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Never again. To Jews it means a refusal to give genocidal bigots another go at them. To Obama, it means refusing to ever again have to listen to an Israeli leader explain why his country cannot commit territorial suicide in order to appease a gang of genocidal bigots.

When the Jews who fought among the crumbling walls of the Warsaw Ghetto finally made it to Israel, they came just in time to load up their guns and fight once again for their people's survival. The survivors of one genocidal ideology bent on making someone pay for its sense of humiliation came just in time to fight off another version of the same thing.

After 2000 years of running, an indigenous minority that had been kicked around by emperors and caliphs finally made its stand around a handful of farming towns and in alleyways lined by the golden stone of Jerusalem. Men and women who only a few years earlier hid in their homes from Muslim pogroms, covering their children's ears at the cries of "Ibtach Al Yahood", "Kill the Jews", took up arms. They stood alongside the settlers who had drained the swamps, the refugees fleeing Muslim terror in Egypt and Syria and the remains of the original indigenous Jewish population which had survived the conquests of seven empires. They stood and fought for their lives against an ideology that said they had no right to be free because of their religion and the blood in their veins.

Like their Nazi allies, Muslim violence was driven by a need to reverse the humiliations of World War I which dismantled the Ottoman Empire and gave regional minorities like the Jews a chance at rebuilding their own independent countries. But going back to 1914 was only the beginning. Some wanted to go back to 1492 and the fall of Granada. Others in the Saudi desert were dreaming of a return to the 6th century. But what they all had in common was a refusal to tolerate an independent non-Muslim state in their midst.

And even though Allied troops were still within sight of the rubble, ruined tanks and barbed wire camps remaining behind from the last time that their countries had chosen to appease this sort of thing with a slice of Czechoslovakia, they still chose appeasement. Again.

President Wilson had idealistically envisioned turning over portions of the territories of the Ottoman Empire to peoples like the Jews and Armenians who had struggled for so long under Muslim dominion. But the European willingness to tolerate and appease Muslim violence nearly put an end to both dreams. Turkish armies swarmed over Armenia at the first opportunity and Arab armies did the same in Israel. The lesson was the same. If you wanted to be free to practice your religion, to live under your own laws, not those of the Koran which dictate the inferiority of minorities, you had to stand up and fight for it without counting on the support of the West.

Wilsonian idealism was no match for British imperialism, and that was no match for Postmodern globalism. Both British and Globalist empire building desired stability at all costs.

President Wilson had wanted to give the peoples oppressed by Islam a chance to breathe the fresh air of freedom. But the British Empire turned over the largest part of Israel to a Saudi monarchy to rule over as the newly created nation of Jordan. Then the UN partitioned the remainder into a stump with indefensible borders in an attempt to appease the gathering Muslim armies. But the armies of Islam rejected even that partition and chose war instead. Now Barack Hussein Obama and a coterie of European leaders would like Israel to go back to those indefensible borders. Not because it will bring peace, but for the same reason that he retasked NASA from studying stars, to pander to the genocidal fragility of Muslim self-esteem.

The West has sold out Israel, the way that it once sold out Czechoslovakia, and with the same results. Muslims are no more satiated with the prospect of an ethnically cleansed Palestine, than Nazi Germany was with a Volksdeutsche Sudetenland. Their vision of a "Pure Arab-Muslim Palestine" inevitably swallows Israel, as it already does on their maps, and then aspires to join with a Pan-Islamic state stretching from Cairo to Damascus and beyond.

Just as the Sudetenland was only the first bite out of Czechoslovakia, then Eastern Europe and then Europe... and then the world. So too Palestine is the first bite, followed by the overthrow of secular regimes in Egypt, Algeria and Turkey, the conquest of multi-religious African states, like Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire, and then Drang Nach Osten, into Europe, and finally civil war in Thailand, India and China. This is what World War III looks like. And it is happening before our very eyes.

Never Again has become an empty phrase. Something that angry world leaders shout when the victims aren't eager enough to appease the Third Reich or the Seventh Caliphate. Leaders who are committed to the false narrative that the violence in the Middle-East is caused by insufficient territorial concessions by the region's only Non-Muslim minority to its Sunni Muslim majority, rather than the unwillingness of the Sunni Muslim majority to practice tolerance in their own countries, throughout the region or the world.

