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Few other places turn out dystopian fantasies quite like the United Kingdom and if the United States has never quite become the chrome skyscraper and flying car utopian wonderland of its utopian fantasies, with its ubiquitous cameras and DNA banks, the United Kingdom seems well on the way to its dystopian destination.

1984, The Prisoner and V for Vendetta are all a train ride away nowadays. Say the wrong thing and you can expect to be wearing a prison suit and nominated for a national run on Two Minute Hate.

Towards the end of last month, the UK launched a nationwide manhunt or womanhunt, in coordination with online activists, Labour politicians and the police to bring the most feared criminal in the islands to justice. The lady, whose last name is appropriately enough West, will be spending Christmas in prison away from her three children. Her crime was to engage in some abrasive taunts with the denizens of the New Britain complete with obscenities and be videotaped doing it.

West was hunted down, tips were solicited from the public, Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour opposition, who always manages to wear the face of a well-meaning idiot, retweeted the "important appeal" to track down a woman who was threatening the nation by shouting on a tram that the Poles, Nicaraguans and Blacks should go back where they came from.

Needless to say the charming fellows from Hizb-Ut-Tahir, Islam4UK, Muslims Against Crusades or their associated groups rarely have to spend Christmas or Eid in prison no matter how many poppies they burn or how many slurs they shout. Anjem Choudary is not likely to touch off any morality mobs on Twitter. The same people who desperately sought Emma would sneer at the Daily Mail mentality for even acknowledging good old Anjem.

And around a week or so later the very generous Judge Robert Brown freed four Muslim women who beat a native British woman senseless while shouting racial slurs at her, judging that it was only their inexperience with alcohol that led them to misbehave. The Romans used to say In Vino Veritas, but in New Britain if you're Muslim and drunk you get a free pass on assault. 

Emma West shouting, "What has this country come to? A load of black people and a load of ****ing Polish," merits a nationwide manhunt, but beat a native woman senseless while shouting, "Kill the white slag" and the kindly English judge will be sure to see your side of it. Similarly smash the windows of Jewish stores and you get more judicial kindness, but say the wrong thing about Nicaraguans on a tram and you can expect to be sent to jail for "your own protection".

For all the shouty "vile racist tram rant" headlines, Emma West cutting loose is a familiar enough experience to anyone who rides the New York City subways. I can't begin to count how many times a lady or gentleman have gotten up in the car to express their feelings about white people or the devil or the government. And being experienced dwellers in a multicultural city, we know enough to read our books and switch cars at the next station if they become too agitated without anyone being sent off to prison.

There was once a notion that a liberal society would be an open society, but that door has shut some time back as its activists have discovered that the only way to have an open society is to close the door on any populist dissent. Their kind of liberalism is notoriously unpopular and cannot be sustained without control of the media, regular editions of Two Minute Hate and the baton and the prison cell.

The "I disagree with you but will die to defend your right to speak" society is all but dead, and it has been replaced by the "I disagree with you and will sentence you to prison" society. Disagreeing with an Emma West is no longer an option. Dismissing her views as garden variety bigotry that is an unfortunate reality no longer passes either. No she must be tracked down and sent to prison.

This really isn't about bigotry, if it were then beating a woman senseless while shouting racial slurs at her would not result in a suspended sentence. It isn't even about race, it's about a power structure that uses race to cover its own multitude of sins. Multiculturalism has become the metaphor for a changing nation, and while it is as of yet not illegal to oppose change, it can be made illegal to oppose the Broken Britain that it leads to.

The morality mob that went after Emma West showed off the same insecurity that is behind Muslim hysteria over a cartoon of Mohammed. This is not the behaviour of confident people who are secure in their views, it is an outburst of state violence from the 1 percent who are terrified of losing their grip on power.

The dystopian fantasies which imagined that a police state would be the product of some right wing takeover never seemed to anticipate that just as in the east, it would be the left that would resort to it. That is where George Orwell, who came out of the left, proved far wiser than many other writers. The police state is a consequence of the left's failures, its economic failures and its demographic failures. That is as true in the United States as it is in the UK as it is in Israel and throughout what was once known as the free world.

