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Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Big Three Thousand

And We're Back

On Tuesday I spoke at the Skirball, the evening of the next day I was back home and glancing at the number next to my latest article, "The New Nazis" saw that it was my 3000th article.

It's been an interesting ride and it was a reminder of how I got into this, by writing day in and day out and connecting with more and more people. At the event and the Chai program with Adam Taxin, I was asked how I write so much. The simple answer is that writing perpetuates itself. Words are bricks and if you put enough of them together, you build something. Initially they may be small humble abodes but as the construction continues, they become places to live in and invites others into.

The video from Skirball will be up at next week and I want to thank everyone who came to the event, those I spoke to and those I didn't get a chance to speak to, and of course all the regular readers, Doris Wise Montrose of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

You Can't Spell Friendship Without...

"Don't tell me French Muslims appreciate Jews - 50 percent of them hate Jews," Rabbi Michel Sarfati said on Thursday. The rabbi created the Jewish-Muslim friendship group and has traveled across France for several years preaching moderation.

As the leader of a friendship group he's clearly taking a conservative estimate.

The Million Cap March

In Oklahoma, Bob and Nancy Strait, who had been married for 65 years, had their home broken into by a black teenager unarmed except for a BB gun. The teenager beat and raped the 85 year old Nancy Strait to death. Her husband, a veteran of the 101st Airborne in WW2, is in the hospital struggling to make it.

There will be no million cap march for Bob and Nancy, two mere Americans, whose deaths cannot educate us on the evils of racism. Their killer will have pro bono lawyers and innocence projects helping him until he's finally set free again.

Certainly Obama will make no statement on how Nancy Strait could have been his grandmother or how Bob Strait could have been that uncle who "liberated Auschwitz". Mitt Romney did not pop up to call for a "thorough investigation", reminding us of why Santorum kinda had a point about him.

What's the real difference between Tyrone Woodfork and Trayvon Martin? It will take a lot of work to make Woodfork look like the martyr that the media has already turned Trayvon into. Instead we'll get Hour 24 of screeching coverage about Trayvon Martin and white racism because a Hispanic neighborhood watch captain with black family members shot a black teenager.

President Barack Obama on Friday called for a full investigation into the shooting of an unarmed African-American teenager in Florida, saying the U.S. needs to do some "soul searching" to determine what led to his death

You know if Obama has enough free time between his golfing, his bankrupting of the United States and his race baiting, he might want to do some "soul searching" to determine what led to the death of a whole bunch of Mexicans south of the border. Hint, it involves his Attorney General who's foaming at the mouth to intervene in a local law enforcement issue.

The Terrible Twos

In a particularly mealy-mouthed Telegraph piece Ed West tries to explain why Islam has nothing to do with this...

Many people kill in the name of jihad but they do not represent Islam or Muslims... It is not religion that turns some young Muslim men in the West violent, but the sense of alienation and frustration that inevitably comes from being a second-generation immigrant.

But what is Jihad? Is it a separate religion apart from Islam?

This interesting theory that somehow being a second-generation immigrant leads to one being a serial killer has one problem... France is full of Jewish immigrants from North Africa, many of whom are second and third generation. Oddly enough they don't seem to be going on killing sprees.

Confused and angry young men easily attach themselves to something greater than themselves

But what is this thing that they are attaching themselves to? Is it Islam? Can't be. Ed has just told us that Islam has nothing to do with it. What mysterious "greater thing" is it then? Unfortunately it will have to remain a mystery.

The Kosovo Dog Hunters Club

With Kosovo "liberated" to be a properly Muslim place, the locals are engaging in an annual bit of cheerful dog hunting. Mohammed did say that all dogs, or at least all black dogs, should be killed.

Directorate for Protection and Rescue of Mitrovica municipality, in cooperation with Kosovo Police and Sports Hunters Association “Trepca” has started this action, which will last one month.The director of this department, Behxhet Bala, said that the owners of domestic dogs are obligated not to let out domestic dogs on the streets as long as this phase of action for stray dogs’ liquidation lasts.

Not too surprisingly, this reads almost exactly like Nazi bulletins about the "actions" for the extermination of Jews during WW2.

This isn't animal control, this is local sports hunters shooting dogs in the street.

Locals say that many of the dogs that have been shot by the hunters are suffering a slow death, and that agonizing howls can be heard across the city

I suppose when you run low on Serbs and Jews to kill... you have to make do with dogs.

Many of the dogs belonged to the original non-Muslim inhabitants who had been ethnically cleansed by Muslim KLA terrorists in association with the Clinton Administration. Now they're strays to be gunned down.

