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Schrödinger's Jihad

The great paradox of the War on Terror is that we are fighting an enemy that doesn’t exist. We are told incessantly that there is no such thing as a Muslim terrorist.

There may be a tiny minority of violent extremists, but they are only a tiny minority of no importance whatsoever. And yet we’ve been at war with this same infinitesimally tiny minority for decades.

This tiny minority has killed thousands of Americans. It has the support of entire governments in tiny countries like Pakistan (182 million), Iran (77 million) and Syria (22 million). We are told that this tiny minority is no way representative of the world’s billion Muslims, and yet it’s hard to find a Muslim country that doesn’t support or harbor a terrorist group.

We were told that the problems was their governments, but the Arab Spring showed us that democratic elections lead to governments that are even more supportive of tiny minority of extremists who are somehow taking over entire countries.

Everything we’ve been told is obviously a lie. And the best evidence comes from the liars themselves.

The media is howling that a bunch of cartoonists in Texas were irresponsible for sketching Islam’s dead warlord because they should have known that Muslim terrorists would come to kill them for it. But if the media is right and Islam is a religion of peace, then why should they have anticipated a terrorist attack?

And if Islam isn’t a religion of peace, then the media has been irresponsibly lying to us and the cartoonists have been risking their lives to warn us of that lie.

The talking heads on the television insist that the cartoon contest was irresponsible because there were bound to be “some crazies” who would “take the bait”. But if Islam is no more violent than any other religion, shouldn’t it be just as statistically likely that some Christian or Jewish crazies would attack one of the art exhibits, plays or musicals ridiculing and blaspheming against their religions?

Weren’t museums and galleries exhibiting “works of art” like Piss Christ or Shekhina provoking and baiting those Jewish and Christian crazies? And since there are more Christians than Muslims in America, isn’t it statistically far more likely that there should have been far more Christian terror attacks targeting blasphemous exhibits?

We can only conclude that there is a much higher proportion of “crazies” among Muslims than among Christians. How much higher? 78 percent of Americans identify as Christians. 0.6 percent claim to be Muslims. Only 0.3 percent appear to be Sunnis, who are responsible for ISIS and Al Qaeda attacks.

There is indeed a tiny minority of extremists in America. It’s known as Islam.

What keeps the lie alive is another paradox. Call it Schrödinger's Jihad. The more famous Schrödinger's Cat is a paradox in which a cat in a sealed box with poison that has a 50 percent chance of being released is in an indeterminate state. It is neither dead nor alive until someone opens the box.

In Schrödinger's Jihad, the Muslim terrorist is in an indeterminate state until some Western observer opens the box, collapses his wave function and radicalizes him. The two Muslim Jihadists were in an indeterminate state until Pamela Geller and Bosch Fawstin and the other “provocateurs” suddenly turned them into terrorists in a matter of days or weeks. It didn’t matter that Elton Simpson, one of the Garland terrorists, had already been dragged into court for trying to link up with Jihadists in Africa.

Every Muslim is and isn’t a terrorist. He is both a peaceful spiritual person who is eager to embrace our way of life and a violent killer who can be set off by the slightest offense. Like the cat in the box that is neither dead nor alive, he is both violent and peaceful, moderate and extremist, a solid citizen and a terrorist. He does not choose which of these to be or to become; we decide what he will be.

The Jihadist paradox is that the Muslim terrorist is always defined by what we do, not by what he does.

Islamic terrorism does not exist independently of the Western observer. It is not a Jihad with deep historical and theological roots within Islam, but a reaction to our interactions with Muslims.

Obama insists that talking about Islamic terrorism ‘summons’ them into being. By admitting the existence of Islamic terrorists, we ‘radicalize’ Muslims. Even the words ‘Islamic terrorism’ creates Islamic terrorists who otherwise wouldn’t exist.

The real threat is not from the terrorists, it’s from the truth.

When we tell the truth, people die. The truth turns Muslims into terrorists while the lies soothe them back into non-existence. Underneath all the academic terminology is the dream logic of wishful thinking. If we believe that Islam is a religion of peace, it will be a peaceful religion, and if we accept the reality that it’s violent, then it will become violent. Islam does not define itself. We define it however we want. Our entire counterterrorism policy is based around the perverse ostrich belief that Islamic terrorism is a problem that we create by recognizing its existence. If we ignore it, it will go away.