Multiculturalism and prosperity can uncomfortably exist side by side, but multiculturalism and poverty cannot. Worse yet when you invite in half the world while destroying your own economy and segmenting what is left into government work, private sector jobs requiring a higher education and the dole, then you create your own nightmares and they will walk the streets and beat you senseless.

Systems like that are inherently unstable, the deeper they go into debt, the more unstable they become and the more the people at the top begin behaving like the crooked heads of bankrupt companies, cooking the books and lashing out violently at anyone who might notice.

Emma West is dangerous in a way that Anjem Choudary isn't. The day may come when someone like Anjem is the Emir of a truly New Britain, but that day won't come for a while. The Religion of Peace is not yet a majority in the country. But the people at the top and their cronies do fear that there may be a majority of Emma Wests, if not a majority, then enough to cause them trouble.

West is apolitical, there was no agenda or philosophy on display here, she was saying what so many think. And that is dangerous. The Western left is well aware that beyond its bubble are struggling people dealing with the everyday frustrations that their power and privilege shields them from. These are the people who have not been programmed, but they have been distracted. They are the proles of 1984, the lower classes that no one bothers to closely monitor because they are thought to be incapable of revolution on their own. It goes the extra mile to destroy or suppress their potential leaders and sometimes it sets out to make examples out of people from among their ranks so the proles remember that dissent is punishable.

Gavin Barwell, the allegedly conservative MP for Croydon, praised the power of the social media outsourced police state, and called for a dialogue on "how the evil of racism in our society can finally be eradicated."

But there really is no need to have a dialogue on the question. Several nuclear wars would do it. Like most human attitudes and feelings, racism cannot be eradicated without also eradicating human beings. And that might be a matter of throwing out the baby with the racist bathwater.

Racism is an aspect of racial identity, just as sexism is an aspect of gender identity, and class resentments are an aspect of class. The attempt to eradicate class by the left has created more inequity, the attempt to eradicate gender identity has been a boom for sexism and homophobia and the attempt to eradicate racism has embedded it even deeper. But the same left which sneers at wars on terror, keeps declaring wars on aspects of human nature and then fails to realize why they may be counterproductive.

Human beings pack along a constellation of identities, and those identities have positive and negative sides to them. A journalist may have a positive identity consisting of his pride in informing the public of important issues and a negative idea which allows him to disdain the public for being so ignorant. The negative side is not particularly attractive and yet it is the natural shadow aspect of his positive side. The two are indivisible.

Manners and good behaviour lead us to suppress the shadow side of our identities, but they are never truly absent. The civilised society consists of decent people struggling to remain so because decency is innate to their sense of self. This is markedly different from the collectivist broadsides that call for a national effort to eradicate one train or another as if it were a dying patient in an NHS ward.

The state cannot reform people, it can only browbeat them and imprison them, and people react to oppression in unpredictable ways. Secrecy is one of them. Covert jokes that brush the edge of taboo. But there is another. The public outburst that challenges the authorities to do something about it. This is a common activity of comedians, musicians and artists who follow the creative mandate to challenge those in power. But in a society where the creative fields are controlled by the left, there is the public outburst. And when the political and cultural authorities pounce on the outburst with fury and launch their own Two Minute Hate, the public is taught to rise and shout with the rest of them, but how many in that public, like Orwell's Winston Smith are seething with unknown emotions waiting for their moment of release.

The great social planners of the left have never understood that their technocracy is doomed from the start. They cannot plan an economy, let alone regulate human behaviour like the gears of a clock. Every action has its equal and opposite reaction, every law has its negative consequence and every move they make will lead to results that they do not expect and cannot account for.

The iron first is a good way of making free men and women into slaves, and then when the iron fist falters, it leaves behind a useless population incapable of doing more than tearing down the ruins and using them for firewood.  Such total control does not make a people more moral, it makes them more secretive, more unstable, more vicious and more slavish. Under tyranny people learn to wear many faces until they forget who they are. Until they become mask wearers, rather than human beings.

