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The Desert of Islamization

Wars are fought with steel and of words. To fight a thing, we have to understand what we are fighting and why. A blindness in words can kill as effectively as blindness on the battlefield.

Words shape our world. In war, they define the nature of the conflict. That definition can be
misleading. Often it's expedient.

The real reasons for the last world war had very little to do with democracy. The current war does involve terrorism, but like fascism, it's incidental to the bigger picture. The United States would not have gone to war to ensure open elections in Germany. It hasn't been dragged into the dysfunctional politics and conflicts of the Muslim world because of terrorism.

Tyranny and terrorism just sum up what we find least appealing about our enemies. But it's not why they are our enemies. They are our enemies because of territorial expansionism. The Ummah, like the Third Reich, is seeking "breathing room" to leave behind its social and economic problems with a program of regional and eventually world conquest. 

Islam, like Nazism, makes a lot of utopian promises and pays the check for them through conquest. Like Communism, we're up against a rigid ideology, brainwashed fanatics, utopian fantasies and ruthless tactics. And we can only win by being honest about that.

We are not yet dealing with armies. This is still an ideological conflict. Terrorism is just the tip of a much more dangerous iceberg. It's the explosion of violence by the most impatient and least judicious of our enemies.

What we are dealing with is Islamization. Islamization is the imposition of ideological norms in increasing severity. Like Nazification, it transforms a society by remaking it in its own image from the largest to the smallest of details.

Islamization begins with the hijacking of "secular" spaces transforming them from neutral into explicitly Islamic forms and functions. The process can be grandiose or petty. A group of Minnesota Muslim taxi drivers who refuse to transport passengers carrying alcohol are "Islamizing" part of the transportation system around that airport. They are imposing Islamic norms on the airport and the passengers. Similarly a Target cashier who refuses to scan pork is Islamizing her line.

Islamic organizations encourage this form of seemingly petty Islamization even while they angle for bigger things. Their followers are foot soldiers in the same political war that destroyed secular spaces in their home countries.

Small scale Islamization becomes large scale Islamization. The women who begin wearing Hijabs are imposing a new social norm that eventually leads to Burkas. By then, women no longer have the right to leave the house, either legally or in social norms. The outlawing of liquor or pork begins in the same way. It doesn't just happen in large ways, it also happens in small ways.

In Germany, the exchange of the greeting "Gruss Gott" for "Heil Hitler" was the bellwether of a larger social change underway. Nazification was not just a matter of Hitlerian speeches, it was in what you read, what you saw and how you said hello to your neighbors. A Nazi was not just someone who marched around in a uniform. It was also someone who said "Heil Hitler" or who in any way participated in the Nazification of public spaces.

Similarly an Islamist is anyone who participates in the Islamization of public spaces. The media has mischaracterized Islamist as a follower of some rogue branch of Islam followed by a tiny minority. But there is no rogue branch. Even Wahhabism is hardly rogue. If anything, it's simply more literal.

Islam is Islamist in that it "Islamizes" what it comes into contact with. Islamists are not a separate movement. They are Muslims following a legacy of intolerance by practicing Islamization.

Religion can exist on a personal level and a public level. Religion on a personal level can be accommodated in a public space so long as it does not change the nature of that public space. For example, a group of people can pray in a school cafeteria. Secularists may object, but their objection is groundless unless the praying people then announce that no one is allowed to do anything in the cafeteria except pray... and only in their approved way.

That is Islamization in a nutshell. It begins with accommodation and ends with theocracy. 

When a Muslim imposes his religious identity on someone else, he is engaging in Islamization. That is the difference between Mark, the Mormon taxi driver who refuses to drink alcohol and Mohammed, the Muslim taxi driver who refuses to drive a passenger carrying alcohol.

Mark is practicing his religion in a public space. Mohammed is imposing his religion in a public space. Mark's religion can be accommodated because his choices extend to his own body. Mohammed's religion cannot be accommodated because it hijacks any public space that he exercises influence over by attempting to Islamize it. Islamization causes conflict, terrorism and war.

Every devout Muslim is an "Islamist". Islam is not a personal religion. It is a religion of the public space. A "moderate" Muslim would have to reject Islam as a religion of the public space, as theocracy, and that secularism would be a rejection of Islam.

Nothing in Islam exists apart from anything else. While liberals view culture and religion as a buffet that they can pick and choose from, it is a single integrated system. If you accept one part, you must accept the whole. Once you accept any aspect of Islam, you must accept its legal system and once you accept that, you must accept its governance and once you accept that, you lose your rights.