For some reason the US embassy seems to think that the Muslim gunmen may not stop with dogs and issued a bulletin about our wonderful allies.

We urge U.S. citizens to exercise caution and avoid walking or driving the streets of Pristina during the time of the operation due to the danger of stray gunfire.  If you have pets, ensure that they are secured inside your residence.  The Embassy recommends that you do not leave pets outside in your yard during this operation.

Within Pristina city limits, you may hear sporadic gunshots from the culling operation at night. 
Just like old times. And we fought a war on behalf of the cullers and now we're watching over them as they go about their rounds.

French Intelligence as Impressive as Ever

Also today, a senior official who is close to the investigation into Merah's attacks told The Associated Press there was no sign Merah had "trained or been in contact with organized groups or jihadists" such as al Qaeda.

The official said Merah might have made the claim because al Qaeda is a well-known "brand." The official said authorities have "absolutely no element allowing us to believe that he was commissioned by al Qaeda to carry out these attacks."

Disagreeing with senior French officials is... Al Qaeda.

Al-Qaida linked group Jund al-Khilafah has claimed responsibility for shootings this week in France, according to a statement posted on jihadist websites on Thursday.
But if Muslim terrorists are said not to be Muslims or terrorists, if we are to believe that Western liberals know the Koran better than the Jihadists do, why not assume that French senior officials know better who is in Al-Qaeda than Al-Qaeda.

"Stop taking responsibility, we know this was the act of a lone gunman suffering from alienation and French racism."

What Separates Us From the Terrorists

The people of France, all people, but especially Jews and Muslims, must see that that the entire nation mourns the death of innocents --that whatever one’s faith or politics, what occurred is a national tragedy.

There is the almost impossible, but truly necessary, task of not totally demonizing the murderer. I am supporter of the death penalty. Were he alive, I would work to see this murderer go to the top of the list. But in the spirit of Talmudic tradition, I would still be challenged to see him as a human being - one, who no matter how guilty, leaves behind people who loved him. In fact, that awareness is one of the things which separates our culture from that of the terrorists.

Actually what separates us from the terrorists is that we are also led by moral retards, but our moral retards are self-destructive, while theirs are destructive.

I Don't Know... Maybe It's Because a Muslim Terrorist Just Killed a Bunch of Kids?

President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is campaigning for re-election in the April-May poll, has proposed tougher security measures, such as sanctions for people whose frequent viewing of jihadist websites could mean links to radical Islamism. “This is going to raise questions about our system of integration, our approach to (Islamic) fundamentalism and our tolerance of certain practices here. You’re going to hear a lot about that in the weeks to come,” a senior Sarkozy campaign adviser said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Lahsen Edbas, 29, a Muslim grocery store worker in the eastern Paris suburb of Le Raincy, echoed a widespread skepticism about the Paris elite: “Why is all this happening now, just before an election?”

5 million is pretty widespread.

Noted Lefty Hero Rants About Rich Jews

A group of very senior members of the Jewish community in London met Mr Livingstone earlier this month to discuss his support for and links with a radical Islamist cleric and the television station that makes propaganda in Britain for Iran.

In a leaked letter to the Jewish Chronicle – more of a communique really – they said Labour’s London mayoral candidate used the words Zionist, Jewish and Israeli as if they meant the same thing and that his language was close to ‘classic anti-semitism’.

They added: ‘Ken, towards the end of the meeting, stated that he did not expect the Jewish community to vote Labour as votes for the left are inversely proportional to wealth levels, and suggested that as the Jewish community is rich, we simply wouldn’t vote for him.’

...No racism to see here. Just good clean Anti-Zionism.

This Was a Declaration of War...Against Diversity

To emphasize this narrative they then interviewed a French female journalist living in London who claimed that what was terrible about the attack was that the killer was 'French' and that it was therefore 'an attack against diversity'. She said that it was all down to the racist climate in France which had been made worse by Nikolas Sarkozy in the last five years and she picked out, as an example of racist lack of tolerance, the burka ban he had introduced.

Clearly this is yet another example of Burka bans leading non-Muslims to kill Muslims. Reality bubble, what reality bubble? Communism is moving forward. The next harvest will be the most productive ever. There are no American soldiers in Baghdad Airport. Islam is the religion of peace.

Democracy... Who Needs it Anyway

Remember when we were overthrowing Mubarak in democracy's name? Democracy now? Not so much. We don't need no stinking democracy, now that we have the Brotherhood in power.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waived congressional conditions imposed late last year that tied U.S. aid to progress in Egypt’s transition to democracy following the ouster of longtime President Hosni Mubarak.

