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The Death of the Left

The left is winning, but for the left winning is indistinguishable from dying.

The West didn’t defeat Communism; it held it at bay long enough for it to defeat itself. The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China crushed Communism more decisively than Goldwater could have ever dreamed of.

The embargo didn’t turn Cuba into a hellhole whose main tourism industry is inviting progressive Canadian pedophiles to rape its children. Castro did that with help from the dead guy on the red t-shirts.

 “One of the greatest benefits of the revolution is that even our prostitutes are college graduates,” Castro told Oliver Stone. In real life, his prostitutes are lucky if they graduated from elementary school.

American admirers eager to get to Havana claim to be worried that Starbucks will ruin their Socialist paradise. What really worries them is that American businesses might give Cuban teens an economic alternative to sexually servicing decrepit leftists from Berkeley for $10 a night in the revolutionary version of Thailand where everyone is free, especially the political prisoners and raped children.

There’s no embargo to blame in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez destroyed his own Bolivarian revolution by implementing it. The Venezuelan economic collapse really took off while Obama was in the White House leafing through the tract Chavez had gifted him blaming America for all of Latin America’s troubles.

Now Chavez, the tract’s author and the Venezuelan economy are all dead.

Chavez’s successor has desperately tried to blame America for his crisis, but Uncle Sam had nothing to do with the lack of toilet paper in the stores, the milk rationing and the soldiers stationed outside electronics retailers. It’s just what happens when the left wins.

When the man in the White House wanted a Latin American revolution to succeed, it still failed.

The left is at its best when it’s trying to take power. It unleashes its egocentric creative impulses, it writes poems, plays and songs as its heroes die in doomed battles or pump their fists at protests. And then they win, get rich and fat, the people grow poor and the country becomes a miserable dictatorship. Try putting a 300 pound Che on a t-shirt. Or get inspired by Obama lazily playing golf.

A successful leftist revolution quickly becomes indistinguishable from an ordinary oligarchy. Millions may die, but decades later all that’s left is a vast pointless bureaucracy that runs on family connections, an ideology no one understands anymore and an impoverished population ripe for outside exploitation.

And then before you know it, Moscow is full of fast food joints, China uses slave labor to make iPhones and aging hippies can buy children in Cuba for the price of a Happy Meal.

The left rams through its ideology by force and when the ideology is gone, all that’s left is the force.

Now that the left has gotten its way in America, crushing its enemies, inflicting everything from socialized medicine to mandatory gay marriages on the masses, the excitement is gone. Even pro-criminal policies, the straw that once broke the left’s electoral back, have been accepted by Republicans.

What’s left except trying to sell Hillary Clinton as the exciting face of the future, a task that even the left seems to lack the stomach for. The excitement died once Obama took over. Suddenly those inspiring speeches no longer inspired. The speeches were the same teleprompter pabulum mixing bad poetry with worse diction, but there was no longer anything to push against except a frustrated Republican opposition in Congress. The left had won and victory was boring.

Obama took to golfing. He only seemed to come alive by campaigning so he campaigned all the time in an endless non-stop cultural revolution.

Imagine a future in which the left wins permanently. Just picture Hillary Clinton and then Elizabeth Warren and finally Bernie Sanders kept alive in the Oval Office by electricity and fetal stem cells from babies. Imagine the country run like the DMV. Imagine it divided between the politically connected and the poor. Imagine everyone else giving up and surviving on the black market. Imagine Social Justice becoming a slogan that everyone is forced to repeat, but that no one understands.

And then the Chinese will come along to take advantage of the cheap labor.

The left is like a suicide bomber or a honey bee, it can’t win. It can only kill and die. A successful leftist regime is a contradiction in terms. The hard revolutions blow up fast and then decay into prolonged misery. The soft electoral revolutions skip the explosions and cut right to the prolonged misery.

Europe went Full Socialist and gave up. Carter’s malaise has been a reality in Europe for generations. What was four years in America was forty years in Europe. The American left’s great ambitions; bureaucratic rule, international impotence, national health care, endless education, environmental correctness and childbirth replaced by immigration were realized in Europe. And they killed Europe.

Now they’re killing America.

What can the left achieve when it no longer has to worry about a conservative opposition, budgets, democracy or any other obstacle to its great dreams? Cities filled with old men and women who never had children. Cities filled with young men and women who will never marry, who are still working on their fourth degree without ever having held a job. Cities filled with multi-generational welfare recipients who are also the only ones having children. Cities owned by foreign nations from their historic buildings to their imported booming populations. That was the great accomplishment of a united Europe.

