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Suicide as a Jewish Value

A month ago, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz sat down with the host of a Jewish television channel and could not name any reason for Jews to vote for Obama except for his support for abortion. Which is to say that the favorite muppet of the Democratic Party could not think of any reason to support B.O. except a mutual commitment that fewer Jews be born.

It is a little-known fact that Margaret Sanger, that pioneer of eugenic solutions to "racial, political, and social problems", began by targeting Jews, opening her first center in Brownsville, Brooklyn, complete with Yiddish and Italian flyers, aiming for the two immigrant groups whose high reproduction rates were considered a social problem.

Abortion as a Liberal Jewish value has been a stunning success. In New York City, where Sanger first set up shop, 74 percent of all Jewish children are members of the traditionalist Orthodox religious group. Liberal Jews are already panicking over the prospect of a future Jewish population in New York City that is staunchly conservative and religious.

A recent survey of New York City Jews also shows a nearly even split between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. 46 percent of New York Jews are planning to vote against Obama, and a majority of New York City Jews think that Romney would be better at fixing the economy than B.O. But it is only to be expected that the group for whom abortion isn't a Jewish value would come to outnumber the group for whom abortion is a Jewish value.

The problem with values is that you have to live with their consequences. When your values dictate that terrorists deserve all the protections of the civilian justice system, then you have to be ready to live with the explosions. If your values dictate minimal population growth, then you have to accept the consequences of extinction. Values that are contrary to survival carry their own natural cost. And when your values are at odds with your interests, then your values might as well be an open window, a loaded revolver or a dose of strychnine.

Liberal Jews like to talk about Jewish values rather than Jewish interests, because their values are incompatible with Jewish interests-- even as a matter of simple survival. The usual liberal grab bag of values that are represented by the Jewish hand puppets of liberalism, like Wasserman-Schultz, aren't just alien, they threaten the basic survival of the Jewish People.

When asked to justify what interests the Democratic Party and American Jews have in common, the Jewish liberal dives into a copy of the New York Times and comes up with illegal immigration, abortion, gay rights and support for peace in the Middle East.

That list of Liberal Jewish values not only fails to align with a single Jewish interest, but each of them threatens Jewish interests... that is if survival is to be considered a Jewish interest.

Peace in the Middle East means aborting Israel, dissecting it into small pieces and repeating the process until there is no country left. It's another case of liberal Jews trying to do to Israel what they have already done to themselves. To believe that pressuring Israel into making a non-stop roll of concessions to Muslim terrorists is a Jewish value is to believe that suicide is a Jewish value.

Illegal immigration, a cause that virtually every major Jewish organization has signed on to, means the mass migration of Mexicans to the United States. The ADL's own survey shows that nearly half of foreign-born Latinos rate as strongly Anti-Semitic, over three times the rate of white Americans. (Bad news for the glorious civil rights alliance; the ADL's strongly antisemitic ratings are 12 percent for white Americans, 35 percent for African-Americans and 44 percent for foreign-born Latinos.) The only way to make sense of this is that Liberal Jewish groups believe that increasing Anti-Semitism in America is actually a Jewish value.

But liberals of all creeds need more Mexican illegal aliens and immigrants from all across the Third World to compensate for the good work of Sanger. Liberal Christians fear the reproduction rates of Conservative Christians as Liberal Jews fear the reproduction rates of Orthodox Jews. The only way out of the demographic race is to import "ringers" who will have the children that they won't. The new eugenics is political eugenics. Birth control is no longer for the people that Sanger considered the "unfit", they're valued now for their reproductive rates which help the "fit" stay in power.

Growing Anti-Semitism is a small price to pay for the Liberal values of having people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz sitting in Congress instead of selling tie-dyed t-shirts and hand-painted seashell bongs in a flea market. And like all the wages of liberalism, the price for it isn't paid by the people on top, but by those at the bottom. Those Jews living next to the 44 percent in New York City or on farms in the West Bank within firing range of their Palestinian Muslim peace partners. The Jews whom Sanger and Schultz consider "unfit".

There is a fundamental gap between the interests of those Jews and those of a liberal elite who claim that their Liberal values are our Jewish values. The values of the elite are linked to power while those of the population are linked to survival. The power of Liberal Jewish elites is inextricably linked to the decimation of Jewish populations, whether in the United States, Europe or Israel.

Jews who have grown up within the bubble of Liberal Jewish values are repeatedly asked to choose between their own interests, their physical, social and economic welfare, and the values that have been presented to them as Jewish values. They are encouraged to believe that betraying their own interests is a noble act of self-sacrifice for the greater good.

