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Islam Means the End of Religious Freedom

At an Iftar dinner in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama proclaimed that he supports the building of the Ground Zero mosque as part of his "unshakable commitment to religious freedom". Which of course sounds very noble and good, until you ask a single question, Where is the religious freedom in the Muslim world?

Obama has made the case for Islam in America, on the grounds that America's religious diversity promotes the religious freedom of all. Islam no less than any other belief system. Yet if introducing Islam into America promotes religious freedom, then why is there no religious freedom in the Muslim world? Why are churches firebombed in Malaysia because Christians presumed to use the word Allah? Why are non-Muslims forbidden to enter the city of Mecca, from which Jews and Christians were ethnically cleansed by Mohammed? Why are Coptic Christians being oppressed and humiliated by the Egyptian government? Why are Muslims murdering Buddhist teachers in Thailand? There are a thousand examples, all of which add up to a single conclusion-- Muslims demand religious freedom, yet are not willing to give it to others.

This has ominous implications for the prospects of religious freedom in America. Nor is this a theoretical issue. Jews are fleeing European cities in record numbers because of Muslim persecution. The recent case of Malmo, highlights the fact that Islam actually threatens religious diversity. Simply to protect themselves, Malmo's 650 Jews were forced to spend half a million Kronor a year. The situation is much the same across Europe, as Jewish institutions are forced to become fortresses. What the Nazis did not succeed in accomplishing in Europe, the rise of Islam seems to be doing.

Nor are Christians safe, they are simply in the majority for now. But Christians and other religions were once in the majority in the Middle East. Until they were massacred and repressed by the tidal wave of Islam. Today the religions that were once a majority, whether it is Jews in Israel, Christians in Byzantium or Zoroastrians in Persia, have become oppressed minorities. Some may take comfort in the notion that "It can't happen here." But the fate of Europe's Jews, shows that it can happen here. And that it is happening here.

Religious freedom requires that the religions which enjoy it, agree to tolerate each other. If they do not, instead of religious freedom, there is a religious war.

Looking at the religious map of the world today, Islam has grown in non-Muslim countries, while non-Muslims continue to dwindle in Muslim countries. And even the number of non-Muslim religious believers in non-Muslim countries dwindles, when Muslims are introduced into the equation. If Islam were a fish in a fish tank, it's clear that it would be a piranha. If you put it into the fish tank, very soon you have a lot of Islamic piranhas and only a handful of other fish that survive, only because the piranhas need to keep some of them alive in order to feed on them. If you don't like that picture, take an honest look at the Muslim world, with its dominant Muslim caste and inferior non-Muslims living in the cracks of their walls, and draw a better one.

The question is do we want to import this into the United States? Because history and current events show that there is no better way to insure the end of religious freedom in the United States, than to introduce Islam into the picture. Over and over again, the rise of Islam has meant the eradication of religious freedom. And those who fail to learn from that past, will be doomed to repeat it.

Obama attempted to position his remarks as being against religious intolerance, but yet he spoke in defense of religious intolerance. Because what greater act of religious intolerance could there than building a mosque in a place where Muslims had previously murdered 3000 Americans? Nor are such actions unique on the part of Muslims, who have routinely hijacked other people's sacred areas and structures to make a statement about Islamic supremacism. If Islam were truly as tolerant as Obama claims, its adherents would not attempt to build a massive mosque complex that they do not actually need in this place.

And what of the Iftar dinner itself which Obama spoke at. The Iftar dinner is the nightly break in the fast of Ramadan. And what is Ramadan? It commemorates the revelation of the first verses of the Koran to Mohammed. And those first verses of the Koran conclude with, "Guide us the straight way, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger (such as the Jews), nor of those who went astray (such as the Christians)." That same verses appears in the daily prayers of Muslims.

Seen in that light, Ramadan marks the beginning of Islam's intolerance for other religions, as embodied in its scriptures. When Muslims schools teach pupils that Jews are apes and Christians are pigs, they are relying on the wellspring of hate already in the Koran. A non-Muslim country holding an event to mark any aspect of Ramadan is as mad as sheep celebrating their own slaughter.

