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The Last Days of Hillary

Hillary Clinton has spent a third of her adult life trying to become president. All for nothing.

The first time around, she wasted $200 million just to lose to Obama. $11 million of that money came from the notoriously "flat broke" couple. This time around she was determined to take no chances.

Together with her husband she built up a massive war chest using money from foreign governments and speaking fees from non-profits, funneled into her own dirty non-profit and a complex network of unofficial organizations staffed by Clinton loyalists, secured an unofficial endorsement from Obama and carefully avoided answering questions or taking positions on anything. There was no way she could lose.

Now she’s losing all over again.

Hillary has a ton of money, but can’t buy the nomination. She’s spending a quarter of a million a day on a campaign operation with no actual organized opposition to speak of. Even before Biden officially enters the race, she’s falling behind the joke candidacy of Bernie Sanders in key states.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has spent tens of millions of dollars without making an impact. She spent almost a million on polling only to see her poll numbers drop every week. She dropped $2 million on ads about her mother to try to make women like her. It didn’t work. Nothing is working anymore.

Obama gave Biden his blessing to run. White House spokesman Josh Earnest praised Joe Biden to reporters, saying that there is “no one in American politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign.”

It wasn’t a subtle message.

Earnest suggested that Obama might endorse a Democratic primary candidate. Despite the deal that the Clintons made in which Bill would campaign for Obama in 2012 in exchange for a Hillary endorsement, it’s looking less and less likely like that he will back Hillary Clinton. Instead Biden appears to be his man.

Biden is already polling better than Hillary in a national election. With Obama’s backing, he can strip away Hillary’s minority vote while Bernie Sanders takes the leftist vote. Hillary Clinton is already doubling down on gender politics by accusing pro-life Republicans of being terrorists, but it won’t work.

It didn’t work last time. It won’t work this time. Once again, Hillary has lost.

The only lesson that Hillary Clinton drew from her last election was to double down on all the things she did wrong. Her organization was big last time so she made it even bigger. It got so big that the different Super PACs were fighting each other over fundraising for her campaign. She had lots of money last time, so she was determined to have even more money this time. But that money has been wasted paying an army of useless people who couldn’t even do something as basic as produce a good logo.

Hillary Clinton was paranoid, controlling and dishonest last time. She decided to be twice as paranoid and dishonest this time around and it destroyed her image and her campaign.

Even before the rope lines and the interview boycotts, the media hated her. Once she began to aggressively shut out the media, its personalities gleefully reported on every email server scandal detail that her enemies in the White House fed to the New York Times and other administration mouthpieces.

It wasn’t a vast right wing conspiracy or even a more real left wing conspiracy that destroyed Hillary Clinton. If she were a stronger candidate, Obama and the left would have fallen in line behind her.

Once again, Hillary Clinton destroyed her own candidacy. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that the top three words people associate with her are “liar,” “dishonest” and “untrustworthy.” If she hadn’t planned a cover-up before there was even anything to cover up and then responded to its disclosure with a series of terrible press conferences climaxing in asking reporters if they meant that she had wiped her email server with a cloth, her old reputation might have stayed buried long enough to win an election.

Now Hillary is right back where she was last time around. She has lots of money, but no one likes her. She’s trying to build a cult of personality, but none of the myriads of people who work for her will tell her the truth about her personality. She inspires no one and there’s no actual reason to vote for her.

With her popularity rapidly vanishing, Hillary is moving to her Führerbunker. Her aides plan to absorb defeats in early states and concentrate all the money and organization on crushing the opposition on Super Tuesday. They’re conceding that Hillary isn’t going to out-campaign her rivals individually, but are betting that her war machine is big enough to destroy them in eleven states at the same time.

Hillary still hasn’t learned that she can’t just buy an election. And she may not have the money to buy it. Donors lost a lot of money funding her failed campaign last time. They came on board again because they were convinced that she had a smooth ride to the nomination. Once Biden enters the race, donors will wait rather than pour more money into the struggling campaign of an unpopular candidate.

