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Friday Afternoon Roundup - BREIVIXPLOITATION


Obama and the Democrats sent a message by refusing to accept any deal that would involve serious spending reform and a balanced budget. The message is that if you want those things, you're going to have to vote them out first. Let's see how much of the public got the message in 2012.


Anders Breivik’s attack on the youth camp of the Norwegian Labour Party​ has its most obvious precedent in the Maalot Massacre​ when Palestinian Muslim gunmen attacked an Israeli elementary school, taking over a hundred children hostage, and then using automatic weapons to kill as many of them as they could. But the link between Maalot and Utoya is more than casual. The Workers Youth League which ran the camp had a long history of supporting the same kind of terrorists who had perpetrated the Maalot Massacre.

Lars Gule, is the Secretary General of the Norwegian Humanist Association, and a defender of Muslims having the right to discriminate against women and gays. (The two are not a contradiction in Norway.) He was the leader of the Workers Youth League at the University of Bergen– and a DFLP terrorist.

The DFLP were the perpetrators of the Maalot Massacre. And two years after that attack, Lars Gule was trained by the DFLP and dispatched to Israel via Norway with explosives hidden in the covers of his books.

Sounds rotten? That's because there's Something Rotten in Norway as per my FPM article on the topic.

Breivik came out of the Norwegian left elite. The type of families whose children filled the camp. The camp of an ideology which viewed terror and murder as acceptable means to an end. How much did Breivik learn from them?

But at least things are good in Afghanistan, right? Not so much.

We might have been able to save Afghanistan from the Taliban, but we can’t save it from the Afghans. From the quarreling clans and warlords, the age old customs and the Islamic mores. Beyond a sliver of Western educated men and women in Kabul lies a land of a thousand cruelties and a million knives. With a vendetta around every corner and murder in every heart.
The Taliban contribution was the linkup through Pakistan and now Iran with a global Jihad. The local raid giving way to the global raid. The persecution of Christians in Afghanistan giving way to September 11. Exploding Buddhas transitioning to falling skyscrapers.

The terrible genius of Islam is that it took the violence of the tribe and the clan and sanctified it. Islam elevated the vendetta to the highest form of religious service. The one that is above all other

See This Is the Country We’re Saving, my other FPM article for this week.


Governor Christie is still demagoguing his appointment of a terrorist Imam's associate and lawyer to a Superior Court Judgeship.

I covered this in detail back in Jan, but most major conservative blogs have ignored or misreported the story. Here's a condensed summary...


Passaic County has the second largest Muslim population in the country. And the Islamic Center of Passaic County is the state's largest mosque, and it's the only one run by an an Imam who was a member of the Hamas terrorist organization.

Despite Mohammed Qatanani's membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas... Qatanani was not deported.

Christie called Qatanani, "a man of great goodwill" and "a constructive force" and allowed Charles McKenna, one of his associate attorneys to testify on behalf of Qatanani

The pioneering terrorism researcher, Steve Emerson called it, "a disgrace and an act of pure political corruption". He stated, "I know for certain that Christie and the FBI SAC had access to information about Qatanani’s background, involvement with and support of Hamas." Defending Qatanani required Christie to pit himself against the Department of Homeland Security, which wanted him deported. But the Department of Homeland Security wasn't running for office in New Jersey. Christie was.

The first Imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, Mohammad El-Mezain, was convicted of funneling money to Hamas. El-Mezain had actually boasted of raising almost 2 million dollars for Hamas. And his replacement, Qatanani, actually was a member of Hamas. An ordinary politician might have been forgiven for not knowing this, but Christie was the US Attorney for New Jersey. It's absolutely impossible that he would not have known the background of the Islamic Center of Passaic County. Yet Christie attended a Ramadan dinner, in the same place where terrorists had fundraised, and kissed Qatanani on the cheek.

Now Christie has nominated Sohail Mohammed, Qatanan's former lawyer, to a Superior Court judgeship. Sohail Mohammed is a board member of the American Muslim Union, an organization that has interlocking leadership with groups that have fundraised for Hamas and hosted a Hamas speaker. The American Muslim Union is closely interlinked with Qatanani's Islamic Center of Passaic County.

