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Friday Afternoon Roundup - For It and Against It


Ten years ago, James Clapper, now the Director of National Intelligence, said he was “unquestionably sure” that Saddam’s WMDs had been moved out of Iraq. Top Iraqi generals stated that the WMDs had gone to Syria. But all that fell on deaf ears.

John Kerry’s senate career began with a bang when he traveled to Nicaragua to obstruct President Reagan’s policy of arming the anti-Communist Contra rebels. Now Secretary of State John Kerry is taking part in arming the Free Syrian Army rebel allies of Al Qaeda and pawns of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In his Sandinista days, Senator Kerry had said that America should not subvert its values “by funding terrorism to overthrow governments of other countries”. Since then John Kerry has changed his mind. It turns out that he was only against funding terrorists to overthrow the governments of other countries before he was for it.

WMD Liberal Hypocrisy in Iraq and Syria

Spokesman for Catholic Church in Egypt: “Shame on Obama If He Is a Christian”


Obama’s insistence on framing black racism as black anger, as a response to white bigotry rather than bigotry itself, is why the national conversation on race that he insists on having every time he takes a tumble in the polls never goes anywhere.

Racism, like any form of xenophobia, is unfortunately indigenous to the human character. To privilege one form of racism over another is to justify it and to dehumanize its victims as deserving of abuse.

If black racism is described as anger and white racism as bigotry, then white people are held responsible both for their own bigotry and for the bigotry directed at them. To liberals, this is simple social justice, but to anyone who has made a study of bigotry this is characteristic of the way that bigots fault their victims for the hate and violence that they direct at them.

The Racist Liberal System

Sword-Wielding Muslim Charges California Deputies Screaming “Allah Akbar”


Safwat Hegazy, top Muslim Brotherhood Imam, who last year said, “Yes, we will be masters of the world, one of these days” has been forced to postpone his dreams of ruling the world through a Caliphate, when he was arrested by Egyptian authorities while hiding in women’s clothes.

"Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca, or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing. Our cry shall be: “Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem.” Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem."

He was going to be a king of the world, but he had to settle for being a queen of the desert.

Top Muslim Brotherhood Imam Who Vowed to be Master of the World, Arrested Hiding in Women’s Clothes


Now the French didn’t say what Kerry quoted, because the French are a people, not a politician. Kerry, who prides himself on his knowledge of French, ought to know the difference.

Kerry Quotes “Our Oldest Ally, the French” in Support of Syrian Attack

French the Only People Who Still Support a Syrian War


The United States was founded by English colonists who were dissatisfied with vesting this much power in a chief executive.

Yet it’s the UK, whose leaders were far more bent on war, that will recall its parliament and put the question to them. Meanwhile in the US, the media jeer at the idea of recalling Congress to provide authorization.
 After the shocking defeat, Mr. Cameron was clear. “I strongly believe in the need for a tough response to the use of chemical weapons,” he said. “While the House has not passed a motion, it is clear to me that the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action. I get that, and the government will act accordingly.”

I can’t even begin to imagine Obama uttering those words. I’m not a fan of Cameron, but after years of this nightmare, it’s strangely surreal to encounter a leader who when faced with disagreement does not simply go ahead and do what he wants anyway while the media shouts RACIST at anyone who criticizes his unilateral imperial rule.

UK to Take Syria Attack Approval to Parliament, Obama Refuses to Take it to Congress

The End of Journalism Summed Up In One Picture


Iraq in the 40s had 350,000 Jews. Today it has somewhere between four and none.

Despite that the Obama administration plans to send the Jewish Archive consisting of religious artifacts, bibles, marriage contracts, community records and private notebooks seized by the Iraqi Secret Police from the Jewish community back to Iraq.

The material is not the property of the Iraqi government, either Saddam’s regime which stole it, or its Shiite successor which has responded with Anti-Semitic tantrums over the archive.

"Among the most important items in the collection are the oldest copies of the Talmud and the Old Testament... Experts add that Israel is keen on obtaining the manuscripts in order to prove their claim that the Jews had built the Tower of Babel as part of its attempt to distort the history of the Middle East for its own interests."

Iraq Jewish refugees, like so many other Jewish refugees from Muslim countries, lost everything they had. They should not be forced to bear the looting of their bibles and religious items a second time. This time at the hands of the United States government.

Why the Jewish Archive Shouldn’t Go Back to Iraq


Sure you could say that Syria harbored Al Qaeda. The evidence for that is as good as the evidence that Saddam harbored Al Qaeda.