Negative behaviour is viewed by the left as reactionary, a form of resistance by the system they have overthrown, and so they stomp on it with their heaviest jackboots. In reality though the behaviours they seek to eradicate are most often the outcome of their own policies. Stomping on them isn't the way to a utopian society, it's the leaders of the unintended dystopian society shooting the messenger. Messengers can be shot for years, decades and even perhaps a century or two, until the message finally arrives that the society is hopelessly broken and all is lost.

For want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a message the nation was lost. The message is that the present system is badly broken and no amount of pretense otherwise can change that. Teaching ambitious members of the young generation to hunt down offenders against political correctness did not salvage the Soviet Union, there's no reason to think it will save the socialist West from the consequences of its domestic policies.

In life, unlike fiction, few people set out to create a dystopian society where mothers of three get sent to prison for rowdily expressing their opinion on a train. It is one of those things that happens when a system tries to suppress any negative reports about its wonderful social changes. And perfectly decent people cheer it on until suddenly they have a moment while staring at the television and they realize that perhaps slavery isn't freedom after all.


  1. West is dangerous because she says out loud what the rest of the British seem to be thinking privately.

  2. Excellent, as usual, Daniel.

  3. I was so sickened by what you described here that I couldn't even read it to the end.

    That woman could've shouted "Jooz" instead of Polish for all I care - that's no reason to hunt her down.

    What, by the queen's slowly disintegrating face, is the UK coming to?

  4. Things fall down. And it starts with the denial of basic human rights - in Britain's case the right of self defense. The citizenry that possesses arms and munitions can say NO to the government. What we have now ias monopoly of violence in state hands, and the state has turned the weapons on the people. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    In the case of Ms. West - it's so much easier for the timeservers to prosecute so-called hate crimes than it is for them to deal with actual violent criminals.

  5. Great points made here by Daniel. I especially appreciated his opening mentions of “1984,” “The Prisoner,” and “V for Vendetta.” The appositioning of Emma West and Rhea Wilson’s plights was spot-on. Of course I’ve read “1984” and watched the three different watered-down productions of it (including the odd BBC production of it from the 1950’s, with Peter Cushing as Winston Smith), while “The Prisoner” was the most satirically stylistic statement on tyranny I’ve ever seen.

    “V for Vendetta,” however, while its production values were high and it boasted a stellar cast, was unsatisfying, because it left me asking at the end, after the Parliament buildings are blown up: “What now? What form of government will all the Guy Fawkes erect in its place? Where are the clues in the story?” It is such unanswered questions in the film, and the ambiguity of the revolt against tyranny, that led so many in Occupy Wall Street adopt the Guy Fawkes mask here and in Britain. It could mean anything anyone wanted (everything to OWS, was “terribly wrong”). (Also, the oppressed citizenry in “V for Vendetta” didn’t looked particularly oppressed; everyone looked plump and well fed and London looked prosperous and clean and quite habitable, quite the opposite of John Hurt’s grimy and blitzed London in “1984,” which was nearer the truth of the fate of any country under tyranny).

    It was revealing that Emma West, the tram rantress, was the subject of a “digital” manhunt that resulted in her arrest. That wasn’t well known over here. It is also revealing that the four Muslim “girls” were identified and known and set free – no manhunt for them, the government’s Big Brother camera recorded the whole incident – while Rhea’s boyfriend obviously was snockered and if he had been sober might have been better able to protect his girlfriend from the assault. But sobriety wasn’t the issue for him or Rhea, nor was it for the future virgins of Paradise. Emma West was lucidly sober on the tram, but I don’t think any of the parties in the Leicester assault were, including Rhea.

    And, it was a good point to make to stress that government-enforced politically correct speech and behavior spawn an underground of just the opposite things, much of it justified, much of it not. It’s a matter of cause and effect, as Daniel points out. Observe the ubiquity of the term “challenged” as applied to observable deficiencies in job skills, thinking skills, personal looks, and so on, a term which otherwise might have remained blameless had it not been for a relentless campaign to put fetters on thought and criteria. The open secret is that anyone deemed “challenged,” is not likely to meet the “challenge,” and his deficiency will be forgiven and never penalized. That’s egalitarianism, which has always been a tool of collectivism.

