpoint forcing them to have abortions.

This was Germany. They voluntary did this to themselves, and it's not just Germany. It's across Europe. Why did this happen? This happened because they decided that their future wasn't their children. There are two reasons that people have children. One's slightly cynical. Children take care of you in your old age. The second one is that you care about children. Children are the future. Europe, of course, has no future because it doesn't have children right now, so the first part, Muslims have high birth rates. They have very high birth rates, so when you have Muslims coming in to Sweden, you have Somalis, for example, coming into Sweden, they have a birth rate that's three or four times higher than the Swedish population. Syrians are coming to Germany. Germany, as I said, has a birth rate of 1.3. Syrians have a birth rate twice that. Afghans, who are the second biggest group, forget about the Syrians. The Afghan refugee boom is now becoming very huge. It's a country of 30 million. A quarter of them polled have said that they want to leave Afghanistan. One hundred thousand are expected to try to get into Europe this year.

But their birth rate is much higher because this is an investment program. This is a retirement program. Their kids take care of them in their old age. In Europe, your kids don't take care of you in your old age. The government takes care of you in your old age. Under socialism, you have a cradle to grave state. The problem is that Europe now has a lot more graves than it has cradles. It has a whole lot of people, who are elderly. It doesn't have a lot of cradles. It doesn't have a lot of kids. The Muslims are supposed to solve this problem, but, of course, their retirement plan is have a lot of kids, charge them for the government. It's not a great plan because, again, you're not producing any more workers.

Now the second idea was that in Europe the things you would care about were not your children. They would be progressive policies. People weren't living to see -- I want to see my kids get married. I want to live to see my grandkids get married. Hell, it's I want to live to see the European Union. I want to live to see diversity, and they're living to see it now. I want to see light rail. In the UK, they're talking about it's important to have no more than one child because of global warming. You can't have too many children because of global warming. So global warming, leftist policies matter to them more than their kids. That's why they have no kids. They have faced demographic bankruptcy because they faced economic bankruptcy, because they face ideological bankruptcy.

Now we're not immune to this stuff. We're going slower than Europe, but we're also going gradually, politically bankrupt. We're going economically bankrupt, and we're going demographically bankrupt. The Muslim population in the United States has increased 67 percent since September 11. It's a great way to commemorate September 11. Sixty-seven percent increase. The Muslim population in the United States is younger. Their birth rate is higher just like in Europe. In the UK, you can look at the sea at the bottom level. When you hear that Mohammed is the most popular name in the UK for children or the most popular name for children in Oslo -- so Oslo is 10 percent Muslim, but it's Muslim at the bottom where it matters, where the children are. And England and Wales it's 4 percent Muslim, but if you look at the children under 4, 9 percent are Muslim, and that is the future.

We think economic bankruptcy, the numbers sometimes sneak up on you because we don't pay attention to the numbers that matter. When it comes to demographic bankruptcy, the numbers that matter are under 30, under 20, under 10, under 4. The median age in Germany is 46. The median Muslim age in Germany is 34. They are a much younger population. They're having more kids which means they define the future. Now this is important for us to realize because this immigration thing is not just a problem of borders. It's a problem of values. It's important for us to have the children. It's important for us to raise the children that are going to be the future because if we fail to do that, if we do what the Europeans do then we turn it over. At some point we're going to be facing an economic crisis, and we're going to do what the Germans did, which is say we can bail ourselves out with 5,000, 10,000 Muslims. Germany expects 1.5 million Muslims, according to a leaked government document, but with family reunification that can be up to 7.3 million people, and that's just one country.

They're promising that this is going to solve our demographic problems. This is going to be the future, but what they've really done is said that our future, socialism, matters more to us than our country. It matters more to us than our people. It matters more to us than our children. We can't allow our United States to go that route. We can't allow refugee resettlement to fill our cities, to fill our towns with people who are supposed to be our future, who we are told are going to do the work that we don't want to do. Socialism is the underlying problem here. The migration we're seeing is caused by socialism. It's caused by left-wing policies, and now the left wing as it always does manages to make a crisis that they caused even worse. The United States is now going to be facing the same crisis. We saw that again with Obama recently. We're going to be seeing more and more of it as time goes by. If we don't recover the birth rate, if we don't fundamentally change the demographics, we're going to go the way of Europe.