Let's look at how some of the participants in Obama's Iftar dinner embody that famous Islamic tolerance. There is Hassan Jaber, Executive Director of ACCESS. "ACCESS paid for commercial driving lessons and attempts at hazardous material hauling certificates for two men convicted as part of the Detroit Al-Qaeda sleeper cell. Testimony at their trial revealed that the men planned to bomb the MGM Grand Casino and a host of other prominent US sites." (Debbie Schlussel). Access has funded a conference at which Sami Al Arian, of Islamic Jihad, spoke. There's also Ingrid Mattson, who is against any reform of Islam and places loyalty to Islam before America. There's MPAC's Salam Al Marayat, who has defended Hezbollah who has been described as having "disturbing sympathies for Islamic terrorists". Dalia Mogahed, an apologist for Sharia law and the subjugation of women. And those are only some of the names in attendance.

Finally let's turn to Obama's own enthusiasm for religious freedom. That enthusiasm was markedly absent when Caplin and Drysdale lawyers were intimidating conservative. churches. They even intimidated Jewish non-profit groups who wanted Palin to speak at an Anti-Ahmadinejad rally, by threatening their tax exempt status. Mortimer Caplin was a major supporter of Obama, and part of Obama for America. But Obama was not upset when his supporters were silencing the religious freedom of Christians and Jews.Which suggests that his "Unshakable Commitment to Religious Freedom" is actually rather shaky indeed. And appears to be reserved for Muslims. Which would reaffirm what Obama himself said in his own book; "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction".

His endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque is another case of Obama standing "with the Muslims" and against Americans of all other faiths, who want the freedom to practice their religion in peace without harassment, persecution and violence from the followers of Islam, who believe that all other religions are invalid, and that all forms of government and law that are not governed by the Koran, have no right to exist.

Religious Freedom must be defended, from all those who would take it away. The history of Islam is the history of genocide, oppression and ethnic cleansing practiced by Muslims against non-Muslims. Islam is the death blow to religious diversity and freedom. And nowhere better is that seen than Mecca, a city that was once a mecca for different religions, which is now barred to all but Muslims. Mecca is the Muslim ideal. And it exemplifies what they hope to accomplish.

Meanwhile, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the Imam of the Grand Mosque of Mecca, has praised terrorism saying "Allahu Akbar! These are signs of victory: Jihad has remained the only wining card and the light of hope in the hands of those sincere people among the Ummah". He has called Jews "scum of the earth" and "rats of the world", Christians, "cross-worshipers" and filled with "rotten ideas and poisonous culture" and had similarly charming things to say of Hindus. This is how the world looks from Mecca, the heart of Islam. And this is why Islam and religious freedom are incompatible.

Obama concluded his remarks by saying: "And we can only achieve “liberty and justice for all” if we live by that one rule at the heart of every great religion, including Islam — that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us." But that is not the rule at the heart of Islam. And this is not the first time that he has tried to sell that particular lie. But Islam never equates Muslims with non-Muslims, as Obama pretends it does. Its offer of brotherhood is only open to fellow Muslims. Its tolerance is only for fellow Muslims. And that is at the heart of the problem. And it is why the rise of Islam means the end of liberty and justice for all. To stand for liberty and justice is to take a stand against Islamic bigotry.


  1. Len61315/8/10

    This is the best article on the (Gd forbid) WTC mosque to date. It penetrates the heart of the problem.


  2. Excellent article. Len is right, it does go to the heart of the problem.

    Obama's support doesn't come as a surprise.

    Shavua tov

  3. Anonymous15/8/10

    Yes, this is a good column. However in dealing with Muslims it is probably better to not think of them as a religion, rather think of them as a destructive cult. Another way is to enter into their world, as in when in Rome do as the Romans do. Treat them as they treat their neighbors. Contempt has nothing to do with violence.

    With Muslims it's right to use street smarts. When they don't get in your face, don't get in theirs. When they show any signs of control freak behavior, don't back off. If the situation is out of control, put major pressure on government bodies as a group. Wishful Jewish and Christian thinking is very foolish.

  4. miriam15/8/10

    I feel like I"m watching a train wreck slowly unfolding.

    I care for America and I am so saddened that they are so asleep!

