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Goodbye Columbus, Goodbye America

Columbus Day, once considered a major event, has been undergoing a decline in recent years. Columbus Day parades have met with protests and some have been deemphasized or outright eliminated. In Denver, the Columbus Day Parade was met by protesters holding signs, such as, "Kick cracker bums off Indian land". John Hickenlooper, the Democratic candidate for Governor in Colorado, helped fund violent anti-Columbus Day protests, which featured multiple arrests. In Santa Barbara, a rally will featured a hanged Columbus effigy.

In California, Columbus Day has become Indigenous People's Day, which sounds vaguely like a Marxist terrorist group's holiday. But while it's tempting to put that down to California's political correctness, in South Dakota, Columbus Day became Native American Day, and that is a trend that other states are likely to follow, as protests continue to grow. And while none have thus far followed Venezuela's lead in renaming it Día de la Resistencia Indígena, or Day of Indigenous Resistance, which actually is a Marxist terrorist group's holiday, the whole notion of celebrating the discovery of America has come to be seen as somehow shameful and  politically incorrect.

About the only factor still keeping Columbus on the calendar in places like New York is his role in the Italian-American community, which has made many Mayors and Governors reluctant to toss the great explorer completely overboard. But the very fact that Columbus' place in history now comes down to a single ethnic group's pride, rather than his role in the discovery and development of the entire country, shows just how fragmented, American history has become. While Ferdinand and Isabella may have brought Columbus back in chains, modern day political correctness banishes him to the darkened dungeon of non-personhood, erasing him from history and replacing him with a note reading, "I'm Sorry We Ever Discovered America."

But this is about more than one single 15th century Genoan with a complicated life who was neither a monster nor a saint. It is about whether America really has any right to exist at all. Is there any argument against celebrating Columbus Day, that cannot similarly be applied to celebrating the 4th of July?

If Columbus is to be stricken from American history books in favor of ideological thugs like Malcolm X or Caesar Chavez, then America itself must soon follow. If Columbus' crime is that he enabled European settlement of America and slavery-- those same charges can easily be put at America's door as well. And if the settlement of non-Indians in North America is illegitimate, then any national state they created is just as illegitimate.

It is easier to hack away at a nation's soul by beginning with the lower branches. Columbus is an easier target than America itself, though the left now considers both to be colonialist and illegitimate. But Americans are less likely to protest over the slow banishing of Columbus to the politically correct Gulag of history, than over the banishing America itself, which after all was named after another one of those colonialist explorers, Amerigo Vespucci. And so first they came for Columbus Day and then for the Fourth of July.

The battles being fought over Columbus Day foreshadow the battles that will one day be fought over the 4th of July. And as Columbus Day joins the list of banned holidays in more and more cities and states across America, one day there may not be a 4th of July, just a day to remember the atrocities of the colonists against the indigenous inhabitants of North America, as we will be treated to PBS documentaries comparing George Washington to Hitler and calling the Declaration of Independence a colonialist mandate. Such documentaries of course already exist, they just haven't gone mainstream. Yet.

We celebrate Columbus Day and the 4th of July because they are part of our history. More so because without them, there would be no American history. Had the Aztecs, the Mayans or the Iroquois Confederation developed the necessary technology, skills and motivation to cross the Atlantic and begin colonizing Europe, the fate of its native inhabitants would have been far uglier. And the end result would not have been a system with equal rights and political freedoms.

To Americans, the Alamo is a shining moment of heroism. To the Mexicans who were themselves the inheritors of a colonialist empire far more ruthless than anything to be found in North America, the entire war represents an American plot to conquer Mexican territory. Choosing which version of history to go with is the difference between being an American or a Mexican. A nation's mythology, its paragons and heroes, its founding legends and great deeds, are its soul. To replace them with another culture's perspective on its history is to kill that soul.

And that is the ultimate goal of political correctness, to kill America's soul. To stick George Washington, Patrick Henry, Jefferson, John Smith, James Bowie, Paul Revere, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin and all the rest on a shelf in a back room somewhere, and replace them with timelier Marxist and liberal heroes. Move over Columbus, Caesar Chavez needs this space. Forget Davy Crockett, the heroic General Santa Ana who was caught fleeing dressed as a woman will now be our hero for his resistance to colonialist imperialism. No more American heroes need apply. Followed of course by no more America.

