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Palestine is Genocide

On the 11th of March, two Arab Muslim men climbed through the window of a home in the village of Ithamar, and massacred an entire family, killing both parents, stabbing a 4 year old boy twice in the chest, murdering an 11 year old while he sat up reading in bed and slitting the throat of a 3 month old baby girl.

A week later, Israeli and Arab pollsters conducted a survey in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. A third of the Arabs surveyed supported these atrocities.

All the justifications for a Palestinian state fall away in the face of this simple fact. That a third of the residents of any Palestinian state favor the murder of Jewish children. Not to achieve any larger goal, but just because they are Jewish children. To call for a Palestinian state in the face of that fact is to advocate genocide.

The Arab Muslims who approved of the attack gained nothing from their deaths. The dead children were not soldiers. They were not killed as collateral damage. Their deaths had no strategic value. There was no reason to kill them, but for the sake of killing them.

Thursday afternoon, Muslim terrorists carefully timed a school bus route and hit the bus. The bus had been full of students, but luckily most had gotten off before the attack took place. It wasn't the first time they had deliberately targeted school buses. The most famous of which was the Avivim School Bus massacre all the way back in 1970. That same day a kindergarten was hit by a rocket. Schools have been frequent targets of Muslim terrorists. So have pregnant women. There's a word for all this. Genocide.

Deliberately targeting children has only one tactical purpose. The extermination of an entire people. Had the Muslim world really wanted a Palestinian state, they could have created one by accepting the UN partition plan, or at any time between 1948 and 1967 when Gaza and the West Bank were in their hands. Had the Israeli Arabs who dub themselves 'Palestinians' wanted a state of their own, they could have had one between 1992 and 2011. They don't want a state. What they want is a state of war.

Genocide cannot be resolved by territorial compromise. People who approve of slitting a baby's throat and stabbing a 4 year old in the heart are not out for an extra kilometer here or there. The Nazis were not going to be appeased with the Anschluss or the Sudetenland-- and Muslims are not going to be pacified with partial control over East Jerusalem. It isn't East Jerusalem that they want. Or even all of Jerusalem. Or even all of Israel. What they really want is a reason to keep killing.

A man who murders a child might be insane, but millions of people who act and think that way are not insane. They have developed a moral code that says their victims are subhuman, while they are the 'True People'. That code allows them to act out their worst impulses in the name of an ideal. Whether that ideal is the Third Reich or the Caliphate doesn't matter at all. The ideal is there to justify the atrocity.

Men make laws to rise above the beast inside them. But sometimes it is the beast who begins making the laws. The Koran is the law of the beast. The law that says you may kill a man who is different than you and take his wife for your own. That he is less than you because he is different than you. The law of the beast does not seek the peace of equals, but the peace of predators and prey. The right of the beast to prey on you because you are not of his kind.

Liberals may plant Coexist stickers on their bumpers decorated with a string of religious symbols beginning with the Islamic star and crescent, that renders it first among equals-- but it is all in vain. On his deathbed, Mohammed proclaimed that, "two religions cannot coexist in the Arabian Peninsula". You may cry peace, peace-- but there will be no peace. For the Prophet of Islam has commanded it. There can be no peace or coexistence. Only servitude, genocide or resistance. If you refuse to serve, then you will be massacred or driven out. That sentence is all you need to know to understand the Islamic war of extermination against Israel.

Palestine is genocide. It is genocide under the cloak of nationalism. Genocide under the facade of retaliation. Genocide dressed up as righteousness. Genocide disguised as the outcry of the oppressed. The Nazis dressed themselves in that same garb. They were the victims fighting back against oppression and they went on being the victims until they drowned half the continent in blood. The law of the beast is cunning, and the name of the book of the beast may change, but its end is always the same. The beast wants power, it wants glory and wealth-- but above all things it wants blood.

To create a state inside Israel, a third of whose inhabitants are openly unashamed to say that they support the murder of children is no different than setting up a Nazi state in that same territory. It is not peace. There is nothing peaceful about it. It is every bit as peaceful as Islam, and as the years since the Oslo Peace Accords were signed have been. Though the cry of peace is constant, the call of the Muezzin silences it. Silences it with the peace of the dead. The voices of lost children sealed up in their graves.

