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Bill de Blasio and the Jews of New York

The Democratic nominee for Mayor of New York City, the city with the largest Jewish population in the country, was a strong supporter of a Marxist regime that ethnically cleansed its Jewish population, conducting a reign of terror that included informants, arrests, expulsion and attacks on a synagogue. And he did this not before the truth about Nicaragua was known, but long after it was known.

Bill de Blasio won 38% of the Jewish vote in the New York City Democratic Primary. Despite the liberal reputation of Jewish voters in the Big Apple, these numbers were roughly even with those of other religions and demographics.

The latest Marist poll, which shows de Blasio with a 43% lead, also shows the Jewish vote leaning toward him by only 55%. Republican challenger Joe Lhota scores 36% of the Jewish vote-- his best numbers among any group except White Catholics (41%) and Conservatives (39%).

De Blasio's weak polling may reflect the growing numbers of the New York City's Orthodox Jews who tend toward a natural conservatism, but it may also reflect wariness toward any candidate, who  favors undermining the police and dispensing with the city's needed fiscal reforms.

Bill de Blasio began his career in New York City politics with David Dinkins, whose administration's policies were responsible for the city's first pogrom against the Jewish community of Crown Heights. In the subsequent election, Giuliani won 68% of the Jewish vote while Dinkins took home 32%. In the next election, the very Jewish and very liberal Ruth Messinger had to make do with 27% to Giuliani's 72%.

With Giuliani actively campaigning for Joe Lhota, one of his former deputy mayors and a man with a striking resemblance to his bulldog personality, while Dinkins associate Bill de Blasio holds down the Democratic ticket campaigning on weaker law enforcement and more social welfare, the election looks like a rerun of the 1993 grudge match between Dinkins and Giuliani.

For now Bill de Blasio is pulling in more of the Jewish vote than his old boss did, but that may change once Jewish voters realize what he really stands for.

Bill de Blasio is probably the most radical left-wing Democratic nominee for the office in the history of the city. In a system where Democratic candidates usually keep a wary eye on the working class, he is a typical leftist Park Slope yuppie with an activist past that he parlayed into a profitable class warfare present living in an area where home prices run into the millions.

Not long before Bill de Blasio joined Team Dinkins, he was a member of Team Sandinista. The Sandinistas, or FSLN, a radical Marxist terrorist organization, took over the country and drove out most of Nicaragua's Jewish community. By the time they were done, the ADL blasted Nicaragua as “a country without Jews, but not without anti-Semitism.”

This was the revolution that de Blasio supported while volunteering at the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York. The NSN, staffed by Marxists, served as the mouthpiece for the Sandinista regime funneling its propaganda into the United States and conducting tours celebrating the ruling party and denouncing the opposition.

The New York Times describes Bill de Blasio as one of the first eager subscribers to Barricada, the Sandinista paper. This was the Barricada that denounced the "traditional ‘Jew-style’" of the United States Congress for not immediately providing the money to finance an election in Nicaragua.

“They had a youthful energy and idealism mixed with a human ability and practicality that was really inspirational,” Bill de Blasio said of the Sandinistas. That energy included throwing firebombs at a synagogue during Shabbat services while shouting "Death to the Jews", "Jewish Pigs" and "What Hitler started we will finish."

Bill de Blasio worked as a political organizer for a left-wing group raising money to aid a regime that had deprived the Jews of their property, their homes and even their house of worship. The president of the synagogue that the Sandinistas had attacked was forced to sweep the streets, a scene reminiscent of Nazi behavior in occupied Europe, before being forced to leave the country with the clothes on his back.

The synagogue was seized and transformed into a Sandinista youth center decorated with Anti-Zionist posters. The Jewish community of Nicaragua fled to Miami and Costa Rica.

A few years after Bill de Blasio had moved on from Nicaraguan politics to New York politics, his new boss watched as mobs tore through a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn only a few miles away from where he now lives while shouting, "Death to the Jews."

It would be nice to think of all this as ancient history. But it isn't.

Bill de Blasio has blasted NYPD surveillance of mosques sayings that "all surveillance efforts, and anything that is not based on specific leads should not continue.” Such a policy would prevent the NYPD from engaging in any meaningful information gathering until it was too late.