No children, no jobs and no future. No great works, no civilizational progress and no golden age.

What stakes are to a vampire, victory is to the left. The left gains its creative energies from fighting against authority. Its entire reason for existing is to resist. In triumph, its writers become prostitutes for authority, its heroes become tyrants and its myths die on propaganda posters dissolving in the gutter.

The left gains its ideological legitimacy from reform. But what happens when it becomes the entity in need of reform? Then reform dies and the word comes to be used as a euphemism for oppression. All the ideas die while the slogans march on like zombies. Radicals kill and then are killed. The men and women who used to fill the gulags, die in them instead. Lenin becomes Stalin becomes Khrushchev.

Before you know it, no one remembers why there was a revolution or how to get rid of it.

The American left survived its last round of victories by losing elections. It won while maintaining the appearance of defeat. Now it has both the appearance and the substance of victory. And there’s nothing left except making sure that every pizzeria caters gay weddings. Maddened social justice warriors lynch-tweet their own over trifles as the revolution’s children devour its elders in search of someone to fight.

The left has won and victory is killing it. It’s a slow miserable death for it, and for us.

If we win, then a defeated and revitalized left will go back to fulminating and ranting, plotting and scheming its way to a victory that will kill it. If its victory becomes permanent, a generation from now Cuban sex tourists with pesos will be visiting the Socialist enclaves of Berkeley or Boston for their child prostitution needs.


  1. Scary as.all he11 scenario....

  2. While in the process of sinking however, the European ship o'rules & regulations continues on it's path of destruction by crushing all those, who by private initiative would built small businesses, which could better lives on the grassroots level. It takes a European entrepreneur 30 - 40% of his time to only try and comply with all the tons of red-tape imposed by the Social Democrats of the Brussels elite.

  3. I don't know. I don't think the Left won in America by force. I think it won by infiltrating and taking over all the institutions. They followed Antonio Gramsci's advice, not Lenin's.

  4. Anonymous19/4/15

    Socialism will always be conquered due to pressure from outside the system due to the rot within, as Danial pointed out. The last global example is Reagan winning the Cold War, due to the strength of Western, principled beliefs.

    The next victor to conquer Socialism will be radical Islam, due to the strength of their beliefs (evil yet fanatically held). Hence, they will achieve their global caliphate - first in Europe, then South America, then in America, then in Russia, and finally China. All due to the rot within these systems.

    We now look at the novel 1984 as being prescient. We will ultimately look at the movie Mad Max as the revelation to be fulfilled.

    Current society in the Middle East is the equilibrium of human behavior.

  5. Anonymous19/4/15

    Western society is unselfish.

    Socialism/communism is selfish.

    Fanatical Islam is selfishness with guns.

    After all, mankind is still an animal. We cannot escape animal instinct. Selfishness in an animal instinct readily observable across most species, especially carnivores.

  6. Anonymous19/4/15

    The reality of the United States is that we are, and have always been, an independent people. You would think from the way the pundits talk that we are going to hell in a handbasket because of the "college intelligentsia." But you also forget that Americans do not like being told what to do, or when to do it. It doesn't matter the propaganda or the Leftist indoctrination. Americans, unlike our cousins in Europe, will only accept government intrusion so far and then we will get a backlash. Hopefully that backlash will be intelligent enough to understand that you cannot make dramatic swings in society without destroying society itself as well. (As far as i am concerned those who refused to campaign for Mitt Romney, either because he was a Mormon or not conservative enough, and wanted to "punish" the GOP and the country, for not adhering to their conservative values, is as much to blame for the state we find ourselves in as those who pushed through the community organizer for POTUS.Remember there were millions who voted for McCain but did not vote for Romney and that could have made all the difference.)

    As far as family and marriage is concerned: Children may be the future of a society, but quite frankly women are more than baby machines. We do not have to have children if we do not want to. Ironically they used to tell us that having children is one of the most selfish acts you can do, as it is about procreating yourself. Now you are telling us NOT having children is a selfish act. Truth be told, that people are allowed to decide who they want to be when they grow up and it does not have to include being someone's parent (BTW i have two sons, and am married 33 years, so no I am not a bitter-spinster.) I tell my sons you do not have to marry and have children. They are allowed to decide their own future. If they find the right person then it will work. If together they decide to start a family then so be it. But they will do that because it is what they wanted not to further some political objective either on the Right, the Left or the Libertarian.