  5. Superb analysis of a recurring theme of Barry Hussein's speeches in defense of Islam.

    He is actively destroying America in every way a devout Marxist-Islamist can. We now have evidence of Imam Rauf, he of the proposed notorious 911 mosque, being comfortably present at a huge Hizb-ut-Tahrir conference in Indonesia in 2007 (http://weaselzippers.us/2010/08/14/ground-zero-imam-getting-cozy-with-hizb-ut-tahrir/). Hizb-ut-Tahrir is a suitable Marxist-oriented Islamist movement for Barry Hussein, banned in most countries except the US and the UK, which are slipping into virtually irreversible dhimmitude.

  6. mindRider15/8/10

    You are regrettably so damned right in your analysis. Where are the Muslim humanists, if any, to speak out in favor of diversity and religious freedom for other faiths?

  7. Utopian fantasies require scapegoats to explain their failure. Obama is a utopian of the Islamo-leftist variety and the Jews will be the usual scapegoats.
    Keep the great essays coming--and thanks for putting my feelings into words.

  8. Myriam van Antwerpen15/8/10

    Not only does it penetrate the heart of the problem it explains loudly and clearly what is waiting for the world if the world already accepts domination and dhimmitude before it is official.
    As always very well written!

  9. pschieber15/8/10

    As usual the Sultan is right. As a side note, it is interesting that every time Obama opens his mouth, starting with his Inauguration, he always mentions how Muslims " "contributed to this country" or this is a " Christian, Muslim and Jewish country." I belive it's a setup for the erasure of Christianity as the main religion in this country.

  10. Mikec15/8/10

    Westerners are vulnerable to 'dirty tricks' because there is an element of care in western cultures which stems from its JudeoChristianity. Both atheistic poligion and Islam will use political correctness as a dirty trick because it is our vulnerable point; because we care, we do not want to be called 'racist', 'fascist' etc..

    The atheists and the Islamofascists don't care, and are very happy to take our 'care' and throw it back in our faces in order to gain advantage.

    We can no longer afford t he luxury of being politically correct, and we can no longer afford to care about political correctness when the POTUS too, is trying to wheedle us into believeing his politically correct lies to further his obnoxious political dogma.

    Lets be 'racist', lets be 'xenophobic', let us acknowledge the SUPERIORITY of Western Culture; Judaism and Christianity!

  11. Great article, hits the nail on the head, enough with religious comparatives just look at the Muslim world and ask yourself if this is what you want. It can't get any clearer than this. It makes my head hurt when you say this to people and they start making excuses for the Muslim world and how this can't happen to America. But, I do think that making this comparison is one of the best arguments, no matter what kind of dimmie you are, you have to take pause and give it some kind of thought and know that it is kind of disturbing..elmore

  12. thank you all

    there have been a few critical responses from Muslim "secularists", but they are a minority. The GZ mosque was supposed to represent indisputable Islamic authority to do anything they wanted in America. Now the backlash is beginning to change that.

  13. As always, hands down the best description of Islam and what its true intentions are for America, as it is throughout the world. The "one" in the White House has lied so often he must believe everyone believes his latest stand with the Victory mosque at Ground Zero.
    As a side note, Piranha ... has one of Islams greatest promoters of wiping Israel off the map included in the name - P-IRAN-ha.
    Sultan, this is one of your very best writings ever and may it spread like a cry "One is by sea, two is by land" ...

  14. Anonymous15/8/10

    Another brilliant piece.

    It's so frustrating to see all this, know what's going on, have a good idea of what the future holds and know that there are people either asleep at the switch or apathetic (or even downright letting it all happen and helping it along).

    I just want to grab the powers-that-be and shake them violently until they wake up and/or wise up.

    G-d help us.

  15. Now Obama is trying to distance himself from his support claiming he was not commenting on a local NYC zoning ordinance issue but in his clarification makes it clear that he believes a mosque, church, synagogue or hindu temple should be allowed to build in lower Manhattan wherever they want.

    They're building a mega mosque but it's probably just a substitution. What they'd really like is the fuselage from one of the planes with the word Jihad on it.

