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The Jewish People vs George Soros

I spent yesterday evening in the company of a man whose grandfather spent much of the Holocaust dressed in a Nazi uniform. The difference between him and George Soros, is that he used that uniform as a disguise in order to find Jewish refugees and lead them to shelter. And that difference is a profound one. It is the difference between a perpetrator and a rescuer. Between a collaborator and a hero.

Soros did not wear a Nazi uniform, but he might as well have, because he aided in the persecution of the Jews of Europe, without compassion, without guilt and without regret. Various excuses have been made for his actions, and none of them hold the least bit of water.

Yes Soros was only a teenager at the time. So was my father, who nevertheless escaped to join the partisans, rather than accompanying a Nazi officer in his search for Jewish property he could loot. He had no choice? He certainly had a choice. Even in the worst of times, people still can and do make moral choices. And the choice for everyone, for Jews, Germans, Ukrainians, Poles, Frenchmen and so on down the line-- was to collaborate with evil, or to do the right thing.

George Soros made the wrong choice then. As he has made the wrong choice over and over again. And he has never regretted any of them. And the one thing that clearly emerges from that, is that he has no understanding that evil is wrong. That participating in the persecution and murder of Jews is wrong. He didn't know it back then, while the Holocaust was going on. He doesn't know it today, when he helps set up and fund organizations like J Street, whose sole purpose is to help the Muslim terrorists who are murdering Jews today.

The liberal media which is busy defending Soros as a victim of the Holocaust and a survivor should find the bare decency to remain silent for once. To call Soros a Holocaust survivor is an obscenity. Soros was not victimized by the Holocaust. He was never targeted by it. He was on the other side of the line. The side that was pulling the trigger, running the gas chambers and sorting the gold teeth. Soros was not a victim, he was a perpetrator. Yes, he was only a teenager, but we do jail teenagers as accomplices to crimes much milder than that of collaborating in genocide.

Liberal using charges of Anti-Semitism to silence critics of Soros is one of the most profoundly cynical exercises imaginable, by people who routinely mock the idea that their bias again Israel is in any way motivated by Anti-Semitism. It is all the more cynical, because Soros has described himself as growing up in a "Jewish, Anti-Semitic home" and suggested that Jewish behavior causes Anti-Semitism. Defending criticism of a billionaire Anti-Semite as Anti-Semitism is thoroughly surreal. It's an inversion of the meaning of the word that punches a hole through reason and all the way over into the other side.

Soros has funded organizations that actively promoted Anti-Semitic smears against Jews. MoveOn's bulletins have linked to sites like CounterPunch, a site which actually published an article in defense of blood libels. One bulletin linked to pieces which accused Jews of dual loyalty, claimed that a small group of Jewish elites monopolize foreign policy and began with a "special feature" from former Klansman, Senator Byrd. All this is from an organization funded by George Soros. A man so reviled within the Jewish community that his funding for J Street had to be kept secret for fear of a backlash against the entire group.

The media's implication that criticism of Soros is an attack on Jews as a whole is mind-bogglingly false. When even an organization aimed at liberal Jews actually has to hide its Soros funding, it is safe to say that Herr Soros is not representative of the Jewish community. After a failed attempt to scam money out of a Jewish charity in his youth, Soros has avoided Jewish organizations and Jewish causes. J Street is one of those exceptions, only because it is an Anti-Jewish organizations masquerading as a Jewish organization.

Soros has said that he doesn't want to be part of any Jewish national existence, and that the solution to Anti-Semitism is for Jews to "give up on the tribalness". His narrative has always been to blame Anti-Semitism on Jews and on Israel. And frankly that is the essence of what Anti-Semitism is. Blame the victim. And there's every reason for Soros to do that. because he helps the perpetrators. And that seems to have been a lifelong hobby with him.

