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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Every Man a Trillionaire


It's summer in the city. The sidewalks are melting, the ice cream is dripping and the liberal assault on Black Republicans is being ladled on thick and heavy.

Whether it's Congressman West being lambasted for telling off Debbie Downer or Herman Cain under fire for asking some real questions about Islam-- this seems like the Bash Black Republicans Week to end them all.

Why go after black Republicans?

The prospect of having their spending limit go down and their race cards invalidated frightens Democrats more than anything else, by the rise of a responsible African-American leadership. That is the one thing that could take away their power.

The desperate fury felt by Black, female and Jewish Republicans, like West, Bachmann and Cantor is a symptom of weakness by a corrupt establishment that knows how precarious its position is.

The secret of the Democratic party is that its electoral base is weak. Its grip on the White House has never been steady and its 2006 victory in congress was rolled back in only four years. It has lost the white male vote and depends on niche electorates. If those electorates were to turn their backs on its policies, then the Democratic party as we know it would be over.

in a year when black unemployment is at a record high, and a black man in the White House has absolutely failed to help the black community– the danger of that community waking up and realizing that they have been played for half a century is very real.

That's my conclusion on the assaults on Allen West, Tim Scott and Herman Cain in my Front Page Magazine article, Sheila Jackson Lee: The Race Card Hits Its Debt Limit

And some Republicans are shamefully joining in on the attacks on West and Cain.

Additionally I also explored the latest move in the free speech chess game between the Islamic OIC and the United States over the notorious Cartoonphobia issue in The Cartoonphobia War Goes On

This blurring of the lines has been at the heart of the OIC’s campaign. The term Islamophobia is meant to conflate criticism of Islam with violence against Muslims. With the long term aim of banning both.

“We cannot and must not ignore the implications of hate speech and incitement of discrimination and violence.” Ihsanoglu’s statement at the meeting followed that same track. And Resolution 1618 follows a slower course to the same destination.

While some free speech advocates are trumpeting that the fight is over, it has only entered another phase of the struggle. The Jihad against freedom of speech goes on.


Oslo is coming away from a major bombing attack... supposedly by Al-Qaeda. Why would old AQ hit the European capital of peaceniks and appeaseniks? Because it's an easy target.

Remember that AQ needs to launch some kind of high profile attack to show it's still in business after the death of Bin Laden. That leaves it with a brief timetable. America is a hard target. So they needed a European target that would be as easy as possible. Any wonder they picked Norway?

It's still too early to reach any conclusions and by the time you read this, we will probably know a whole lot more. For now we have a bombing and a shooting, both seemingly aimed at the ruling Labour Party. The combination of attacks and their timing suggests a larger group is responsible. It may be domestic, but it may be Islamic as well.

Early AQ claims of responsibility may be revealing or meaningless. But whether or not this was the work of Bin Laden's old gang, the odds are good that AQ will carry out a high profile attack against a Western target before the end of the year.

 I would recommend sticking with Tundra Tabloids for further updates. And whether or not this turns out to be Islamic, consider this all too symbolic story from TT as an assessment of the state of the north.

"...a 20-year-old Norwegian girl raped by a 15-year-old North African asylum-seeker in downtown Oslo...

This particular atrocity occurred on the steps of the Norwegian parliament, facing the Castle. To make matters even worse, as the young culture-enricher worked his will on the victim, he was being observed live via a video surveillance camera by security guards inside the parliament building — who did not leave the building to help the young woman.

As Lemon Lime Moon points out, it's a long way from the Vikings.


Back in DC, where surely this sort of thing won't be happening on the steps of congress for another 10 years or so, the rapes are happening indoors.

The Obama Administration is determined to keep the tap flowing. Sheila Jackson-Lee's allegations of racism are just more of the same from a left that links spending to social justice, when it's actually a kleptocracy where spending is not social justice, but a social disease.

