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Savages With Cell Phones

Race riots usually begin with criminality and end with criminality. They're protests by criminals on behalf of a dead criminal.

The stores with smashed windows aren't the means to express outrage, but the end. The purpose of criminality is criminality. The police exist so that stores can remain unrobbed and random pedestrians can remain unbeaten. The protests express opposition to that policy by robbing stores and assaulting random white people.

The police were never the problem. The looters and rioters were.

The counterculture has not changed dramatically since the 70's, but it has tossed aside any appearance of idealism. The new counterculture draws in two groups, disaffected upper middle class white youth and lower class black youth. Their goals are purely materialistic, looted iPods and government subsidies for housing, education and anything else they can think of.

Divestment is the common denominator. Neither the white leftist nor the lower-class black rioter is invested in his society. The white rioter is a globalist, the black rioter is an outsider. Neither are invested in the city and country they are busy trashing.

These are the children of the welfare state with little in common except a rejection of the commercial way of life. Neither the entitled white university brat or the posturing ghetto teenager has any interest in working. The businesses they smash are an alien thing to them. Small businessmen do not go about smashing stores. The people who do think of commodities as something they trick or intimidate others into giving to them. And that covers everyone from municipal unions to thugs driving around BMW's.

This lawless materialism is the essence of the welfare state. "Loot as much as you can, or someone else will." If you don't grab government benefits or sneakers in store windows, someone else will. The rich are grabbing, the pols are grabbing-- time to queue up and loot your share. Communism made this way of thinking so commonplace that all of Russia became one black market. And we are not far behind.

What kind of people behave this way? Those who have come to think of wealth as an infinite pile from which everyone grabs as much as they can. This is where the ethos of the socialist left and hip-hop comes together. Obama gleefully spending millions on himself and trillions on national giveaways for his donors and supporters is the most obnoxious fusion of this phenomenon.

The angry rioter is a sacred figure in the progressive pantheon of social justice. The shirtless men in bandanas carting away cell phones are so outraged by injustice that they are willing to take to the streets and do what progressive hipsters taking social justice selfies of themselves in souvenir t-shirts plastered with the face of the latest victim of “white supremacism” can only dream about.

The race riot isn’t a bubbling stew of outrage out of which wounded souls emerge to cry out for justice. It’s a complicated criminal conspiracy in which the perpetrators rarely suffer any consequences.

The rioters aren’t outraged, they’re usually bored young men, frustrated and lacking in empathy. Many of them have gang ties or a criminal record stretching back to kindergarten.

They’re the same people who commit crimes in any other non-outraged context.

The rest are there to get some attention while providing them with protective coloration. 9 out of 10 people screaming frenziedly while holding up “Black Lives Matter” signs would eagerly scream and hold up “Justin Bieber 4 President” or “Baltimore Loves the KKK” signs if it got them positive attention and a shot at being on television.

Technological savvy melded with barbaric behavior, the 21st century mobile devotee turned raider is a wake up call in more ways than one. These are not mere race riots, they are the self-organization of the end of our civilization.

The classic raid has come to the cities of West, its hallmarks are not frustration but careful planning, followed by a violent rush. They are the reemergence of an old way of life that most people think died with the Vikings.

The law banished the raider back into the dim pages of history,  but law depended on a civilization which is now collapsing. Police officers need the support of the public to hold the line. And the left has now openly reverted to its pro-criminal advocacy while elements of the right, particularly those funded by the Koch Brothers, advocate for criminals.

The traditional raider saw himself as part of an outside group. The modern raider has global identities that are at odds with the country he lives in. When he joins a raiding party, it is as a member of one of those groups looting a society whose welfare is of no interest to him.

The left's motives for rebelling are different than those of minority looters. But the end result is similar enough. A disregard for the civilization becomes a disregard for its laws. And that leaves self-interest as the only hedge against anarchy. But what interest do people who do not work for a living have in preserving the businesses of others? None at all. As far as they are concerned, smash a store, it will collect the insurance, and reopen, or another will open up in its place. And even if it doesn't, then so what? It's not "our businesses" anyway. 

