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Islam was Born Out of Child Abuse and Rape

The Senate recently unanimously passed the awkwardly named "International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act of 2010", which obligates the government to track child marriage rates globally and fund programs to reduce it in countries with a child marriage of over 40 percent. The act mentions only one Muslim country by name (Bangladesh), but it may be one of the most 'Islamophobic' pieces of legislation ever voted on by the United States Senate.

Islam is the only major world religion where child marriage has the religious sanction of its prophet. Mohammed 'married' Aisha, his most notable wife, when she was six years old. The marriage was consummated when she was nine or ten at the latest. Like so many marriages, it was the product of an alliance between her father and Mohammed. Aisha's merchant father was Mohammed's first ally outside his family, and went on to be Mohammed's successor. That alliance was sealed with the sexual abuse of his little girl.

Such arrangements are still common in the Muslim world today, where little girls are treated as gifts to seal an alliance.

Islam was born out of the brutal rape of a little girl. As the mother of the Sunni Caliphate, Aisha is not just an incidental figure. Her marriage to Mohammed lies at the heart of Islam. The alliance between her father and her abuser made Islam viable by giving its prophet his first real power base. After Mohammed's death, her father used that connection to the Chief Prophet of Islam, to gain the political upper hand over Mohammed's son-in-law in the civil war that arose afterward. And it was her father who oversaw the codification of the Koran in its written form.

The spread of the Islamic faith and the codification of the Koran were made possibly only through the rape of a little girl. And there is no way around that. Which is why child abuse remains a permanent part of Islam. To disavow it, is to disavow Islam's Prophet and his successor, whom Sunni Islam associates with the codification of their religion's holiest book. Muslims cannot tolerate gently mocking cartoons of their prophet. They certainly are not about to put him aside so that no more 9 year old girls get raped.

And how could they? One of the most awful Hadiths depicts Aisha's mother taking her from her swing set, wiping her face and then bringing her inside and putting her on Mohammed's lap. While everyone else left, Mohammed "consummated" his marriage with her. Another describes her friends coming over to play with dolls... after her marriage. Still another mentions that she had originally played with his own children.

There is nothing terribly new here. Child abuse predates Islam. It is not uncommon in the West. But in Islam, it is an organic part of the religion itself. Even when Muslims attempt to inhibit it, they must resort to convoluted arguments that Mohammed was given special sanctions to do what he did, because he was on another level than ordinary men. And so they cannot condemn the act itself, only distinguish between Mohammed's "high-minded" sort of child abuse and that of ordinary people.

But Aisha is only the most notable example of the exploitation of women and little girls that was a major factor in the rise of Islam.

Islam was not only born out of the rape of Aisha, but out of the rape and slavery of countless women captured by Mohammed's forces. The rape and abuse of those women was a recruitment tool for Islam. While Muslims who fight to conquer and subjugate non-Muslims are promised 72 virginal demon women in paradise, for many of the practically minded that was not enough incentive. They wanted their reward now. Mohammed's forces looted the property of those they conquered and subjugated. But also kidnapped and sexually abused their wives and daughters.

When some of his men objected to raping married women in the presence of their husbands, Mohammed received one of his ever convenient revelations from Allah, which dissolved the marriages of captured women making it completely legal under Islamic law and morality for them to be raped. This is not just some ancient practice, it is used as sanction today to justify the rape of married women in the parts of the world both under and not under Islamic law.

The Burqa arose because of the need to distinguish between women who were married to Muslims and could not be touched, and all other women. By covering their bodies and faces, Muslim women showed that they were off limits. Other women on the other hand remained subject to assault. Rather than practice morality, Mohammed's men made a point of marking their 'property' with a brand. The Burqa was that brand. It still works that way today. When Australia's Grand Mufti justified the gang rape of Australian girls, he did it by comparing them to uncovered meat who were to blame for what happened to them. Women who adopt the Burqa and submit to Islam are moral. Those who do not are whores.

To Mohammed and his bandit raiders, women were another form of loot. Islam expanded by force and to recruit men to fight, they had to be offered some incentives. The chance to seize women, without having to pay a dowry or negotiate tribal alliances, or even marry them at all, provided them with a real incentive. Being able to grant divine sanction to any act, no matter how depraved, let Mohammed and his men do whatever they wanted.