When five Muslims were convicted of plotting to murder US soldiers at New Jersey's Fort Dix, American Muslim Union president, Mohamad Younes, came out in their defense. When El-Mezain, the original Imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, was convicted, Younes claimed that he had only been convicted because he was a Muslim. The ICPC and the AMU shared five members in their leadership, which essentially makes them one and the same. Nominating an AMU board member is an indirect payoff to the Islamic Center of Passaic County's own leadership... and to Mohammed Qatanani.

So after helping Mohammed Qatanani escape deportation, Christie then nominated his lawyer to a Superior Court judgeship.


The media is predictably not addressing any of this. Instead it's letting Christie posture as a defender of Muslim civil rights.

Qatanani and Sohail Mohammed are not the limit of Christie's Islamopandering.

Christie defended the Ground Zero Mosque, he defended the firing of a NJ state employee who burned a Koran on his own private time and has now decided to demagogue terrorism researchers and activists warning about the rise of honor killings and other forms of brutality and discrimination under the guise of Sharia law.

These cases are worse because they actively impinge on the freedoms and values of Americans.

New Jersey has the second largest Muslim population by percentage in the country. And they're very politically active. Which means it's hard to run for governor without making overtures. Christie has done more than make overtures. For all his belligerent rhetoric, he's compromised.

That's what this really comes down to. Christie makes a decent enough governor, though not quite the tremendous reformer image that he has carefully built up for himself, but he can't be trusted on national security. And the Sohail Mohammed nomination is a reminder of why.


On July 27, 2011, Tariq Ramadan gave a speech at a fundraiser organised by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) in Dallas (TX).

The highlight of the conference occurred at the beginning of the first part. Tariq Ramadan enjoins his listeners “not to be colonized” by the consumerist society then added that the Muslims should be the ones “positively” colonizing the United States of America “with our understanding of Islam, with our principles”.

But don't worry about this kind of thing. It's the good kind of colonialism. European colonialism was bad because it brought with it consumer values and advanced medicine. Muslim colonialism is good because it will teach us to stop using incandescent bulbs and go back to the roomy caves where there are warm fires that have limited impact on the environment.

And now let's get to the meat of it...

The conservatives, the tea parties, what they want in this country (in the United States) is to make Islam a problem. You want the statistics? Just after September the 11th, ten years ago, 66% of the Americans told that this was done by a tiny minority that were not representing Islam. This was the first reaction and this is why we got such positive reactions by the Americans saying: “No, we are with you. We are even willing to protect your mosques.” And they did it. And they were there...

We are not here to please the people, to change our religion, to make it acceptable. We are not here to become moderate...but we are here to teach the people some of the principles and some of our values.

But don't worry, this is just a tiny minority of extremists who represent the Muslim groups of North America and a speech by one of the most respected figures among Western Muslims.

According to Governor Christie, "Sharia Law has nothing to do with this at all, it’s crazy!” and "Sharia Law business is just crap." And it is. Until you're the one being stoned.


In light of the media circus, I felt it was time to coin a term for the whole thing. Breivixploitation seems to fit nicely.

And there are some particularly pathetic examples of it. Stale candy from a rotting tabloid box. This pathetic list of select headlines shows a desperate media looking to milk a massacre for every last drop, scrambling for new angles.

Let the Breivixploitation begin.

Australia's ABC asks, "What if the Oslo terrorist was Ahmad Breivik?"

We already know the answer to that. He would be diagnosed as suffering from secondhand PTSD or anger over his failing fertilizer business.

"Western press largely overlooks heroism of lesbian couple in Norway massacre" the Guardian grumbles.

Because we all know the Western press is notoriously biased against lesbians. I see a movie of the week emerging from this. Leonardo DiCaprio can play Lesbian #1.

"Norway attacks: How far right views created Anders Behring Breivik‎" from the Guardian again.

Apparently right wingers forced his father to impregnate his mother. Is there anything those bigoted scoundrels won't do?

"Director 'sorry' for film that Norway killer loved‎" says MSNBC. But when will J.D. Salinger finally apologize for Catcher in the Rye?