But George W. Bush, that wacky gunslinging cowboy, asked Congress to approve the use of force in Iraq, instead of claiming that the AUMF let him go after Saddam.

Fortunately we have a law professor of some sort who knows better.

Unfortunately this time, Obama isn’t bombing Al Qaeda, he’s bombing the people Al Qaeda are fighting. It’s as if FDR used the declaration of war after Pearl Harbor to begin fighting Russia alongside Japan on the grounds that Japanese troops had once been in Japan.

NBC News Claims Syria was Behind 9/11


The Obama administration issued a policy late last week telling immigration agents to try not to arrest and deport illegal immigrant parents of minor children — a move that adds to the categories of people the administration is trying not to deport.

Obama Unilaterally Passes Amnesty for 40% of Illegal Alien Households

Obama Inc, Which is Arming Syrian Rebels Fighting to Overthrow Assad, Claims It Isn’t Seeking Regime Change


Right now if Assad begins hitting Israeli targets, Israel is free to hit Syrian targets. That will change drastically once NATO is operating on the ground.

Israel was not allowed to go after Saddam, even while it was being attacked because that would have undermined the position of the Gulf War coalition in the Muslim world.

The same thing is very likely to happen with Israel and Syria. NATO will not want to avoid associating the conflict with Israel because of Muslim sensibilities. Assad will want to make this conflict about Israel and he will know that Israel will have trouble retaliating once Syrian airspace is controlled by NATO and Israeli aircraft will be barred from entering.

Will Obama Allow Israel to Defend Itself?


This is more than mere War Powers opposition. It’s a thing that encloses Obama’s entire concept of absolute power. He likes having it. He rejects any limitations on it.

Whether it’s the power to unilaterally make war, make amnesty, make huge financial decisions… he wants to be the only one with the power.

Why Obama Won’t Ask Congress for War Authorization


How Long Will a Filner Comeback Take?

A Little Reminder of What a Left-Wing Extremist Bob Filner Was


Like a lot of the left’s insane internecine struggles, this one is ridiculously ugly and ridiculously pointless to anyone on the outside. The so-called women of color claim that white feminism is racist based on… pretty much a variation of the old white privilege argument that all white people are racist and instinctively dominate everything without even knowing it.

(This has a certain ironic resemblance to Kevin McDonald’s similar argument about Jews. It almost makes you wonder whether McDonald just ripped off white privilege and applied it to Jews or whether some leftists decided that McDonald’s argument about Jews is worth applying to white people in general.)

Like most of the left’s ideological wars, this is really about activists using identity politics to angle for power within the movement.

What That Miley Cyrus is Racist Thing is About


The Saudis are taking America’s place on the world stage. It was bad enough when the House of Saud controlled American foreign policy. But now they’re not even bothering to use American diplomats as intermediaries. They’re acting like a world power.

Saudis Offer Russia OPEC Membership, Terror Immunity for Olympics


Summer is typically network television downtime with a shortage of original programming and not a lot of people staying indoors. So Univision may be celebrating its ratings victory a little too hard.

Yes the win in the 18-34 demo is a national demographics harbinger. But not as big of a one as the media would like you to think.

Most networks have virtually given up on summer. And many of their viewers now watch programming online, weighing ratings more toward the lower income side of the scale.

For the second consecutive week, Univision’s 9 p.m. novela “La Tempestad” (The Storm) helped Univision rank as the #1 broadcast network for the hour (M-F) among Adults 18-34 and #2 among Adults 18-49.  The novela averaged 3.4 Million Total Viewers 2+, 1.7 Million Adults 18-49, and 882,000 Adults 18-34.

La Tempestad is beating original NBC programming like  “American Ninja Warrior” and “Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls”. Mostly it’s beating CBS reruns and ABC reruns of shows that will clean Univision’s clock when they come out of reruns.

Univision Celebrating its Ratings Victory a Little Too Hard


Tomorrow Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Laureate (and twice-elected Historic First African American President of the United States) will give a Great Speech (can there be any doubt?) right where the iconic MLK speech was given. The president will commemorate that day and reflect on the state of race relations over the past half-century. In this way, we the serfs of the Country Class might learn in what direction The Won intends to redistribute the arc of history... for the winners, and for the rest of us.

from Boker Tov Boulder

Best wishes to Jim Hoft for a full recovery


It's unclear who or what the assembled drones and droolers at today's autofornication festival represented, but it certainly wasn't Americans, African or otherwise. Under no circumstances can what was blathered today be thought of as a credit to the once noble and now nefarious "civil rights movement." Like so many other idealistic visions of its era it has now devolved and degenerated into a gelatinous slab of smarm and slime. I suppose that the best that can be said is that nothing said today will matter in another 50 years. Probably in another 50 months.

 from American Digest

It's simply because the left. The NAACP, the AFL-CIO, NOW and a dozen other specific issue groups have blended into one indistinguishable mass.

