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Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Open Letter to Harvey Weinstein

On the same day that a family of five were being murdered in their home in Israel, Harvey Weinstein ran a self-congratulatory promotional piece for his company's terrorist propaganda flick, Miral. The photos stand out. The fat smirking face of Harvey Weinstein contrasted with the sleeping baby, the smiling little boys and the earnest couple who were their parents. They are all dead, and a Harvey Weinstein lives on to smirk another day. So it is with perpetrators and victims. The innocent children and the fat ugly men who profit from trafficking in the narrative of their killers.

Harvey Weinstein denounces Peter King and urges him to go watch Miral. But perhaps it is Harvey Weinstein who should drive to a small town lost in the Samarian Mountains and retrace the steps of the murderers in the name of the nationalistic mythology that movies like Miral glamorize. To fit himself through the living room window where the two terrorists entered, moving quietly in the dark, not seeing the six year old boy sleeping peacefully on the couch. That six year old boy who survived because like so many other little boys during the Holocaust, the men who were coming to murder him went right past him without seeing him. The six year old boy who was being orphaned around the same time that Harvey Weinstein and his PR people were conferring on a final draft for their Miral puff piece.

Come along Harvey, into the bedroom where a father and his three month old daughter, Hadas, were fast asleep. It can be hard to get a 3 month old baby to fall asleep. Her father must had quite a time of it that night. Babies may not have language, but they do have fears. They are afraid of the strange new world they were born into. And they need parents to comfort them and assure them that everything will be alright. That they are loved and protected. When Rabbi Fogel finally got his little baby daughter to sleep, she must have felt safe with her father there. The man who would have taught her about life. Who would have done his best to protect her. And the man whose throat was slashed in his sleep along with his child's.

Tell me Harvey, do you know what goes through a three month old baby's mind when her throat is being slashed? You can't make a movie about it and you wouldn't it if you could. Movies are complex stories. The characters change and grow. They become someone else. A three month old baby having her throat cut will never become anyone else. She is fixed in that moment of horror and pain. Dying without knowing why. Only that her parents couldn't protect her. If you were going to make a movie about this scene, it would be about the killers. You would show their past and explain their actions. Surely an Israeli soldier stepped on their toe once or blew up their house. Stretch it out over two hours and you can justify anything. Even the knife being drawn across Hadas' throat. That is the magic of cinema. But to three month old Hadas, there is no context. The movie of her life ended the night you were hard at work promoting yours.

The mother had been in the bathroom while the bloody work took place. A small moment of peace while her children slept. She didn't let them cut her throat, the way they had that of her husband and her baby daughter. Instead she fought them. They had to stab her to death. If you ever make a movie about these particular terrorists, be sure to emphasize how hard it is to stab a mother to death. She will fight for her children. And the terrorists will have to work to kill her. You should swoop the camera down sympathetically on their sweating faces as they do the hard work of murdering her.

From there they went on to murder 11 year old Yoav who was reading in bed. Next was 3 year old Elad. Why stab a 3 year old boy twice in the heart? That is the question, Harvey. I understand once. Once is certainly enough to kill any 3 year old. But twice? Maybe it was that each killer wanted a turn and a share of the glory of murdering a toddler. They had already murdered three children and their parents, but the laws of Islam can be arcane sometimes. Is it possible then that the Shaheed (the martyr) will not enter paradise unless he murders a 3 year old too. Maybe there are more virgins waiting in paradise for each child killed. Murder a child and trade his body in for more virgins. Or maybe it is that the brave Jihadists who climb through living room windows and cut the throats of children in their sleep wanted to feel the violence of that blow. The thrill of the knife slamming home into a child's heart. Or maybe it is that Elad's heart was strong enough that even two adult Muslim terrorists had to stab twice to kill him.

I would like to think so.

Your article promoting Miral urges that 'understanding the "other" requires us to step out of our comfort zones'. Step now out of your comfort zone. And understand the other. I don't mean the murderers themselves. I think you understand them a little too well. If you didn't understand them at all, Miral would be lying on a back shelf somewhere. I urge you to understand your own 'Other', not those who kill in the name of Islamic terrorism, but those who die of it. Who die and yet refuse to give in. Who cling to their tiny patch of land, more than you would ever cling to your Connecticut estate. See the 'Other' in murdered family beneath your regard.