Time has passed. The small graves grow. And there is no Palestinian state. Not for lack of trying. Year after year, the peace envoys go out from America and Europe. Time after time, Israeli leaders make their offers, the negotiations stall and the cemeteries fatten with the dead.

Like a flag waved before a bull, Islam waves peace before the world. Behind the flag is the sword. The Muslim watchers in the stands understand the game. They have played it since the time of Mohammed , offering empty truces and false promises. All these are a distraction. A charade. Only the sword is real. And when the bull has been weakened enough by the lances, when it stumbles desperately for peace, that is when the sword thrusts.

Palestine is not even the sword, it is the flag. The distraction so that no one sees that this war is about what Muslims have been doing to non-Muslims since Mohammed began his war of terror against the peoples of the Middle East. "Let the Israelis make their state, and we will make a counter-state. A state whose only purpose is the destruction of their state. A null-state of eternal grievance and unending wrath. A hole in the world for all the good and bad intentions of the world to fall into." Look at the flag of Palestine. All we want is a state. Try and give us one, and watch the sword tear it through.

To call for a Palestinian state is to call for genocide. There is nothing peaceful about a call for genocide. It is not possible to peacefully implement genocide. Every mention of a Two State Solution is an encouragement to further violence and murder. A reward for the butchers who have been at this business for some 1300 years. Urge the creation of a Palestinian State and you might as well call for the resurrection of the Third Reich. There are linguistic and cultural differences, but both follow the law of the beast. Let there be no more lies about good intentions and no more self-deceit about the search for peace. The road to Palestine does not lead to peace, but to the cemetery.

It is time to stop the lies and tell the truth. The call to peace is the call to death. To promote the creation of a Palestinian state is a violent act. The peacemakers are collaborators in genocide. Their charges are the murderers. Palestine is genocide. It is the cultivated work of an ideology that has successfully turned millions of people into born serial killers or their accomplices. Its two political favorites are Barghouti of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and the Hamas leadership. Their only accomplishment is the death toll, their house of state is the cemetery and their constitution is the ravings of a bigoted murderer. To stand for them is to stand for murder. To stand against them is to stand for life.


  1. It is a rare event that such moral and intellectual clarity shines forth on the "Palestinians" and their quest for Israel's destruction. Very well-done.

    The notion that a death-cult can long for peace is so absurd, so antithetical to reason, that the existence of Satan and his dire influence in our world is the sole explanation I can imagine that fully explains the phenomenon.

    It's like stating with unblinking certainty that black is white, or up is down.

  2. Dan Lee10/4/11

    I have a gift for pointing out the obvious. I'm sure you've noticed that the Star of David in the "Coexist" emblem replaces what letter?

  3. mindRider10/4/11

    Like so many times in history we Jews are placed before an impossible dilemma: If what you say in this post is true, which it could regrettably very well be, what to do? If we, the cherishers of life, would have to kill all Palestinian Arabs or evict them from their villages, we would not only and rightfully be scorned and condemned by the world opinion (which would not be much of a change from the normal), we would not only not find amongst us those willing to perform such a gruesome task but such an act would also deny everything our moral, ethical Judaism stands for. The problem remains and the solution historically used by other cultures is impossible. Our only option is to redouble an effort in at least trying educating "the other" to some sort of ethical humanism, what shall be a lengthy and difficult road considering the amount of ignorant hatred the Arab populace has been educated into by their political and religious leaders for at least the last 90 years. A Jewish TV station transmitting (al-Jazeera like) in Arabic would be all the more necessary to start with.

  4. If muslims didn't have the rest of the world to kill they'd invent a reason turn on each other. The laws they live by in their own society's guarantee they will always have someone to kill. Well said Daniel.

  5. Daniel, you hit the nail on the head. The clamor for a Palestinian state is merely a ruse for Muslims to continue their bloody rampage until Israel is wiped out, erased from existence in an orgy of killing. The Gazans, the Saudis, and the West Bankers and Hamas and Hezbollah and the Iranian mullahs are all the Middle Eastern persona of Ayn Rand's "Drooling Beast," a creature that lives only to kill for the sake of killing. The sooner Israeli leadership wakes up to that fact, the better.