This second talk is from the Glazov Gang, Jamie Glazov's video series.

Tonight I would like to talk to you about the greatest threat to national security. The weather.

As you might have heard, Global Warming is, according to the raving madmen running what’s left of the Democratic Party into the ground like a flaming comet, the greatest threat to national security.

Pay no attention to Paris. Never mind what happened in California. The real threat is your thermometer.

But tonight I want to break from the deep thoughts of such respected minds as Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama to talk about the true greatest threat to national security.

The jet plane.

Sometimes terrorists fly jet planes into buildings. Sometimes they arrive on them at airports, step out, smile and apply for political asylum.

That was how the ringleader of the original World Trade Center attack did it. He was a refugee.

These days the media has spent a lot of time talking about how we’ve been betraying the values of the Statue of Liberty by wanting to make sure that our country isn’t invaded by Islamic terrorists.

The funny thing about that is that a refugee Islamic terrorist actually headed up a plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty. The man known as the Blind Sheikh, whose followers were linked not only to the World Trade Center bombing, but to a variety of other Jihadi-about-town terrorist activities, had a whole long list of New York City landmarks he wanted to blow up. And like every tourist, they included the Statue of Liberty.

But that seems only fitting because if there are two things Islamic terrorists really hate, it’s unveiled women and liberty. The greatest threat to national security, to our freedom and our future, isn’t the weather. It’s migration. In ancient times wars began when nomadic groups migrated into someone else’s territory. Today it’s our territory that is being migrated into.

A quarter of Afghans told Gallup that they want to leave, Afghanistan is a country of 30 million, and more than 100,000 are expected to try to go to Europe this year. Some simply found out that Germany was open and they began walking. That’s how these things begin, but it’s not how they end.

Some Syrians have actually made it over to our southern border. And I know the official story is that all the Syrian migrants are just widows and orphans hobbling on their missing legs to escape ISIS. And the moment they reach America, they kiss the ground and begin singing, “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

But in the real world, polls show that 1 in 5 Syrians supports ISIS and a third like the local Al Qaeda franchise.

A 2007 poll showed 77% supported financing Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood terror group operating in Israel, and about the same one were all for aiding the so-called Iraqi fighters who later morphed into ISIS.

Even the polling of Syrian refugees shows 13% support ISIS. 19% of them view America as the greatest threat. 37% of them oppose US airstrikes on ISIS.

These are the “poor victims” we’re taking in. And boy are we ever being taken in.

Even if that first 13% is as bad as it gets, that still means that Obama’s first hot batch of 10,000 Syrian refugees will contain 1,300 ISIS supporters.

What can 1,300 ISIS supporters do to America? Just wait and find out.

The United States already resettles more people than anyone else. Not a single Muslim country participates in the resettlement programs.

Not one.

Turkey and Jordan have refugee camps but they aren’t giving any of them citizenship. And the Syrians themselves, when they were flooded with Iraqi refugees, treated them like garbage and used them as sex slaves.

The United States does more than anyone else and we are being taken advantage of. Let’s look at some of the numbers.

There are an estimated 60 million people displaced or on the move. And as we’ve seen with Afghanistan, a whole lot of people can begin moving once the opportunity presents itself.

640 million people surveyed want to move somewhere else. 150 million of them would like to come to America. 42 million would like to move to Canada. That’s more than the entire population of Canada. 26 million would like to move to Australia. But Australia only has 23 million people.

26 million would like to move to Germany, and these days they can.

That poll was from 2012. The numbers would be even worse now.

The U.N. refugee agency says more than 218,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean in October —more than in all of 2014. It estimates that more than 600,000 people crossed the Mediterranean this year.

Those are disturbing figures. Don’t take it from me. The spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees called some of them, "beyond anything that could have been expected even a few months ago." With chain migration, that’s only the beginning.

Germany froze family reunification for two years, because of estimates that each migrant would bring along as many as 8 family members.

Which means you have to multiply each migrant crossing the border by 8.

Now you can see why even Sweden is beginning for mercy.

Sweden is set to bring in 180,000 asylum seekers this year. This is a country where the young male population is at around 600,000.

But the real demographic bankruptcy is in the birth rate. In Sweden, a quarter of the children are already born to immigrant mothers. A lot of them are Somali Muslims. Somalia’s birth rate is three times higher than Sweden’s.

