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Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Road to Amnestyville

 "In a way this is the perfect role for Alec Baldwin since he’s been playing an MSNBC host all his life. Now he’ll finally get to play one in real life."


The 1986 amnesty or the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which neither reformed nor controlled immigration, took in some 3 million illegal aliens. The new amnesty or Comprehensive Immigration Reform covers 12 million illegal aliens.

If 1986’s euphemistic amnesty was a mere amnesty, this is a super-amnesty four times as big as the last one. If the 1986 amnesty were a state, by population size it would only be Utah. If the 2013 Son of Amnesty were ranked as a state it would be Illinois; the 5th largest state in America.

To keep the A-word from destroying their amnesty campaign before it even began, they coined “de facto Amnesty” to describe the current state of affairs in which millions of illegal aliens aren’t deported, but aren’t granted citizenship either.

Common sense would suggest that if not deporting 12 million illegal aliens is de facto amnesty, then legalizing 12 million illegal aliens would be de jure amnesty.

The Amnestyville Horror


A U.N. official told Reuters that there were suspicions that boys of 15 or 16 were often taken back to fight, chaperoned by an uncle, elder brother or other relative.

“It’s a war crime,” the official said.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said child recruitment had not been a major problem until now because the opposition forces did not have enough arms and ammunition.

But the lifting of embargoes on supplying arms to opposition groups meant both sides would need more soldiers.

Obama’s Arms to Syrian Terrorists Leads to Recruitment of Child Soldiers


Fort Hood Terrorist Calls Himself an Islamic Holy Warrior in Opening Statement


FP, owned by the Washington Post, ran an editorial in support of the Muslim Brotherhood by Tawakkol Karman, a Muslim Brotherhood activist who received a Nobel Peace Prize for her work in organizing protests against Yemen’s government.

Karman sits on the Shura Council of Al-Islah, an Islamist Party that is largely made up of the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of identifying Tawakkol Karman as a ranking member of a Muslim Brotherhood political organization, Foreign Policy Magazine dishonestly listed her bio as follows; “Tawakkol Karman is a Yemeni human rights activist and the winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize.”

Whatever one may think of the Muslim Brotherhood, anyone from any political spectrum should agree that if a serious magazine runs an Op-Ed by a member of an organization in support of that organization, it should identify them as such instead of giving readers the false impression that they are an independent neutral party.

Foreign Policy Runs Op-Ed from Muslim Brotherhood Nobel Peace Prize Winner Comparing Morsi to Mandela


After he was arrested, Daymond Agnew told investigators that Allah told him to go to Oliver’s Ace Hardware on Sunday morning to help people, and that he spray-painted his face because he felt that “the Raiders are favored by Allah,” said Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Mary Knox.

It figures Allah would favor the Raiders. It was either that or the Saints.

Convert Follows “Allah’s Direction” to Hardware Store, Stabs Employee to Death


University of Chicago Professor Claims “Power Hungry Presidents are Good for Democracy


This is just a case for jettisoning the Medal of Freedom. It’s a bizarre artifact of liberal Federalism. There was never supposed to be an American version of the The L├ęgion d’honneur. We don’t have any knighthoods and we don’t need to hand out meaningless awards to important people.

This was yet another bad idea that JFK picked up from Europe and it’s worth abolishing.

Obama to Award Oprah the Medal of Freedom


Nelson Mandela is played by Terrence Howard, who has serious domestic violence issues, making him the perfect choice for the role. During the filming of Winnie Mandela, Howard, who seems to have issues with white women, tried to murder his latest wife. This was probably not method acting because it seems to have happened before.

Are You Ready for a Touching Movie about a Communist and his Wife Who Murdered a 14-Year-Old Boy?


“There are times when they slip back into Cold War thinking and Cold War mentality,” Mr. Obama said of Russia in an interview on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” on Tuesday night. “What I continually say to them and to President Putin, that’s the past.”

No you idiot. It’s the present.

The present comes out of the past. It’s not some dead book. Russia has always been a geopolitical rival with the countries that are part of NATO. Or as close to always as we need to get into at the moment.

Obama insists that the Cold War is in the past while Putin insists it’s in the present. Which of them is really out of touch with reality?

“That Will Show Him”: Obama Cancels Summit with Putin


LGBT activists insist that transsexuals are actually born with a brain of another gender. Never mind the stupidity of that for a second, it turns out that Don Ennis’ brain was not the issue, his memories were. Once the memories of his sexual experimentation went away, so did the fake female identity.

Male ABC News Editor Who Discovered He’s a Woman, Now Rediscovers He’s a Man


Justice Roberts Joins SCOTUS Libs in Freeing 10,000 Cali Convicts


Not sending weapons to terrorists is a policy that has captured the hearts of Americans young and old, white and black, Democrat and Republican.

The policy that is so incredibly popular on the editorial pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post and among senators and foreign policy experts, is the least popular thing among ordinary people that could be imagined. A proposal to have pedophiles hand out ice cream cones full of toxic waste to small children would probably poll better than running guns to terrorists.

Even Obama’s Most Loyal Voters Oppose his Plan to Arm Syrian Terrorists


 ACLU Accuses Union of “Extortion” for Using its Free Speech to Criticize It


The big revelation in the GAO’s Obama Stimulus “Green Jobs” audit is that much of the 500 million dollars set aside for Green Jobs was really handed over to allied liberal non-profits and labor unions.

You would think the majority of training grants would be governmental, but nearly 44 percent of 500 million dollars was forwarded to non-profits, many of them allies of Obama Inc.

Obama Inc. Gave $50 Mil in “Green Jobs” Training Cash to Unions


The government of Iraq has approached the United States with a Foreign Military Sales shopping list worth more than $1.9 billion.

Sought by Iraq are nuclear, biological and chemical Reconnaissance ground vehicles, helicopters and maintenance services.

Iraq May Be Prepping for Chemical Weapons Civil War


Under Mugabe, the price of an egg rose to 50 billion Zimbabwean dollars and a beer hit 150 billion dollars because Mugabe had the same idea of economics as Obama and Paul Krugman; just print more money.

Mugabe won his first term through illegal intimidation. He won his 7th term the same way. Raise a glass of beer to the Western diplomats and their great contribution to Rhodesia. Drink one for the Lancaster Agreement, the land seized from farmers and the eternal rule of Mugabe.

Drink well. Because no one in Zimbabwe has 150 billion dollars for a beer.

Tearful Zimbabweans Hoard Eggs, Beer, as Mugabe Wins 7th Term


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