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We Won't Let Terrorism Stop Us From Appeasing the Terrorists

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington D.C. over the bodies of four of his citizens and one unborn child, murdered by Islamic terrorists. The media had spent a busy two days worrying that the murders might in some way interrupt the latest phase of the tragic farce euphemistically referred to as, "The Peace Process". Luckily for the terrorists, who are the sole and only beneficiaries of these and all other negotiations, killing Israelis did not prevent the Israelis from showing up at the negotiating table anyway.

Extending a hand
The media however doesn't think much of it, with multiple stories arguing that Netanyahu really doesn't want peace. Time Magazine took it further with a cover story arguing that Israel Doesn't Want Peace. Which is an inevitable assumption given that over the last two decades, Israel has turned over territory, weapons, houses, factories and cold hard cash to the terrorists. In exchange the terrorists have occasionally agreed to show up at the negotiating table, denounce Israel and demand more-- in between calling for a Jihad. Clearly Israel doesn't want peace.

Of course when it comes to walking across the bodies of his own dead citizens in order to shake the hand of a terrorist and a murderer, Netanyahu is a piker. Past Prime Ministers have shown up to negotiate after bus bombings with two digit casualties. They have sat across from Arafat, even as that greasy thug's henchmen were busy firing their AK-47's into the air in Ramallah to celebrate the last batch of arms and legs strewn across a shopping district by another martyr for Allah, Al Quds and Palestine. Perhaps when the terrorists manage to do more than kill four people, an unborn baby, wound a Rabbi, his wife and 12 year old girl-- and the Prime Minister of Israel still shows up ready to give away the store to the terrorists, then the US government and the media will be convinced that Israel is absolutely serious about peace.

Not that there's anything to actually negotiate. Abbas is an unelected dictator being propped up by the Obama Administration, and doesn't represent anyone. Also Abbas has announced that he will make no concessions to Israel whatsoever. He also announced that he absolutely refuses to recognize Israel. Naturally you won't find mention of this in the media. Certainly not in Time Magazine. There won't be any covers reading, "Why the Terrorists Don't Want Peace", just as you won't see any Time covers reading, "Why is Islam Bigoted?" The terrorists always get a pass. Their victims always get the shaft.

According to the media the biggest problem is Israeli towns (aka settlements) in areas that the terrorists want for themselves. One of those towns happens to be Jerusalem. If you believe the media, the obstacle to peace is not the murder of Jews by the terrorists, or that the leader of one of the terrorist factions has already announced that he is not willing to actually concede anything at the negotiations. No, the real problem is that there are Jews living in areas where they used to live before the armies of five Arab countries invaded their land, and ethnically cleansed the Jews from those areas.

In order to show good faith, Netanyahu agreed to freeze construction in those areas. What that means is Jewish residents can't build an extension to their house and farmers can't add a barn or a garage out back. People who have paid for a mortgage and began building a house for their kids have had to stop and wait. Because according to the terrorists, Obama and the media-- their home is an obstacle to peace. After the latest terrorist attack, some of the residents have decided to take matters into their own hands and begin construction work on their own. The media has run sensational stories about this "illegal construction", as if cement mixers and power drills, are more evil than drive by shootings and beating a man to death.

 Lance Wolf beating caught on tape

In Jerusalem, two Arabs beat Lance Wolf, a 60 year old American from Seattle, to death. Near Hebron, Islamic terrorists murdered Yitzchak and Talia Imas, along with Avishai Shindler and Kokhava Even-Chaim. Rabbi Moshe Moreno was driving with his wife when terrorists opened fire with an assault rifle from a passing car. Their car overturned and the terrorists approached to finish them off, just as had been done to the Imas family. But the terrorists' assault rifle jammed, Rabbi Moreno got his wife out of the car and took shelter behind a boulder. The media hasn't even bothered to cover their near death escape. And in Washington D.C. everyone nods and gets down to the serious business of deciding how much the terrorists need to be appeased this time.

Obama described the killings as "senseless slaughter". Given his loose attention to the words coming out of his mouth, it's hard to say whether this was another malapropism or cynical pretense. Because everyone knows exactly what the "sense" behind the slaughter is. You can see it on Palestinian Arab TV, read it in the speeches of their leaders and the charters of their organizations. You can find it in the Koran and Abbas' own veneration of terrorists as "martyrs". The sense is simple enough. Kill the Jews. Kill the non-Muslims. Subjugate the rest.