Family members have released photos of their children lying in their blood, but I don't think you will want to see them. They are too far outside your comfort zone. There is plenty of blood and gore in your movies, but this is different. These are the bodies of inconvenient children. Their deaths don't fit into your ideological framework. You know quite well that Muslims are good people, and Jews who live on land claimed by the Muslims, are bad people. If they are murdered it is inconvenient because it retards the peace process. The process by which terrorists climb through living room windows and slash the throats of children. Until whole families are at peace.

The Fogel family is at peace now, for the most part. They have found the only form of peace that the terrorist gangs have ever delivered, in return for land, money, weapons and international legitimacy. Not the entire family of course. Three children survived. Three settlers. Three obstacles to peace.

The oldest daughter returns home to find the door locked. She goes to her neighbor's house for help. Her neighbor, Rabbi Cohen returns with her carrying a gun. Have you known many Rabbis who carry guns, Harvey? You probably haven't. But in the Samarian mountains, Rabbis and farmers and everyone else carries guns. Because sometimes men with knives come through your living room windows. If you're lucky, then you will see them coming and you will shoot them. However if you aren't lucky, then your neighbor will have to open the door for your twelve year old daughter. And then she will scream, as twelve year old girls do when they see entire family butchered. You have probably auditioned plenty of girls and listened to them give their best Fay Wray scream. But this is a different thing, Harvey. It is real. You will not hear this at an audition anywhere. It is the sound a twelve year old girl makes when the PLO fighters that movies like Miral glamorize have murdered her entire family.

Wait here while she goes to get her neighbor. She doesn't know that anything is wrong yet, but she is about to find out. And meanwhile you can stay and observe. Listen to her pounding heart, to her thoughts as she reassures herself that everything is alright. That her parents had a sudden invitation to an engagement and left in a hurry without leaving a message. The sort of things we tell ourselves when we know something terrible has happened. It is a pleasant night. While we stand here, the terrorists are slipping away to a nearby Arab village. From there it will become very difficult to track them. While that twelve year old girl stands waiting for Rabbi Cohen to get his gun, they are whooping on a dark road somewhere. Their mission was a success. A mission for which they have been training all their lives. Not this specific night of butchery, but the idea of it.

When the Peace Process allowed Arafat to take over the educational system of Gaza and the West Bank, the schools there have focused on one subject. Martyrdom. In this country, that is a fancy word for killing Jews. The Nazis called it, 'Die Endlosung". But the Muslims call it "Martyrdom" because they are not as good at it. When you fight war after war, and lose hundreds of tanks trying to drive the Jews into the sea, then you must resort to climbing through living room windows and hoping that no one hears you slashing a baby's throat in the dark. And if they do, they might come and kill you. And then you will be a martyr, climbing to paradise on a ladder of murdered children.

I don't mean you, Harvey, of course. You are not the man who climbs through windows and slashes throats. You are the man who is marketing a movie about terrorists. Not the bad kind of terrorists who murder children in their sleep. It would be hard to empathize with that. No, your terrorists are the good kind of terrorists. Hurt and misunderstood. Forced into it by their circumstances. The balance of suffering always on their side. Even when they kill, they are still the victims. While you were hard at work pitching Miral, the real terrorists were hard at working murdering a family. That is the difference between entertainment and reality. It is the difference between what you do and what they do. It is not so different. You trade in lies. They trade in murder.

What shall we do while we stand here waiting for that girl to get her neighbor and his gun. You are a Hollywood magnate, so why don't we watch some television. Not any of your stuff, but try some of the local programming. Maybe something will catch your eye that you can develop. How about this show from Palestinian Authority television, "The Prophet says: 'You shall fight the Jews and kill them, until the tree and the stone will speak and say... 'Oh Muslim, Oh servant of Allah - there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'" It is exciting stuff, isn't it. The killers certainly thought so, and while no rocks or trees spoke to them, the television programming paid for by American money did.

These are not the words of some mad lunatic, or a tiny extremist minority, but of the Sahih Bukhari, the second holiest book of Islam. You denounced Congressman King for making inflammatory statements about Islam, but what of the inflammatory statements of the Sahih Bukhari? Denouncing a Republican congressman is easy, but Islamic holy books aren't safe to tweak. Just ask Salman Rushdie or Molly Norris, if you can find either of them. Or ask Theo Van Gogh, if you can use a Ouija board. But you're getting bored. I know. These are technical things. And all the Muslims you know are very good people. So what if their belief calls for the genocide of the Jewish people. You still have fun hanging out with them at parties. And the only people who think there is anything wrong with Islam are crazy right-wingers who are just like McCarthy, and a child whose throat is being cut by a Muslim with a knife who thinks that dead Jewish children are his ticket to heaven.

