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Pro-Crime Policies Work

Despite a generation in which radical anti-crime policies such as enforcing the law and locking up criminals slashed murder rates, there’s still plenty of debate over whether anti-crime policies work.

But no one can argue over whether pro-crime policies work.

108 people were shot in New York, Baltimore and Chicago over the weekend. Many of the casualties were saved from that terrible “school-to-prison pipeline” that bedevils promising young crack dealers and instead went straight to the morgue.

56 people were shot in Chicago including a 4-year-old girl. That’s quite a step up from last year in which only 17 people were shot. It might actually be the most violent Chicago weekend in a while.

And that’s saying something.

Baltimore has just racked up its deadliest month since 1999. The fascist pigs no longer go down to the ghetto to hassle misunderstood youth who are just protesting police brutality by shooting each other. When they do, they’re confronted by angry mobs brandishing ObamaPhones set to record outrageous police misconduct such as arresting career criminals and drug dealers like Freddie Gray.

The Baltimore cops got Obama’s message loud and clear. So did the gangs.

35 people were killed in Baltimore in May. And the month isn’t even over yet. The last time things were this bad, Bill Clinton was in the White House pleading with Saddam to let the inspectors back in.

This weekend, dozens of people were shot and nine were killed as gangs took advantage of the “Space to Destroy” provided to them by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Among those shot by They-Whom-We-Dare-Not-Name-Thugs was a 9-year-old boy. According to her spokesman, Rawlings-Blake is “disheartened and frustrated” by the violence. Just not enough to let the police do their jobs.

And the cops have given the pro-crime politicians what they want. Arrests have dropped in May from 1,500 to under 1,000. There’s no more of that “broken windows policing”. No more hassling drug dealers. The Freddie Grays of Baltimore have all the space to destroy that they could possibly want.

The worst of the violence is happening in the area where Freddie Gray died. Black people are dying for Freddie Gray. It’s not clear how many more 9-year-old boys will have to be shot in his name.

Maybe someone should ask a #BlackLivesMatter hipster before he swaps out his Freddie Gray t-shirt for a shirt with the soulful artistic rendering of the next martyred drug dealer of the week.

Councilman Bill Henry, who called the riots “uprisings”, insists that the answer is even less police. On CNN, he had claimed that “we’re not going to police our way out of where we are.” In response to the latest shootings, Henry argued, “We shouldn’t be paying for the police to drive by every half an hour.”

Some residents however disagree.

A 67-year-old woman who described the "boom-boom-boom" sounds of a man being killed outside her house complained about drug gangs taking over the block. “I don't see the police in this neighborhood. They don't come here. It's rare to even see them ride through,” she said.

Apparently she does believe that Baltimore can police its way out of drug dealers shooting each other.

On CNN, Henry suggested that Baltimore was still recovering from the 1968 riots because not enough money was being spent on the city. And in 2062, Baltimore will still be recovering from the last time its poor oppressed residents tried to burn it down without receiving enough money for their troubles.

Entire countries have recovered from major wars since 1968. Not Baltimore.

But it’s easier to recover from mass destruction than from policies that reward crooks and deadbeats while punishing taxpayers and homeowners.

Pro-crime policies have paid off in Baltimore, just like they’ve paid off in Chicago and Detroit. Obama has pushed pro-crime policies in major urban areas and those policies are working.

And not just in Baltimore.

Murders are up 60% in Bill de Blasio’s New York City. 23 people were shot in 16 shooting incidents over the weekend. The complaints by local residents are the same. Where are all the cops at?

“I don’t feel safe at all,” Shantel Truluck said. “Once its dark we — me, my husband and my kids — we don’t go outside. There are just not enough cops.”

Bill de Blasio embraced pro-crime policies which not only led to the murder of police officers by a #BlackLivesMatter protester, but the killing of black people by other black people.

These days you’re 45% more likely to be murdered in Manhattan and Central Park is reverting back to a playground for muggers with a 125% increase in robberies. While Bill de Blasio has failed to get the horses out of Central Park, he brought in his voting base of violent criminals to get the people out.

