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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Help Us Al Gore, You're Our Only Hope


Lynne Stewart suggested that maintaining the blind sheikh’s “exchange value” was part of her job. “It could be very important that that person is still perceived as worth exchanging, perhaps, for someone else,” she suggested.

A year after Rahman was sentenced to life in prison, terrorists from his Muslim Brotherhood splinter organization, the Islamic Group, carried out the Luxor Massacre in Egypt. European tourists had their ears and noses cut off before being killed. The attack had been carried out to take hostages to exchange for Lynne Stewart’s client. A note calling for the release of Rahman was found in a disemboweled body.

When asked about the Luxor Massacre, Stewart accused Americans of being “two-faced about violence” adding that, “The basic desire of people to be free hasn’t changed. And I’m not sure that I want to second-guess what methods other people use.”

In the massacre that Lynne Stewart refused to second-guess; the methods included the murder of Shaunnah Turner, a 5-year-old girl.

Obama Frees a Terror Lawyer

Walt Disney, Unlike Emma Thompson, Didn’t Support a Child Rapist


“We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can,” one National Parks Service ranger told the Washington Times

You Know Who Shut Down Roads, Parks and Memorials for Political Reasons


Joyce Spencer is 77-years-old and her husband Ralph is 80. They’ve been spending most of their time in the family ice cream store since going home isn’t an option.

The Spencers never expected to be forced out of their Lake Mead home, which they’ve owned since the 70s, but on Thursday, a park ranger said they had 24 hours to get out.

Chris Christie Shut Down Traffic, Obama Kicked Seniors Out Of Their Homes

Obama Donor Helped Free Terrorist Behind Benghazi Attack

While Obama Negotiates with Iran, Iran Cracks Down on Christians


The president raged to Gates, asking, “Is it a lack of respect for me?… Do they resent that I never served in the military? Do they think because I’m young that I don’t see what they’re doing?”

Obama: “Is it a Lack of Respect for Me? Do They Resent That I Never Served in the Military?”

Baby Boom: 1 in 10 Babies and Toddlers in UK are Muslim


The odyssey of that great member of the Democratic Party, Detroit City Council President Pro-Term George Cushingberry Jr began when he was returning from the Penthouse Lounge which is described as “Michigan’s only premier Gentlemen’s Club.”

Or as Cushingberry said, “I was coming out of the Penthouse Lounge, which is one of the places I’ve campaigned in all year.”

    “A police source familiar with the investigation said the councilman was leaving Starvin Marvin’s and almost hit police officers. Two sources confirmed that marijuana and an open intoxicant were found in Cushingberry’s car.”

Starvin Marvin’s is also a Detroit “gentleman’s club.” However Cushingberry denied that he was at Starvin Marvin’s and claimed that he was campaigning over at the Penthouse Lounge.

When you’re caught with drugs in your car after leaving a strip club, you want people to think you have class.

Detroit City Council President Leaving Strip Club Caught w/Drugs in Car after Fleeing Cops, Blames Racism

UK Unable to Deport $1.6 Mil Cocaine Kingpin Because He is the “Best Dad”


The Arab Spring did to the Middle East what WWI did to Russia and Eastern Europe. Al Qaeda, like the Bolsheviks, plans to pick up the pieces. The new Soviet Union may be an Islamic state that stretches across the Middle East while the Salafi preachers and thugs terrorizing Europe play the role of Communist infiltrators in the West. And another world war may be here before we even know it.

In 1903 the Bolsheviks were a quarreling band of radicals, in 1923 they had formed the Soviet Union and two decades later they ruled an alliance that reached all the way to Western Europe and was aiming at the conquest of the world.

Lenin and Bin Laden built their respective organizations as a base around a core elite that would serve as the revolutionary vanguard. Lenin’s approach produced the Soviet Union. We have yet to see where Bin Laden’s approach will lead.

How the Arab Spring Unleashed Al Qaeda

Black and Latino Caucus Invites Whites, Denies them Voting Rights - Would it grant them full membership if they could find a minority ancestor?