In poor starving Gaza, candies and sweets are being handed out to celebrate the courageous murder of a baby. A baby who will never grow up even enough to taste a candy. Cries of "Allah Akhbar" fill the air. But who is this Muslim deity greater than, a 3 month old baby whom his followers had to murder in the dark. What a mighty deity this Allah's worshipers must think he is, that he cannot even murder babies himself, but must rely on his cowardly followers to sneak into their homes and cut their throats. Jackals serving a jackal headed god. The old Anubis with his black grin. The joke as always on his followers, trying to bargain for their afterlife, with death clutched in their hands. 

Out here in the night, the iron smell of blood in the air, in front of a house smaller than your office bathroom-- this isn't your kind of place. I know. But it is real. That 12 year old girl screaming, she's real too. The two and a half year old screaming for his father, his clothes drenched in blood. He is very real too. There is no makeup here. No sets. No one will yell cut. The movie will never end. It has never ended for thousands of years. While you settled into a lavish life at your Westport estate, they go on living and dying here. No matter what the diplomats decide, or the UN proclaims or the EU demands or the US pressures, no matter how many movies you release, they will go on dying. That is the ugly and unbearable truth here.

While they die, you have scored a coup. Your propaganda flick, Miral, will be the first movie screened in the UN General Assembly's main hall. No word on whether it will be part of a double feature with Der Ewige Jude. And if the scene feels a little too much like the conclusion of your own studio's Inglourious Basterds, with all the elite lining up to attend the showing of an anti-semitic propaganda flick, then that's just irony. An irony you are unaware of, because surely you have nothing in common with the toadish little men who catered to the bigoted appetites of the Third Reich. Nor does a UN which in the midst of civil war in Libya and a nuclear meltdown in Japan finds it more important to stage a showing of a movie whose only real purpose for existing is to further demonize Israel, have anything in common with the leadership of the Third Reich, which diverted trains carrying war materials to drive more Jews to the death camps, even as Berlin burned.

"Unless the Palestinian narrative is finally understood and acknowledged by Israelis and their American supporters, there will never be peace in the Holy Land," you say. As if peace were in your hands to give. But we understand the Palestinian narrative all too well. The real one and the fake one. We know the olive groves, the bulldozers and the keys. And we also know the terrorist gangs trained by Islamic fanatics and Socialist dictators to seize the land and murder its inhabitants. The gangs whom Moscow gave a nationalist gloss calling them the Palestinian people, the smirking thugs on whom President Clinton and European leaders bestowed legitimacy and billions of dollars. The gangs who have remained terrorists, thieves and rapists, fanatical killers when stoked with enough hashish, no matter how much people like you are willing to embrace and retell their narrative. Their lies.

If you want to know the real narrative, then put Miral on a shelf and ask where the Christians of the region have gone. Where have the Zoroastrians gone? Why are there so few left? The answer would make for a much better movie, but it is not a movie that you will ever make. It is not a movie that any theater would ever show. It is a story of bigotry and genocide. It is an old story and a new one. You can find its oldest chapters in the Koran, along with the graves of the Jews of what is today Saudi Arabia. Its latest chapters are being written in Europe, where Jews once again flee European cities, not from men in uniforms, but in long robes. And unless that narrative is understood, there will be no peace in the Holy Land, or anywhere else.

I know that none of this will move you. Controversy is your bread and butter. The more you hear cries of pain, the more you count the cash. Miral will make you money. Just as Der Ewige Jude made money. And you will protest that there is no comparison between the two. Miral is only giving the Palestinian narrative, just as Der Ewige Jude gave the Aryan narrative. It is more subtle, I'm sure. The audiences you count on are liberal and sophisticated. They won't be taken in by gutter propaganda. A hint of controversy ads savor to their intellectual appetites. They are eager to confront the other in themselves. That part of them which would kill and maim with enough justification. The shadow side of their hearts which their minds use to explain the actions of men who burst through living room windows to slash children's throats.