If you go to Radio City Music Hall, remember that shooting incidents in the area have increased by almost 50% and murders have gone up 28%.

Don’t take the bus. Murders in the area of Grand Central are up 75%.

Bill de Blasio calls this “fearmongering”. People who can add two and two together call it math. The combination of statistics and a public tired of being perpetually victimized by liberalism’s pet welfare class which would rather steal than work put a bullet in the head of pro-crime policies in the 90s. Now an alliance between a new generation of college activists and fringe libertarians is bringing them back.

And the results are as predictable as that of any other failed leftist social experiment.

While Bill de Blasio trots out his Progressive Contract with America as a platform for a possible presidential run, the bodies are piling up in the city’s tourist districts. The city’s finances are fueled by a real estate bubble and tourism that allowed it to go deep into debt on social services spending.

Bill de Blasio wants the social services spending without the public safety and the money. And that’s a ticket to Baltimore and Detroit.

Mayor Bloomberg had warned that one percent of the households pay 50 percent of the taxes. The top 10 percent pays 71 percent of the taxes. The growth in violence is calculated to drive them out. And then the left can defeat the evil of gentrification and build housing projects everywhere just in time for the city to go bankrupt.

By then New York City’s Bill de Blasio may join former Baltimore’s Martin O’Malley in a race to succeed Chicago’s own Barack Obama in implementing the progressive disaster nationwide.

The winner will get to watch the country burn.

A generation after the policies of the left decisively went down in flames from Moscow to New York, radical progressives insist on digging them up and trying them all over again. The shuttered stores, loss of hope and dead bodies show how well their policies are working.

There’s room for debating how well anti-crime policies work, but there’s no doubt that pro-crime policies deliver swift and efficient results. Just take a walk in Freddie Gray’s old neighborhood. And try not to get shot.


  1. Anonymous29/5/15

    I believe the nation's b1acks and mus1ims derive sexual pleasure from trashing the joint.

  2. Anonymous29/5/15

    The plan: When it gets bad enough, the people will plead for federal police who will take away every one''s legally owned guns and then do violence against anyone who objects to tyranny.

  3. Just a common 'tater30/5/15

    I loved your descriptions of the twisted leftist ideas. Also, you pointed out how a failure to enforce laws results in certain segments of society not just ignoring laws, but running rampant over anyone they please.

    Unfortunately, it seems that we taxpaying, largely law abiding citizens (parking tickets and speeding tickets not withstanding) must choose between supporting a police state or lawless crime ridden urban decay. I think that is another false scenario foisted upon us by career politicians of both parties, the parties of bigger government and bigger spending. The difference seems to be in how they manage to keep themselves in power.

    Most of us would agree that we should go after the taggers and gangbangers that destroy our neighborhoods and kill anyone that "disses" them. At the same time, do you really want to live in a place where the police can stop and search you merely because you look "suspicious?" How about these episodes where police just start shooting and end up shooting dozens and even hundreds of rounds at people that did nothing except show up somewhere? Is that different than what the gangsters do?

    The officer in Ferguson appears to have been not only justified in stopping the two thugs, but also in shooting when attacked. But how about Freddie Gray? I have not seen every second of video, but it appears that when caught, he was already unable to support himself and had to be carried to the van. He may have brought most of this upon himself, but the officers had the duty to get medical help when Gray appeared injured or otherwise unable to stand.

    We have had far too many instances of "civil forfeiture" where the only "crime" committed was to take one's money from the bank and then go home or move out of town with it. Not smart, but now it seems that actually physically possessing your cash or equivalents is no longer permitted by our fearless leaders.

    Many innocent people have been shot and wounded or killed by "no-knock" raids that found nothing due to lack of due diligence. Mentally ill, naked and unarmed people shot to death or beaten to death. I could go on, but why does that seem to be the only alternative our fearless leaders seem to come up with?

    We get one batch in (like in most urban areas and even entire states) that reward bad behavior with phones, food stamps/EBT cards and housing. The other batch wants the police to look like SEALS and take out anything that moves.