    Societies grow, develop and change throughout history. Sometimes these things happen passively, and sometimes they happen violently. Civilizations rise and fall. The uniqueness that is the Untied States of America though is a challenge to the historical record. Of course it remains to be seen what the future holds for us, but I put my faith in the American people to decide their own future. Our fights and our open discourse, our challenges and our adherence to our independent exceptionalism is still there, despite the dysfunctional hubris driven politicos and pundits from both sides of the aisle.

  7. The best you can hope for with these lefty revolutions is that they proceed slowly so that people see the crapola coming. Generally that keeps them from going to completion. But unfortunately they can really mess things up, as is happening in Venezuela right now.

  8. Anonymous19/4/15

    April 19, 2015

    Why doesn't some one just come out and say it ? "What's bred in the bone will not quit the flesh". The Muslims of the world, regardless of where they live, or what they look like, are in an advanced state of terminal dissolution. From the inside out & the outside going in. It's the "Kilkenny Cats" scenario. And the primal cause of it all is the very CONTENT of Islam; and its stomach churning 'success' in shaping the behavioral patterns & characters of individual Muslims. Continuing to refer to the irremediable dysfunction of Muslims outside the Muslim Orient as "home-grown" is just one more example of evading the awful truth: Muslims are the first immigrants to America & modern Europe in history, to be bloody-mindedly hostile to their host societies. And openly assault them whenever our guard goes down. Not to mention their obscene but predictable ritual of communally celebrating the gore they inflict on their hapless victims. And it's not just a "minute fraction" of Muslims who are so inclined. They have widespread and devoted support among what may well be, a significantly large[core] percentage of their communities. Which usually abut the most vulnerable people of their host populations. And usually close to airports. Examples abound.
    Why then should we always be wasting our emotional energy with blame and punishment games directed at each other? When will WE develop an effective, globally pro-active strategy, that will be directed against our CORE enemies and their corrupt & contemptible 'dhimmis', whose identities we, THEIR targets of opportunity, know so well. It is THEIR vulnerability to OUR well planned and executed locally focused action, that will truly amaze & deter. How many such worthy targets can YOU [plural] identify in your own locales ? We cannot wait for long run political & historic shifts to do much for us.
    Nothing else will bring out the best in the Jewish communities of the Diaspora.
    And make us feel better about ourselves.

    Norman L. Roth, Toronto Canada

    1. "When will WE develop an effective, globally pro-active strategy, that will be directed against our CORE enemies"

      When we realize we've lost something. When we stop being greedy. When we realize laziness and compliance only offer so much and we're willing to work for what the Jones's have.

  9. DenisO19/4/15

    Interesting point that if we win, they get a new "hate-target" to sustain them. That furthers my conclusion that the winner will have to clean-up Obama's mess, and that guarantees he'll be the one to get the blame, like Nixon, who was elected to get us out of Viet Nam with a little dignity. In the end, he was blamed for the Democratic disaster of a war that was not meant to be won. Carter was previously considered the worst President in history. His Leftist economic policies produced a mess at home, but Americans forgot it, after one generation, and put an even less competent Socialist in Office. Carter thought our military was too expensive and unnecessary, that we should "share" and be generous to the "good people" of the World, but he didn't destabilize the beasts of the world like Obama. The new "mess" is greater than any other since WWII, so we can expect the risks and pain involved repairing it will be greater and blamed on whoever has to do it.

    We have to look toward Europe, the inspiration of the Leftists, to see how bad it has to get before the People realize Socialism and open-borders bring unbearable pain. I don't see a conservative leader with a chance in Europe's future. They may have to go to the extreme of living under a generation of tyranny, like East Germany and the other former Soviet slave states, before they beg for change, and their vote may be worthless by then, as it has been in Cuba for so long.

    Still, after a long history of favoring Socialism, starting in 1880, on thru the Nazi Socialists and then the nightmare of Russian occupation of their Eastern half, there is current strong support to drive the German Government, they describe as Social Capitalism, further to the Left. That fact, alone, should make it clear why Monarchs dominated world history. America's founders considered the Constitutional Government they designed, a worthwhile gamble; some described it as the "Grand Experiment". They knew history and the nature of man. The security of the herd is stronger than man's memory of pain. Machiavelli had reason to assume their would always be "Princes" and Kings.

