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Barack Obama: Born Again Jew

Obama introduced himself to the nation as the son of black and white parents. He has gone back and forth between Christianity and Islam like a philanderer in a bar.

Now he has added a third religion and race to complete his identity politics trinity.

At the last White House Chanukah dinner, he claimed to have a Jewish soul. At a synagogue speech last month, he called himself “an honorary member of the tribe”. Now his former senior advisor has quoted him as saying, “I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.”

Of course Barack Obama has also been Irish. He stated, “I consider myself an honorary Italian, because I love all things Italian”. Newsweek dubbed him “The First Woman President” in 2008 for “bending gender conventions” and promoted him to “The First Gay President” four years later. Cabinet Secretary Lu and Congressman Honda argued that he was “The First Asian American President”.

If you make up an ethnic group or race, by tomorrow Barack Obama will be a member of it. By next week, he will be lecturing it on why it isn’t living up to their shared values.

Obama’s Jewish toadies, like his multicultural frog pond toadies of all races and ethnicities, have been trying to sell Barack Obama as a “Born-Again Jew” for seven years.

His left-wing mentor Abner Mikva claimed during the original campaign, "When this all is over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president.” But Abner hedged his bets, baptizing Obama in a Mikvah by urging him to study the speaking patterns of Baptist preachers instead.

New York Magazine put Obama on the cover under a photoshopped Kippah as “The First Jewish President” and whined inside that, “Barack Obama is the best thing Israel has going for it right now. Why is that so difficult for Netanyahu and his American Jewish allies to understand?”

And that’s always the conclusion. Photoshop a Kippah on Obama’s head, dub him an honorary Jew and then use that to excuse his attacks on Israel.

Jerry Seinfeld accused his dentist of converting to Judaism to be able to tell Jewish jokes. Obama undergoes an honorary conversion to be able to bash Israel.

As an “honorary member of the tribe” he is entitled to all the anti-Semitic jokes and all the anti-Semitic policies he wants. When he signs off on nukes for Iran and a PLO state cut through the heart of Jerusalem accompanied by demands for the ethnic cleansing of half-a-million Jews, it’s as “The First Jewish Anti-Israel President” who cares about the Jewish State so much that he has to destroy it.

When Peter Beinart switched his career from the New Republic hawk who after September 11 wrote “The left has proved remarkably creative over the years at blaming virtually any Middle Eastern malfeasance...on the Jewish State” to the Daily Beast’s Israel basher who could blame bad weather or a lost sock in a dryer on Israel, he declared that he was bashing Israel because he was a “Liberal Zionist”.

Beinart, among others, has argued that Obama only bashes Israel because he too is a liberal Zionist.

Jeffrey Goldberg, the White House’s choice for heading up its media anti-Israel campaign to relay vital tidbits like the fact that the administration thinks Netanyahu is “Chickens__t” has been pushing the “Jewish Obama” meme the hardest. After his latest agonized interview with Obama featuring the kind of journalism usually only found when teen girls interview their movie idols for Tiger Beat, he explained that “The First Jewish President” only hated Israel because he was “The First Woody Allen President”.

Or as he put it, “Obama’s impatience with Israel, and his dislike of Netanyahu, is rooted in the fact that he is a very specific kind of Jew – an intellectual, Upper West Side, social action-oriented, anguished-about-Israel liberal values Jew.”

Not the bad kind of Jew who peers through a rifle scope on the Golan or pores over a Bible.

Obama’s finest Jewish toady was reassuring liberal Jewish tribals that the man in the White House didn’t hate Israel because he was one of “them”, but because he was one of “us”. Obama’s hatred of Israel is in the finest tradition of neurotic Manhattan liberals who can’t decide whether to bemoan Israel’s descent into nationalistic warmongering or take nude photos of their adopted Asian stepdaughters.

Or, as Woody Allen preferred it in the late nineties, both.

