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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who Will Teach Tolerance to the Muslims?

Every time a Muslim terrorist is caught trying to kill Americans in the name of Islam, the media and the politicians immediately go on full alert over the threat of an "Islamophobic backlash" against Muslims. Right away city mayors, district attorneys, law enforcement officials, sensitivity trainers, school board members, television executives and editorial writers go sliding down the TolerancePole(TM) on an urgent mission to head off the inevitable orgy of violence by ordinary Americans who are always presumed to be 5 minutes away from shouldering a battering ram and heading off to the nearest mosque-- by teaching tolerance toward Islam. That means embedding Islam even deeper into the school curriculum, adding a "positive depiction" of a Muslim to every TV show on the air, and arresting anyone who even looks funny at a Koran.

With all the energy expended on teaching Americans to be tolerant of Islam, you would think the streets of every major city were covered in the bodies of Muslims murdered by mobs of ignorant Americans who had never been exposed to the wonders of Islam. But 9 years after Muslims murdered thousands of Americans, there has yet to be such a case. The mobs have not materialized. Even the already inflated number of hate crimes targeting Muslims are a blip on the radar compared to how many such crimes target Jews and Blacks. The Islamophobic backlash that was on the verge of drowning Dearborn or Jersey City in a postmodern pogrom has never actually materialized.

So far Muslims have murdered thousands of Americans. And a single American filmmaker killed his Muslim partner when the latter expressed support for Al Qaeda right after 9/11. That was 9 years ago.

As of now the domestic murder scoreboard reads, "Muslims 3,000 - Americans 1". Anyone trained in the arcane arts of basic addition and subtraction can't help but look at that score and wonder if it's perhaps the people who have a kill count in the thousands who need to be taught tolerance, more than the schlubs who were just barely tolerant enough to score a 1.

That the 1's need to be taught to tolerate the 3,000's among them is as perverse as bringing retired members of the SS into Jewish classrooms to teach tolerance toward Nazism. Yet every day across the country, American children are indoctrinated to positively view the ideology that murdered thousands of their countrymen out of religious fanaticism and naked bigotry. "Be tolerant of your murderers", is the real message. "Because if you're not tolerant enough of them, they might snap and car bomb your Christmas tree lighting ceremony or your next family outing to see the Lion King." Is that what tolerance comes down to? Teaching the children of tomorrow to feel like battered spouses today.

Missing in all this great hullabaloo of tolerance, is any interest in teaching Muslims to tolerate the Christians, Jews, Hindus and other religions that they have traditionally persecuted and massacred. And though the score still stands at that bloody 3,000 to 1, there is no program to prevent Anti-Christian and Anti-Semitic bigotry in Muslim schools. Fine educational institutions where it is not unheard of to teach the class that Jews are descendants of "pigs and apes" and out to conquer the world. Or that homosexuals should be executed. And that Muslims are allowed to kill and rob Hindus and Buddhists.

Even the least rational among us, taking a look at that 3,000 to 1 score, would come to the conclusion that maybe more ToleranceEducation(TM) resources should be devoted to the people who carried out the worst massacre in American history, than to the people who in response to that massacre began reassuring them that there were no hard feelings about it.

This is all the more extraordinary when you consider that the average Muslim is safer walking down the streets of an American city, than an American is walking down the streets of a Muslim city. At worst, the Muslim might be mugged. But he will not be seized and dragged away, held for ransom in some sodden basement and forced to convert to Christianity or Judaism on pain of death. He will not be forced to star in videos denouncing his own country and his family will not have to watch his head being sawn off by a grinning Buddhist in balaklava. All situations that any American traveling to the Muslim world must be wary of.

A Muslim in America is better off than a Filipino in Saudi Arabia, an Englishwoman in Dubai, a Christian in Turkey, a Jew in Yemen or a Frenchwoman in one of the Banlieues. Because for all the science exhibits showcasing the knowledge that the Muslim world "borrowed" from Greece and India, the Muslim world is still hopelessly backward when it comes to the basics. Like not beheading people for following a different religion. There is not a single Muslim country in the world where non-Muslims have legal equality. And nowadays, there is also a vanishing number of Western countries where non-Muslims have legal equality with Muslims.

Cartoonists can mock every creed, but that of Mohammed. TSA agents can strip search American little girls, but they had better look the other way when a mobile black sheet named Fatima or Aisha walks through their security. She could be a man or two men or three men and a camel under there, but the TSA agents will be too busy frisking elderly nuns to risk being found guilty of the one venial sin of airline security, profiling a Muslim. Deface a bible and it's art. Burn a Koran and you won't even be able to keep a job with the State of New Jersey. All that's missing is a law banning churches and synagogues from being built taller than a mosque, and it would be just like home in Saudi Arabia.