  16. excellent piece - I've linked on Point of No Return

  17. Anonymous15/8/10

    The question is do we want to import this into the United States? Because history and current events show that there is no better way to insure the end of religious freedom in the United States, than to introduce Islam into the picture. Over and over again, the rise of Islam has meant the eradication of religious freedom. And those who fail to learn from that past, will be doomed to repeat it.

    The real trouble we have, is that the current predominant Liberal mindset of the West is unable to recognise that we are in conflict with an enemy that has been at war with us for 1400 years, and will accept no compromise except as a lever for further Islamisation. Islam and Muslims are mandated by Allah to rule over the Kuffar, seize his lands, money and worldly goods. No Muslim can contradict this, as he would then be an apostate, and thus a subject to be killed. The Liberal mindset cannot acknowledge that there is an ideology, which will not respond positively to charity and generosity. Islam/Muslims simply assume that as a sign of weakness, to be taken advantage off.

    The present drift towards a situation - Muslims becoming ever more numerous, and more demanding as a consequence, will eventually lead to a civil war, with countless dead and untold suffering. Humanity and compassion require that separation from Islam/Muslims be undertaken as a matter of urgency, or else we are looking to the demise of the West, or a civil war that makes Bosnia look like a garden party.

  18. Anonymous15/8/10

    The GMZ controversy is not about the GMZ mosque, or even the triumphalist proclamation of Islam on the site of its first North American victory, but an opportunity for keeping Islam preeminent in the public eye. That is always the objective for all Muslims. Obama may backtrack now, but that is not the point. He has succeeded in raising the profile of Islam to the international plane, which was never there in the first place. He can now withdraw his comments, as his main purpose has been accomplished.
    The best way forward is to seize the opportunity that the GMZ proponents have created to raise Islam, and use it to expose the reality of Islam. As they say, "never let a crisis go to waste".

  19. I congrat u for such an eyeopener article about islam.However i got frustrated when u did not mention about pakistan sponsored terrorism and sufferings of hindus due to terrorist strikes.How can u forget Mumbai attack by terrorists from pakistan?One of the victims of this attack was a jewish rabbi and his family! By KABIR LAL

  20. I haven't forgotten it and I've mentioned it frequently. However this article is about Muslim immigration into non-Muslim countries in the present day, rather than about Muslim terrorism.

  21. DG,

    "There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel."

    In this day & age, it is hard to find truth consistently being spoken.

    Be blessed & stay safe.

  22. It seems that it's the right time for the world to unite against Islam. They r following a very old strategy ie enter a state as minority until they become the majority , since they breed at a faster rate as compared to any other religion. After a few years when they r the majority its as simple as chasing , raping , murdering , extorting , killing the minority until they bow to their pressure tactics n convert to Islam. Is Kashmir for example they were the minority many years ago , Hindus were the majority but guess what! There r only Muslims as the majority in Kashmir today!!!! Surprised! This is their age old philosophy n strategy to out number the majority and chase them out of their own land. They have done this repeatedly over n over again in many countries. They enter a country very quietly as though they r innocent lambs until they become the majority n then it is when they reveal their beastly side. They have applied their age old strategy over n over again in many countries. Around 40% of the countries r totally Islamic. But it seems that their strategy n master plan of world domination might succeed. So the next question is what needs to be done ? The best possible answer is to unite the world against this epidemic of Islam. If a thief enters my house to take over my house I will not spare him but kill him, so the same needs to be done about Islam , kill them before they kill us!!! It is high time that the world unites against this evil cul. t called Islam. It is either them or us. Politicians all over the world will never acknowledged that Islam is a evil cult b cos they view Muslims (immigrants) as a vote bank best suited for their survival. This propagates the evil cult of Islam further b cos now they have political support now , they politicians now have fooled the majority by saying that we r only protecting the minority (Muslims). So this way politicians r giving political power to Muslims and at the same time misguiding the majority of the country. This is happening everywhere in Europe , USA , India and name any country. So this way Islam is getting more n more stronger b cos of politicians. I am a Hindu from India n have seen Muslims behaving then they r in majority , they start to behave like hyenas sensing their advantage in numbers n begin to show dominance and act irratic. This is a small but a very effective example to predict what they will do to the world once they suceed to become 50% of the world's population. They will ravage n fuck the world. This is for sure. We must finish them before they finish us all!!!


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