"Norway shooting: Anders Behring Breivik plagiarised 'Unabomber'‎" Let's hope Norwegian jails don't have mail delivery.

"Norway attacks: The Breivik-McVeigh connection" at the LA Times. They are both oyxgen breathers.

"Norway massacre spurs calls for new US gun laws‎" at CBS. If only we had more gun laws, this tragedy would not have been affected in the least.

"Racism chief: Haters 'try to infiltrate football" from MSNBC. Damn those player haters.

"'Tell the police to hurry. People are dying here!'‎" If only the police hadn't been busy catching racist football infiltrators.

For some, like Breivik, 'Gamer' still means 'Social Outcast'‎ from the Kansas City Star. If only someone had made Breivik feel good about playing video games.

"Norwegian killer's Polish chemical supplier faces jail, report says‎", Herald Sun's overly convoluted Australian headline faces incoherence, blog snark reports.

"A Blogosphere of Bigots‎" at the New York Times. To be followed by A Mediasphere of Morons.

"Ex-Smiths drummer backs Morrissey over Norway massacre comments‎", no massacre story can do without a classic punk angle.

"Norwegian mass killer's manifesto hails Hindutva‎", from The Hindu, which doesn't seem to like Hindus very much.

"Norway's Breivik Likes Hungary, Journal Shows‎" from the Wall Street Journal. Well, who doesn't. Show yourselves, you Hungarophobes!

"Breivik: Bad man from Scandinavian crime fiction?‎" asks the Times of India. Is Henning Mankell to blame?

"Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik's NZ link‎" from Stuff.co.nz. He couldn't get enough Kiwis.

"Winehouse, Breivik and Deadly Ideals‎" did Breivik kill Amy Winehouse? Read the New York Times blog to find out.

"Thousands of Norwegians rally against violence‎". Pity they're a few days and a few miles too late.

"Muhammad Ali writes letter to people of Norway" (AP)‎. But how does he feel about Hungary?

"How should the media cover the Anders Breivik case?‎" asks the CBC. Obviously by focusing on the Morrissey, Hungarian, Robert Spencer, New Zealand angles.

But the Breivixploitation prize goes to Uri Avnery's incoherent essay which tries to tie the Norwegian shootings to Avigdor Lieberman. (VDare's Peter Brimelow tried to tie them to Baruch Goldstein.)

But Uri Avnery's piece is hilarious because he knows absolutely nothing about what happened--

When I first heard the news about the Oslo outrage, I was afraid that the perpetrators might be some crazy Muslims. The repercussions would have been terrible. Indeed, within minutes, one stupid Muslim group already boasted that they had carried out this glorious feat. Fortunately, the actual mass-murderer surrendered at the scene of the crime.

He is the prototype of a Nazi anti-Semite of the new wave. His creed consists of white supremacy, Christian fundamentalism, hatred of democracy and European chauvinism, mixed with a virulent hatred of Muslims.

Thank Allah, the killer wasn't a Muslim. For once.


The Jerusalem Post meanwhile apologized for even mentioning that the shootings raised tensions over multilculturalism in Norway.

But remind me of when a newspaper, any newspaper, apologized for reporting on a terrorist attack in Israel while mentioning the "occupation" or the "cycle of violence."


Muammar Qaddafi’s son, Seif al-Islam, has announced that the regime has struck a deal with its Islamist opposition to turn Libya into a Sharia state and crush the secular rebels. This comes as the top rebel commander, Abdel Fateh Younes, was murdered, possibly by Islamists.

It's like the same thing that happened in Egypt. The Islamists get first pick of alliance. The American backed liberals get to go back to being in exile.


Somewhere there's a universe where Abe Foxman is managing a pizza shop. Unfortunately this isn't it. Instead Abe hopped out of his burrow to pen an op-ed in response to the Breivik shootings.

The attacks in Norway seem to stem from a different source. They are the first to emerge from a relatively new, specifically anti-Islamic ideology that moves beyond religious or racial prejudices to incorporate anti-Islamic sentiment as the focal point of a larger worldview.

Actually Breivik was waging war against what he viewed as cultural marxism and saw Muslims as potential allies in that war... but it's Abe Foxman. If he gets the day of the week right, it's a score for the ADL research department.