Soros' father identified with Germans, more than with Jews. Like some of that type, he wanted to be more German, than the Germans. After Nazi Germany fell, George seemed to hold a special animus for the countries that had defeated the Third Reich. His political and economic primarily war targeted America, Europe and Russia. The countries and societies that had destroyed Hitler's dream of world conquest. Whether that is deliberate or not, is not a question I can answer. But if Soros had strongly resented the Allied forces that shut down National Socialism, then his likely course of behavior would be the same one that he has followed. To find weak spots in the system, exploit them to make money and then use that money to bring those societies and countries down.

Over the years Soros has made it very clear that he doesn't like Jews, and doesn't want to be associated with them. This wasn't an aberration that developed during the Holocaust, but runs in his family. His father changed his last name from Schwartz to Soros. His ex-wife has stated that Soros' mother disliked her, because she was "openly Jewish". In his biography, Soros agreed that his ex-wife's Jewishness was the problem. He even referred to his own mother as a "Jewish Anti-Semite". Indeed Soros' mother disliked Jews so much, she ended up converting.

George Soros has not converted, but he considers himself an atheist and like the rest of his family, is hostile to Jews. He has mentioned an "antipathy" to Jewish organizations, one which he dates back to his time delivering deportation orders to Jewish lawyers. At one point he describes his Jewishness as a "secret shame" that required psychoanalysis. While Soros has said that he has no guilt over his Nazi collaboration, he apparently did feel guilt for whatever Jewishness he still felt he had. That is not the attitude of a moral man, but of a man who enjoyed being a Nazi, but hated being Jewish. With that kind of attitude, it's no wonder that Soros acts the way he does.  

But having excluded himself from the Jewish community and having waged war against the places and countries where Jews are secure-- having even funded Anti-Semitic organizations, he has absolutely no right to try and hide from criticism over his political activities by using his front groups to denounce critics as Anti-Semitic. Certainly not by claiming to be a Holocaust survivor, when he was actually a collaborator. His front groups have produced and circulated materials that accused American Jews of secret conspiracies, that certainly meet the same test that his front groups are now using to argue that Beck is engaging in Anti-Semitism.

But Soros is never held to the standards of the people he wages war on. Soros destroys the savings of British pensioners, while using the money to fund left wing groups which claim to care about the plight of the poor. Now left wing groups which promote Anti-Semitism are accusing Soros critics of being Anti-Semitic. To them it's just a word. Another weapon they can use to promote their agenda. To us however it's not just a word. It's a reality. It's a reality that Jews have been living with for a very long time now.

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have survived persecution, outlived genocide, and every form of oppression under the sun. And during all that time, there have been Jewish survivors and heroes, and collaborators as well. The upcoming holiday of Chanukah is the story of Jews who refused to collaborate. On the other hand, the story of Soros is the story of those who brought pigs on altars. Who hated their Jewishness and eagerly sought to join with the oppressors. Soros is only one of that number. But it is not the collaborators or the traitors who continue on. They die and turn to dust. Their malice may be great and the harm they cause terrible, but like all mortals, they still perish and pass away. But the Nation of Israel, like the lights of the Menorah, go on.


  1. I'm glad to see that you're touching upon this subject Daniel. I have for years believed Soros to be one of, if not the most evil human being on the planet.
    It is oh so fitting that the current resident of the White House considers him to be a friend, and council.
    George Soros has a very special "reward" waiting for him when he finally dies, which BTW, can't come soon enough.

  2. By the way, the story of that gentleman's grandfather that you referenced can be seen, if I'm not mistaken, in the documentary "Unlikely Heros".
    Truly inspirational, and a wonderful counterbalance to the unspeakable evil that is George Soros. http://www.starz.com/titles/UnlikelyHeroes

  3. "But the Nation of Israel, like the lights of the Menorah, go on." - YES!!!

    I am tired of people saying he was a "survivor." Thank you Daniel for this well-written article. Soros is the most evil and he will turn to dust..he is not as powerful as he thinks.

  4. I appreciate the truth being told! The Progressives and Left will now try to shame all those who speak ill of Soros because he is their sugar daddy. He funds their causes and has done much to harm America by the use of money he has looted from nations using the system.