This is the same false choice between interests and values, between the low ground of survival and the high ground of moral superiority, that the left subjects all Americans and Europeans to on a regular basis. What all the lecturers on the theme of the moral high ground and the new value system have forgotten to mention is that a value system that is incapable of perpetuating itself is of very little use to anyone. It isn't even any good as an act of martyrdom because martyrs are remembered by the people who share their beliefs.

Martyrs that live on die for a faith, not for the extinction of a faith. And that is what Liberal Jewish values are. The extinction of a faith and a people in the name of a better faith in liberalism and a better people in the form of a multicultural rainbow of other people who have children, but still vote Democratic, because their religious values have not yet been submerged within a liberal identity.

The paradox of the multicultural alliance is that the political survival of the narrow wedge of liberals at the top depends on a larger wedge of non-liberals who vote for them but don't share their values. If the minority communities adopted the full panoply of liberal values, they would be on the same path to extinction as the people for whom they have been taught to pull the lever on Election Day.

That is what makes the multicultural alliance into a frighteningly unstable beast which is always at risk of either breaking left or breaking right and must be constantly replenished through fresh supplies of immigrants who are still economically liberal and socially conservative enough to keep the system going.

Jewish Liberals are stuck in a particularly hellish version of this paradox preaching an extinction based value system that is doomed to lose the race to traditionalists. And the only way out is to try and suborn and break down the values of Jewish traditionalists more aggressively in order to gain fresh recruits for their zombie army of the living dead.

Margaret Sanger at least understood that, " the unbalance between the birth rate of the "unfit" and the "fit"... can never be rectified by the inauguration of a cradle competition between these two classes". Birth control teaching without eugenics would never be enough, but the age when the government can mandate a One Child Policy is not yet here. And even if it did arrive, it would still lead to a higher birth rate for couples in traditional marriages.

The race between traditional Jewish values and Liberal Jewish values must always end in the same way over and over again. Suicide can never become a Jewish value unless it is universalized and it can never be universalized until every traditional group is broken down. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has already lost and she probably knows it. If she doesn't, the Jewish Federations who are busy typing up the survey results certainly do. And while that will lead them to redirect more money to groups such as Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and Uri L'Tzedek which act as leftist outposts of the war on traditional Judaism-- that too is another race they cannot win.

In Israel and America, the proponents of Jewish suicide are successfully wiping themselves out, while the proponents of Jewish survival are filling up cradles. The race between the Jewish values of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and their values is already being won.


  1. Abortion is one of the true evils of society.

  2. Anonymous7/8/12

    Can you explain the yct line ?

  3. Anonymous7/8/12

    "If the minority communities adopted the full panoply of liberal values, they would be on the same path to extinction as the people for whom they have been taught to pull the lever on Election Day."


  4. Avigail7/8/12

    I disagree with immigration and anti semitism. It's the opposite in fact.

    Sultan, when the USA didn't have an immigration problem, and the WASP dominated, Jews didn't have the vote. The Republican top brass has and is anti semitic.

    Jews have prospered in the USA because it's a melting pot, multi cultural.

  5. Anonymous7/8/12

    Actually - it was because of the pluralistic communities in the NorthEast that eventually led to the melting pot you so embrace.
    While you can kick and scream that republicans may have had anti-semites in their ranks, you cannot deny who and what the Democrats have promoted as being entirley incongruous with jewish and immigrant communities alike.
    Suburban enclaves in and around NYC were Democratic and don't be surprised when I tell you that Klan membership in CT and NJ was open and promoted - up to the civil rights era. These were and always will be democrat enclaves.
    The fact that they have seduced generations to embrace the "freebie" principals and that "Republicans are Evil" does not erase their history and the track record of the Democrat Party - espescially when it came to immigration, or the promotion of human trafficking.
    As the son of immigrants that lived in Borough Park (I'm Roman Catholic) and then to move on to suburbia to hear my "liberal friends" declare the Democrat Party as a lost tribe of Israel makes me nauseous. Our old friends from the neighborhood (well only a few are left) were a bit more suspiscious of politicians than the "all-in" almost "yankee-fan" type of mentality I'm seeing.
    There are several liberalized jews in the upper echelons of the republican party, just as there are Irish, Italian, Greek and Latinos.
    They don't deliver the same pablum to those that are still "on the farm".
    A good friend that is an industrial procurer has taken severe hit on his business since he deals largely with the energy industry.
    It is a case where his president's policy's and cabinet is directly responsible for destroying his business... yet he will blame Bush and preach to me how Obama is good for the Jewish community and Israel...

  6. Jewish supporter7/8/12

    "That is what makes the multicultural alliance into a frighteningly unstable beast which is always at risk of either breaking left or breaking right"

    For too long jewish political debate has focused on the fight between the left and the right, assuming, as you point out, that the left is consistent with their interests while the right is counter.