    Emma West is an individual who, regardless of her outspoken bigotry, must be squashed and her rant made the equivalent of “hate speech” and “Islamophobia” as expressed by anyone who brings thought and valid criticism to political trends. The Four Horse Ladies of the Islamic Apocalypse and End of Days, however, are alcohol-challenged, innocent members of an “oppressed” minority who have eschewed individuality to and surrendered it to Allah, and so cannot be punished or deprived of their liberty. Never dare to hold them up to the same moral criteria that one would hold Emma West to.

    Race and religious warfare, anyone?

  6. This is nothing new in Britain. History has almost forgotten that, in the 1930s, East London dam near slid into civil war between the fascists and the laborites.
    My Christian perspective posits that we are all sinners on this bus that we call life, as Daniel has observed:
    "Manners and good behaviour lead us to suppress the shadow side of our identities, but they are never truly absent. The civilised society consists of decent people struggling to remain so..."
    I do not know what this is all coming to, but it will be as manageable as the walk-in-the-park that most of us sixty-somethings have enjoyed since the last time Allies put the lid on the beast of human nature acting itself out in obsessive hate through militarism.

  7. Correction on my last statement: the word "not" should have manifested itself in the first secondary clause of my last sentence, between the words "will" and "be."
    Thus do I demonstrate my own thesis of the imperfection of human nature, including my own.

  8. Anonymous11/12/11

    There's another aspect to this that has surfaced which shows the anti-white racism of the ruling elite.

    A muslim man was flimed hitting an Englishman with a pole. The video was posted on You Tube and a complaint made to the Police. They refused to file it because it was witnessed "on You Tube or Television".

    Double Standards

    I believe what we are seeing is a stealth genocide to make the west "judenrein" and "weissrein".

    Proud Brit.

  9. Linda Rivera11/12/11

    Judge Robert Brown is an incredibly EVIL man. The unjust, wicked judge sent a powerful message to every Muslim in Britain: As Muslims you have the right and privilege for gangs of you to savagely beat up-even give permanent disabling injuries to HATED non-Muslim infidels. ANY excuse you give for you cruel, violent behavior will be ACCEPTED. Be assured, because you are followers of the god, Muslims call, Allah, you will not be jailed.

  10. Linda Rivera11/12/11

    Whenever there is an article on the UK Daily Mail where Muslims have committed horrible crimes - savage beatings of non-Muslims; the kidnappings and rapes of non-Muslim British children, etc. Muslims comment on the article, declaring that that behavior is not Islam and is against Islam. The Muslim comments get hundreds of approval check marks.

    The vast majority of Brits have clearly no idea that the founder of Islam was a HUGE slave trader who murdered/beheaded several hundred Jewish men because of the Jews enormous love for, and allegiance to the One G-D, our Wonderful Creator. The loyal Jews refused to follow another god and the new religion of Mohammad. The Jews' wives and children were seized for slaves.

    When Mohammad was in his fifties, he married a six year old child.
    For devout Muslims who follow their religion, Mohammad is regarded as the perfect man and role model.

  11. Anonymous11/12/11

    Your first paragraph is a fascinating observation---particularly as a follow up to your "Day of Infamy" post. Would some hypothetical "United Kingdom of America" have produced dystopian fantasies? Or some "United States of Britannia" a plethora of utopian fantasies?

    Perhaps it was the UK's need to modify its identity vis-a-vis its Commonwealth that gave rise to its dystopias. And what of these United States of ours and its Pax Americana?

    The meaninglessness of nihilism versus the significance of uniqueness seems to cook down to the questions of identity (a thing of understanding) and relationship (a thing of wisdom).

  12. John S.11/12/11

    A very compelling article, as was Edward Cline's comment. Thank you both.

  13. Anonymous11/12/11

    Daniel, another consideration is how the state has abdicated safety and public order. Outlawing something that cannot materially exist demonstrates a demented state of mind in our elites. Racism is an attitude, whether it has material consequences is logically questionable.

    The physical safety of people on the other hand is another matter. Liberals appear to be living in a gnostic fantasy, were that immanent second reality is their truth. The intensity and vindictiveness displayed by the ruling class betrays the gnostic paradigm, that the consciousness with all of its erratic thoughts and dreams are more real than actually kicking someone in the head.