    Maybe the good old days were not that great, but then today is not very impressive at times, either. I am not convinced that our two political parties care about anything other than themselves. Don't look for things to suddenly get better.

  4. Anonymous30/5/15

    I believe we should remove all law enforcement from inner cities and allow nature to take its course.

  5. Yep, the liberal policy of allowing crime to increase is working. Honest people huddle in fear in their houses while the cities turn into something like that movie Escape From LA. Now, the people want the police back where before they didn't want them at all, but they are finding out if police help get rid of criminals there just aren't so many crimes and you may be able to walk to the store without the fear of getting shot. Anyone with any sense at all will move out of those major cities. Things are not going to get better, and you better be able to protect yourself and your family because no one else will do it for you after the police are pretty much gone.

  6. Anonymous30/5/15


  7. Anonymous30/5/15

    Thank you, Daniel.

    I am so sick and tired of criminals being treated like victims. It's everywhere. Even some conservatives and some Christians and (actual) Christian churches are falling for this insanity.

    I sat in my church once and had to listen about some program for gangbangers. I realize it's good to try to get to these kids before they get any older and their lives are completely destroyed, but this seems unbalanced to me! How about programs for the good kids, the ones who are not and don't want to be in gangs?

    Instead, it's the no good troublemakers who get all the attention, after school programs, and babysitters to go with them to court. Don't be a punk and you won't need to be in court! Problem solved!

    Kids see that sort of thing and what are they going to think? They're going to see that, as always, those who do wrong get the "help" and attention, and those who struggle to do right - even when the peer pressure is overwhelming, the schools are poor and the neighborhood is difficult and dangerous - get ignored.

    It all makes me sick.

  8. Anonymous30/5/15

    Is it just too conspiracy theoryish to wonder if the real plan is to allow the inevitable to happen so they have a righteous reason to take the guns completely? Yeah, probably just too crazy to believe they could be smart enough to think that through.

  9. Anonymous30/5/15

    Truth in the media is refreshing. The truth is that black lives only seem to matter to anyone if they involve a thug (oh, sorry, it's not PC to call animals thugs anymore) who is killed by a white police officer (or the new one, white Hispanic) after committing a crime and resisting arrest. The protected class has been emboldened. And the math is simple: No more Stop and Frisk = more dead blacks (killed by other blacks, of course).

  10. Daniel, could you point me to the source of the 60% increase in crime statistic? I have some libertarian friends I want to share it with.

  11. here


  12. Declare marshal law in those places and send in the army to sort out all those "crack dealers"...this is war!

  13. You must be on a watch list because most of the people who comment never use their names.

  14. The donks wanna return us to the 70's, when criminals got light sentences and of course, crime got worse.
    Leftists love to repeat the failures of history.

  15. Arrests in Baltimore are down 50% and crime is up 60% since the recent riots. And since your original post was written Baltimore is now up to 40 shooting murders in May, which beats the 1999 record, and there is still 1 more day to go in May. Two of the deaths were an 8yr old boy and his mother.
    My son works in an inner city school in Baltimore. A black teacher there whose husband is a Baltimore city cop says they are constantly threatened and spit on. The police are not allowed to defend themselves. Police in city schools are forbidden to take their guns into the schools unless it's a 911 call, so those sent on regular patrol or as securuty are unarmed despite common violent assaults in the schools.

  16. Anonymous31/5/15

    One thing people seem to forget is that police officers ARE allowed to use force if a criminal (or suspected, but once they resist, they become a criminal regardless) resists arrest. These videos, where people (acting like animals) surround the officer like he's wrong for trying to arrest someone ( while screaming things like "he didn't do nothing ect), are ridiculous. The street theater is interpreted by the lib media as truth (and what's that they say about telling a lie enough times for it to become the truth). Justified use of force against thugs turns into witch hunts against heroes who have the hardest job in the world (as zoo keepers in neighborhoods where crime is out of control). Guilty until proven innocent if you're a cop (who is morally superior to, and is shown less respect then, a thug who would rob and beat up an old lady and laugh about it after). When did arresting someone become a suggestion?

