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Will Islam Destroy Itself?

In his address to congress, Netanyahu said that militant Islam threatens Islam. As if there were any such thing as a non-militant form of Islam. An ideology that was militantly expansionistic from birth. And yet that expansionism does threaten it.

It's not mere militancy that threatens Islam, but its own lack of proportion. Had the Nazis satisfied themselves with a round of domestic purges and only a little territorial expansionism, today they might still be running a bankrupt decaying state. And news stories from the 1970's and 1980's might carry reports of popular protests against the disastrous economics of National Socialism. But Hitler and his cronies lacked a sense of proportion. When they capped off an invasion of Russia, war in Africa and an air campaign against England, with a declaration of war on America-- they were done. And their ideology went down with them.

If an ideology fighting a simultaneous war on nearly every continent sounds familiar, it should. The new Islamic crusade is just as arrogantly overextended. Just as certain that it can win every battle because it's destined to. That its inherent superiority makes it unbeatable. And that its enemies are cowards who are easily tricked and even more easily beaten.

Petrodollars and Jihadis are being rushed to conflicts around the globe. And Muslim countries are racing to acquire nuclear weapons, even though it puts their own populations in the firing line of a nuclear war. Muslim terrorism is turning immigration into a national security issue. And Sharia is raising hackles even among many liberals. The arrogance and hubris of the Islamic crusade for a new caliphate has made too many enemies, too fast. And it relies on Western complicity and money. That remains its weak point.

Had Muslims focused on domestic revolutions, most of the world would have let it go. Western countries have lost their enthusiasm for armed interventions on behalf of tyrants. And if foreign businessmen can learn to live with Dubai and Saudi Arabia, they would have accepted similar transformations in Egypt and Syria. Muslims could have assembled a Caliphate with hardly an objection from abroad. But instead they spent more time focused on conquest, than on revolution.

Like an amateur gambler flush with his winnings, the Imams and Mullahs swelled with pride and decided they couldn't lose. They wouldn't just bring down their own countries, instead they would tie everything together and pull it all down. Use terrorism to blackmail and intimidate the West. And then use that as a lever for regime change. It's working quite well so far. But then again most battle plans work, when the enemy is hardly fighting back.

The Islamists are assembling too many enemies too fast, to consider what would happen if those enemies united against them. They have spent too much time gloating over the Western dependency on their oil and their immigrants to think about what will happen the day the oil pipeline and the immigration pipeline are cut off.  Like the Nazis, they are spending too much time moving pins on a map to note all the places where they are advancing, all the wars they are fighting and all the mosques they are building, to take the time to realize how vulnerable that makes them.

Fortune rewards the aggressor who takes the initiative. But that's only until he overreaches. And then the other side takes the initiative. 

Hitler thought himself quite clever for taking the Rhineland, seizing Austria and carving up the industrial riches of Czechoslovakia with the consent of his old enemies. Then with bombers flying over London and tanks deep in Russia, the Third Reich and its allies seemed unstoppable. But then a few years later, enemy troops were closing in on Berlin. That's the problem with believing you'll win because you're destined to. By the time you realize how badly you screwed up, it's too late.

By the end of 1941, Hitler was actually taking the initiative against America, which last time around had decisively turned the tide. There's hardly a more clear cut case of completely forgetting the lessons of a war that you had actually fought in. But the Nazi drive to power had been built on denying the real political, military and economic lessons of WW1. The assertion that Germany lost because it was betrayed, doomed it to lose a second time.

The Islamists suffer from the same problem. Their denial of history dooms them to repeat it all over again. Their assertion that Islamic states are immune from the social and economic problems of secular states means that their aspirations for a Caliphate will fall apart into bickering and civil war.  And their belief that Islamic warriors are any better than ordinary tribals armed with machine guns and RPG's has been disproven on countless battlefields. The myth of the suicide bomber is the last resort of a delusional ideology trying to deny its own human vulnerabilities.

Racial and religious doctrinal purity does not equal omnipotence. And Islamic expansionism is due to relearn the same lesson that World War II meted out to the aggressors. The Caliphate and Third Reich are the vision of maniacs and demagogues trying to turn back the clock to a mythical past. Building castles in the sand by a bloody shore.

The obsessive petrodollar construction projects of Dubai have something of Albert Speer about them. Huge tasteless buildings constructed to show the grandeur of a regime, even while revealing its lack of taste and creativity. And its underlying insecurity. The Nazi, Communists and now Muslims obsession with constructing gargantuan inhuman structures reveal some of the insecurity behind the violence. Giant concrete and steel security blankets by vicious men terrified of their own mortality.

Insecurities lead to grandiosity. The tilting shots of Leni Riefenstahl depicting the Aryan man as more than human, or the Muslim martyr who willingly kills himself for the Jihad, share a common contempt for humanity. And beneath that contempt a craven fear of being merely human.