  10. We are Europe now and were conquered the same way: via the siren calls of that old whore, the Welfare State.

    You say:

    "And then the Chinese will come along to take advantage of the cheap labor."

    They're already here. Who owns the Panama Canal? Who owns the most real estate in California (aside from the govt) and in western Canada? Who is swallowing Australia? Not to mention the increase in territorial conflicts - Japan, the Philippines, etc - as China builds up its brown water/blue water navies. It is reopening the old Silk Route and no Somali pirate dares to attack Chinese shipping - at least not more than once.

    They're smarter and they're more disciplined than any of the soi-disant intellectuals in the West. They're excellent copiers and use the products/cultural artifacts of the West that it finds useful - e.g., their state-controlled Christian Church and the musical education of their children via Bach and Mozart...let a million pianos bloom.

    Christianity makes for obedient productive citizens a quality our Left finds threatening; music literacy increases math abilities, and in turn all the rest of the knowledge included in STEM disciplines. Here, we cut music classes.

    The Han (Chinese) have contempt for the rest of humanity except where they are useful. The biggest obstacle to growth is their own corruption. Nonetheless, they may come to the aid of Israel when she is isolated and abandoned by the ninnies in the West who run things. Like the Han Chinese, Orthodox Jews are endogamous...that will be one less worry for China. I'm sure they're well aware that in IQ studies, the Ashkenazim score higher than the Han. Just based on those two facts, Israel will get some respect from a culture not used to respecting anyone else.

    For your perusal:


  11. Anonymous19/4/15

    Ludwig Von Mises called all Socialists ideas destructionism.

  12. The Right clings to the worst features of failed socialism by supporting Prohibition. A failed Progressive Policy from the early 20s and the late 30s.

    OTOH the left discredits its own impulses by fighting Prohibition. More popcorn.

  13. DenisO,

    Nixon? Surely you jest. Scum of the Earth. a couple of quotes for your edification:

    "Look, we understood we couldn't make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue...that we couldn't resist it." - John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President Nixon on the rationale of the War on Drugs.

    "[Nixon] emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks" Haldeman, his Chief of Staff wrote, "The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to."

  14. Well that was certainly a pick-me-up. I was afraid it would be depressing.

  15. Great and powerful summary of what the country and the planet is facing with this "diseased obsession" perpetuated by the Left! While I read this piece I was reminded of an old book I read a long time ago. Orwell's "1984."

  16. Anonymous20/4/15

    Elise Ronan made a grave mistake in her last paragraph that nullifies the rest of her optimism. Western discourse is no longer open. It is essentially closed with the atheistic, secular, libertine Statist religion of Leftism being the only allowed topic of discourse, as if there was no other grand political philosophies, let alone theistic religions. It is devolving into an outright war against cognitive liberty in just the last few years under the ever tyrannical and Puritanical banner of Political Correctness.

    The cultural and philosophical weapons of mass destruction employed for this intellectual tyranny are nihilism and subjectivism; and all their spawn like multiculturalism and moral relativism.

    The tree of Liberty cannot stand much longer whilst its roots are infected with the mind fungus of these Leftwing ideologies, let alone handle the self-inflicted damage caused by the narcissistic belief that a society and a culture can continue when its most talented citizens refuse to pro-create and instead chase after narcissistic materialistic goals instead.

  17. Anonymous20/4/15

    *Outstanding* article!

    "If we win, then a defeated and revitalized left will go back to fulminating and ranting, plotting and scheming its way to a victory that will kill it."

    I agree that they will go back to "fulminating and ranting" but I don't think they'll exactly be "revitalised". I use the situation here in New Zealand as an example.
    Down here, the left have been hammered in three consecutive elections. What's more, the MSM (leftist of course) are looking very sick indeed here.
    Ok, the US may be different but I don't see any "revitalised left" down here in New Zealand.

    I see *education* as crucial to the future (and charter schools in particular). If charter schools in the US can continue to grow in number (and it looks like they will) then the left has a HUGE problem on its hands. The young people coming out of those schools are unlikely to be as brainwashed by leftist propaganda as those exiting government-run schools. That is *good news* for the right!

    I see the left as wasting a huge amount of energy on slogans and abuse. I say "fine. Please keep on doing that - we'll keep on building quality charter schools."

