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The Dreaded Israel Lobby Strikes Again

The Israel Lobby which controls American foreign policy, but has thus far been unable to get the United States to stop funding the terrorists currently shooting rockets at its 14th largest city, has struck again as Senate Democrats voted unanimously to make Chuck Hagel the next Secretary of Defense.

The dreaded Israeli Lobby, Jewish Lobby, Israel Lobby or any other permutation of the form that you prefer, has largely kept silent during the Hagel nomination. The head of the ADL was heard to mutter something and the AJC suggested that the Senate should possibly rethink the nomination before falling silent again. As if anyone needed more proof that the Zionist Entity controls Washington.

AIPAC and all the other groups who regularly send out envelopes warning of disaster if the check doesn't come in the mail have an amazing track record.

When Israel builds apartment buildings in its own capital city, the State Department, that branch of government which Hagel claimed was an adjunct of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, denounces the provocative act of putting one brick on top of another. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia arrests Christians for celebrating Christmas and you couldn't pay the State Department to pay attention.

Pakistan was hiding Bin Laden and still rolls in the foreign aid. Egypt's government is torturing protesters. Libya arrested Christian missionaries in Benghazi, but still can't be bothered to arrest those responsible for the murder of Ambassador Stevens. The Palestinian Authority hasn't held an election in forever and is actually paying the salaries of convicted terrorists.

Meanwhile the dominant foreign policy topic is how to convince Israel to make more concessions to the terrorists. To hear them talk, East Jerusalem is the only thing standing in the way of peace in our time. And talk like that is just more evidence that the Israel Lobby really does run everything.

John Kerry, the new Secretary of State, gave Code Pink, the radical leftist Anti-War and Anti-Israel group, a pass to go see Hamas. John Brennan Islamized Jerusalem. Hagel blamed the Jewish Lobby for spoiling his milk. But what do you expect in a Washington D.C. run by the Israel Lobby?

There are constant dire warnings that Israel is about to pull the United States into a war. The number of wars that Israel has pulled the United States into clocks in at zero. The number of wars that the Saudis have pulled the United States into clocks in at three; if you count a Saudi terrorist funded by Saudis using a bunch of Saudis to ram planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

True aficionados of the nefarious Jewish Lobby however know that the House of Saud was framed by a few thousand Jews who showed up early to wire up the towers with C4 and then punched out  before the flights arrived. That is if the planes weren't just holograms full of passengers who never existed as part of a false flag operation against a fake terrorist group created by the CIA in a conspiracy to steal all the opium in Afghanistan.

And in the same way they know that Hagel really is an Israeli agent. Why else did the Jewish Lobby remain silent? And wasn't it suspicious how Hagel seemed to hate Israel so much? What if Hagel was only pretending to bash Israel because his real name isn't Chuck, it's Chaim? What if beneath that mopey exterior that bespeaks a man who has spent his entire life watching a fly crawl across a window, beats the heart of a Semitic partisan who is just raring to begin bombing Iran as soon as he figures out how to make his executive chair go up and down?

Hagel's triumph is a disappointment to them. It would have been better if he had gone down a martyr, his stumped visage adorning book covers alongside James Forrestal and Adlai Stevenson III as another victim of the lobby in the blue-and-white hotel. A brave truth-teller like Charles Freeman who wasn't approved for a position chairing the National Intelligence Council for taking money from Saudi Arabia and China, and claiming that Tienanmen Square was a moderate response, but mostly because of the Israel Lobby.

There's no question that the Israel Lobby is a truly impressive beast. Every now and then it convinces a bunch of senators to sign a letter calling for peace and a two-state solution while condemning the taxpayer supported terrorists who shoot rockets at Israeli cities. The letter doesn't actually call for ending funding to the terrorists. It just asks the President or Secretary of State to review the situation and strongly urge the terrorists to stop shooting rockets because that endangers the future of the peace process.

The senators sign the letter, usually without reading it, it gets sent to the State Department or the White House, where it isn't read either. And the dreaded Israel Lobby pats itself on the back for another bipartisan statement of support for Israel, peace and more rockets being shot at Israeli cities.

Occasionally the Israel Lobby will get truly serious and a non-binding resolution of support will be introduced in Congress. Everyone will vote for it, even the senators and congressmen whose fondest wish is that Israel didn't exist. And it will go on the list right next to the resolution commemorating the achievements of the guy who made the world's biggest ball of twine.