The commercial tribalism of the rapper who conflates casual violence and criminality with honor follows a pattern of glorifying crime that predates and postdates race, its ubiquity dating back centuries, from the highwayman to the 1920's bank robber, and is almost as socially disruptive and even more contagious.

The narrative is the same. Its idealism and honor covers up the blatant materialism and greed that its lawbreaking enables. And the message is also the same. Civilization's end.

The return of the raider as an instant message enabled gang is a phenomenon at odds with progress. It is a warning that darker times are returning, that while everyone may pack phones that have more processing power in one inch than a room of computers did 30 years ago, the march of progress is moving backward.

But the real purpose of a riot isn’t to benefit the rioters. It’s to benefit those who incite the riot. The rioters and looters react in response to riot-friendly conditions created from above. If you build the political infrastructure for a riot, the rioters and looters will come.

The #BlackLivesMatter riots are the product of a new generation of Sharptons, ambitious activists feeding hate, of the New Black Panther Party’s obsession with becoming relevant, of the ragged hipster ends of Occupy Wall Street drifting from occupation to occupation, of Muslim agents dreaming of turning African-Americans into a fifth column and of Obama’s clumsy efforts to keep on playing community organizer by feeding racial grievances and then pretending to rise above them.

Those who gain from unleashing chaos and violence are not the powerless, but the powerful. Sharpton rose to his important role as Obama’s liaison on a trail of bodies. Someone operating here hopes to be the next Sharpton. Meanwhile Obama is playing a perverse fusion of Sharpton and MLK, amping up a bad situation and then telling blacks and whites that they need to rise above it.

As always, the ringleader tries to keep his hands clean while convincing the establishment that he can turn the violence on or off any time he wants to.

Obama exploits the riots he cultivated for his own political ends. The looter at the top is not through looting yet.


  1. Anonymous28/4/15

    Compare the reaction to rioters to Wisconsin's treatment of those that supported Scott Walker and you can see what the new state is all about.

  2. Anonymous28/4/15

    Mr. Greenfield - Great column, as always. Thoughtful analysis, sharp insights, and great writing. What loyal readers have come to appreciate.

    I am mystified, however, by your comment "elements of the right, particularly those funded by the Koch Brothers, advocate for criminals." I generally approve of the Koch Brothers' support of conservative issues/politicians, but am more concerned with which elements (people or groups) are advocating for which (specific) criminals, and for what ideological/political purpose?

    Any clarification you might give would be much appreciated.


  3. Anonymous28/4/15

    I second that request for clarification. I can't think of any example on the right of advocacy for criminals.

  4. They're currently teaming up on 'criminal justice reform', which means, among other things, freeing drug dealers. Money is going to left-wing legal groups.

    Even Holder praised them for it


  5. These rioters have no sense of right and wrong because they have no god – no objective, absolute authority outside of themselves.

    Another keeper, Daniel!

  6. Anonymous28/4/15

    Mr. Greenfield - Thank you for the clarification.

    Now I understand why you mentioned it. That is very troubling to hear - do you think the vilification campaign against the Koch Brothers has led them to support that effort?

    Not surprising that "criminal justice reform" involves releasing convicted drug dealers. "Immigration reform" seems to be nothing more in substance than a means of granting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.


  7. I wouldn't be surprised. Republican elites tend to try to win the favor of their liberal peers

  8. The Republican elites a

  9. So many grey areas though.

    If a Jew had been taken into custody for possession of a switchblade, had his spine broken, voicebox broken then died in agony seven days later, how would you feel?

    Hip Hop is not homogenous. There are plenty of positive messages from within Hip Hop, but some powers that be encourage and enable those Hip Hop artists who promote crack selling and materialism. Somewhere along the way, Hip Hop got hijacked and the powerful music used as a plan of divide and conquer.

    On the other hand you have rioters burning down their own community centre?
    Looters on a crime spree.
    And a President who has underfunded police forces beyond recognition and demoralised them by excess bureaucracy and lack of support for officers who truly needed to use firearms.