    Tortoise and the hare, folks, and the right-wing tortoise is about to hit its afterburners....... :)

  18. Anonymous20/4/15

    Progressive Canadians raping children in Cuba..... never heard about it. Must of happened when I was in Afghanistan fighting another American war.

  19. politiciansRscum20/4/15

    Progressive Canadians are the typical child rapists in Cuba, Thailand etc. Anon is just one of the Marxist tools we have in Canada, likely a Trudeau supporter (or jock supporter). Canada has NEVER fought an American War EVER. We have only been in British or UN missions. Ignorance and greed are progressive characteristics primarily.

  20. Y. Ben-David21/4/15

    Elise Ronan-
    Americans may once have been rugged individualists who resented government intrusion into their lives, but that seems to have changed. Look at all the legislation and attempts to control one lives "for their own good". For example NYC Mayor Bloomberg's attempts to control selling soda pop. At the University of California in Berkeley I understand it is forbidden to smoke ANYWHERE on campus, even if they are out in the open and not bothering anyone (full disclosure-I am a non-smoker but I think they have the right to pollute their bodies as long as they don't bother me with it). Look at all the attempts to besmirch those who eat meat or fast foods. Today, not only do they supposedly want to help protect people from themselves, those who want to control say they have the right to do so because people who don't eat they way they want cause a "social cost" on the rest of society due to higher medical bills, etc.
    My observation is that the America that once existed, and what were considered quintessential "America values" is evaporating rapidly, and nothing can bring it back. Read Charles Murray's book "Coming Apart".

  21. Y. Ben-David21/4/15

    I must confess that I don't follow New Zealand politics, although I understand that the Left was always very strong there, just like in Australia. My question is that has the Right, which has won three elections in a row, really made an attempt to change things, or did they win my merely "me-tooing" the Left and saying people should vote for them simply because they will administer the existing Establishment more efficiently but they had no intention of really changing anything. McCain lost in 2008 and Romney lost in 2012 using the same argument. Voters obviously felt that if you want Leftist policies, then vote for the real thing, not a pale imitation.
    For that matter, I find it odd that so many conservatives look back on the Reagan years as some sort of golden age. Much of the social rot we see today accelerated greatly in that era (e.g. single motherhood). Don't forget that conservatives who claim to support fiscal prudence let Reagan get away with building up the biggest budget deficits in history. Reagan also pushed all sorts of deregulation which sound "free marketish" in theory but which lead to many companies swallowing up other companies with the end result there being much less competition in the "free market".
    Thus, seeing the Republican field today, I frankly think they will have a very difficult time defeating Hillary (the "excitement" of having the first woman president, just like everyone was excited at having the first black President) and even if they should get elected, they will still have to face the fact that it seems a clear majority of Americans LIKE the idea of the US becoming a stagnant, degenerate European-style anti-nationalist welfare state. Sorry to be so gloomy.

  22. Wombat21/4/15

    Constitutionalists, libertarians, minarchists and "proper Americans in general" are sadly going to go down with the good ship USA, hoping all the while that a new captain in four years will somehow come up with a plan to fix those trillions of holes below the water line in such a manner that wont interrupt their t.v. dinners.

    Those aforementioned "proper Americans" might yet save their culture and the future of their children if they're willing to cut loose the full-retard states, but trying to hold the union together will result in the fall of all involved.

    Sad, but a fact.

  23. Anonymous21/4/15

    Y Ben David wrote: "Today, not only do they supposedly want to help protect people from themselves, those who want to control say they have the right to do so because people who don't eat they way they want cause a "social cost" on the rest of society due to higher medical bills, etc."

    Yet the left promote sexual lifestyles (even to school children) that are infinitely more expensive to society due to 40-150 times higher incidence of STDs, injuries, cancers, violence, addictions, mental health issues and early death. The left are guilty of illogical, irrational, hypocritical ideological positions - incredible cognitive dissonance - at every level from abortion and sexual lifestyles to diet to energy to politics.

    Sibyl S.

  24. Anonymous21/4/15

    Daniel, this is completely off-topic so no need to show this comment. I haven't seen any new articles in over a week at Frontpagemag. Is everyone on holiday?

