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Cartoonists are Controversial and Murderers are Moderate

Controversial, intolerant and provocative. Mainstream media outlets broke out these three words to describe the “Draw the Prophet” contest, the American Freedom Defense Initiative and Pamela Geller.

While the police were still checking cars for explosives and attendees waited to be released, CNN called AFDI, rather than the terrorists who attacked a cartoon contest, “intolerant.” Time dubbed the group “controversial”. The Washington Post called the contest, “provocative.”

Many media outlets relied on the expert opinion of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a multi-million dollar mail order scam disguised as a civil rights group, which had listed AFDI as a hate group. Also listed as hate groups were a number of single author blogs, including mine, a brand of gun oil and a bar sign.

The bar sign, which hangs outside a bar seven miles outside Pittsburgh, appears to be made out of metal and plastic. It is reportedly unaware that it is a hate group and has made no plans to take over America.

The SPLC’s inability to conduct even the most elementary fact checking did not stop news networks from inviting its talking head on to suggest that AFDI got “the response that they — in a sense — they are seeking.” Neither CNN nor MSNBC were impolitic enough to mention that no AFDI supporter had used its materials to plan a killing spree, while at least one of SPLC’s supporters had done just that.

But being “controversial” and “provocative” has nothing to do with who is doing the shooting. It’s a media signal that the target shouldn’t be sympathized with. The Family Research Council, which was shot up by a killer using the SPLC’s hate map, is invariably dubbed “intolerant”. The SPLC, which targeted it, is however a “respected civil rights group” which provides maps to respected civil rights gunmen.

A contest in which Bosch Fawstin, an ex-Muslim, drew a cartoon of a genocidal warlord is “controversial” and “provocative”, while the MSA, which has invited Sheikh Khalid Yasin, who has inspired a number of terrorists, including apparently one of the Mohammed contest attackers, is a legitimate organization that is only criticized by controversial, intolerant and provocative Islamophobes.

Khalid Yasin has held such controversial and provocative views as claiming that the US created AIDS, that gays should be stoned to death and that women should be beaten. But the mosques and MSAs that he has appeared at have not been described as controversial, intolerant and provocative for inviting him.

Elton Simpson, the first gunman, attended the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix. The mosque was listed as being controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood’s North American Islamic Trust front group.

The Muslim Brotherhood holds such controversial and provocative views as “waging Jihad” against American infidels, “raising a Jihadi generation that pursues death” and “destroying the Western civilization from within”. Despite these extremely provocative and intolerant views, the Muslim Brotherhood is usually described by the media as a “moderate” group.

The Brotherhood’s American arm believes in launching a “Grand Jihad” to Islamize America. Its final phase calls for “Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation” in the United State.

Some might say this is a slightly more controversial activity than drawing cartoons of a dead warlord.

The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix featured an appearance by Lauren Booth, a convert to Islam employed by Iran, who has been photographed with the leader of Hamas, and holds such controversial and provocative views, as the Boston Marathon bombing being faked and attacks on Jews being justified as “a frustrated backlash.”

Some might say Booth’s views are controversial, provocative and intolerant. And that the gunman’s mosque was intolerant for inviting her. But don’t expect the media to call out terrorist intolerance.

Booth came as part of a fundraising effort for the Muslim Legal Fund of America, which funded the defense for Islamic Jihad boss Sami al-Arian and aided some of the terrorists involved in the provocative and controversial Fort Dix terror plot to “kill as many soldiers as possible”. If the two Mohammed cartoon gunmen had survived, the Muslim Legal Fund of America might be having Lauren Booth spout Jewish conspiracies to fundraise on their behalf.

But if you believe the media, cartoonists are more controversial than killers. A former Muslim sketching a cartoon of Mohammed is bigoted, but justifying attacks on Jews is moderate. Plotting to overthrow the United States and replace it with an Islamic theocracy is right up the alley of your local civil rights group, but a cartoon contest threatens the nation and all of creation by bringing down the wrath of men who spent their time at moderate and Muslim organizations which only occasionally support terrorism.

Cartoons can be provocative, but the only people inspired to kill over them, are killers. No one took a shot at Gary “Punching Up” Trudeau, despite decades of mocking conservatives. None of the assorted arts projects that involve defiling and mocking the sacred symbols of Christianity and Judaism resulted in gunmen in body armor trying to storm a cartoon competition. And yet it keeps happening with Islam.