    No effort will be spared to enslave the mind. Their prime directive is thou shall not discriminate.

  14. Passer by11/12/11

    Even with not too good demography, countries like Canada, the US, and Australia still have chances. There is a lot of land and resources, that will help them, even if they decide to import a lot of unproductive people.

    I'm pessimist about the europeans though. They have no natural recourses, and their economies can only be sustained by highly educated and qualified population, reliance on high tech exports and robotics (the japanese way), as well as tourism. Importing lots of unproductive people will create enormous problem, simply because european economies cannot function without qualified workforce, and there are no natural resources to offset this problem. Therefore importing muslim populations may disrupt countries like Canada or Australia, but will prove fatal to the small european countries and their economies. Can you imagine the UK future? A small island, no gas and oil from North Sea (because it is running out), but filled with large third world populations? Who will feed these people? Who will supply them with the energy needed to survive the winter? What will they produce? Will tourism go the egyptian way?

  15. Consider:

    1. A friend's 15 year old son was interrogated by the secret service for privately voicing his displeasure with Obama to another teenager. That conversation was overheard by a substitute teacher.

    2. Israeli courts send teenage settlers to jail for doing nothing more than being alive, while terrorists are given the Nobel peace prize and showered with money.

    Self destruction.

  16. Britain and the US are being ruled by the "tail" now instead of the 'head'. But they will come back bigger and better than ever in the future.
    They will never die off, not ever. There are just lessons to be learned right now.

  17. Anonymous11/12/11

    Liberals hopped on the racism bus long ago and started using it as a political tool.Their error in this is-racism in general is emotionally based not rationally.Politicians have whipped out that card and flamed the fire so often it is now causing crimes like the beating of the lady in England.
    To excuse the crimes they have inflamed they make an example of people like Ms.West.

  18. Anonymous12/12/11

    Lemon, I haven't got your confidence.

    I almost wish I were a Christian again - at least I'd be able to fall back on the belief that all this crap will one day end in a glorious conflagration of God's holiness, where "Enough is enough!"

    But being a non-believer without hope of ultimate justice, I suppose I'll have to hope (against hope) that somehow we'll escape civilizational suicide.

  19. Obama has repeatedly made statements that lead me to think his goal is recreating the middle class.Europe would be following this same pattern because we all face the same issue.

    White birth rates have dropped severely which threatens the future core of government financial interests - middle class tax payers.In order to fill the upcoming gap the governments need to prepare a population of educated,hard working,willing employees that are manageable.Pandering,placating,favoritism and financing future tax payers and voters is hardly new.

    As for white people ? They are an aging,soon to be minority that will expect their fair share of the dole.The dole that is currently being mortgaged to raise their replacements out of ghetto/3rd world mentalities to become a reliable tax base.

    We are irrelevant at best.

  20. Sorry anonymous. I will believe for both of us then. There is enough to go around.
    G-d said that when he says something it does not return to him empty. And I believe him and take him at his word. He has never failed those who trust him.
    What he says he does and though you may wait for it, it will surely come.

  21. Anonymous12/12/11


    You keep saying white, this is not a race issue, White Brits and EUro's converting to the muslom relgion, and arabs can be white, i know a white pakistani with green eyes, who looks more european than the european

    This is not a race issue,

  22. ericcs12/12/11


    Brilliant exposition as usual, but here's the rub...

    Unless and until an essay such as this can be distilled down to a meme, or slogan, or a pithy phrase that catches the mind of the masses, then it will continue to be irrelevant because it is far too time consuming and takes too much mental effort to digest. Liberalism, progressivism, whatever you call it, is always the easy way out. It can readily sidestep anything more nuanced, regardless whether it is correct or not. It is my sincere belief that, in order to take back our society, we must first take back the language. In the Beginning was the Word, but the left has horribly abused it. We have to start somewhere, and I think language is the key. Granted that some would criticize the approach as being no different from that of the left, but... do you have another suggestion? I am not averse to another approach, but, conservative that I am, I have to see that it works in the real world. So far, nothing is working, and/or nothing much has been attempted. The left appears to be unstoppable, and we see the beginnings of a tyranny now appearing.