This is how it all begins. Probably the final bit of politically correct lunacy is a headline in the Columbus Dispatch about the Columbus Day festival in the city of Columbus, Ohio. It reads, "Italian Festival honors controversial explorer with its own Columbus Day parade". Once the great discover of America, Columbus is now called "controversial" by a newspaper named after him, in a city named after him.

Can the day when USA Today has a headline reading, "Some cities still plan controversial 4th of July celebration of American independence" be far behind?


  1. It is all very, very strange. Columbus may have been Italian, but his project and probably most of his crew were Spanish. Columbus is the reason that everyone in South and Central America speak Spanish. You would think there would be something PC about that. Columbus had nothing to do with the "discovery" of North America, there was very little Spanish exploration of North America, especially compared to that of South and Central America. The only real exception was the exploration of California by Spanish priests which is where all those Spanish names come from. California was sparsely populated by the Spanish and didn't excite a lot of interest in them because, at the time, there was no gold there.

    That came later.

    But it was the English who discovered North America, and a good thing too. The Spanish were pretty wretched as colonists and the influence of Spain and its religion, Catholicism, is a good part of the reason South and Central America are such social and economic wastelands.

    Everyone owes Columbus a great debt for his courage and intelligence. It was a first step in mapping out the bounderies of human existance which has benefited everyone, even when colonialism has been such a source of suffering. It's something that everyone had to know sonner or later. Maybe it should have been a more worthy interest that got it started, but it could have been worse.

    Imagine if Muslims had made the discovery.

  2. True that Columbus was taken in chains back to Spain. But afterwards he was restored all his wealth (but not his power).

    As a descendant of Caribbeans, I can see both sides. While part of me feels like those people with the agenda of denouncing Columbus day are really more out to "boo" Americans rather than care about understanding or showing compassion to the Indians, the fact remains that Indians suffered. Blacks in the slave trade suffered.

    Even more sad is the people who hear the "boo Columbus day" message and run with it, don't bother to explore deeper. They just see a youtube and that's it. They're bought Hook, line, and sinker! (Even as they enjoy the finer benefits of living in America!!).

    Which leads me to the other hand. There has been much good from the new land that is America. There is a reason why so many people are flocking to come and live in the United States.

    This holiday and others like it, could be a problem because of the multicultural society that exists. Most things will have a good side and a bad side; a winner at that time and the loser at the time. And since we can't change the past, I think the best we can do is celebrate the good parts of it brought forth.

    Anyway why are Indians in reservations still? Are they stuck? Can they get out if they want to? Maybe that ought to be a topic for Columbus day???

  3. The Vikings discovered North America.

  4. The British protestant settlers of North America brought with the a tolerant culture and opened the doors of settlement (in a relatively empty land) to all and sundry.

    It was the 'progressive liberals' who that shut that door.

    In Britain now the 'English' have no identity, it has been systematically culled by the undermining all the cultural anchor points.

    This society is already conquered by external forces.

    Television, and media manipulation is cheaper and more effective than concentration camps and institutionalised terror.

    The walls of 'prison Britain' consists of swathes of politically motivated 'pixels' broadcast relentlessly into British homes....

  5. Myriam van Antwerpen12/10/10

    I agree with what Paul says. I am reading a novel at the moment by James A. Michener :"Texas", it is not new, it was published in 1985. It is an honest blend of fiction and historical fact and it is always clearly indicated which is which. If you haven't read it, I can recommend it fullheartedly. It has 1322 pages and I am currently at page 574.

    Another point I would like to make, or a suggestion maybe. Since in the US immigrants or descendants of, seem to be targeted, in Europe it is the other way round, so maybe not indigenous Americans should emigrate and massively swarm over Europe. Maybe that way Europe will become sane again after which Europeans, descendants from Americans descendants from Europeans can Go back and bring America back to normal again.... Maybe I am dreaming and maybe my suggestion is totally crazy, for which I apologize but I thank you for your attention.