That is the sense behind the slaughter. That was always the sense behind the slaughter.

On the 1st of August, the last month of her life, Talia Imas wrote a blog post in which she quoted the following;

In the Arabic language and Arab-Muslim mentality the word "peace" doesn't exist in its European sense. There is peace among Muslims. There is peace when the infidels are subjugated and beg for mercy-- then they can be granted peace. And there is Hudna, when the infidel enemy is strong and his destruction is postponed for a time. Hudna, the long-term truce, that is the best we can get-- and only if we are strong.

A month before she and her husband were murdered, Talia Imas understood clearly why it would happen. Negotiating with Muslim terrorists is a sign of weakness. And weakness means the time is ripe for attack.

The Imas Family
In November 2009, the Israeli authorities took away Yitzchak Imas' weapons permit, because of his participation in the Temple Institute, a peaceful organization that attempts to preserve the Jewish claim to the Temple Mount, the site of two temples, which Muslims hijacked in order to build their Dome of the Rock. Yitzchak led groups to the Temple Mount to remind them that the site is part of the Jewish cultural and religious heritage. An act that upset and enraged the Muslims. To the Israeli authorities that made him an extremist, as anyone who upsets Muslims is considered to be an extremist.

Yitzchak Imas was disarmed and left unable to defend his pregnant wife and the other passengers in his car. Because by upsetting Muslims he had demonstrated that he was an "extremists" and had to be disarmed. Similarly by upsetting the Muslim world, Israel has demonstrated to the international community of diplomats and appeasers that it is an "extremist state" and must be disarmed as well. The same cowardly Dhimmi psychology that cost Yitzchak Imas and his wife and their unborn child their lives-- is driving Israel, and any country targeted by Muslims over the abyss.

Four days before her murder, Talia Imas recorded her thoughts on watching a documentary on the expulsion of Jews from Gaza, and on seeing the last remains of the Jewish towns and villages there.

"Except for mosques in which there are Islamic Universities, nothing is left. In place of all the towns, gardens, greenhouses, there is only sand, sand and sand. There is not even a sign of the life that was formerly there. Only at the end, the photographer reported that he had found the gray skeleton of a building, but he could not identify it. He sent me the photos and my breath stopped. It had been the synagogue in Neve Dekalim.

Job. This was the comparison I made. "The LORD has given and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD."

These are the words with which Bruriah also comforted her husband, R. Meir on the death of their sons. And the words with which Jews have so often accepted tragedy and loss.

That same day Yitzchak made plans to lead a group back to the Temple Mount in September. Four days later he and his wife were murdered. When the Muslim terrorists opened fire on his car and returned to finish them off, he could not fire a shot in self-defense. His weapons had been taken away.

Hillary Clinton described the Imas' as "Lost", but they were not lost. They were found. They had come out of the Soviet Union and the dark heart of Communism where religion was forbidden, faith was a crime and Jewishness an offense-- and found where they belonged. To the Clintons and Obamas, they are lost. To the left they were a blot on the land. To the media, they are a crime. And in Washington D.C., Obama and Clinton are working to turn over the home of their orphans to the terrorists who murdered their parents.

The Imas, who defied two totalitarian ideologies, Communism and Islamism, are not lost. They found the faith to defy evil. It is those who side with evil, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, who are truly and irrevocably lost. It is the Hadash mob in Israel, the petty actors and writers waving their hateful little signs and vowing a boycott in the name of a socialist solidarity with their Arab Marxist colleagues, now turned Islamist, that are lost. It is the politicians of the free world, in America and Europe, Australia, Israel, Canada and anywhere in the world who bow to evil-- who are lost. And if they are allowed to remain in power, those countries that they rule over will be lost too.

And now the "Lost" once again head off to more talks. Talks with terrorists whose leader has already announced that he make no concessions and that he will not even recognize Israel. And these are the "moderate" terrorists. The ones supported by American money and weapons, and Israeli electricity and tax revenues.