You will dismiss this as, what you describe in your article, being, "smeared by those who insist on reducing this conflict to us vs. them." So stand outside while Rabbi Cohen walks with his gun, a twelve year old by his side, her heart beating almost as hard as her little brother's did when the knife came down on it, and wait while she goes inside. And then answer her this, if you truly believe in not reducing the conflict to 'Us vs Them' then why are you telling the story of Miral and not her story?

You have chosen a side. Our 'Them' is your 'Us'. Soon that girl will leave the house again, along with her younger brothers. Three children who somehow survived. Look her over carefully. She is your 'Other'. The story you do not want to hear. The face you do not want to see. She survived tonight. So did two of her brothers. Next time they might not. No movie is needed to tell her story. Her life is her story. Her survival a testament.

The Prime Minister of Israel and the Knesset Speaker have vowed revenge for this attack. Their revenge is of a wholly different brand that that of the Palestinian Authority terrorists. "We will live, we will continue to build and to plant". So too the surviving Fogel children will go on living. They will be 'settlers', obstacles to the terrorist peace that slits children's throats at night. And we know which the world hates more, the builders or the throat slitters. Even know as children are being lowered into the earth, the world fumes at this particular Hebraic vengeance. Its constructive perversity. To build in the face of destruction. To defy death, not with murder but with life.

This has always been our revenge. To survive. Not yours, Harvey. You are the second son at the Passover Seder. The one left behind in Egypt. The one we forget about as the generations march on. Whose name turns to dust and blows away on the wind. That is our revenge on you, but it is you who carry it out. Who go in search of the 'other' and find nothing there but the hole inside yourself.

Watch now as the sun rises over the Samarian mountains, see as the men walk with their guns, as their ancestors did with sword and spear right in this place. This town where the son of Aaron, brother of Moses, was buried. They have come out of Egypt again. As the living, so the dead. There is death, but amid it is joy. For they died not in Auschwitz, Madrid or Medina, or a thousand other foreign lands, but on the soil of their forefathers. This is a mystery you cannot touch, for you are not a part of it.

Roll the projector in the UN General Assembly. Beam at the compliments for your willingness to distribute a movie whose inherent bias justifies the murder of Jews. And yet in that small town so hated by the world, men and women will rise with the sun, carrying their guns and their determination. Before them lies the future, behind you the past. They live in the answer to the mystery. Those children are dead, yet they live. They died in pain and horror, yet they live. They are buried now, yet they live.

And in the town of Ithamar, named after one of his ancestors from thousands of years ago, Rabbi Cohen will walk back to his own home, and hug his own children. And he will stand watch over them. While the UN cheers your movie, he will go on carrying his gun and looking after his own land, though the world hates him for it. He is a free man born of a free nation. And when he sits down at his Passover table to thank his G-d for his freedom and his land, he will be free as few are. As you with all your wealth can never imagine. And though he will one day die, like Ithamar and those children, he will live forever. Go now, Harvey. This is no place for you to be. It is his home. It is his land. Not Miral's and not yours. Go.


  1. A very moving post. On a very moving subject.

    As the father of a toddler, My horror at what was done to the children here knows no bounds. As a father, I know that I would fight any and all comers who would visit this terror upon my house. I am sorry to see that the man never had that chance, or that the mother had not the weapons at her disposal to protect her family.

    I have seen those today make excuses for these murders, and it sickens me. For the same people consider me their political enemy. Therefore, by logic, it would be just fine if this horror happened here. To my family.

    I do not come to the conclusion lightly that progressive liberals in America today are the new National Socialists. Of the many things they share, the most stark is the utter hate of the Jewish people, and their nation. I do not make the comparison to diminish Nazi crimes. I do so to point out to my fellow man that the most terrible scourge of the last century is once again rearing it's ugly head, and we had better do something about it. Now. My observations come from the study of the history of the National Socialists of Germany. I beg you who read this to do your own...Do not take my word for it. If you to come to the same conclusion, spread the word, far and wide.

    Bless this family. May the God of their fathers receive them, and grant them peace. And revenge.

    Thank you again for a superlative post.

  2. Isahiah6213/3/11

    This is the best thing you have ever written and perhaps the most important- it addresses the pain many of us feel to know that our own people are willing accomplices to JEWISH deaths, inciting and justifying murder.
    I pray this traitor gets to see and read these words- because all of it- every word is true and real- American JEWs wake the hell up- the words here are for so many of you.