Jews cannot allow Never Again to become an empty catchphrase or a universalized call for tolerance that fails to hold Islam accountable for its promotion of bigotry, violence and genocide. While Jewish leaders occupy themselves with empty calls for interfaith brotherhood, Jewish farms and villages once again fall under siege. Farmers sleep with guns by their beds, children are taught to race to bomb shelters and Jewish store windows are smashed in the cities of Europe. Armies of soldiers, terrorists and diplomats gather once again to carve up Jerusalem. To ethnically cleanse half the city of Jews and turn it into a platform for terror.

This is what going back to 1948 means. It means going back to a religious civil war and a stump state with indefensible borders. This is the vision of international diplomats who hope that feeding a big enough piece of Israel to the crocodile will put it to sleep. It is also the vision of a leftist elite in Israel which wants to turn the Gush Dan region into a cramped tech-happy Singapore, and let Jerusalem and the farmlands fall into enemy hands, in the hope that they will be left alone to sip coffee in their cafes and launch their IPO's in peace. But it is nothing more than the Warsaw Ghetto with an internet cafe. And even they are only a few years away from discovering that.

Shimon Peres' vision of Tel Aviv as the Warsaw Ghetto with an internet cafe and a nanotech research lab, is colliding with the Muslim vision of the fall of Israel as the first of many victories over the Kufar, and the vision of world leaders of Israel dissolving away to make room for a Muslim Middle-East. Only one of those visions can survive or none of them. Either Israel falls to the first wave of a Jihad that will engulf the world, or it once again makes a stand.

The Europeans and Obama competing to offer Israel the best 'alternative' before the UN recognizes Palestine is nothing but empty theater. There is no compromise that will settle the issue. Nor can Israel ever convince the world compromisers of that. So long as the world community accepts the inevitability of Islamic dominance, then Israel will always be the goat. The sacrifice to appease the beast.

If Never Again means anything at all, it is a refusal to be the sacrifice, to be placed on the altar of appeasement for a Holocaust, a burnt offering, to the Moloch of insatiable rage and genocidal fanaticism.

Jews say, "Never Again" for the same reason that rape victims say, "No, Means No." We have been there. We are not going to allow it to happen again. No matter what words are used to justify it. No matter how the perpetrators turn the world around so that they are right and we are wrong, so that their violence is just and our self-defense isn't. No matter how many ways they find to blame us for their actions. World leaders may try to carve us up, but we will never consent to it. Not orally and not silently. We will resist.

We have said Never Again so many times that we have forgotten what the words mean. They have lost their edge. Worse, they have lost their purpose. It's time to stop just saying , "Never Again". It's time to mean it.

(Spanish Language Translation at Reflexiones Medio Sobre Y Oriente)


  1. More than saying, "Never again," and meaning it, Am Yisrael needs to say, שמע ישראל ה' אלוהינו ה' אחד and mean it.

  2. The question that always pops into my head after reading about how close a second final solution is: Why don't the Israelis get rid of the Nazis in their midst? Why let people remain who openly admit they want to kill you, whose schools, media, culture constantly reinforce the psychotic bloodlust? So that they can perfect their aim?
    Those who would object to Jews practicing this rational form of self-defense, who would call them racist, are the same folks who ignore or excuse the genocidal hatred Arabs have for Jews, so why care about their opinion? Stop making blood sacrifices on the altar of political correctness. Protecting yourself is a fundamental human right.

  3. @ S.Richard. Getting rid of the Nazi's in our midst, not only traitors from the Arab community but much more so those from the über-left, where once the cause for the fall of Jeruzalem to the Roman legions. Internal strife to such an extent should be avoided. We Jews never agree completely with each other on anything but when the chips are down left so far fought shoulder to shoulder with Haredim and that attitude should be restored. Both the Shimon Peres's and the Ariel Sharon's fought for Israel no matter what grave judgmental mistakes they made later in life.

  4. Re: Never Again

    Bravo for this true manifesto and wake up call to a growing danger to the values of the West.

    It is most heartening to see that more and more individuals are beginning, at long last, to step out from the shadows of political correctness and point out the very dangerous direction in which the world powers are drifting.