In a truly disturbing overreach of power, sometimes there will be a bill proposing to cut off aid to the terrorists unless they stop shooting rockets at Israeli cities. The bill will allow for a national security waiver by the president. And every president will employ the waiver making the bill slightly less useless than a non-binding resolution, but not in any way that can be pinned down.

Meanwhile the three-hundred blogs dedicated to exposing the Israel Lobby's muzzling of dissent will denounce the bill and author six more books describing how the dreaded lobby makes it entirely impossible to discuss the conflict from the perspective that Israel is to blame for absolutely everything. This is a perspective that seldom appears in major newspapers and magazines and is absolutely never heard on CNN. You could go a whole five seconds without encountering it on any world news broadcast.

It's not always clear what the Israel Lobby's accomplishments really consist of. There's a good deal of traffic between the interlocking American and Israeli defense industries that adds up to a sizable amount of foreign aid. But by that measure the Egyptian and Jordanian lobbies must also belong to some rather impressive hotels. To say nothing of the Pakistani Hotel Taliban. Israel is doing better than Taiwan which can't convince the United States to sell it any serious firepower for fear of offending China, and if folks like Hagel had their way, Israel might be in the same boat.

Beyond that, Israel and the United States have a mutual agreement. The State Department, an adjunct of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, will blame Israel for all of America's troubles with the Muslim world, especially those caused by Saudi Arabia, and Israeli diplomats will attend negotiating sessions with terrorists that will fail and then accept responsibility for the failure.

The United States will provide foreign aid to Israel and the countries and terrorist groups trying to destroy it. This will be known as a pro-Israel policy because Israel will get more aid than the countries trying to destroy it giving it a qualitative advantage.

The United States will help fund the terrorists shooting rockets at Israeli cities and help fund the Israeli Iron Dome anti-rocket program, so that both sides are evened out. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood will get fighter jets and tanks and Israel will get a visit from Obama. The last time Obama visited Egypt, it imploded, but when he visits Israel, he promises not to reduce the country to a violent civil war and urban anarchy. And so qualitative advantage is upheld once again due to the work of the Israel Lobby.

In one of his more brilliant moments, Hagel signed on to a report that called on Obama to present Israel with his own peace plan backed by a 60,000 NATO peacekeeping force deployed inside Israel that would include soldiers from Muslim countries. We have no idea if this latest brilliant plan will ever come to fruition, but carving up Israel like a turkey and deploying Muslim armies inside it is clearly another creation of the Israel Lobby.

It doesn't sound like something the Saudi Lobby would come up with, does it?


  1. Everyone know all joos is terriers.

  2. Hagel's tie is on too tight.

  3. I think Chuck Bagel is obviously a Zionist agent because his favorite book is "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". He also clearly respects the elderly which will endear him to our aging veterans. John Kerry is unambiguously a Zionist agent of influence as well because his great-grandfather was Benedikt Kohn of Moravia, a notorious Elder of Zion, and his great-grandmother Mathilde Frankel Kohn invented the Jewish Lobby while working at the Bennisch Hilton. And John Brennan just plain looks Jewish even though he often pretends to be a Muslim-loving former hippie. So there you go, the Jewish Lobby just got a clean sweep. I hear pretty soon Morsi will be forced to drop his unscientific claim that Jews are descended from apes an pigs, and will replace it with just apes, which is essentially a Darwinist position and is obviously true Just trust the most powerful agent of them all Baruch Obummer, known at the Mossad headquarters as "Agent Zero" and all will be well..

  4. maybe even a better class of apes

  5. Anonymous28/2/13

    Gee, and I was looking forward to the AIPAC national conference in D.C. Well, I'm still going, but you make a lot of good points.

  6. Priceless Daniel... absolutly Priceless!

    Oh the horror, the horror of it all... [sarc]

  7. Shlomo ben Shmuel28/2/13

    How much more evidence do we need before we accept that the US (especially the president) is an agent of the muslims and an enemy of the Jews?

  8. Anonymous28/2/13

    How much oil has the Israel Lobby? - OK then - case closed.