  3. These are Amalek who attack the weak , the women and children from the back. Back Stabbers who cut off the head of victims as Amalek did.
    They are the greatest enemies of G-d himself and he himself says he will remove them and their memory from the face of the earth forever.

  4. I have a three year old and a five year old daughter... Other than making me want to weep, these make me think 2 things. First, we are fighting against a religion that's stuck in the dark ages, it's fanatics are no better than animals. Second, it brings to mind the last line of the movie "The Kingdom". I just wonder if it will be us or them...

  5. Anonymous14/3/11

    Beautiful, beautiful writing. It id sad that an article about the NFL receives 1800 comments while a shining example of the art of rhetoric gets three.
    Keep writing, and spread G-d's word.

  6. Daniel, thank you for this, probably your most superb piece. Although, your writing is almost entirely spot on, this in, in particular, hits a raw nerve. I doubt whether the execrable Harvey Weinstein will have enough humility to read your essay. People like him rarely look at their real reflection in the mirror. This traitor will find his "comfort zone" amid the oh-so-civil Jew-haters that make up the UN. For sure, he will be lauded. And one day, when it's too late for supplications, he will see the real reflection in the mirror and understand that the tiny infant with her slashed throat is himself.

  7. Thank you for this amazing post. You spoke for me, much better than the tears I've shed all day.

  8. Anonymous14/3/11

    You never fails to bring my tears out, Sultan.

    We are lives in a perverted world where those who pro-life are condemned and pro-death is praised. My mind can discern when muslims show so much hate to the Jews, it is after all what their demon god expect of them. But why there are so many westerners also hate jews? what have they did to deserve such hatred?.

    I can't understand those whites who can show so much sympathy to terrorist yet can't spare even a tiny pity for the suffer of the jews, they had been persecuted at Europe since medieval ages, they had been massacred in millions at WWII, whatever crimes the jews ever done should have been paid with so many atrocities the whites had done toward them. I am a chinese, in both historical and racial terms I am a bystander who happens to know some histories about jews, europe and islam, and I always see the first the victim of the other two, that's a historical fact!

  9. Anonymous14/3/11

    You are an incredible writer. You've taken an incredibly sad situation and made it all the more painful for me to think about.

  10. Daniel,

    Words can barely express the power and intensity that stems from your writing.
    In this single post is a definite, defiant reply to all who wish us dead and gone, all the bigots and racists of the world, who find a common expression for the evil within them in relentless attacks on 'the Jew'.

    But I believe the time has come for settlers to follow the only law of Israel: play nice, and you will be ignored; cause trouble, and you shall have your way.

    Settlers - start causing trouble!

  11. mnidRider14/3/11

    The anger and sorrow you must have felt while writing this sensitive almost poetic post is clearly conveyed, moving this reader to tears. The Dutch media, many of which are all too ready to condem Israel on whatever it does completely ignored to report on this horrible murder for more than a line or two on a third page or like the national TV news (NOS) did, it puts the blame for this inhuman slaughter indirectly on the "settlers".

  12. Anonymous14/3/11

    Thank you Mr. Greenfield for expressing so well the anger and hurt we all feel. The impotent feeling that there is no one listening, that this is just another incident that happens to people who deserve it, for being too rightist, for being on the first line of fire, standing against people who are worse than animals, no animal kills for thrill. Even the Drudge report a conservative blog, had a sanitized, impersonal and somewhat not real Reuter report. Even the Fox news talked about the "far right settlers" as if they deserve it, the 3 month old deserves to be brutally murdered by a "hero martyr". Then there are the Jews if we can call Harvey Weinstein a Jew, he cellebrates xmas and identifies with Jewish killers. These are the people who come from inside to destroy us, work hand in hand with anyone who deliveres our destruction. Has anyone heard the "peace now" condemnations? No, because there aren't any. Sorry to take that long but the pain is here.

  13. Anonymous14/3/11

    Harvey Weinstein is the typical, clueless, pile of camel excrement in human form, completely insulated from the real world, that governs our schools and designs our appeasing foreign policy, and happens to be a Hollywood magnate, the kind who excuses those who commit horrific crimes as a mere victims of a “social disease” (see Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story” for the lyrics). His ilk lives in a fantasy world in which Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and perhaps even atheists hold hands in a circle and dance around a Maypole, singing “We are the World.” Greenfield is right here – the only “peace process” the Palestinians want to see succeed is the extinguishing of all Israelis. Once that’s done, there will be “peace.” Two whole generations of the “stateless” (who actually should be living in Jordan or Syria) have been brainwashed in Palestinian schools to hate Jews. That doesn’t exonerate them. They have brains. They can think. They choose not to think. And choosing not to think is man’s capital crime, punishable with death.