Islam's Prophet had been forced to marry an older woman for financial reasons, but after her death spoke constantly of finding a "young girl to play with". From kidnapping and raping women to marrying his son's wife to molesting a little girl who still played with dolls-- Islam allowed Mohammed to indulge his worst impulses. Mohammed reached such a level of arrogance that when he wanted to set aside one of his wives' marital rights, he received yet another convenient 'revelation' from Allah. At which point the Koran records Aisha as saying, "O Allah's Apostle I do not see but that your Lord hurries in pleasing you." Here the true nakedness of Islam is revealed. Mohammed's Allah was nothing more than his pimp.

Islamists depict their religion as a defense against decadence, but their own prophet wallowed in decadence. Islam was a means of getting what he wanted, from women to wealth. While the prophets of other religions had tried to appeal to men's higher impulses, Mohammed understood all along that he had to go lower than that. His religion legalized theft and rape. Demeaned women and destroyed entire cultures, all so that he and his men could profit from their misery. That understanding gave Mohammed the leverage he needed to destroy a region where religions and cultures had formerly co-existed, and turn it into the base of global terror.

Had Mohammed been a decent man, there never would have been an Islam. Had he been wealthy and powerful enough to engage all his appetites to their fullest, there would also have been no Islam. Islam exists only because Mohammed wanted more than he had. And didn't want to work for it. The campaign of mass murder and ethnic cleansing created a religion of terror, but it was done in the service of greed. Like so many tyrants, from Hitler to Kim Jong Il, Mohammed had a vastly inflated ego completely out of proportion to his actual abilities. And like them, he knew that cunning and ruthlessness would take him further, than righteousness and hard work ever would. He saw his opponents as weak because they were unwilling to do what he did. And that made them easy prey. Mohammed and his men did not win because they were stronger. Certainly not because they were more righteous. They won because they were willing to do anything to win. And those they fought weren't.

Unlike most dictators though, Mohammed's legacy did not die with him. It was encoded in the Koran, carried forward by warlords and caliphs, by numberless tyrants who kill and enslave in the name of the Koran. His contempt for women and girls is also a part of that legacy.

When discussing the International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act of 2010, Senator Durbin rose to give two examples, one from Afghanistan and one from Yemen. Again the word Islam was never mentioned, but it doesn't have to be. H.R. 2103, S. 987 is an unstated and unconscious challenge to the Islamic way of doing things. It will likely be useless, and may also funnel money to "faith-based organizations" that will probably be Islamic, but it is another reminder of the vast gap between the civilized world and Islam.

Yemen, which Durbin mentioned, ranks as the country in the world with the worst gender gap. Norway on the other hand ranks as the country with the least gender gap. As Islamic immigrants have flooded Norway, the vast majority of rapists in Oslo are Muslim. And the majority of rape victims are Norwegian. Wherever it goes, Islam carries with it the toxic baggage of Mohammed. And inevitably rape and child abuse follow. There is no way around that. Islam was born out of child abuse and rape. It cannot exist without it.


  1. Thanks Sultan, for this gripping article. It's hard to believe, nobody would believe it except it is holy scripture for Islam. They wrote it down. This stuff belongs on bathroom walls, not among the holy books of great civilizations.

    No doubt Martin Luther had similar shocks when the poor fool went to Rome. It's history, but the Catholic Church was never stupid enough to try to make it all holy scripture.

  2. It is a sick culture and religion. For the life of me I can't figure out why so many people are indifferent to the suffering of Arab women let alone little girls and supportive of their abusers.

    Human and women's rights are thrown out the window when it comes to Islam.

  3. Because their women hate us as much as the men hate us and would stab in the back and curse just as quickly.

  4. I AM SPIKING21/12/10

    What could shock Martin Luther that dirty old anti semite?

  5. Anonymous21/12/10

    The picture accompanying the article reminds me of lambs being led to slaughter.

  6. I'm disgusted just by reading about this...
    And Lemon is right - seems like most of the Muslim women are quite happy to be used as a commodity, and eagerly preach the same hatred that their men believe in.

    But that says nothing about the women who are duped into marrying muslims, or are plainly raped and murdered by them (like those two tourists in Israel a few days ago).

    More on the treatment of women by muslims:

  7. Anonymous21/12/10

    Wasn't that picture with the little girls dressed up shown to be not of little brides with their adult husbands to be, but of little girls accompanying them to their wedding to adult women?