The lies about Islam are sustained by a deep conviction among liberals that the “Other” minorities are not real people with real beliefs and cultures, but victims in a game of power played out in the West. Islamic terrorism, like gay marriage or Global Warming, is just another step in the progressive pilgrim’s progress. It’s a problem that we caused and need to atone for in our cosmic karmic journey.

Westerners are privileged observers who have power while those minorities they observe do not. The duel between the Western left and right is taking place outside the box to determine what will be in the box once it’s forced open, while the oppressed minorities are in a state of indeterminacy in the box.

The Schrödinger's Jihad paradox has many other adjoining boxes. Some are filled with dictators and criminals. If the progressive observer can open the box and find the root cause, out comes a good person; if the right opens the box, then out will march the terrorists, drug dealers and warlords.

The other side of the rhetoric about oppression and colonization, of punching up and punching down is the conviction that those at the bottom do not have free will or agency. If the mugger chooses to mug, rather than being driven to it by poverty, if Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union gleefully chose conquest instead of being forced to it by Western imperialism, and if the Muslim terrorist is not a helpless victim, but an abuser, then the moral imperative of the left’s worldview collapses in a heap.

If Muslims are real people who are at least as capable of imperialism, racism, slavery and destroying the planet as any Westerner, and who have been doing all of these things a lot longer, then leftists would have to accept that they are tearing down the most progressive civilization on the planet on behalf of ridiculously reactionary civilizations. Not only would they no longer be the privileged observers in control of the future, but they would have to see themselves as destroyers of what is left of the future.

The left refuses to blame Islam or Muslims because that would mean admitting that they are people.

Schrödinger's Jihad is a child’s toy box for overgrown children who view Muslims as social justice dolls and terrorist action figures instead of people as flawed and complicated as they are. The left refuses to take Islamic theology seriously because it is incapable of understanding different points of view.

It approaches Islam as a race, rather than a religion, because it refuses to delve into what its beliefs are. Instead it chooses to see Muslims as blank slates to be filled with its ideology, as indeterminate patterns that can be reshaped into whatever they want them to be. It does not want to know what it says in the Koran, because that ruins its wonderful fantasy of Muslims as an oppressed race, rather than a creed.

Lies that are based on what we want to be true are the hardest to disprove. A lie that is tied into identity cannot be touched without destroying the entire identity of an individual or a movement.

The lies about Islam run into the heart of what the left is. To the left, everything is indeterminate and everything can be reshaped. Existence flows from power and power is pitted against progress. By destroying that which exists, they can bring their dreams to life. The dream is stronger than reality.

The left doesn’t really believe that Muslim terrorists exist except when we bring them to life. The real animating force behind Al Qaeda was George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. The true power behind ISIS is Pamela Geller or the Pentagon. The Westerner opens the box and the Muslim terrorist comes out. When Western civilization as we know it is destroyed, then the left believes Muslim terrorism will end. Kill the observer and the cat never existed. Destroy the dreamer and the nightmare dies with him.

The truth is more dangerous than the terrorists. Terrorists can kill the body, but truth can kill the dream.


  1. Anonymous13/5/15

    Really beautiful writing, Daniel. You nail it. Thank you.

  2. I don't have a way with words like Daniel Greenfield or Mark Steyn but I agree with you guys more often than not...


  3. If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Leftists are highly adept with words, but not much else, so they see every issue as a word problem.

  4. Anonymous13/5/15

    Brilliant Daniel. Collapse the wave function ... Exactly!!

    - Dan

  5. Anonymous13/5/15

    Daniel has illustrated leftist ideology in a practical and easy to understand example so that we may better understand the otherwise inexplicable left wing reaction to things. But how do we snap them out of their dream world including our dear family members and friends on the left who will not brook viewpoints contrary to their own? Unfortunately, they (the left) are destroying the world as we know it and must be successfully opposed.


    1. Anonymous18/5/15


      IMO, two Leftists exist.