Raising further suspicions is the fact that he died in Beth Israel Medical Center. Amiri Baraka had famously asked in “poem” form after September 11, “Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers To stay home that day Why did Sharon stay away?”

By an even more suspicious coincidence, Ariel Sharon is now also near death. Is it possible that Amiri Baraka died because 4,000 Israeli workers left Beth Israel Medical Center and headed off to care for Sharon?

Who Blew Up Amiri Baraka?

“Come up, black dada / nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape / their fathers. Cut the mothers’ throats,” Baraka wrote.

Amiri Baraka’s Most Anti-Semitic Poems

Al Qaeda Bans Syrian Women from Sitting in Chairs


The United States has carried out drone strikes against Al Qaeda in Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. But it hasn’t touched the largest concentration of Al Qaeda in the world in Syria where the Al Nusra Front has as many as 20,000 fighters and ISIS has 12,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria

30,000 Al Qaeda terrorists should be the world’s biggest target, but Obama is too busy pretending that they aren’t there.

Al Qaeda in Iraq’s ranks doubled after the Obama pullout. They have since increased fivefold.

Under Obama, Al Qaeda has not only rebuilt, it has made gains that put it vastly beyond where it was before September 11. All the sacrifices and hard work were undone in a matter of years by Obama.

Al Qaeda: Bigger, Stronger & More Dangerous Than Ever

Majority of Americans Believe Obama Lied about Benghazi


NBC Blames Bush for Al Qaeda Takeover of Fallujah in 2014

Left Blames Benghazi on Bush Listening to Them and Freeing Gitmo Terrorist

Apparently we’re on George W. Bush’s fourth term. And here I’ve been making a fool of myself criticizing some Illinois senator for messing up the country. If only NBC News had told me this piece of breaking news sooner.

Democratic Ambulance Chaser Files Class Action Lawsuit over Traffic Jam


The Chamber of Commerce wants to add 12 million illegal aliens from Mexico to the voting rolls… and it wants to lower taxes.

One of these things is not compatible with the other.

Imagine a new future where Obama and Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio are the future instead of temporary aberrations. Good luck with your entitlements crisis under permanently left-wing rule.

This is why challenging C of C candidates in primaries is justified unless they disavow immigration reform (amnesty) because whether or not the seat is held by a pro-amnesty Republican or a Democrat, amnesty will mean permanent Democratic Party rule in under two decades.

Chamber of Commerce: Only Permanent Democratic Party Rule Can Solve Entitlements Crisis

Alan Grayson Planned Meet with Group Founded by Al Qaeda Financier - Al Qaeda Al does it again


"The stubborn South and the Midwest kept this nation from being dragged farther to the left than it was during the New Deal.

"But what if it is contemplated to do away with the two party system and arrive at Govt by administrative decree? No questions allowed and no information given out from the administrative dept. We could get more rulings on the same subject and more far-reaching any day.”

Google Doodles Finally Honors a Conservative

Are There Congressmen Who Talk to Al Qaeda Terrorists?


A controversial former aide to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom who resigned after he was caught attacking journalists online under a phony name online has been appointed senior adviser to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

After the blog SFist tracked the IP address of “John Nelson” to Ragone’s home computer, the mayoral flack claimed Nelson was his “best friend” who often stayed at Ragone’s house.

De Blasio Hires Lying Troll as Senior Adviser

French City with 40% Muslim Population is the Most Dangerous City in Europe


I am your guide through the seven gates. I shall summon the Ancients, remind them of their pact. My name is Kuma Hassan a direct decedent of Alhazred himself. I posses the knowledge withheld from Simon, Lovecraft, and Giger

 NJ Muslim Tried to Kill Wife with Black Magic, Before Faking Hate Crime


“While women of other faith groups are going through the pain of sexual violence due to improper dressing, it’s been observed that there are low cases of sexual violence among Muslim women,” Fatima Ndaila, National Chairperson of Muslim Women Organization (MWO), told OnIslam.net.