Germany’s birth rate is at 1.3. Syria’s birth rate is more than twice that. Afghanistan’s birth rate is four times that. European countries skew old. Muslim countries skew young. So, for example, the median age of Germany’s population is 46. The median age of its Muslim population is 34.

Once all the migrants, who are in the majority young men, are accounted for, the median age will be even lower. You hear a lot of worries about some European countries on the migration route ending up with more migrant men of fighting age than exist in the native population. That’s effectively an invasion.

But when you’re talking about countries with low birth rates, it’s not that hard to achieve a scenario where the young male migrants displace the young male population of the country.

It’s why Mohammed is the most popular name in the UK or in Oslo. Oslo is less than 10 percent Muslim, but it’s Muslim where it counts, among the youngest generation.

In the UK, 1 in 3 Muslims is under 15. Among children up to 4 years old, Muslims are at 9 percent. That’s double their proportion in the overall population.

The future of the UK is in that child population. And that population is already 9 percent Muslim. We like to think that it doesn’t apply to us, but it does. The Muslim population in the US has increased 67% since 9/11. The US has a higher birth rate, but most of the same numbers apply to us.

We’re not immune to math. We’re not immune to geometric progression.

The Muslim population in the US is younger, their birth rate is higher and the potential for national transformation is huge. Warfare, invasion, takes a younger population.

The Muslim world has a large disposable young male population. A chunk of that population is making its way to Europe even as we speak. It seems like a big chunk to us, but by their standards, it’s hardly noticeable. It’s that disposable young male population which doesn’t bother to get jobs, which parties and does drugs, then suddenly finds religion and redemption by killing a whole bunch of non-Muslims.

It’s not just Europe’s story. It’s our story too.

Think about the Tsarnaev brothers who went from drug dealers to Jihadists.

This is the national security threat that we are up against. It’s not as glamorous as Global Warming. There are no telethons and Al Gore won’t stand in front of a giant spreadsheet until the polar bears come here. But it’s real and it’s here now.

The real national security threat comes from the oldest form of war. Migration.

Entire civilizations were wiped out by migration. If we don’t shut the doors, we might become just another footnote in someone else’s ancient history.”


  1. What's especially problematic when you look at Germany is that Merkels CDU is basically the most right wing party after the radical AfD. The AfD is now at something like 10 % in the polls. They aren't even in the Bundestag yet. Other parties can go on a long time ignoring these voters. The situation is totally different in for example Britain, Sweden, Finland, Holland, France, Denmark and Austria.

  2. Anonymous15/12/15

    If I'm not for myself? Is it wrong to not want people to come who are antagonistic to Israel and Jews? Is self-preservation wrong? You say it like it is, Daniel.

  3. Thank you for these two very illuminating videos. I especially enjoyed you and Professor Thornton. However, I was more than taken aback by Daniel Pipe's comments especially at the end. Since when did he become an apologist for Islam? His question, "where would you rather have been during 1943, Europe or Iraq?" was particularly asinine. Obviously any place was better than a concentration camp. So there you see it, Islam is not all bad. Only one problem Islamic countries were not welcoming fleeing Jews. As a matter of fact they did everything they could to help the Nazi killing machine by using their influence on the British to keep Jews, who were fleeing certain death, out of Palestine. And contrary to Pipes' statement that Jews "left" their ancestral Arab homes voluntarily after the end of the war, the truth was that they were forced out in mass expulsions with barely more than the shirts on their backs. Getting into Iraq in 1943 would have been like going from the fire into the kettle.
    If you had asked my mother who was in Auschwitz at the time, and she had a choice, it would have been America. Unfortunately that was not an option thanks to the U.S. State department.

    He seems to have taken the same road as Bernard Lewis, the politically correct road, the easy road. Very disappointing.

  4. He mentioned specifically Baghdad I believe, which is rather strange, considering that the Farhud pogrom in Baghdad took place in 1941.

  5. Dear Daniel like you mentioned in your speech, the Europeans, even the non radical left are clueless of the consequence of their often sincerely well meant action of admitting hordes of muslim"refugees".
    I.e. In her infinite wisdom the mayor of Amsterdam's suburb Amstelveen decided to house 500 of these in a building at the heart (800meter circumference) of the concentrated Jewish communities of both cities against all arguments for an other location at about 3 km being available. A Dutch judge only this month ruled an indictment against a Dutch born, Moroccan muslim's rapper shout F*ck the Talmut and "the Jews are out for your blood and money" at a pro pally-rally earlier this year as rap conform"artistic"liberty and not as anti-semitism. Have all freedom lovers in the once enlightened civilized world turned their light of "getting any thing at all" switches off?