The ambition of the Caliphate conceals its own rot. The graffiti portraits of martyrs on walls turn them into museums of fear. The grandiosity of a worldwide Jihad is not the work of strongminded men, but of weak ones.  The Jihad is not on the march because it is strong, but because it is unable to offer any real solutions to domestic problems. All that Islamic groups do is offer subsidized services and bribes in exchange for popular support. The same cheap trick that every Muslim and even non-Muslim government does.

Like Nazism and Communism, the Islamic utopia is unsustainable. A fool's dream overseen by greedy thieves and guarded by vicious butchers. And like them it gains credibility only from extending the conflict. From positioning itself as the force of light standing against the darkness. And like them, Islam destroys the societies it takes over in order to continue a war that has no purpose except to disguise the foolishness of its doctrines and the incompetence of its visionaries.

The inherent social instability of Islam necessitates its expansionism. Just as the economic instability of National Socialism made Kristalnacht and the invasion of Poland necessary for the Nazi elite. Or the economic failures of Soviet Communism made its own expansionism inevitable. A strong warlike country's ideology doesn't fail internally, until it also fails externally.

The Islamic Jihad is a social instability disguised as brute force expansionism. Weakness trying to pretend it's strength. Events in Iran have shown that Islamic regimes are no more stable than secular ones. Eventually the greed of the ruling oligarchy and the fanaticism of its clerics runs into the barrier of public frustration and rage. Exporting the same instability and fanatical violence to Western countries through immigration may topple the free world. But it's more likely to lead a backlash. And that is exactly what's starting to take place now.

Western socialists need immigrants, but even they have their limits. And that limit will be reached when they realize that Islamic immigration and violence makes their dream of a new Europe and a world united under international law null and void. Even without that, their welfare state utopias have a limited lifespan. And when those utopias collapse, they won't have much use for immigrants. Or for the violence they bring with them.

Islam is overreaching badly. Its political successes have inflamed its sense of destiny. But politics turns. And unlike a high tech society or a competent military-- the political advantage and wealth that comes from an addiction to oil are both vulnerable to sudden change. The wheel of history is turning. And while Muslims are confident that it is turning in their direction, they would do well to remember that the glorious days of mastery they are trying to recapture came to an end for a reason. That the ruler of history raps hardest the knuckles of those who refuse to learn its lessons. And that they have now become its worst pupils.


  1. Wow, a nice piece of work, Sultan.

    I remember when Islam was a quaint religion (Blues for Allah?) with a few passionate adherents here in the US (Nation of Islam) and it seemed to do them a little good, like a good talking to, or a conservative and disciplined bent for a community that, maybe, needed it.

    Not any more. Familiarity is Islam's worse enemy. The more people know, the scarier it looks. And Muslim population growth forces its believers to represent themselves by behavior even where honesty fails them.

    Islam always looked scary in Saudi Arabia. But that was over there and they weren't going to bring it over here. Nobody would put up with it.

    But they are and too many people are putting up with it. Let's hope you are right. But let's not whistle in the dark, we have been under attack for a long time now.

  2. they receive too much help to self destruct.

  3. The future is clearly heading to an inevitable Third World War, if we do not stop Islam right now right away, we will have to face them when they are united under a caliphate, and that would be bloodier and uglier than WW2. The west should have been able to see clearly this future war. Either you want to fight it or not, a fight is still coming because the other side have committed to it.

  4. Anonymous30/5/11

    Extremely interesting perspective (as usual). And it is tantalizing to think of embracing it since it offers a shred of hope. However, I fear the thesis you put forth remains nothing but an interesting idea and a large heap of wishful thinking. When we start to hear leaders of Western nations speaking out boldly and truthfully on this matter, we may have some real hope. When we hear the media reporting honestly on this matter, we may have some hope. Until then, the world stage is set for Islam to continue to rise and destroy. As far as I can tell, terror is working quite nicely as increasing numbers are intimidated into silence (at best) or outright capitulation (at worst). Cowards and aggressor seem to rule the day.

  5. And so, hope remains.
    War is upon us, but it may yet be won.

  6. A mayor point not mentioned in the demise of Nazi ideology, actually the only that stopped this evil bunch was the fighting power of America.
    America at that time stil filled with enough people with un-clouded moral view that in spite of some preference for an isolationist stand could muster the effort to direct it's enormous industrial system towards stopping and destroying Nazi Germany and Fascist Japan. Yes, the slap in the US's face of the Pearl harbor sneak- attack triggered the war willingness and regrettably not the already known to the American government destruction of the Jews by the Germans, so the level of moral stance is debatable but nevertheless if not for the USA Europe would have still been ruled by the double murderous dictatorships of Nazi & Communism. If America at the present still has the moral, will- & economic power to stop an Islamist take-over of the Middle East and Europe remains to be seen. I fear that the desire for true freedom has been so hollowed out by the decade of "war agains terror" concessions that where wrenched out of personal liberty of the American public that if at all, it would take too much energy to only restore the true American spirit of individual freedom and not enough will remain to fight and die for in any war to liberate the West once more from their own inertia, unwillingness and inability to defend it's own freedom. That any eventual Islamist ruled caliphate will resemble rats feeding on a garbage belt does not matter, of course an Islamist society shall be misery for 99% of it's inhabitants but Islam has shown since it's spread 1400 years ago to be a yoke impossible to shed from both the inside and the outside and as long as their oil wells flow they shall not lack the cash to sustain the rulers of such an abject empire.

