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Friday Afternoon Roundup - When Liberal Aliens Attack

The left has run out of all other options-- so now they're banking on an alien invasion.

First Paul Krugman suggested that if we faked an alien invasion, the government would have the go ahead to spend the crazy amounts of money he wanted it to spend in the first place. Considering the 15 trillion dollar deficit, it's an open question of just what the debt pile for Krugman's War of the Worlds Economics would look like. But Krugman did argue that the stimulus was far too small, so the wages of Krugman's alien invasion might be quadrillions in debt.

This is what a Nobel prize winning economist has been reduced to. Playing Orson Welles and imagining how much we could spend if only the flying saucers landed outside of Princeton.

Second, Obama's post-space exploration NASA suggests that if we don't comply with global warming dictates, space aliens will invade and destroy us. This is what NASA has been reduced to. Parroting idiotic Global Warming propaganda. Without the Space Shuttle, we're hitchhiking on the Russian Soyuz while the agency itself has been retasked to promoting the Global Warming fraud and Muslim self-esteem. We no longer have a space agency. Instead we have some bastardized equivalent of the ESA which is trying to intimidate us into biking to work or the aliens will attack.
Humanity may just now be entering the period in which its rapid civilizational expansion could be detected by an ETI because our expansion is changing the composition of Earth’s atmosphere (e.g. via greenhouse gas emissions), which therefore changes the spectral signature of Earth. While it is difficult to estimate the likelihood of this scenario, it should at a minimum give us pause as we evaluate our expansive tendencies.
If this claim were any dumber it would share in a Nobel prize with Krugman. Any "ETI" would be viewing our planet as it was decades if not centuries ago. So in this idiotic scenario, the ETI's would see human civilization as it was in the Industrial Revolution and then show up to blow everyone up in a carbon neutral way, just as Al Gore was being elected Oracle of the World.
Given that we have already altered our environment in ways that may viewed as unethical by universalist ETI, it may be prudent to avoid sending any message that shows evidence of our negative environmental impact. The chemical composition of Earth’s atmosphere over recent time may be a poor choice for a message because it would show a rapid accumulation of carbon dioxide from human activity. Likewise, any message that indicates of widespread loss of biodiversity or rapid rates of expansion may be dangerous if received by such universalist ETI.
So we're dealing here with aliens who are advanced enough to span the stars and destroy all life on earth-- but have managed to do all this without industrial exploitation or carbon emissions. And who are passionately motivated by a desire to keep earth's average temperatures rigidly fixed to the way they were in the first half of the 20th century... for some inexplicable reason. The only question is are the new hires at NASA actually this dumb? Maybe the only qualification to work there anymore is manipulating hockey graphs.
ETI that place intrinsic value on civilizations may ideally wish that our civilization changes its ways, so we can survive along with all the other civilizations. But if ETI doubt that our course can be changed, then they may seek to preemptively destroy our civilization in order to protect other civilizations from us.
Has anyone at NASA even heard of E=MC2? Or has that been discarded in favor of some more advanced Muslim self-esteem formula like KORAN=JIHADTERRORISM2. Or does relativity no longer matter when promoting junk science like Global Warming.
If it is possible for at least some humans to advocate harm to their own civilization by drawing upon universalist ethical principles, then it is at a minimum plausible that ETI could advocate harm to humanity following similar principles
Can we extrapolate hateful aliens from self-hating humans? Interesting question, but an invalid premise. Self-hatred doesn't derive from universal ethical principles, it uses them to escape its identity. In the same way that self-hating Jews do. Self-haters may incorporate external criticisms into their identity, but in the absence of such interaction, there is no reason to assume that self-hatred translates into external hatred.

But then isn't this entire scenario a case of humans advocating harm to their own civilization?

The NASA\Krugman War of the Worlds scenarios reflect the desperation of the left. Their agenda has flopped so badly, that they have to imagine absolutely fantastic scenarios under which it could be implemented.

That's not to say that there isn't a serious threat from aliens. The one in the White House has already caused an enormous amount of harm. But I don't think curbing our carbon will make him go back to his planet.