Satire exposes sociopaths and sociopathic ideologies. And it’s the very attack on the “controversial” and “provocative” contest that shows why exposing them is so important.

Elton Simpson had already been on the radar of the FBI. He should have been in jail, but Judge Mary H. Murguia, a Clinton appointee who has been bandied about as a possible Obama Supreme Court nominee, chose to believe a claim by his public defender that when he was taped talking about Jihad, it might have meant “an internal struggle to maintain faith”, instead of killing non-Muslims.

Simpson had said that Allah loves those who fight non-Muslims, that Jihadists go to paradise and stated, “I’m tellin’ you man. We gonna make it to the battlefield… it’s time to roll.”

But that was just too ambiguous for Judge Murguia, who wrote, “It is true that the Defendant had expressed sympathy and admiration for individuals who “fight” non-Muslims as well as his belief in the establishment of Shariah law, all over the world including in Somalia. What precisely was meant by “fighting” whenever he discussed it, however, was not clear.”

“Neither was what the Defendant meant when he stated he wanted to get to the ‘battlefield’ in Somalia,” she added.

If nothing else, events like these help clarify the question of just what “fighting” non-Muslims involves, and whether it’s an internal struggle to maintain faith or an external struggle waged with assault rifles.

Satire helps expose the idiocy and absurdity of our betters, whether it’s Gary Trudeau or Judge Murguia. Every act of Islamic terror discredits them and their dishonest worldview even further. And they know it.

We cannot fight Islamic terrorism until we deal with it and we cannot deal with it as long as we are burdened by a political establishment that frantically censors any mention of its existence or its agenda.

The two gunmen did not attack the cartoon event simply because they were offended, but because they believed that their religion gave them a mandate to impose Islamic law on Americans. Until we deal with this supremacist reality, any effort to fight Islamic terrorists will be futile and will ultimately fail.

The Mohammed cartoons are so vital because they expose the theocracy at the heart of Islamic terrorism. When Muslim terrorists attack cartoonists, they’re not fighting our foreign policy; they are killing and dying to impose the foreign policy of the Muslim Brotherhood and its numerous daughter groups, such as Al Qaeda, Hamas and ISIS, on us.

The controversial and provocative cartoonists go into battle with pencils in their hands. The terrorists come with body armor and assault rifles. This clash is what real political dissent looks like.

The cartoonists believe in the controversial, intolerant and provocative idea that America should not be a theocracy. But the only people who should be provoked by that provocative idea are the Jihadists who want to impose a theocracy on America and the useful idiots lying and denying on their behalf.


  1. Anonymous6/5/15

    I don't agree with your analysis. This isn't really satire. Not really. It's a publicly stunt. I'm not Muslim but deliberately insulting their perceived holy men is getting mediocre attention seekers their must have fix.

    This is about respect. These people, however misguided, are loyal to their religion and you must admit they don't have an abortion problem, a birthing problem nor a crisis in their culture that is turning away from G-d.

    I'm a Jew and while there has been some media response to the Muslim experience I don't see an overwhelming favoritism. In fact I see the media as anti all religions except for Greek paganism or satanism.

    Charlie insulted G-d and those who insult G-d, (and I mean the G-d Israel) should pay a dear price. These were not talented people rather they relied on provocation and who among cannot do that. This magazine had a dwindling following of atheists who delighted in their evils and needed to be more and more insulting and outrageous to remain relevant. These were scumbags, who, when threatened by angry Muslims, had Paris shut down on a school day despite government pleadings to desist in their crude behavior so they could keep things running. Did they heed and help the city? No, they wanted more attention. And they eventually got it.

    The Bible has saved billions of lives. Straightened out the wayward person and given him reason to live. And Charlie and their ilk can rot in hell.

  2. The Communists however misguided were loyal to their religion. If you insulted Stalin, you died.

    The Nazis, however misguided, were loyal to their religion. If you insulted Hitler, you died.

    The Muslims, however misguided, are loyal to their religion. If you insult Mohammed, you die.

    Muslims indeed don't have an abortion problem. They honor kill their children after they are born. They have no culture and therefore no crisis in it.

    They cannot turn away from any god, because they don't worship a god, they worship their power to kill.