  6. mindRider12/10/10

    Columbus, having possibly been a converted Jew is highly suspicious to left wing intellectuals anyway. It fits their line of thought, skilful in history falsification as they are, to apply today's line of morality on events from the past and thus condemn a fearless explorer, turning him into a vile opressing colonialist. The left likewise tries to create the idea in the mind of the world that actually the Palestinian arab immigrants are the tru heirs of Israels ancient inhabitants instead of the Jews.

  7. crystal k.12/10/10

    " his project and probably most of his crew were Spanish". NOT his project, but probably the crew were !what else else could you expect, since his long-planned dream was finally realized by the ultra-catholic, fanatic Isabella-The-Catholic, who ONLY decided to finance Colombo's expedition in order to spread he religion beyond the ocean...! One more proof of the unholy characteristics of the powerful catholic church.. not only the Inquisition, but its old fanaticism and the consequent bloody persecution
    of millions natives all over the world. From the Portuguese discoveries in Brazil to Africa and to Japan, the 'Jesuitic Missions' tainted with blood the glorious episode of the discoveries ... that 'gave worlds to the world' as great Fernando Pessoa wrote.

  8. Anonymous12/10/10

    It's the same in every Western nation. The hypocrisy of the left really is nauseating. One minute, they promote mulitculturalism, they smear patriots as "nazis" and "fascists" the next, they're banging on about the rights of indigenous people. I believe it is about destroying the West and the people who created the best civilisation in the world. And sadly, many whites and Jews are all to happy to embrace their own destruction.

    Proud Brit.

  9. It's not so much about Columbus himself, but the symbol representing the discovery of America and the spirit of exploration.

    Obviously the Spanish impact on the New World mostly trended negative, but Columbus' voyage took place within a larger context, and Americans who celebrate it are not celebrating genocide, but the process of creating America. Which contrary to popular history was not genocidal, unlike much of what went on in Latin America. It wasn't always pretty, but the end result was a freer and better society than anything that preceded it. Certainly compared to the Iroquois Confederation.

    Columbus' voyage used to stand for perseverance, for defying the odds in pursuit of knowledge. And losing that would be tragic.

  10. Columbus himself may well have been a converso. His crew was largely fellow sephardim escaping Spain' expulsion order .
    Sephardic Jews had a huge hand in the new world from its beginnings.
    This is not popular with the powers that be of course.
    People hate that thought.

  11. You're right, Lemon. I believe he was a converso. In fact many of his logs had B'ezras Hashem written on them.

    I love the defiance in that seemingly small act of affirming his identity.


    But Columbus Day is about the discovery of America and the spirit of exploration.

    Sigh. Israeli continue to beg countries and people to recognize that they exist and American identity is fading away. Remember the prom scene in Back to the Future? The scene where Michael J. Fox slowly fades from his family's picture?

  12. You're right Lemon. I love the simple act of defiance he showed in writing the abbreviation for B'Ezras Hashem on his ship's logs. A simple but known throughout history. An affirmation of his identity.

    Daniel is right about the criticisms of Columbus Day. It is about the discovery of America and the spirit of exploration. Interestingly and sad that while Israelis are all but begging nations to recognize that they exist the US and American identity is gradually fading away.

    It's like the prom scene in Back to the Future. The scene where Michael J. Fox slowly fades from the picture of his family and then he actually starts to fade.

    Happy ending--his parents kiss and his family returns. Not that it has anything really to do with Columbus Day but I found it deeply unsettling that changing the past, one's family history, can obliterate the present.

  13. sabril13/10/10

    Also note what happens when the indigenous peoples of Europe express reservations about non-Europeans moving in.

    Do the Leftists support their "indeginous resistence"? Of course not. They are branded as racists.

    This is not about the rights of indigenous people, it's about finding excuses to beat up on whitey.

  14. Let us recall, for a minute, Columbus's basic mission. He was to prove a conjecture held among the scientific community in Europe at the time that the world we live on was round and not flat, with an edge. He firmly believed that the world we lived on was indeed round and that you could reach other land masses known at the time from a different direction. He thought that if one could find alternative routes to trade destinations in the East by heading West, there could be economic benefits. This was the idea that he pitched to the Spanish crown and it was the reason they backed his project.

