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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Welcome Back Dukakis


Twenty years ago, New York’s long nightmare ended with a Giuliani victory over Mayor Dinkins. Now the nightmare returns as former Dinkins staffer and terrorist supporter Bill de Blasio will begin wrecking the city where Dinkins and his Democratic predecessors left off.

Bill de Blasio vowed to undo Giuliani’s reforms and turn back the clock on fighting crime and terrorism. Giuliani’s victory was a wake-up call to Democrats that one of the more dangerous cities in the country had rejected their liberal soft-on-crime policies that had made it unlivable. Bill de Blasio’s victory tells them that soft-on-crime is popular again.

Welcome back Michael Dukakis.

The Rise and Fall of New York

10 Republican Senators Vote to Force Businesses to Hire Transvestites


After a suicide bombing in the Moscow subway by a Muslim terrorist, Vladimir Putin said, “Russia doesn’t conduct negotiations with terrorists — it destroys them.”

The last American president to say something like that and mean it was Ronald Reagan, who also defeated Putin’s old bosses. 

The Late Great United States

Muslim Rape Capital of Europe Introduces Feminism Rating for Movies


An attorney for a Des Moines Islamic leader charged with sexual abuse and exploitation is asking a judge to drop two of the charges, arguing that they violate the man’s religious freedom.

He does have a point. Islam is one of the few religions to incorporate rape as a major aspect of its founding and practice.

Iowa Muslim Imam Claims Prosecuting Him for Molesting Women Violates his Religious Freedom


Goliath exists in an alternate universe in which Israel isn’t fighting terrorism, but going on a killing spree motivated by racism, religious fanaticism and a desire to eat puppies. If Max Blumenthal were reporting on WW2, the story would begin with an armada of American bombers flown by demented murderers hopped up on war propaganda bombing the unarmed and innocent National Socialists of Berlin.

And that’s exactly how Goliath begins, as an Israeli F-16 “roared across the sky” and launched a missile at a bunch of Hamas terrorists who lie “writhing in pain, their uniforms stained with the flesh and blood of their comrades.”

From the first page, it’s obvious where Max Blumenthal’s sympathies lie. It’s also obvious that he missed his calling writing for soap operas.

Goliath isn’t just overwrought; it’s downright hysterical. Like a werewolf, Abbas “howls” in the throes of “militant histrionics.” The even eviler Netanyahu “stumps through fever swamps” as an “apocalyptic” “prophet of doom” and Israelis cheer as their army “exacts blood vengeance on the enemy.”

Max Goes Mad Over Israel


Syrian Sunnis and Shiites may disagree over theology, but they can both agree that a country without KFC just isn’t worth keeping. No ones wins here.

Even ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front should be able to recognize the magnitude of the catastrophe. What good is a Caliphate if it’s not Kentucky fried?

Americana’s decision to close up shop in Damascus is just the latest example of the dissolution of normalcy in even Syria’s most protected areas. As long as the operational obstacles facing KFC mirror the ones that Syria faces in feeding its people, Colonel Sanders is unlikely to return.

Syrian War Ends in Defeat as Kentucky Fried Chicken Leaves Damascus


At least Marie Antoinette allowed the peasants to eat cake if they could get their hands on it. Michelle Obama and the FDA have decided to ban the peasants from eating cake.

The days of stick margarine may be numbered. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday proposed banning artificial trans fats in processed food ranging from cookies to frozen pizza, citing the risk of heart disease.

The food fascism of our liberal overlords knows no limits. Liberals used to whine about getting the government out of their bedroom. Can we get their government out of our kitchens?

“The F.D.A. is back,” said Marion Nestle, a professor in the department of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University.

They tried to kill the FDA in the first movie. They thought it was dead in the second movie when the summer camp it was stalking drowned it in the lake. But now it’s back again and on the rampage.

Obama’s FDA Bans Margarine, Food that Tastes Good


Some criticized the administration for its delayed reaction to the photo, which was sent to Vice Chancellor Sharon Stahl just after Halloween. At the meeting, Stahl took responsibility for her lack of action.

“I am the person, the only person, to whom this posting was sent on Halloween; I made a grave mistake in not responding sooner than I did. I deeply regret that,” Stahl said. “If I could go back and undo this, I would, but I can’t, so I have to accept the responsibility of my mistake. I apologize, and I hope that moving forward you will be able to find it in your hearts to give me that grace.”

Washington University Bows to Muslim Pressure over Bin Laden Costume


It’s not his fault really. He really believed you could keep your health plans. And then his people wrote the regs so that you couldn’t. But the trigger for the regs was technically in the marketplace.

