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The Muslim Elephant in the Room of Tolerance

Headlines in New York papers are blaring once again that Islamophobia is up. Up and rising. Statistics released by the state's Division of Criminal Justice Services reveal that Islamophobic bias attacks are up by a whopping 15 percent.

Muslim Synagogue Vandalism
15 percent does sound like a lot. And by a lot, I mean that they've gone up from 8 incidents in 2008 to 11 in 2009. That's right, that whopping "15 percent" is actually an increase of 3 incidents. To put this into context, in 2008 there were 219 attacks targeting Jews. And in 2009, that number went up to 251. And here's some more context. That same report shows that Anti-Multi-Religious Groups attacks went up from 3 to 11 incidents in that same year. That's a much steeper spike which brings us to the same number as the so-called Islamophobic attacks. And yet you don't see the media trumpeting those numbers. But when there are more bias attacks by people who can't figure out which religion they hate more, than anti-Muslim attacks, it's safe to say that there is no Islamophobia crisis.

In 2010, we've been witness to multiple fake Islamophobia incidents in New York City. Just a few weeks ago, hate crimes charges were dropped against two latino men who got into a subway scuffle with an Imam. The Imam, Rod Peterson, is a criminal with an extensive rap sheet for burglary, robbery and possession of a weapon. It's not clear that his victims had any such record. But because Rod Peterson had become an Imam, he went free, while his victims faced hate crimes charges. Now the hate crimes charges have been withdrawn. But the lesson of the story is that an altercation by a Muslim criminal who cries, "Hate Crime" will get him off the hook, while the men he got into a fight with still face criminal charges.

Then there was the famous "Prayer Rug Urination of 2010". Newspaper headlines told the awful tale of a horrible Islamophobe who ran into the Al-Iman Mosque mosque, cursing Muslims and urinating all over their prayer rugs. As the story developed, it turned out that the "Urinating Islamophobe" was actually Omar Riviera, a Latino man on a several day bender, who urinated on the street, at a prayer rug near the entrance to the mosque. Omar never cursed any Muslims. He had no idea where he was. But none of that stopped Rachel Barenblat, an Al-Jazeera contributor and radical anti-Israel leftist, from jumping on the incident to raise over a thousand dollars to buy the Al-Iman mosque a new prayer rug. (For a 1000 dollars, you could probably carpet several rooms in the mosque, but why bother jumping on the details.) The Al-Iman Mosque turned out to have anti-semitic and homophobic materials on their website, but that didn't stop Nicholas Kristof from featuring Rachel Barenblat as a model for all self-hating Jews to follow.

Then there was Michael Enright, a dead drunk alcoholic arts student, who became the poster child for Islamophobia, after he slashed the Muslim cabbie who was driving him home. Afterward Enright sat down in the street and was so incoherent that police took him to Bellevue Hospital, rather than a prison cell, but he was too useful to let go of. Earlier that year, a Muslim cabbie had been robbed and beaten by an attacker, but the timing wasn't right yet. Enright's drunken slashing came at the perfect time for Bloomberg to put on a show in defense of the Ground Zero Mosque.

Bloomberg invited the cabbie to City Hall. The media depicted Enright as a hate crazed monster, even though there was an extensive history showing that he actually liked Muslims. And an even more extensive history showing that he was an alcoholic prone to crazed behavior when drunk. But none of that mattered. Bloomberg had his pigeon. While Enright should have faced justice for his attack, it should have been as part of a legitimate investigation, rather than a prop in a show about tolerance. The cabbie and the media colluded to misrepresent Enright's comments. And just as in the previous cases, an assault that was not a hate crime, became transformed into a hate crime.

Why does all of this matter? These were the three most prominent Islamophobic incidents in New York City in 2010. They will show up in a report just like this one. And they were all fake. Typical city violence transmogrified into a hate crime because it served the interests of the politicians, who pressure the policeinto making a good show of fighting Islamophobia. Which means making arrests for anti-Muslim hate crimes, whether those hate crimes actually exist or not.