"We won't let Terrorism stop us from appeasing the Terrorists", proclaim our leaders. They may kill as many of us as they like, and we will take their side in every dispute. We will give them land and money. We will let them build a mosque at Ground Zero. We will betray our own, let them divide and conquer us, community by community, state by state and nation by nation. We will denounce anyone who resists as extremists. We will fight with our very last breath for the right to go on surrendering to terrorists. We will go on appeasing them until we are all dead or slaves. Then they will finally know that we were the "good ones", the tolerant and enlightened people. Good enough. Good as dead.

Which of these is not like the others?
The Peace Process is the process of Islam. The process by which Islamic supremacy is achieved through guile. The Arabic word for peace is Salaam or السلام . The Hadiths describe Salaam as one of the six rights of a Muslim. As-Salaam is also the name of Allah, the Muslim deity. Non-Muslims cannot be granted Salaam, unless they Taslim, submit to Muslims and their deity. To ask Muslims for peace, is to offer to submit to them. Is it any wonder if they take you at your word?

The Peace Process is only a fingernail on the gnarled hand of Islam reaching out for the world. Nations like Israeli, India and Thailand which have large Muslim minorities and share borders with Muslim countries are on the frontier, the firing line. But the invasion force has not stopped there. It is in Europe and Australia. It is in America and Canada. It is here right now. And those who insist that they will not allow terrorism to stop them from appeasing the terrorists, are worse than the terrorists. Because the only thing worse than a murderer, is the man who is paid to stop him, but lets him do his bloody work instead. In the name of peace. In the name of Islam.


  1. Lemon7/9/10

    The "peace" process with monsters of terrorism is a joke.

  2. BS"D

    American Jews who move to Israel are typically an asset to the nation. This type of Jew understands what freedom is, what government accountability is. We can sit here in comfortable America and criticize how the President, the Prime Minister are appeasing the criminals who murdered these good people.

    Or, we can vote with our feet. Our family is determined not to make the same mistake that was made during the Shoah, when many Americans clucked and worried over the fate of their European brethren, but failed to take meaningful, effective action.

    You can follow our journey back home at our blog (with permission from Mr. Greenfield). http://cohenstoisrael.com

  3. It's tragic and maddening. I know Jews have been persecuted for centuries but there comes a time when you just have to fight back and the most simple way is to say no and mean it.

    If Jews are not save in Israel where else is there to flee to for safety?

    I've been reading about the early days of Zionism lately. It's not like Israelis don't know how to fight for their lives.

    As for Israel and the US...screw accusations of Islamophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear. Our fear and anger is legit.

  4. Thank you Daniel. It's so hard to have common sense (aka Wisdom) in a senseless world. It makes you want to scream.

    Dvorah, thank you also for your blog. I will continue to follow your story. My husband is a medical doctor who has expressed interest in going to Israel to work for a while when he retires. I don't know how I feel about that, but like you, I will follow wherever my husband goes. I am a Christian, I love the land of Israel and the Jewish people, and I pray for real peace in Jerusalem. I hope you don't mind my telling you that.

  5. Anonymous7/9/10

    The most beautiful hesped I ever read. Rabin was the one to start the stupid trend of: "sacrifices for peace", he is the one who proclaimed: murders (of Jews) won't stop us from "peace" making. Why wonder it became worse and worse? We don't even retaliate for the murders! No punishment, nothing! We have become "the world" which in Munich continued the games after the killing of 11 Israeli athletes. It never happened, they are air in the government's and Tel Aviv eyes, dehumanized just like the Germans dehumanized Jews with a number instead of name, so are the "settlers", labeled by their own people, not enemies!Doesn't it say in the Torah: You will not stand by while your brother's blood is spilled! Netanyahu was disgusting in his licking up to the arch murderer Abbas, I just wanted to vomit, seeing what kind of government we have, spineless to the extreme, unable to defend its people anymore than the Judenrat could during the war.

  6. All we have is a choice of judenrats, but when was the last time we really had anything else?

    hence the problem.

  7. DG: yes, you captured the truth about what is going on. Everything is upside down and backwards. Good is being called evil, and evil is called good. So here we are: The labels on everything have been switched, and continues happening at too fast a pace for the mind to keep up with.