Think Islamic infiltration has nothing to do with primary season? It does. In my article, The Islamic Political Takeover of America, I discuss the connection.

Of the American presidents in the last 50 years, only two did not come from a state that ranks among the top ten states with the largest Muslim populations. And those two were Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Three White House office holders were from Texas, two from California, one from Michigan and one from Illinois.

While the composition of those states was quite different half a century ago, today those states are on the front lines of Islamic infiltration.


Americans shake their heads at the situation in France or the United Kingdom– but our own nation’s capital has a higher Muslim population percentage than Paris or London.

 Muslims made up 10 percent of the population of Washington D.C. in 2000. The numbers are probably higher today. A few miles away from the White House, cutting across Constitution Avenue and over Kingman Lake, lies the Masjid Al-Islam where Imam Abdul Alim-Musa promises an Islamic State of North America by 2050.

In January 2001, Musa said, “If you were to say that the Soviet Union was wiped off the face of the Earth . . . people would have thought you were crazy, right? … We saw the fall of one so-called superpower, Old Sam is next.”

Read the whole thing at Front Page Magazine


Twenty years ago, an MSNBC host and Democratic National Committee speaker touched off a race riot targeting Jews.

Imagine if MSNBC gave a TV show to a violent racist who led angry mobs against Jewish and Asian communities and businesses. Mobs that gathered outside a Jewish synagogue chanting “Heil Hitler” and “Death to the Jews.”

Unimaginable, right? Wrong. After years of accusing FOX News of racism, MSNBC gave a violent racist his own show. Of course MSNBC would never give a white racist like David Duke​ his own show. But they have no problem giving one to Al Sharpton.

Sharpton is many things—a cunning gutter clown, a hate-filled agitator and a savvy trader in political favors. Those qualities have taken him from street riots to a kingmaker role in the Democratic Party to the White House, where he has become its link to the black community.
That's from my article on Sharpton's 20 year reward. An MSNBC show. And of course an open door to the White House.

It's a depraved statement of how willing the Democratic Party is to excuse racist violence against Jews and a reminder of how to dismiss any liberal hectoring about the Republican Party. As long as the Sharptons are at home in the Democratic Party, no decent Jew can be.

There have been a variety of responses to the anniversary of the Crown Heights Pogrom, from Ari Goldman, finally lifting the veil of silence on the Times reporting, to the reminder of the liberal media firmly keeping it on.

There are still the usual stories about racial divisions and false claims about "Black-Jewish" violence. Seth Lipsky returns to discuss how the Forward got it right then, but the current Forward is not Lipsky's Forward, it's full of hateful left wing screeds aimed at Jews.

Jane Eisner is allowed to write a piece suggesting that Jews made Crown Heights into a ticking time bomb. Jerome Chanes slithers in denying that black anti-semitism was behind the violence and writing what may be the most disgusting line ever written about the pogrom.

"Kill the Jew!” was directed at the most visible manifestation of white power."

I haven't linked to either of them, as I don't believe that Antisemitism in a Jewish paper should be rewarded with traffic.

What this shows is that the New York Times frame that Goldman protested against remains the defining one for liberal Jews who still blame traditional working class Jews for the racial violence inflicted on them by the minority allies of Chanes, Schneier and Eisner.

Chanes, like Schneier, and other liberal deniers, brag about their role in the "national response". But let's be clear about this, there was no national response except to hold dialogue sessions in which Jews were supposed to apologize to the people who tried to murder them.

What the pogrom called out for was a strong statement that racist violence by the likes of Sharpton would not be tolerated. Instead liberal Jewish leaders rushed to embrace Sharpto and promote dialogue.

Marc Schneier, Farrakhan's favorite Rabbi, was forced to reschedule his Hamptons event with Sharpton. But there's no sign that it was cancelled, only pushed back. Schneier is a repulsive creature, a serial adulterer and social climber who hangs out with rap stars and pretends to be a social activist.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, spiritual leader of Long Island’s Hampton Synagogue and president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, one of the leading dialogue groups, said that the work of his organization and others had had a galvanizing effect on relations between the two communities.

Today, Schneier said, “I believe we’re very close in terms of black-Jewish relations to the heyday of the civil rights era.”