Adherents of this ideological Islamophobia view Islam as an existential threat to the world, especially to the “West.”

So basically anyone who notices that Islamic terrorism is a major problem is a bigot. Only the ostriches are moral.

The Oslo perpetrator in his manifesto quoted extensively from the writings of European and American bloggers — including Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller — who promote a conspiratorial anti-Muslim agenda under the pretext of fighting radical Islam.

Actually he quoted other writes, people like Fjordman, who quoted Spencer, who quoted the Koran.

Like I'm quoting Abe Foxman now. I'm quoting him extensively right now. It's clear from this that Abe is now complicit in anything I say and do.

This belief system goes far beyond anti-Islamic prejudice based on simple religious or racial grounds. In a sense, it parallels the creation of an ideological — and far more deadly — form of anti-Semitism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries on the backs of the previously dominant cultural and religious forms of anti-Semitism.

Foxman's weak analogy might fare better if 19th century Jews had gone around waving signs that Judaism would rule Europe. Or if 21st century Muslims were suspected of drinking blood on major holidays, instead of blowing up buildings.

One bizarre twist to Breivik’s warped worldview was his pro-Zionism — his strongly expressed support for the state of Israel. It is a reminder that we must always be wary of those whose love for the Jewish people is born out of hatred of Muslims or Arabs.

Ah, but we must be far warier of executives of Jewish organizations with huge salaries whose Zionism ends at the point where they have to stand up to Muslim anti-semitism.

In the United States, we have seen frequent manifestations of this ideology, including the eager promotion by anti-Islamic zealots of a growing conspiracy theory about “creeping Sharia law.”

Speaking of things the ADL should be doing instead of pandering shamelessly to the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamophobia scam... is things like this.

Toronto--A synagogue in the city's northeast end was the target of anti-Semitic graffiti.

Staff members of Beth Tikvah Synagogue on Thursday found the words "Islam will rule" and a swastika spray-painted on the exterior of their building.

Clearly this horrendous act was carried out by some Islamophobe. "Islam Will Rule" reveals his faith in conspiracy theories about creeping Sharia.


A car bomb outside a Christian church in northern Iraq exploded Tuesday morning, injuring 23 people.

Police say the bomb in the northern city of Kirkuk heavily damaged the Syrian Catholic church. The church’s parish leader, the Rev. Imad Yalda, was the only person inside the building at the time of the blast and was wounded.

The 22 others also wounded in the explosion were people whose nearby homes were hit by the blast.

There's no question that we must stand up to this latest act of Islamophobia.The message must be sent loud and clear that we will ignore this atrocity.


Fjordman's name has been made public and he's gone into hiding. There is varying information on whether he will continue his work. Certainly he won't do it as Fjordman.

Of course there is no media concern about a backlash, as there is after Muslim terrorist attacks. Instead there are pieces on how important it is to silence critics of Islam.

So the response to a Muslim terrorist attack is to warn against associating the attacker with all Muslims. And the response to a right wing attack is to associate the attacker with everyone to the right of Marx.


Turkey on Friday threatened to show the "necessary response" to any move by Cyprus to start exploratory drilling for offshore gas deposits.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Cyprus had no right to go ahead with efforts to search for gas before a settlement to reunify the divided island will be reached.

"No one has the right to do anything over the island's natural resources ... before the Cyprus issue isn't resolved," Davutoglu told reporters. There must be an administration representing both parts of the island, he insisted.

Yes, no one has the right to it until Turkey seizes the whole thing and places it under their own unified administration.

Meanwhile number of European activists protesting Turkey's occupation of Cyprus or Kurdistan? 0


  1. The "leaders" of the American Jewish organizations Zionism and self-respect begins and ends with that liberal-monied paycheck. They have turned themselves into nothing but a shill for the left-wing of the democratic party. They are an embarrassment to the Jewish people and the god of Israel.

  2. Thank you. I had read the headlines regards Christie and not giving in to Islamaphobia/Shariah law aabout the indoctrinating of a Muslim in the gov't position and I thought to myself, helllllloooo wake up, Christie, Shariah law scares the hell out of people and rightfully so.
    No one wants to go back to the 7th century with beheadings, raping , stoning and the like with "infidels" bowing down to Muslims and their violent behavior.
    Geeee.....I wonder why anyone wouldn't want that?

