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Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Rock of Racism


You wanna know how to really sock it to Wall Street? Make a city on the edge of bankruptcy spend 2 million bucks arresting your stupid trustifarian asses while you whine and bitch about how the cops interrupted your autonomy.

That 2 million? It ain't coming out of Wall Street, it's coming out of New York City schools, libraries and hospitals.

Send an email to MoveOn.org, Communities for Change (aka ACORN), SEIU and the rest of the Soros gang to stop taking money from schools and go back to their full time jobs running food blogs.


With Palin and Christie both having made it clear that they are not running, the race is all but frozen early on. Romney's long game leaves him the favorite, while his opponents rise and fall. Cain has now all but certainly secured himself a VP spot with whoever the nominee will be.

While Perry has been under fire, Romney has been able to sit back and plan an actual campaign. His status as the liberal Republican front runner makes him immune from most attacks from the right since no one expects anything of him anyway. He can only be attacked from the left and the media is too interested in Perry to spend much time hitting Romney over the usual business stuff.

We've been told all along that Perry is a fantastic campaigner, which made some of his fumbles more disappointing to people who wanted an electable candidate above all else. His challenge now is to show that he has learned from them and can present a smoother persona.

Many of the objections are stylistic. The debate heavy candidate rollout combined with tepid questions means the candidates are being graded less on their positions and more on their public persona and how well they handle themselves.

Even in a Republican primary the circle of PC Mau-Mauing seems endless. No sooner did Perry imply that critics of his illegal aliens tuition were prejudiced against Latinos, than he got hit with the rock of racism.

I might have more sympathy for the unfair "rock with the racist name somewhere near his hunting camp" attack (I hear Clinton's hunting camp had a homophobic rock next to it and Carter's hunting ground rock didn't like Asians) if Perry hadn't been playing the "last names" card to imply that anyone who disagreed with in state tuition for illegals was a racist.

Cain, who had just gotten off being accused of bigotry against Muslims, was a little too eager to play the rock card against Perry.

It's a pity that Republican presidential candidates still don't see to understand that the PC card is not a winning card. If you're to the right of the media, you will still get hit with it, and by using it, you're only giving the media establishment that power.

Still the rock thing blowing up now makes it less viable in the general election. You can't keep talking about a rock for a year. Well you can, but not even NPR listeners will stay tuned for "Racist Rock Day 333 - The Legacy of Racism Continues".

It does give the media a convenient hook to hang their "Anyone Who Disagrees with Obama is a Racist" theme in the general election if Perry is a nominee. The question is if anyone in the party will be stupid enough to fall for that gambit.

If Romney is the nominee, I'm sure they'll discover a racist rock on his property too, or some former disgruntled employee who will claim discrimination or there will be an extensive focus on the lack of diversity in someplace or something connected with Romney.

And if Cain is the nominee, that will just prove that the Republican Party is so racist that they nominated a token black man just to get a black man out of the White House. (Cue Morgan Freeman.)

When the Democrats try everything they get to force the only Black Supreme Court Justice out of the court-- why they're just concerned for the general welfare of big government. 

Forty-six House Democrats have joined forces this week to ask the chamber's Judiciary Committee to investigate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for ethics violations. The Democratic lawmakers' complaint argues that reports of Thomas' actions--including those related to the high-profile political activism of his wife, Virginia "Ginni" Thomas--have raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

A Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg told the Huffington Post this week that justices are not required to disclose the amount earned by spouses--only the source of their spouses' income. But Democrats argue that Thomas may have been intentionally withholding the information.

Or maybe like the good party of the KKK that they are, they're just opposed to miscegenation.

So cue Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson to condemn the Dems for going to war against the only black man on the court. Right, like that's going to happen.

If you oppose a black Democrat, you're a racist. If you oppose a white Democrat, then you're a racist because you probably only hate him because his party is the party of racial tolerance and progress. If you oppose a black Republican, then you're taking a stand against racism.

That's why the PC card is useless strategically to Republicans in general elections. If Cain ran against a white candidate, and the white candidate used every racial slur in the book in an address on the Senate floor, it wouldn't matter in the least. The media would explain that we misunderstood what he meant and that he should be praised for his openness on racial issues and that the Republican Party is the party of racism.

What are Louise Slaughter, Earl Blumenthal and the other members of the corrupt left-wing Progressive Caucus after in their lynching of Thomas?

Section 104(b) of the Ethics Act requires the Judicial Conference to refer to the Attorney General of the United States any judge who the Conference "has reasonable cause to believe has willfully failed to file a report or has willfully falsified or willfully failed to file information required to be reported." If the Judicial Conference finds reasonable cause to believe that Justice Thomas has "willfully falsified or willfully failed to file information to be reported," it must, pursuant to §104, refer the case to the Attorney General for further determination of possible criminal or civil legal sanctions.