Though Schneier allowed that his organization had shifted its focus six years ago to work between Jewish and Muslim communities, he asserted that the conversation about black-Jewish relations had again become a relevant one.

“Today, black-Jewish relations is in vogue; black-Jewish relations is chic once gain,” Schneier said
That closing quote says everything that needs to be said about Schneier. He's obsessed with being chic and in vogue. He's shallow, all surface and no content.

But to sum this up with material from the people who were targeted by the pals of the Jewish left seems fitting. If the last word belongs to anyone it's to Norman Rosenbaum, not to a cretin like Marc Schneier.

Closure? My brother was murdered. How can you have any closure? It wasn’t just two people who surrounded and attacked him. There’s no such thing as closure. That’s a crock. What I would like to see is a commitment from law enforcement to say, ‘Listen, there are still murderers out there,’ the same way they did in “Mississippi Burning” in 1964, when people were brought to justice 30-40 years later. Why can’t they do the same thing here?

People who had key roles are being legitimized. That a guy like [Rev.] Al Sharpton could be given a show on MSNBC is absolutely repugnant.

Yes it is, and it's time that people reminded MSNBC advertisers of it. The left went after Beck's advertisers. Jews should be contacting any company that advertises on Sharpton's show.


The left is predictably treating the upcoming 9/11 anniversary in much the same way.

Amy Waldman's The Submission is being talked up in the mainstream media. Waldman is competing with the Ground Zero Mosque for the most disgusting exploitation of the massacre with a book about a Muslim architect 'discriminated' against by the Memorial Commission. The book is fiction but to the left the line between fiction and reality is already thin.

Waldman is a New York Times vet and The Submission does for the Ground Zero Mosque debate what the New York Times columns have already done. They take it and reinvent in a wholly artificial scenario detached from fact and context. The heroes are predictable...

The architect, Mohammad Khan, is avowedly secular, urbane and liberal but he is also obstinate in his refusal to cow to public pressure. Ever since the jury announced his design the winner from 5,000 other anonymously submitted proposals, the public has gone into frenzy over his Muslim identity.

And so are the villains...

A crucially sleazy journalist named Alyssa Spier opens one of her columns with the immortal line, “The problem with Islam is Islam.”

Another colorful figure, Debbie Dawson, the leader of Save America from Islam, “looked like a poorly weathered Angelina Jolie. She had to be close to 50, but her blog, The American Way, showed her in a see-through burka with only a bikini beneath.”

The Submission is liberal porn for people who think the New York Times is too balanced. Who need to reinvent the more troubling Muslim figures associated with the Ground Zero Mosque as secularists and ridicule the Americans who protest against them.

It might have been easy to dismiss had this been released in the winter. But Farrar, Straus and Giroux timing of this in the month before the anniversary is a new level of depravity.

On Amazon, The Submission only has 9 reviews. But it has been miscategorized there under Non-Fiction/Current Events, which means FS&G and Waldman are set to profit from people who will be buying books about the attacks. Again the despicable behavior by the left's deniers never stops.


Ever since my Rick Perry piece ran, I've gotten hate mail of all sorts. I have been accused of Islamophobia, and bizarrely hatred of Christians, and even more bizarrely anti-Semitism.

Michelle Malkin appears to have received a whole range of attacks for her questions about Perry.

Robert Spencer has written one of the clearest statements about why Perry should be vetted.

Rick Perry needs to be vetted. He, and all candidates, must be vetted.

It's really that simple. The responses are disturbing because they Perry like a messiah, rather than a candidate for political office. A man we must accept, rather than evaluate.

The most common talking point I've seen is that it's either Perry or Obama. Really? Have we finished primary season already? Are we in the general election? Last time I checked this was a race, not a coronation.

I think we've had enough of messiahs in the last few years. We want a leader with principles. Like all people he will be flawed, but it's a balance of flaws. And understanding that balance means examining his record, rather than accepting him uncritically.

Tom Tancredo has made it very clear why Perry is unfit on the immigration issue. It's possible to take issue with Tancredo's Romney endorsement last time around, but all of this can be easily backed up.