      The hard-core believer. This type is actually few, but imminently influential, as they communicate "ideas" that present a "heaven on earth." Of course, these "ideas" never pan out, and always for the same reason - the right-wing boogie man.

      There's a large contingency on the Left, that are dupes. Stooges. Those who've bought into the utopian lies.

      The question of our time - can this second group be salvaged?

  6. Anonymous14/5/15

    Open the box, and chances are that the CAIR Jack will spring up and denounce the opener as a hate-filled islamophobic bigot, and call for an FBI investigation into the hate-crime. The cat is redundant.

  7. Y. Ben-David14/5/15

    Brilliant piece.
    Another factor in the self-delusion of the West, similar to that in which you showed how the Left believes that it is the West the "creates" Muslim terrorists is the way that they accept the Muslim "narrative" for everything, in which the Muslims are made to be "victims".
    One good example was Bin-Laden's justification for the 9/11 attacks which he said was a response to British and French colonialism which ruled the Muslim Middle east for a few decades and then folded up and went away. Similarly is the Muslim demand, made of Pope John Paul II that he apologize for the Crusades. These sound reasonable to the uneducated person, but perhaps the pope should have demanded that the Muslims apologize for their conquest of the Middle East (which was primarily Christian at the time) a couple of centuries earlier and the subsequent forced conversion of the majority of the population there to Islam, by way of the sword, or by discriminatory dhimmi laws and taxation.
    Why do people accept that Western Imperialism is bad, but Muslim Imperialism is good?

  8. Anonymous14/5/15

    All religious labels aside, it's humans killing humans; and the people in America have killed a majority of the people killed in combat during the past decade. Ur articles are beginning to become repetitive. From a humanist perspective, it's obvious that Muslims are operating off a theology that hasn't progressed as much as western Christianity, and is stifled by foreign invasions, poverty, and innate violence.

    1. Anonymous15/5/15

      From a magical thinking perspective yes

  9. “The media is howling that a bunch of cartoonists in Texas were irresponsible for sketching Islam’s dead warlord.” The news media has been virtually taken over by the left. Academia is now basically a leftist indoctrination program. Even science has been appropriated by the left (e.g., the attacks on global-warming “deniers”). The news media howls, college teachers perform lobotomies on the young, and scientists toe the line in order to get government “research” grants.

    Reality is what they all want it to be thanks to the grips Immanuel Kant and Georg F. Hegel have had on Western culture for about two centuries. The grip was tentative in the 19th century; reality was being enjoyed during the Industrial Revolution. Now the grips are around our throats. Kant said that we can't know reality because our senses warp and distort the “real” reality and so we can't “know” its nature and causes. So, it is permitted to fantasize about reality. Hegel said that reality is always in a flux in its progress or evolution towards a “perfect” reality that transcends reality and the evidence of our senses, and that includes man and his social institutions. So, it is permitted to see what isn’t there.

    The principle of cause and effect can be stood on its head, at least it has been in the heads of the news media, academia, and scientists; effects lead to causes. There are no prime movers, there is only a kaleidoscope of effects interacting with each other, and if we turn the tube long enough and with the tactile sensitivity of a lock-picking thief, the maelstrom of numberless pieces will someday, somehow fall into a pattern we approve or are comfortable with. In this topsy-turvy universe, freedom of speech is an “effect” that will compel Muslims to become ineffable “causes.” Ergo, it is necessary to blame the speakers for any violence, and not the killers who resort to violence to punish that “effect.”

    Those poor, victimized killers; they’re only killers because of our distorted perceptions of them. If we didn’t pin “Kick Me, I’m a Killer” signs on their backs, they wouldn’t be killers; that is, if we didn’t apply the Law of Identity to them, they wouldn’t be what they are, but something harmless and benign. If they rape your daughters, behead your sons, turn automatic weapons on your neighbors, and torture your pets, that’s only because you’ve called them nihilists and homicidal maniacs who ought to be extinguished before they extinguish you. You’ve hurt their feelings, offended their belief system, mocked their most precious symbols, and provoked them into retaliatory action. Now, if you didn’t provoke them, they wouldn’t resort to violence.