    Nobody in Europe knew that the Americas, the land masses we know as North, Central and South America existed. There is evidence that there had been Europeans in North America long before Columbus, but if any record or rumor existed in Europe at the time, history does not record it. It is possible that Columbus had heard such rumors. But Columbus sailed West and found a series of islands that he was convinced were somewhere around East India. He called the natives "indians" and we suffer from his mistake to this very day. The native peoples of the Americas were not and are not "indians".

    Columbus's main achievement was to make the first step in exploring navigation to the west of Europe. He did not discover the Americas, that remained to be achieved later. He remained convinced his whole life that he had discoverd a part of India, the "Indies". Once news of land to the West was brought back to Europe, exploration began by many other interested parties and as exploration advance, only then did it become clear that a new land mass had been discovered. He did not even really discover that the world was round. It was only much later when a route around South America had been discovered that a trade route to the East by traveling West was discovered, proving that world really was round. It was never the economic boon that Columbus hoped that it would be.

    Columbus was not Jewish, he was a devout Catholic and much of the motivation for his relationship with the natives he found was based on his Catholic beliefs and they suffered mightily as a consequence.

  15. Maurice DePalma13/10/10

    Let us now recall the basics of Columbus' mission to the new world.
    It was to establish drive in theaters run by his Italian mob clan who had really financed his voyage to America.
    They already knew about America having heard the tales of easy money and booze from Louie "The Scootch" Miserendino. Louie, long the scourge of Napoli had gone on a bender one weekend and ended up in what would eventually become New York City.
    He spent a few days there sharing peace pipe and fire water with the locals.
    He knew a good thing when he saw it and sent his men back to take the land by any means possible.
    Thus was America founded.

  16. DePalma, your version is much more fun than mine. I really love a well told gangster tale.

    But you raise an important point again. Most of South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba, etc were at one time Spanish colonies. (Brazil and others were important exceptions and this is another scary tale) It was Columbus who made this possible. The first wave of ships after Columbus's discovery were all Spanish and Columbus and those who followed him claimed the "New World" as Spanish territory.

    Nobody would be speaking Spanish anywhere in the Americas if it were not for Christopher Columbus, an Italian.

    Lesson? If you want the Italians to benefit, make sure the Italians back your project. Otherwise, you'll get all the credit, but none of the loot.

  17. Anonymous16/10/10

    Good-bye Colombus? Good! The dirty, rotten, filthy #@%##*!

    No sooner did her set foot in the New World, that Columbus started writing about how good a slave, the Caribs would make. "A gentle, courteous people, that would give you whatever you would want. They would make good, docule slaves." So wrote Columbus. Then kidnapped them, and took them to SPain, as prize trophy "animals" to show them off to the Rulers. That is, the few that survived the coean trip.

    The misery and horrors of the 500+ years that followed, were uncounsciounable. Example after example of what NOT to do in order to get new territory.

    The Spanish, along with their vile "padres" - and jesuits, from the tip of South AMerica, to California, committed such vile horrors, that Stalin's and his cohort's doings, can be cfalled cdhild's play. And yet the church, opposes "communism!"

    Perhaps because they are rivals?

    With the horrors the Spanish committed against each other in its Civill War, you can easily see, they haven't changed one iota.They would do the same thing again, if they had the power to do so.

    They created a new races through rape, the Mestizos,and Mulatos, and everything in between, yet, today, we, the Heirs, are "person non grata" in Spain. We, who are, the same religion and culture. Isn't it irony?

    What the Spanish DO prefer are the African and Middle Eastern islamics, as immigrants. Immigrants that are giving ther much trouble and heartache.
    Good for them. It couldn't happen to better people. They deserve them.

    But again, what irony! Isabella the Goth, must be spinning in her grave. Bwahahahha.

    It would have been better if Columbus had never set foot in the Americas.

    He certainly is NOT appreciated or loved. Not by the Indigenous Peoples, who never celebrated Columbus Day, anyway. Nor should they. Nor do the Latinos respect him!

    Down with Columbus Day!

    You, celebrants, might as well, look further back in time, to see that America was "discovred" by a great many other Peoples,the Irish included, before this man.

    A Latina

  18. Miriam asked: "Anyway why are Indians in reservations still? Are they stuck? Can they get out if they want to? Maybe that ought to be a topic for Columbus day???"

