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Violating the Muslim Status Quo

The Secretary of State of the United States traveled to the Muslim country of Jordan to assure its Foreign Minister that Jews would not be praying any more at the holiest site in Judaism.

As Kerry put it, “It is Muslims who pray on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif and non-Muslims who visit.”

Israel is often accused of apartheid and segregation, but here was the Secretary of State championing both, as long as it was Muslim segregation aimed at Jews. The Temple Mount “Status Quo” worriedly talked about by Kerry and the media as the answer to the recent Muslim stabbing spree is no different than the Muslim ban on Jews entering the Cave of the Patriarchs, where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are buried, past the seventh step. It rewards Muslim violence by upholding Muslim segregationist racism.

There’s no word on whether segregated drinking fountains will be put in for Muslims and non-Muslims. Jews visiting the former site of their Temple have been attacked for drinking from an “Islamic” water fountain.

Perhaps the status quo will also say that, “It is Muslims who drink from water fountains on the Temple Mount and non-Muslims who go thirsty.”

And don’t even ask about the bathrooms. PLO leader Abbas, whom Kerry also met with, shrieked that Jews “have no right to defile it with their filthy feet”.

The status quo on the Temple Mount and in the Middle East is the supremacism of Muslim bigotry. The Jews violated this status quo in a very big way by seeking independence. The indigenous Jewish people were no longer willing to be a conquered nation under the boot of Muslim invaders, forced to live in ghettos, wear yellow badges, walk barefoot or wait on the seventh step outside their holy places.

Every act of Muslim terrorism is blamed on this primal Jewish violation of the “Status Quo”. Israel violated the status quo by becoming the first non-Muslim country in the Middle East. If that wasn’t bad enough, Jews violated the status quo even further by becoming the first indigenous people to reclaim land lost in a war from its Muslim conquerors. Then the members of a religion that had been defeated by Islam, its holy places turned into mosques, had the temerity to go and pray at their own holy places.

What could Muslims do in the face of so many violations of the status quo by an inferior conquered race except resort to maddened orgies of violence, setting off bombs and chopping up Rabbis with cleavers?

It’s not only the Jews who get in trouble for violating the Muslim status quo. When Coptic Christians turned out to protest the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, the supporters of the “moderate” terror group, which Kerry backs, responded by shouting “Death to the Christians” and burning churches.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister warned Kerry, “When you infuriate the emotions of one of our billion Muslims around the world, things become rather thorny and rather difficult to manage.”

The world’s one billion Muslims, whose delicate emotions are always infuriated by something, enforce an Islamic status quo in which no non-Muslim dares to violate the Muslim superiority complex.

A Danish newspaper can’t print cartoons that a few Imams don’t like or the billion Muslims will get angry. Burger King can’t have ice cream that Muslims think resembles the name of their god or a billion Muslims will get angry. America can’t defend itself against Islamic terrorism or a billion Muslims will get angry. Jews in Israel and Christians in Egypt can’t have their civil rights or a billion Muslims will get angry.

Some might say that the billion Muslims are just looking for things to get angry at… but that would just make a billion Muslims angry.

When buildings fall or buses blow up, when people are stabbed, shot or exploded by the unofficial representatives of the bilious billion, we go right past the crime to the anger that motivated it. “Why do they hate us?” becomes the question and Muslim anger becomes the pivot of national security policy.

Since Muslim anger causes violence, we stop terrorism by tiptoeing around anything that might make them angry. Minor things mostly like freedom of speech or freedom of religion. If you’re a Coptic Christian who makes a YouTube video about Mohammed, you can be sent to prison when some of the moderate Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda locals murder four Americans while shouting, “Allahu Akbar.”

After weeks of brutal Muslim murders, Kerry has gotten Israel to reinforce a ban on Jews praying at the holiest site in Judaism because it offends Muslims. Next up, maybe Jews will be restricted to the seventh step of the Cave of the Patriarchs again. Because that was the “Status Quo” under the Muslim conquest.

But the status quo won’t be restored by merely banning Jews from praying at the Temple Mount. It won’t even be restored by giving in to demands from Obama, Kerry and the outraged stabber lobby to keep Jews out of those parts of Jerusalem that Muslims had ethnically cleansed them from in 1948.