    Just as the darkest nightfall comes upon us gradually, so incrementally, that we are hardly aware of the fact until all traces of the last rays of sunlight are gone from view, so too has Israel's fate been drifting into the danger zone while politicians, media pundits and so-called "world leaders" pontificate about how they have Israel's security and best interests at heart.

    The famous last words of cowards and political hypocrites.

    But amidst all the lies, half-truths, deceptions and pandering to despots because we have gas tanks to fill and factories to run, a small but growing number of voices are starting to be heard.

    At what point indeed do we concede that endless concessions are not working and admit that there will never be enough sacrificial lambs to satisfy the appetite of a growing menace that is rapidly approaching our doorstep.

    The United States of America was always supposed to represent Democratic values and Freedom from Fear. Isn't that why America's Sons and Daughters shed so much of their precious blood on the beaches of Normandy and ten thousand other places in Europe, where so many fell in battle- never to return home.

    How much longer can our nation expect to merit and even deserve, the respect of other nations if it continues to betray its original values which should be written as if in stone?

    How long will America continue to waffle and vacillate, weave and dodge, avoiding the hard choices and the tough decisions.

    Not only is this Administration's "maneuvering" tacitly encouraging Israel's adversaries but it is simultaneously weakening America's standing in the world as to whether America still stands for the values it has always espoused and raises the critical question of whether America has lost its backbone and its resolve.


  5. Re: Never Again

    Sometimes too much talk just clouds all the key issues. Why can't the present Administration just cut to the chase and stick to the main talking points. There are really not so many.

    There already was an attempt at a "two State" solution in 1947-1948. But the Arabs did not accept that two State solution. They wanted only one State- "their" State. No room for anyone else.

    All the millions of words written in a dozen different languages, for one hundred years, will never alter that fact or wash away that last fact.
    Is there anyone in the present White House who will ever have the plain old fashioned guts to point this fact out to the world without diluting the truth of it with double-talk, nauseating fawning and fanciful flights of self delusion and self contradictions.

    Imagine for just a second if Israel had been the instigator of the war of 1948, if Israel had attempted to grab large swaths of land beyond the lines earmarked by the UN mandate--and then having lost the war and lost badly, started whining and complaining how Israel must be given a second chance.

    And that the Arabs must surrender all the land that Israel attempted to seize in the above described hypothetical, imaginary war, which is- of course- the very opposite of what actually happened from an historical standpoint.

    When one puts on the glasses of Reality and sees things for what they really are, the whole Mid East discussion, as it now stands and is presented to the world, becomes distastefully laughable.

    A higher form of life residing in some distant galaxy, observing the history of the Middle East, must find it all some type of fantastic, surrealistic journey into the realm of the absurd.


  6. Re: Never Again

    After over half a century, more than sixty three years after rejecting and refusing to accept what they were offered on a silver platter, without firing a shot, now after all the murderous wars to annihilate the Jewish people, Israel's enemies have the unmitigated chutzpah to be babbling on and on and on and on, about what they are "demanding" and claim they are entitled to.

    Is there not a single person, a single Statesman or Stateswoman in the entire world, anywhere on this Earth who will state publicly, clearly, on the record, what I have just articulated here.
    Or does everything really come down to a three letter word: "oil". Is that word, what has turned men and women into such cowards that they cannot muster up even the most watered down, evasive, cowardly statement that even merely begins to reflect on the truth of the sordid and very tragic history of a place called the Middle East.

    Who can say if it really is true that sometimes a little "truth" is better and worth more than a big "lie".

    Perhaps if someone, some candidate in the next Presidential election in America begins- when discussing the history of the Middle East-, to "tell it like it was and still is", people around this nation and around this world might just begin to wake up, take the cobwebs and the blinders off their eyes, and realize the Arabs have been pulling the wool over everyone's eyes for over half a century.

    If they were not happy with a "two State" solution before, in the very beginning, how could anyone on this Earth ever be so naive and foolish as to think that it would reflect wisdom and or simple common sense, to believe anything the Arabs might say now- just to get what they want ?

    Israel need only concern itself with one over-arching goal and that is to stay strong in every possible way.