    The media is actively defending imposing Islamic law on Americans, meanwhile it bans religious practices by Christians and Jews.

    Those who defy Islam, whatever their faults, are standing up to the murderers of Jews and Christians, to those who would impose a sick twisted tyranny on the world, destroying religion and replacing it with their own cult of death.

  3. Anonymous6/5/15

    Imposing on who? How you got to that conclusion seems misguided. We don't need no talent, doodling provocateurs inflaming an already touchy situation. Our soldiers are in various Muslim countries trying to stay alive. And winning over Muslim hearts certainly helps. Believe me, you mock Moses in the ways they mocked their prophet I would be outraged also.

    To win the battle against the Muslims takes more than cartoons. And I will not side with smut under the guise of free speech. And anybody who does is on the wrong side in my opinion especially when the smut is aimed toward G-d. No thank you!

  4. How has sending soldiers and winning Muslims hearts worked out so far? So far that policy has cost thousands of lives.

    But we wouldn't want to inflame them while they're killing us. Maybe at the last second we can soften their hearts.


  5. Anonymous6/5/15

    "We don't need no talent, doodling provocateurs inflaming an already touchy situation."
    What touchy situation is that?

  6. Anonymous6/5/15

    "Cartoons can be provocative, but the only people inspired to kill over them, are killers."

    Thanks, that's a great bit of insight.


  7. Anonymous6/5/15

    OK The "islamists" are blood thirsty vermin .... so what is the solution ? What are you proposing that would solve the problem ??? I can't find that here ?? I mean there are a billion ... so what is the solution ???

  8. The solution is not bringing a billion Islamists to America in the first place.

  9. JR Kipling6/5/15

    No muslim immigration. See...how simple it is. And yet Americans just cant get there...because it means believing in a unique American identity that excludes vast numbers of people. It is amazing how absolute this brainwashing is.

  10. 1. Sheep fear wolves, but they hate the sheepdog.
    2. In a time of universal cowardice, being provocative is a revolutionary act.

  11. Anonymous6/5/15

    Thanks for your shared opinion of the Garland shooting. The different press comments on that event are almost all giving a paradoxal impression that it was the " islamophobic " attitude of AFDI that caused the death of two Muslim
    activists. I'm not surprised about it. We have to consider that we are living in a upside down world, where it is the patient who is assisting the health service, the nurse is telling the physician what he should do and not, and purpose of the existance of citizens is the liberty of the State. We are told to squeeze in order to make room to immigrants, which culture we have only to respect, to which culture we have to adapt and which way of life we have to consider to adopt. No doubt about: it was not the Judaic-Christian civilization the foundation of Enlightenment, but Islam ( Obama, Cairo-speech 2009 ).
    We are destroying our traditions in name of progress, multiculturalism, religious relativism. Did our concept of family become old-fashionated, crumbling, oppressive? No problem! We are eager to import plenty new models of archaic, patriarchal, Magreb-born families. The ships of our Navy are not used to stop invasion, but to facilitate it. That's the way the world is spinning, because the wind is blowing firmly from Left. Satire, cartoons, humor are thus precious weapons in difficult times. They permit resistance. They open eyes. They touch hearts. Like Chaplin did in " The great Dictator ". Comicality like satire brings close to truth, to conscience, to action. In this world where laughter is forbidden, it is the cartoonist of course who is causing the killing of the jihadist or, like in Paris, 7th January '15, his own killing. In this same world of politically correctness and globalisation, we avoid calling an islamic terrorist an islamic terrorist. We could hurt that " moderate " side of Islam, our friend. That good moderate friend who just immobilize our feet while his fundamental counterpart is chopping off our heads... just before becoming, himself, the victim of his own crime, in this fantastic world. And therefore the beheaded... the hangman.

    Clelia&Eric from Eurabia, Italian province.