    One wonders also about the fate of the twelve-year-old daughter had she been home that night. She probably would have been raped before having her throat slit. Allah would have commanded it. Allah would have been pleased. Which is another reason why Islam should be held in one’s darkest and most uncompromising contempt.

  14. “This hearing insinuates that violence and the Muslim religion go hand in hand. Nothing could be further from the truth. Islam is a religion based upon peace, goodwill and the ethical treatment of all people on this planet."

    Dennis Kucinich

    I wonder if Mr. Kucinich will attend the UN screening, better yet, I think he needs to view the same photos I just saw posted at AtlasShrugs. It doesn't look to me that the Fogel family received any of that ethical treatment that he speaks about. He would argue that Muslims can't be judged by the acts of a few meaning that he would certainly eat a couple of "celebratory sweetbreads" washed down with his morning coffee.

    Mr. Weinstein would do well to view the same photos, and consider wether or not the UN General Assembly would screen a film about the murder of his family by Palestinian Terrorist's. To him I say one of the best things we can do as a country is get the UN out of the US.

  15. This post made me cry my eyes out. Thank you for writing such an important piece.

  16. Anonymous14/3/11

    My heart ached as I read your words. My blood boiled as I read of innocent children losing their lives because of this so-called "religion of peace." I will share your post on FaceBook, and pray that others will as well. It is hard to read, but it MUST be read and shared. G-d bless you and keep you, and all of Isreal.

  17. Anonymous14/3/11

    Absolutely harrowing reading, you have eloquently expressed what right-thinking people feel about this latest vile atrocity committed by muslims.

    This Weinstein piece of hypocritical filth - why if he wants to "know the other" doesn't he go and live in Sderot? We all know the answer to that.

    But what the hell is wrong with Jews - and white people too - that they don't want to fight and defend their terriotory and cultures to preserve them for future generations?

    What the cowardly likes of Weinstein fail to see is that horrors like this are the indicators of the future they are preparing for the generations who follow them. They utterly disgust me.

    Proud Brit.

  18. Anonymous14/3/11

    Good Article. This situation greatly moved me. Anyone who defends this religion might as well have blood on their hands.

  19. Anonymous14/3/11

    One of the best and strongest articles from you.
    Thank you Daniel.

  20. Irwin Ruff14/3/11

    This must be one of your best posts. It brought home the atrocity to me as well, it is to be hoped, to Harvey Weinstein. I hope that it will be read by and touch the leftists who appease the Arab killers and demonize the settlers. And let it influence also that narcissistic supporter of Jew murderers - Hussein Ob.

  21. Danni14/3/11

    The story of this young family is heartbreaking, yet in the UK Skynews never even thought it worthy to report on over the weekend, when they finally reported on it was an additional part to their main story - Israel approving building in the settlements.

    It is beyond me how building is considered a worse "crime" than savagely murdering a young family as they slept.

    It sickens me to know that people attempt to justify this brutality, to me that makes them as evil as those who carried it out. This piece really hits home but unfortunately some people's hearts are so cold, so filled with hatred that even this fantastic article will not change them.

    Thank you for such a moving article on such a tragic event.

  22. Anonymous14/3/11

    harvey weinstein, executive producer of the king's speech, was profusely thanked at the oscars by the film's star, colin firth, who cited several films the two have made together. next up for colin: 'the promised land', an english anti-israeli film about (what else?) the re-birth of israel, 1948.

  23. Anonymous14/3/11

    Daniel, You really outdid yourself with this article. I was sitting at the computer early this morning wiping tears away when I was supposed to be getting ready for work. My heart really goes out to that young mother - and to the surviving family members. How truly horrible. I pray she didn't see what those butchers had done to her babies. May she rest in peace.


  24. Anonymous14/3/11

    I simply cannot wrap my mind around the fact that some people support these heathen barbarians.

    The thought of that poor girl finding her family butchered like that makes me weep, she and her 2 siblings have a rough road to travel.

    May God be with them.

