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Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Basket Missed Obama's Shots


Bull Moose Sportsmen is a front for some figures in the Colorado Democratic Party. Its name and use of T.R. is yet another tiresome effort to co-opt Teddy Roosevelt for the left’s causes.

What would Teddy Roosevelt have thought of being exploited by the gun control crowd?

“The great body of our citizens shoot less as times goes on. We should encourage rifle practice among schoolboys, and indeed among all classes, as well as in the military services by every means in our power," Roosevelt said. "The first step – in the direction of preparation to avert war if possible, and to be fit for war if it should come – is to teach men to shoot!”

In 1905, another step forward was taken, when President Roosevelt signed Public Law 149 into effect, authorizing the sale, at cost, of surplus military rifles, ammunition, and related equipment to rifle clubs.

Democrats Use Fake Hunters Group to Push Gun Control


The best kept secrets of the Muslim world include large populations of former African slaves in places like Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey.  While Africans in Israel are not descended from slaves, Afro-Arabs, Afro-Turks and African-Pakistanis are living reminders of a Muslim slave trade that sometimes still lingers on.

The site of the world’s greatest slave rebellion was in Basra, Iraq, where half-a-million African slaves rose against the might of the Arab Abbasid Empire.

The Zanj rebellion was brutally suppressed, but its legacy lives on in the modern day city of Basra where hundreds of thousands of Afro-Iraqis live as a despised minority taunted with the slur “Abd” or Slave.

President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. By contrast, Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962.

Islamic Slavery and Racism


In a robust survey of 6,000 individuals across Pakistan, it is found that the poor are actually 23 times more averse to extremist violence relative to middle-class citizens.

The results indicated that higher incidence of terrorism reduced GDP, investments and exports. However, higher GDP, exports and investment did not reduce terrorism.

To understand what causes terrorism, one need not ask how much of a population is illiterate or in abject poverty. Rather one should ask who holds strong enough political views to impose them through terrorism.

 Rich Muslims More Likely to Support Terrorism than Poor Muslims


The AP is artificially segmenting Islamist groups. The Muslim Brotherhood it can admit is Islamist, but not Hamas or any of the Muslim Brotherhood’s blatantly terrorist armies. And what of the Muslim Brotherhood before it came out of the cold? It wasn’t Islamist then. Just terrorist. Now it becomes Islamist.

The absurdity of that double standard is obvious. An Islamist group that sets off bombs will not be called “Islamist” by the AP. But once the group seizes power as a political party and begins repressing its opponents using state power, then it can be called Islamist.

Al Qaeda, under the AP Stylebook, is no longer an Islamist group, even though its entire mission is Islamism. Its goal is to establish Islamic states under Islamic law. If you remove that aspect of it, then it no longer has an ideology.

AP’s New Islamist Denial Orwellianism


Two drivers played a game of chicken. One was driving an eighteen-wheeler and the other was driving a golf cart. Unfortunately the driver of the eighteen-wheeler was barely tall enough to reach the pedal and had gone to see Olympus Has Fallen over the weekend and panicked badly and drove into a ditch while the golf cart driver laughed and laughed.

In entirely unrelated news, North Korea and China succeeded in outbluffing Obama. This comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Obama, Hagel and Kerry unveiled a plan to reassure South Korea that America had its back with an empty “show of force” by flying bombers near North Korea. This plan was also supposed to make North Korea come to the negotiating table.

The three stooges bluffed and North Korea bluffed harder. So the Foreign Policy Stooges panicked and began pulling back afraid of making North Korea too upset. Having outbluffed the United States one more time, North Korea is pushing even harder, deploying nukes and telling all foreigners to leave the country.

Obama Retreats, North Korea Pushes Harder


 The central myth for the modern left is that the Sixties was a decade of enlightenment that then sold out to the grim corporatism of the Eighties. This delusion of a period when real change was possible through committed activism before it was swallowed up by greed and consumerism finds its avatar in the old radical who goes underground and still somehow holds on to his principles.

The old radical, unlike all his contemporaries who moved from their idealistic digs in Greenwich Village lofts (now running to $2,000 per square foot) to the suburbs while working at marketing firms and college campuses, emerges as a principled “voice of conscience” to remind them of what their youth was really about.