  12. Y. Ben-David7/5/15

    To the first Anonymous-
    As an Orthodox Jew, I, on the one hand, do not favor mocking other people's religion, but, on the other hand, I feel that the freedoms that America stood for, including freedom of speech, have served all of us, including religious people well. Do you really want to live in a society where Big Brother watches and controls everything you do in the name of "social harmony". Watch the movie "Fahrenheit 451" which talks about a society where books and free speech were banned because they made certain people unhappy (BTW-hey also encouraged the use of recreation drugs in order to keep the population docile).
    Today, we see the Mormons being ridiculed. In the past there was an "art" exhibition where a crucifix was submerged in a bowl of urine. In Israel an artist made a exhibit showing a pig wearing Jewish religious articles. Earlier there was Monty Python's "The Life of Brian" which ridiculed Christianity. The point is there was NO violent response to these things and the religious people who were offended went on with their lives and those religions being mocked were not affected. It is important to remember that if they start banning freedom of speech because Muslims may be offended, it is only a short step to banning ALL speech that someone else may not like and then we are on the path to an out-and-out dictatorship.
    It should be noted that those like the Charlie Hebdo people and those who organized the exhibit that was attacked in Texas are not advocating persecution and discrimination against Muslims or even the banning of their religion. What they are doing is opposing having the Muslims impose their religion and their Sharia Law on the rest of us.
    What is fascinating is why so many Muslims go into such a rage when confronted with criticism of their faith, whereas other people, like Christians and Jews do not react the same way. I heard a lecture once that said the reason for this is that Islam seems to have an inferiority complex vis-a-vis Christianity and Judaism. Since it followed those religions, many people asked why the world needed the Islamic message in the first place since those other two had brought the same message to the world. Thus, Muslim leaders have to continually show their people that they are now the strongest and that force is the best way to get non-Muslims to respect them. That is why there is a death penalty for non-Muslims for touching a Qur'an, that is why non-Muslims are forbidden to enter Mecca and that is why the Muslims took over holy places of the other faiths it encounters, and builds its mosques on top of them....in order to show who is in charge, examples being the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the extreme restrictions on the Eastern Orthodox Church in Turkey, and the building of mosques on formerly Hindu temples in India. Similarly, we are constantly hearing about Muslims being "offended" at the sight of other people practicing their religions....for example banning non-Muslims from eating in public during the Ramadan fast, or the Jordanian border officials confiscating Jewish religious articles from Israeli Jews crossing into Jordan as tourists. The list goes on and on. Thus we are dealing with a real disconnect between Muslims and the rest of the non-Muslim world .
    It is a delicate balancing act....preserving our freedoms while showing respect for other views and religions at the same time. However, letting down our guard and allowing one group to dictate to everyone else because we want to be "sensitive and multi-cultural" is a slippery slope

  13. Anonymous7/5/15

    My contribution to the NEXT Islamic Cartoon Symposium

  14. Anonymous7/5/15

    They are not trying to dictate they are simply offended by some attention seeking doodler pulling their deeply held beliefs through the slime.

    No one was pressing those doodlers to believe as a Muslim.

    I have very strongly held Jewish religious beliefs which are being attacked by the left wing media daily. So I sympathize with the Muslims on this matter. And if you step back and look at it rationally what you see is smut and before the rise of the homosexual and the atheist this kind of discourse was considered vile.

    The wicked walk on every side while the vile are exalted.

    And believe me I do not sympathize with the Muslims often.

  15. Islam's entire reason for existing is forcing everyone to be a Muslim.

    Without out that there would be no Islam.

    The left wing media stands with Muslims against Christians and Jews. When you side with Muslims, then you side with the left wing media against religious Jews and Christians.

  16. How does the Left imagine that both it and the Muslims can come out on top after they jointly destroy the West?

  17. Anonymous7/5/15


    Anon wrote:OK The "islamists" are blood thirsty vermin .... so what is the solution ? What are you proposing that would solve the problem ??? I can't find that here ?? I mean there are a billion ...

    What? I thought it was just a very tiny minority.

  18. 99 percent of the left is too brainwashed to grasp that this would even be an issue. Instead there'll be some sort of magical happy world.

    The 1 percent that does and sets the agenda believes the left will come out on top and set the agenda the way that it did with Muslims in the USSR. But ever since then Muslims have been the ones to come out on top in conflicts with the left.

  19. The west will not be destroyed by some bearded army of nuts that drives pickup trucks and slaughters women and children. The mistake terrorists make is in believing their own hype and what the leftist media shows. There are Americans in this country who need to be chained to trees just to be fed without ripping to shreds the person feeding them. They make ISIS look like a brownie scout troop. When the time comes, the Crusaders will wipe these Muslim murderers out of the country. These idiots can't even begin to grasp what it means to have a country with hundreds of millions of weapons in the hands of patriot citizens. When the head Muslim is out of office and these scumbags are no longer protected as much as they are now, the Crusaders will begin to shine. It amazes me that the left and the Muslims try to convince people that it's okay to slaughter others because of a cartoon. They are truly deranged.