Deep in the bowels of the left's Absurdistan, Obama is trotting out his dog and camel show one more time.

Addressing the issue of class warfare, Obama said he wants "everybody to be able to be a millionaire"

Really. Why not a trillionaire like in Zimbabwe where currency devaluation resulted in 100 trillion dollar notes.

Stop aiming so low. If we devalue the dollar enough and force enough companies to leave the country, every American can be a trillionaire too.

Just imagine this could be you...

...and if Obama gets another term, it might be. Just stick Obama's picture instead of the rock to get an idea of what a trillion dollar bill will look like.

Huey Long promised that every man could be a king. Obama can promise us that every man can be a millionaire. So long as a million dollars is worth about what a dollar is today.

But Democrats are finding new ways to waste their time. But their campaign against Allen West by wearing, "We Stand with the Lady" buttons are ironic for a party that allowed a woman to be shoved out in an illegitimate primary and then went on to demonize another in the ugliest ways possible.

Suddenly the Democrats who were making rape jokes about Bristol Palin are all about standing with the lady. So long as it's not Lady Liberty.


As it turns out Van Jones can't add, but that's okay because math is not a progressive skill. It's not something you need to know. It's actually something you don't need to know.

Which is why even though the nation backs Cap, Cut and Balance... the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail against it. Balancing the budget is the one thing that their dirty money spendtrain can't afford.

There isn't any serious economic argument to be made against cutbacks, but the only cuts the left is willing to accept is to the military. And then business can go on as usual. The pigs can go on squealing and the loot can keep on being divided and the debt can keep on growing.

And who will pay for it all?

Someone else. Maybe the Chinese or those rich trillionaires who keep lighting their cigars with money. Who keep flying around the world on their vacations, spending money like there's no tomorrow and always showing off.

You know the Obamas.


You love the UN Peacekeepers now for their uselessness and their epidemic of gang rapes in countries they're supposed to be helping... but what if they were coming to seize your incandescent light bulbs?

A special meeting of the United Nations security council is due to consider whether to expand its mission to keep the peace in an era of climate change.

There has been talk, meanwhile, of a new environmental peacekeeping force – green helmets – which could step into conflicts caused by shrinking resources.

I for one welcome our green helmeted overlords. Finally someone will show up to take away our extra resources.

And when Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Moroccan soldiers under the green flag show up in our streets, we'll have no right to object. It was our own fault for not bicycling enough to work.


In Toronto it's Muslim school prayers with boys in the front, girls in the back and menstruating girls excluded completely.

Quite a few Muslims believe that menstruating women cannot touch the Koran or recite prayers, but this is not universal. What that says is the Imam running the show in Toronto is very much old school.

Let's consider some of the practical implications of this latest bit of Muslim Apartheid. The same Islamic jurisprudence that says menstruating women can't participate in prayers or touch a Koran, also says they can't enter a mosque.

It means that placing Islamic prayer rooms in public places may lead to harassment of women and even possibly those passing by mosques.


After HuffPo's Cenk Uygur flamed out on MSNBC, possibly because no one could spell his name, or because there's no way to spam his idiotic babblings all across cable, the way they've managed to do on YouTube-- MSNBC has decided to give David Duke his own show.

Did I say David Duke? I meant a violent racist bigot whose followers were responsible for terrorizing and killing Jews, Asians and Blacks.

Al Sharpton.

Fun side note, Uygur claimed he lost his show because he was too critical of the White House, which is probably face saving hogwash-- but it's interesting to note that Al Sharpton has become Obama's go to man. His messenger to the black community.

If MSNBC were following White House instructions to put a loyalist in the spot, they couldn't have gone better than Sharpton, who flipped from the Clintons to the Obamas, without a trace of loyalty.

But now that MSNBC has given a violent racist and antisemite his own show, the media can shut the hell up about FOX. Permanently.

Meanwhile Uygur will appear on Olbermann's new show that no one watches to hold a mutual bitch fest of losers about MSNBC.