    That is the tautology of Bedlam governing the news media, academia, and science. And the arts. And politics. So, is it any wonder that madness seems to be governing the West?

    And did you know that we’re all from Saturn’s moon Titan, and need regular injections of methane to stay alive?

  10. Anonymous14/5/15

    Andy_Texan, my answer to your question "how do we snap them out of their dream world" is, "you can't!" They will continue drowning in their own kool-aid even while they throw up on themselves. You can't help someone who doesn't want help. And besides, it IS a mental disorder.

  11. Muslims and the Left both morph causation into damaging mythological constructs. The will of Allah, the historically inevitable dialectic, two feathers on the same dodo bird. They make it all up and useful idiots come along and give them money to validate the fantasy. These poor uses of freedom predictably, inexorably, lead to destruction and death, but the belief systems are so complete and intricate that the believers never see the damage until it's too late.

  12. Daniel...

    Best piece I've read on this subject. Unanswerable....

    Kol HaKavod !


  13. Anonymous14/5/15

    Pakistan and Bangladesh were demonstrably much more diverse, multicultural, tolerant and civilized under British rule than they are now.

  14. DenisO14/5/15

    "...The lies about Islam are sustained by a deep conviction among liberals that the “Other” minorities are not real people with real beliefs and cultures..."
    There is no "deep conviction"; there is just ingrained dogma. They will not, and cannot, defend their positions on Islam, education, climate change, or why they hate America.

    Most of them, especially their leaders, were carefully inserted into the Progressive clan, in their earliest years. They are part of it, love it, and would never question its beliefs or goals. Unfortunately, it is that simple, "family" thing, and you don't go against the family that loves and guides you. It recalls my religious upbringing, which could not be questioned. How about yours?

    We can't reason with them, so we "preach to the choir" with clear, logical explanations of their behavior, like this clever article. I have tried in a soft, grandfatherly way to get them to tell me why someone who is "conservative", like me, is evil. Talking to teachers and young professionals, I ask if I have anything to gain by telling them I disagree with them, but like them, even if they won't explain their convictions. Conservative? They look in amazement, like they've never actually seen an "enemy", up close. Generally, they look away.

    Politicians have about zero respect, and the Educators have made themselves a laughing stock. The Progressive spokesmen can't explain their policies or answer questions, and they're not even taken seriously by their own devoted followers. Talking points that don't make sense are repeated, over and over, by people incapable of eye contact. We have them where we want them, and now we must emphasize their unseriousness with gentle ridicule. As Elvis said: "Don't be cruel." Let's try humor; make them the lovable idiots we endure. They are too full of themselves to stand it, but someone has to show them how embarrassing they are.

    1. Anonymous15/5/15

      I disagree. They are not cuddly lovables mistaken but entitled to their opinions.
      They are lethally wrong. They are gulag. They are ultimately death.

  15. sound awake14/5/15

    nice article-very well thought out and put together...the synopsis of leftist ideology is spot on

    what isnt covered here, however, is "Schrödingers Retribution"

    it, too, is a paradox...it is similar to "Schrödingers Cat"...it also has a box...except within this box is a lion...and the lion is in an indeterminate state until such time as enough muslims commit enough atrocities that are horrible enough which opens the box and the lion becomes activated

    this lion may take one of many forms...like i dont know...maybe the roughly 70 MILLION law abiding God fearing patriotic gun owners in america that own roughly 300 million guns that are utterly fed up with what islam and its followers have wrought on this world

    i dont hope for it to happen nor do i want to see this happen in my country (like it did in samarra iraq circa 2006-2007) but it will eventually happen if our government doesnt start doing its job

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” H.L. MENCKEN

  16. For what it's worth, I nominate Daniel Greenfield for the next PEN award, a la this year's to Charlie Hebdo. He is not only always on-point, but a compellingly beautiful stylist. This column is just the latest example.

  17. Anonymous14/5/15

    What a creative and elegant way of something that we cannot understand from outside the Schrodinger box. Nicely done.