Finally for anyone who wants to pretend that Perry is a rough and ready cowboy-- worlds apart from Bush's Compassionate Conservatism, go read his 2007 Inaugural Address.. and then explain to me how it differs from Bush.

The 21st Century has begun with no shortage of human suffering. New treatments for the American victims of AIDS have seemingly insulated us from rampant suffering on two continents: Asia and Africa. And an even more insidious disease, human hatred, has claimed many more lives, infecting tribes, ethnic groups and nations that commit genocide in places like the Sudan while much of the world stands idly by. We cannot ignore the challenges beyond our borders any more than we can the problems we face at home, whether it is poverty in Mexico, hopelessness in Africa or homelessness in Austin. It is this perspective that shapes my view on immigration.

Was this from a speech delivered by Obama, Bush or Perry? The answer is Perry, but it could have been delivered by any of them.

But I do not believe it is realistic to deport 12 million people already here illegally. We have to understand why millions of people come here, and why many more have died trying, it is for something as basic as the freedom to find a job and feed their families.

I know illegal immigration and border security are polarizing issues. To those on both sides of the issue, I simply make one request based on the words of the prophet Isaiah, “come now, and let us reason together.” Let us choose to sit down together and be a part of the solution rather than a source of division. 

He's a uniter, not a divider... folks.

Here's tidbits from his State of the State Address... for those who still want to pretend that Perry is  dramatically different in his thinking and programs from the average politician. Bad news... he's not.

...We are experiencing an epidemic of obesity among our children that - if not confronted - will ensure this youngest generation will be the first in American history to live shorter lives than their parents...

...Every day millions of our citizens play a dangerous game of healthcare roulette as they go without health insurance...

...This is why there is no profession more important to our future than the teaching profession. Last summer, we worked together to pass a $2,000 pay raise for every teacher in Texas... 

...Today knowledge is more valuable than raw labor, and those nations that prosper by pushing the envelope of innovation are those that invest in vibrant colleges and universities. That’s why I have proposed expanding financial aid by $360 million - so Texas can compete in a global economy....

The point of this is not that Perry is a monster, but anyone fantasizing about a dramatically different leader had better keep on dreaming. Perry is a viable candidate. He may be in the top three able to beat Obama. He may even be inevitable, but if we're going into this... let's go into it with our eyes open.

Perry is not a Tea Party dreamboat, he's a relatively successful governor who talks like a rebel, but governs like a moderate Republican.


Is this 2008 all over again for the economy? I wouldn't bet against it.

Here's an investment tip. If Obama wins in 2012, except stocks to tank. If he loses, expect them to climb. (Except for stocks of companies held by Soros, Buffett and other crony capitalists.)

Where do the dumbest reporters in America work? Apparently at NBC 4 Florida. Maybe hairspray really does kill brain cells.

Muslim mugshots in Nashville will now be confidential and can only be opened by a judicial order.

A Muslim woman told to remove the veil covering her face to pose for a jail mugshot has prompted the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office to revise its policy regarding religious headwear.

Beginning Friday, a person wearing face-covering religious headwear who is being booked into the jail will have two mugshots — one with the coverings on; the other will be taken with the headwear removed from the person’s face.

The second shot will be taken in the presence only of a same-sex guard, be kept in a confidential file, and opened only through judicial order, said Karla Weikal, sheriff’s office spokeswoman.

So basically normal women will have openly accessible mugshots and Muslim women will have restricted ones.

Two tier justice system you say. Welcome to the Dhimmi Republic.

Either make everyone's mugshots private or public. But instead the people trying to kill us once again get special privileges.

Of course it's a public safety issue.

The details: I was at Yonge-Dundas Square with my nine-year-old son. We ate pizza. We drank bubble tea. And I used my new Canon camera to take photos of this neon shrine.

Suddenly, a woman wearing a hijab ran toward me. She was part of a group that included two women wearing full face-covering burkas. She was screaming: “We are Muslim! You do not take pictures of us!”

I informed the lady I was in a public square in a democracy. I can actually take pictures of whomever I please.

And then: Ka-pow! Her fist collided with my face. Worse, she almost knocked my new camera from my hands.

