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The Genocidal Duck Whisperers of the Post-Human Left

Pick up a copy of Obama’s $3.9 trillion budget and there among the TSA fee hikes, Medicare payment cuts and the $400 million for the Department of Homeland Security to fight Global Warming is a curious little item.

On Page 930 of the budget that never ends is $575 million for “family planning/reproductive health” worldwide especially in "areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species."

The idea that the way to protect insects, fish and animals is by preventing human beings from having children is part of an approach known as Population, Health and Environment (PHE) which integrates population control into environmentalist initiatives.

PHE dates back to the 1980s and is practiced by mainstream organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund.  The Smithsonian's Woodrow Wilson Center, which is funded partly by the US government, aggressively champions PHE eugenics and USAID funds PHE programs and distributes PHE training manuals derived in part from Wilson Center materials.

PHE had been baked into Congressional bills such as the Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Act of 2013 co-sponsored by Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Sheila Jackson-Lee which urged meeting United Nations Millennium Development Goals by using birth control as, among other things, a means of "ensuring environmental sustainability".

Obama's budget is more open about its PHE eugenics agenda. While PHE backers usually claim that they want to reduce population to prevent famine and promote gender equality, the PHE budget request explicitly states that its goal is to reduce human population growth for the sake of the animals, without any of the usual misleading language about feminism and clean water.

The budget is a blunt assertion of post-Human values by an administration that has become notorious for its fanatical environmentalism, sacrificing people on the altar of Green ideology.

When Obama's Interior Secretary Sally Jewell visited Alaska, she told the residents of an Eskimo village where nineteen people had died due to the difficulty of evacuating patients during medical emergencies that, "I’ve listened to your stories, now I have to listen to the animals."

Jewell rejected the road that they needed to save lives because it would inconvenience the local waterfowl. When it came to choosing between the people and the ducks, Jewell chose the ducks.

Ducks don't talk, but environmentalists do, and they had vocally opposed helping the people of King Cove. Jewell had received the Rachel Carson Award, named after an environmentalist hero whose fearmongering killed millions. Compared to the Carson malaria graveyards of Africa, nineteen dead Eskimos slide off the post-Human conscience of a fanatical environmentalist like water off a duck's back.

The arguments against DDT often focused not on saving lives, but on taking them. PHE prevents children from being born, but environmentalists don't stop with the unborn. Malaria was an even more effective tool for reducing populations than targeted abortion and birth control programs.

USAID, which played a key role in the war on DDT, has openly embraced PHE. "When couples can plan the number, timing, and spacing of their children, that helps the environment and the economy." said Beverly Johnson, chief of the Policy, Evaluation, and Communication Division of the USAID Office of Population and Reproductive Health.

Environmentalist population reduction activists originally cloaked their real agenda in claims about worldwide famine. Paul Erlich, author of The Population Bomb, had predicted mass starvation by the 1970s and the end of England by 2000. Today Global Warming activists set empty dates for the destruction of mankind that they themselves don't believe in.

The post-Human left seeks to maintain a perpetual state of crisis so that governments and corporations will be more inclined to accept even horrifying solutions as the alternative to the end of mankind. What it does not tell them is that its goal is the end of mankind. 

In February, Population Action International and the Sierra Club sponsored a Congressional briefing on PHE post-2015. Population Action International was originally founded as the Population Crisis Committee in the sixties. Its preceding organizations included the Hugh Moore Fund for International Peace which claimed that population control was necessary to defeat Communism.

Like the Communists, the post-Human activists were adept at disguising their agenda in the concerns of the moment, shifting from national security, feminism, the coming Ice Age, mass starvation and now Global Warming. Environmentalists are even attempting to shoehorn the War on Terror into their agenda as the Wilson Center's Environmental Change and Security Program attempts to tie every terrorist conflict zone from Yemen to Mali to Global Warming.

Environmentalists are even attempting to repeat their old trick by trying to shoehorn the War on Terror into their agenda. The Wilson Center's Environmental Change and Security Program attempts to tie every terrorist conflict zone from Yemen to Mali to Global Warming.

Paul Erlich, whose book was prompted by the Sierra Club and carried the same title as Hugh Moore's tract, wrote that, "We must use our political power to push other countries into programs which combine agricultural development and population control." PHE jettisons agricultural development for its exact opposite, but otherwise it maintains the same formula of tying population control to a shifting collection of crisis agendas.