Who says Congress gets to make budgets anyway. Or laws. It's not like we need that stinking democracy either when we have the Pharaoh of Hope and Change.

English Lesson Becomes Muslim Lesson

A French teacher faced disciplinary proceedings Friday for allegedly urging her class to observe a minute's silence for serial killer Mohamed Merah, the day after he was shot by police.

Education Minister Luc Chatel called for the teacher to be suspended after her class reported she had called Merah a "victim" and said his links to Al-Qaeda were invented by the media and "Sarko", referring to President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The good news is there's a bright media career ahead of her. But like Merah, it's of course due to her being poor and crazy. But mostly crazy.

"This is not the political act of an extremist but the act of a colleague who has health concerns, who is fragile and who is receiving psychological treatment," the local head of the SGEN-CFDT union, Pascal Bossuyt, told AFP.

"She said something unfortunate in a particular context and she immediately regretted what she said," he added.

But I'm a little confused here.

If she's really "fragile and crazy", then why did she immediately regret it? Either she's crazy or she's not. I guess she's just crazy in a particularly unfortunate context.

Thought Crime

“It is impossible to arrest someone just because he has Salafist views,” said French Interior Minister Claude Gueant, referring to Merah’s jihadist sympathies. “Holding a particular point of view is not a crime.”

That's mighty American of Old Claude, but oddly enough Brigitte Bardot was put on trial for saying Muslims were destroying the country.

Just to recap, it's not a crime to be a Salafist, but it is a crime to believe that Muslims are not exactly making France a better place.

Food Fascism

The Bloomberg administration is now taking the term "food police" to new depths, blocking food donations to all government-run facilities that serve the city's homeless.
In conjunction with a mayoral task force and the Health Department, the Department of Homeless Services recently started enforcing new nutritional rules for food served at city shelters. Since DHS can't assess the nutritional content of donated food, shelters have to turn away good Samaritans.


DHS Commissioner Seth Diamond says the ban on food donations is consistent with Mayor Bloomberg's emphasis on improving nutrition for all New Yorkers. A new interagency document controls what can be served at facilities -- dictating serving sizes as well as salt, fat and calorie contents, plus fiber minimums and condiment recommendations.

Sure there's a certain amount of food fascism at work here, but more importantly allowing people and groups to help the homeless reduces the complete monopoly of official organizations to harvest the homeless as funding sources.

You can see the same logic behind the Federal and state assault on Catholic social services. Everyone who has worked with non-profits knows how jealous orgs are of their donors and turf. But now all that money is going to have to go through the government.

 It's Illegal Not to Discriminate in Sentencing on the Basis of Race

Just ...wait it's coming here too

Sentencing judges who do not carefully consider lenient or creative sentences for aboriginal offenders are violating the law, the Supreme Court of Canada said in a major aboriginal law decision today.

Releasing rulings in a pair of much-anticipated cases that go to the heart of separate treatment for aboriginal offenders, the court said that considering factors such as cultural oppression and a history of abuse in the residential school system must be central to the sentencing process.

“When sentencing an Aboriginal offender, courts must take judicial notice of such matters as the history of colonialism, displacement, and residential schools and how that history continues to translate into lower educational attainment, lower incomes, higher unemployment, higher rates of substance abuse and suicide, and of course higher levels of incarceration for Aboriginal peoples,” a 6-1 majority said.

Is there even any point in calling an abomination like this a justice system? Were there supreme court verdicts in the slave era United States that said that courts were obligated to treat white defendants better than those of other races?

That decision – R v. Gladue – was intended to usher in particular sensitivity to the pressures and deprivations many aboriginals have suffered, at the same time as reducing the disproportionate number of aboriginal offenders in prison.  

I suppose if you give aboriginal offenders disproportionately light sentences, that will reduce their presence in prison. It won't reduce their criminal behavior, it's likely to only increase it. This may lead to the paradoxical situation where more crimes are committed, resulting in more convictions, even with the disproportionately light sentences, so that even more aboriginals end up in prison.

Racial social manipulation sometimes backfires that way.

If you want to know the origin of this decision and who Gladue, the tragic aboriginal persecuted by "The Man" was.... the case goes a little something like this.