My son and I were then surrounded by a mob of about 20 people, many of whom were speaking Arabic. One kept demanding I surrender my camera to him.

It was surreal. Was I in Toronto — or Riyadh?

I spotted a group of bicycle-mounted police officers. I burst through the mob with my son and made a beeline towards them. I told a Toronto Police officer what had happened and I wanted to press assault charges.

Better yet, a man and a woman came forward as eyewitnesses.

The 50-something couple, originally from Syria, told the police they had observed the entire affair and my allegations were true. The couple said they understood Arabic and knew what the mob was saying. [...]

The cop walked back to me. No charges would be laid, he said, because he believed the woman’s story — namely, she was merely trying to knock the camera out of my hands.

See. Public safety. Finally from Michael Devolin at the Magic City Morning Star

Diogenes wrote that, "Calumny is only the noise of madmen." I don't know if he meant that such madmen are ineffectual or inconsequential, but if he did, he was gravely mistaken. Such madmen are living in Canada and are presently, with great diligence, tearing down our traditions and our pride and our patriotism.

I would dare say here that being punched in the face at Yonge and Dundas, in broad daylight, in the City of Toronto, by a hysterical Muslim was probably closer to Riyadh than it was to the Canada perceived and preserved in the hearts and minds of those Canadians living outside Toronto's city limits. Were such malevolent hysteria as experienced by David Menzies heard outside those city limits, it would certainly sound in the ears of normally amiable Canadians as the noise of madmen (or madwomen). It would not sound like "the true north, strong and free."


  1. Anonymous19/8/11

    This politically correct culture is going to get us all killed. Hopefully it won't last too much longer and we will be able to vote someone into office who has cajones and a spine to go with them.

    BTW not sure contacting the advertisers at MSNBC will do much good. Don't think there are too many left to begin with (for those who are going to write a nasty retort...this was a joke)But then again, who really watches MSNBC anyway?

  2. Great piece of work again. Does however makes one pessimistic when confronted with all the maliciousness and stupidity you expose as it appears that very few of those in power still show sanity of mind and deed.

  3. Well I don't tend to focus on the people who aren't crazy or evil, so it can also be a distorted picture of the world.

  4. Anonymous19/8/11

    Quote: Likewise, any message that indicates of widespread loss of biodiversity or rapid rates of expansion may be dangerous if received by such universalist ETI.

    I think this scenario is from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, in which Capt Kirk and co travel back in time to Earth in the 20th century. The mission - to ensure that whales did not become extinct in the polluted oceans. The reason that the survival of whales was essential for humans was because ETIs were monitoring whale songs. If the songs ceased, they would investigate, find out that man had destroyed the ecosystem and thus bio-diversity, and then destroy humanity.

    NASA needs to get in touch with Capt Kirk.

  5. That explains where NASA is getting their new "theories" from.

  6. revereridesagain19/8/11

    "War of the Worlds"? More likely "Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" with the "green" aliens wiping out Earth as they build that intergalactic bypass to wherever they're going. And using up lots of carbon to do it.

    Seriously, is that really what NASA has been reduced to? Wouldn't you think there would be someone there who would stand up and denounce whomever had turned the once-proud space program HQ into a plot from a bad "Star Trek" movie?

    And why the hell would any ETI's give a shark's fin about what was happening to whales in the ocean of one tiny planet stuck off in a corner of the Milky Way? All these "Day The Earth Stood Still" type plots assume that advanced ET civilzations are paranoid, obsessed with "green" issues, and incapable of minding their own damn business.

  7. Anonymous20/8/11

    Daniel being accused of antisemitism, anti-Chrisitian bigotry and islamophobia (gag!) is a perfect hat trick!

    Of course there's no such thing as islamophobia -- because the deliberate, state-sanctioned persecution of people of other faiths practiced in every Islamic state makes islamophobia seem more like commonsense.

  8. Anonymous20/8/11

    Have a happy Shabat Daniel.

  9. Anonymous20/8/11


    One of the recurring themes in sci-fi stories is Earth being invaded not just by an alien race, but an alliance of alien races, with technology far superior to that of earth.