  25. Anonymous14/3/11

    I just read on ynetnews that the U.N president is refusing to stop the screaning of this anti-Israel movie which is supposed to be screened this Monday night in U.N. Is anyone organizing any demonstrations in front of the U.N against Arabs greed for more and more lands? or asking the U.N to also screen a documentary about the evil culture of Arabs, Palestinian Arabs and other Arab Moslems, exposing their lies and speically the lies in this movie? so that the other sides' voice can be heared too? I didn't know U.N was a Movie theater used for brainwashing people.
    How can I find out if there are any groups protesting in front of U.N? Please let me know.

  26. Beautifully written. Harvey Weinstein is a degenerate. And he along with the rest of the morally depraved leftist sluts, perverts and drug addicts in hollywood ought to be looked upon with contempt.

  27. Anonymous15/3/11

    the only difference between harwey weinsteins, dicky silversteins and j-streeters of this world and jewish kapos is that kapos for the most part did not have a choice.

  28. Anonymous15/3/11

    i have posted this on weinsten's company facebook page.

  29. Anonymous15/3/11

    On the one hand, I feel that Palestinian terrorist murderers should not be taken prisoner, as they will only be freed in some future exchange. Thereforem they should be shot on the spot, hands up or not.
    On the other hand, I have strongly opposed the West Bank settlements ever since they first appeared, and this for demographic reasons alone. I couldn't care less about the Palestinians. Therefore, the messianic settlers who feel they were given the whole Land of Israel by some non-existent divine being cuts no water with me.Yonatan

  30. "....Perhaps we shall have to fight first of all against many an evil-disposed, narrow-hearted, short-sighted member of our own race."
    -- Theodore Herzl, 1896.

  31. JLong15/3/11

    I still had not seen THE KING'S SPEECH and was considering it--until now. Harvey is not getting one more dollar of mine.

  32. Anonymous15/3/11

    Well said and well written.
    There is a G_d of Love and of Hate, you are here to make your choice.
    I'm not Jewish but I care.
    Tank you.

  33. Excellent piece. Truly. You have certainly captured my thoughts, my feelings, my anger over what the monsters did to this beautiful family and their innocent children. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine how anyone in their right mind could kill a little baby and a toddler. For what?? And how anyone could harbor such hate and savagery inside them is unspeakable. I could say, they should all go to hell. But frankly, with that burning, seething hate inside of them, they already are. Maybe that is their sentence. To spend their lives seething with rage and hate, only to die and spend eternity suffering in hell, tormented constantly for the horrors that they perpetrated on others.

    And even further, I cannot imagine a group of "people" who would celebrate something like this, giving each other candy on street, high-fiving each other for their "victory." What kind of monsters celebrate the vicious murders of children??

    What could those little ones have ever done to deserve this end to their lives? The pictures show the baby's hands. Obviously, she was clawing at her throat after it was slit...there's blood under her fingernails. 3-months-old, and she knew to claw at her throat as she was suffocating to death on her own blood, gasping for air that would not come because her windpipe was severed. I cannot fathom it. It is beyond hideous.

    This is not a dispute over land. This is about the hate, savagery and violence that is the centerpiece of Islam, total domination of all that is non-Muslim, total subjugation of anyone who are "non-believers." This will never stop, not anywhere in the world. There is no co-existing in peace with Islam. There is no living with Islam, and those who follow the evil of the koran.

    As for Harvey Weinstein, he is the Jew that Muslims expect him to be. Obedient, serving their needs, and bowing to the "victors." I'll bet he doesn't even know that they consider him no better than an ape or a pig.

  34. Anonymous15/3/11

    I hope this master mega-moron Weinstein converts to Islam, if by any chance he is a Jew. His ilk belongs in Islam. To think of him as a Jew is a disgrace and a shame to Judaism.

    It's bad enough being a self-hating Jew or a Jew that votes for Obama, but "being Harvey Weinstein" is one step below the lowest step in the moral ladder, just slightly under Oliver Stone.

  35. So Weinstein profits from the death and torture of his Father's children, then pats himself on the back for being tolerant and open-minded. It's too hard to accept this tragedy, and yet it seems as if there's not much any of us can do to end it all...as long as there's people like Harvey Weinstein anyway.

  36. marie16/3/11


    You have done it again. You have moved me to tears. I am heartsore with grief for the family but even more so for the lack of humanity in a group of people who can commit such an act and be lauded as heroes. Add to that the barbarity of Harvey Weinstein. Killing children with your bare hands is so instinctively abhorent. But supporting these animals is even worse. How can a people have so much hate?