    Thank you so very much, Daniel, for interpreting the words of Talia Imas.
    It is like a dagger in the heart to read. As such, her words are what SHOULD be broadcast in the "news"!!! For it to remain hidden, ignored, smothered, (indeed; BURIED)..... is testament to the complete absence of pulse in both Israeli and American journalism.
    Bless you for publishing it, and may it not stop here. If this were any other news, such foretelling words of a murder victim would be heard over & over & over on TV.
    I would like to urge every reader to send out (at minimum) that portion of DG's article which refers to Yitzchak and Talia Imas' story and words.

  8. the media has hardly even given thumbnail bios of them, and there's a reason for that

    the media chooses to personalize those victims they approve of, and leave faceless those they do not

  9. Marlene8/9/10

    Yes, Daniel, the good among us are becoming more and more inconsequential, the murder of innocents has no consequence for the haters, and murderers. Who can explain these things? I sense your disgust and I wish you did not have to go into the High Holiday service with such feelings. I too am disgusted. And yet, I still have to cook my brisket and prepare my Matzoh Balls for those who are living.
    I am so emotional about this, I may not be making much sense. So
    I will end with wishing you and yours Shana Tova Mituka. I pray this year for G-d to open the eyes of the clueless.
    Roswell, GA

  10. Daniel,
    Indeed. Thank you.
    I understand the reasons. My comment would be more accurately stated as: "For it to remain hidden, ignored, smothered, (indeed; buried)..... is testament to the DEAD CONSCIENCE of both Israeli and American journalism."

    Which is exactly why we should do the exact opposite, how ever we can, with the Portrait you published.
    There are many readers here with significant blogs... but we all use email. For once, the copy/paste & Forward options could do something truly important.
    Also, I hope more blogs will display the link for donating to help the orphaned children. Not only to serve them with practical help, but so they can know that theirs is not a "faceless" pain & injustice.

  11. shana tova, hopefully a better year lies ahead

  12. yes, but more accurately warped, rather than dead

  13. At first I thought you were being too kind to the media.

    OK. A conscience without standards from G-d, I suppose exists within their own mind.
    However, men wielding the power of giving or with-holding "realness" to murdered people is a prelude to What?.
    Their perceptions facilitate the murder of people whom they have devalued.
    Overall, consciences today are increasingly dead to wrong doing.

  14. Anonymous11/9/10

    C'mon Netanyahu...haven't you read the Torah? DOES IT SAY in Dvarim that we will all live in Israel, all religions and peoples peaceably? DOES IT? No. Give the prophets some credit man, it says "If you follow their gods and learn their ways and do not DRIVE these people FROM THE LAND THAT I GIVE TO YOU- I WILL MAKE YOU THEIR SLAVES...I WILL DESTROY YOU" like that.. Give us a Jewish Israel, one that we can be free to BE JEWISH without persecution in. We can live without being converted, or our children converted BEHIND OUR BAKCS; sneaky bastards, or killed by THESE ISLAMICS who are clearly suffering from NOT HAVING ANY TOILET PAPER TO WIPE THEIR BACKSIDES WITH..It is making them pissy.. C'mon STAND FOR SOMETHING!

  15. Irwin Ruff7/2/11

    My suggestions for the Muslim terrorist "war" against Israel are rather extreme, but I feel that this is the only way to end the situation once and for all. First it must be realized that almost every country in the world is opposed to us, so the views of the goyish world make essentially no difference to us.
    That said, the first thing to do is to expel the Arabs from Israel, as per the suggestion of R' Kahane. This can be done in a humanitarian manner (such as they would never extend to us). Along with this would be the expelling of the anti-Israel foreigners (mostly far, far left) who come mainly to incite the Arabs to attack the Jews.
    The second step is more difficult: dealing with the far left Jews who in effect rule the country. We don't want to make them 2nd class citizens, such as they have made the nationalists, but we will have to find some way of curbing their over-reaching power while allowing for their essential Jewishness.

    P.S., My apologies for sending extended comments on what may seem to be random posts, even a couple of years old. I have just been steered to your blog, and I'm catching up. With the way things are re Israel, some posts from a couple of years ago are still very pertinent.

  16. Anonymous26/10/12

    tragic this administration makes me want to put my first through a wall ! may they rest in Peace


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