    In each scenario, the aliens are comprehensively defeated, not because of our cleverness but because the ETIs have been peaceful for so long that they have forgotten the strategy and tactics of war. Not only that, when confronted by blood on the deck, they panic. Men Earthlings though live in a perpetual state of war. War, blood and guts, strategy, tactics and rapid manoeuvre, are what excite us.

    So my advice to our eco-fanatics - stop encouraging ETIs to invade Earth. All that will happen are all of them will be comprehensively defeated. Then we can use their planets for whatever we choose to do.

  10. Anonymous20/8/11

    Another link here

    "A preemptive strike would be particularly likely in the early phases of our expansion because a civilisation may become increasingly difficult to destroy as it continues to expand. Humanity may just now be entering the period in which its rapid civilisational expansion could be detected by an ETI because our expansion is changing the composition of the Earth's atmosphere, via greenhouse gas emissions," the report states.

    "Green" aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet. "These scenarios give us reason to limit our growth and reduce our impact on global ecosystems. It would be particularly important for us to limit our emissions of greenhouse gases, since atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets," the authors write.

    Even if we never make contact with extraterrestrials, the report argues that considering the potential scenarios may help to plot the future path of human civilisation, avoid collapse and achieve long-term survival.


  11. Thank you, Daniel, for an informative and ironically entertaining Roundup. Not that there’s anything wrong with reporting the news in an entertaining way, which you often do.

    I couldn’t help myself and laughed at the NASA vengeful space alien portion, and read the IB item about NASA’s latest oracular prediction (and also watched the video). Really, did these “scientists” rummage through some old sci-fi movie clunkers and adapt the story premise of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (the original or the remake) and come up with their Delphic warnings? Who serves as their Muse? The Three Stooges? No, it must have been Paul Krugman, “channeling” them. Or maybe they’re fans of “The Rise of the Planet of the Liberals.” You see, all we need to do is force everyone to undergo gene therapy, and then we’d all be liberals, and self-sacrificing dhimmis of the secular kind (or of the Islamic, it’ll be your “choice”), who’d never question the Book of Krugman, nor ever mock the image of the Mahdi of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (Blessings and Peace be upon him on Martha’s Vineyard) with insulting caricatures.

    The excerpts from Rick Perry’s addresses are revealing. If he fooled the Tea Party with his statement that the government should be as “inconsequential” in our lives as possible, perhaps it would be wiser for the Tea Party to ask: What’s his definition of “inconsequential”? More involvement and regulation and spending? Remember, people, what the last ex-governor of Texas did to the country during his administration: signed into law the biggest increase in federal spending before Obama got his hands on a box of pens.

  12. No Bueno20/8/11

    Perhaps Krugman wasn't so far off after all Daniel. We are being invaded by "aliens," but not the kind from outer space, but rather the kind from south of the border. Perhaps this is what the celebrated economist was referring to. After all, we are spending billions on such aliens currently. A few more years of disregarding immigration law and US sovereignty and I'm sure we could get that expenditure into the trillions. Isn’t this what liberals like Krugman want anyway?

    Jews have two problems when it comes to the likes of Obama and his side kick Al Sharpton (you can just as easily add Louis Farrakhan to the mix as well). Not only are they Jewish, but they’re white!

  13. Liberal misuse of alien threats to promote big government aside, we are facing a potential extraterrestrial threat - the Extinction Level Event Near Impact Nbiru (ELENIN). The elite know it - they showed us their hand with the movie Battle-Los Angeles UFO Invasion 3-11-11 - pegged to the date of the Elenin - Earth-Sun alignment instigated Earth quake - Fukushima fallout. I have analyzed the Earthquake data (posted at ZionTalkracy) and they support the evidence presented here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scZAOQNopok&feature=share. It's so persuasively evidenced, yet so monumentally catastrophic, so contrary to our experience, so readily ridiculed, that the best Krugman could do was joke about from within his familiar politically-cliched paradigm.

  14. Linda Rivera20/8/11

    Re article Islamic Political takeover of America:

    TSA "security" is where Muslims are the big winners.

    There is one photo of a TSA male patting down/feeling another male. This particular photo makes me feel sick. I assume this would be acceptable for gay men? but why should straight men have to be subjected to this?