A Jewish Israel is a violation of the Islamic status quo. But so are a Christian Spain and an independent Greece. The Ottoman Empire at its peak nearly reached Vienna and extended into the Ukraine. Muslims once held Sicily. The monstrous Mughals ruled over much of India. Creative Muslim geography and revisionist history now claim that Australia’s aborigines were originally Muslim and Turkey’s Islamist ruler, who hopes to revive the Ottoman Empire, insists that Muslims originally discovered America.

These violations of the status quo must all be eliminated or a billion Muslims will be very, very angry.

Pandering to Muslim bigotry only earns more of the same. The Muslims butchering Jews in Jerusalem are not going to be satisfied with any status quo short of the total Sharia subjugation of the Jews with all the attendant ritual humiliations of ghettos, bare feet and legal immunity for Muslim murderers of Jews.

Allowing Muslims to set the tone for every negotiation by invoking one billion fuming faithful who will go on a killing spree if a cartoon is published, a book is printed or a prayer is prayed is a submission to a racist theocracy. Worse still, it treats the anger of the bigoted murderers as if it had moral weight.

Our diplomatic Stockholm syndrome traces back the root cause of Muslim violence not to the Muslim killers, but to anyone who might be guilty of provoking them.

Obama’s people responded to the murder of Americans in Benghazi with a Pakistani video apology and by treating a YouTube video critical of Mohammed as the real crime. Hillary Clinton told the father of a murdered SEAL, “We're going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.”

When Muslims butcher Jews in Jerusalem, the blame settles not on the killers, but on their victims.

Some Jews had to be stabbed because other Jews (and their filthy feet) had prayed at the holiest site in Judaism that the Muslim conquerors claimed for their own because Mohammed once flew there on a magic horse with a woman’s head. Or at least that was this week’s Muslim excuse for killing Jews.

Muslims had been killing Jews for over a thousand years. But there’s always some momentary excuse for how the Jewish victims provoked their Muslim killers this time that utterly fails to explain why this same cycle of Muslim anti-Semitic violence has been going on since the beginning of Islam.

We are often lectured on how oppressed Muslims are. One of the more popular Muslim victimization memes claims that Muslims are “the new Jews”. So far the only thing they have done to prove this claim is trying to kill all the Jews on the theory that when all the Jews are dead, they can be the new Jews.

By accepting Muslim anger as moral we have turned murderers into victims and victims into murderers. The extremes of Muslim outrage are not proof of their suffering, their frustration and desperation, as the media claims, but of their racism, their supremacism and their dehumanization of non-Muslims.

Muslim terrorism is not a cry for help. It’s a cry of hate.

Muslims are not entitled to a supremacist status quo that enshrines their conquests as sacred and forever represses the rights and identities of the peoples under their rule. It is this supremacist sense of entitlement that fuels Muslim terror from ISIS to Hamas.

Upholding such a status quo only breeds further conflicts as Islam seeks to restore its status quo conquests around the world. It’s their belief that they can restore a supremacist status quo that is the cause of Muslim terrorism. Take away this expectation of a status quo and Muslim terror goes away.

Obama has decided to uphold the Muslim status quo. Muslim terrorism is met with backdoor support for a Caliphate through political Islam. Muslim stabbings in Israel are met with calls for upholding a Muslim supremacist status quo that bans Jews from praying at the holiest site in their religion.

Our national security strategy, our diplomacy and the premise of societies that are being transformed by Muslim migration is don’t make the Muslims angry. This vision for the West is an abusive relationship in which the free world plays the beaten wife whose dreams and hopes have narrowed down to not “provoking” another violent tantrum from the psychotic monster who has taken over her life.

“Don’t Make the Muslims Angry” has become our highest law. The free world needs an intervention before we give up our rights, our identities and our future to live in this abusive relationship with Islam.


  1. "The world’s one billion Muslims, whose delicate emotions are always infuriated by something, enforce an Islamic status quo in which no non-Muslim dares to violate the Muslim superiority complex."

    What an accurate sentence.

    All over the world they are always on the verge of deadly tantrums.

  2. Weren't the Spanish(1400s) & Greeks(1800s) indigenous peoples who reclaimed their lands from Muslim conquest?

  3. One could say, un ironically that Angela Merkel is re enforcing the Muslim status quo at home. Maybe there's no more to it than that.

  4. AesopFan4/11/15

    Some pushback is happening - not enough, but it's a start.