  3. Anonymous5/8/11

    you need to correct the link destination within this sentence: "Fjordman's name has been made public and he's gone into hiding."

    Thanks for another great article!

  4. Independent Patriot, worse than that they're often plants.

    As obnoxious as Foxman is, he's almost certain to be replaced by a left wing activist and a full on hijacking of the ADL.

    Leah, Christie just wants to get ahead like most pols. He couldn't care less about the details.

    2sloe, thanks

  5. Yes, many bloggers ignored your EXCELLENT expose on Chris Christie's appalling islamocoddling dhimmitude, but I didn't! I did a whole piece on "Conservative" dhimmitude and quoted heavily from your post. Islamic infiltration goes very deep, even on "our" side:
    See that post for CPAC's Muslim Brotherhood ties, and stuff about the dhimmitude that infects "Conservative" sites like NRO, AmSpec and the Weekly Standard.

    And of course in my comments thread a fellow "conservative" blogger chastised me for mentioning addressing it at all - we're not supposed to talk about the stealth jihad.

    BTW, I still leave the link to your post in comments threads of blogs every time someone talks up Chris Christie as a "solid conservative" or thinks he'd be a good POTUS (he'd just be a fat, white Obama IMHO). Of course with Christie's new idiocy going around the blogosphere, I've been linking you a lot more lately in people's comments sections. :)

  6. Torrence6/8/11

    Yeah, and the Norway blowback has given the OIC the ammunition they need to make "islamophobia" a crime. Clinton is looking for ways to help them. Beware.

    Hot Air has this, and see Robert Spencer talk about it at
    Jihad Watch, it's a war against truth.

    US State Department to coordinate measures against “religious defamation”


    According to the International Islamic News Agency, in the next few months, the US will host a meeting with the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to coordinate implementing UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 on “combating defamation of religions.” (H/t: JihadWatch, Next 2 Cents) The report indicates the meeting will look at the following:

  7. Your post attracted a lot of muck rakers this time. All apparently in agreement that a killer like Breivik is a "nut case" but similar killings committed by Islamists are justified defense against......whatever. The usual left winged rant against anybody not ready for a return to the middle ages.

  8. This is stupefyingly wrong:

    Let American neocons try to scramble out of taking responsibility for their European offspring all they want, for all the good it will do them. The family resemblance is too strong to be denied.

    The Europeans who dare to speak out against the Islamization of Europe have been doing so since long before 9/11. Has this person not read Bat Ye'or's account of Eurabia? That swell plan by the French & associated envy-driven bureaucrats was designed to make Europe stronger against the American hegemony. Ask them how it's working out and they'll ignore you, as they manage to ignore the carbeques, the rapes and murders and mayhem. And the unexplained 'suicides' and disappearances of young Muslim women.

    Talk about parochial and uninformed!

    Breivik comes out of a leftist environment. There is NO alternate reality in Norway. The fact that he managed to kill the leftists' children, the future leaders of Norway, was his own little family revenge, both for the father who disowned him and the stepfather who mistreated him.

    Now he sits in jail, his lawyer tells us, waiting for his imaginary uprising, a delusion in which he will be freed and crowned the king of all...

    One of the creepiest parts of that incident is the media helicopter hovering over the island and taking pictures of him finishing off some of his victims along the shore line. THEY DID NOT INTERFERE, and afaik, they are not being charged as accessories.

    It's a 10 minute drive to the Utoya from the mainland, but it took the police 90 minutes to arrive -- well after the media.

    When Fjordman emailed the secret police to ask to talk to them they told him to go to the local police. So after finding a lawyer to accompany him, Fj did just that. And he waited a long time to be seen, even though he'd identified himself.

    The lawyer didn't want to accompany Fj because he didn't think it was necessary. However, he got a good lesson in Norway police tactics: they took Fj's sim card from his phone (made a copy & gave it back) and all his electronics; camera, computer, etc.