    Soros is a scourge upon Jews! All that defend this man who are Jewish bring nothing but ill will and disgust toward the Jews. Beware who you defend. This man brings not light, but darkness!


  5. mindRider14/11/10

    When Haaretz newspaper a few days ago posted an article about the Glenn Beck on Soros show of Fox news, the former was indeed accused of anti-semitism. On the comment list everybody who spoke out in favour of Glenn Beck was depicted as being an ignorant, rightwing redneck. It remains a mystery why so many Jews suffer from extreme self-hatred and instead of quietly converting to whatever religion or absence off is their liking, feel the need to a destructive slander and smear all things Jewish.

  6. All I want to say, is that back in the day the Mossad knew how to deal with such problems.
    And it's all too bad these days are gone.

  7. 4infidels14/11/10

    I am so disgusted that the ADL chose to call Beck an anti-semite for his shows on Soros. Beck bent over backward to give Soros the benefit of the doubt, something he doesn't deserve.

    As far as I am concerned, George Soros hates me, because I am a living reminder of everything he wants to run away from, to avoid, to pretend doesn't matter and to destroy. He can't stand that despite the challenges, I have chosen to remain a Jews, to identify with the Jewish people and support the only sovereign Jewish nation-state the world has seen in 2,000 years. He also can't bear the fact that I am a patriotic American who doesn't think the world would be a better place if America subsumed its national sovereignty to the United Nations or other international organizations.

    For millennia, there have been Jews who have sought ways to escape the "stigma" of being Jewish, by falling for (or developing) all types of ideologies that promised to find an alternative way for mankind to organize itself so that nationality, race and religion would not matter or might even disappear. Many of those "solutions" have ended bringing increased suffering to the Jews, whose unique identity ultimately posed a problem for any universalist ideology. Ancient hatred don't easily fade away and scapegoats are always convenient so that even the assimilated or converted-out Jew is still seen as a Jew and remains a target.

    Have you ever noticed that the most anti-semitic Jews and the most anti-Israel Jews often embody the worst stereotypes that have been tagged to our people? They not only increase anti-semitism by giving a Jewish voice to the accusations of our enemies, but they also increase anti-semitism through their immoral, disloyal and selfish behavior.

    In the battle of Soros vs. the Jews, the ADL has chosen to look over the transcript of Beck's shows with a fine tooth comb to find a way to interpret a sentence here or there as seeming to confirm an anti-semitic stereotype, when in fact the gist of Beck's program was that Soros is nothing like the other Jews and has been their determined enemy all his life. In the battle of Soros vs. the Jews, the ADL sided with Soros. And that confuses our allies and keeps our own people from knowing friend from enemy. Who will speak up for the Jews, if doing so will get you labeled an anti-semite by mainstream organizations?

  8. It is monsters like this who support militant Islam.
    Thanks for reminding us of Channukah and not to give in for one moment to ungodly men. There's at least one Antiochus Epiphanes in every age. But the God of Israel is faithful and He will never let His people down.

  9. megapotamus14/11/10

    If Soros is a Holocaust survivor then Hitler is a Holocaust victim. There is an amazing bit of pushback on this exemplified at Commentary. They assert that this sort of fact-based examination of Soros' early career is of a piece with, say, Egyptians calling Zionism Naziism. This is truly twisted, sick and frightening. And I'm not even a jew.

  10. I worked with/for a true Survivor. He too was a teen and he rescued thousands of Jews out of Europe, namely Austria and was instrumental in navigating the boats in the "illegal immigration" to Palestine. That's a hero. May he rest in peace and his name be inscribed in the book.

  11. "But the Nation of Israel, like the lights of the Menorah, goes on."

    Because of G-d's intervention!

  12. Anonymous14/11/10

    As a Christian, I appreciate you speaking out and know that you have many God loving Christians on the side of Israel despite how our government acts. You are in our prayers each day. Thank you for this story of a teen who made the moral choice.

  13. Anonymous14/11/10

    Daniel, if there is true evil in the world, & I think there is, Soros is the perfect picture for it. He really does hate America & enjoys dividing Americans to the point where we are all fighting one another. Good article!