Of course we all know who the AG is. If the progressive caucus had a gram of ethics, they would be calling for an investigation of Holder, not an investigation by Holder. But hey the AT&T caucus can't be expected to set aside their own conflicts of interest when they're calling for action against Thomas for his wife's actions under some Saudi understanding of the law in which a husband is his wife's guardian.

And who are the current members of the Judicial Conference, see for yourself..More takedowns of the mess here.

But back to the election.

Perry's last names response showed how out of touch he is with the national party that he didn't seem to understand that he was on the left side of an issue in the debate and that he had to move to the right to make it credible, rather than going further to the left with the last names response.

Some defenders have dug up Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush talking about kindergarten for children of illegal aliens, which is not exactly the same as college tuition. It's also a reminder that Reagan was certainly not right about everything,but also that illegal immigration was not as severe or destructive an issue in his time as it is in ours. Illegal immigration today risks taking down the whole country.

The only difference is that Texas residents who aren’t documented must be on the path to pursue U.S. citizenship to be allowed to pay in-state tuition.

Quotes like this from Perry are scary because they show how much he doesn't get it.

And it would lower the odds that these students would receive subsidized health care or end up in prison. Protecting taxpayers was a serious concern, given that a Supreme Court decree already requires taxpayers to pay for K-12 education for undocumented students.

The reasoning here is even more astoundingly byzantine. Protecting taxpayers meant cheap tuition in the hopes that the college grads wouldn't end up in prison or on subsidized health care. This is straight up Obamanomics. It's how every welfare state boondoggle has been justified.

Taxpayers must protect themselves from the consequences of the welfare state by funding the welfare state.

Perry's message is schizophrenic, but it's a schizophrenia common among Republican politicians who mix liberal arguments with conservative policy positions to create something completely incoherent.


Who is DavidI Gilo? He's the chairman of J Street and one of the top Dem donors. But who is he really?

Who is Davidi Gilo? That’s the question the San Jose Mercury News asked ten years ago. The question wasn’t an unreasonable one. Davidi Gilo had seemingly appeared out of nowhere to flutter to the top of the contributors list for the Democratic Party. At 1.2 million dollars, not only was he the single biggest Silicon Valley donor, but he was also the third largest donor to the Democratic Party in the country.

There was no reason for Gilo to be throwing that much money around. That same year Forbes had placed him at the very bottom of its list of tech industry high rollers. But though Gilo was 99th on the Forbes list, he managed to be at the top of the liberal donors list, tossing something like 1 percent of his net worth to the party.

See the whole story in the Front Page Magazine article. Who is Davidi Gilo.

Christians who attempted to join in Pan-Arabism could only do so by excluding non-Arabs which made their unity into another narrow exclusionary coalition. But Pan-Arabism was always doomed to give way to Pan-Islamism and exclude the Christians. And Pan-Islamism divides down into sects, Sunni and Shiite, and internally into subgroups such as the Salafis and the Alawites. The endless divisions mean that even Pan-Islamism could always be disrupted through Takfir.

If Muslims cannot even grant equal rights and find national unity with other Muslims, what hope was there for the Jews?

In my Front Page article, Islamic Ethnic Cleansing of Jews


Start a fight and play the victim, it's the glorious liberal way. Elizabeth Warren makes a nasty remark about Scott Brown. Brown makes a slightly milder nasty remark about her and we're off to the races.

In response to a question about how the candidates paid for tuition bills, Warren said “I kept my clothes on.” Warren’s response was a reference to Brown’s nude photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine while in law school.

Today, Scott Brown was asked by a local Massachusetts radio show to comment on Warren’s joke, and he offered his own joke in response: “Thank God.”

Of course Warren having started this, is now the victim. She was just "using humor to relate to voters", while he was being mean.

Massachusetts Democratic Party executive director Clare Kelly has the completely reasonable and levelheaded response you would expect.

"Sen. Brown’s comments are the kind of thing you would expect to hear in a frat house, not a race for U.S. Senate. We keep waiting for Scott Brown to take his campaign out of the gutter."

So are Warren's comments the kind of thing you expect to hear at a sorority house, not a race for the US Senate? We keep waiting for Warren to take her campaign out of the gutter and her hands out of our pockets.

Warren's ugly and petty remark is completely ignored, Brown's response however is a federal crime.

but unfortunately it seems like the junior senator has determined that mudslinging and dirty tricks are the only way he can distract Massachusetts voters from his record of voting in lockstep with Tea Party Republicans. 