Typical of PHE's intersection of environmentalism and eugenics,the Wilson Center cites a report which claims that "the effect of a 40 percent reduction in CO2 emissions per capita in developed countries between 2000 and 2050 would be entirely offset by the increase in emissions attributable to expected population growth in poorer countries over this period."

The only way to fight Global Warming is Third World population control and eventually First World population control.

Environmentalist fearmongering has never been about saving people. Its activists, like Sally Jewell, are too busy playing duck whisperer to care about people.

Green programs have yet to save lives, but they do cost lives. The elderly in the United Kingdom are dying of electric poverty after facing cold winters and shocking price increases due to sustainability mandates, asthma sufferers are dying because the affordable albuterol inhalers they used were banned by the EPA and people die in fires and floods, in natural disasters that could have been prevented, but are instead blamed on their victims by the environmentalists, who helped make them so lethal.

Not only do the environmentalists kill, but they profit from the deaths of their victims.

Elliot Morley, UK Labour's Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, had directed that flooding in Somerset should be promoted because “wildlife will benefit from increased water levels”. Baroness Young, an environmental activist, who had become the chief executive of the UK's Environment Agency, took steps to increase the possibility of flooding.

As she said, the formula was "for ‘instant wildlife, just add water’".

When the flooding came, children were trapped on buses, 7,000 homes were flooded and many residents lost everything. Environmental activists blamed Global Warming and "careless farming" for the floods that they themselves had engineered.

Survivors of the Black Saturday bushfires in Australia which killed 173 people blamed environmental regulations for worsening the fires by preventing residents from clearing trees. The environmentalists blamed Global Warming and sent around an editorial suggesting that people "who don't like to end up in flames" should read the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change report.

California's drought was likewise engineered by environmental activists who then blamed their own handiwork on Global Warming.

Environmentalists wield unprecedented power over the lives of millions and yet they claim that each engineered disaster could have been averted if they had only been given even more power.

The left is not only becoming post-American or post-Western, but post-Human, applying the same tactics that they used to target majorities in Western countries to the human race as a whole. Class war and race war are giving way to species warfare. And since the ducks cannot talk, ultimate power rests with the duck whisperers, those who speak for the animals, the fish and the trees.

The post-Human left takes social justice to its natural conclusion, going beyond all the human categories to level mankind with the polar bear, the duck and the microbe. Total equality for the post-Human left is not the equality of the rich and the poor, of men and women, of blacks and whites, or even of the First World and the Third World, but the equality of man and microbe, of a pregnant woman in a small Alaskan fishing village with a duck and a hungry California child with the Kangaroo rat.

The post-Human left seeks to put the species in its place, to keep down its breeding and reduce it from the lords of creation to only another species of animal to be shepherded and culled by their masters.

Beyond all the lies, that is the final endgame of the environmentalist movement. It isn't out to save mankind. It's out to destroy it. It wants to treat it like any species of animal, to control its reproduction, control its food distribution and its living spaces. It wants to reduce its numbers to a manageable level so that it takes its place within the animal kingdom 


  1. Fisk Ellington Rutledge III18/3/14

    That "Homeland Security" is being tasked with fighting nonexistent "global warming/climate change/unicorn flatulence" is an extremely sinister sign that the police state is here right now.

    The Leftist social pathology has metastasized to the point that the U.S. is in its death throes. While our "government" blithers about reducing the population, they are straining to import millions more third-world savages into the U.S.

    Our government is now openly the enemy of its own country. It is criminally insane by even the most generous definition.

  2. Anonymous18/3/14

    "Save the planet. Kill yourself."

    You first.

  3. Anonymous18/3/14

    How does one become a crackpot? It seems to pay well.


  4. I think the woman holding a sign is actually a man. Aside from the biceps, flat chest, and mannish jaw, she also seems to have a shoulder width around three times the size of her head width. Women have a shoulder width 2.5 times their head width.

    (Michelle has three times, make of that what you will)

  5. Anonymous18/3/14

    Down here in the country we have a saying "You can't fix stupid" I'd like to ad to that "and you shouldn't try" . "Global overpopulation" is based on the same scientific data as "global warming" and is equally invalid. But you can no more effect the minds of the true believers , than you can change the weather by praying to a stone. ---Ray

  6. Anonymous18/3/14

    It's like The Lorax on crack

  7. Anonymous19/3/14

    It is so important to reprint this and bring it again to the forefront. People forget, many have never read it, and some may have overlooked its value the first time around. This is so well stated and timely.