  14. Anonymous14/11/10

    It's time to stop linking Jewish and Soros in the same breath. The Jewish community, deserves better!

  15. 1.) Collaboration with last century's antiochus was certainly an evil crime.
    2.) "Conversion" is not. Please be tolerant of your Christian allies.
    Carey Rowland, author of Glass half-Full

  16. I didn't say conversion was a crime. I said it was part the antipathy of Soros' mother to being Jewish.

    Tolerance works both ways.

  17. nanette,

    indeed he's not. His kind have come and gone before.

  18. 4infidels,

    the ADL, or rather Foxman, has a way of going both ways on issues. So I don't pay much attention to the ADL. It exists mainly to make statements.

  19. Marc, obviously. The Menorah represents the divine light.

    Anonymous, yes indeed

  20. Considering Soros' pathological approach to Jewishness and his advanced age and his politics-- that seems wildly unlikely, at best.

  21. Amy Ruth14/11/10

    Thank you for this accurate, incisive summary of Soros' past. The fanciful biography on his website is outrageous. Will American Jews remember Soros' close connection with the Clintons if HRC runs for President in 2012? Recommend the wonderful film "100 Voices--A Journey Home" http://www.100voicesmovie.com/

  22. TLW said: ".......The real question is whether Soros will outrow his daddy and see the light and reaffirm his Jewishness and maybe even leave his fortune to Israel, it's not impossible, he's not getting any younger."

    Uh-huh, and had he lived, and given time there was a chance Hitler would've made Aliyah and joined a Yeshiva.

  23. Soros, a Jew hating Jew (if that) who hides behind "anti-Semitism" when found out gets support from the Jewish Defense League? They are no better than Kapos either.

    Annoying that Soros can use his very own 'Media Matters" to spread this dreck around, and leftist subversives in "J-Street" (also Soros financed) and Haaretz spread it around like the AIDS virus.

    Thanks for this, Daniel. Great article!

  24. why delete my comment and not give me credit for the jpegt?


  25. T.L. Winslow (TLW)

    To think Soros will somehow come to his senses, repent and return to the bosom of his people is delusional! That's about as likely as me becoming a billionaire.

  26. thank you Sheik

    reliapundit, your original comment looked like spam and didn't mention anything about credit. I didn't get the picture from your site, but if it's your original work, I have no problem giving you credit.

  27. Anonymous14/11/10

    Great article!

    How has humanity lost its ability to differntiate between good and evil?

    I am glad you're righting articles such as this and during the weeks leading up to Chanukah.


  28. To compound Soros's fumbling in the world arena in the affairs of Israel, the name Soros is to many another epithet describing the fictional "World Jewish Conspiracy".

  29. The word Soros is greek for "coffin"

  30. Reliapundit,
    You should put a copyright symbol on all your photoshops. alt0196 will do that for you. :)
    Also, your other comment was in spam as had jibberish,which has been a problem in blogger lately.
    no one intentionally deleted your comment.

  31. That Soros so liked Hitler as he apparently did, Soros being an avowed socialist, can only mean that Hitler was indeed a socialist, after all.

    The only problem with Hitler's socialism as far as socialists go, was his anti-Jewish racism - and that is not at all a problem for Soros, apparently.

  32. so: you'd rather change the jpeg than credit me!?

    asshole asshole.

  33. Reliapundit,

    I would rather not deal with crazy people. If it's all the same to you.


  34. Don in Boston16/11/10

    Another baseless attack on a Jew using the usual age-old accusations of some kind of wideranging conspiracy involving Jews taking over the world.

    We've seen all of this before and this is beyond shameful.

  35. Don,

    are you referring to Soros funded groups such as Media Matters and Think Progress spreading accusations about Jews controlling foreign policy for the benefit of Israel?

    You can't be referring to Soros, because he hates even being thought of a Jew.