  7. Another great piece Sultan.

    Here's something I've been thinking about lately - from the evidence all around us I'll say up front that it's an incredible long shot but here it is anyway...

    What if our Governments know what they are doing and are deliberately showing the 'weak hand' in order to embolden the Islamic movement knowing that they will walk headlong into the trap. The trap being a point as mentioned in your piece where they have over extended themselves and suddenly find themselves in an indefensible position and at which point our 'strong hand' comes out from under the table and annihilates them.

    Consider these things;

    - Declaring war on a Caliphate that was geographically easy to identify is more convenient than attacking separate states piece by piece, potentially leaving several lines to defend. This would explain why the 'Arab Spring' is being allowed to happen when even the most basic research shows up a huge potential for the outcome to be expanded Islamic influence.

    - Strategically, having troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya would be helpful in such a situation even though currently there is little justification for them to be there.

    - The 'tension' between the USA/UK and Israel could be part of the show to embolden the Islamists.

    - Allowing them to perform (or at least get close to performing) a 'spectacular' would allow us a free hand to retaliate. Admittedly, the twin towers was diabolical enough in my book for this to happen but the plan might not have been in place by then.

    - The recent discovery of oil underneath Israel (estimated to be the same size as Saudi's reserves) would mean that, once developed, supplies would continue in the event of any action taken against a united Middle East. This is a couple of years away.

    Like I said, it's a long shot but I'm struggling to believe so many people in Government and intelligence agencies are oblivious to facts that are staring everyone else in the face.

    Regardless, some food for thought...

  8. Anonymous30/5/11

    Iran is the country to watch

    1. It is not an Arab country but has had Islam for almost as long as the Arabs

    2. It had an ancient civilisation, which they still remember as one of glory.

    3. They had their own native religion.

    4. They never gave up their language in favour of Arabic.

    In addition they are getting Islam 100% full on. When the choke, they will throw up Islam 100%.

    There is also the factor that acquiring nuclear weapons, puts them in the nuclear target list. Iran and Pakistan just do not realize in what danger this puts them in. Its a like a crim with a rusty .22 rifle against the SAS or the SEALS - it just gives the SAS justifiable reason.

  9. I too must ask the question, were the allies supplying Hitler with millions/billions of dollars and pounds with which to finance his war?.
    The G8 has agreed to steal another $8B dollars of our money and give it to the Egyptian people.
    While I have nothing against sending some food, I see know reason to send them money. Pakistan gets billions!

    While we still have Chamberlins in power, the islamic countries will not be allowed to collapse.
    When we all go bankrupt it may be already be too late.

  10. Morry Rotenberg30/5/11

    The only way to put the "wooden stake" through the heart of Islam is to take away the petrodollars that finance the Jihad. Until the useful idiots in the environmental and the global warming alarmists movements are co opted to allow us to "drill baby drill" we will continue to suffer from Islamic expansionism. Our focus to gain victory in this extension of the original crusades should be to rid ourselves of these fifth columnists in our own societies.
    BTW, Sultan, it's nice to see that you can be an optimist at times.

  11. Anonymous30/5/11

    It seems other bloggers are having the same thoughts

    How to destroy Islam - non-violently


  12. “Fortune rewards the aggressor who takes the initiative. But that's only until he overreaches. And then the other side takes the initiative.”

    Islam is currently taking the initiative, it’s brought the fight to our own shores here in the US and Europe in the form of the “stealth or civilization jihad”. Our leaders and media, past and present, know what Islam is, what it stands for, and how it’s advancing towards its goal of a worldwide caliphate. And yet they turn a blind eye and remain silent. No initiative what so ever is being taken to aid in its self destruction or at least thwart its advance. Western economies need oil, the elites need to maintain the lifestyles they’ve become accustom to, and in my opinion are willing to sell their souls for it.

    If Islam is to destroy itself you make two key points on how it will come about. First, “Their denial of history dooms them”. Islam knows no other history than the battle of Uhud where their defeat by 3,000 Meccans forced them to believe, with a lot of help from Mohammed, that they had fallen out of favor with Allah and the only way to right this was a return to their “pure Islamic traditions and values”. This was the basis of Khomeini’s thinking during the Iranian revolution and over the last several years the signs of social breakdown in that country are becoming more evident. And one can only hope the cracks keep growing before the Iranians develop another “Islamic bomb” and pave the way for the return of the Twelfth Imam. It was also the basis of Osama Bin Laden’s thinking, and we all know it bought him a trip to “water world” and 72 mermaids.