    I too though agree that this BlackLivesMatter campaign is being twisted by elements seeking to use it for their ow ends, and is a gap in the armour for Muslim agitators to try and exploit.

  10. Society is well on its way back to the caves.

  11. Anonymous29/4/15

    Re: the Koch brothers--not defending them but they are basic libertarians--big supporters of Cato, for example, and libertarians are generally opposed to drug laws. So "criminal justice reform" might be on their radar in the context of reforming drug laws.

  12. DenisO29/4/15

    If businessmen could defend their inventory, with guns, the looters would have moved on to easier "pickins", but I have no doubt that Baltimore has restrictive gun laws that prevented it. Whites with family values have been fleeing inner cities for two generations and will continue to do so. Every city that is controlled by the Demorat Party is destroyed or well on its way. The real estate owners can't move their buildings, but they will hesitate to throw good (insurance) money after bad. Slowly, the Left destroys everything it touches, and when the taxes, that allow it, disappear, they're left with a collection of Chernobyl's which few will inhabit voluntarily.
    Obama will try to fund the restoration of Baltimore's self-inflicted decay, but Congress won't fund it (I hope), so that money will have to come from already funded programs, he favors. Like Detroit, these cities will never be restored or important again, like when commerce by water required them.

  13. Anonymous29/4/15

    Someone somewhere will make a finacial killing out of destroying this city. Rioters just do the dirty work, others higher up the food chain will benefit.

  14. Anonymous29/4/15

    Great piece. Don't you know that the use of the word savages has been banned for white writers. Denotes rascism.

  15. Blacks riot because racist white people won't pay them a living wage. Why, most of them are so poor they can't afford belts!


  16. Amazing that you conveniently leave out a whole host of facts:
    The lies of omission usually tell more than what is said (yea, I know it's a different city, but it's the same game that leads to the rage).

  17. Anonymous29/4/15

    @LondonMale I heard that when the murderer of Mr. Kahane was acquitted, the Jews were so enraged that they burnt down Bloom's Deli.
    For your readers, today I had the answer to the age-old philosopher's question, "Does a tree make a sound if no one hears it fall in the forest?"

    And the answer was, "Why was there no one in the forest to hear the tree fall?"

    Such was my insight after listening to the broadcast of the first ballgame with an official attendance of 0.

  18. What we are witnessing is the schism of humanity. On one side of the schism stand the humans who will do what it takes to keep the torch of civilization lit; on the other, are the new race of Orcs who have pledged their lives to extinguish the torch of civilization. There is no middle ground.

  19. Anonymous30/4/15

    Re: Koch brothers. In order to understand the Libertarian view that drug laws should be abolished one must first understand that the " war on drugs" is at it's most basic level the war on intoxication. Intoxication is a very basic human desire if not indeed an actual need. Some people use drugs to escape from reality for a while. Some use religion or meditation. Potaytoe-potahtoe. Without the war on drugs, and the criminalization of drug use, possession, transport and manufacture you would eliminate the drug cartels ( which currently include the DEA, FBI, CIA and assorted other letter agencies) and eliminate almost entirely the criminal aspects of drug use. Certainly some poor souls would abuse drugs and commit criminal acts to obtain them, but in a just society those actual crimes would be prosecuted and justice would be served. But just as with alcohol, most users would handle the intoxicants in a responsible fashion and society would be better for allowing others the freedom to indulge in their intoxicant of choice. Just as governments create monopolies, they also create black markets and cartels through bad, unjust laws. I don't want to encourage drug use as there exist healthier life choices, but the thug cartels and violent gangs are largely the fault of the abusive, inneffective and destructive "War On Drugs."

