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Amnesty for Unamerica

Obama’s excuse for his illegal amnesty will be that the immigration system is “broken” forcing him to act. But when Obama says that the system is broken, he means that some parts of it still work and so he intends to break immigration all the way through to benefit his own corrupt political allies.

That will hurt his own voters the most, but the Democratic Party has a notoriously masochistic relationship with its voting base. It beats them up and then it gaslights them by hugging them and telling them that it was really the mean Republicans who punched them in the face.

When African-American unemployment rates rise, the workers who can’t find jobs because of all the brand new DREAMERs won’t blame the White House, they’ll blame the evil Republicans for income inequality, assuming Sharpton manages to read the term correctly from his MSNBC teleprompter.

According to Obama our immigration system is broken because it doesn’t allow illegal aliens who illegally crossed the border to take American jobs. That’s not a broken system, that’s what the system is supposed to do.

When illegal aliens aren’t allowed to legally take American jobs, that’s how you know the immigration system is working. In the language of progressivism, helping means ruining and fixing means breaking. A system that fulfills any useful purpose must be reformed out of all usefulness. If the tattered shreds of the immigration system still keep a single Democratic voter from legally cashing a welfare check and casting a vote, then immigration must be reformed and helped and fixed until it is completely destroyed.

The immigration system is broken because it was reformed so many times that it makes as much sense as an outhouse on a space shuttle. Its main function now is to bring millions of people without jobs to a country where millions are out of work. Obama wants to fix that by adding millions more people.

Our system of immigration is a perfectly good system for importing lots of low wage workers. The only problem is they’re being imported into a country where there are a lot more low wage workers than there are jobs. The cost of providing food stamps and social services for the immigrants and the Americans they put out of work is passed on to the shrinking middle class which kills more jobs.

Some Republicans would like to modify it to help Mark Zuckerberg bring cheaper third world programmers and engineers to replace the Americans over at Facebook. Why settle for just wiping out the working class, when you can also take out chunks of the middle class?

Our immigration system made perfect sense back when we were opening factories everywhere. It made sense when new ranches needed hands and land needed working. It makes a lot less sense when the government is fighting a war on carbon, when ranches have to get out of the way of the spotted red toad and farms are starved of water in the name of the environment.

The million immigrants a year are not entering booming industries, but serving as cheap labor in declining ones. And they’re doing it in a country where declining industries and poor workers are already being subsidized by taxpayers in a dozen different ways. Why then should taxpayers also be subsidizing the replacement of American workers with Somali and Honduran workers?

Who benefits from that except the Democratic Party which not only killed the industries, but is now managing to kill the American workforce? The glorious future of the new economy is a government subsidized Chinese factory using foreign workers to make subsidized solar panels in Oklahoma while taxpayers remain on the hook for the subsidies which used bonds sold to Chinese investors.

Declining industries tighten their belts by cutting costs. They find the cheapest employees they can. Those cheapest employees become a constituency for the nanny state. The nanny state makes it even more expensive to operate. The cycle spins on until the only industries left are state subsidized and everyone directly or indirectly works for the state. And the only items of collateral with which to borrow more money to subsidize them with are the land and the people. That’s not America. That’s Africa.

The Obama economy has created mostly low wage jobs. Those jobs continue to be filled by immigrants. There still aren’t enough jobs so Obama is proposing to create even less jobs by adding more immigrants by legalizing more illegal aliens.

There is something broken here, but it’s not so much immigration as Obama and his party.

Last week I spoke to a British immigration lawyer who described how difficult it was for seniors in the United Kingdom to retire in the United States. While most countries welcome wealthy retirees, our system makes it difficult for them to move and bring their money over here.

Meanwhile in his 2013 State of the Union address, Obama had praised Desiline Victor, a 102-year-old Haitian woman who had moved to the United States at around 80 and never learned to speak English, but did spend hours waiting in line in Florida to vote for Obama. There are plenty of senior immigrants coming through family reunification for a big bite of a social welfare system they never paid into.

But the Democratic Party would rather have a voter than a worker. And so what we have is not an immigration system, but a migration system.

That’s why Obama and his people fought so hard against an Ebola travel ban. It’s why the New York Times editorialized against allowing Cuban doctors to defect because of the “brain drain” but instead urged that “American immigration policy should give priority to the world’s neediest refugees.”

America certainly takes in plenty of needy people, but what the New York Times is emphasizing is that we should be taking in people with nothing to contribute and keeping out those who do. Its ideal immigrant will at best be a low wage worker and at worst a permanent welfare case. We don’t want Cuban doctors. We want Somali muggers and Liberian Ebola cases and Pakistani terrorists.

Immigration is not meant to serve American interests. America is meant to serve immigration. The end result of this immigration policy will be a stratified society with a permanent lower class and a thin upper class whose leftists can always start a riot by shouting about income equality without ever being able to offer it. Without social mobility what we will have left is social instability. There will be lots of young men with time on their hands to build bombs or throw stones.

If the left doesn’t win through the system, they’ll have their revolutionary constituency standing by. The only way we can afford the immigration policy that we have now is with a lot more industry and a lot less welfare. Instead our immigration rates were widened and rerouted to the Third World even as our actual industries declined. We kept on taking workers we didn’t have jobs for. We built ghettoes and rust belts and our politicians kept on reciting robotic speeches about being a nation of immigrants.

Immigration requires opportunity. We still have it, but less of it than we used to. Our immigration system is not based on opportunity. It’s based on a migratory flow of Democratic Party voters.