To continue their valiant battle against the omnipresent scourge of Islamophobia, the media and the politicians have defined it down. Now being opposed to building a mosque near the site of a recent Muslim massacre of thousands is a dangerously bigoted sentiment. But murdering thousands of Americans does not make one a bigot. And an ideology which continues to spawn terrorists like frogs in a radioactive pond, is not in any need of tolerance training. Muslims already have the ultimate book on tolerance at their disposal, the Koran. What more need do they have for tolerance?

Muslims and their academic apologists will point to their fine record of tolerance for religious and ethnic minorities in their own countries, whom they invariably at some point got tired of tolerating and began massacring. But the apologists would rather focus on the happier times before the massacres began. The Golden Age of Spain, before Muslims began massacring the Jews. That time in the Sudan before the Muslim wiped out the Christian and Animist population. And all those times when Turkey didn't massacre Christian Armenians. Not to mention that day or two of peace that Hindus in Kashmir get every year.

Like a serial killer on trial, the Muslim world would rather you focus on all the times they didn't kill people-- rather than all the times they do.

Since September 11, politicians have insisted that Muslims are just like every other American. And they are. They enjoy snapping shots of major landmarks, going to strip clubs and domestic air travel. But once in a while they stumble across the wrong verse in the Koran and decide that it's telling them to "Slay the infidels wherever you find them" (Koran 9:5), when it's actually telling them to, "Cook the infidels a delectable meal and invite them over for dinner to discuss mutual respect for all religions" (Nowhere Because It Doesn't Exist 2:3) And due to that tragic 'misunderstandering' of Islam, along with the usual causes such as the mortgage crisis, airborne strains of PTSD and the stereotypical depictions of Muslims on American television-- *poof*, off they go on a killing spree.

But that seems to make it all the more vital to teach tolerance to the Muslims, before they're in van trying to set off explosives while the carolers warble and the crowd is looking up to the angel at the top of the Christmas tree. Yet instead we teach the carolers tolerance, and tell the Muslims to report any incidents of caroler related Islamophobia directly to their local police department, Special Islamophobic Crimes Hotline. There was a time when police officers told battered wives that they had to be more understanding of their husbands. Today they tell Americans to be more understanding of Muslims. They do work hard you know. And if they try to car bomb you sometimes, maybe it's because you don't please them anymore.

It's time to admit that the American-Muslim or Muslim-American experiment has failed badly. There is no magic ray of Americaness beaming down from the Statue Liberty that immediately transforms a new immigrant into a Yankee Doodle Dandy. It takes a willingness to be an American. Or at least a reluctance to kill Americans. But by the beard of the prophet, when the Koran crosses the border, its intolerance and genocidal imperatives do too. And unlike the members of every other major American religion who don't believe that they are under a current obligation by their deity to slaughter heathens and infidels-- Muslims still think they're on a mission from Allah to force the world to live by the rules set down by an illiterate 7th century warlord whose idea of a friendly greeting was 'Aslim Taslam', or in the latin, "Convert to My Religion and I Won't Kill You".

In the 9 years since 9/11, our authorities have assiduously taught tolerance to Americans, but absolutely failed to teach it to those who need it most. The Muslims who were killing Americans all along. Like sending crime victims to a 'Scared Straight' program at the local prison, while putting their muggers through self-defense classes, this approach hasn't exactly worked out too well. We don't have an urgent problem involving violence against Muslims. We do have an urgent problem involving violence by Muslims. It's the same problem we had nine years ago. And nineteen years ago. And two-hundred and nine years ago, when Jefferson sent in the United States Marines to set the Muslim pirates who thought that Allah had given them the right to raid American ships and sell their sailors into slavery, back on their heels.

We are often asked whether Americans are learning to be tolerant of Islam. Perhaps, it's time to ask that rarely asked of questions, when are Muslims going to finally learn to be tolerant of others?


  1. No one tries to teach them tolerance because they all know it is useless.

  2. or because they value them for their intolerance

  3. Both, I think. They know its useless but they also find them useful.

  4. Any "religion" or ideology that has to have 24/7 PR shoved down our throats should raise a red flag to the dhimmis. But it doesn't. I am sick of this already. Instead of teaching them to be tolerant, how about just reaching the same conclusion Jefferson did and Geert Wilders et al, and just stop bringing them in like they are some special diamonds we need here.

    I am sick of the thousands and thousands of attacks on infidels and sick of the rising anti-Semitism because of the lefties who are in love with Islam. I am just tired of this.