And many of the Obama donors who haven’t committed to Hillary will open their wallets for Biden.

ClintonWorld is an expensive theme park to run. All those staffers the Clintons have picked up have to be paid. And the Clintons can’t stop paying them because they have no true loyalists, only mercenaries. If their checks don’t clear, they’ll be working for Biden or O’Malley before you can say "Whitewater."

It will take that machine some time to slow to a halt. Hillary Clinton burned through $200 million fighting Obama. Elections have only gotten more expensive since then. But her donors will learn the hard way that money alone can’t make an unlikable politician with no charisma or compelling message, president.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a message, she has ambition. Her obsession with becoming president has overshadowed any reason that anyone might have to vote for her. She offers no hope and less change. Her candidacy is historic… but only for her. There is no promise she can make that anyone will believe.

After having spent much of her life trying to become president, she will leave once again a failure.

Some are hoping that Hillary will go to jail. But the anger, frustration and bitterness that will gnaw on her after wasting decades and a small fortune on two failed efforts to win the White House in which she had every advantage only to lose before even leaving the starting gate will be worse than any prison.

In January 2017, Hillary Clinton will be sitting in front of a television set watching someone else take the oath of office. Nothing the penal system has to offer would be a harsher punishment than that moment.


  1. Anonymous21/9/15

    I'm inclined to agree, but after the Greek election result, I have to ask: is anybody - *anybody* - unelectable these days?

  2. Fun dayn moyl in gots oyern.

  3. "But the anger, frustration and bitterness ... will be worse than any prison"

    She deserves prison and bankrupting fines in addition to the above for the destructiveness her behavior has wreaked upon the American people and the rule of law.

  4. Anonymous21/9/15

    Nomen omen: from greek Ιλαρός, joyous, cheerful to latin HILARITAS: laughter provoked by words or acts that seem droll, comic, ridiculous...

    Clelia&Eric from Eurabia, Italian province

  5. Anonymous21/9/15

    With any luck in January 2017, she'll only have access to a prison TV to watch someone else take the oath of office.

  6. Anonymous21/9/15

    I think it's unfair and unconstitutional (it violates the 22nd
    Amendment) that she's running again. What? Didn't you realise that
    because Bill was too busy running after women to run the country that
    she was effectively doing so? Surely the price he had to pay for her NOT
    putting him through the wringer was a BIG say in running the presidency?

    So she's had two terms as shadow president - I can't see that its fair
    that she's entitled to another shot at the POTUS job ...

  7. Anonymous21/9/15


  8. Bill Inaz21/9/15


  9. Anonymous21/9/15

    So cruel. So true. The first epitaph for H's campaign.


  10. Anonymous22/9/15

    Hashem is the master chess player. We manipulate, but he controls the board. Funny how we seem to learn more and gain in character from evil corrupt leaders. We get complacent and indolent under good leaders. Hashem must still think America has some merit, because we haven't been erased yet.

  11. Anonymous22/9/15

    From cattle futures, to Vince Foster, to Benghazi she smells of rot and deceit.

  12. Y. Ben-David22/9/15

    Although the Clintons, along with Barak Hussein Obama epitomize the moral rot that has infected the United States in their positions as leaders, it seems to me that the moral decay already began with the election of JFK as President. Almost every President since then, more than a half-century ago, has had something seriously wrong with him. Kennedy was physically incapable of being President and was morally corrupt (see Seymour Hirsch's "The Dark Side of Camelot"), LBJ was an egomaniac wheeler-dealer politician who was far from being a statesman, Nixon was paranoic, Ford seems to be something of an exception in not having obvious flaws to me (correct me if I am wrong-but he wasn't successful), Carter was an unqualified, self-righteous goofball, Reagan was a typical parvenu who didn't understand that just because he made it, others might have a hard time doing so, Bush I was deceitful (ays "Saddam is worse than Hitler" and then leaves him in power after encouraging the the Shi'ites to rebel and then abandoning them and lying to Israel), Then comes the Clintons, followed by Bush II who didn't ever seem to be fit for the job, ending up with Barak Hussein Obama.