And this time it isn't the synagogues of Nicaragua that are on the line. It's the synagogues of New York.

In 2009, four Muslim men were arrested by the FBI and charged with, among other things, plotting to blow up synagogues in the Bronx. Their targets included the Riverdale Jewish Center and the Riverdale Temple. One of the Muslims boasted, “With no hes­i­ta­tion, I will kill 10 Yahudis.”

In 2011, two Muslim men were arrested by the NYPD and charged with a plot to blow up Manhattan synagogues. "I intended to create chaos and send a message of intimidation and coercion to the Jewish population of New York City," one of them said.

What both cases had in common was that they relied on informants drawing out potential terrorists, instead of waiting blindly for them to strike. If Bill de Blasio has his way, that will no longer be something that the NYPD will be able to do. And like the worshipers of Nicaragua's Congregación Israelita, the first that the Jews at Shabbat services will know of the plot will be when they smell the smoke and hear the cry, "Death to the Jews."

But while Bill de Blasio may have his scruples about spying on mosques, his Sandinista friends had recruited informants to gather information about the Jews of Nicaragua to begin a campaign of intimidation that led to the attack on a synagogue, to arrests, threats and ultimately the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Nicaragua. If Bill de Blasio ever criticized his beloved Sandinistas for these crimes, it isn't in the record.

At one of Bill de Blasio's final meetings with the NSN, he spoke of a need to "build alliances with Islam." That red-green alliance has since pervaded Latin America. In 2012, Nicaraguan Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega hosted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, praised Saddam Hussein and denounced the US "occupation" of Afghanistan.

Ortega defended Iran's nuclear program while predicting that peace would come to the region if Israel were forced to give up its nuclear weapons.

This was the glorious revolution that Bill de Blasio never gave up on.  “People who had shallow party sympathies with the F.S.L.N. pretty much dropped everything when they lost," one of his old NSN friends said. "Bill wasn’t like that.”

“They gave a new definition to democracy,” Bill de Blasio told the New York Times. And now he risks giving a new definition to democracy in New York City.

Cities and countries are precarious places. That is something that Jews have found out in countless places from Nicaragua to Iran. The Jews of Brooklyn discovered in 1991 how precarious a place New York City could be. The decades of peace since then only became possible because Bill de Blasio's old boss was forced out of office.

If Bill de Blasio moves from Park Slope to Gracie Mansion, his old dreams for Nicaragua could become his new dreams for New York.


  1. Anonymous29/9/13

    DeBlasio is just an Obama clone: no realworld accomplishments, Marxist background and married black to prove his liberal bona fides.

  2. Anonymous29/9/13

    This guy should be avoided like an STD. The Dinkins administration was one of the absolute worst in NYC's history. I'd still take Bloomy over Dinkins if I had to chose, which isn't saying much at all. You think Bloomy is aweful, wait and see what happens if this genocidal maniac DeBlasio gets elected. I'm so happy I no longer live in that state.

  3. If the Jews get another pogrom from DeBlasio, they will have earned it in spades. Stupidity is morally reprehensible and must always be punished severely.

  4. If people, especially Jewish voters, by now don't see the failed policies of democrat rule, a la Detroilet, there is no hope for any change..
    While they are entitled to their opinion, the are not entitled to support terrorism, lawlessness, and anti-Semitism thru their vote...
    Thanks, Dan for putting the spotlight on this de Blaiso communist..

  5. Anonymous29/9/13

    If you believe life has cycles, maybe it's time New York underwent another Lindsay/Dinkins spell in the desert. Shorn of its riches and comforts by such a purging, it would then be ready for another spell of commonsense rule.

  6. It depends. Orthodox Jews in NYC will stay no matter what. At least they have so far. But de Blasio will usher in a new era of middle class and white flight out of the city as well as several thousand high paying jobs in the financial and tech sectors that leave the city for NJ just as they did during Dinkins. Current course and speed de Blasio's NY will be a few obscenely wealthy and mostly poor and working poor and civil servants. Not so much Detroit II, at least not yet but more likely Lagos West.

  7. Anonymous29/9/13

    i generally don't state it, but, i pride myself in taking all the strenuous efforts necessary to know which Jews to believe and which to give the heave and leave to their own self destruction.
    Thanks to Daniel Greenfield's strenuous efforts to research and report the facts - nothing could be easier to deduce.