    It is good and admirable and even advisable to have friends and allies- in fact as many as possible. But the cold, hard truth of the matter, as our Tribe has learned time and time again, over many thousands of years, is that in the final analysis, we must not depend on anyone to come to our assistance, in time of peril and mortal danger, but ourselves.

    And we must make certain that this will always be sufficient. As it has been in the past- so too it must be in the future.
    G-d Bless Our Land- this thin sliver of human hope surrounded by a sea of despotic nations- now and for all Eternity.

    And may Israel- and the world- never forget the lessons of history.
    They came at a heartbreaking price but the lessons have all been well learned and paid for in full.

    Israel in the end can only count on itself to ensure the survival of its people. But history has taught its people well.

    Never again will they be led to the slaughterhouse like lambs.

    And never again will the Jewish people become pawns and scapegoats in the hideous game/s of world politics and the pursuit of power.

  7. What a depressing read.

    Are US politicians mostly entirely amoral? Or mostly completely corrupt and on the take to Islamo-nazi petrodollars? Or both?

    Why doesn't the entire non-Muslim world just buy its oil from Russia? Sure it's kleptocracy, but at least it's not an Islamo-nazi petrocracy.

  8. dave s15/6/11

    True words indeed. I never allow any verbal attack on Israel to go unchallenged in my hearing. Nobody should. I no longer care who I offend. I am of English/Jewish ancestry and regard both countries as one in the coming battle for civilisation. Those who are not with us are against us. It is now that simple.
    Saint Exupery- 1942
    I shall no longer content myself with judging men according to the phrases by which they justify their actions.... I can only ask myself this; "What sort of man is he?"
    And when I know this only then shall I know where he is bound.

  9. Anonymous15/6/11

    It's pretty clear to me that "Never Again" has already turned into "it's happening again".

    The level of hatred directed at Israel in Britain - my country - and indeed Europe is appalling. Jews are being assaulted and are leaving in their droves, from France especially.

    As someone who isn't Jewish, I fully support Israel but every time I try to debate I am on the receiving end of the most vile abuse.

    I think the left and the muslims are once again working on their "final solution". Last time the Jews went to the gas chambers meekly. When the monsters come for the Jews again, I hope this time, the Jewish people use whatever means they have to drag the world into total chaos. They might stand a chance of survival then.

    Proud Brit.

  10. Fantastic article! There's so much passion, truth and fire in it.

    It would be wonderful to see you reading this in the Knesset, to every MK.

    We could certainly send copies to Netanyahu, his address is online. It might kindle something in him such as his words on the old PBS show The Advocate when he spoke as a witness as Ben Nitay.

    If you haven't seen the video which has been circulated all over the place lately you should. His appearance on The Advocate was in 1978, just two years after his brother was killed.

    It's on You Tube. Just do a search of Ben Nitay.

  11. Irwin Ruff15/6/11

    Never Again. Sounds very nice for a protest chant, but it has no effect on non-Jews, with almost the entire world against us (again), including the US (all it took was Obama to be elected). But thank Heaven for Canada - at least at present.

    But as much as we may call "Never Again", the nations will ignore us and pander to Islam. First for oil, secondly because of their own anti-Semitism, but mostly because the west is afraid of Islamist violence - which will come at the slightest pretense.

    We cannot depend on any country to defend us. At most we'll get expressions of sympathy. As much as I would hate to do this, mostly because I feel that is isn't a Jewish way, it seems that the only way to defend the lives of the Jewish people is by violence. Perhaps some major rioting, or a bomb everytime the goyim upset us might do wonders to make the west (even Obama) pay attention to our concerns. In the '40s the Irgun was a major factor in getting rid of the British. Only a similar approach will help us today.

  12. We Armenians also say 'never again'. Like the Jews, we have suffered enough.

  13. Before long we'll all be learning to say it.

  14. Anonymous15/6/11

    "Before long we'll all be learning to say it."

    That crocodile of old has tremendous appetite. It'll be attended, fed everything in sight, until the zoo closes.


  15. Re Irwin Ruff's view that the nations will ignore our cry of "Never again!": Perhaps he's right about that. But perhaps it's not so much a matter of the goyim needing to hear it, rather that WE -- 'Am Yisrael -- need to take it to heart.