I don't usually comment on this sort of thing, but John Hawkins' death of the right wing blogsphere piece has stirred plenty of people up.

There are a number of responses, Zilla has a general roundup, but I will that Hawkins isn't wrong, but he overstates his case. These types of pieces have been running forever and they're partly true, insofar as alignment with bigger sites can be a survival strategy, but plenty have also gone it along.

There are successful new bloggers out there and more will keep on rising. The nature of the thing may change, but the internet has made it possible to comment and circulate views and while large sites may consume more pageviews, there will always be room for everyone else.

Personally I consider myself blessed as I haven't followed the traditional tack. I don't self-promote and I am miserable at social networking. But there are good people who have sent and resent my pieces, shown them to others, printed them out and distributed them for me, without ever being asked.

When you write something that really connects with people, they value it. And it's all those people who made it happen and help keep this site what it is. Not just through donations, but through their readership and promotion. I don't promote myself, but people out there unasked do it for me. That is why I'm still here.

I switched to writing a single long article a day that would explore an issue in depth. I almost never take apart existing media pieces. And without intending it, that got me picked up and syndicated by sites like Canada Free Press and Right Side News, where much of my readership now is. And I'm very grateful to Judi and Jeff for doing that, and to all those who helped make it happen.

Appearing at a blogging panel set up by Doris of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors in LA put me in touch with some fellow bloggers and readers, whom I met in person for the first time.

Finally I want to mention that I'm a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and I want to thank him and everyone involved in that. Their support has made it possible for me to write more heavily researched articles and in depth exposes like Prince of Lies and the Palestinian Muslim Money Hole.

I began blogging because I felt it important to speak out. I have gone on writing because people have listened. I understand how hard it is when your words go unheard, when there are no comments and little traffic. When your writing seems to have no outlet. But don't fall into bitterness or into the trap of assuming there's only one way to get out of that.

You never know who's reading you and you can never know what influence you have. Three years ago I would never have expected any of this. But with the aid of G-d and some good people out there, it did come to pass.

I rarely speak about myself or leave personal notes. I am not the subject of my own writing, but I feel that this too is something that needs to be said.

Writing, like anything else, is not a destination, it's a skill that you build on. Doing it regularly allows you to communicate better. The more you think about an issue, the more you have to say about it. And the more you have to say about it, the more people will listen.

Don't give up. If you can't get in the door, go through the window, the root cellar, or the chimney. There are always possibilities, some that may find you before you even think of them. The important thing is to keep writing and keep talking. And keep fighting the good fight.


  1. Kufar23/7/11

    The Oslo attack hasn't been confirmed but Islamists on the internet are cheering it on. Now Charles Johnson is blaming the far right, and Pamela Geller

    Breaking: Oslo Terrorist 'Tied to Right Wing Extremism' - Update: A Pamela Geller Fan

    This is a false flag operation, nothing else.

  2. On your last passage of this beautiful blog : Amen!

  3. tenquid23/7/11

    The attacks in Norway, if perpetrated solely by a white, native-born Norwegian, are more frightening than an Islamist attack. If that is so, a tipping point has been reached in Norway. Norway will never be the same. Never.

  4. Thank you, Daniel, for linking to my post and also for your kind words of encouragement to all of us small bloggers out here on the right. You have brightened my day.

  5. Anonymous23/7/11

    Daniel - another site that features your words.


  6. Linda Rivera23/7/11

    Race Card Hits its Debt Limit:

    An inferior health care plan that no one wants and CANNOT afford to pay. The threat to jail and/or fine those who don't purchase the government enforced plan.

    Massive spending as if there is no tomorrow. Fighting wars we have no money for. Massive borrowing. The Massive giving away of Billions of dollars every year to other countries, including the oil-wealthy Middle East, Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Palestinian Authority organization who fill their war chests, build mansions and laugh all the way to the bank with free infidel money.