    - Sanguine

  18. Anonymous14/5/15

    Right on. Islam is all about magical thinking. Islam threw logic and reason and reality overboard a long time ago. Islam is all about faith, because Mohamed said so. And the Left’s “now you see it, now you don’t” flim-flam comes from the first commandment of the Left, that the end justifies the means, and it’s corollary, “selective enforcement”, “the law applies to thee, but not to me”. The truth is not something objective “out there” but something that is created and made up to bring about the ends they seek.

    Obama’s admonition that “Islam is the name that shall not be spoken” is that of the schoolyard bully who punches you in the head, but then says “Shhhh… don’t say anything, or I’ll punch you again, twice as hard”. The schoolyard bully and Muslims (and Obama the Muslim organizer) obtain acquiescence and submission in the same way, by instilling terror.

    It’s not about Muslims. It’s about Islam. If every Muslim on the face of the Earth suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke tomorrow morning, Islam would still be an evil ideology, ready and waiting to start infecting another billion people with it’s unspeakable evil as soon as the next person opened the Koran and began to read it, and spread the infection all over again.

    The Left is in league with Islam, not because they share any fundamental philosophical beliefs, but just because they both seek to destroy the established order. Once that order is destroyed, Islam and the Left intend to establish their new orders by heading off in very different directions

    1. Anonymous15/5/15

      Pun? Both heading off??

  19. Outstanding, Sir! Leftists are, indeed terrorfied of the truth. That's why they believe messengers of the truth evil while they believe evil terrorists to be poor, misguided victims that were triggered into becoming terrorists because of those who dare speak heresies; those blasphemers who speak the truth.

    It's very telling that so many on the left emphasize with the jihadists and yet want to shut up, re-educate or eradicate the truth tellers.

  20. Anonymous15/5/15

    Everybody keeps referring to Piss Christ from a decade ago, but what about "The Book of Mormon" still playing all over America? Anybody think that's respectful of Latter-Day Saints? And yet we're still waiting for that Mormon with a machine gun.

  21. Anonymous15/5/15

    Well written! You think and write with great clarity, thank you!

  22. Your Shroedinger's Cat analogy is as eloquent as this Schroedinger's Cat Peom I found years ago though not as funny because every word you write is true.

    Schroedinger, Erwin! Professor of physics!
    Wrote daring equations! Confounded his critics!
    (Not bad, eh? Don't worry. This part of the verse
    Starts off pretty good, but it gets a lot worse.)
    Win saw that the theory that Newton'd invented
    By Einstein's discov'ries had been badly dented.
    What now? wailed his colleagues. Said Erwin, "Don't panic,
    No grease monkey I, but a quantum mechanic.
    Consider electrons. Now, these teeny articles
    Are sometimes like waves, and then sometimes like particles.
    If that's not confusing, the nuclear dance
    Of electrons and suchlike is governed by chance!
    No sweat, though — my theory permits us to judge
    Where some of 'em is and the rest of 'em was."
    Not everyone bought this. It threatened to wreck
    The comforting linkage of cause and effect.
    E'en Einstein had doubts, and so Schroedinger tried
    To tell him what quantum mechanics implied.
    Said Win to Al, "Brother, suppose we've a cat,
    And inside a tube we have put that cat at —
    Along with a solitaire deck and some Fritos,
    A bottle of Night Train, a couple mosquitoes
    (Or something else rhyming) and, oh, if you got 'em,
    One vial prussic acid, one decaying ottom
    Or atom — whatever — but when it emits,
    A trigger device blasts the vial into bits
    Which snuffs our poor kitty. The odds of this crime
    Are 50 to 50 per hour each time.
    The cylinder's sealed. The hour's passed away. Is
    Our pussy still purring — or pushing up daisies?
    Now, you'd say the cat either lives or it don't
    But quantum mechanics is stubborn and won't.
    Statistically speaking, the cat (goes the joke),
    Is half a cat breathing and half a cat croaked.
    To some this may seem a ridiculous split,
    But quantum mechanics must answer, 'Tough shit.
    We may not know much, but one thing's fo' sho':
    There's things in the cosmos that we cannot know.
    Shine light on electrons — you'll cause them to swerve.
    The act of observing disturbs the observed —
    Which ruins your test. But then if there's no testing
    To see if a particle's moving or resting
    Why try to conjecture? Pure useless endeavor!
    We know probability — certainty, never.'
    The effect of this notion? I very much fear
    'Twill make doubtful all things that were formerly clear.
    Till soon the cat doctors will say in reports,
    "We've just flipped a coin and we've learned he's a corpse."'
    So saith Herr Erwin. Quoth Albert, "You're nuts.
    God doesn't play dice with the universe, putz.
    I'll prove it!" he said, and the Lord knows he tried —
    In vain — until fin'ly he more or less died.
    Win spoke at the funeral: "Listen, dear friends,
    Sweet Al was my buddy. I must make amends.
    Though he doubted my theory, I'll say of this saint:
    Ten-to-one he's in heaven — but five bucks says he ain't."