    Somewhat like Rashi's commentary on the very first pasuk of the Torah. (Paraphrasing): Why does the Torah, the Book of law, open with the account of Creation rather than with the first commandment given to the Jewish People? So that when the goyim accuse us of stealing others' land, we will know to respond: HaShem is the creator and owner of all; He chose to give this Land to us. --- It's important for US to realize that and internalize it, more so than for the goyim to hear it.

  16. Anonymous15/6/11

    very important piece. needs wide dispesion. thanks.

  17. Anonymous15/6/11

    never again, you say. that means different things to different people. when liberals were bleating "no blood for oil" what they meant was "someone else's blood for oil". now, even more clearly than ever, the no blood for oil gang wants to trade israeli blood for oil. never again, i suspect, means "just once again, i promise".

  18. Anonymous15/6/11

    Check this out -

    Anti-Semitism and a Classroom 'Jew Count' at University of Toronto's Social Work Faculty
    A discussion in a post-graduate university class on the topic of Jews turns ugly. The professor is uncritical when one student says he doesn’t want to be around Jews. Another student complains about “rich Jews,” implying their excessive power. In a subsequent class, the same professor, as if to validate those points, says half her department faculty are Jews and with her approbation, students conduct a ‘Jew count’


  19. Anonymous15/6/11

    The reason Israel is picked on, is that it is a small civilized nation in a ocean barbarism. This makes all Muslim nations look bad. So they demonise Israel (BBC among the first of these). In each case, Anti-Israel Lefties start out by stating "that they are not anti-Semitic but". or "some of my best friends are Jews but". This means nothing, as many of their Lefty fellow travellers are also Jews, who even advocate the "right of return" for Arabs, knowing full well that Israel will cease to exist.

    Have these Jews, who live happily in the West, and thus can offer Israel up as a blood sacrifice to appease their Lefty peers, what would happen, if God forbid, the political situation changed, and Jews were driven out from the West. Jews worldwide have a "right of return" to Israel, and it is there explicitly for the above reason. It is for this reason that Israelis fight to preserve Israel - that one day, if things look bad again for Jews in the world, they have a place they can run to. Such a situation just does not hold for Palestinian Arabs. They have dozens of countries which will accept them, and in fact they already live there. Jordan for instance, is not just majority Palestinian, but legally is part of mandate Palestine- it is the 2nd part of the two state solution. There is no need, or requirement, for a third state in mandate Palestine.

  20. Anonymous15/6/11

    Israels' very powerful but treacherous enemy within -in Isreal and America

    Confronting our subversive institutions


  21. Anonymous16/6/11

    knish: you: profound....


  22. Anonymous16/6/11

    "Never again' inspires in Israel also real actions so besides the prospect of doom you might consider that in the next ten years possibly:

    -Most of our neighbors will have very little water whereas we shall drink desalinated water
    -Most of the our neighbors will be the last in the world in their development after India China and even Africa. Failed states that cannot feed educate or buy basic needs.
    - Israel has gas, and might be able even to sell it.
    -The world changes and unless the US does something serious the position of America and Europe will change dramatically.
    So we will have to deal with jealousy, anger, "the Jews stole the water" etc. and it will still be "never again" but hopefully from a different position.

  23. This is too precarious to think about now. Pray, and stand.

  24. Before the small remnant of rational and sane Jews of Israel deal with the new Nazi's and their extermination plans for every Jew and Israel you're going to have to deal with their enablers from within your own ranks.

    Last week Jews of Yitzhar were attacked by their own government for building 'illegal' homes while the new Nazi's jihad for allah have free reign within Israel and are in fact protected and funded by the Israeli government.
    Yesterday Nadia Matar was abused by the Israeli government military and police for defending the land of Israel.
    Today A Jew from Gush Ezion was arrested for defending himself against the new Muslim Nazi's by his own Jewish government blackboots.
    All of this is happening under the rule of a pseudo right wing government and the 'Never Again' people are dead silent in deep denial still trusting in dead end political mirages.

  25. David xavier19/6/11

    Never again ..... "Nullius in verba" - words are proof of nothing.

  26. @ David Xavier

    Ain't that the ugly truth.

    If the pretty, Al Taqiyya lies told by Muslo-nazis were the truth about their faith no one would be being persecuted, murdered, raped, kidnapped in the name of Islam today.


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