  5. Fuhget about it.....it's too late. They've already won.
    Anyway, we in Israel can give you all lessons on "tolerance", after all who IS it that continues to supply their mortal and implacable enemies with all of the necessities, including petrol and electricity, necessary to continue their Jihad against......THEM?
    Now THAT'S tolerance.
    Suicidal to be sure, but tolerance none-the-less.

  6. Rachel13/12/10

    Your words on the OBSCENE double standards of Islamic education in the West resonated with me, because I went to a Catholic school in Northern VA--in the same county as the infamous Islamic Saudi Academy that you cited (their valedictorians tend to go on to have great careers in al qaeda).It's unbelievable what that school has gotten away with--believe me, the latest row over their frightening curriculum is the least of the worries I've had over a school like that in the DC area. Not only that--but incredibly frustrating to be a part of a religious private school system in a county, and watching ONE religious school in your county get away with stunts that would have any of the other local private schools shut down in an instant. If a Catholic/Evangelical/Jewish/secular private school were caught, red-handed, deleting computer files and erasing evidence that a 5 year old girl was being molested by her parents...would the county have agreed to extend the lease of that school months later (this happened about 2 years ago)? And, yet, those who opposed the lease & later expansion of the ISA in the aftermath of THAT scandal were painted as lunatics harrassing Muslims.

    It wasn't even the public scandals that the ISA has gotten into that disturbed me, then--it was the community-level, behind the scenes crap that the school pulled with other schools and institutions in the area. I could write pages about being in the same soccer league as them---they pulled endless crap, and, yet, were never asked to leave the league. They could be late on fees, make endless demands of schools that were scheduled to play them (they hired their own refs, for heaven's sake!). And they played soccer like terrorists! I was fifteen, and very much aware that Christian & Jewish parents & school sports admins would rather watch their bruised & bleeding daughters limp off the ISA's unmowed soccer field (because they insisted that they could only play 'home' games...) after an hour of being physically assaulted & brutalized by ISA girls in front of referees on the ISA's payroll than actually endure the media circus that would happen if they confronted the ISA for flaunting virtually every last rule the league had and asked them to leave.

    This is probably long-winded and beyond the point, but I am attempting to say that the disturbing part of the double standards of 'tolerating' Islam is that it is more than a show put on by elitist politicians and a fawning media...it is rampant in the community & grassroots level around areas that have to deal with Muslims. It permeates such minor parts of the community as the soccer leagues, and it is allowed to dominated & bully unquestioned in those little areas. Any attempt to treat Islamic institutions..even high schools...equally to any other institution is apparently too much effort and too risky for people who are afraid of being called 'Islamophobic'. And so, members of the community who are left to suffer Islamic abuse in silence because of it, as Muslims are paraded around as America's victimized populations

  7. This is absolutely a must-read, I've posted it on my Facebook as an education to my measly 1k or so friends.

    It is absolutely incredible that in this day and age, what "tolerance" hides underneath the umbrella. Post 9/11, 2 centuries post Tripoli, 1400 years post Medina - what more history do we need to see?

    Where is the intestinal fortitude of America, and the common sense?

    And since when does fear of one people, one religion, hold the entire world captive through a horrid game of semantics and equivocation?

    This isn't tolerance, it's fear and propaganda. GREAT article, blog and pithy quotes! Love it, and may your message not be ignored but actually reside in the backbone of cowards everywhere (myself included).

  8. The shibboleths of the socialist poligion demand that we are all born equal. Only muslims tend to read the Koran rather than Das Kapital, they listen to imams not leftist university professors.

    To admit that there is a problem with Islam is to admit that socialism does not work, that 'humanist rationalism' holds no power over the human need for religion, clan identity and a deity.

    The same way (national) socialist violence must be separated from its intrinsic (socialist) causes by continuous propaganda, so too must the failure of Islam to submit to socialist rationalism be talked down rather than have to admit to the shortcomings of the socialist religious endeavour.

    Both Socialism and Islam are religions of contempt for outsiders, which in time breeds an all consuming hatred within their midst when faced with the spectre of the utter futility of their respective belief system.

    Both these religions are about victimhood, and each blames outsiders for the paucity of their existance. Neither will take responsibility for their own actions, and so the butchery starts....

  9. Fantastic post, Mr. Greenfield. My only quibble is this:

    "Muslims 3,000 - Americans 1".

    Actually, we have Muslims to thank for an even larger body count than this. Since 9/11, Muslims have committed twenty-six separate terrorist attacks against Americans on U.S. soil. I'm not including terrorism aimed at our soldiers or civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan, or counting "honor" killings. Just small-scale acts of terror that have nothing in common except Islam as a motivator. As examples: John Muhammad, Lee Malvo, and Nidal Hassan.