If it were not for Islamization, Islam might be personally objectionable, but not publicly objectionable. Some of its tenets might be disapproved of, its behavior in its home countries might be disagreeable, but it would not lead to a zero sum war in which Islamic expansionism leads to endless conflict.

Islam has been imported under the guise of multiculturalism, but it does not recognize the idea that there can be room for multiple religions and ways of doing things in the same space. While Muslims exploit multiculturalism, the outcome of injecting Islam into a system is an Islamic space in which alternatives are either eliminated or marginalized. Islam is not a multi anything. It is a single uni.

Islam does not integrate. It disintegrates. It's hazardous to any culture or political system that comes into contact with it. It colonizes public spaces and pushes out anything that is not it. Or as the arsonists of the Library of Alexandria said, "If it is in the Koran, it is redundant and ought to be burned. If it disagrees with the Koran, then it especially ought to be burned."

What goes for the Library of Alexandria, also goes for all knowledge, ideas, culture and thought. Islamization measures them all against the Koran and finds them either redundant or incompatible. Like a virus, Islam destroys anything that isn't it so it never has to compete against anything, because, as its societies demonstrate, it is not capable of competing.

Islam reproduces incestuously. inbreeding its ideology until it has copied it over itself so many times that there is no room for anything else. Wahhabism or anything that is associated with "extremism" is simply Islam copied over itself even more times. It's not extremism, it's simply undiluted. It is what happens when you take out as much as possible of everything that isn't Islam.

That is the objective of Islamization. It copies itself over until Hijabs become Burkas, until everyone is illiterate and killing each other over minor points of doctrine so their chief gang leader can become Emir. When it runs out of non-Islamic things to copy over and destroy, it copies over its own form, introducing errors, schisms, conflicts and religious wars.

The Islamist, like the virus, attempts to destroy what is non-Islamic to Islamize it. His tactics may be small, but his goals are big. And his success leads to a wasteland in which there is only the endless nothingness of Islam, a religion built on the endless conquests of Islamization, and which in the absence of external conflict must turn on itself.


  1. Your best piece to date on the subject. Every paragraph worth reusing time and again. well done Daniel.

  2. Anonymous27/10/13

    Well written and sadly true. As a Norwegian these facts about Islam have worried me for a while: the sign is seen daily; conflicts at workplaces because of the veil/pork etc, the "muslim self stated police" in our streets - asking small girls and women to dress properly, more women wearing the full Niqab, Halal meat served at schools, last week the biggest group of muslims in Norway (6000 members) had a meeting and all 1500 men who was there raised there hands when asked if gays should be stoned. When confronted - the Imam said they of course respect the laws in the land. But they don't. One obvious proof of the fact is that in Oslo - 95% of Somalis are divorced! Why? As a lone mother you get a lot more in social security. And a second free apartment - which often is rented out. (A standard two-room apartment in Oslo is rented for about 2000$ a month.) A brave Somali woman wrote about this hoax in a book in 2008 (she get regularly death treats after that of course - and is hated in the Somali community) - where she said that the hoax is put in system: the Imam tells the married couples that according to Sharia they are still married - and its OK for muslims to lie to the infidels. The government/city do nothing with this extreme hoax - afraid of being called racists etc. . Somalis live extremely well on social welfare. Better than if they worked. After 7 years in Norway nearly 80% of Somalis still live on welfare.

    Many people here is blind for this serious treat to our society and democracy - they are tricked by the Imams double talk, cross religious talks with good help from journalists and politicians.

    Even here the muslims vote start to have an impact in elections - and some politicians are literally in bed with the enemy of democracy.

    As a worried citizen, a teacher in primary school - I have started to inform and discuss these issues with friends and colleagues - not without problems. Many teachers are on the multicultural wagon - and even after I've been working with immigrant's for 15 years, seeing how we have failed, living in an immigrant area of town, seeing how we have failed - some of my colleagues have said to me that they consider my opinions as racist and or Islamaphobic! Its absolutely crazy - I'm careful to only deal with obvious facts from the news and at work when discussing these issues.

    As I see it - Muslims have been extremely successful to hide their ultimate goal when teachers at a school where you daily experience Islamizasions cold grip - still cant't see it. With good help of political correctness. Europe is on a slippery slope - and for many countries it is more or less game over already. With Sweden as the most grotesque example.

    Especial the jews have serious problems in Sweden - moving away from the city of Malmø in big numbers. Its really tragic.

    But there is hope - I was my self a beliver in this tragic multicultural consept - but has awakened. Doing my part to talk about my concerns. Loosing some friendship on the way but getting new friends. Lets hope its not to late.