  20. Anonymous30/4/15

    Wonderful article. And let's not forget the bow tied Nation of Islam, they're sniffing around for carrion, too. The people who truly suffer aren't only the business owners, and the those who had jobs in those businesses and surrounds, but also the neighborhood residents who meantime have no access to food, medical care and peace of mind, are afraid to go out, and maybe will remain afraid from now on- how many old people will be afraid to ever leave their homes, and can't keep appointments in hospital or clinic, Maybe family or friends will be afraid to visit in these neighborhoods; how will they fill prescriptions, get deliveries; how many children are having nightmares, how many adults are sharing them, and how many people have daily to share public transport with crowds of these unfeeling zombies,and have to dread being assaulted, humiliated, intimidated at each encounter...and on and on.
    Still, finally, let's remember who really runs the world, and take some comfort. Nothing is purposeless, and while it is sickeningly disturbing and scary, I know in the end our Creator will not let this world descend into chaos and turn off the lights: not in order to serve the purpose of Communists, nor of Globalists, nor of Muslims, nor any other primitive life form or freak show.

  21. Anonymous30/4/15

    "Still, finally, let's remember who really runs the world, and take some comfort. "

    “Be still, and know that I am G-D. (L-RD, Eternal Ruler of ALL)
    I will be exalted above the nations, (movements, ideologies, political entities)
    I will be exalted over the earth!” (natural world, creation, universe, matter)

    Sibyl S.

    Psalm 46:10

  22. Anonymous30/4/15

    When I took my last job, it was to direct a large public health office, with a majority minority staff. Most of the staff were hired due to preferential treatment as minorities, and were literally, almost un-fireable, no matter the quality of their work, this was a NY state agency, after all. The medical staff were usually not a problem, due to their training. The office staff was another matter.
    Knowing we can only create statues out of the available clay, we worked very hard to establish a fair, and color blind policy..For the most part, it worked out well. Until Obama came along. We fell into two camps, entirely centered on race, and went from congenial co-workers who celebrated birthdays, new babies and most of life's important events, to strangers to each other.
    Most of the staff had degrees, made a good living, and lived in the suburbs, none of that mattered. If one was not in love with Obama, they were clearly racist and hateful, as they saw it.
    As one who rarely thought about Race, gender, or age, I quickly became scarily aware of the tremendous power of The Tribe, and how much resentment lay behind a formerly friendly facade. Was it always there, a match waiting to be struck, or was it generated by a candidate who played race issues like Nero played his fidddle? To this day, I have no answers.

  23. It was always there, certain tensions just bring it out. There's a good deal of underlying resentment, xenophobia and tribalism.

    And if you've worked in that kind of office, you know it's not just directed at white people.

    Black people can be and are racist.


  24. "The failure of people to speak small truths leads to establishment of the big lie,"

  25. Y. Ben-David1/5/15

    Anonymous who criticized the "war on drugs".......if you ever saw the movie "Fahrenheit 451" you saw a future dystopia that ENCOURAGED drug use in order to keep the people docile and not to challenge the government. I have no doubt that at least some of those who are pushing to legalize marijuana have this in mind as a future "benefit" for their anti-democratic "progressive" ideological trend which is seemingly spreading its tentacles everywhere in the West.
    Yes, I know Prohibition was a failure but you can see that there was large-scale public support for it at one point, with many families destroyed by alcoholism (interestingly enough it was considered an early-day feminist issue because women suffered the most from alcoholic husbands and fathers). To legalize drug use would only encourage its spread.

    Anonymous who worked in the multi-racial government office----the phenomenon you witnessed where people who worked closely together for many years suddenly become suspicious of one another in response to external factors is sadly all too common.....some more extreme examples:
    When the Nazis took over Austria in the Anschluss of 1938 the next day,there were many cases of people who had neighbors who were Jews and who had lived as such in peace for many years went to their Jewish neighbors homes, dragged them into the streets and beat them.
    The same thing happened in Sarajevo when Yugoslavia feel apart in the 1990s, in that case it was Muslims and Christian Serbs who went at each other. Again, after the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 Shi'ite and Sunni neighbors in Baghdad an other places started slaughtering each other.

    All I can say is welcome to the America of the 21 century with the atomization of society the "progressives" bring with them when they come to power. That's what socialism does.....it takes increasingly scare resources and then divides the society into competing groups fighting over them, and those in power pick favored groups to give them an unfair advantage while justifying discrimination against the others by accusing them of being racists or having unjustly benefitted in the past..