  20. Dave7/5/15

    Mainstream journalists are all rabbits. Their first priority is keeping themselves alive, so they pay the utmost respect to any man who is willing to kill for his beliefs, while bravely heaping ridicule on safe targets who won't fight back.

    Thus when the next Crusade begins and Christians start cleansing their lands of Muslim vermin, they'll make sure to kill a few journalists now and then "pour encourager les autres".

  21. Anonymous7/5/15

    I believe that the cardinal sin of our time is evasion. Judge Murguia is one of countless examples of judges letting violent men (boys) back out to kill / be killed (by police, sometimes). Your article notwithstanding, the judges seem to get off scott free; how is that? Because the public is evading! - djr

  22. Anonymous8/5/15

    I don't agree with your statement that the left wing media sides with the Muslims against the Jews and the Christians. The left wing media hates all the religions and the Jews especially. How do you account for the BDS and the fractured relationship with Israel? I read smut about Israel and Bibi on a daily basis.

    And siding with the Muslims on this issue does not make me complicit in siding against the Jews. There are many Jews who think Charlie was wrong. How can you sit there and abide the vile attacks that Charlie launched against the Jewish religion and Jews as a whole?

    You have the issues mixed up. When you launch attacks against the Jews you are attacking G-d for His reputation is tied with the Jews.

    Charlie, homosexuals and atheists that they are, has been attacking G-d under the guise of free speech. All smut is open denunciation of G-d. And when you side with Charlie you side against G-d.

    Free speech unbridled is a scam. A secular value and like many secular values a phony one. You cannot throw off the yoke of heaven in the guise of free speech. Our ancestors knew this but we've corrupted ourselves.

  23. The media sites against Jews and Christians. It sides with Muslims.

    When Muslims kill Jews, the media still excuses the Muslims and blames Jews.

    Charlie's cartoonists didn't kill Jews. Muslims do.

  24. Anonymous8/5/15

    The we don't want to inflame Islamists argument is total bullshit. Who else do we not want to inflame in fear of being killed? Where's the endgame on that logic? If Abdul doesn't like what's being said he can leap five centuries into the twenty-first and debate the topic. If he wants to hold a gun to our heads we should punch back five times harder and host a draw mohammed contest every weekend.

  25. Daniel wrote elsewhere about the absurdity of accusing Pamela Geller and Bosch Fawstin's motives for encouraging the drawing of Mohammad: "The actual attempt at mass slaughter was dismissed as the terrorists 'take the bait' from the cartoonists who had been fiendishly plotting to be mass slaughtered by them for the publicity." But, this is the actual motive of Islamic terrorists; they are fiends looking for "bait" in order to be killed by their intended victims (or by a lone policeman, as in Garland) so their names can be publicized as "martyrs for Allah." The only time terrorist outfits like ISIS, Al Qaeda, et al. value and recognize such self-sacrificing fools is when they're dead. This policy reduces the average jihadist to the level of a passive receptor who just can't help himself for wanting to die. But then, Islam is a nihilist ideology, chock full of absurdities.

  26. Anonymous8/5/15

    Isn't "controversial" and "provocative" a complement from the lefty media? Aren't those the kind of words they use for things like Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress, or Piss Christ, or The Vagina Monologues?
    I guess context matters.

  27. Some people deserve to be provoked. Others, like Muslims, are a protected group and provoking them is a hate crime.

  28. Anonymous8/5/15

    No one deserves to be provoked. Especially a billion people. Innocent people get killed. You are letting your emotions run away from you. This provocation is really bullying the Muslims. We are in a more powerful position and thus we get stupid, attention seeking wenches like Geller, who wants to ride a wave and make a feminist name for herself, not really protecting free speech but going after glory. She's a scam. And listening to her rationalize all the trouble she is starting is eye opening. She is no spokesperson, no leader, just a trouble making opportunist who in many eyes is making the Jews look bad. To the haters just another Jewish trouble maker and I'm a strident, extremely loyal Jew. With the rise in antisemitism Geller is the last thing we should be burdened with.