  6. In response to your comment Daniel, when you have an agenda, facts don't matter. Or perhaps he's been threatened and has moderated his views as a consequence.

  7. There are certain things you have to believe to be politically acceptable in every circle.

  8. Y. Ben-David16/12/15

    The point you made about the exploitation of foreign workers in the Gulf oil states is very important, yet is totally ignored by those "progressives" around the world who claim they care about "human rights". I read an article that the UN has no commission that deals with the rights of those foreign workers who are very frequently exploited and abused. If you wonder why, just consider the fact that Jimmy Carter, a true "lover of humanity" and who is constantly excoriating Israel, never has a bad word to say about Saudi Arabia. The fact that the Saudis donated millions of dollars to a foundation that Carter runs might have something to do with it.
    In the end. those Gulf States will collapse. They have totally parasitic societies that are totally dependent on foreigners doing all the real work in those countries. The radical Islam which is now terrorizing the world came out of the Wahabi movement which is the official religion of Saudi Arabia and it has already turned on those who spawned it.

  9. Another outstanding article Sultan. A lot of truth here but if you really want to get to the base of what is behind the decline of the west you have to name it. Peel back the onion. Its feminism. Even so called radfem critics such as aging lesbian Camile Paglia have to critique Taylor Swift for not contributing to her version of feminist progress. Too many baby boomer leftists are still fighting the culture wars of the 60s while Rome burns. I say if Camile Paglia wants to contribute to gender equality she should work herself to death like men have had to for thousands of years instead of making lesbianism more viable. If Jews, Christians, Whites and Traditionalists want to have a future in the West they are going to have to confront the moral, social and existential costs of the sexual revolution. We have to address upside down family trees, dysgenic fertility, mandatory acceptance of homosexuality alongside mandatory government pensions without being called Hitler. As human beings living on an indifferent planet we have to address reality as it is, not just going down with the ship because it would seem impolite to Amy Goodman. Incidentally, what remains of the West wont be able to ride into the sunset on government pensions. The overwhelming majority of us will be around to deal with it. Islam does believe in forcible conversions and slavery. The New Left 60s reforms dont have the answers for what is facing it and we need competent leadership to elucidate why leading a New Right.

  10. Anonymous, Muslims are antagonistic to all infidels and all non-Muslims nations. Would it kill you to acknowledge that?

  11. First of all the retirement age in Germany is 65 to 67 ( according to your date of birth)and not 55 . That is fact. But Greenfield has chuszpah, he may lie whenever he chooses to do so.
    And as long as he keeps calling "us" Hans and Fritz / and thinks this is funny) he has no right to be called either Ignatz or David by me.

  12. You hit the nail right on the head with every comment.
    Well done as always.

  13. Daniel, there's not really anything I can add to what's already been said here, but I would like to bring to your attention an essay written by novelist Matthew Bracken where he lays out his vision of what's going to be occurring within the next year as a result of the mass immigration of muslims into Europe. It's entitled "Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive" and it's posted at


    I think it's a very good read and I hope you'll take a look at it. Not that you need help finding topics to cover, but I'd really like to see what you make of it.

  14. Anonymous18/12/15

    One point that has not been made so far is the effect of abortion on the German birth rate.

    Over the period 1996 - 2011, there were 11.53 million births in Germany.

    Over the same period, there were 1.97 million abortions in Germany.

    Abortion - the ultimate feminist contribution to Western society!

    So now Mama Merkel says Germany needs a couple of million young workers to help lower the average age of German workers - do you think she would be pleased to see 1.97 million Germans aged between 5 and 19 years old?

    Well, isn't it a pity that she and all the other German fools who masquerade as political leaders decided to pay to have all those un born Germans liquidated in the very efficient abortion clinics that are spread all over Germany.

    How much did all those abortions cost in German marks?

    And how much have all those abortions cost in terms of the destruction of German society?

    If the West is to be saved - the first thing it must do is review the self-inflicted scourge of abortion that is the means by which the West is cutting its own throat.


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