The spectacle of it is every bit as cheap and repulsive as the old Nazis getting drunk together and singing the Horst Wessel Lied. It’s the amoral nostalgia of people with no conscience who confuse murder with idealism and youthful anger with principles.

The Radical Dream


The Israel Policy Forum has a letterhead and a whole bunch of money and it is once again putting them to good use with a letter demanding that Israel make “painful territorial sacrifices for the sake of peace”.

IPF and the letter’s proponents are touting Dov Zakheim’s presence on the list, but while Zakheim was a Mitt Romney adviser, his views on Israel these days are in line with the left. His last Foreign Policy blog post gushed all over Obama’s visit to Israel and included this;

“Now comes the hard part. Obama’s soaring speeches tend to fall flatly to earth when he attempts to implement them. He needs to exploit Bibi Netanyahu’s political vulnerability to a cabinet that was not of his choosing and pressure the Israeli prime minister to negotiate with the Palestinians in good faith.”

If IPF’s big pro-Israel “get” is Zakheim, then its credentials really need work.

Another Day, Another Letter by American Jewish Leftists Pressuring Netanyahu


Egypt’s Morsi Visits Genocidal Dictator Who Murdered Countless Christians, Speaks of Common Enemies

 ObamaCare to Create 100,000s of Jobs in the Field of Explaining ObamaCare

 French Socialist Tax Czar Who Wanted to Implement 75% Wealth Tax had Secret Swiss Account

 Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubles Under Obama

 One of Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” Demands Gay Sex at Gunpoint

 Want an 82% Graduation Rate for Low Income Students? Go Voucher

Apparently the United States is suffering from a surplus of skyscrapers and passenger jet planes. The State Department is hoping that their program can stimulate the economy through some creative destruction.

 State Department “Ramping Up” Program to Bring Muslim Students to the US


Very few Turks in Germany have a regular job; about 20%. The other 80% live on the so-called Hartz IV (state social benefits).

According to the German state benefit system, every adult citizen who possesses the German nationality, unemployed and cannot find an appropriate job, is entitled to get monthly 482 € ($627). Additionally, parents get for each child under 18 years old, 200 € ($261), plus all their monthly expenditures in terms of rent, heating, power, health insurance, and public transport.

Nicole, a German school teacher told me once, when she asks her students what they want to become in the future, the majority of Turkish students say, “Hartz IV Empfänger” (state benefit receiver). 

80% of Turkish Muslim Settlers in Germany Live off Welfare


All it took to end the All-Girls College was a bunch of teenage boys putting on dresses and copying the plots of a bunch of bad 80s movies. It would all be some kind of bad joke, but liberalism is now a bad joke and has done a great job of turning our society into a bad joke.

Crazy Man Named Calliope Wong Applies to Liberal All-Girls College, PC Comedy Follows


The UN has tried to fight genocide. It has tried to fight world hunger. It has tried to fight internal corruption. But now it’s going up a target it can take on; soccer hooligans. And if the UN’s track records holds steady, everyone in soccer will be completely racist in 5 years while the UN will have doubled its budget.

Great News: UN Will Fight Racism in Soccer


I am still far behind on emails and most other communications. I will try to get back to most people, but it will still take a few days. Thanks for all the good wishes. And Shabbat Shalom.


  1. Anonymous5/4/13

    Obama Retreats, North Korea Pushes Harder

    sooo, we gotta pay THEM a jizya, too?

    oh, wait, that's what all the mineral rights in the western US are for, aren't they? or is that all for china?

    Again, THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT EFFORTS, Mr. Greenfield.

  2. Ciccio6/4/13

    When you point out that Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962, you leave out the most important point:

    The government paid compensation to the SLAVE OWNERS.

  3. Common 'tater6/4/13

    Daniel, I hope things get better soon. By the way, this stuff is so bizarre, it just can't be made up. I am not surprised at all that N Korea's bad acting is followed by Iran's. We need to stop rewarding these psychos for their bad behavior. Shabat Shalom.

  4. Well that title pretty much sums up the legacy media today.

  5. Anonymous7/4/13

    Shavua tov:)



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