    These are my opinions, feel free to disagree. The problems I point out don't mean that some of them didn't do some good, but it does point the way things have been headed in the US.

  13. Anonymous22/9/15

    I've always thought of Ahab and Jezebel when I think of Bill and Hill. One day, one day they will reap their reward.

  14. Anonymous22/9/15

    A great post addressing the Hillary conundrum!

    Without mentioning the treachery by Hillary against the US and its people - Hillary is the perfect example about what 'NOT' to be if one considers themselves an honorable woman or at least one with ethical and moral standards - two basic character traits beneficial to every person on the planet.
    Each one of us has in the DNA the little thing called 'conscience' - which is a mechanism that works almost like a stop light with its different warning stages based on the color of the displayed light.

    Hillary ignored this helpful mechanism for so long that it no longer exists and caused her to 'sell her soul to the devil'. Anyone crossing that line is bound to be cold, untrustworthy, obsessed, treacherous etc as well as not even thinking twice stepping on people or dead bodies attempting to achieve their lust for power.
    Hillary is obsessed with having power.

    There is nothing in Hillary's public life and career that is ethical sound; there is nothing she ever did or say nor act in benefit of others or the well being of American citizens. She have showed any level of competence in anything she did.
    She does not even know how to smile; her disturbing and cackling laugh chills ones bones.
    AS the author of this post so correctly states - Hillary is angry and frustrated. I would wager that based on what I've seen of her in video snippets - this woman is filled with rage and contempt towards all of us not crowing her into the highest office. She is disgusted with us because in her mind - we are not suppose to ask any question directed at her; she demands to be taken at face value and without any doubts in anything. She believes the coined phrase 'she's the smartest woman in the world' - whoever started this phrase need to get their heads examined because Hillary is slick but not smart.
    I could go on - but everyone knows Hillary and her many crimes and treacheries including her contract with her horndog husband and their marriage - all for naught.
    Hillary is the product of her own soulless and treacherous heart; making a deal with the devil has never brought any benefit to anyone and for very good reasons!

    In the end - Hillary the player - got played. She couldn't beat her own treachery which is a good thing for this country and its people!

  15. Anonymous22/9/15

    Speaking of the Führer - a quote allegedly of his goes something along the lines of "How fortunate for government, that people don't think."

    I can go to the comments section of any news site to see the accuracy of this statement. Must be really cool maneuvering all the puppet strings like being in on some really long-standing inside joke

  16. Anonymous22/9/15

    "ClintonWorld is an expensive theme park to run. ......because they have no true loyalists, only mercenaries."

    So "on the money", if you excuse the bad pun. They are looking to get the best voters that money can buy.

  17. Hillary Clinton has always been an incredible character to me; incredible as in "not to be believed". I can't explain how such a person can exist. Politicians are a low lot in general, but even the lowest of them seem to have some human spark in them, some moment when they thought "Wouldn't it be great if..." and had an idea of something they wanted to do. Hillary has nothing. Her only idea is to be president, not to do something, but just to be something. She reminds me of those sharks we read about, who have to keep moving forward in order to keep breathing. There's no reason for anything she says or does; it's as if she can't stop playing the role of politician because if she does, her own nothingness will cause her to implode and disappear.

  18. denisO22/9/15

    A good read, good information and a good conclusion. A seriously and justifiably insecure woman wants the highest office to prove she is not a worthless piece of garbage, which, in her heart, she and her husband know she is. Money can buy power, but she's seeing there is not enough in the World to buy what she needs.

  19. Anonymous22/9/15

    I hope on Jan 20, 2017 somebody gives her a big shot of good whiskey and a single shot revolver!

  20. D.D.Mao22/9/15

    Hillary's only hope is because Bill talked Donald Trump into running under the Republican banner and thus dividing the party voters three ways. (establishment, Trumpkins, and Tea Party) The inevitable likelyhood of having disgruntled right wingers staying home because their factions candidate wasn't nominated could very well swing the election.