    Secondly, “Their assertion that Islamic states are immune from the social and economic problems of secular states means that their aspirations for a Caliphate will fall apart into bickering and civil war”. One has to scratch their head and wonder how they define social and economic problems in the first place. But the key here is “bickering and civil war”, last week I commented that “without the Infidel Muslims would turn on each other and destroy themselves by being sucked into the vacuum of their own hatred”. I truly believe that, and you’ve taken it a step further. Muslims haven’t been united since the death of Mohammed, and never will be. You can’t rule the world if you can’t agree on how to do so, and we all know what happens when Muslims disagree.
    So I guess to answer the question “Will Islam Destroy Itself”? Yes, but not without some help.

  13. I don't know what in the world the solution to this mess is. People are just too afraid, too dependent, or too enchanted with Muslims to stop this runaway train.

    September 11 wasn't enough of a wake up call. Perhaps the UN vote this September on Palestinian statehood will be. The ramifications will be impossible to ignore.

  14. The possibility or even probability that Muslims won't be able to establish a united worldwide caliphate doesn't mean they won't be able to reduce the rest of us infidels/kaffirs to the status of dhimmitude.

    Aside from the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, I don't think there's been any instance of a geographic area being freed of Islamofascist rule once established (except maybe Israel).

  15. Cornholio:

    Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, parts of India, Yugoslavia, and Cyprus, plus the Mongol occupation of Persia and Mesopotamia, etc.

    Islamists always want to take territory again, though, so it's also a matter of keeping the area out of their hands, once its freed.

    The point is, it can be done, but that requires a will to fight.

  16. Anonymous30/5/11

    What's interesting is that now there is a backlash against Islam and muslims in many places at the same time - Europe, North America, Russia, India, Australia. Islam is creating problems in african and some asian countries like Thailand as well.
    Due to the globalisation, now there is something like "mutually reinforced Islamophobia" .

    You can hear people from all over the world attacking Islam, complaining about muslim behaviour, etc. and this is resonating all over the world.
    This is also encouraging people who were previously silent to speak out.
    You can now look at the news and understand that your local muslim problem is global problem as well.
    And discover that you have allies all over the world.

  17. HermitLion wrote:

    "Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, parts of India, Yugoslavia, and Cyprus, plus the Mongol occupation of Persia and Mesopotamia, etc."

    Half of Cyprus has been taken over by the Turkish Islamonazis by force
    and subsequently ethnically cleansed of non-Muslims (in the 20th century). Persia no longer exists, it's now Islamonazi Iran.

    A significant proportion of the former Yugoslavia is now ruled by Islamofascists.

    I was referring to post-19th century history. A timeframe in which I believe the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and Israel are the ONLY two instances in which people have been freed from Islamonazism and both times have been through force.

  18. I think we should start reminding Arab people that they are descendants of Abraham and that they went astray when they picked up this bloodthirsty, idolatrous religion. They were Arab people long before they became lost inside this murderous ideology that is killing them much faster than it is killing the rest of the world. They are destroying each other on behalf a doctrine of lies. Lies can only be defeated by bringing them to acknowledge the truth. God has revealed the truth in his word. Jews do no one any favors by refusing to teach God's laws, statutes and judgments to the whole world.

    If Jews fully understood that Christianity is rooted in the laws, statutes and judgments given to Moses and fulfilled in Jesus Christ they would be more open with letting people in on what God's laws, statutes and judgements are. Jesus said, he did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. It is the lack of Justice that produces this kind of foolishness. The apostles were Jews and they knew the gentiles would not be able to walk in the law because God didn't give the law to the gentiles, he gave it to the Jews.

    Gentiles only really know the grace of God, because it is only the grace that saves them. The law came by Moses, grace and truth came by Jesus Christ, the last push will be lead by the Jews, because the law is the truth and without the truth, grace has no meaning. If you want to defeat Islam, start preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God. God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to a knowledge of the truth!

    The truth is the laws, statutes and judgments that God gave to Moses, the outcome of these laws is the realization that it is impossible for a human being to fulfill them perfectly. This leads to the revelation that without faith in a gracious and merciful, loving God who is willing to provide salvation, we are all lost. Abraham was saved by faith in that God who provides his own sacrifice when it is desperately needed. Abraham, the law and the prophets all point to salvation by faith in the mercy of God that endures forever.

  19. Anonymous,

    Yes, quite true. Why, just in this blog you can see people from all over the globe commenting.
    A flow of free information is a wonderful thing, is it not? :)

    It also helped spread the truth about islam, which relies a lot on misinformation and deceit.

  20. Silentnomore:

    It would be wonderful if that were the case:( But sadly, I don't see that happening.

    Yep. Would be great if the three Abrahamic faiths got along but with Islam threatening to destroy Jews physically and missionaries threatening spiritually (missionaries) I doubt there will be unity, or at least respect.

  21. We shouldn't wait for Islam to emasculate itself. We should be helping it along to its demise -- by exposing it by all means possible for what it is: an ideology that is geared and programed to destroy for the sake of the destruction of all life-affirming values of the West. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Islam is threatened by "extremist Islam, which, as Daniel has pointed out earlier, is a fallacy, because Islam is Islam. It is what it is. It should have no future, except as a fringe cult that can be mocked, if necessary, without fear of retaliation.