    And for the US - you still got plenty of time to prevent this catastrophe. So keep on writing about this serious problem.
    Greetings from Norway

    Thanks for a well

  3. Anonymous27/10/13

    Western governments seem perfectly willing to accommodate and make special provision for the practitioners of Islam rather than assert the principles of democracy. One word comes to mind. Whipped.

  4. Like the predecessor totalitarian ideologies, nazism & communism, Islam appeals to a vast number of people, often so called liberal progressives and feminists, who think of themselves as great independents but in reality only want to be cogs in an all encompassing machine, because it blocks out all self responsibility, individualism and necessity of the adherent to think or act for himself, just obey the rules imposed and we, the imams, tell you what to do when how where and to whom (not completely unlike a democracy's regular regular army which also has a subconscious appeal on many). Man is weak and so loves to feel strong and secure by hiding in a group however morally despicable and self-destructive.

  5. This is one of the best essays on the nature of Islam I've ever read. "Islam is Islamist in that it 'Islamizes' what it comes into contact with. Islamists are not a separate movement. They are Muslims following a legacy of intolerance by practicing Islamization." For example, just as Madison Avenue in NYC has been Islamized on Fridays so hundreds of Muslims can "pray." Islam has the reverse Midas effect on things it touches: it turns them to lead. Or extinguishes them altogether. The one important term missing from this brilliant piece is "nihilism." For Islamism is nihilism. It destroys values for the sake of destroying them, thus creating the desert.

  6. Anonymous27/10/13

    At TDB, they have come to the conclusion that the Western world does not care that Middle Eastern Christians being wiped out by Muslim terrorists all because of Israel. I kid you not. And that Middle Eastern Christians are being targeted by Muslims all because of Israel. And a professor wrote this modern day blood libel no less.

  7. Anonymous27/10/13

    Dan,soon it will be all over!
    Islam will not we defeated by the degenerate western political elite.It will be eaten up alive by the global economic crash coming our way in the near future!Perhaps it will be the self-destruction of Obamacre that will push the American economy off of the cliff,perhaps it will be another unforeseen "Black Swan" event.Whatever it will be, it is getting near!When,not if, the American economy craters it will drag the rest of the industrialized world with it!
    The Moslem world consists of overpopulated medieval societies which,aside from the wealthy oil states,are on the bottom rung of the global economy & will fall apart under the ensuing financial crisis.Almost the whole of the Islamic world will look like Somalia or Afghanistan;failed states with no way to feed their starving millions!
    Egypt is a perfect example. In1948 the Egyptian population numbered about 18-20 million people.They lived off of a narrow ribbon of fertile land along the banks of the Nile River.Today that population is 4x as large,around 80 million,& still living pretty much as they did in 1948.A medieval society with that many people cannot survive a severe economic crisis,they will either learn to eat sand or they will starve!

    RETIRED as Anonymous.

  8. Anonymous27/10/13

    Islam also changes the nature of Islam's enemies. Those who are able to fight, protect civilians and ignore the dictates of their own appeasing governments become the new governing class. It is strange to see Christians so lax. Not just because Christians are suffering in Islamic nations and they are but because to take up the cause means power and success. When Main Street somewhere joins with the Copts in Egypt Main Street somewhere has become a power to be reckoned with. It sounds crazy but Main Street contains the best trained, most advanced soldiers the world has ever produced and many of them need better jobs and a sense of hope. It is both hopeful and frightening at the same time. Especially if you are not Christian but then again every group faces the same sword of Islam and it is ultimately the people and not the governments that will fight. We will all need some form of self identified soldiery. I really believe in our lifetimes we will see anti-Islam soldiers, sailors, police and security guards for hire.

  9. Fifth paragraph "...makes a lot of utopian problems and..." should likely read "...makes a lot of utopian promises and..."

  10. Anonymous27/10/13

    As an American Jew I can say this: Jews - mainly "secular" and Reform Jews have been among the greatest proponents of multiculturalism. How ironic that they will be among its first victims and they won't even see it coming.

  11. Eventually though the forces of Islamic fanaticism tend to be self-blunting. Look at the utter failures that Arab states are today. They can't build a washing machine or feed their own people but for the few that pump money out of the ground. And even then they make zero effort to plan for a day that runs out except for financial investments in going concerns of the nations they want to obliterate next. Europe may very well fall to Islam piecemeal but in the longer run it will look more like Somalia than liberals imagine Somalia might some day resemble Stockholm. That's the nature of a society that relies on bloodsucking parasitism. When it runs out of slaves and victims it implodes.