In his synagogue speech, Obama made the pitch that he embodies Israel’s classic leftist values of the Kibbutz and its Labor politicians. His disagreements with Israel are based on “our shared values”. He was turning the language of values commonality so often used by American politicians into appropriation.

Not only was Obama the country’s first Jewish president, but he is also its first Israeli president. He can’t be anti-Israel, because he represents Jewish and Israeli values better than Netanyahu.

The correct Jewish term for Obama contending that he is more Jewish than the Jews is “Chutzpah”.

Goldberg foresees a “civil war” between the Woody Allens and the Benjamin Netanyahus. “A civil war… between an American Jewry that has been nurtured on the values of the Civil Rights Movement, and an Israeli Jewry that has been taught, harshly, that the Middle East is not a place of mercy.”

As entertaining as it might be to watch a boxing match between Woody Allen and Netanyahu, he has missed the real civil war. Obama does embody the Jewish values of a Goldberg or a Beinart because their Jewish identity is synonymous with the left. He equally embodies the Catholic values of Irish or Italian leftists or the Cherokee values of Elizabeth Warren. When your religious values have no religion in them, when your culture is a punchline and you want to sacrifice your heritage for an inspiring speech, then why not?

While Goldberg claims that the “anguished-about-Israel liberal values Jew” is the dominant Jewish archetype, demographics are reducing it to a minority in New York within a generation.

Even the Upper West Side is turning Modern Orthodox. And Woody Allen, whom I witnessed yelling at a white-bearded Orthodox Rabbi over the Palestinians a few decades ago, came out in defense of Israel during the last war and suggested that a lot of the criticism of Israel is disguised anti-Semitism.

When you’ve lost Woody Allen, then you’ve lost your “anguished-about-Israel liberal values Jew” vote.

The civil war has already been fought and won. Jews in the UK are voting conservative and support Netanyahu. So do the majority of Canadian and Australian Jews. Being anguished about values is a luxury for those whose synagogues aren’t being bombed and whose children aren’t being beaten.

When you have something to really agonize about, then you stop agonizing about your values.

The liberal Jews “nurtured on the values of the Civil Rights Movement” are dying out and are being replaced by Jews nurtured on the values of the Bible. They see no contradiction between Jewish values and a Jewish State because their values come not from the Torah of Tikkun Olam, but the Torah of Moses and Joshua, of King David and King Solomon, of Maimonides and the Maccabees.

Obama appears confident that American Jews will accept him as more Jewish than the Jewish State, but Romney picked up the most Jewish votes since Reagan and Jewish midterm support for Democrats fell 21 percent in eight years. As his pal Bill Ayers, who recently called for a boycott of Israel, could tell him, “You don't need a Weatherman. To know which way the wind blows.”

Goldberg insists that “Obama is asking Israel (pleading with Israel, in fact) to be… more Jewish.”

And Obama’s way of trying to make Israel more Jewish is by denouncing Jews for building houses in Jerusalem. Similarly “Liberal Zionists” denounce Netanyahu for wanting Israel to be a “Jewish State” because they want it to live up to the Jewish values of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

It’s all a matter of definitions.

To the Goldbergs, making Israel more Jewish means making it less Jewish. By surrendering land to terrorists, expelling Jews from their homes, dividing up Jerusalem and giving up on a Jewish State, Israel will become more “Jewish”. And when its last Jewish Prime Minister, Mohammed Hussein Osama, informs them that Jewish values demand the end of Israel, they will applaud him for his Jewishness.

The other way of being Jewish is by having Jews live in a Jewish State where they speak the Jewish language and live lives based on thousands of years of Jewish tradition, heritage and religion.

The left’s values are self-nullifying. They destroy whatever they touch. The American left must destroy America for the sake of “American values”. The Catholic left must destroy the Catholic Church. The Jewish left must destroy Jews. Its idea of Jewish values is unmaking Jews, Judaism and the Jewish State.

The left has boldly appropriated Jewish values and identity. It has tried to pass off its politics as Tikkun Olam and the Democratic Party as the new synagogue. The Judaization of Obama is the last effort by a discredited ideology to fool its followers into believing that its anti-Jewishness is Jewish.