    Anyway you slice it, Clinton, Sander's, Biden, or Trump it doesn't bode well for America ! The rest of the field are chop meat.

  21. $200 million is a "small fortune"?

  22. Anonymous22/9/15

    Perhaps it was Hillary, not Trump, that was never serious about winning. Far too coincidental if Biden swoops in & takes the Dem nomination- just as Obama did in 2008. Hillary serves as the foil, drawing all heat from Republicans, while the 'real' bankster sponsored candidate is mostly overlooked. Until, that is, the third act; when Hillary takes her dive off stage. By the time the Republicans can recalibrate, Election Day has passed & the relatively unvetted and untarnished 'real' candidate has one. The writing is on the wall: Everyman Biden vs. 'Pretend Everyman' Trump. Only someone as cynical as Hillary could play her role in the melodrama.

  23. Anonymous22/9/15

    Very well said, as usual. Let her and her advisors burn all that cash down. Serves her and her donors right.

  24. The funny thing is, the Republican Establishment would probably rather see Hillary elected than a truly conservative Republican, or an uncontrollable maverick Republican like Trump.

  25. We already live in a banana republic where laws are meaningless. Who's to say Hillary can't survive even thrive with that?

  26. Anonymous23/9/15

    "... Nothing the penal system has to offer would be a harsher punishment than that moment. - See more at: http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2015/09/the-last-days-of-hillary.html#comment-form Your comment has more forgiveness in it than I would offer. I say she stand trial for numerous crimes, along with her hubby, and spend the rest of her life behind bars in a not so serene white collar Federal prison. I meet people, women from around the world and the Hillary Hype precedes her. Her name sparks a smile of adoration and when they ask why I don't like her, I ask if they know anything about her to which they usually reply "No." Bullcrap. That's what all her money bought. Bullcrap.

  27. Anonymous23/9/15

    Prison for Hillary Clinton. Nothing compares with decades in prison for Hillary Clinton.

  28. considering how much you dislike hillary clinton you must be estatic at her downfall. congratulations and chag sameach!

  29. Anonymous23/9/15

    As if the cat that's in now won't endorse the cat that's in now.

  30. So conservatives and even some liberals agree: Hillary is not likable. Remains the small thing of voter output, if rep. don't show in significant numbers or get too divided thanks to Trump, Hillary could still get elected by the Democrat herd.

    1. Anonymous26/9/15

      Sad, but too true.

  31. Meting out justice to Hillary Clinton is NOT about how harsh it would be for her -- less harsh, you argue, than the ignominy of being absent on America's next presidential inauguration day. Oh, boo-boo.
    Meting out justice to Hillary Clinton is about a country which has been wronged by her malicious, illegal actions, the moral degradation inflicted on us because she enabled and protected her rapaciously philandering husband -- and flooded our homes with his filthiness. She owes us. She owes us for the simple reason that her entire life in the political arena has been directed to subverting our laws for her own personal gain. She has made a mockery of our laws.
    It is proper and fitting that our laws win against such brazen flaunting of their (our) authority.
    Please think of us -- her victims, our country, her personal treasure chest to plunder and degrade with her PRAISE of baby butchering. She makes me physically sick. She deserves worse than jail; solitary confinement is too good for her.

  32. Boy do I ever agree with darcy!
    GOOD ESSAY, Daniel...one of your best insights.

  33. Anonymous24/9/15

    Shillariah will have to do more stumping to her deceased demoratic supporters as well as non-US citizens.

  34. Throwing her in prison is late justice for Waco...and the cattle futures...and the sliming of Bill's assorted victims...and the possible complicity in Bill's rapes...and the sliming of the Travel Office people...and the selling of pardons...and waltzing in and grabbing the NY Senate seat as payment for not walking out on Bill...and for Vince Foster...and probably a lot of other things. But better late justice than no justice. And seeing her hauled off would remind us that nobody in this country is above the law.

  35. Luther Wu29/9/15

    My three words: Meretriciously mendacious harridan.

  36. She even got a face lift. Oh woe.


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