So it’s not his fault. It’s the fault of the healthcare marketplace churn.

Some might say that’s like putting a bomb on a bus that will go off if it drops below 50 miles an hour and then blaming the resulting deaths on the bus for going too slow… instead of on the guy who planted the bomb.

Obama put the bomb on the bus. But it’s the fault of the bus, gasoline, the combustion engine, gravity and the fragility of human bodies that caused all the deaths.

Don’t get him wrong. He’s sorry that your subpar body was on board a bad apple bus that began going so slowly that the bomb went off. He really, really thought that the bomb wouldn’t go off.

Obama is Sorry that You Lost Your Insurance Even Though It’s Not His Fault

How Islam’s Drug Trade is Destroying Cities and Countries


Obama doesn’t believe in the black-white vision of America that is so integral to black politics. The tribalism means very little to him, as does tribalism of any kind.

And that’s something most professional black politicians understand about him. No matter how much the black community has done for him politically, he feels burdened by it.

Obama’s radicalism isn’t the black radicalism of an Eric Holder. It dovetails with some of the resentment of black politics, but its leftist purity ultimately has as little use for black tribalism as it does for white tribalism.

Obama Hates Black Politicians, Black Politicians Hate Obama

Don’t Blame Anne Frank for the Anne Frank Foundation


Joe Lhota decisively won the votes of Russian Jews in Brighton Beach, sometimes by margins as big as the ones by which Communist candidate Bill de Blasio won the overall vote. Unsurprisingly Red Bill did not have a lot of appeal in a community founded by emigres from the USSR.

He also won the votes of white Catholics and Orthodox Jews in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn and the working class white vote in Bay Ridge.

Breezy Point, home of former Republican congressman Bob Turner, who held Weiner’s old seat, and was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, is bright red with Joe Lhota winning 86%. That’s also true of some of the white parts of Far Rockaway, including its large Jewish community, but the housing projects dumped near the beach come up blue.

The Upper East Side of Manhattan around Central Park as a good deal of red with Lhota scoring in the 70s. The same goes for parts of Battery Park. Those are wealthy areas.

On the other hand almost equally wealthy Yuckie strongholds in Park Slope and Greenwich Village turned out hard for their boy Bill de Blasio.

Bill de Blasio and the White Vote and Black Vote in 4 Maps


But the main use that Democrats have gotten out of Christie is to use him as the “Good Republican”. The Democrats always need their “Good Republican” to hold up as an example of how impossible it is to work with the rest of the Republican Party.

“The Good Republican” is there to say that his party has become a bunch of crazy unreasonable fanatics. And if he doesn’t say it in so many words, he lets the Democrats say it for him.

McCain filled this role, until he actually became the nominee. Huntsman briefly filled it. Now it’s on to Christie.

The Good Republican


The question though is will Jihadist dogs martyred by the Great Satan get 72 virgins in paradise? Will the suicide bombers and their virgins in paradise get along with the giant army of barking dogs and their virgins overrunning paradise, fouling the rivers of wine and honey, and drinking up all the rivers of milk and water, defecating in the palaces made of gold and silver and burrowing into the mountains of musk?

And where does this end? If dogs can be martyrs, what of all the bugs living on the poppy plants cultivated by the pious Taliban and destroyed by the American infidels?

Surely the bugs too must be martyrs and go to Jannah where they will all receive 72 virgin insects and bracelets of gold and silver and they will buzz through the palaces, sting the virgins and suicide bombers and their handsome immortal youths and build nests in the mountains of musk.

Do Good Jihadist Dogs Get 72 Virgins in Paradise?


  1. Your New Yorker cover is a hoot! Love the 5-pound mobile car phone in Obama's hand, the clueless, "what-difference-does-it-make" look of Grandma Sebelius, Jay "the Geek" Carney with his floppy disk and his "I hope it works" tongue stick out. Love the CRT with the hammer and screwdriver to fix non-working Healthcare.gov. The final perfect touch is the grandfather clock in the background, clearly a reminder to all that if your current policy changed by one penny, it can't be "grandfathered" into ObamaCare. And, $6.99 for a copy of The New Yorker??? Take a hike! My compliments to whoever did that cover.

  2. Anonymous10/11/13

    FYI Today's Western liberalism really is radical left wing communism with money. China is a role model for abortion as population control.

    "VIDEO: Dan Savage says 'abortion should be mandatory' to reduce the population. How liberal " http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100244731/video-dan-savage-says-abortion-should-be-mandatory-to-reduce-the-population-how-liberal/


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