    Whilst in America, homeless shelters are filled to capacity; tent cities have sprung up all over the U.S. filled with desperate, jobless, homeless, NEGLECTED Americans.

    Massive debt. The massive printing of paper money GUARANTEED to create out of control inflation. There is no question that the total DESTRUCTION of America's economy is planned.

    The results will be horrifying. In the once wealthy and great nation of America, millions of Americans will become destitute, hungry and homeless with no money or resources to help them.

  7. Linda Rivera23/7/11

    Organic, non-gmo avocado, fruit and nut trees and berries must be planted in all of our nation’s cities’ and towns’ parks to help the many millions of Americans who will soon be in a desperate struggle to survive.

    Watch it. And weep for our great nation and people:

    FALL Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ

  8. Linda Rivera23/7/11

    The RAPE of the girl in Norway: "he was being observed live via a video surveillance camera by security guards inside the parliament building — who did not leave the building to help the young woman."

    The security guards are evil. They are EVIL. What is their religion? They must be prosecuted and jailed. They could have easily stopped this sick, filthy pervert, but they CHOSE not to. Along with the evil, dirty Muslim predator, they are also guilty of the rape of the victim by ALLOWING it.

  9. Michael of Charlotte23/7/11

    Well said Daniel. In my opinion, your words should appear all over. Here's hoping your words are seen by the right people and a national outlet picks you up.

  10. Peter23/7/11

    Does anyone else think that these are linked?

    I mean first the attack on the pro Israel Rupert Murdoch, which will bring down Fox News if he closes, and his fortunes have already changed, and now this Anders Blievek character. If he is anti Islam why did he kill norwegians? notice how the media are spinning him as pro Israel Jihad Watch fan, though Robert Spencer is not a Zionist, in fact he is hardly pro Israel in the true sense.

    I think this is a plan, remember Obama has been taking steps to curtail conservative media? then Murdoch, now this will be used to suppress "islamophobes". Something stinks here.

    Anders Blievik is probably a convert to Islam, doing a false flag operation for his overlords.

  11. thanks for stopping by zilla,

    michael, would be nice certainly

  12. I just wanted to mention that I enjoy reading your blog -even though I don't comment so much.

  13. (also I do wonder why that Anders person killed Norweigian -children??)

  14. that's nice to hear miriam

  15. Well the leftist governments are out to convince the world that it is white middle class people who tend to the right who are the real terrorists.
    You had the DHS and a few others saying just that the other day. White Middle Class people on the right are the real terrorists.
    And then, voila! A white middle class fellow shows up, on a holiday, to bomb a building.
    Now, if you were a terrorist wouldn't you want to really make it terroristic and bomb when a building was at maximum capacity?
    And why would you, as a white nationalist kill your own kind when its mohammedans you don't like?
    Yes makes good sense.
    How gullible will be public continue to be?

  16. As for John Hawkins and those who gave him kudos for his "get big or get out": Shut up John.

  17. Daniel, it was an honor and a pleasure to have you as part of such an awesome panel of bloggers in Los Angeles. It was also the consensus of the participants and the organizers that you were the take-away presenter of that evening. And that is to take nothing away from the others.

    I want to point out that your talk of that evening should be repeated over and over during the next presidential election campaign. I will try to edit out your portion and post it on YouTube. But in the meantime, here is a link to your post covering that event and the printed version of what you said: http://bit.ly/pBfyRd.

    It is my belief that your work is up there with the most critical messages that should be paid attention to. It is far and away the best presentation of the issues and dangers we face. I would send each and every post to my list if I could.

    I do believe that we will prevail against our enemies and it will be in no small part to your efforts.

    Doris Wise Montrose, President
    Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors

  18. Doris, thank you again, I was just glad to be part of such a gathering.

    I can edit down the video, if you have any trouble with it.

  19. I've been reading your blog for quite a while and have printed out articles for people to read.


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