The mass exists to push a single agenda in unison. It is totalitarian and tone deaf. Its only vision is the collective one of the overall program.

It no longer has any individuality of thought. Only individual corruption.


No, we don’t disagree with the notion that we don’t have to ask anybody for permission to do as we damn well please, because we don’t, it’s just funny how that self-evident truth is suddenly acceptable and not in the slightest bit questioned by the DNCMedia, now that the horrible GWB is no longer in office. You know, the GWB of economic growth, sub-5% unemployment, $1.50/gallon gas and other assorted horrors, HORRORS, we tell you.

And by “funny” we mean to say “utterly predictable.”

from the one and only Emperor Misha


Recently a reader asked, “so, what do we do now?” in reference to the question, “how do we take the country back?”

It’s a pretty daunting task when you hear about such innovative strategies being implemented by the opposition.

"Fifteen universities worldwide — including Yale University, Brown University, and Pennsylvania State University — will offer college credit to students who “write feminist thinking” into Wikipedia.

The program, “Storming Wikipedia,” will be part of the Dialogues on Feminism and Technology online course developed by FemTechNet, an organization of feminist educators and scholars."

from BigFurHat at IOwntheWorld.com


Which is why Colorado, outside of its urban centers, is fighting back,  the liberals having wanted to make it an example of a people in a southwest outpost known for its sportsman activities and independent spirit accepting “reasonable” gun restrictions, only to find that the vast majority of those people were having none of it.

This is one of the reasons GOP support for “comprehensive immigration reform” is so absolutely appalling and cynical.  Because it has been through these types of things — along with now legal attempts to block states from protecting the franchise, ensuring that illegal votes from non-citizens are tallied — that the Democrats have sought to take over red states.

That the GOP seems intent on helping them just suggests that the Party establishment is closer ideologically to the progressive statists than it is to the TEA Party base it so clearly wishes to see defeated and buried.

from Jeff at Protein Wisdom


  1. http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/default.aspx?centerx=30&centery=25&zoom=2&level1=140
    Don't forget Kerry got his start beside Hanoi Jane in speeches denouncing that war too.
    Between denouncing Iraq and pushing to attack Syria the liberals could not be more blatantly hypocritical.
    I have been watching the marine traffic in the Med between Cyprus and Lebanon for several days and have noticed pleasure and passenger craft are moving out of the area while cargo ships with special hazard ratings, "research" vessels and unidentified ships are increasing near the Lebanon coast. I suppose this means there is a high probability of the POTUS trying to save face.
    If Obama orders an attack, I hope the first nuke lands on him.
    Nobody in the media is talking about the fact Russia has stated they will attack Saudia Arabia first and Iran has said their main target will be Israel.

  2. "Racism, like any form of xenophobia, is unfortunately indigenous to the human character."

    I applaud your analysis of the Left's one sided use of racism in an attempt to blackmail people into accepting their poisonous socialist approach to government.

    But assuming that I understand what you mean, I must challenge the quoted statement above.

    There are no inherent ideas. No one is born a racist. And we have free will. Even those born into racist societies can manage to shed the tradition of judging people based on what they passively inherit rather than on their character and actions.

    To become a racist is simply to be lazy and evasive. If this were not true, we would not have become a free country or have fought the Civil War to end slavery based on race.

  3. Surprise, surprise! It seems the Bush family's ol' Saudi buddies passed the gas. Possibly from Libya. Ain't those Saudi buddies wonderful?

  4. Dislike of differences is an inherent idea, biologically speaking, we're primed to be suspicious of people different than us

  5. Anonymous1/9/13

    OT sort of

    The end of broadcast journalism summed up in one (pray to G-d it remains a fictional anthem to the US):


    Oceania anthem:( How can such a beautiful sounding anthem be about such evil?

    "Strong and peaceful, wise and brave;
    Fighting the fight for the whole world to save.
    We the people will ceaselessly strive
    To keep our great revolution alive.
    Unfurl the banners, look at the screen;
    Never before has such glory been seen.

    Oceania, Oceania, Oceania, 'tis for thee.
    Every deed, every thought 'tis for thee.
    Every deed, every thought 'tis for thee."

    That part about "look at the screen" is so disturbing.


    listening to the 1984 soundtrack too much


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