  36. Even with a George Soros roaming this earth, as you express, "the Nation of Israel, like the lights of the Menorah, go on. Last year I enjoyed telling my grand-niece about Chanukah. She seemed to grasp it as a tradition she should know. That was Thanksgiving. A few weeks later I lit my Mennorah and my neighbors came up and we celebrated (my understanding and theirs). One always puts up a Christmas tree I visit.
    See, my two neighbors are Jewish and my grand-niece and I are Roman Catholic.
    But, I believe, as you expressed, "the Nation of Israel, like the lights of the Menorah, go on."

  37. Anonymous16/11/10

    @Don - your comment leads me to believe you did not read one word of Sultan's article. Like the ADL, you must exist merely to make asinine statements!

  38. Soros apparently had two "jobs" as a 13 and a 14 year old Nazi collaborator. His first job was to be a “courier” delivering notices to Jews instructing them to pack up food for a two-day retreat, which was really their round-up for the death camps. Only after this did he help his adopted godfather confiscate Jewish property from Jews who had been sent off to the gas chambers.

    According to Jewish Law if one's life is threatened, he is not allowed to be complicit in murder in order to save it. Yet, one is allowed to steal in order to save his own life. Therefore his first job as a 13 year old deliverer of notices to report to a two day retreat to the Death Camps is condemnible, but his second job of helping his godfather steal Jewish properties is actually permissible in accordance with Jewish Law. His lack of regret for both roles along with his statements that these were the best years of his life is awesomely horrendous. To steal to survive should have been accompanied with a resolve to compensate his victims after he became a billionaire after the war.

  39. Anonymous19/11/10

    Soros may not be a good Jew and you're free to be as opposed to him as you want, politically, but your condemnation against him for what he did during the Holocaust is disgusting and completely out of line.

    As the grandson of camp survivors and an observant Jew, I hold nothing against him for what he had to do to survive the Shoah. Do you also condemn every other Jew who posed as a Christian to survive? How about those who worked in the camps helping to lead victims to the gas chambers or pulling their gold teeth after they died? What about those who sorted through the victims clothing and luggage for valuables? My grandfather had a job as a bricklayer in Auschwitz helping to construct buildings. Does that make him a collaborator? What about Jewish mothers who inadvertently ended up suffocating their babies while in hiding so as not to be discovered?

    You have no right to make judgments on the actions of European Jews during the Holocaust. They had to make unimaginable choices in order to survive. They may have done things that under normal circumstances would be deemed repugnant, but these weren't normal circumstances, by any means. If he’s as bad as you say he is, use the rest of his life’s actions against him, but leave his Holocaust era history out of it.

  40. You're free to forgive Soros if you like, or any Nazi of your choice, but it does not change an iota of the facts.

    Soros did not just do what he had to. He enjoyed what he did. And he has no regrets afterward.

    As an observant Jew, you should know quite well that someone who has no regrets for his actions, cannot be forgiven.

  41. Anon, it is pretty bizarre to compare the volunteer contributions to the Holocaust from Jews living free on the street with prisoners forced to work or die. All those who labored in death camps knew that when they quit working, or couldn't work any more, they would be dead. And they knew that prisoner labor was always rotated into an executable status to keep prison labor ignorant about prison affairs. There was no future in being prison labor in the death camps. Everyone was doomed and they knew it.

  42. Why is this disgusting pile of trash still walking/breathing amongst us? He should have been thrown away long ago for war crimes; as he is guilty of them and freely admits to his activities, since he has no ability to determine right from wrong. Get him out of our society pronto!

  43. Anonymous17/11/15

    old monster still doing evil
    common grim reaper
    do your job!

  44. Anonymous18/8/16

    I have just become aware of this article via a re-post on a Youtube video where Soros says (in a Croft interview) that ww2 was the best time of his life...

    Congrats for another Great article! Keep on your good work!

  45. Infidel19/8/16

    Hey great article! I didn't know you were already writing on this topic way back then (I didn't know about your site back then). Have to give you even more credit than I already do, for understanding these issues. Took me so long to figure it out (I had studied his economic theories back in the 1980s but didn't take his political theories seriously).


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