  12. Our problem in the West is in the naming of Islam for what it is. We mistakenly call it a Western religion because it borrowed stories from both Judaism and Christianity. However, the ideas that drive Islam are profoundly antithetical to Western ideas and values. Both modern Judaism and Western Christianity place value upon the individual as a moral actor, whereas Islam does not. Both modern Judaism and Western Christianity provide for a secular space in which people of good will can live and work together while holding different beliefs, whereas Islam does not. These are substantial differences that cannot be ignored if we are to maintain ourvWestern culture.

  13. Anonymous27/10/13


    -- spanky

  14. Another fantastic essay. If Islam is a virus, Daniel is the anti-biotic.

    "The Ummah, like the Third Reich, is seeking "breathing room" to leave behind its social and economic problems with a program of regional and eventually world conquest. "

    I think this is very good point that deserves deeper investigation.

  15. bulletinoftheoppressionofwomen.com27/10/13

    Excellent article!

    Where Islam goes, blood flows
    and the desert of ignorance grows.

  16. DenisO27/10/13

    Even in Israel, half would appear to prefer a slave-peace to defending their homeland. From a long life of observation, I tend to doubt the Old Testament stories of Israel bravery and determination to fight to exist. Somewhere, that gene got knocked of the chromosome, if it was ever there. Liberal females, esp.. including Jews, do seem to prefer the mufti-multiculturalism that is most likely to result in their wearing burkas and not being allowed out of the house, even to vote. That might be a good thing, because a mentality, that favors being uncritically P.C., is too dumb to vote. Is it the "go-along to get along" cowardly mentality that enables them to accept less freedom and hide in the crowd, and still feel socially superior?

  17. Oh it's there. It's just not there among those who were raised among the left. But that's true of Westerners in general for that matter.

  18. A good article although it appears unlikely that the Muslims destroyed the Library of Alexandra.


  19. This is a brilliant analysis of what slowly happens when a society allows the “structural code of Islam” (Koran, Hadith, Sunnah) to be taught.

    Read how "Islam reproduces incestuously" at "Islam is fear" at http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/

  20. Oh they destroyed it, or rather they were the final destroyers, that was accepted history originally, that has since been swept under the rug out of political correctness

  21. The problems you identify do not necessarily lead to the demise of western civilization. But the utter stubborn refusal to recognise the problem, its magnitude and its implications, is the singular threat to our freedoms and culture.

    In Australia (my country) the ignorance about Islam is huge. At this stage we are not as far along the road to destruction as one sees in Western Europe, but the warning signs are already here.

    A great article, and thank you for presenting the issue so eloqueently.

  22. Daniel, you are right on target on how Islam is destroying civilization. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting and chatting with Israel's first military General Shimon Erem before he died. I work at a radio station in Southern California, and General Erem often was a guest on one of our radio talkshows, updating us on the happenings in the Middle East. At a conference which we co-sponsored with his organization Israeli Christian Nexus, he told us about the many miracles God performed as the military got delivered from looming defeat into miraculous victories. One that stands out in my mind is the accounts he recalled about the 6 day war in 1967; General Erem said under human circumstances that they should have lost to the Islamic forces. However, God provided a miracle that helped them defeat the enemy and expand Israel's territory to the ancient borders God had carved out in His promise to Israel. General Erem reminded us to not cave into the delusions of Islam, but to be vigilant and ready.

    Islam is a form of Satanism and Baal worship. When Gideon chopped down the Baal idol, the delusional Baal worshippers issued threats, then later got punished by Jehovah God for their deeds, when Gideon put their false god to a flame test. Allah Baal will soon flunk the test again when the time comes.

  23. Anonymous28/10/13

    Hello there.....its me again.....Don Laird

    Nice essay.......glad I stopped by.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  24. Naresh Krishnamoorti29/10/13

    With any religion, it's absurd and unhelpful to distinguish between "moderates" and "extremists." There are only the orthodox and the heterodox. There are lots of Muslims who are not secular, who call themselves devout Muslims, but who would absolutely reject much of Islamic orthodoxy (that doesn't mean, of course, that they can't or won't be converted at some point). In the same way, there are people who call themselves "devout Catholics," like Joe Biden, who reject the Church's teaching on abortion, homosexuality, divorce, birth control, etc. These are heterodox Catholics who insist on calling themselves devout Catholics and who go to Mass and receive Communion.

    Unlike Catholics, there is no single orthodoxy among Muslims, otherwise they would not all be fighting against one another.