    You're doing a fantastic job telling the truth about Islam in a lively fashion. Keep up the good work, brother.

  10. Wes,

    It's a rounded off figure. Especially since not all who died on 9/11 were Americans.

  11. nanette,

    we don't need them. The left does in order to pursue its war against civilization

  12. Rachel,

    It's certainly worth writing about. So why not do it? If you don't have a blog, I can always provide a platform for a guest post

  13. Brazen,

    also don't forget greed. It's a vital element.


    yes though it's really about equality anymore, but calculated inequality, which is the core identity of victimhood

  14. Anonymous13/12/10

    The first rule is to protect liberalism, no matter what the consequences are. We are all equal.

  15. Actually some of us are more equal than others.

    That has been the true prime tenet of the left.

  16. "will not have to watch his head being sawn off by a grinning Buddhist in baklava" - this is terrible, please remove it immediately.

    Not only is it bad prose, not only is it politically and historically wrong, its needlessly insulting to one of the most pacifist religions on the face of the earth, and one which has been partially wiped out by Islam. What were you thinking?

    However, if I may add something constructive to the thrust of your article, the effect of all this ramming down our throats should be to make us more aggressive in standing up and shouting back. If there's anything worth fighting against, its these neo-fascist Islamists.

  17. It's rather obviously sarcastic, as Buddhists don't do this. Muslims do.

  18. I thought the grinning Buddhist line was wonderfully sarcastic, and does much to drive the point home (or twist the knife inside the infidel's gut). Please leave it in forever.

  19. I intend to. Allan seems to have misunderstood the thrust of the message.

  20. Islam is the greatest threat to civilization on the planet today. Not all Muslims are evil but Islam is. It is a warped scam perpetrated by a serial rapist, murderer and pedophile who stole parts from the Bible and Torah then added in parts from the Pagans who converted their Moon Demon into what they call "Allah". They are the infidels, not the rest of us.

  21. Anonymous14/12/10

    The real problem was not the Buddhist but the baklava.

    The headgear is 'balaclava'.

    Baklava/baklawa is that delicious honey pastry...

  22. Anonymous,

    Have you never had a Buddhist in baklawa? It's quite delicious, especially with some red wine and chili beans.

  23. Anonymous15/12/10

    Russia will be Moslem, huh? You are as wrong as wrong can be. The Russians are setting up for the biggest series of pogroms since the Russian Revolution. The Kremlin is behind it all. Here's a story from Time for you:


  24. and a Zoroastrian in gazpacho soup

    ...it's a wonder there aren't more riots, but the Putin regime is promoting the spread of Islam. If it wanted to persecute them, it would.

  25. Anonymous15/12/10

    Not so simple. Appearances must be preserved. There is a war on in the Caucasus. In order to sustain this war in the short term, a distinction must be made between "moderate" Moslems and "radical" Moslems in order to set one against the other. Thus gestures must be made toward Islam. But in order to win the war in the long term, conditions must be set for the physical extermination of all (or at least most) Moslems within the boundaries of the Russian Federation. This elimination must appear as a series of "spontaneous" uprisings in order to give the regime plausible deniability and justify mass deportations of Moslems to designated regions "for their own safety".

    Thus the Kremlin simultaneously sponsors the skinheads while publicly condemning them and also sponsors "moderate" Moslems in the full knowledge of their eventual fate, just as the tsarist regime once sponsored all kinds of hashkafist Jewish groups both before and during the pogroms.

    Your problem is that you're a Westerner. You are too honest. Welcome to the real Russia, where nothing is true and nothing is as it seems. If the Russian authorities wanted to shut down the skinheads, they could do so tomorrow. But they do not. Because the skinheads work for the Kremlin.

  26. The skinheads are useful, and so are the Muslims.

    The skinheads are useful because they allow the population to vent some otherwise impotent rage, while Russia goes Islamic.

    The rulers have done the math. And even if the Russian birthrate improves significantly, they'll still be ruling over a divided empire.

  27. Wes,

    It's a rounded off figure. Especially since not all who died on 9/11 were Americans.

    That's a good point.

  28. Anonymous17/12/10

    Really, is there any hope? I saw a video of a presentation made by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in L.A. and it was disheartening to say the least. As more and more Muslims infiltrate/subvert US law enforcement, judicial and legislative entities I find myself wondering if critics of Islam might
    not be targeted by such entities in the future.

  29. There's no such thing as "Islamophobia". What there is, is Muslim madness.



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