  8. Anonymous21/12/10

    When good information like this is disseminated; what do you get for a response?

    Not all Muslims are like that.
    Black Muslims aren't like that. (Never mind the zebra killings.)
    Well, they're better than Jews because they don't eat their children.
    The Christians started it with them.
    Etc. Etc.

    Since 9/11 this info has been preached over and over again. It's fallen on deaf ears kind of like "pearls to swine". No one listens to it.

    I know this war has been going on since the '60s with the PLO. Most people either don't, or won't understand that, especially the twenty something generation.

    Liberals have destroyed Western Civilization and once it's fallen, I can't help but wonder how soon they will be longing for the laws that they so viciously hate to protect them from the savages they have released.

    In the Book of Daniel, Michael fights for 40 days against Azazel for Bablylon. I wonder what's happened to the angels that are over Europe and America?

    1. Yes you are correct not all Christians and Jews are like this but some are.

  9. HermitLion,

    A culture is a single entity. Some people within the culture have it worse than others, but that doesn't mean they're still not part of the problem.

    Anonymous 1,

    It was claimed to be, not shown to be. What the truth is, who knows.

    Anonymous 2,

    Always multiple levels of excuses. But excuses are only needed where the truth is absent.

  10. Anonymous21/12/10

    Your article has been posted on free republic, some interesting responses.


  11. Islam is the strongest argument there is for the existence of the devil. Who else could think up a "religion" like this?

  12. Sultan,

    You said the words I don't dare speak (especially not near women), and much respect for that, but I was thinking about non-muslim women who get abused by them. Sam Hindu, in particular, wrote about several stories of foolish Hindu girls who married Muslims, out of the belief that "all religions are the same", and paid a price.

    Perhaps, if women were told in advance what Islam is all about, they would be more wary about getting into it. For that reason alone, spreading the information is worth the effort.

  13. Anonymous21/12/10

    Any attempts to ban child marriage and raise the age limit for marriage in Islamic countries (I'm thinking specifically of Yemen and Jordan) have been deemed unislamic. The men in these countries care more about their "prophet's" reputation than they do about protecting innocent little girls. Islam is a religion by men and for men. And they like to criticize America for her moral decadence! I just don't get it.


  14. Anonymous21/12/10

    All said & done - stupid people are not going to become high-IQ-ed overnight.
    And with idiots running the govt in many countries, only fringe-movements (a term coined by SICKULAR & SENSELESS Media) like E-D-L could save 'Western Civilization'.
    It's really a surprise that the 'Eastern' civilization (mainly in Southern parts of India, Sri Lanka, Burma, China, Japan) survived the on-slaught for 1400 years now. They've LOST a lot and are continuing to loose - be it the ancient loss of Afghanistan-Pakistan - or the more recent ones like Kashmir & Bangladesh.
    Humanity is on a loosing streak against senseless barbarianism - all thanks to a sick moron from the 7th century & his dumb followers in all the later centuries.
    Vande Mataram.

  15. Anonymous21/12/10

    Another good reason to ban religion. I'm not talking about faith, one can believe in what ever or who ever they so choose. It's religion itself that should be banned and this is just another reason why.

  16. Bob from Michigan21/12/10

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful scholarly, insightful, honest, truth seeking website. I will pray for you to be blessed. In Christian Love I send this message with hope that the future of mankind will be that of prosperity and happiness living in liberty under limited decentralized governments, rather than living lives of suffering under giant centralized socialist police states and or world government, whether such governments be Muslim or secular. May God save us from such a fate is my prayer. Give me Liberty or Give me Death... American Patriot, Patrick Henry 1776.

  17. Anonymous21/12/10

    I agree with the tone of the article but weren't there some similar behaviours among the Old Testament guys as well?

    1. Anonymous20/1/14

      Yes there was but they evolved! You dont see this reoccuring and with the new pope, most priest and cardinals are banned and excommunicated for pedophilia. Everyone need to evolve or we are all screwed.

  18. When King David behaved immorally, he was condemned for it. Same goes for King Solomon.

  19. Excellent and insightful post.
    One should follow up with a read of ShrinkWrapped's discussion of the Arab mind - note two sections: Part X: Shame and the Female body (http://shrinkwrapped.blogs.com/blog/2008/04/the-arab-mind-2.html) and Part XI: Male Sexual Anxiety and the Danger of Female Sexuality (http://shrinkwrapped.blogs.com/blog/2008/04/the-arab-mind-3.html). It is worthwhile to read the entire series.