What broke the system was making it as open as possible to those who had the least to offer while closing it tightly to those who had the most to offer. Now Obama wants to import illegal aliens while deporting American jobs. He wants to trade American jobs to illegal aliens for Democratic votes.

If the immigration system is to work again, it should work for America… not for Obama.


  1. Anonymous23/11/14

    Democracy destroyed this country; if we had a king this wouldn't be happening.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. It amazes me that many people can't see this immigration move as being an attempt to get voters for the next elections. Obama doesn't care about anyone, especially black people. They are being set up to be wiped out. They want to be able to commit crime without being punished, and Obama and Holder enable them. But since most of them don't vote and suck off the system, they are useless to the progressives and will be replaced by Latinos. Trouble is, most black people can't see or imagine this scenario. But they no longer have anything to offer the progressives. It may backfire since most Latinos are Catholic and they know Obama hates them.

  3. Anonymous23/11/14

    The reality is our federal government exists, not to function as our Constitution designed it, but to serve the interests and pockets of those who, through lies, corruption, bribes, intimidation, and greed get into public office and when they are elected as a Representative or Senator, bring on board their corrupt, lying, greedy friends and supporters so they too can deepen their pockets and share in the lust for power and control over the masses.

    We really have become a banana republic with not one dictator, but an entire political party (and the majority of the other political party) who uses any and all means to have absolute power and control over every aspect of human life while all of their policies serve their own robber barrons and destroy all opportunities for anyone outside their circle of achieving self-sufficiency and enjoying their inalienable rights.

    The U.S. can't survive if our government believes our immigration policies should bring into the country the world's neediest refugees while rewarding those who got here illegally and are draining our already scarce resources. The Democrats have seen to it already that future generations will never enjoy a life debt free and outside the control of the federal government. Granting amnesty to any more illegals is simply a way of telling American citizens and legal immigrants Obama and those who support this policy, we are a system of men, not laws, and our government is working to destroy any and all "hope" of a future other than total slavery to a despotic national government.


  4. Anonymous23/11/14

    In a nutshell...again.
    - BarbaCat

  5. DenisO23/11/14

    The King is angry that the voters showed disrespect, and he's punishing them. It's all about him, and damn everybody else, including his Party. He's said many times that Presidents don't have the power to change immigration laws, and he knows the Courts will rebuke him again, but he's stamping his foot, anyway.
    Illegal immigrants want more than two years, and they will not come out of the woodwork like most think. Why register as an "Illegal", when the Obama power in Congress is gone? They're not that dumb.

  6. Spot on, as usual!

  7. Anonymous23/11/14

    You think this is only an American problem? It's the same in Europe...millions of illegals per year with amnesties every other year, making even more illegals want to come. Only America and Europe allow mass immigration. India, China, Japan etc do not as they value their own people and societies.

  8. I’ve struggled and worked through the five levels of grief over the loss of this country, having recently arrived at the last stage–acceptance. We thought we were invincible, that we could never be conquered, that we had established the perfect system for citizens to pursue their dreams, grow their visions in ways that created opportunities for innovation and thus prosperity for as many as were willing to step up to the challenges and responsibility. It was good, if not perfect. But evil is forever striving to undermine good and we were so busy being prosperous and arrogant about our invincibility, we thought we only had to monitor outward assault. We didn’t notice the slow internal invasion. And now it’s almost done and the irony is that those who see the truth can talk and write about it but the response is, “So what, waddaya gonna do about it now?”

    It was good while it lasted though, wasn’t it?

  9. Anonymous24/11/14

    I believe that Obama's motivation is deeper than just wanting to increase the Democrat voter base. He wants to change the racial makeup of this country. He has a deep seated resentment of white people and the power they exercise. The root of this resentment lies somewhere back in his unique makeup and upbringing. It probably relates to his mother and grandparents.

  10. Obama has always wanted to transform America from a government established by the consent of the governed where voters choose their leaders to a country in which leaders choose their voters. The Democrat party needs a large permanent underclass reliably voting Democrat. His executive order is a way to restock the supply.

  11. Anonymous24/11/14

    What frightens me the most is that we are now looking at a President who is not an executive for the nation but is a guarantor for a specific population through his executive action.

    Now we have a President who if an incoming Republican President is going to remove the amnesty could with the same logical consistency say he merely wants to protect the rights of those whom he made American citizens. That he was taking action against an illegal attack on American citizens. That the duly elected incoming President was illegal because he was making an attack against American citizens.

    Then Obama could say that he is merely delaying handing over the Presidency until adequate protections are in place. Then he could he even keep some of power as a guarantor. Obamas immigration policy makes more sense if he doesn't leave the Presidency than if he does. Ugly.

  12. I’m gaining hope that this country is waking up to the reality of what Obama is doing. There is much discussion about the intent of his strategy, but I am most concern about the use of it. It is nothing short of a constitutional crisis. And unless it gets corrected, we remain vulnerable to any man who sits in the oval office. He has identified our system of government’s biggest vulnerability; that its deliberate and lengthy process of bringing together a majority in both houses to establish a new law also makes it terribly hard for them to act together to unmake one. He can outflank them with executive actionws on any issue. This should be a wake-up call. If both houses of congress are against him, if the poll numbers show that the general population is against him, and he still creates a new law by executive action, what is to stop him on any issue?

  13. The staggering thing to me is how the black community worship this man while he is sticking a shiv in their backs. There used to be a thriving black lower-middle / blue-collar class. They have been largely drop kicked into the underclass by Obama. The most virulent Klansman of old couldn't have done worse to them.


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