    It took them (about 5 or 6 officers) hours to search his small flat. They took a suitcase which had some clothing and a few books. I wonder if he'll get any of it back? Fj thinks he was treated somewhat less brutally because he did have a lawyer with him.

    He's safely out of Norway now, but the future is uncertain for him. He paid a very, very high price for saying the truth as he saw it.

    The fledgling right wing of European politics, the only part of it that was NOT anti-Semitic, has been ripped from the body politic in Europe and thrown on the ash heap.

    Those small persecuted parties wanted to slow down immigration; they wanted immigrants to assimilate; they wanted more freedom for personal initiative.

    Marx is in hell chortling "I won!"

  9. Linda Rivera6/8/11


    You are a powerful writer with perfect analysis of events.

    If only the general public would understand that what they take for political correctness is NOT political correctness. The media and our leaders have taken side with Islam against non-Muslims. A terrible threat to our freedom.

  10. Linda Rivera6/8/11

    Regarding Afghanistan (and the rest of the Islamic world).

    The Koran is the exact opposite of the Bible. Islam's god is the exact opposite of the One Great Glorious G-D of the Universe, the Awesome Creator.

    It is a mighty battle between good and evil.

    G-D will win. G-D keeps ALL His promises made in the Bible. And the entire world will live in peace and SAFETY forever.

  11. Linda Rivera6/8/11

    "Despite Mohammed Qatanani's membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas... Qatanani was not deported.

    Christie called Qatanani, "a man of great goodwill" and "a constructive force"

    Governor Christie openly and publicly shows his APPROVAL of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Hamas. The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to the destruction of civilization and global Islamic conquest. How far our country has fallen that the American ideals of justice, freedom and human rights for all are regarded with contempt. If our government believed in these values, Christie would be prosecuted for treason.

    How can Americans retain their freedom and human rights with people in power who approve of the Muslim Brotherhood's goals of the destruction of our superior Western civilization and global Islamic conquest?

  12. Linda Rivera6/8/11

    To the haters who are making ugly comments:

    I am one hundred percent for Israel. I regard the Israelis as my brothers and sisters.

    Why do you make false ugly accusations against us?

    Like a majority of Americans, I am against America running around waging wars against other countries. And if the Muslims want to wage wars, let the Muslims wage wars with their money, their military and their weapons.

    Americans, just like Israelis, believe murder is a terrible thing against innocent humans and a great sin against G-D.

    A well-known petition site gave people the opportunity to send messages of condolences to the victims and families of the Norway massacre. I sent a message of condolence to the families.

  13. Torge6/8/11

    To the Sultan Knish, the author

    You said

    Breivik came out of the Norwegian left elite. The type of families whose children filled the camp. The camp of an ideology which viewed terror and murder as acceptable means to an end. How much did Breivik learn from them?

    then you said

    Actually Breivik was waging war against what he viewed as cultural marxism and saw Muslims as potential allies in that war...

    So you are saying the Killer was inspired by the Labour Party, and his allies were Muslims? You are a big liar, the Killer regards you as an ally, the Muslims are not defending him but you are.
    Moreover, his wife, Dymphana who is from Fjordman, is posting here at your blog. Fjordman posts under different aliases at different places.

    I am reporting you to the police, as an accessory and for obfuscating justice and for incitement.

  14. Anonymous6/8/11




  15. Mr.Greenfield--

    I believe in freedom of speech, but not in license to incite hatred, which is what some of your trolls are doing, most intemperately.

    Do you notice how quickly their minds empty of any serious attempt at robust rhetorical debate? They're immediately reduced to shouting four-letter words, variations on ad hominem fallacies and unfounded accusations -- as though these represented solid argumentation.

    Another sign of the Leftist presence is these droppings they leave on your blog.

    We get hate mail from Europe with these same sentiments, devoid of intelligent discourse or meaningful rebuttal.

    The Norwegian police manhandled Fjordman's property, and kept some of it, but they did not remand him to custody because he had done nothing wrong.

    The laws re private property may have been abrogated in his case, but at least he was permitted his freedom.

    The killer is deluded; I think he was a useful tool, but the ppl or organization weilding this tool is/are shrouded in mystery.