  26. I am part of the silent class that is supposed to be living in fear of the rioters and others who consider us racists because we favor police arresting criminals instead of letting them burn down inner cities. The thing is no one cares when black people burn down their own neighborhoods. Doesn't anyone ever wonder why they don't bring it out into the areas where whitey lives and try to burn down white people houses? Because that's when the real war starts and the black race makes a run at exterminating themselves. Everything is about money. When you have a class of people who generally contribute nothing positive and live off the system...that system will eventually wipe them out. History has proven that you can push the white race so far and then they will wipe you out. All of history proves this. This inner city farce is the last gasp of the bankrupt liberal cities full of corruption and brainless idiots who would rob their own mothers. The real war is yet to come.

  27. Great post by the Sultan, his social commentary is my favorite. By the way, guys, check out this idiot:


    Perhaps he has not heard of the Knock Out Game. Some guys never learn.

  28. The poisonous marxist ideology known as Critical Race Theory (mixed with Identity Politics) has convinced a generation of Social Justice Warrior Tumblr Brats that blacks "cannot" be racist because they let some marxist nutbar Professors redefine the word racism. These professors and their activist friends cleverly redefine common words all the time, condescending to those who insist upon using the Dictionary/Encyclopedia definitions of words and telling them such definitions are inadequate, and thus construct the entire narrative into a "Heads I win, tails You Lose" dynamic in order to wrest control of the debate.

    And they've got a lot of blacks believing that it is impossible for a "person of color" (black included) to be "racist" because the circular definition of racism they are using is basically "racism plus power", and "blacks don't have power because (phantom) White Supremacy".

    Their weasel words confuse ordinary uninitiated average Joes. If you find yourself arguing with a Social Justice Warrior Tumblr brat, flat out REFUSE to acknowledge their unilateral redefinitions of words as valid, and call them out on their marxist claptrap.

  29. Anonymous2/5/15

    The ubiquitous smart phone. I'm pretty damned rich, and really resist too much indulgence into the data plan cost; how do these jobless brutes manage to have them + data plans? Do they all have Obama-phones?

    And what of our ruling class (the congress, senators, their armies of support staff...). They all have phones, ipads and on & on. I'm sure we're paying for all of that too.
    = = =
    To the main theme, recall the closing scene of one of the Planet of the Apes. The apes are in some cave with the alpha-omega bomb. They don't know where it came from, how it works, what it's really capable of doing; they do know that they control it.

    Just wait 'till law enforcement starts tracking these barbarians to the nearest meter, via the cell phone ping. (soon to be followed by tracking me) - djr

  30. A German translation can be found at

  31. "As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.".

    H. L. Mencken
    the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

  32. Saflid3/5/15

    I came here through a german translation, and want to state a point.
    At first sight it seems to be repugnant that the protests degenerated into obviously greed-driven lootings. But Mr. Greenwald wrongfully analyses the roots of the Baltimore riots.

    The "lawless materialism" he correctly deduces is not the essence of the welfare state, but the essence of _the american dream_.
    If you combine these two american core values:

    1. Get rich. The accumulation of material wealth for you and your family is life's meaning.

    2. If you are unable to push through your fellow humans to get rich, you must be too stupid and deserve to be poor, that is life's natural order.

    Then it's totally sound, psychologically, when the lower classes, which by reciprocality are black, start to loot.
    Rap and loot culture are merely the rouge versions of wall street culture.
    Or do you want to argue that 50 cent's "get rich or die tryin" is a ancient value deeply rooted into the african american culture?
    No, its the pinnacle of WASP culture. The black lower classes have merely been corrupted by them.

  33. Anonymous3/5/15

    As we see increasing unrest among the black communities (if you can call them that) it seems to me what do you expect from a nation of fatherless bastards? Left without a father figure to guide him in the good and right way as most fathers will do they instead become a nation of show offs and criminals. These marches are "show off" marches saying in effect "look at me" because I received no attention from my father and I'm increasingly coming to nothing. The only way I can get the attention I need is through intimidation or in media. Also with their threat of violence they can relieve themselves of their frustrations and instead of killing each other they can redirect their violent tendencies toward the white community.