    1. Raymond in DC28/2/13

      Right now, almost none. But check back in ten years. If the oil shale recently found within Israel can be extracted in an economic and environmentally responsible fashion, it'll be a different ball game.

  9. Not to forget, we also know Hagel isn't an anti-Semite because he has a friend in an Omaha Reform Synagogue who is a Rabbi that says he never got the feeling in his meetings with Hagel that he was an anti-Semite. And we also shouldn't pay attention to the fact that this so-called Rabbi also writes op-eds that often appear on the Huffington Post and Alternet, usually about the good deeds of BDS and JStreet.

  10. The main reason for Hagel and Kerry appointment I've yet to see mentioned anywhere. It is their VOTES. In the Obama government.

    When a President gives an impossible and outrageous order to his armed forces, the ONLY ones with power to STOP him are his cabinet members, voting against him - or even voting to depose him ON ARTICLE 25 (if memory serves).

    Were he to order the USAF to shoot down Israeli plains, as his political godfather Brzezinski envisaged, these two woould not vote against. Hagel is after all the second signatory after Brzeznski himself to that 2009 Occupy Israel plan. If the OBM (Operative of Brotherhood of Muslims) gives order to attack Israel, or when Turkey attacks gives an order to stand down and not to interfere, there will be no one to oppose him, in this his government of Hate Israel crowd.

    That is the main reason or these nominations.

  11. That is the main reason for these nominations.

  12. Anonymous28/2/13

    Will48 outlined the main reason Kerry and Hagel were nominated by Obama. There is another main reason and it is Obama's hatred for America is also a hatred for Israel because both countries represent to him, what they represented to his father-white, European colonialism.

    Obama has to work on two fronts; destroying our Constitutional Republic and destroying our ally, Israel which stands in the way of the Islamic domination of first the entire Middle East, and then the rest of the world. Obama is pro-Islam and anti-Christian and anti-Jewish and it should be obvious by now to everyone.


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. The good news is that Obamanation isn't as smart as the last guy to fight a major two front war, and that guy didn't do so well.

  15. this is utter and complete bullshit. sounds like you are an islamic agent dissing Israel how dare you say they control anything American WE support Israel all the way they are God's Chosen people, if this is the bilge you blog now i'm getting off your email list and warning others you've gone terrorist yourself

  16. Belinda, you misread the sarcasm in the article.

  17. Anonymous28/2/13

    Lighten up Belinda. The whole article was written as a sarcastic joke.He does this every once in a while.

  18. Honestly, I don't care if Belinda never posts her comments here again. If her friends are just like her, then they can post elsewhere too.

  19. Anonymous1/3/13

    As Belinda's FRIEND, I think your JUST sicko.

  20. Anonymous1/3/13

    Daniel, You lightened my day with this. A good way to start a Friday. Of course I'll probably be forced to eat something Kosher for lunch today since the Israeli lobby has taken control of US dietary requirements. I hope Belinda is not indicative of the intellectual capacity of our side?

  21. Anonymous1/3/13

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Anonymous1/3/13

    Remember what our new SoS said, Americans have the constitutional right to be stupid. - Apparently some also can't tell the difference between sarcasm pointed at an ideology and proponents of that ideology too. Blame it on the dysfunctional educational system.

  23. PJ M1/3/13

    Belinda is not a regular reader as she has no clue that Sultan Knish is an orthodox Jew.

  24. I don't understand how anyone could miss the very obvious sarcasm of this article.

  25. A beautiful piece. I was cracking up -- but painfully so -- throughout its entirety. Sigh, were AIPAC only as strong as they all accuse it of being. At least we'd get something for all the unfounded nonsense thrown at us.

  26. This Belinda's stupidity makes a strong point. The truth of this stares mankind in the face, and they still do not notice how stupid it is.

    And Mr. Greenfield, as usual your words are a shield and a weapon whose crafting there exists no equal too. Thank you for courageously standing for the truth, and may G-d bless you and your work.

  27. @Anonymous best way to attack America is to attack Israel or provoke a big war and stand down on the sidelines. The oil disruptions, the food riots, the martial law and postponement of elections might just be The Plan. @FuzzyBear - what good did it do for the millions of victims that the lunatic didn't end up so well. He actually got to leave on his own terms, having accomplished his evil goal, the destruction of the European Jewish civilization.


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