  20. Anonymous,

    The Torah routinely condemn Israeli and Judean leaders for their sins, to the point where they are viewed as 'bad' for private misbehavior, despite being successful at wars and serving the public (king Ahab, for example).
    The Quran has the exact opposite attitude, as it was dictated by the 'king' himself, and not by someone who could judge him according to a higher moral code.

    Knowledge is power, wield it well.

  21. Anonymous22/12/10

    Pakistan: 9-year-old Christian girl raped by a Muslim
    Muslim interfaith outreach in action.

    (Catholic Culture) Bishop Joseph Coutts of Faisalabad has condemned the rape of a 9-year-old Catholic girl by a Muslim man.

    “The incident is terrifying,” he said. “I met the victims and I expressed my regret to them. I believe we must consider a pastoral and legal strategy, in an effort to stem the phenomenon of the abuse of Christian girl.”

    “Such incidents occur frequently,” a local source told the Fides news agency. “Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right. According to the community's mentality it is not even a crime. Muslims regard them as spoils of war.”

    While the man who raped the girl has been arrested, “the family is terrified because the village is mainly Muslim,” Fides reports.



    Note the age of the girl - precisely 9 years old. So the Muslim rapist was within Islaimc law.

    Christians in Muslim countries are being systematically ethnically cleansed, by the instruments of murder, rape, church burnings and riot. Christians have no where to go.

    Meanwhile we have a rapidly growing Muslim population in the West, that threatens to destroy the cultural and historic roots of Western civilisation by sheer numbers. In the end this will lead to a catastrophic civil war. To avoid such a catastrophe it is far better to have a civilised exchange of populations - Christians in Muslim countries for Muslims in the West. Else look forward to a bloody civil war that will Bosnia look like a garden party.

  22. Anonymous22/12/10

    The truth about Islam should be run on mainstream mass media, if they weren't managed by dhimmis.

  23. Anonymous22/12/10

    I am Hindu in love with a muslim girl. the girl is scared about marriage topic, because she thinks that her family will kill hers. coz according to her community, girls who marry non muslims are considered getting raped and family looted and raped.
    I am from India, she is from Pakistan (The biggest terror supplier of the world).
    Ofcourse there's no fucking way i can marr her, but after researching a lot, i realize that this religion is indeed made by a mastermind (mohommad motherfucker ofcourse) and i really wish, infact i will make it my part time duty to find ways to take the mask of islam and make it naked to everyone. if all of us make swear to kill this burden from humanity, we will make it.

    i.e. HUMANZ
    facebook id : rockheart915@yahoo.in

    there's so much to tell. but its too night n m on cellphone..
    about muslim girls - i feel pity, they give their blind faith to allah, and allah tells their parents to cut her into six pieces if she insists on marrying non-muslim. the case seen in India when muslim girl's father cut her into six pieces coz she wanted to marry a hindu guy.
    and thats not all, if not chopped down, their allah is so merciful to make her sex slave of a muslim guy and making her "more muslim producing machines".

  24. Interesting contrast: Muslims saying that Mohammed was on a "different level" than ordinary men and therefore justified in committing child sexual abuse. Whereas Judaism teaches us that Moshe Rabbenu [Moses]was at a different, higher level of prophecy than anyone else before or since -- and, as a reflection of that, REFRAINED from conjugal relations altogether, despite being a married man.

  25. Anonymous23/12/10

    King David didn't do anything immoral. Wasn't it interpreting the Torah in a literal fashion that got messed up religions like Islam started? While King David may have appeared to have been rebuked, most commentators hold that he didn't sin, just like Reuvain didn't sleep with his father's wife.

  26. G-d, the Prophet Shmuel and David himself all thought he did wrong. The only debate is over how wrong it was in the legal sense. Not whether it was wrong.

  27. Islam has nothing to do with a literal interpretation of the Torah, and Christianity is far from it. What other 'messed up religions' are there to apply that test to - Literalism, Facebookism?

    If the Torah can't be taken literally, it has no objective value. That's how today's rabbis can make up all sorts of imaginary tales to please the new age crowd, like how every war described in the bible is actually about the struggle of oneself with his internal desires, which makes people even more afraid to confront real evil.