“It is rare for women who put on hijab to be sexually molested.”
Muslims Fight Sexual Harassment by Telling Women to Wear Hijabs

Taliban Commander Sends 10-Year-Old Sister to Blow Herself Up


The former head of Czech foreign intelligence service Karel Rand├ík said bluntly: “What did you expect?!"

"Diplomats who violate every conceivable principle have no business being in the Czech Republic,” he said. “But I can not think how they can explain this. It’s Inexplicable and indefensible, so that – at least in my opinion – we have no choice but to expel the Palestinians.”
Czech Neighborhood Wants Explosive Palestinian Embassy to Leave

Muslim Who Stabbed Daughter Allowed to Stay in UK for Daughter’s Sake


“We didn’t know that we needed a parking spot for a van,” says Avi Hadid, owner of a mini-mall at Western Avenue and Washington Boulevard. He settled with the convicted child abuser for $10,000 — cheaper than hiring a lawyer.

Pedophile Made a Fortune Filing Disability Lawsuits in California


Take immigration off the table and you would see a very different picture with blue states dying out and red states growing. Immigration sustains the population growth of blue states while bankrupting them and turning them into disaster areas.

Conservative States Have the Youngest Populations


Stuart Schneiderman of the Had Enough Therapy blog comments on my article on the left's manufactured intelligence.

It’s all about the difference between thinking and feeling. If you are dealing with actual intelligence, you might have to think about what the person is saying. You might have to accept that he knows more than you do. You might even have to put in some effort, that is, some work.

If you are listening to someone who is practicing reverse intelligence, you do not have to think at all. You need to learn how to drop the right words and phrases into a conversation; you need to have the right opinions; you need to feel the right feelings; but that is all. Secure in your feeling that you belong to a superior class of individuals, you can bask in the glow.

It has more to do with enhanced self-esteem than with actually learning anything.


Those who traffic in reverse intelligence are not interested in doing anything. They are not worrying about solving problems. They are, Greenfield says, more interested in justifying their own positions of power and authority. Believing themselves to possess a superior intelligence,belonging to what Plato called the Guardians, they arrogate to themselves the right to make decisions for the rest of us. 

Every ruling class has to justify its right to power based on an external idea and on internal superiority.

The external idea for the left is social justice, but the internal idea is their superiority for being forward-thinking caring people who embrace change. That way their internal superiority matches their external idea which it has to in most ruling classes.


The one expense that has skyrocketed over the last five years is the cost of my employees’ health insurance. Prior to 2009, health insurance premiums grew at a rate comparable to other expenses. Since the Senate passed the Affordable Care Act in 2009, the premiums have increased by almost 65%, this in spite of switching to a plan with a higher deductible. Last month I received notice that they will rise again on January 1st, an increase of 90% since 2009.

This kind of inflation wrecks the balance sheet in a small business. It was painful, but the math told me I would have to fire someone. If I could have kept just half of the premium increase, I could have found a way to keep my employee.

A dentist's account of the difficult choice he was forced to make on Politichicks.tv


4) Allow the truly wealthy, whose property rights would disappear in an instant in the absence of government protections, to continue to accumulate net assets without limit and without paying the costs of protection of those property rights—shifting them onto the heavily taxed producers.

5) Continue to increase the overall taxation of producers until the goose that laid the golden egg, the middle class, is dead.

6) Decry the profligacy of the middle class as it ceases to have children hence family values, and goes into the abyss of usurious debt, the economy collapses due to a failure of consumer demand and the government centralizes even more power by handing over even more wealth to the creditors in exchange for equity stake.

from Joan at Primordial Slack.


Every few months I see stories on certain sites like Vdare and blogs touting Israel's willingness to detain and expel refugees. That willingness tends to be drastically overstated.

Israel's occasional attempts at dealing with its illegal problem are no different than Australia's fitful efforts at stopping boat refugees or America's limited deportations of border crossers. These things look like impressive efforts if your only lens on a country comes from a leftist media which views any enforcement as apocalyptic and emphasizes its harshness and cruelty.

Unfortunately that's not the reality.