The Yiddish description of a hypocritical fraud is “As Kosher as a pig's foot.” Obama supporters who partake of his particular set of Jewish values are unlikely to be familiar enough with the Bible to understand the significance of a pig’s split hoof, the Midrashic tale of the pig that stretches out its cloven hooves and squeals, “See how Kosher I am” or even the Kosher status of a pig.

But those Jews who do, recognize “The First Jewish President” for the Kosher pig hoof that he is.


  1. Y. Ben-David8/6/15

    Yet another perceptive piece, Daniel. What is important to be aware of is the ignorance Obama and his Leftist Jewish handlers have about what Israel and Israelis are really like. Unfortunately, there is a vast gulf between the large bulk of American Jewry and Israelis, even the secular, liberal part of Israeli society. I was born and raised in Southern California and made aliyah to Israel as an adult so the differences are quite apparent to me.
    First of all, it is important to note that most Israelis are really quite conservative people, even those who politically supported the Leftist Labor Party for decades. This support mainly came, not so much because of true ideological affinity, but rather because the Labor Party was able to get control of much of the Israeli economy, bureaucracy and the electronic media, so people voted for them out of concern for their jobs or their place in society. Obama is proud of his "kibbutz values" yet the kibbutzim never had more than 3% of the population, and already they had entered an ideological crisis by the 1960's which has lead to the almost complete abandonment of their socialist, collectivist ideology. Few Israelis outside the Kibbutzim ever looked to them as any sort of inspiration for a liberal, or socialist value system, even while appreciating the efforts and the contribution they made to the building of the country and its defense.
    Israelis of all sectors have strong family ties, ongoing contact either through family or work with Orthodox/traditionalist Jews and traditional Jewish values and most have served in the IDF and have learned military discipline and have a much clearer idea of the challenges Israel faces in the security realm, even if they are prepared for far-reaching territorial concessions (which today is only a decreasing minority).
    Contrast this with the American Jewish community. As liberal rabbi Daniel Gordis, who was born into the aristocracy of the Conservative Movement has pointed out, almost all American Jews outside of the Orthodox minority are Jewishly and religiously illiterate and alienated from the traditional Jewish values most Israelis are exposed to and carry that gave the Jewish people the inner strength to withstand centuries of persecution, pogroms and ideological pressure to shed their Jewish identity and to assimilate to the surrounding non-Jewish culture and religion. The recent PEW reports show that American Jews have one of the lowest marriage and birth rates of any American ethnic group. Israel has one of the highest birth and marriage rates of any OECD country and the secular birth rate has INCREASED in recent years, in direct opposition to that of secular Europeans and Americans.
    Obama's Jewish handlers who wrote his speech for the synagogue in Washington and prepped him for his TV appearance here in Israel are oblivious to the facts I have presented and so Obama was trying to sell his "first Jewish president" identity based on a Jewish mentality (i.e. that Judaism supposedly is the same as "liberal, social-justice oriented pro-Democratic party" sentiments) that is irrelevant in Israel and which is dying in the United States. Like PR men always say "you can't use advertising to sell a bad product". The large majority of Israelis see through Obama's flim-flam. I only hope Americas Jews eventually do as well.

  2. Anonymous8/6/15

    Hey. If he wants to be a member of the tribe somebody needs to call a mohel for Obama's bris.


  3. Anonymous8/6/15

    At least it wasn't a knitted kippah. Obama the knitted kippah wearing honorary Jew...that is too messed up to even joke about.

    The man hates Israel with all of the passion of a Muslim.


  4. Obama is a closet Muslim...He hates on Christians and Christianity and waxes lyrical when it come to Islam and Muslims. There are also so many of his people appointed that are Muslims, way way beyond their actual numbers in the population as a whole.

    1. Obama ils not a closet Muslim, he's a secular non observant Muslim. He has never said he left Islam nor has a fatwa been issued against him for being a Christian, which speaks volumes.