    — Cecil Adams

  23. Anonymous16/5/15

    Great post.

    Keep up the good work!


  24. We've been at war with these savages for as long as America has been a country. Read up on the Barbary Pirates, our first overseas war. The Marine Corps Hymn talks about it. The war with Islam is also why Marines are nick-named "leathernecks"

  25. Brilliant as always, Daniel. But "that peaceful spiritual person" Muslim is rare as hens teeth. Because there is no spirituality in Islam. There is motoric and there are robotics, but that is not spiritual, that is boring routine. Thinking for yourself is discouraged in Islam, and you are not to question it. The promises for the afterlife are entirely carnal; so the only spirits we are left with are the jinn and the non-intoxicating wine, which the believers are promised when they kill a Jew.

  26. Anonymous17/5/15

    The true Scotman:
    - all Scotmen are brave!;
    - I know one who is a coward;
    - That's not a real Scotman!
    Substitute Scot for muslim and brave for terrorist and voila! there you are the 'scientific proof' leftists are feeding us with.

  27. Anonymous17/5/15

    Post WWII nobody was a Nazi. Nobody ever sympathized with a Nazi. No one ever said that a Nazi was a German that had been wronged. If you read fiction written during that time and not the sanitized history books the Nazi apologists were real, powerful and sounded just like Islam apologists do today. Many were actually Nazi collaborators. Amazing but true!!

  28. Anonymous17/5/15

    The absolute truth. Hit this one out of the park.

  29. Even worse- leftists would have to accept that even dusky foreigners are just as free to make moral decisions as the people shopping at Whole Foods are.

  30. Anonymous18/5/15

    Obama doesn’t just embody a paradox. He’s not just delusional. He truly is suffering from a kind of deathbed delirium. And nihilistic as he is, and as much of a megalomaniac as he is, like the Pharaohs of old, he doesn’t want to go to the next world alone, he wants a hundred of his servants buried alive along with him, he wants to take all of us with him.

    Like attracts like. Similar personalities gravitate toward each other. So many of the ideas and “if then” rules that pass for logical thought in Obama’s mind came from his idol Karl Marx. And, as in Marx himself, the essential nihilistic motive of Obama can be seen in this quote from Karl Marx in his poem “Human Pride”.

    Then I will be able to walk triumphantly,
    Like a god, through the ruins of their kingdom.
    Every word of mine is fire and action.
    My breast is equal to that of the Creator.

    “Human Pride”
    -- Karl Marx

  31. Well put!

  32. 2 US sisters defiled Bhuddist Temple in Cambodia, with nude and provocative pictures taken inside sacred temple. They were NOT killed, beaten, burned alive. They had to pay a fine, were expelled by bus to Thailand, and forbidden from entering Cambodia for 4 years. If they did that in a mosque in a Muslim country, they would have been killed by the mob, and the police, if they were nearby, would have watched and done nothing, or may even have helped the mob.


  33. Anonymous13/6/15

    Sometimes your writing Daniel really is a surgical scalpel

    "If Muslims are real people who are at least as capable of imperialism, racism, slavery and destroying the planet as any Westerner, and who have been doing all of these things a lot longer, then leftists would have to accept that they are tearing down the most progressive civilization on the planet on behalf of ridiculously reactionary civilizations."

    This is the message that will have to be understood by many willfully ignorant people before we can deal with this crisis.

    You have some really neat metaphorical imagery too: "Schrodinger's Jihad". Nice touch.


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