  6. Wes, as usual it's only their victims who long for peace

    mindrider, trying to morally educate the people murdering you is not only a betrayal of your own people, but it's a losing proposition

    noboat1, indeed

    edward cline, sadly the israeli leadership is as defective as its american and european counterparts but with less room for error

    1. There's only one answer.
      We must fight.

  7. Were there any comments from the American and European "leadership" on the deliberate destruction of a school bus using an anti-tank rocket followed by some 40 to 50 (media reports) rockets and mortars on Israeli civilian areas; those leaders who endorsed the Goldstone report and refuse to reconsider it in light of Goldstone's attempt at penance for whatever reason?
    Israel's leadership while not having the courage to tell Obama and Clinton where to go, have to consider an international embargo and boycott, where facts and truth have no place in the juggling act, now have to deal with the "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine as well.
    To go in and do what needs to be done is not so simple.
    They realise that they are being cornered and no justice to consider their side of the argument.

  8. Anonymous10/4/11

    Mindreader, remember God was angry when the command, "Thou shalt utterly destroy" was disobeyed, and Israel was afflicted by the surviving remnants for years as a consequence.

  9. Lets not forget the screaming guilt of the Western Media, Academia and Politicians who seemingly approve of this attempt at genocide and actively support it. Some people give them the benefit of the doubt and call them "useful idiots".

    I dont!

    I agree with Jewish-Anerican talk-show host Barry Farber, to whom the following quote is attributed:

    "When the consequences of incompetence (ignorance,cowardice et al) become indistinguishable from the consequences of malice, it is wiser and safer to assume malice."

  10. All true and all too obvious.

    It remains to be pointed out that Islam is nothing more than a system of beliefs. It has no cause anywhere if those beliefs have no legitimacy and this is where it is all going wrong. Islam needs to be confronted in its beliefs that promote violence against innocent people.

    This is how humanity advances its cause, by new and better understanding that lays bear old and obsolete beliefs and let's them die. And if people cling to them at the expense of human existence, then they must be confronted for those beliefs.

    Why do people excite themselves to this kind of bloodlust for passions that have no foundations? Are they sick? Or are they evil? After a certain point we don't have the luxury of asking why and can only muster ourselves to defend the innocent and disarm their aggressors.

  11. There is an argument as to the unintended consequences of a unilateral, UN imposition of a Palestinian State upon Israel, see The Repercussions of a UN Recognition of Palestine which essentially argues that the very illegality of such a UN imposed (being pushed by the Arab states) two-state 'solution' would legally free Israel from former agreements Israel has made, such as the Oslo accords, allowing Israel to, in accordance with International Law, legally annex the West Bank and Gaza.

    Tactically, the advantage of this is obvious.

    Since Islam is not going to moderate its calls for genocide upon the Jews, acknowledged or not, the Jewish people are in a state of war with Islam.

    Declaring reactive, proportionate war upon Islamic holy sites imposes a cost upon Islam itself. And war upon Islam's Imams and Mullahs, takes the fight to those most invested in the genocide upon Jews.

    Those who call for death against innocents have abrogated their right to life.

    1. I second that. Well said Geoffrey Britain.

  12. What, then, are we to do about the Palestinians?

  13. there are no Palestinians, just regional Arabs

    Israel absorbed regional Jews, the neighboring Arab countries can reabsorb their former Jordanian and Egyptian subjects

    1. You are so obviously right Daniel.

  14. Anonymous10/4/11

    Totally agree with this article...The arabs don't want peace, they never did!!

  15. Linda Rivera10/4/11

    Every Israeli candidate for prime minister and every U.S. candidate for president and candidate for congress and the senate must be asked: Do you want a two-state solution? And sign a legal document with their answer. A Muslim terror state in Israel is not just dangerous to Israel, it is dangerous for America and the entire free world. Such an illegitimate, violent, hate-filled terror state must never come into being. How sick and perverted to refer to the two-state solution as a peace process.

  16. Brilliant, Daniel. Brilliant!

  17. This brilliant and cogent essay spells out what unfortunately too many stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. Daniel's article should be distributed far and wide.

  18. Anonymous11/4/11

    Interesting of the liberal media, JPost had the caption: 2/3 of Palestinians are against the murders of the Fogel family. They don't even want to see the 1/3 would be killers. To our chagrin this is the liberal today: coexist, but don't look.