Israel's conservative government is no different than that of the UK and a dozen other Western countries. Its commitment to border security is feeble.

The detentions and deportations seem impressive only if you don't look at the big picture. And the big picture is that internal enforcement is marginal and there are far more refugees inside Israel than the handful being detained and deported.

In other words, Israel is like the United States.

Here's a view from the ground level of what that means.

Tiger speaks Hebrew peppered pretty good English and a little Arabic. He’s single, 30 years old, and he won his nickname because he is very flexible. Tiger works locally as a soldier in a criminal organization in southern Tel Aviv, one of three organized criminal gangs. “If I do not robbing or stealing, I’m dead,” he says. “Just that I’m alive.’s Something I have to do to make me how to buy food and pay rent. No job and the best I can do.”

“In Sudan.  if you have no money you starving.,then what do we do? Steal, thieves and murderers is part of our life.”

Tiger left Sudan and his parents and five brothers. His face and hands have visible scars. He carries on his person a knife hidden under his shirt in a leather case. Eight years ago he infiltrated Israel, worked in Eilat and escaped three years ago after local police began, in his words to, “sit on my tail.” Later, in conversation he provides another reason for leaving: a conflict broke out between him and another Sudanese opening illegal bars in the migrant areas of Eilat…

The third organization called HaKilerim (The Killers) was considered the most dangerous and specializes in collecting protection money from Jewish businessmen, Sudanese refugees and Romanian workers, Chinese and Filipinos who settled in the area and opened small businesses, as well as prostitutes and drug addicts. This organization also operates betting parlors, massage parlors, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. In addition to all those engaged in smartphone robbery, kidnapping cases, pimping, drug dealing in very large quantities, bike theft, running stalls selling ethnic foods and making deals on the street.

Successful foreign criminals wear the best brands, Nike or Adidas, wearing gold watches, necklaces and bracelets, and sunglasses luxury. Many of them resemble the look nicer part of American rappers. While the soldiers are living in apartments and moldy old room south of the city, senior bosses can afford to rent apartments of three and four rooms and frequently travel in taxis.

In southern Tel Aviv, on Neve Shanan Street, as soon as darkness falls, the criminals go out and business owners go on alert. “By five – six pm most shops are closed fearing criminals will steal, rob and take protection money,” says a man who sell shoes in the area. “Whoever stays open gambles with his life. Those who do not pay, the criminals break the windows of their stores and put their knives to his throat, destroying and stealing merchandise. They are not afraid of the police. They have nothing to lose.”

This is exactly what Tiger does. Although his appearance is not particularly scary, he makes his rounds of the stores and collects the  protection money and gives the money to his boss. “That’s what I do in Sudan. Never learned in school, my parents had no money to send me to school, and to my family not be hungry we were stealing from shops, houses, anything that could get us money,” he says. “I know the South Tel Aviv as if I was born here. Jews also pay us money to keep them in business. Those who do not pay, we destroy his business and steal his money.”

Tiger knows all about the hundreds of cases of violence occurring compound year Neve Shanan and bus station in Tel Aviv, but not reported to the police.

“Those who do not pay us, we break a bottle over the head,” says Ibrahim, a member of the criminal organization “The Killers.”

Nobody messes with the Sudanese and Eritreans,” says a clothing store owner in the area. “The Chinese were very strong here but have now almost disappeared. They are afraid to enter into a tussle. Even the police do not deal with them. There were some that came to my shop, because I did not want to give them free clothes, they took what I had and fled.”

Suffice it to say, nothing is solved.


These claims are easily refuted, of course.  Guam did capsize and we know this because the Great and Marvelous Truth-Teller Obama has told us so.  We also have pictures that clearly depict open expanses of ocean where we have been told Guam once stood.  Their treasonous claims that they have accessed the long-defunct Google Earth and have satellite images of the island, still upright, make this claim all the more laughable.  No one can access that awful, treasonous technology.  Emperor King High Messiah Obama has told us that it is no longer accessible.  Case closed.

from Fuzzy Slippers


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