  5. Common 'tater4/11/15

    You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, our panty-waist "leaders" in the West can't bend over fast enough to meet the demands of these outstanding examples of the religion that we dare not name or criticize.

    As far as I am concerned, the last Western leader that had any cojones and was willing to stand up against the threats of anger and violence was Harry Truman when he recognized Israel. I have not found any written evidence for what I am going to say (maybe I need to visit the Truman library and dig around a bit), but just as Mr. Truman had some visitors lobbying him to recognize Israel, there were "others" making it clear they did not think recognition to be a good idea.

    Even Eisenhower, who of all people should have known that giving in to ranting bullies only encourages more of the same, bent over backwards to appease the bilious billions.

    Our wing nut leaders cannot or will not see that the leaders of the bilious billions are not interested in anything that resembles Western style popular government, values, liberty, or acceptance of others (AKA "diversity"). Not only that, but the majority of these billions are fed propaganda and tainted, twisted news by their leaders.

    One of these days, I am sure that something so outrageous will spew forth from the hate factories of these billions that Israel and possibly some other Western countries (US) will be forced to act forcefully, simply as a matter of survival. It would seem that 9-11-01 would have been enough, but evidently not enough overcome the attraction of the OPEC oil money.

  6. Y. Ben-David5/11/15

    The reason Muslims get so offended when Jews pray at the Temple Mount is because Islam has a tremendous inferiority complex.After all, Muhammed was simply reiterating what Jews and Christians taught before he came along and people rightly asked why he should be recognized as a prophet. Their big recruiting tactic to refute these questions is "Triumphalism"...i.e. "look at how big and powerful we are, we must be right!".
    Most people who adopted Islam did it out of coercion, (i.e. to escape the discrimination and unfair taxes levied on non-Muslims) or in order to identify with their conquerors. That is why they built their mosques on top of holy places identified with the conquered, such as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem or various Hindu holy places in India. By doing this they show that they have superseded those earlier religion.
    The problem is that if suddenly these formerly suppressed people like the Jews or Hindus come back and assert their rights and freedom, the Muslims fear that many of their own people will start to question the Triumphalist premises that brought them to adopt Islam in the first place. Whereas Jews have no problems with people of all faiths coming to the Western Wall and praying (including the famous non-Jew of Muslim birth, Barak H. Obama!) as long as they don't disrupt the Jewish prayer regulations of the place, the Muslim go into hysteria if Jews conduct silent prayer on the Temple Mount. Jews doing this brings in to question the whole validity of their faith, as they see it. They view the religious devotion of their followers as a very fragile thing.

  7. Y. Ben-David5/11/15

    Regarding the holy religious status-quo the US State Department is so concerned about, regarding the Western Wall in Jerusalem, currently the pre-eminentJewish prayer site in the world, the status quo is that the prayers are conducted according to Orthodox Jewish tradition which separates the men and women. The State Department complained that liberal Jewish groups want to end this gender separation and that this status-quo is "unacceptable". So much for the holiness of religious status-quo in the eyes of the US Administration!

  8. With the International Decade of the Rapprochement of Cultures commencing in 2013 with Saudi financing through the UN as a key component of the UN's Post 2015 global vision http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/rapprochemont-or-civilization-surrender-how-to-force-human-solidarity-starting-with-preschool-education/ this is only going to get worse.

    This initiative, the largest in UNESCO's history, is totally undiscussed until we know about it and then it fits fully with everything else. This includes Hillary Clinton's State Department massively financing the creation of UNESCO's Human Rights curriculum starting in January 2012. It was published in 2014 for global use.

    Also involved is the Arigatou Foundation which has created an Interfaith and Intercultural ethics education with UNESCO and UNICEF that fits with the Project-Based Learning activities that are already the rage as 'personalized learning.'

  9. The left sees Islam as a force cooperating with it to destroy Western values. They're too thick to realize that their own leftist values would be next.

  10. I see no "intervention" on the horizon. The west has proven themselves as cowards. Islam will exact a terrible toll long before the west acquires courage. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong in the current and foreseeable political climate.

  11. Anger replaced debate. Umbrage makes the case. Grievance, the new currency. Demonstration, militancy, terrorism, of course. Sanity walks on eggshells.

  12. Anonymous5/11/15

    Nothing here is surprising in any way.

    And our so-called leaders are being incredibly stupid. Do they really think that there will be peace if they just surrender a bit more? Don't they realize that radical Islam's goal is total and complete conquest of the entire planet?