  22. Islam isn't an Abrahamic faith. There god, Allah, is described as the Great Deceiver and runs a heavenly whorehouse. Sorry G-d isn't
    a liar and definitely isn't a pimp.

  23. re: "- The recent discovery of oil underneath Israel (estimated to be the same size as Saudi's reserves) would mean that, once developed, supplies would continue..." Just Cause

    Have you noticed that oil seems to be found just about anywhere one drills deep enough? Oil is unlikely to be a Fossil Fuel. This is why "proven reserves" have always grown decade by decade since the 1860s proving false the voices always claiming that the world is running out of oil.

    Read Thomas Gold's The Deep Hot Biosphere : The Myth of Fossil Fuels.

    Dan Kurt

  24. The relevant difference between Hitler and the Islamists of today is that when we were fighting the evil of Nazism, there was no concept of "politically correct", or "disproportionate use of force".
    Can anyone imagine supplying Hitler's Germany with fuel, electricity, and "humanitarian" supplies such as we do to Hamas's Gaza?
    Or try to imagine D-Day, with CNN on the spot reporting on the thousands of GI casualties in a single day.
    We simply don't have the stomach anymore to do whatever it takes to fight and win against unadulterated evil the way we once did.
    Either we regain that, or we are finished.

  25. There was a good deal of that sort of thing back then too. No we didn't ship supplies to Nazi Germany, just to the USSR. And once we won the war, the war criminals in Nazi Germany and Japan went mostly unpunished. Even those who had tortured and murdered US soldiers.

    And once the war was won, the left in cahoots with the USSR, began chanting that the occupation was a disaster. Soldiers were depicted negatively as corrupt and lazy.

    Oh and of course even during the war, Dresden and Hiroshima were being denounced as war crimes.

  26. "Oh and of course even during the war, Dresden and Hiroshima were being denounced as war crimes."

    Yes, but the point is that we did was needed doing in order to secure victory over evil, subsequent admonitions notwithstanding.
    The Powers that Be today can't even put a name to our mortal enemies, let alone coalesce a nation or the free world to go all out in defeating it.

  27. We do not have the will to win the wars we have entered, since democratic niceties forbid us from doing what is needed to adequately deal with the enemy.

    How then, can we win a war against the most potent threats to the most advanced civilisation ever, that our glorious leaders do not even know we are in?

    Face it, unless we can muster the will to elect leaders that are prepared to recognise and acknowledge the scourge, and then set aside democratic weaknesses to once and for all confront the dysfunctional ideology that betrays every rumour of human decency, there is no hope for Western civilisation.

    Prosperity has turned us into dodos. The days of people like Martel are over, so we find comfort in talking of hope as countless millions have whilst trudging to their death.

  28. As long as the Left holds power, and own the media, the West is doomed.

    They are actively giving aid and cover for the Jihadis to bring down the West.

    Until the internal enemies are defeated, the external enemies, their political bedfellows, will have the advantage.

  29. Do the leftist dhimmidiots think that their Islamofascist allies will give up Islam and embrace Marxism or Communism once Western civilization is destroyed? I find it more likely the leftist dhimmidiots will experience their own Night of the Long Knives at the hands of their Islamofascist allies.

  30. That's true, but as some wise man said the useful idiots are gorging the croc in the hope it'll eat them last.

  31. Anonymous3/6/11

    I have thought about this, but I do not see a united caliphate ever being formed. The reasons for that should be very clear. Islam has been as much at war within its own borders as without. They all fight the infidel, but they never stopped fighting among themselves at any time. Ethnic, racial, linguistic, tribal and pure personal warfare has continued abated. This gives Islam the semblance of being divided, although when it comes to us infidels, they all have the same idea - we must be converted, enslaved, killed, or dhimmified. The point in this argument is that when it comes to an open war with the West (and other countries, as well), it will be only one group that will become the target. The other Islamists will turn round and offer some help to us (for a price, of course, even while `individuals' of these same groups will help our enemies) so that they will not be targeted. This idiotic game will continue, and while one group of Islamists may be hunted down at enormous cost (what was the total cost of hunting down bin Laden?), it is the other Islamists who will be enriched at our expense.

    While they might overreach, it is likely to be one group that will overreach. And they will be crushed by the west, while others will continue to prosper and even profit at our expense.

    Islam is winning and expanding because of two things - oil money and a high fertility rate. Europe, India, America and Australia are all in desperate need of the first and Europe certainly the excess population as well since its own population is falling rapidly. Unless we solve these two problems and keep the Islamists out, we are not going to win at war, simply because there will be no war.

  32. Western civilization could very well end up looking like Turkey, an Islamofascist state that only practices moderate persecution of people of other faiths while pretending it doesn't.