    I thank you for your words.

  37. Oldscout16/3/11

    Harvey boy needs his fat ass kicked. The big mistake was talking with the rat pig Palestinian's in the first place.

  38. Anonymous (Jonatan)

    Therefore, the messianic settlers who feel they were given the whole Land of Israel by some non-existent divine being cuts no water with me.Yonatan

    Maybe you don't know but some existent non-divine beings promised them land. Those who participated in the San Remo Conference after the First World War, The League of Nations and the UN.
    Maybe read articles by the late Eugene Rostow who helped draw up UN Resolution 242.
    He had two published:
    Historical Approach to the Issue of Legality of Jewish Settlement Activity in The New Republic on April 23, 1990, and Are the settlements legal? Resolved in The New Republic, October 21, 1991.

  39. Quoted from & linked to this post at my blog:

    The horror is worse than most of us knew, little Hadas was decapitated.

  40. This is not the first atrocity that was committed by Arabs in Israel.
    This is just another in a long string of atrocities that have happened since before the re-birth of the nation.
    Unless Israel acts decisively and recognizes this is not the "lone" perpetrators, it will happen again and again.
    Israel has spent its time knocking down homes of suspected terrorists rather than doing what needs to be done, once and for all.
    So this will just keep on happening.

    As for you Yonatan, Whether or not you believe in a G-d matters little.
    Those lands are strategic and vital for the survival of Israel which is surrounded by Amalek in its various incarnations.
    Giving up land is the worst thing Israel can do.

  41. Everything that could be said in honor of this magnificent piece of writing has been already written.
    I just needed to add that I only hope that "Mr. Muslim Lover Weinstein" reads this and then goes and sits in a warm bathtub and slits his wrists. He is a fool, a coward, and a piece of filth that has turned against his own people. If only he had been lying asleep in one of those beds.

  42. Anonymous16/3/11

    this is the first time i have read your blog. i am encouraged knowing you stand for Israel. our country is in deep crisis and as a Christian i am concerned for our alliance with Israel. this horrible massacre of innocence which you accounted for us is only one in an ongoing evergoing massacre of God-fearing peoples, including Jews and Christians. i fear more to come. i will continue to follow your blog.

  43. That is the most beautiful, true & moving piece I have ever read. I can't stop sobbing yet I am also filled with joy. Thank you so much.

  44. Anonymous16/3/11

    What "cuts water" with you, Yonaton, does not "cut water" with a very real existent divine being, since we're going to become so concerned with what "cuts water".
    On the other hand, the animals who perpetrated these acts of attrocity are ones who truly believe in a non-existent divine being whose apparently primary concern is extermination of an entire race of people, the elevation of abominable acts of barbarism to levels of praiseworthy martyrdom, and a hatred whose nurturing power still flourishes from the springs of the dark ages from where they originated.
    As to the rights of a people to lands they claim whether by divine fiat or the choice of those who will only find out the existence of same when it's too late, or by the laws of men whose kingdom and established settlement on those same lands go back thousands of years--the rights are very real. Perhaps a reading of the Balfour accords after World War I (actually the makings of which predate that) is in order.
    Of course, all that aside, nothing--positively nothing, justifies this horrific act by pre-medieval barbarians.

  45. With the exception of a few- The Hebrew has always stood alone.

    Regardless of how they are killed, persecuted or otherwise; the world only pays lip service.

    Whether it be Shakespeare and his Shylock or Dickens and his Fagin.

    So now its the UN and its "Palestinian".

    The horror of this barbaric act will be washed over and excused!

    Steve Mann

  46. Anonymous17/3/11

    To experience the 'Possible Human' we need to evolve from egocentricity to family centricity, community centricity, world centricity and cosmic centricity, at which time we break barriers of separation and become truly Human Beings .

    That evolutionary process appears necessary to
    see the world through the eyes of Dan Greenfield
    and become deeply moved by the Fogel family tragedy.

  47. Anonymous21/3/11

    I have to agree with some of these statements, but I don't think that this incident defines the muslim religion, in the US or otherwise. These actions are of a small splinter cell.

  48. This hold such truth. I cannot fatham how Anonymous 3/21 can ascribe this slaughter to "a small splinter cell" and ignore rockets and bombs in multiple lands -- perhaps the "cell" is not that small, not splintered.



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