Since Brown is responding to a Warren comment, how can he possibly be the one distracting MA voters?

Also Brown is about as in lockstep with the Tea Party as Warren is with working for a living.

Scott Brown’s comments send a terrible message that even accomplished women who are held in the highest esteem can be laughingly dismissed based on their looks.

Except of course Warren initiated this by trying to dismiss Brown based on his looks. Now she's the victim because err... strawberries! And the temperatures on the pole are unseasonably warm. Tea Party racism!

Now if Warren hadn't played the victim, then she would just be engaging in some petty mudslinging. No big deal. Most candidates do it when given a chance. But the response to Brown's comments shows how unfit she really is.

If you can't even take a fight that you start without playing the victim, then you're a coward and completely dishonest. That sums up Warren and much of her party.


Well why would they be, they're a Democratic outlet for a party that's in trouble with Jewish voters.

But here's their latest email blast.  Jewish Values Not on the Agenda For the 2011 Values Voter Summit

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) today criticized the 2011 Values Voter Summit in part because -- for the third consecutive year* -- the conservative conference coincides with the Jewish High Holidays.

I hope they also criticized the Democratic National Convention when it came out on Tisha Bav. You know the one where Al Sharpton, rabid Anti-Semitic leader of thugs spoke.

Conservatives have been aggressively targeting Jews recently by touting their pro-Israel positions. But what they continually fail to understand is that pro-Israel rhetoric only goes so far.

You guys better hope so.

Such a repeated scheduling conflict further symbolizes that the conservative movement and the Republican Party do not represent the values of most American Jews. Quite simply, this weekend's confab is a textbook example of why Jews remain solidly committed to the Democratic Party and its positions."

You know the Dems are desperate when they have to argue that the timing of an obscure Republican event proves that Jews should stay Democrats. Of course when such scheduling conflicts occur on the Dem side, that's not proof of anything.

In addition, the 2011 Values Voter Summit has many breakout sessions scheduled for the weekend that conflict with the sensibilities of most Jewish voters. While Republicans on Capitol Hill pay lip service to a supposed jobs agenda, this conservative summit focuses on such hot-button social issues as "How the Welfare State Erodes the Family," "Exposing and Defunding Planned Parenthood, America's Abortion Giant," and "Straight Talk on Gay 'Marriage'" -- conflicting with the positions of the vast majority of American Jews.

The NJDC bizarrely seems to think that Jewish values are something the majority votes on. If enough Jewish voters support gay marriage, then it's now a Jewish value. It doesn't actually work that way. 

A Jewish value is religious or cultural. Enough Jews leaning one way or another does not innately make something a Jewish value. Just as a majority of Christians coming around to gay marriage does not make it a Christian value.

But since most black voters oppose gay marriage, would the Dems like to discuss why they insist on being out of step with African-American Values?


Hey you know how Obama was totally going to fix our relationship with the world?

Russia says a U.S. plan to base naval missile interceptors on Spain's coast is "unacceptable," reiterating its worries over the expansion of NATO's anti-ballistic defense system.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said Thursday that a deal between Washington and Madrid to base Aegis Cruisers northwest of Gibraltar "can't but cause concern."

It says the warships' deployment brings about a "significant build-up of U.S. anti-missile capabilities in Europe."

To reiterate, two decades after we won the Cold War, Russia is now being more aggressive than it was in the Soviet era. The Russian government is telling us that AEGIS cruisers in Spain are "unacceptable."

So now Russia views Gibraltar as an area of strategic interest. That's pretty much all of Western Europe. 

Putin is treating Obama like Chamberlain, the only question is if he has the military force to back it up. But then again Nazi Germany didn't have the military force to back it up when they marched into the Rhineland. Cowardly behavior by France and England's governments let it happen though.

Of course this will go on being ignored because it's not important enough. At least until Ukraine becomes a flashpoint. Or Poland. And then it will suddenly be belatedly important again.

The Obama Administration cowardly trashed Bush's original missile defense plan which would have protected Europe to appease Russia, and selling out Eastern Europe, shifted over to our good Muslim friends in Turkey. Except Turkey hates us now more than ever and Russia is upping its demands anyway.

Soft power turns out to be very soft.


Go and write a 2000 piece article and then find that someone says it better in 14 words. But when that someone is Pat Condell it's harder to feel about it.


Welcome to Muslim Day Parade in New York. Take a good look at the MECCA banner for Muslim corrections officers in New York City prisons if you want to understand part of the reason why so many inmates come out Jihadis.