  17. Anonymous31/5/15

    Whether following the news on t.v. or reading an article like Daniel's, an inescapable conclusion is often reached. It is that the utter stupidity of people in our inner cities is mind boggling. I am sick of the 'woe is me excuse', no one gets a perfect life, most of us didn't grow up in Mayberry, everyone feels slighted sometimes, yet somehow, we persevere.
    DiBlasio and his supporters have created a city where people pay umpteen millions for apartments they may soon be afraid to leave.

  18. Anonymous31/5/15

    Mo, I know of some pretty successful public
    schools, at least by today's standards. The big difference is parents that stay in communication with the schools and their child's teacher. Ask any teacher about trying to get a response to letters, phone calls, texts, etc. from a trouble child's parents...The answer is usually zero, zip, nada.


  19. Anonymous31/5/15

    Democrats handle crime and terrorism the same way. Money for both takes away from the graft and criminals and terrorists act like the corrupt politician's complaint window. Good luck having a legitimate complaint and being heard when you have to live in constant fear of criminal garbage.

  20. Your article is spot on.

  21. Anonymous1/6/15

    Liberalism is a disease worse than cancer. Cancer can be treated and often cured.
    But what is the cure for liberalism when you are dealing with mental patients who have substituted fantasy for realist?

  22. Anonymous1/6/15

    The commonalities shared by hipsters and ghetto dwellers are drugs, just drugs and nothing but drugs.

  23. PatriotGalNC3/6/15

    I have a terrible feeling that this situation (like so many others) has been totally "orchestrated" by the leftists so that Martial Law can be declared--country wide. The cities of Detroit, Baltimore, Ferguson..etc. are currently in "litmus test" status, so "they" can see on small scales how it would work, and so "they" can iron out issues, before it is declared for the entire U.S. Call me a crazy person, but I cannot help but draw conclusions from all the supposed clandestine things "they" are doing. They feel that they have less than 2 years to finish this country off, and they are fomenting riots, funding and raising "armies", --everything Adolf Hitler did, (and others). My only source of supreme HOPE, is that at the same time, we are seeing the uncompromising AMERICAN SPIRIT rising all over. "They" know it and see it, and this is why they are going at break neck speed to try to get their destruction plans in place. We-The-People MUST stay this course. We MUST PREVAIL. By the Grace of God, I believe we will.

  24. Anonymous3/6/15

    Unfortunately these same failed policies are working nationwide already. In Atlanta, GA the murder rate is up 32% according to a recent article on Breitbart's website.
    This dovetails nicely with the anecdotal evidence I've seen here in my neighborhood where a couple were pistol whipped only a block from my house a few weeks ago and a man shot and killed in daylight carjacking less than a mile away.
    Atlanta, like the rest of the big, democratically run cities suffers under the delusion that crime is merely a product of poverty, lack of opportunity, and the historical remnants of slavery, Jim Crowe, segregation, and bigotry, never mind that the vast majority of violent crime is committed by young black men who never lived or truly experienced life under those conditions.
    I've been in Atlanta over 20 years and the mayors during that time were all black - and 2 of them charged with criminal conspiracy. The nepotism and general attitude of, "We got ours" has kept Atlanta from being the truly great (and safe) city that it could be. Our current mayor, Kassim "Playboy" Reed has fathered 2 illegitimate children in the last 18 months.
    Between the continued support of the criminal class, constant drone of "you're being victimized" and the millions upon millions of illegal aliens I have lost faith that this country will ever be great again.

  25. Anonymous5/6/15

    My family and I lived in the suburbs of Atlanta from 2001 to 2010... I worked at Hartsfield, and my wife at the grocery chain that rhymes with "ublix".... good jobs, good schools, nice neighbors.... then, Katrina; and a lot of the folks that ruined Nawlins came to ruin n. Joe-ja...
    One day, we opened up the AJC, (covers Dixie like the dew...) and read that Atlanta was "the capital of the new black south". We left: our church, our home, our jobs, and our friends...
    and came back out west. Safety took precedent over all else. Capital of the new black south? No, I don't think so....


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