    Environmentalism at its very heart is cleaning up after yourself, taking care of yourself and your surroundings, and leaving the environment as is or better than you found it.

    The survival or pure environmentalist is a hunter, fisherman, or farmer – a requirement for American red-staters, who live and breathe taking care of their surroundings whether its trees, wildlife, crops, clean water, runoff and erosion, or replenishing anything that needs renewing.

    These efforts are tacitly but solidly supported by a majority of people who live in high-rises or urban settings in any major city who keep their buildings and streets clean, who might simply be proud of a 14th floor flower box, or who grow much of their veggies in a sunny backyard garden.

    Whether you are a farmer or you live on the 57th floor you can have the same love and respect for the planet and you should be honored for it.

    What is unusual but becoming so predictable is the new vehement secular-progressive political environmentalist - Daniel’s duck whisperer, who doesn’t protect nature but instead pits man against Nature…a capital “N” because nature is their god - never a “G” or a G-d
    The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who gave us sovereignty over animals – which includes their protection, is a myth to these metrosexual pistolphobic lunatics who don’t understand the care and knowledge it took to get their next meal into the supermarket and on to the shelf or deli.

    Another zero sum fulcrum issue
    Definitely time to get these nut cases off the teeter-totter.


  8. Heard of these folks? They've been at it a lot longer than you might imagine. And they have serious friends in places like the EPA.

  9. I have ceased being capable of even feigning surprise at the ignorance of these morons. There is nothing they can do that will surprise me. So the question: What do we do?

    I am utterly bereft of what normal people consider a conscience. Give me a button to push that vaporizes all these idiots and I will push it with glee; does that fix anything? How do we undo the lies and bullshit from Jewell back to Rachel Carson and beyond?

    Possibly faith is an answer. Not "belief", these idiots have belief. You can believe in any ludicrous thing if you are a moron. I don't know the answers but the questions keep mounting.

  10. Well as Mark Steyn has said "the future belongs to those who show up for it ... and those who do show up for it are unlikely to share the values of the Greens the Leftists, etc" or words to that effect. I do agree with another commenter that the sign holder should begin the process and give us a lesson I know we will all appreciate. Me personally, when I see what the world is becoming, the future is not something I have any interest in showing up for.

  11. Anonymous19/3/14

    Funny how it seems only WHITE people are concerned with overpopulation and all things environmental. Let's get real, when was the last time a "brother" shaved a whale? Or a "sister" expressed concerns about climate change? Oh, sure, occasionally an "organic" farmers market may pop up in Harlem, the South Bronx, Newark, etc.,but they're most often frequented by White yuppies and treandoids who hih-tail it out of those neighborhoods by nightfall. The 0bamas? Sure the owe the greenies big time. I've seen more diversity at a NASCAR race.

  12. It's like I'm reading "Stand on Zanzibar", "Make Room Make Room", "This Perfect Day" or "The World Inside" all over again. The world was obsessed with population growth in the late 60's, early 70's. Seemingly the only solution was totalitarianism. Except maybe now they're not against it.

  13. Anonymous19/3/14

    Bang on the button here Daniel, Environ-MENTALISM is another Marxist weapon deployed against the West. Marcuse has a lot to answer for.

    A factor in the flooding in the UK was regulations passed by the EU to curb dredging of rivers. And while our people suffered Cameron refused to cut foreign aid to help them.

    The ruling elite hate us of that I have no doubt.

    Proud Brit.

  14. Anonymous19/3/14

    Now you know what Obamacare is really about, reducing the population.

  15. Shlomo ben Shmuel19/3/14

    Perhaps we should give a special medal to Assad and the al-Qaida groups who are fighting against him. Between them they have killed a lot of people. But then they have probably killed some ducks, so maybe we should hold off on the medal. We can hold it for Iran if they really use the bomb. That should make the environmentalists happy. And those they kill will probably be mostly Jews, and nobody cares about them.

  16. Anonymous19/3/14

    Daniel, you use a lot of words to make a fairly simple and easily supported argument. But, since you put the words together so well, I will not mention it. Nice post on a topic about the left's culture of death. Some things can't be reiterated too much. W.C.T.