  25. Anonymous21/4/15

    Elise Ronan puts her 'faith in the American people', but fails to define or recognize who the American people have become. That is akin to stating that one puts one faith in black boxes, with no idea what those boxes hold, or if most of them are empty. Indeed, faced with a dozen black boxes of various shapes and sizes, even a person of extraordinary abilities could not predict what each of those boxes would reveal.
    Assuming that Americans are a united people is wishful thinking at best.


  26. fodderwing21/4/15

    Elise Ronan, tell your sons to marry. If men don't have a family life, they get a lot of things wrong. Your advice to these young men reflects more on what is disabling our culture than you realise.

  27. Wow! Daniel, you have a powerful way with words and truth. I would love to see you write about religion; just for the sake of seeing your brilliant mind shine. These political powers and worse yet, religious powers tromping around on people and their "would be" freedoms require a much softer light than you are shining on them in order to look their best. The light you shine on them makes every false motive, greedy appetite and the disingenuous morals they possess look as bad as they really are. If someone would create Theboldtruth.com then it could tell us who is wearing the white hat at home in their own country being honored at banquets for donating a "wing" to the local hospital and then donning a black hat when they go abroad to exploit other defenseless countries and their children. It needs to be an accessible website like a credit bureau. People can look up what these monsters real activities are when they think they are anonymous. There is no better exposure than the truth, painful but necessary.

  28. LFMayor21/4/15

    Daniel, you're getting the cart ahead of the horse here, sir. Most Americans haven't even realized that there's a fight going on yet, much less be mad enough to get off the couch and partake. I, Joseph P. Redneck, have not yet begun to fight. And I am Legion (to borrow from an old story!).

    Give it a few more years, then we'll all get to see first hand what happens to self-deceivers. Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany found out the hard way, too.

    Now folks, go make hay while the sun still shines, winter is coming.

  29. This is what separates the USA as OUR Founders stood on immutable laws.
    If "WE the People" stick with those Founding documents and the spirit that
    created these freedoms in Liberty, things can be turned around ~!

  30. Anonymous22/4/15

    On the subject of Cuban prostitutes, Fidel was correct; they are the most highly educated prostitutes in the world. That's because the Cuban education system turns out graduates but there are fewer & fewer jobs for them.

    Not that having a job amounts to much in Cuba, where the average salary is about $20 per month. People have to find a way to make ends meet. A school teacher or an engineer can make more money driving a cab or turning tricks than working at her day job. As a result, many educated Cubans turn to prostitution on a part-time basis to make a bit of extra cash and put some food on the table.

  31. Anonymous22/4/15

    There is something of a step-change underway, I believe. The dividends of academia are now in positive-feedback mode, meaning the crazier they get, the crazier they get. All the while, it bleeds out into the culture at large. If some future renaissance should materialize, long after this husk finally smolders away, they'd be wise to fling anyone out into the sea that proposes either fiat money OR a single penny of any sort of welfare for any purpose. - djr

  32. Anonymous23/4/15

    I was raised a Democrat, but later in life I began to question it, just at the time it tried to change its identity from Liberalism to Progressivism. For reasons I won't go into here (for brevity), I resisted the possibility of becoming a Republican. When my friends started to violently question my critique of the Democratic Party and charge me with being a Conservative Republican, I told them that I was worse than that: I want to rebuild the Democratic Party. It's high time for a Reformation. Here are the planks, my whisper into G-d's ear.

    -Help people who need help and only the people who need help.
    -Helping people means assisting them to the point where they no longer need help.
    -Liberalism must be re-grounded on freedom.
    -Ending racism and sexism results in treating people as human beings and not as racial and sexual categories.
    -There is no conflict between a limited and an effective government.
    -Truth exists.
    -Power must be subordinated to truth.
    -Human life is an absolute value.
    -Hyper vigilance can be an enemy to vigilance.
    -We too are subject to the twist of irony, we must guard against hubris.
    -The conceptual DNA of the Founding Fathers (limited government) must be guarded.
    -The economy is is to be taken for granted, it must be nurtured. It is the source of revenue for governance.
    Taxes must be minimal. Everyone should pay proportionally so that they have skin in the game. Progressive taxes may be inevitable but this too should be tempered, even to extinction.
    The defense of freedom is a universal project, enemies of freedom anywhere in the world should be checked and rolled back.
    American leadership on the world stage is not a right but it is a solemn responsibility.

  33. Wonderful to read and oh, so sadly true. Thank you for the deep thoughts and eloquent writing.


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