    They are truly a nation of fatherless children. Bastards. And its their own fault, especially the men.

  34. Anonymous3/5/15

    How have we corrupted them? They can't act on their own or prevent the genocide of their own people that is being perpetrated by blacks against blacks.

    Besides, what does all of this looting and violence have to do with the in-custody death of a man (let's take race out of the equation)? Constructive protests or rallies is one thing but this serves no purpose at all. It's. This is violence for the sake of violence and criminality.

    On a personal note: If I died under suspicious or questionable circumstances the last thing I would want done in my memory is a riot; flowers and prayers would suffice.


  35. Anonymous3/5/15

    Separate note on these riots--While the incidents that spark them are happening randomly, of course, some of these riots seem organized in a weird manner. It's as if some group is choosing which police shooting to protest.

    What group that is I don't know. Also, it's exceedingly difficult to prove that a police shooting or related death is deliberate let alone racially motivated. At best I see the majority of cases being situational, and next to impossible to tell if they're racially motivated.

    The mere fact that an officer is white and a victim is black does not constitute proof. You need more than that, and citing the number of deaths of blacks by police is also a problem if you only cite the number of cases--it's entirely possible that more blacks are killed because 1. they're involved in more criminal activity.

    2.Cops have more interactions with criminals, and if they work in a largely black neighborhood...


  36. Daniel, why such hostility to unions? I agree they are not perfect but the private sector unions were good for the working man at least before the leftists took most of them over.

  37. Anonymous3/5/15

    Here's another aspect of these riots that gives an insight. I must give a tip of the hat to Mencius Moldbug for noticing this:

    Every "peaceful protest" is a dress rehearsal for a riot. Every "peaceful protest" carries the implicit threat: "hey, honkies, look at how many people we can assemble in your street with just a few hours notice. Those are some nice storefronts you've got there. It'd be a shame if something happened to them, wouldn't it?"

    This is why peaceful demonstrations by Tea Party types are laughed at--a bunch of middle-aged white guys with jobs isn't going to burn down the city in a tantrum if they don't get what they want, and everyone knows it. Which is why everyone is terrified of soi-disant "peaceful protests" led by Al Sharpton, and everyone laughs at real peaceful protests led by Sarah Palin or Jim deMint.

    This is one of the reasons the left looks at the Bundy Ranch siege and doesn't know whether to shit or go blind. Someone turned the Alinsky tactics around and used them against the State, and they don't have the faintest idea what to do.

  38. Y. Ben-David4/5/15

    I agree that unions did help workers get needed benefits and protection from unscrupulous owners. The problem is that it is in the union's interest that the company be profitable but union hierarchies, like all socialist organizations tend to become corrupt and out-of-touch with reality becoming an organization that only really cares about those who are in positions of power within it.
    I was a member of the Teamster's union in the early 1970's when they were very powerful and frankly, they were good for me and they helped me when I had a disagreement with the management. At the same time, our leader was Jimmy Hoffa who was sitting in prison due to massive corruption. Thus, I have very mixed feelings about unions, but I do think workers do have a right to organize.

  39. There's a bit of overthink going on here. The spoiled liberal + black hoodrat connection is real, but that's just because they have something very basic in common: absent or spineless fathers.

    This ghetto riot was brought to you by feminism.

  40. I was also a Teamster during the 70s. Powerful union. We used to strike when they violated our contracts. I was also a union ironworker and we would shut down a job in violation of contract. Now the unions are compromised. Union jobs have illegals working on them and nothing is said. The unions are nothing more now than Liberal fund raising organizations with members who don't seem to care that they get shafted on a regular basis so some bonehead who doesn't pay any taxes gets to work.

  41. Anonymous4/5/15

    I don't know what to think anymore. I'm losing track as to which protest is associated with each police incident. Naturally the deaths are not planned but these protests are organized, and I don't mean that just a group of people decide to riot.

    There's some organization bringing this all together but working behind the scenes. It's hard to explain. They just don't seem like grassroots organized riots.

    There's some agenda but I don't think the people who died is the primary issue.



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