  19. I realize that there "are no Palestinians," and that they are regional Arabs, but do you think that's going to fly with the "International Community," let alone an American President?

    If we want the surrounding Arab neighbours to "reabsorb" the West Bank and Gaza Arabs, how do we make them do it?

  20. Anonymous11/4/11

    If more people understood the premise of this article, libtard support for Palestinians would disappear in this country. As always nicely done, Daniel!

  21. "Men make laws to rise above the beast inside them. But sometimes it is the beast who begins making the laws. The Koran is the law of the beast..."

    Thats exactly my feeling about Islam.

  22. Anonymous12/4/11

    I agree with most of what you said except the conclusion. Yes they murder, but does that mean that we have to stay there ? We have to separate as soon as possible because they are what they are. I hope that my government has some plan for the day they declare their state. It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to start blaming Israel for their problems as an independent state.

  23. anonymous, there is no separation possible, that's defeatism

  24. Anonymous12/4/11

    "It is time to stop the lies and tell the truth. The call to peace is the call to death. To promote the creation of a Palestinian state is a violent act. The peacemakers are collaborators in genocide. Their charges are the murderers. Palestine is genocide. It is the cultivated work of an ideology that has successfully turned millions of people into born serial killers or their accomplices. Its two political favorites are Barghouti of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and the Hamas leadership. Their only accomplishment is the death toll, their house of state is the cemetery and their constitution is the ravings of a bigoted murderer. To stand for them is to stand for murder. To stand against them is to stand for life."

    I get so confused when it comes to peace in Israel. One the one hand, the media, including You Tube, have made all of us painfully aware of the atrocities perpetrated on Israels, such as the Fogel family.

    Yet I read a blogger on INN who indicated that life is great there, and they don't live in fear.

    What is life really like in Israel?

    Some call for armed militias to protect Israelis, especially in the North and South. Others claim they IDF will protect them and not to take the law into their own hands.

    Sigh. I do believe there must be armed militias in Israel, but the government will probably regard them as terrorist organizations.

    What is Israel to do? I wonder if this will lead to a civil war in Israel.

    Keliata-having trouble with Google

  25. It's not that different than living in New York or a major city in some ways, there are horrible acts that take place, but they don't affect most people who live there directly, but they do affect them psychologically

  26. It would be an evil thing to drive out all the palestinians from gaza and no civilized person could support such a thing. The thugs using the palestinians for their own genocidal agenda are another matter. There will never be peace as long as hamas exists. They must be removed- and very soon.

    Disarming them will do no good as they will just re arm. If they agree to peace then they will sprout factions to continue the killing.

    They will tear up any truce whenever it suits their or their masters in Cairo's petty political purposes.

    The IDF must remove Hamas from Gaza and Mossad must send a strong message to the forign entity that controls them.

    If they do not then hamas will start firing rockets again when it gets closer to the election in the hopes of causing a conflict in order to trick the Egyptians into temporarily supporting their radical right wing masters.

    And if it works then Hamas will kill Israeli civilians whenever there is a vote of any kind in Egypt.

    Israel must remove hamas or it's citizens will be forever hostage to the eternal chaos that is arab politics (more then they already are).

  27. It's possible for Israel to take control of the territories, find, arrest and deport all members of terrorist organizations.

    But there has already been a whole generation that grew up under the PA, who were taught from an early age that terrorism is right and proper, and that Jews are the descendants of pigs and apes.

    What would it take to undo that?

    Recreating a local governance with no terrorist connections. It would be Iraq all over again.

  28. Stan Tee15/4/11

    Mindrider said " ... at least trying educating "the other" to some sort of ethical humanism"
    Many believe that this is the ultimate cause of anti-Semitism. Hitler promised to "rid the world of this conscience". Like many other anti-Semites, he couldn't tolerate the thought of being held to a higher moral standard.

  29. Anonymous19/4/11

    They do not wish to coexist. Their ideology makes it impossible. They cannot live in peace, because their ideology is full of hate. Look at what is happening to the Christians in Nigeria:


    The first problem is the enemy within, i.e., the Jews who support Obama with their wealth and their talents. (They have sided with the enemy against Israel.)

    The second problem is the Democratic Party, specifically the Obama administration. represented by Obama and Hillary Clinton.They are working against the best interests of the Jewish people.