  5. Anonymous8/6/15

    Well if he is, he is definitely one of those dreadful antiIsrael leftist Jews and , of course, that means nothing as it is well in step with the rest of his actions. I presume that both he and the audience kept a straight face?

  6. Anonymous8/6/15

    Thank you. Can't start my day without some Daniel Greenfield!

  7. Isn't it classic anti-semitism to equate "Jew" with "shyster"?

  8. Obama is one of the best friends Israel has ever had in the White House. The fact that Obama personally identifies with the Jews makes him all the more a friend and supporter of Israel.

    Daniel Greenfield sounds much more like a "Kosher Pig's Foot" to me.

  9. Considering the recent narcissistic foray of Ozymandias-on-the-Potomac (or, as he might prefer, "on the Jordan"), might his chutzpah simply be a further manifestation of his being nothing more than a chutz-putz?

  10. Anonymous8/6/15

    I have a big problem taking sociopaths seriously when they talk about 'shared values'.
    What exactly does Obama 'value' ?


  11. "To the Goldbergs, making Israel more Jewish means making it less Jewish. "

    Latma logic.


  12. LOL Chris. Chutz-putz (emphasis on the putz)


  13. Luci Tomlin8/6/15

    That white thingy on top of his head is the Extreme "LEFT" side of a padded bra size 38D! Luci Logic: "Superficial Subterfuge"! Bless his HEART!

  14. Dave8/6/15

    Obama is a Progressive, the religious equivalent of a wasp egg. Progressives believe that all religions are true because, when correctly interpreted, all religions are Progressivism. So *they* convert to *your* religion, then manipulate your holy texts to convince you that your faith is actually their faith.

  15. Anonymous8/6/15

    The left’s values are self-nullifying. They destroy whatever they touch. The American left must destroy America for the sake of “American values”. The Catholic left must destroy the Catholic Church. The Jewish left must destroy Jews. Its idea of Jewish values is unmaking Jews, Judaism and the Jewish State.

    The left has boldly appropriated Jewish values and identity. It has tried to pass off its politics as Tikkun Olam and the Democratic Party as the new synagogue. The Judaization of Obama is the last effort by a discredited ideology to fool its followers into believing that its anti-Jewishness is Jewish.
    What happens with the demographic implosion of civil rights Jews (and other wealthy liberal demographics)? Will we see a re-evaluation of values?

  16. Anonymous9/6/15

    When stunned beyond any meaningful comment, I rely on one that speaks volumes; YGTBSM!

  17. Bh
    I am one of the new generation Daniel so articulately speaks of:
    Returnee to Torah (orthodox) Judaism, conservative and pro settlement based on the Bible. There are 10000's of us who believe in traditional right and wrong and vote that way

  18. Ami, that's very hood to hear.

  19. Those who support Israel, Jewish or not, need to counter the argument that the Israelis stole land from the Palestinians with stories of how Jews have been driven from their homes over the centuries, not only in Europe under the Nazis, but forever under various Arab and other ME governments. They lost their nationality, their property, real and personal, and often their lives as they fled.

    True, some were tolerant of Jews and Christians, but they were and are few and far between and that is all gone now.

  20. Anonymous14/6/15

    How is he going to reconcile his jewish soul with his islamic roots?
    He can claim a percentage jewishness because he is socialist/communist, as that is a jewish "invention".

  21. Anonymous12/8/15

    "Tikun Olam" is a sentence fragment devoid of meaning. Although it is always omitted by leftists, the complete sentence, which describes the mission of the Jewish Nation, is "Tikun olam b'malchut Shakkai" - "To perfect the world in the Kingdom of the Almighty". In other words, to bring Torah and faith in the God of Israel into the world as God's emmissaries. God created the world, but depends on the jewish Nation to perfect it by establishing God's kingdom on earth. The Orthodox Jews know this is the full meaning of the truncated "Tikun olam" the Left is always spouting, without really understanding it.


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