In 2009, we somehow managed to scratch up a full 11 incidents. But the real statistics show that there were more hate crimes against almost every other minority ethnic group and religion. There were far more anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-Hispanic, anti-gay and anti-everything incidents, than there were anti-Muslim incidents. And the same report which carefully tracks hate crimes across multiple victim breakdowns, fails to do the same for perpetrators. The religion of the perpetrators of hate crimes is not tracked. Only race is. And the racial breakdown of hate crimes is listed as 44.9% white and 36.8% black and 17% other or unknown. This snapshot shows that in a state with less than a 1/5th black population, black men are nevertheless disproportionally reported as perpetrators of hate crimes. Those numbers upset the myth that hate crimes are a symptom of white racism against minorities. But the failure to track Muslim perpetrators means that they may be rolled into the "black" category, if carried out by Black Muslims. Or rolled into the white category, as Arab Muslims often are. And so we have no true picture of Muslim hate crimes, because the statistics are just not being kept.

We can get a small glimpse of Muslim hate crimes by looking at some of the more prominent incidents, like the Bronx Synagogue Bombing Plot by four black Muslims, which was plotted in 2008 and culminated in 2009. But even though ringleader James Cromitie, said that he "hated Jews and Jewish people and he hated the American people", no hate crimes charges were ever filed against him or the other men. And the judge ridiculed the idea of charging them with terrorism. And this sort of thing is going on all over the country. As it is common in Europe.

News reports typically misrepresent Muslim attacks on synagogues as hostility to Israel spilling over into Anti-Semitism. But in reality it was always Anti-Semitism. Muslim hostility to Israel springs out of a hatred for Jews. An attitude that goes back to the days of the Koran and the founding of Islam. If this was really about Israel, then why attack synagogues? Particularly synagogues that are often non-political. Sometimes downright liberal. So too Muslim violence against Americans is supremacism spilling out. It's not really about the War in Iraq, or any war, those are only excuses for Muslim violence against people they consider to be subhuman. There's over a thousand years of history for this sort of thing. And it isn't going away any time soon.

Targeting synagogues and churches is a clear example of a religious war. A religious war has political components, but it is religious first and political second. Muslim violence is part of a religious war. It's not a mistake or a misunderstanding. There's no confusion on the subject. It's a religious war guided by the scriptural verses and tenets of the Koran. Yet while we frantically collect scraps of Islamophobic crimes, we have never defined the sheer body of hate crimes by Muslims.

Both attacks on the World Trade Center by Muslim terrorists were hate crimes. Not the petty hate crime of someone urinating in a doorway or a subway scuffle, but the old-fashioned genocidal kind. A continuation of the crime that began with Mohammed's genocidal massacres and enslavement of Jews and pagans in the deserts of Arabia and continues on today with planes full of terrified passengers being flown into buildings. Total oppression and total murder. Those are the real hate crimes we have to contend with.

The bombing of a church in Alexandria, misrepresented by Barack Hussein Obama as an attack on Muslims and Christians-- is yet another Muslim hate crime. In a region where such hate crimes are so common that they are part of a culture of oppression, practiced by the Muslim majority against the non-Muslim minority. These are not protests against oppression, as liberals too often like to characterize terrorism, they are oppression. They are the very body and soul of oppression. Religious violence in the name of religious supremacy. A Jihad to degrade and destroy the infidel. All one and the same. The common thread that links a church bombing in Egypt and a synagogue bombing in New York-- is Islam.

Muslim hate crimes are the elephant in the room of tolerance. We can't talk about them, because they're not supposed to exist. The narrative is that Muslims are victims, not perpetrators. Even when there are thousands of Americans dead at the hands of Muslims, and a single Muslim dead at the hands of an American-- the narrative still stands. And if we have to roll a drunk or two to fill out the tab of Muslim victimhood so be it. Pile on some pissed on rugs. And lie, lie and lie some more about what is going on-- then so be it. The die is cast. And we go on dying. Every now and then a conspiracy is broken up here or there. Another bomb plot. Until one of them finally succeeds. And dozens, hundreds or thousands of people die in a single day. And our leaders take to the air to urge us to be more tolerant. Because while tolerance may not stop bombs or bullets, it does stop you from thinking. And to our leaders who promote Tolerance Uber Alles, thinking is a thousand times more dangerous than bombs or bullets. Bombs and bullets kill, but thoughts bring change.