    Native American Tribal membership provides a sort of mini-socialist model of life, due to Treaty agreements.
    There are land allotments for each family. New homes (3 bdrm 1 1/2 bath w/carport) built, payments from under $100.00, to under $200.00 per month (for people I know.. tribes may vary).
    Existing homes pass on to family members, and there are also cheaper new housing options, such as Pre-fab or mobile homes, so people need not opt for expensive ones. Housing is financed at little-to-no interest (I can't recall which, right now). Utilities are subsidized down to very low fees. Medical and dental care is 100% covered for life. When members turn 18, they get several thousand dollars (amnt depends on tribe).
    College & related expenses are covered, as is burial except for grave markers.
    This all stems from Treaty agreements, so is not considered Free.
    Generational thinking is very influential on all of us, Que no? Who would leave such housing costs?
    All the other socialized provisions apply to tribal members, no matter where they live.
    The rarest bird in America would be a Republican or Independent voter on the Reservation. I say this from the bias of, while knowing many Native American Christians, all are Democrats *to the bone*. Socialized EveryThing is deeply ingrained. Tribal life had similarities to this before Reservations.
    More so than the non-native left, due to a remembered history of only this, to vote against it is unthinkable.
    Tribes are making more entrepreneurial moves, but it is done collectively, not so much as individuals. The tribal leadership spends and disperses those profits. Casinos are big, because they are underwritten by gambling entities to begin with, and Tribes are tax exempt whereas individual earnings are not.
    To the extent of my personal conversations, socialized living concepts are deeper (when it comes to voting) than religious belief. I have presented the biblical aspect of blessing or cursing Israel to Christian NA's, but I get the impression that I am viewed as altruistic toward Jews. This being an issue of obeying God's command= blessing, and disobeying Him= cursing, seems a distant concept to my friends. There is an identification with holocaust victims, but that primarily triggers issues of their own historical suffering. The voting booth is for things that are closer at hand, i.e.; provisional entitlements which are considered skimpy repayment for past rip-offs.
    The irony is, Native Americans never believed that people could own land. Strict correctness is, their right to roam the country and USE land as a lifestyle is what was taken away. That is what reservation provisions replace. There are still rights to hunt, fish, harvest wood all without permit fees, and possess parts of protected birds of prey, which differs from non-native residents.

  19. Indians are not stuck on reservations. It is 100% Indian land. They are SOVEREIGN NATIONS, which I think many don't get.
    Indians are not underlings by any means.
    Those who want to end the reservations, which come from "to reserve" meaning sovereign nations reserved for them within US borders, want to erase all things Indian.
    American Indians dont want to be black or white. They are what they are and proud of it.

  20. Lemon, I spoke to Miriam's thoughts, wherein she wondered "Can they get out if they want to?" She did not assume that they want to get out. Indian LANDS being sovereign Nations is not at issue.
    Nothing was said about wanting "to end reservations" either.
    Who said anything about "underlings"? You.
    You seem to ardently identify with the sovereignty and cultural pride of these Nations.
    Oh yeah, I mentioned my Christianity.. way down in perceptions I encountered about Israel, or rather, the lack of perceptions.
    So I must want to erase Native American's identity, and not just convey biblical Israel to already-believing NA Christians? Those people do possess the same religious freedoms as everyone else, do they not? I did not convert them, they chose their beliefs.
    My point includes, that Sovereign legal status of Tribes does not automatically equate to Life On the Reservation actually being financed by the tribes themselves. Generations of dependence on Federal funding does form residents' belief in socialized EveryThing. Reservations are sustained by Federal money. Even the richest and most industrious Tribes continue receiving all Federal programs, regardless of whatever wealth they generate themselves. There is no general financial phase-out plan to this, according to Tribes eventually attaining self-sustenance. For you to respond to the facts with a somewhat emotion-driven defense, seems like more of a patronizing attitude than I have EVER seen from you, regarding any other populace within the US.

    You are mistaken if sentimentally equating these Nations with Israel. Your tax dollars are not sustaining Israel, while calling it sovereign. Furthermore, comparing ANY nation's level of sovereignty to that of Israel's demeans Gods Mind toward Israel.
    You speak for their rights, but I hope you don't hold your breath waiting for Israel to be a consideration at reservation voting booths. There is that tiny little matter of right vs left, and how entitlement-minded people vote.
    There could seemingly be a contradiction somewhere in the whole pride/sovereign Nations/(but) YOU-will-pay-for-it-forever picture.
    If not, then you Go Girl! Embrace your last liberal bone.