    The world's great religions are not only systems of belief, but they are also ways of living and of organizing society. Before Dignitatis Humanae of Vatican II, orthodox Catholicism held that the State should not tolerate public displays of false religions, unless the suppression of those displays does more harm than good to the social order. Dignitatis Humanae shifted the emphasis to proclaim that toleration of false religions is an intrinsic good.

    The point is that all the great religions have political components. The idea that my religion should not interfere with your religion is a fairly modern, Enlightenment concept.

    I think it's a kind of cop-out to say that Islam must be opposed because it doesn't adhere to Western Enlightenment concepts. Islam must be opposed because it is intrinsically evil. We need to develop the intellectual and rational power to prove that their moral requirements, their dictates, their political programs, etc., are immoral and evil.

  25. Many religions do indeed have a political component. And it's practical to point out the consequences for the entry of a religion into a country that promotes theocracy and will have the numbers to get its way.

    Particularly in a country like the US which has avoided a state church.

  26. Anonymous29/10/13

    Daniel, this is the definitive concise account of Islam, and should be required reading for every bone-headed liberal who thinks that Islam is 'just another religion'. Thank you for that!

  27. The Orthodox Churches, like the Protestant denominations [the Archbishop of Canterbury is really a first among equals] don't recognize a central figure of authority as the Latin Church does. [Apparently Bergoglio means to remake the Roman Catholic Church thus.]

    The difference between heterodox and orthodox Christians and Muslims is that, while someone like Joe Biden who, in rejecting Church teaching on abortion, etc., rejects orthodoxy, Christian orthodoxy does not teach jihad against non-believers, or anything like it.

    But that is exactly what Islamic orthodoxy does. Muslims are always fighting among themselves not because they don't have a Pope, but because it's a violent religion. Most of the Koran is devoted to describing ways of committing violence against non-believers, the Kafir. And if a fellow Muslim decides you're actually a Kafir rather that a good Muslim because of your secular ways, Islamic orthodoxy supports his view. Whereas, perhaps unfortunately, no one in the Catholic Church is going to take a sword to Joe Biden because he supports gay marriage.

  28. Anonymous30/10/13

    What ever the % of muslim immigrants it is, and their affect to when a critical mass of taint (Islamisation) that builds up, and then our own people will be converting as they can sense the power of connecting with the "strong horse.

    Morals and ethics are very much out the window and now "greed is good".
    Just look at departments in universities and those professors and lecturers that are being funded from overseas. The insidiousness of this is creating dhimmis in vast numbers in the young generation. Some will recognize where the future power may lie and so will suckle on that tit. You just try then to dislodge any untrained dog from his food. (meal ticket)and after the growling comes the biting (action) to keep what they feel is their dues.
    The Koran as well as Mein Kampf recognize this and know how to build up their support and change society.

    A very good essay and I do enjoy much of your writings.
    I hope you do not mind if I copy and spread your writings as your concepts in your words really do put into words what others feel and question and give heart to question and challenge more in own areas

  29. Very interesting article and comments.

    I was especially interested in the guy/gal from Norway. I would be interested in learning about their economic system. My liberal friends always use Norway as an example of how well socialism works.

  30. Anonymous9/12/13

    There is no doubt islam poses the greatest danger to western civilization.
    What must be recognized, is that an expanding aggressive ideology will expand very rapidly, because every concession makes the blood knock in their teeth.
    It must be stopped quickly lest we have to suffer the thousand year night of repression, submission, and the contant threat to our existence.
    We must mobilize and be every bit as willing to defend our culture as they are to destroy it, and then some. And then some more.
    The time for dillydallying is long gone. It is serious now. Very bloody serious indeed. We have to wake people up to this poison gas. And get real about it. Let no politician get away with selling our any of our rights on our own territory.
    Islam takes every opportunity to exploit any weakness. It is the ultimate opportunism, it has no honor in battle. They know one word only, and that is: conquer. We need a concerted effort on all levels to stand up against it, because this has been in the planning for much longer than people have been slowly getting wise to it. It is already getting plenty ugly, with "muslim patrols" bullying people on the street and more going on at higher levels of adminstration.
    It's now or never.

  31. Anonymous9/12/13

    Bron 98
    I am from Norway. She is right. It is an absolute disgrace how weak the will to defend against islamo-bullies are amongst the liberals. They still think this will work out somehow. It will not. It's like giving your little finger to a shark.
    Sweden is even worse. There, the Swedish poulation is held hostage to a political correctness that would make you laugh and puke simultaneously. We never hear from them anymore, only the muslims are allowed to speak their mind. The police will not defend a democratic party leader against death threats and several attempts at his life from muslim bullies who try to kill him.
    It is beyond insane already.


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