Turnout was fairly low, but as usual no Muslim event in a city is complete without street prayers to hijack public spaces for a show of Islamic strength. 

Also note the "private security" which is becoming a ubiquitous feature at Muslim public events where the only security should be the NYPD. 


So you wanna take over Wall Street but you're in Philly, what do you do? Make a fool of yourself. Welcome to Loserpalooza, as Adam Taxin dubs it.

Grover's Halal chickens are coming home to roost. And on the floor of congress.

Remember how the crowds in Istanbul last year, trying to attack the Israeli consulate, shouted at the police who were trying to prevent bloodshed? “Leave the Jews to us! What kind of Muslims are you?” The inevitable elephant in the room

Who's to blame for the Palestinian problem? Look to Turtle Bay

Working with terrorist groups, such as Hamas in Gaza, Fatah in PA controlled areas, PFLP in Syria, and the Army of Islam in Lebanon, UNRWA enables and even participates in anti-Western, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel propaganda. With an annual budget of nearly a billion dollars, half provided by the US and the rest by Canada and European countries, there is no incentive to change.

In sixty “camps” (in fact, towns) throughout the region – Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Judea, Samaria and Gaza – UNRWA provides free education, medical services, food and “social and cultural” centers. Except for Jordan, no Arab country granted them citizenship, and they are often deprived of civil and humanitarian rights.

UNRWA’s largesse is available to anyone who is registered, whether they live in the town, or not, including those who live in other countries – as long as UNRWA exists. Once a “Palestinian refugee, always a Palestinian refugee” – from generation to generation.

Trapped by cynical Arab governments and Palestinian leaders, unable to get advanced training, attend college, apply for skilled jobs, often despised by locals, residents of UNRWA-backed towns are not allowed to get on with their lives as normal and productive citizens. Stuck, they are dry tinder for the fires of terrorism.

A Separatist Issue

    The “Palestinian” movement is nothing more than a local separatist movement, composed of Arabs seeking to gain separatist independence. Arabs already have 22 states.   Since almost all countries in the world have their own domestic separatist movements, the only reasonable response by Israel to votes by other countries in favor of the “Palestinian” separatist movement is a decision by Israel to recognize the separatist movements in those countries, to grant them embassy space and official diplomatic recognition.         

                Here are some examples:          

                If France votes for a “Palestinian state,” as it is expected to do, Israel must immediately grant diplomatic status and recognition to the National Front for the Liberation of Corsica, to the separatist Savoyard League and the Nissa Rebela, to the separatist Armée Révolutionnaire Bretonne and Front de Libération de la Bretagne, and to the French Basque separatists.       

                If Spain votes for a “Palestinian state,” as it is expected to do, Israel must immediately grant diplomatic status and recognition to the ETA and other Basque separatists, to the Catalan separatists, as well as to the separatist movements in Castille, Leon, Andalusia, Cantabria, Galicia, Aragon, and Asturias.           

                If Belgium votes for a “Palestinian state,” as it is expected to do, Israel must immediately grant diplomatic status and recognition to both the Flemish and Walloon separatist movements.           

                If Holland votes for a “Palestinian state,” as it is expected to do, Israel must immediately grant diplomatic status and recognition to the Frisian separatist movement.              

                Turkey of course is leading the campaign for “Palestine,” which is why Israel should recognize the Armenian, Kurdish, Arab, and other ethnic nationalist movements inside Turkey.  And let’s hear nothing about Armenians already having their own state outside the Turkish borders.      

                The UK will probably vote against it, but just in case it votes in favor, Israel should then recognize the separatist movements of Cornwall, Guernsey, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight, Northumberland, Wessex, Yorkshire, and of course also the independence of Wales, Scotland and Ulster.   

See the rest of the list in Steven Plaut's article at the latest issue of Outpost


  1. Egypt is a lost cause unless maybe the military stays in power. the San Francisco Bay Area is basically the "liberal progressive" capitol of the U.S. so of course anti-Israel sentiment is high here. but Israel does have it's supporters here too who stand up to these islamonazi loving leftist social parasites. i recently put together a blog that like Gary's is a video link collection of pro-Israel advocates having confrontations here in the S.F. Bay Area. you might be surprised at what you see. you've got a good blog here it speaks my language: http://proisraelctu.blogspot.com/

  2. by way i love Pat Condell!

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    I want to have an affair with Pat Condell.

  4. How about the criminals in DC?

  5. Thank you for linking my post, Daniel!

  6. Thank you for your excellent article on Islamic Ethnic Cleansing of Jews. It was a depressing and grim read. I wonder if any of Iraq's Christians realized that this was their future back then?


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