  1. Muslims reporting bogus 'Islamophobic' attacks is part of the OIC's strategy of shutting down all debate about Islam by claiming it will produce 'Islamophobia'.

  2. Excellent closing line there, and the Juice picture is great. You may think it's a typo, but it's not - muslims hate juice, and some of them routinely stab chocolate to death, because it reminds them of the sweet air of freedom they so despise.

    On a side note, Daniel, it's very good that you routinely expose the atrocious hypocrisy of the media personnel, who live in their own version of the world, and try to impose it on us.
    Without access to the real information, it was very difficult to understand just how shamelessly extreme their lies can be.

  3. Muslim hate crimes are the elephant in the room of tolerance. We can't talk about them, because they're not supposed to exist. The narrative is that Muslims are victims, not perpetrators.

    Melanie Phillips in one of her articles
    The challenge of public diplomacy vis-a-vis the delegitimisation of Israel

    The Arabs brilliantly reconfigured the Arab war of extermination against Israel as the oppression by Israel of the Palestinians.
    and as one can see, the Muslims have done the same thing by reconfiguring "Western" thinking.

  4. Anonymous3/1/11

    And, 'nahafoch hu', this is why the Jews are de-victimized, so they can be hated with a passion and license. All the attacks by muslims in American were done by "deranged people", American media routinely not only minimized the horrible years of terror, but did not let out any names, no interviews, no pictures as not to let any shred of compassion to the poor children, pregnant women and orphans filter through. By the way look where the media is today--in the dumps, CNN example. America wake up, whatever Israel is suffering, America will and as Sultan shows, it's here.

  5. Melissa3/1/11

    "How many times to Americans have to ace that test?"-Mark Steyn in for Rush
    01-03-11, on concerns from the left that rampant Islamophobia is one of the great under reported stories for 2010.

  6. We're getting to the point where every time a Muslim feels he/she's been slighted the liberals will call it a hate crime.

    Naturally there will never be any genuine dialogue to improve relations with Muslims. These forums typically go with the assumption that one race is dead wrong and the other has halo.

    I've reported on such dialogues and they're very PC.

  7. wanumba4/1/11

    And lo! It's not all depressing news. See who's un-PC bucking the trend. Southern Sudan is voting on January 9th in Referendum for full independence from Northern Islamic misgovernance, and a civil war that claimed over 2 million Southern Sudanese.
    After decades of conflict caused by Khartoum's attempt to impose sharia on the Christian South, Southerners are mobilizing to vote. They did not submit.
    In cheeky disregard of current sensibilities, the Juba Post reports the "Hon. Tobius Xavier Lotto of EESLA has openly said that the south has already divorced from the north."

    We aren't permitted by our media to see juicy headlines like this out of the Juba Post :

  8. Frankly, I don't we should minimize the jihad against juice. They say it's the juice they are after...but we all know the fruit is next.

    These idiots arrested a vulture in Saudi Arabia for spying for Israel, for pete's sake. It ought to chap everyone's ass that our economy is so dependent on these backward idiots.

  9. They just blame the Jews for all the juice that causes sharks to attack them.

    It's all very simple really... for crazy people.

  10. Anonymous5/1/11

    there is no dialogue or negotiation possible between Islam and the non islamic world. israel has demonstrated that for the last 60 years+.
    one has the simple choice of either becoming the oppressed or the oppressor if we want to retain our culture and heritage.
    And even before we attempt to defend ourselves we will have to deal with the hundreds of thousands of traitors within our ranks who would sell out for a few barrels of oil or are so blinded by marxist propadanda that they cannot understand what we are dealing with.

  11. Anonymous5/1/11

    Here is a video(s) that shows how Muslim slaughtered food supports terrorism through collections by the Muslim Brotherhood:


  12. Anonymous7/1/11

    To many ifs for the West to ever defeat Islam. If most Americans would wake up. If the traitors among our ranks were dealt with. If the media could make acquaintance with the truth. If infidels could become educated about the real Islam. And so on. Crazy and not too bright Muslims might be, but they are absolutely brilliant at winning this war against the West. Muslims might make poor soldiers, but they don't have fight on a battlefield to win this war. Divine intervention is our only hope.


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