    This analysis is far too narrow, as it presupposes that no risks lie in the consequences of such policies as multicultural. Few societies in the world manage to remain stable without coercion, and these are often white. Western white society has provided the social glue that has enabled racial pluralism to function in the US to this point. At some time, however, the racial mix will tip, so that this will no longer be the case. It is only then that the consequences of the antisemitism found in these immigrant communities will become dangerous for the Jewish community as well as others.

    Politics will then be about one race versus another, rather than left and right, and will bring about conditions that will demolish the current elite. And, there will be no outside successful, stable, Western style communities to leverage off and mitigate with.

  7. Avigail, Jews didn't have the vote? That's news to me. The only time Jews didn't have the vote was early on in some states that rejected Jews as citizens long long before there was a separate Republican Party. If you go back before the 20th century the Jewish vote was split between parties.

    Melting pot and multicultural aren't the same thing. They're somewhat opposites really. But that's a whole other discussion.

  8. jewish supporter, very true and an important point

  9. Jewish supporter7/8/12

    A further thought, Daniel, the coming change in power towards these immigrant groups will also result in a waning of support for Israel, both politically and militarily. Particularly if their preference for continued wealth transfers maintains a lower level of economic performance by the US economy. Notwithstanding current liberal Jewish indifference to Israel's success, its failure would be a significant cultural loss to all Jews, a loss of homeland.

  10. Avigail,
    Antisemitism in America collapsed between 1922 and 1965, exactly when immigration was restricted. No people have been more welcoming of Jews in the modern era than WASPs, other Scotch-Irish theological Zionists.
    Jews have always been able to vote in America, starting in the revolutionary era. Perhaps you should look up Francis Salvador, the first identified Jew to be elected to an American colonial legislature, the only Jew to serve in a revolutionary colonial congress and the first Jew to die for the cause of American liberty.

    " The Republican top brass has and is anti semitic. "
    It was the FDR regime that accidentaly banned schechita and purposely refused to even meet immigration quotas, lest Jews enter the country.

    The Democrat party embraces Al Sharpton and Jessie "Hymietown" Jackson. There is no one comparable in the GOP.

    Let me be perfectly honest. You are partaking of grievance politics. And grievance politics rots the mind and drives the left.

  11. Anonymous7/8/12

    Daniel can you please explain the chovovei Torah comment.

  12. YCT is a seminary with big funding designed to turn out left wing community organizer unrabbis who push social justice and campaign for left-wing causes. Uri L'Tzedek is an example of their work.

    Here is one essay from their site that explains the objective


    "A possible model of a practical application of a Jewish redemptive ethic can be found in the populist movement developing throughout North and South America called “Base Communit ies.” These communities of faith began developing in Latin America at the same time Liberation Theology was first being articulated. Base Communities, traditionally, are grassroots-organized groups comprised of people of faith who wish to translate that faith into three concrete areas: Bible study, communal action, and self-consciousness.
    The Jewish community might benefit applying these three areas operating under the framework of a Jewish Liberation Theology."

    ..if you know what liberation theology is then you know where this is going

  13. Avigayil.. horse hockey. Jews never were denied the right to vote in the USA.. not ever. And Jews have been in America since just after the time of Columbus

  14. @Avigail

    Avigail, this is all I have to say to you and all the other Jewish leftists who liberalized your communities out of existence:


    Groove to the music baby!

  15. Anonymous7/8/12

    The disdain and utter anger I feel towards the vast majority of Reformed and Conservative Jews in this country know no bounds.

    I have severed my ties with most-and it makes me want to cry. These are the Jews who have assimilated into Jew haters. These are the Jews who think the only tenet of Judaism is tikkun olam. What makes them any different than a righteous gentile?! There is more to being Jewish than a corn beef sandwich and suckling at Obama's teat.

    I am sickened by leftwing-Israel hating Jews. I turn my back on them, and spit in their face.

    There. I feel 2 percent better. A hard rain is coming.


  16. I don't know Avigail's politics and I don't see a need to abuse her. I would rather have a discussion than a fight.

  17. Anonymous8/8/12

    "Jews have prospered in the USA because it's a melting pot, multi cultural."

    Melting pot is the opposite of multiculturalism. Its more like multiracialism (which is different), but with one dominant culture, language, etc.
    If you think that jews are going to benefit from turning the US into third world country, then go for it.
    Opponents of the US will be more than happy to see it happening.

  18. Marlene8/8/12

    Some years back I was friends with the President of the local Hadasah group of which I was not a member, but thinking about it. Then I found out that at the Right To Choose (or whatever it was called) march in DC, the Hadassah ladies were out in front with a big banner supporting this cause. I told my friend that I resent that Hadassah took such a stand and so publicly. I told her that Hadassah does not speak for me. She stopped calling me after that, and that was the end of the friendship.