  33. Superb analysis. I wish I had one-tenth of your writing chops!

  34. The world's number 1 agenda today is the leveling and complete wipeout of Mecca and Medina and any other islamic city where this poison bubbles and comes out from. Mecca and Medina are the 2 cities out of which nearly all the poison that is ruining our planet is oozing out from. Iran must be made to wipe out Saudi Arabia once and for all. A non-muslim is dangerous when he does NOT follow his faith.
    A Muslim is dangerous when he DOES follow his faith.
    Islam is a non stop blood-bath invented by a pschopath and a pedophile and a mass murderer . Just because a death cult becomes too big does not mean it turns into a religion. It remains a death cult. Islam's death certificate is already signed and sealed. It just has to be delivered.
    Islam needs a QUIT-ISLAM movement. In the end I think non-muslims will win. Any culture built around one medieval book is doomed to implode. Many muslims would've left Islam already if there was no death-threat attached to leaving. All we need to do is give muslims the freedom to convert out of Islam and it will eventually disappear aside from a small hardcore group of radicals who can easily be neutraltsed with sharp tipped high velocity metal projectiles or a good smash on their heads with big coconuts. An apostate is one who got over being tricked... Islam is islam and muslims are muslims, period. While we waste our time arguing Western semantics which don't really apply to islam or muslims they continue the attack. It seems to me our time could be better spent on something else.If everyone agreed that islam was a cult we wouldn't be calling it a radical or moderate cult with moderate or radical members. It would be a vicious cult with cult members and they are NOT moderate muslims, they are sleeper cells or parts of a Trojan horse.

  35. It's either nuclear weapons or islam. We have to choose. Without nuclear weapons islam will never be wiped out ...and by wiped out i mean WIPED OUT !!! Only AFTER islam is WIPED OUT can we even think of a nuclear weapon free world. Look around you at these monkeys ... can't you see where they are taking us as a species ? islam is leading the planet to a non- stop blood bath ...slowly and surely ...and without nuclear weapons islam's march will never be stopped.
    Someone has to start bombing the monkeys sometime .... i have a feeling that China will be the first to bite back on islam's arse. .... then free for all..... we live in interesting times.... our generation will see the death of islam....but how it will happen will be worth watching. Intelligence has a way of waking up and crushing the moronic , however vicious and barbaric. The thing to actually wonder is how Mecca and Medina will be pulverised. How will we do it ? And which year? That will be the exact beginning of a new era of peace.
    i have a feeling somewhere around some table some people in high and right places are looking at this solution. And i have a feeling they compromise a lot of different people from all over the globe. Intelligence is Good. Intelligence is Cool. islam is neither. Hence islam will literally dissolve. Without mecca and medina there is no islam. Period.
    After islam is Irradicated we can think about nuclear disarmamment and all things peacefull and noble. Till then we have to wait . We have to. There is no option. Muslims want us all dead and we want to live.... got any brighter ideas?
    Cheers !!

  36. imagine your grankids being made to shout alllahhh ho aakkkhhbbaarr.... First things first .. The koran is not a holy book..it is the most evil and racist and sexist book ever written. It is a slur to the written word. It is an insult to human intelligence. Have no doubt. Read it to disbelieve it .The Koran is PURE NONSENSE. All muslims should be trying to get out of islam's clutches . All muslims should be trying to get out of islam's clutches not only for their sake and their children's sake but for the sake of their forefathers and foremothers who were converted to this evil and vile cult by the sword and fright. Forget christianity if it’s such a big issue .muslims need to move out en masse to something like buddhism. Or mass suicide. One can only hope.

    Let's not forget that Islamic prayer includes a ritual of repeated MELODIC repetition of the first verse of the Koran, a verse that has been interpreted since its authoratative interpretation in medieval times, and still is today, to be a curse on Jews and Christians.
    The first Sura or chapter of the Koran contains the MELODIC CURSING of the Jews and Christians that is repeated five times daily in prayers. So the next time you hear the melodic Islamic call from the nearest mosque you helped build remember they aren’t calling you …they’re calling FOR non-islamic deaths.
    .... be practical for your children's sake... there's no other. Wakey Wakey.

    Daily Islamic life:
    No dogs for children to play with and learn from about unconditional love and devotion.
    Illiterate mothers who cannot read a bedtime story to their children or help them learn how to read.
    No freedom of speech that permits healthy discussion and critical analysis of current events.
    No freedom of religion that is so vital to a pluralistic society.
    No graphic depiction of most living forms which curtails artistic creativity.
    No public displays of affection that lend a romantic atmosphere to daily life.
    No pork or other haram foods that widen the diet and give variety to sustenance.
    No beautiful or shapely women proudly strutting their stuff on the street.
    No non-liturgical music to break up the monotony of constant religious worship.
    No alcohol to unwind with and enhance convivial gatherings.
    No co-ed intermingling that allows young people to refine their social skills.
    Now, imagine how barren and loveless such a world must be. From all indications, it would seem that healthy loving relationships would be the exception and not the rule. If one reflects upon the monumental amount of misery and human suffering that Islam has inflicted throughout its entire history, the sheer existence of this inhumane ideology becomes a blatant affront to all progressive traditions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  37. Muslims to the MAD end ….no guts….no guts to leave islam …. No guts… no guts to take an educated leap out of islam ….no guts to leave islam behind and save his future family…..no guts to leave islam….no guts…muslims have no guts. Even evil osama had no guts to leave islam even though he saw that islam was evil and willed and instructed his kids not to jihad which is at the core of EVIL islam…. The evil osama guy knew islam was evil but again no guts to leave islam…no guts…muslims have no guts to do good…no guts…muslims JUST have no guts. Period. WHAT MUSLIMS HAVE IS ONLY SHAME AT BEING MUSLIM AND SHAME FOR NOT HAVING THE GUTS TO LEAVE EVIL ISLAM. SO THAT SHAME THEY HAVE TO LIVE WITH SO THEY ACT PROUD. ISLAM IS STUPID AND KEEPS IT’S FOLLOWERS STUPID TILL THEY DIE. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