    If they should (God forbid) achieve their goal of killing every Jew, they won't stop there. They'll then decide that it's time to wipe out the Christians, and the Hindu, and the atheists, and every other "infidel" they can find. The political leaders of the "free" world will be just as fair game as the Jews are today.

    And when the jihadis finish killing off the entire non-Muslim population of the world, they'll turn on each other, with the more-radical ones deciding that the less-radical aren't devout enough.

    Anyone who doesn't see all this is just blind or stupid. Either because they have been brainwashed, because they are a true believer of the jihadi cause, or because they are just plain stupid.

  13. It's the third most holy site of Islam but the first most holy site of Judaism.

  14. Anonymous6/11/15

    I don't know how Daniel does it, but he identifies and categorizes with such unerring accuracy! There is, however, in most pieces written on this subject, one element missing, at least from the depth psychological point of view (I am a psychologist so that is where I am coming from): the West's lethargy, is not necessarily a fear to act, a compunction of some sort, but MORAL MASOCHISM. Freud identified it. It is the secret that is not mentioned: the Western GETS OFF on being humiliated, finds secret joys in being hated, despised, submitted. That secret pleasure, that unconscious delight, that perverse ecstasy is what explains a lot of baffling inaction, unconcern, etc. And, as Freud correctly stated: masochism never comes alone, it is always attended by SADISM. The sadist comes when the masochist is ready (to paraphrase a greater wisdom). He/she may come in the form of a political leader, a president, a religious leader, a corporate boss, but he/she will come! And this sadist gets off on submitting the masochist. A religion bent on post-mortem hedonism is perfectly positioned to be the sadist to the Western moral masochist.

  15. Anonymous6/11/15

    ...and the whore rides the beast until it turns and devours her...

  16. There is another group of people in America who we also cannot anger. Blacks. The Left treats their constituent groups like children who cannot conduct themselves in a civilized manner. In fact, those groups have been subjected to the most base lies and propaganda about others not like them. They are now children. Infantilized.

  17. John Kerry is a moral degenerate.

  18. Brilliant. Thank you for your courage and your commitment to speaking the truth.

  19. "...Muslim conquerors claimed for their own because Mohammed once flew there on a magic horse with a woman’s head.."

    Yes - this claim of the muslims, seeing it causes them so much angst, should be contested at the highest level - preferably a court on the world stage such as the UN. Muslims are of course encouraged to bring documentary evidence of their claim to the area which predates the Jewish tenure . Learned muslim scholars are also encouraged to bring DNA evidence of 'Al Burak'

  20. Anonymous7/11/15

    Kerry is execrable. I'm disgusted that I ever voted for him. Thank you Mr. Greenfield for reporting the news the enemedia would never dare to report, much less editorialize on.

  21. Let me say that I completely sympathize with the sentiments expressed in this article, and agree totally that appeasement of Moslems is counter-productive and cowardly.

    That said, one cannot ignore the fact that Jewish religious law (halacha) itself greatly restricts observant Jews from visiting the Har HaBayit. There are many areas which are forbidden to enter under any circumstances for Jews today, and even the areas which may be visited are permitted only after a somewhat complex ritual purification which non-observant Jews cannot be expected to perform properly.

    As a result of this, many prominent Rabbis of the past and present have forbidden Jews to enter the entire Har HaBayit. The list of such Rabbis includes a large number of very "pro-Zionist" figures, including Rav A. Y. Kook, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, Rav Avraham Kahana Shapira, and many more, and this is in fact the official position of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel since 1967 under all administrations.

    I am not expressing my own opinion here, nor do I consider myself qualified to enter a dispute with Rabbis of such stature. I am merely pointing out that the subject is intrinsically more complex from an authentic Jewish perspective than is being presented here.


  22. If you’re a Coptic Christian who makes a YouTube video about Mohammed, you can be sent to prison when some of the moderate Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda locals murder four Americans while shouting, “Allahu Akbar.”

    Maybe we should put more emphasis on the fact that the reason that "only" four Americans (including the ambassador to Libya) were killed is because of the heroism of two of the dead who received no assistance from the American authorities, and otherwise the death toll would have certainly been much higher. I think that this fact is agreed upon even by the defenders of the traitorous U.S. administration.

  23. Bh
    Yes you are right on again. Stop the appeasement


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