  17. Anonymous19/3/14

    Societies need self explanatory meta-relates, in the west it has been: theocentric through the king, (pyramidal society), then anthropocentric after french-american-russian revolutions with two competing ‘approaches’: free market and socialist. Both seem to glide towards crony capitalism (truncated pyramid), so now the new meta-relate has lebensraum: the geocentric, with prophets and priesthood included. One thing is for sure: every ‘new relate’ is a bloody mess and we should remember that Lenin was just a wacko in Viennese coffee-shops until some german intel pundit sent him to Moscow to create a home front. Give them a chance and we will see very bad things happen.

  18. None of this is new ... Malthus and Fitzhugh. From the early 1800's to now .... always the same solutions - population control and universal slavery. These are the unending constants of Liberals equations of Utopia. The only variables are the number and types of people they command to be killed.

  19. DenisO19/3/14

    I really can't feel your pain, Sultan, or get too excited over silly people recommending anything. What is so surprising about them trying to look more Progressive than their friends? Who is more holy in the church of saving the whales? Saving the planet? It is nonsense, and only makes them less serious looking.
    They feel good about caring, but it's all personal theater. Will they sacrifice themselves and their families? Of course not; it's all about image and pecking order among guilt-filled chickens.
    I can't see anything to get excited about. They are always dangerous, and must be watched, like children with matches, but I doubt we have anything to fear. Let them rant on. The EPA has power and is dangerous, grant it, but it's Congress that has to keep them in check. Their problem is they don't want to offend any voting group, so we have to send them home. One here, one there, and the message will be received.

  20. Anonymous19/3/14

    Daniel, Your good points are diluted by claiming the overpopulation concerns in the 60's were fake--citing as evidence the fact that mass starvation, famine did not occur. But you leave out the incredible increases in agricultural yields developed in the 70's.

  21. Anonymous20/3/14

    When I had a chance to work as a loaned exec for a large, national, non-profit organization collecting donations and distributing goods and services to local communities around the country, I saw quite a lot of different needs I had never really thought about before. One that really surprised me were the people who placed importance of animals above people. But as I thought about it, I realized it is a bit like portfolio management and any society needs to be "balanced" in it's approach to handling these needs, whether it is the environment, crime, the poor, health issues, children, etc. There are many people with different interests and many issues that need attention. America is a great place for volunteerism, so let them do their thing without judging them.

    However, when you point out the historical efforts by some organizations and people to use devious means elevate "their" favorite need to get a bigger share of the pie, then the portfolio managers, ah hem, Congress, if they were responsible and not corrupt themselves, would adjust the investments to make sure things remained balanced according to immediate and foreseeable needs.

    DenisO. seems to think our esteemed Congress is up to the job. Really? What planet are you from? Our political system is so corrupt that the disease that pervades it has been making its way for decades by the very people Daniel mentions, and yet, no one, no one does anything about it. But DenisO doesn't see anything to get excited about. He might as well be one of the voters who put Barry the Clown into office at 1600 Pennsylvania
    Ave. Gee, our first "black" President. Otherwise, nothing to get excited about. Right!

  22. Anonymous20/3/14

    "“family planning/reproductive health” worldwide especially in "areas where population growth threatens biodiversity or endangered species."



  23. Speciesism ....wow, just heard it & Daniel is on it. Sick world we live in & I don't mean biologically

  24. Great article , an excellent description of Agenda21.

  25. Another masterpiece, Daniel. Sigh.

    And your commenters, for the most part, are making great points, connecting dots.

    I know it's not popular for we conservatives to speak out against GMO's and Monsanto, but there's a there there. What better way to control population than to control, quite literally, the seeds that grow our food? Anyway, tin foil hat aside, it's pretty clear that these populations that need to be "controlled" are in third world countries (at least for now, and excluding the new dust bowl created in the San Joaquin Valley to save the little fishies. Smelt, after all, are certainly more crucial than, you know, people or the farms that feed them). One of the reasons that President Bush (W) didn't get the credit he deserved for his work fighting AIDS in Africa is that he didn't advocate abortion there. Abortion is definitely a key part of the Duck Whisperers' plan; it works so well here, after all. Anyway, I'm all over the place because this piece is so stellar and thought-provoking. So yay you!

  26. Anonymous23/3/14

    All for it.. Them 1st. . We will load for them.

  27. Good article. I like to call the Environmentalists who are in favor of genocide "Super-racist" or "omniracist", because the discriminate against all different kinds of people, even if they don't discriminate between them.

  28. The latest Michael Mann vindicating temperature hockey stick? A single glance reveals it as a true scam, no math degree required:

  29. Progress was thought to improve the human condition. Progressives’ “progress” degrades the human condition by destroying our likeness in God.


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