    Although still necessary, it is no longer sufficient to rely on wonderful essays, we must also have a plan of attack. Enough of my venting for now, but again, in my humble opinion, we must start with The Language.

  23. “Racism” is nothing more than the politically pejorative term for “ethnocentrism”, a long-established (if misunderstood) concept of sociology.
    It is the normal and natural tendency of a people to use their own group values and attitudes as a standard for comparison with other cultures and values.
    It is the opposite of cultural relativism, which assumes (in the absence of any evidence) that all cultures are equal. The corollary to this latter concept is multiculturalism, which is the idea that all cultures are intrinsically compatible and can co-exist without conflict. There is even less evidence for this idea than there is for cultural relativism.
    The only societies in which multiculturalism has been “successful” are those that are held together by authoritarian rule.
    That is a very high price for a society to pay in order to perpetuate the illusion that all people can live in the same society in peace.

    "Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad."
    — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  24. Anonymous12/12/11

    Thank you, Lemon, for voicing such kindness and truth (chesed v'emet). May it be so, what you declare concerning the futures of the UK and US. But surely we agree, that at the very least, Israel is the canary in our mineshaft.

    This is what must be said (whether with faith or dogmatism)---this is what we must start with---and end with: As goes Israel so go we all. Period. End of story.

    Almost, that is. Because as abhorrent it may be to the ear of the nations to hear it, we must also voice this truth without blinking: The G-d of Eretz Israel is the "elephant" in the mineshaft, and we are quickly running out of room.

    There is such a thing as a history of time that doesn't repeat itself; and such a thing as a geography of place that is immovable. These are things of the sovereignty of G-d, the Creator. There is no escaping what the G-d of history decrees; and there is no undoing what He has done. May He have mercy on America and Britannia.

  25. Anonymous12/12/11

    Multiculturalism is the main agent of the destruction of Britain. Multiculturalism is a Leftist policy that attempts to destroy the historic link between land and people. It does so, knowing that once this is achieved, there will be no unified and organised opposition to the dictat of a supranational governing elite. This is the EU's main objective, and the open borders policy is its vehicle.

    Multiculturalism is in reality a policy that divides a nation along tribal lines. We are now seeing the effect of this as people vote along ethnic and religious lines, just as they do in Africa. In the future we will see the same ethnic and religious warfare in Britain, as we now see in Africa. So let us all celebrate "diversity".

  26. Anonymous12/12/11

    The "I disagree with you but will die to defend your right to speak" society is all but dead, and it has been replaced by the "I disagree with you and will sentence you to prison" society.


  27. "The lady, whose last name is appropriately enough West, will be spending Christmas in prison away from her three children."

    Interesting also that the main character in 1984 is Winston Smith.

    Reading about West is terrifying. I'd hate think that I could be hunted down and arrested for expressing an opinion online or even questioning something, seeing pros and cons.

    Geez, someone even called me a Communist just because I happen to think the USSR national anthem is superior to just about any other national anthem, the orchestration anyway. It really is.

    Lyrics? Remove Lenin and Communism and I could see myself waving the USSR flag just as I wanted to jump on stage at Les Miz and wave the French flag.

    Music is a very effect propaganda tool. You just get caught up in it. So much that you almost forget that the USSR national anthem describes the USSR as home of the free.

    Way OT but I finally did learn why the modern Communist party, at least in the US, is associated with red and black. Black has always been associated with anarchy and red with Communism.

    Interesting stuff about these colors and Communism on Wikipedia.

    Odd how mass chaos and disorganization can lead to unification centered around a single idea.

  28. Sorry. I've been listening to the USSR anthem a little too much lately but I can't help it. Our Occupy Buffalo seems loosely tied to Communist Party USA.

    It has me alarmed, confused, and yet drawn to it in a strange way. The whole occup movement is downright silly and yet...

  29. Well, as mercenaries to be used as a weapon against or for anyone designated as friend or foe, they certainly are interesting.
    And as for the soviet anthem: people poised to smashing ´everything there is´ as Marx ordered have need of a rousing ditty. You don´t create a new world order on an empty stomach, do you?


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