  19. Anatoly8/8/12

    Following Daniel Greenfield's logic, we should not only permit, but to encourage abortion! Here are four pertinent considerations.
    1.Those against abortion will not go for it anyhow, whether it is permitted, encouraged, or what!
    2.Those who are for abortion will efficiently abort themselves out of existence as a group (may be in future generation we will have , with G-d's help, less Debby Wasserman Shultzes).
    3. Of course, there is a "small issue" with the rights of the aborted fetuses. This can be addressed by formulating authoritative legal definitions of life and terms of life termination, and then developing, adopting, and strictly enforcing the appropriate laws that would criminally persecute the violators.
    4.There still be left a group of "abortion law-abiding" citizen who wouldn't want their children. For those, an option may be created to give away their children, may be even for some reward. The rationale being, if those undesirable children are brought up in a children-loving family, they will not grow up children-haters and be contributing (e.g., not abortive) members of the society.

  20. Anonymous8/8/12

    Daniel Greenfield - I agree with the points of your article. I have both of the initial example groups covered - Italian married to a Jewish wife. I offer one other aspect to consider. Those Jews who propose the liberal policies also do so for the "feel good" (at least to them) internal vibes and adulation of others in their group. And why not, in their lifetimes they may not see many or all of the serious repercussions. So they are selling out their future brethren for current gratification.

  21. Anonymous8/8/12

    As always an excellent article. However I think we need to begin to make some distinctions as they relate to the American Jewish community, if we would term it that. First we need to designate these people "Jews in Name-Halacha Definition Only", i.e. born of a Jewish mother. They all violate the basic principles of their cherished "tikkun olam" by not being/doing for their own people first, (actually not at all). And they are going the way of the dodo bird as they and their idiot offspring (oh sorry ethical humanists)marry out of Judaism. As has been noted the demographic projections suggest that Orthodox Jews will be the Jewish community of the future in this country. I thnk it is positively Darwinian as we shake out all the proto-Kapos and those who worship the golden calf of liberalism, to have a core community that actually understands and respects Jewish values, evn if I am secular.

  22. Outstanding insightful article. So if "liberal/Jewish values" conflict with Jewish interests, perhaps that means the liberal values aren't so Jewish after all?

  23. they're not Jewish at all, they're simply leftist

  24. suicide is an interesting, yet accurate comparison. this article is another reminder to me, of the parallels in the circumstances of the jewish and black community. another thought you provoke for me here, daniel, is how so many of us had been lulled by the indoctrination by the left. it took years for me to learn margaret sanger's original intentions. why would an ordinary girl, like me and so many others know that? thankfully i am waking up from liberal programming. to be sure, it's no overnight occurence. i continue to be startled in seeing how much i have not known. thanks for continuing to enlighten with your writing. great post!

  25. Anonymous9/8/12

    New book: Robert Wistrich /From
    Ambivalence to Betrayal: The Left, the Jews and Israel.
    Just another way to destroy Judaism, modern and multicultural and of course PC

  26. Marlene10/8/12

    one more point here; in Freakonomics, by Malcolm Gladwell, he talks about how in the 90's the crime rate in the US dropped dramatically, especially in the 5 states that legalized abortion before the Supreme Court legalized it for the rest of the country. His research shows that the states with the highest abortion rates in the 70's experienced the greatest crime drop in the 90's. Which he contends means that all the babies that would have been born in the 70's to single moms, poor moms, teen moms, were never born. These are the prime circumstances, being raised by shot gun wedding parents, single poor moms, uneducated teen moms, that increase the likelihood that their children will become criminals. It is a sad sad thought. Because of this kind of factual research, I find myself in a constant battle with myself about the abortion issue. And I agree with one of the the commenters that adoption should be promoted BIG TIME! I was adopted in 1954 at 5 days old. My mother (aveshalom) was religious.

  27. Anonymous10/8/12

    thanks for putting into words my difficulties when confronted by liberal Jews who looked down on me for my non support for abortion and other issues...now I have clear answers for these clouded thinkers...

  28. Baruch Cohon26/8/12

    Abortion should not be a political policy. The government does not belong in the bedroom. This is just another example of too much government. Get with it. Liberalism failed in this country a long time ago. It produced a colossal national debt, an entitlement class of unemployables, and a spirit of peace-at-any-price that we see turning the US into a second-class power. Immigration is not the problem. Immigrants built this country. PC is the problem.

  29. Anonymous13/10/12

    It is a strange political fact that people can be persuaded to vote against their self interest. The left has been very good about persuading young people to vote for policies similar to credit card theft.

    Hand ringing Jews seem no match for political arguments aimed to persuade the 'too smart by half' crowds.


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