    Getting straight to Miriam's question: the answer is "NO. People on the reservation, as a norm, can not manage leaving the reservation, even when they WANT to." They are guided from birth to depend on it, not the Power Of Choice as an individual.

    You think I don't GET it? I have blood-related family who are tribal members, as well as many friends. I can't even count how many times, over the past 25 years I have watched young people TRY to "get away" from the Res. to break off addictive, abusive family cycles. They try to leave the whole area. It is just too hard out there, compared to coming back.
    I do not see any resemblance to that being truly free to choose.
    I would suggest about a quarter of a century's experience with some of that reality before you commit to being awestruck by the cultural rhetoric. Unquestionable generous cultural stereotypes are based on the same weakness as negative bias.
    The presumption of outsiders.

    Despite what I have said today, and any disagreement which could remain, I still highly regard you and your husband for the things I learn here, and especially for his hard work and commitment to truth as a whole. You have been working hard as well, and I enjoy your articles.

  21. 2sloe,
    I was just talking in general . Nothing was directed to you at all.
    I took Miriams question and remarked on it because it is how some think. I based it on David Yeagleys take on things.
    I did not aim my remarks at either you or Miriam at all. Just so you know :)

    Just used a part of a sentence to make a point aimed at anyone who didn't know that Indian reservations are sovereign nations.

  22. Lemon,

    Due to the order of postings I assumed your statements were, at least in part, a response to mine.

    Thanks for the smile. Glad you were still able to squeeze one out.

    :-) right back atchya!

    David Yeagley is highly unique.

  23. vcxcxcz27/10/10

    hey, Paul, so our lands are such a social and economic wastelands, maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Spaniards DIDN'T ETHNIC CLEANSE THE LAND AS OPPOSED TO YOUR FANATICAL PURITAN ANCESTORS, KICKED OUT OF ENGLAND FOR BEING FANATICAL SCUM, THERE STILL ARE LOTS OF FUGLY FILTHY INDIANS AROUND HERE!!!


    But what would you know, you heretical scum, you members of some of the hundreds of thousands mongrel offshots of the "church" expressly created by that vile sack of lard Henry VIII to marry his whores. And, oh, you were sooo good to the indians, did your pirate ancestors returned the gold they had stolen from the Spaniards to the indians? Of course not, you filthy descendants of English pirates and criminals, my town IS FULL of stories about ENGLISH PIRATES KILLING AND RAPING INDIANS, MESTIZOS AND SPANIARDS, FUCK YOU! Actually I'm kind of glad you're so screwed with those 3 million mohammedans you fuckwits let in Britain, and the 5 or so million you have in the States with Obama the mohammedan communist bringing in hundreds of thousands more as "refugees".

    The Spaniards made the mistake of mixing with the indians, Moctezuma's family married Spanish nobles and became Spanish nobility for instance, AND THE CATHOLIC PRIESTS HELPED the indians to keep some of their aboriginal culture and language. Instead, the north american indians who survived your depredations to this day are alcoholic or drug addict or both, live in reservations like endangered animals and run casinos therein, SO FUCK YOU you stupid assholes!

    BTW you English cunts colonized Pakistan, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa and what have become of them? they're the asshole of the world, SLAVERY IS STILL PRACTISED IN THESE PLACES, PAKISTAN IS A TERRORIST HUB. The English colonies like the US, Canada and Australia have had success BECAUSE THEY REPLACED THE NATIVE POPULATION WITH THEMSELVES, the Spaniards didn't do that, so cut the Spaniards some slack, you iliterate morons.

    To the other asshole, the indigenist one, I feel ASHAMED OF ALL THE SCUM THAT COMES FROM MY COUNTRY TO SPAIN: CRIMINAL, THIEVES, FREERIDERS, GANGSTERS AS THE LATIN KINGS, ÑETAS, listening to that sickening reguetón and drinking themselves senseless on every street, they are the ones responsible we are despised in Spain, you stupid cunt, not because of the color of their skin but because of their nationality. Now fuck you all, viva Christophoros Columbus / Critóbal Colón!


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