    My my, these comments make me sound like a religious Jew. Now there's a sin for you.

  28. It should be clear from this and similar casuistry when it comes to Muslim conduct in war and the treatment of captives and enemies, that Islam is essentially about the worship of Mohammed, Allah was just his inner demon.

  29. Anonymous25/12/10

    to Ivan: There is indeed lots of speculation about the prophet being severely ill in the head, multiple things, there is a book about it written recently. To article: Strange world we live in, you could not broadcast that on TV, forget about reenacting the 'action'. Thanks Daniel.

  30. I think it is wrong to accuse Islam of everything bad.
    1. You mentioned yourself that in the time of Mohamed child-marriages were not uncommon BEFORE Islam.
    2. In practise Muslims, even the most traditional ones accept marriages AFTER the menarche. But that is the same as the Jews do: Bar Mitzvah is generally at 12 years of age. So originally all cultures took biological maturity: the point that children can become parents thenmselves, as the point acceptable for marriage. This was for Christians also the case, like marriages of kings till the 17th century confirm. So do not compare this with American Anglo-Saxian society started by puritans, whose most frequent activity is condemning all others.
    3. Islam did not do ethnic clensing. It is the religion that is open to all ethnic groups, more the Judaism or Christianity were in the past, especially in the Anglo-Saxian culture, where racism and discrimination often was sanctioned by the church.
    4. Islam is built on the Bible, the revelations of Judaism and Christianity: nearly all concepts are from this source and nearly all prophets too. If you oppose this, then you probably also have to oppose the Bible: Judaism and Christianity.
    5. In the Bible is stated that e.g. David also murdered his enemies by thousands like the soms: "Saul killed the enemies by thousands, but David by tens of thousands",singed by woman, that made Saul very jealous and made hum think to kill David. Also taking the belongings of the enemies was generally accepted in the Old Testament. So Mohamed did nothing new. He even gave enemies the possibility to continue their beliefs under certain conditions.
    6. In some points Islam is better than Christianity: the concepts of the sacred community (Ummah) as it is practised in many Moslim villages gives the people a sense of interconnectedness, feeling of love and friendship to each other, that is generally missing in Christian places, where the most common thing is making fights between followers of different churches or ideologies.
    I think it is right that Islam is the worst religion for women and girls: that is true. And that is a pity, especially when men and women are measured with two weights. However that is not the whole story. There are many good points.
    It turnes out that there are FEWER rapes in Islamic countries than in the Americas. There are a lot of Islam countries that are even safer than the US. People do have more a sense of friendship to each other, while in the western world many men have the feeling that other men are enemies.
    Another thing is that though women have fewer rights than in the western world, they are relativily not less happy. In the USA women have to be like men: have to work, do have no time for their children. In a sense you can say: the children are neglected, with all bad consequences therefrom. In Islam the mother is always present for her children. I think this is how a mother should be. I think women should have the same opportunities as men, but parenthood is more important than carreer.

  31. Anonymous5/11/13

    These muslims are really same as their prophet!!!
    Murderers and rapers!

  32. Anonymous23/4/14

    Unknown said: "There are a lot of Islam countries that are even safer than the US. People do have more a sense of friendship to each other, while in the western world many men have the feeling that other men are enemies."

    You've got to be kidding me. I lived in the so-called "safest area" of the Islamic world, the Arabian Gulf, and it wasn't safe at all. Women got raped all the time but the difference was that nobody talked about it. What woman in her right mind would complain about having been raped if everybody knows that the victims of rape are jailed for "sex outside marriage"?

    As for the "sense of friendship" you're talking about, Muslims are friends to one another, yes, but that "sense of friendship" is not extended to foreigners unless they come from the UK - the Gulf Muslims worship the British but don't care about anyone else.

    Nice try at taqiyya, though - how long have you been studying it, if I may ask?

    I feel much safer in the civilized world and as for you, if you think the Islamic world is safer, go back to the hellhole you came from. Your cooperation is appreciated and good riddance.

  33. Cookie23/4/15

    You should not call it "child abuse" - that is too mild. Call it what it is - paedophilia.

  34. Anonymous30/4/15

    Cycle of abuse. Traumatized minds. What better way to breed psychopaths and malignant narcissists.


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