    …..And slowly and surely the whole planet is waking up to the fact that muslim or Pure muslim is a term for a very very evil person.
    "Women should be exposed to the day light three times in their lives. When they are born, when they are married and when they die." - islamic saying.
    "Our mullah told us that when we carried out our suicide attacks, all the people around us would die, but we would stay alive"
    If muslims could leave islam without being extinguished by other muslims how many muslims would be left on the planet ? Answer : Zero or none. It is only the threat to one's life that keeps islam evil and populated. These scared muslim slaves of invented allah are doomed forever in the dead hands of the madman who invented evil allah and brought a curse on everything and everyone islam touches. Islam haram. Repeat after me ...islam is not halal (good) , islam is haram (bad). Understand?
    Islam is the problem. Islam has to be abolished. As long as even one human is a muslim this planet will never see peace. Take my word for it.
    Islam is the problem. Islam makes people evil. This is a fact. Evil people are a big drain to our planet’s resources like a raging fire. For our planet’s limited resources and our safety we should extinguish each and every fire once we have identified it as evil. Feeding a fire is suicide and not good for our planet’s resources.
    So in the end what will happen to islam? Will islam just vanish? Islam has to be abolished.
    So in the end what will happen to islam ?
    Will islam just vanish?
    "They said nothing's better than paradise and you can earn that by extinguishing non-believers."
    "They prayed all the time and read the koran so i thought they were good people."

    So When will muslims be allowed to realise that islam is haram ?

    And how will muslims realise that islam is haram?

    Only when the SUPREME COURTS start questioning the demented koran loudly and in full hearing of the planet will muslims see mohammad’s mad trip. The answer is in and by our SUPREME COURTS ALL OVER THE WORLD in the very end. Islam needs a QUIT-ISLAM movement. In the end I think non-muslims will win. Any culture built around one medieval book is doomed to implode. Many muslims would've left Islam already if there was no death-threat attached to leaving. All we need to do is give muslims the freedom to convert out of Islam and it will eventually disappear aside from a small hardcore group of radicals who can easily be lobotomised.

    Iran must get nuclear weapons. It must start flexing it’s nuclear muscles and when that reaches a tipping point the field will be equal and war will be justified. Right now leveling iran would be foolish because then the islamic excuse would be they weren’t ready and garner pity. Not going to let that happen.
    Let iran start something and then watch what happens. The mushroom clouds will be so big all muslims will be able to see and meet their evil allah in a flash from all over the world. Do not under-estimate the wrath of the common non-muslim people on the planet. Muslims all over the planet will be hunted down and told to either get out of islam or die and meet their evil-allah post haste. This is not some day-dream .this will actually happen when iran and saudi arabia and Libya and all these islamic countries stop funding islamic insurgencies because their source of income is shut down by a war they have started and foolishly do not know how to end. Islam is not known for it’s logic. When the petrol money taps are shut down non muslims will be unforgiving in the bite back to islam. This will happen. Too many non-muslims will take the law into their own hands and will do what needs to be done. Islam will be on the run but will be hunted down and expunged from the planet. For this to happen iran has to have nuclear weapons first. When everything is in place their reactors will be their deaths in the millions. but the real clean-up will start outside Iran. Europe and Russia will lead the west and India and Australia will do the floor-wipe and all small islands and china will do it too. Right now there are muslims gathering in south America. let them gather. south Americans are merciless. they might be drug lords but they know evil is amongst them and will expunge it.
    This planet is fed up of this evil islamic nonsense cult.
    Hence Iran not only has to get nuclear weapons BUT has to use them !!!
    ISLAM IS RABID. Islam labels people who are all alike differently and builds walls separating them instead of bringing them together.
    Islam glorifies death by calling its murderers the soldiers of allah. Islam preaches superiority of the "we" and inferiority of the "other." it is a creed steeped in superstition, demands blind obedience to authority, and sanctions just about every form of freedom. Everything in islam is in black and white. One is either muslim -- good -- or non-muslim -- bad. Men are superior; women are subservient. This life is worthless and should be offered for the pleasure of allah as defined by the evil clergy.
    Islam is a creed of a primitive age. It is fixated in time and place; it harbors the ambition of taking the 21st-century world back fourteen centuries and ruling it by its dogma of intolerance, injustice, and death. Yet islam is not only an obsolete vestige of a defunct era, but itself is an infinitely fractured belief that can hardly put its own home in order. The numerous islamic sects are at each other's throats; sub-sects and schools despise one another as much as they hate the non-muslims. Hatred, not love, drives islam.
    We have to try and avoid the yoke of islamic slavery and its blinders that imprison a billion and half people by walls of superstition, hatred of others, and celebration of death.
    It is distressing to witness islam making headway in the traditionally non-islamic lands. Masses of brainwashed faithful, semi-literate muslims, badly underserved in their own native lands, are moving to countries where the "infidels" welcome them with material wealth denied to them in their own homeland, as well as the liberty to subvert the very societies that give them refuge.