    Does anyone seriously contend that this loner/loser, who was in withdrawal from his steroids that morning, had enough self left to send out 1,000 emails containing 'his' manifesto?

    I haven't been able to ascertain if any of the blogs or writers he cited repeatedly were on his list. We certainly weren't. Nor was Fjordman.

    BTW, they've traced ABB to a few weeks' training in Belarus. Will the Norwegians follow up on that? Probably not. Given their Keystone Kops behavior with Fjordman one doubts it. And they've long worked with the Russians...

    I hope a forensic linguistic analysis is done of his writings; further I hope someone will publish the findings. I don't expect either the prosecution or the "defense" likely to ask for basic due diligence in this legal proceeding, but that doesn't mean the blogosphere isn't capable of producing this.

    Perhaps you could suggest to Mr. Horowitz that as part of discovering ABB's networks, he could have that analysis done? Certainly if I had the money I'd get it asap.

    There are many serious ppl looking at the situation. Our bandwidth, here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, is limited to a satellite internet connection. Thus we have to rely on cached pages for the slow loading. For those with DSL, I recommend Zen Pundit. Once there, you can look around, both at his contributors and his blog roll:

    Zen Pundit

    My health prevents me from sitting at the computer for long periods, but someone sent me that link, and via a cached Zen page, I discovered Jihadica.

    At this point distributed intelligence -- as shown in the work of people like those at Zen -- is crucial to putting together as many pieces of the puzzle as we can find.

    Unlike the fearful haters who show up here to denounce a phenomenon they don't understand, we have not foreclosed on the hard work of learning what this man was about.

    People who cannot live with the existential uncertainty of doubt are forced to jettison the very thing which makes us most fully human: our ambiguity. This swamp of fear drowns out Reason...and would, if it could, silence all disagreement.

    BTW, the ability to find us both anti-Semitic AND pro-Israel is amusing...

  16. Kufaar6/8/11

    Good points Daniel. Totally agree with you.

  17. I am SO looking forward to whatever happens after sunset today.

  18. Note:

    Persons apparently associated with a Muslim site have learned to exploit my offline time during the Sabbath to spam hatefilled content to their site and others. This happened once already, but I assumed it wouldn't happen again. Their material has been removed and from now on comment moderation will be up during the Sabbath.

    My apologies to Dymphna and any others who were attacked by these individuals.

  19. Zilla, thanks for doing that. Of course I meant the top ranked bloggers had ignored or misreported the story. Not you.

    Torrence, yes I know. I wrote a piece on it two weeks ago.

    mindRider, most likely Muslims.

    Dymphna, I've seen the same thing elsewhere. It's an attempt at intimidation using multiple names. I would have moderated this earlier, but I'm not online during the Sabbath.

    Breivik was a screwed up product of the left, who was looking for something else he could be. His writing is scrambled, his manifesto is manic, but it won't shut down the moderate right in Europe.

    I've been through this before on the Israeli end and worse. It may look bad now, but it will pass.

    The underlying problem remains, which means the debate and the positions involved can't be suppressed. The left is doing a victory lap now, but it won't last.

  20. Linda, some people have woken up and realize it. The rest will too.

    "Torge", it's in Breivik's own manifesto. He wanted to ally with your Jihadists to carry out WMD attacks on Europe.

    Anonymous, the CAPS KEY has been recently invented by Zionist European colonialists. You may consider making use of it.

    Kufaar, thanks.

    2sloe, mainly mass deletion.

  21. Observer7/8/11

    @Sultan Knish

    "The underlying problem remains, which means the debate and the positions involved can't be suppressed. The left is doing a victory lap now, but it won't last."

    Either Islam will dominate, or those who will resist it.

    This means that the current elites will lose their power, one way or another.

  22. Ain't it funny how the left wingnuts
    and muslimes rant and rave about the
    Israeli "apartheid" and "occupation"
    while ignoring the islamonazi invasions of Cyprus, E. Timor and Papua New Guinea (the latter two countries invaded by Indonesian islamonazis) or the religious apartheids that exist in every, last islamic state on the face of the earth?

    Maybe it's not funny, maybe it's sick and corrupt.


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