    Mrs Clinton convinced her husband to side with the Muslims against the Serbs. Look at how that turned out.Obama's friends from Code Pink and Google were on the ground adding fuel to the unrest in Egypt. The Egyptian revolution that Obama endorsed has turned an American ally into another Islamic hotbed of unrest. (His people knew it would happen;they worked for that end.)

  30. You do realize a place cannot be genocide, yes?

    In addition, the argument that a nation should not exist in the same space as yours is NOT the definition of genocide. The argument that a PEOPLE should not exist, combined with the intention to systematically destroy said people, is genocide.

    I'm sure any dictionary or history book could have helped you with this. Perhaps you'll want to pay some actual attention before spewing any vitriol.

    As for the underlying point that Palestinians, who are a people, no matter how your quotes attempt to deny it, want a state of war; that is absurd. Zionists and Jihadists both believe they are the "Chosen People". Regular citizens would probably like nothing more than for war and violence to end.

    Say what you want about leaders, because they are the true problem here, but average citizens on both sides are equally sick of fighting - more so that you are sitting in New York and not directly involved in any killings or invasions.

  31. Palestine is not a place, it's an idea. The idea is to wipe out a regional minority and replace them with another Sunni Muslim state.

    It's part of a pattern of genocide carried out by Sunni Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.

    No such people ever existed, the identity is new and wholly contrived.

    And your bit about regular people vs the fanatics is tedious liberal claptrap.

    Poll after poll shows otherwise. Or you could just go with the electoral victory of Hamas with this fun quote in the charter

    "The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."

    That's not Mein Kampf, that's Islam. This is what's at stake here. And before leaving comments you might want to actually do some research on the topic.

  32. I think you are mixing Sunni and Shi'a sects of Islam. But regardless, calling Palestine an "idea" is like calling Taiwan an idea. But I bet you hate those Chinese communist oppressors that won't give the Taiwanese their freedom, don't you?

    Or do you not even think about other parts of the world?

    And actually, Gallup has some very interesting polls that demonstrate a majority of people in the Middle East (in general, though I am sure there are specifics by country somewhere) desire much the same thing: peace, the right to life, and the opportunity to pursue happiness. The political successes of Hamas are similar to the efforts of the IRA - people see no other option than those who actively fight against oppression.

    And I'm sure there aren't any phrases in any other religious doctrine that are hateful or violent towards others....oh wait. I hope you are fighting as actively against the angry Bible God who kills children and rapes wives. No? Hmmmm.

  33. Arab Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza are primarily Sunni. Hamas is a Sunni organization.

    The majority of the Middle East's Arab Muslims are Sunni.

    Why do you keep trying to correct me when you have no idea what you're talking about?

    The Taiwanese have their freedom, they don't have UN representation or full diplomatic ties with other countries.

    The Republic of China is an independent country. Palestine is a Latin name for a region used by colonial empires and then seized on by guerrillas working to help the United Arab Republic seize the area.

    Sure everyone desires peace and prosperity... on their own terms. If your religion believes that peace comes from everyone submitting to your will, then that's the kind of peace you'll work toward.

    The rise of the Nazis was justified in the same way you justified the rise of Hamas. People never do learn the lessons of history.

    How many people today kill children and rape wives in the name of an angry god? How many of them are Muslim vs Christian?

  34. Anonymous21/9/12

    Sara is just as deluded as the rest of the world's chihuahuas who like nothing better than to bark at the heels. These world-wide idiots who claim pitty towards the agressors and try acquiring peace by silencing the victims.
    Israel must stop any talk of peace before it's too late. If the only chance of survival is admitting that they are at war and they must go to war to survive, then what are they waiting for?
    And no, palestinians are not a people. They are an ill-bred (and inbred) notion of a sledghammer the better to pounce on the head of Jewish people and Israel.
    Their sense of unity was invented by that murder-loving monster called Arafart in a desperate need of something else to throw against the Jews, since he had already got rid of the kitchen sink in the process.
    If anything proves that the UN are a shameless travesty was the fact that they awarded that baby killer with the Nobel prize. It is as disgraceful as awarding Goebells with the "Outstanding Achievement in promoting Zionism" by ordering the Jews to wear the Star of David on their clothes.


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