  39. Anonymous14/6/13

    In history there still is a first time. And this time the evil will win.
    And bye bye to human history.

    Remember that, as opposite of Hitler and stalin, muslims are ruled by ideology, not by hunger power. They don't care if they can't see the fruit of their war.

  40. Anonymous3/11/13

    We have to fight to win it.

  41. islam is nonsense....can't you see it ? everybody can see it ....why can't you ?
    It's a fact....while everyone prays muslims bray.

    It's a fact....there are no prayers in islam only brayers.

    It's a fact...islam has no spirituality or zen . It's a fact...islam
    is pure nonsense. PURE NONSENCE. Violent and hate filled nonsense of a retarded
    savage arab.

    Fatwas in arabic must mean Dirty-thoughts.

    Muslims are unfortunate to be born muslims but islam insists
    they see themselves as fortunate under duress so they might as well. Its so

    It's sooo sad. Absolutely zero escape from the controlling

    And zero escape from the threat of violence should one think out
    of the Islamic mental-box.

    Finished. islam is finishing the human race. Soon there will be
    no humans....only muslims!!

    What a planet it will be. Our Grand children will be muslims and
    have to listen to islamic trash day in and day out and be forever stunted
    intellectually too because we were told that calling evil evil is un-islamic
    and racist. We did not have the guts to remind them that islam is not a race.
    It is our fault.

    islam will conquer the
    world and the arabs will be the kings of this twisted world. There will be
    Mecca time and within 3 generations of total islam cities and names will be all
    arabic and hallllaaaaahhh-hyphenated.

    NewYork will be Moremadstan and

    Paris will be Abdullahibrahimkudrisbullstan and so on and so
    forth. All the museums will be loudly burnt and all signs of present day
    western culture will be blackened over....No statues...alll smashed....no
    music...all banned and trampled on ...no laughter....humor frowned upon....no
    women in sight....their unluck for being born muslim. No Body-art …..or ANY
    art……Not allowed ! HALLLLLLHHHH written everywhere is enough art for muslims.
    There can be no sign of anything parallel to islam. Bad influence. Islam is the
    most paranoid cult ever started. Our grand-children will be muslims because of
    us. Poor things. London is already Londonstan.

    Finished.....islam will finish the planet in victory. The arabs
    will be our chilren's illiterate kings and all muslims will be their
    slaves……forever and ever. The arab dream will be realised. Air conditioning in
    the desert breeds evil. Note it down.

    All streets will be super quiet because the last dog will be
    killed and hung in victory.

    Forget pork…pigs will go before dogs.

    Satellites will fall from the skies and the 10th generation
    muslim (our grand kid) will not even have heard of satellites and it won’t be
    written in the co-ran….some idiots as usual will start worshipping it or
    examining it and analizying it but some idiot iman will claim it to be a genie
    and our grandkids will nod in agreement. Done….our grandkids are done for in
    islam.. The future man is going to be a mentally totally dumb muslim.

    It is going to be the future man’s unfortunate luck to be born
    muslim. It is our fault and it will be our fault !

    It is our fault that there are still muslims on the planet. It
    is our fault. Plain and simple. It is our fault that islam and the arabs will
    in the end take credit for the nadir of our civilization and at that singular
    grab the planet will go downhill. The poor guys on Mars will never be able to
    come back if islam takes over mid-project. The people living on Mars will be
    our Earth’s Civilization-Tombstones but they will be on Mars.

    Note this down : Air conditioning in the desert breeds evil.
    This is a scientific fact yet to be realized.

  42. Destin21/1/14

    I must admit, you wrote an excellent article. Thank you, Sultan.

  43. Anonymous12/6/14

    I am seeing their infrastructure collapsing. I saw this documentary about what would happen if man wasn't around to maintain systems - fires break out on the grids, followed by explosions, the food and water supply gets contaminated.

  44. Anonymous14/12/14

    Hopefully islam will change from within and probably is already doing so.I think women may change it and the world is moving further towards atheism,scientific understanding and greater rights for all humans on the planet. Even some muslims have left islam disgusted by all the violent acts most people with half a brain know life is short and want good things for them and their families not loads of trouble.

  45. Anonymous11/1/15

    I am not an expert on islam, and so i obtained my own copy of the koran, im still not an expert, one thing i have learned tho, i cannot find anywhere where these writings advocate willful murder or terrorist conduct on any level. a jihad on these evil people by decent muslims and the rest of the world seems the only option, i really dont know what else is possible


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