On September 16, 1995 Jamie Tanis Gladue was drinking and celebrating her 19th birthday with some friends. She suspected that the victim, her boyfriend, was having an affair with the offender's older sister, Tara. Gladue made specific threats that "he was going to get it." Following a confrontation with the victim, he uttered many insults at the offender, at which point the offender stabbed the victim in the chest. She was subsequently charged with second degree murder and ultimately convicted of manslaughter. At her sentencing hearing the judge took into account many aggravating factors including the fact that the offender was not afraid of the victim. The court also took into account several mitigating factors such as her youth, her status as a mother and the absence of any serious criminal history. She was sentenced to three years imprisonment. At her trial and at the Court of Appeal for British Columbia the court upheld the sentence, finding that s. 718.2(e) did not apply to off-reserve Aboriginals.

To recap this thoroughly horrifying amoral madness

1. A 19 year old woman stabbed her husband/boyfriend, not in self-defense.

2. She only got three years in jail for it.

3. The court took into account every possible factor that it could, including that she hadn't stabbed anyone before. It didn't however take into account that she only stabbed her boyfriend because of colonialism.

4. Don't imagine that the tragic victim of Canadian colonialism served three years in prison for stabbing her husband to death. She got out in six months with electronic monitoring... and she appealed that.

5. The Court didn't actually alter her sentence, which she had already served, and they couldn't short of descending into a level of insanity too great to even contemplate.

But in a decision from an alternate universe in the strange year 1999, the Canadian Supreme Court was still outraged at well... Canada.

Writing in vivid terms about a case in which a native woman killed her husband, the court said the conscience of Canadians ought to be shocked by the rate at which aboriginals are tossed behind bars.

No one thinks that Jamie's conscience ought to be the one operating here. Canadians should feel guilty because they're somehow responsible for her being sentenced to jail after she stabbed her husband. The only solution is not to send aboriginals to jail for killing people. It's madness, but it's not Sparta.

But assuming Miss Gladue's boyfriend/husband was also an aboriginal, wouldn't it be more compassionate not to give aboriginals a free "Kill Someone Who Might Be an Aboriginal" pass?

The Court said every attempt should be taken to divert aboriginals away from prison and toward alternatives, especially those connected with their heritage. It said these may range from aboriginal sentencing and healing circles to restitution and aboriginal community council projects.

These alternatives are not necessarily "lighter" punishment than prison, the court argued, since taking responsibility and facing one's community can be more frightening.

I spend a lot of time writing about the left, about their motives and their minds, but sometimes you stare into the abyss and realize that you have encountered complete hopeless madness in the highest places.


  1. Thanks for your articles,I enjoy them very much. The stupid is very strong out there, keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous23/3/12

    Yashar koah. Its made a difference.

    Akiba Lumbroso

  3. Apparently, even if one would conclude otherwise from reading your excellent essays, the situation is not dire enough for a new Winston Churchill to emerge. Or the cult of individuality and information in today's people, even the "seeing"ones is so seated so deep that such a person would go un-recognized. However keep writing the words you do waiting for the spokesman to deliver them.

  4. "I spend a lot of time writing about the left, about their motives and their minds, but sometimes you stare into the abyss and realize that you have encountered complete hopeless madness in the highest places."

    That last statement sums it all up beautifully and expresses how I feel as well. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us informed of what is actually going on in the world.

  5. I did not know how far off the road the Canadian Supreme Court has ventured. It is true - liberals protect intolerance, as long as it is not promulgated by white people. Nonwhites are their children, and whites are the pedophiles looking for every opportunity to seize and eat their children. Makes sense to me :)

  6. "I spend a lot of time writing about the left, about their motives and their minds, but sometimes you stare into the abyss and realize that you have encountered complete hopeless madness in the highest places."

    Unfortunately, Daniel, the "hopeless madness" has infected the "highest places" on both sides of the aisle. I know because I have been dealing with some of the "mad" ones on the right.

    How else can we explain the situation in which we find ourselves? If the right weren't so hopelessly mad as well we would not have Obama. JMHO

  7. Anonymous24/3/12

    "If she's really "fragile and crazy", then why did she immediately regret it?"

    Perhaps you may have missed one here, Mr. Greefield.

    It seems "pseudo-crazy" is the sane.

  8. Same here American Genie:(

    Right and Left.

  9. "Don't tell me French Muslims appreciate Jews - 50 percent of them hate Jews," Rabbi Michel Sarfati said on Thursday. The rabbi created the Jewish-Muslim friendship group and has traveled across France for several years preaching moderation. "

    Fifty percent:(

    Recently people in Latvia held a memorial march to honor "SS vets."

    The media reported that "50-percent" of Lativa protested the event as if it were a large percentage.

    Only half...


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