    1. Anonymous14/5/15

      Let's be fair. I will stay in my country, not evangelize, not feed them (or you...) or provide medicine, or help in any way. I will work at my occupation, raise my children and grandchildren, provide for and keep my family safe. In short, I will mind my own business, and we will keep to ourselves. In return, I demand the same consideration from those of the islamic "faith". You stay where you are, leave me alone - no problem, live and let live. But if you do not do so, if you come to my area and try to impose your will on me and mine, most especially violently; I will respond with overwhelming deadly force until there is no longer a threat.
      Simple. You don't do anything, there won't be anything. But if you choose to sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. (Hosea 8:7) stormfriend sends....

  29. Lots of people deserve to be provoked.

    Nazis deserved to be provoked.

    Communists deserved to be provoked.

    Evil deserves to be provoked.

    Provoking evil brings it out into the open so everyone can see what it is, instead of making excuses for it.

    Though there will always be those who claim that evil is being bullied.

  30. Anonymous8/5/15

    Daniel, thank you for that last comment; I was going to say exactly that.

    What I have a hard time stomaching are the comments in the vein of "needless provocation" of Muslims. Considering Muslim pronouncements about their own place in the pecking order of things, the more we need to ridicule them. Daily.


  31. Sadie8/5/15

    Bravo, Daniel Greenfield.
    And 'boo' and 'hiss' to the readers who cannot distinguish the difference between Democracy and dhimmitude.

  32. Anonymous9/5/15

    “Prophet” Muhammad To The Women Of The Banu Qurayza:


  33. I've got you linked here:


    I think cartoonophobes can benefit from a desensitization program.

  34. Anonymous10/5/15

    There is something deeply disturbing to the leftist mind about provocative, intelligent, courageous and good-looking conservative women. The AP headline "Pamela Geller says she has no regrets about Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest that ended in 2 deaths" is not dissimilar to the blame heaped upon Sarah Palin by the msm for the crosshairs imagery that they say lead to Gabby Giffords shooting. It's what they do. The vitriol is especially fierce against these women but what makes it worse many pundits on the right don't stand up for them or pile on the blame too. Why is that? After all, the French cartoonists received a huge "je suis Charlie" twitter & facebook campaign support from around the globe.

  35. Anonymous10/5/15

    Anonymous poster::"This provocation is really bullying the Muslims"

    Here are a FEW verses from the Qur'an and aHadith (sayings of Muhammad) which show how Muslims feel about non-Muslims. How's this for bullying:

    "I shall TERRORIZE the kuffar [non-Muslims]. So wound their bodies and
    incapacitate them, because they oppose Allah and his apostle." (Qur'an 8:12)
    "Muhammad said, ‘You are commanded to carry out JIHAD against the unbelieving infidels UNTIL they SUBMIT to Islam' " (Qur'an 47:4)

    Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, AND SLAY AND ARE SLAIN: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Tawrut, the Ingill, and the Qur'an: And who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Then rejoice in the bargain which
    ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme. (Quran 9:111)
    "And SLAY THEM wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution (of Muslims) is worse than slaughter (of non-believers)...and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah." (Quran 2:191-193)

    "And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah" (Quran 8:39)

    Muhammad said... 'I have been made victorious with terror' [Bukhari (52:220)]

    "Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us" [Tabari 9:69]

    "Paradise lies under the shade of swords" (Sahih Bukhari V4B5N73)

  36. Anonymous13/5/15


    Islam believes that it is the last of the prophetic religions, and therefore it has the right to use deadly force.

    On the first count - Islam's prophet is not a prophet at all. All prophets come from the Hebrew line. In addition, all Herbrew prophets beseeched that the "cup is talen away from them". OTH, Muhammed gloried being a prophet. Islam therefore, is not a prophetic Abrahamaic religion, but an imposter.

    As Islam believes that it has the right to use force, it also measures its success, unlike Christianity, by political and military siccess..

    Thus Islam is uniquely vulnerable to political and military reverse. At the moment, Islam’s political and military forces are being defeated within the sphere of Islam itself. This is not what Allah promised the faithful. On the economic front, the news is even more depressing.

    There is therefore, a distinct possibility that Islam will destroy itself, unable as it is to live in a connected world, facing military, economic and political reversal at every turn.


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