  8. Anonymous29/9/13

    It remains one of the most mysterious and unanswered questions in human history as to why so many Jewish people support the dictators, despots and tyrants of the world. Surely even the non-religious know something of history?


  9. Not being Jewish and not knowing a great deal about Judaism, I will still speculate that some Jews embrace concepts like 'the common good', cheap, meaningless, malevolent nonsense trotted out by Leftists when they're getting ready to put something over on people. Self sacrifice to that 'common good' is, to borrow Hayek's phrase, is the first step on 'the road to serfdom'.

  10. I was unaware of the Sandinistas' antisemitic acts you describe.

    Let's hope some of the MSM (NYC version) gives this the publicity it deserves.

    If so, Lhota has a chance.

  11. Anonymous29/9/13

    As Jews and also as Americans we can not legitimately live under this man in NYC. It would be an act of occupation. New York is now home to many rich left wing activists from Europe and it is increasing. They are actively proselytizing on behalf of the most leftist candidates, may very well be illegally voting and have an organized program of undermining America in hopes that the future belongs to "Progressive" Europe which will no longer be so tolerant when it is on top.

    This is intolerable. Brooklyn is now a hotspot and it attracts plenty of partying trust fund babies along for the trendy ride but if anyone thinks Obama was cheered in Germany because they thought he would make America strong they are kidding themselves or kidding you. Underneath this party and ideologues with a free hand provided by the Democrat party. Here we are increasingly divorced from our government. Voter fraud is rampant and the most conservative districts were gerrymandered out of having their say. De Blasi is a creature of corruption. Even if he wins he can not be allowed to have his way.

  12. DenisO29/9/13

    Who nominated and supported this "Democrat"? Is the Party so confident in the Jewish vote that they think they can do this to them? Do they think the "suicide gene" will always prevail over the survival instinct?
    Will someone point out who in the Demorat Party is responsible?

  13. I was reading how the US State Dept now endorses the R4BIA symbol which stands for the extinction of the Jews (openly - it says it does) and then I was reading how Obama 'returned' an ancient chalice to the Iranians as a friendship gesture. All the while he presses to have the entire Jewish content of the Iraqi archives 'returned' to Iraq so they can burn them all in a public bonfire. We have an Islamic terrorist in the White House and it's the stupid worthless Jews in the democratic party who are cheering the loudest.

  14. Anonymous29/9/13

    When will the general Jewish community reverse its support for mass immigration and identity politics?

    As the increasing persecution of Jews throughout Europe demonstrates, promotion of immigration of foreign cultures has spectacularly backfired.

    As the number of competing hostile communities increases, both within Europe and the US, Jews will become a greater target, either because of their success or their religion.

    Appeasement of aggressor groups through financial and political support will only provide limited protection. Steps need to be taken now, while Jewish political influence still retains sufficient weight.

  15. Anonymous16/10/13

    No, No, No--this is dishonest writing. You mix together too many things and overstate your concerns. De Blasio never supported anti-Jewish activities. In any revolution overturning a repressive regime there will be bad apples. You may recall that to oppose this left-leaning Sandinista movement the Reagan administration got tangled up in the Iran Contra Scandal together with both Iran and Israel and the CIA. Read some history about the really disgusting foolishness and you may come to see that supporting the Sandinistas was an honorable position. None of the bad stuff sticks to the candidate and neither does the mosque craziness which was in fact not a real al Qaeda issue but was manufactured by an informant who successfully manipulated some mentally unbalanced low lifes. Many of the Terrorism cases" were similarly manufactured by NYPC informants which hardly encourages the community to trust law enforcement to be fair.

    If you want to successfully partner with communities of color you have to deal fairly. De Blasio gets that. He will not end stop and frisk but will control it. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes quality matters more than quantity. Jews have nothing to fear from Justice and fair-dealing.

  16. De Blasio supported a bigoted terrorist group that ethnically cleansed the Jews of Nicaragua.

    That's a fact.it interesting to note that this comment was apparently left by a Muslim anti-NYPD group.

    Other readers may find it

  17. Anonymous21/10/14

    Bill Deblasio and his wife hate jews


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