    How can we ever forget the photo at the airport of the TSA Muslim woman in a Muslim head dress patting down/feeling the Roman Catholic nun. The religious adherents known to carry out terror attacks are NOT Catholics/Christians. They are MUSLIMS. We are being made fools out of by our government who are united with, and working with Muslims. Security? What a joke. That is the very last thing the government has in mind.

    What the government are actually declaring to us is that our bodies don't belong to us; they belong to the government. Unless of course, you are a Muslim.

  15. Linda Rivera20/8/11

    Islamic political takeover of America

    The history up to the present day of 1,400 years of Muslim conquest by jihad wars and forcible conversion to Islam is well known. Western leaders utterly betray us by DELIBERATELY bringing into our countries huge numbers of Muslims whose totalitarian political system commands them to conquer hated and despised non-Muslims.

    The fact that defenseless non-Muslims have no human rights in many Muslim countries and Muslim majority areas is regarded as irrelevant by Western leaders.

    In Europe, UK, Israel and India there are many no-go Muslim areas where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter. In some Muslim areas of Europe, ambulances require police escorts into Muslim areas. The hate for non-Muslims is so intense.

    We are in great danger of losing our freedom, our safety and our human rights. We are betrayed in the most terrible way by our leaders.

  16. Linda Rivera20/8/11

    Beginning Friday, a person wearing face-covering religious headwear who is being booked into the jail will have two mugshots — one with the coverings on; the other will be taken with the headwear removed from the person’s face.

    The second shot will be taken in the presence only of a same-sex guard, be kept in a confidential file, and opened only through judicial order, said Karla Weikal, sheriff’s office spokeswoman.

    Sharia law is constantly implemented in America. One law for superior, supremacist HIGHLY FAVORED Muslims and another law for INFERIOR, despised non-Muslims.

    American leaders no longer believe in EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL UNDER THE LAW. Will US leaders in the future demand that despised, inferior non-Muslims pay jizya to supremacist, superior Muslims?

    Are there any non-Muslim countries with Muslim immigrants, that still believe in equal rights for all under the law?

  17. Speaking of all things PC and of Muslim appeasement, Channel 4 (in the UK) last night re-ran an episode of a series by 'historian' and professional hair-flicker Bettany Hughes entitled (not at all hyperbolically), 'When the Moors Ruled in Europe.' It was very apparent where this programme was going from the get-go -- the plan seemed to be, have Bettany speak with every Muslim with an axe to gring about the Moors' expulsion and take whatever they said at face value -- meanwhile, re-write the history of western learning to claim that it all depended on the Muslims. I was so incensed by the omissions, bias and outright lies that I immediately posted, both on the programme website and in a complaint email to Channel 4. Given that so many people regard TV as a source of knowledge these days, I couldn't quite believe how blindly irresponsible a broadcaster could be in allowing this dangerous drivel to be aired. Just thought you'd like to know in case you have a chance to see the latest ideological assault on western history disguised as popular history.

  18. Anonymous21/8/11


    Always counter the Andalus (Spain) muslim argument with Bizantium, an advanced Graeco/Roman civilization.
    The capitol of Bizantium was the largest city in Europe. And according to some scholars the first university in the world was founded in 425 AD in Constantinopol.

  19. Anonymous21/8/11

    If you are interested in the paper on ETIs

    Here it is, courtesy of Klein Verzet



  20. But why is it he needs an armored bus? Is there a future of hostilities he knows of or that he 'just wants to be ready for' incase they occur as a result of this administration's (in)actions resulting in tearing our country apart while he is king, er... president?
    I find this very interesting. Great article Mr. Greenfield!

  21. Sorry about the abuse you're getting from the Perrybots! I suspect they'll be coming for me too after they find out about my new post, which quotes from and links to this post form you and also the previous one about Perry:
    No Quarter

  22. revereridesagain27/8/11

    We get a dud hurricane already down to the "I" names at the end of August, and these clowns are still trying to claim global warming? When I was a kid in the 50s we' have had 3 of these suckers pass through by now. And I live in Boston. Figure that one out, greenies.


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