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How We Became the Proxies of Islam

The Romans started out using barbarians in their armies, until eventually the barbarians became their emperors. So too the Ottoman Empire began by using non-Muslims as Janissaries in their armies, only to have them nearly take over. Similarly there was a time when we tried to use Muslim countries as proxies in our wars. Today Muslims use us as proxies in their wars.

There was a time when things seemed very clear and simple. Nuclear weapons and the memory of the devastation that WW2 had brought, made a direct war between the US and the USSR too prohibitive to be seriously considered. So instead we used proxies to fight our wars for us. We needed to protect our oil supply, which meant that both the US and the USSR tried to form alliances with Muslim countries in the Middle East. But then the Soviet Union fell, and in that same year, US forces found themselves engaged as proxies in a war between Saddam Hussein and the Saudi Royal Family.

Of course we were protecting our oil supply, but who were we protecting it from? Russia was backing our actions. China was not involved. Instead we were fighting for one Muslim power against another. And what we were actually doing was the same thing that Westerners had been doing for a while. Serving as Janissaries, non-Muslim troops for the Saudi Royal Family. To provide some perspective on this, in 1979 when Islamists connected to Bin Laden seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the Saudi Royal Family imported French Commandos, had them convert to Islam, and then storm the mosque. In the last two decades, Bin Laden didn't try a doomed mosque takeover, instead he carried on a war against America and Europe. And once again we found ourselves fighting a proxy war for the Saudi Royal Family.

This was hardly the first time that Muslim terrorists had attacked Westerners in order to force them to do their dirty work for them. The PLO had made that the linchpin of their strategy, hijacking airplanes and setting off bombs, in order to force Europe and America to pressure Israel into giving them a state. And what's more is that the strategy worked. By now, it has become routine for Islamist groups to target foreigners, whether it is Australians in Bali or Israeli tourists in Egypt or American tourists in Israel or French tourists in Mauritania. The pattern is the same. The wannabe Bin Ladens murder Westerners, knowing that their governments will eventually get around to helping them achieve their goals either through diplomatic pressure, or another proxy war that will rally other Muslims to their side.

And how it got this way is very simple. The balance of power shifted, just as it did in the Roman Empire, and the rulers became the ruled. It didn't happen through overwhelming force. It happened because we let it. It happened because our politicians were too cowardly to stand up to medieval tribal leaders in burnooses, until a generation later, those same tribal leaders now controlled their entire economy. And immigration plus demographics adds the second potent threat of a voting base that doesn't mind torching cars when they don't get their way, or even when they do. This is the game we've been playing, or rather the game that's been playing us.

After Israel stopped a Gaza bound ship funded by an Islamist group, Labor's Harriet Harman demanded of UK PM David Cameron, what he intended to do about the British detainees. Cameron of course took the Londonistan line, as has every British PM in quite some time now. Now mind you, the British citizens imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and Dubai had not occasioned that kind of firm response. Rachel Thaler, a British subject who was murdered in Israel, did not receive it. But then she was a Jew murdered by Muslims, which just made her hopelessly inconvenient. No questions were put to Brown over the arrest of a British citizen in Dubai for reporting her own rape. No high profile condemnations or concern for the British couple sentenced to jail in Dubai for reportedly kissing in public. And there were no angry denunciations of Sudan after it arrested a British schoolteacher for naming a teddy bear Mohammed. Which only stands to reason, no dog will bite his master's hand.

The latest round of European denunciations of Israel are nothing more than Western governments acting like proxies of Islam. Which is exactly what they are. And when Muslim immigrants treat European countries as their new colonies, those same governments react by treating them as their new masters, and like good native rulers, they silence all domestic dissent. After all who knows what the masters might do to them, if they spoke up. Who knows. Certainly not them.

The left enjoys accusing America and Europe of colonialism in regard to the Muslim world, but the reality is of course completely backward. How many Westerners are moving to Muslim countries, vs how many Muslims are moving to Western countries. And while Westerners in the Muslim world are expected to abide by the most repressive and sexist laws of the region, Muslims who come to the West bring their own laws with them, and expect us to abide by them. Which means that not only had you better not liquor up in Riyadh, but you had better not do it in parts of Minnesota either. Or anywhere in New York where Muslims decide to open up their mosques.

When the Saudi Royal Family decided to seize the assets of the US oil company that had made them wealthy, the United States Government did not send over a small fleet to explain to the burnoosed thugs living under US protection, just what belongs to whom. Instead the US government nodded its head, and repaid the shareholders using taxpayer money. And since then, that same oil company has gone on to become the invisible Saudi lobby with a number of Secretaries of State coming from its board. Ask yourself if this is how a colonizer or a colony does business?

The homelands of civilization have become colonies of the Muslim world, accepting and caring for their surplus populations. Our businesses and our economy depend on them. And we go off every now and then to die for them. And at their hands. Of New York City's three tallest skyscrapers, two, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, are partially owned by Muslims. The third no longer exists. It was known as the World Trade Center. I ask you again, is this how colonizers or colonists live?

Every major war we have fought since Vietnam has been a proxy war for Muslims. Whether we were bombing Saddam on behalf of the royals of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, or bombing our former allies in Yugoslavia on behalf of Muslim Albanians, or dying in order to provide electrical generators to downtown Baghdad and ferry schoolteachers into Kabul. We have not fought a single significant war since Vietnam that was not on behalf of, or intended to benefit Muslims. Not a single one. The Ottoman Empire had a name for this. It was Janissary.

It is only common sense to say that people who act like slaves, are slaves. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, eventually it's going to end up on the menu of a Chinese restaurant. Or in this case a Kebab House. Those who have the power give the orders, and those who follow the orders are not the ones with the power.

By giving up our power, we became the proxies of Islam. We allowed ourselves to be subjugated politically, economically and culturally. The kids wearing their keffiyahs on the street are just acknowledging the new reality. The mosque loudspeakers calling the faithful to prayer, where they will thank Allah that they are not Jews or Christians. The mosque going up near Ground Zero. The European leaders outraged that a few of their own Dhimmis might spend an extra hour in Israeli custody. The shrugged shoulders as the Muslim world develops nuclear weapons that will make all of 9/11 seem merciful by comparison. All of these are symbols of our colonization.

We have been colonized at the top. Our politicians have bowed to what they consider to be the inevitable. Many of our business leaders have done the same. In a time of crisis, it is usually the appeasers at the helm, because otherwise there would be no crisis. And the helm these days is so full of appeasers that there is no hope of ever seeing daylight in their midst. By comparison to them, Chamberlain was a man of courage and Petain was a roaring lion.

Oh we still have armies. And when the Saudi Royal Family needs us to fight a war for them, or entangles us in one, we'll be sure to use them. We still elect our own governments, we just don't have the power to tell them to stop the Muslim immigration flood or to ban a mosque at Ground Zero. We can even buy newspapers, so long as they don't publish any Mohammed cartoons in them. Why we're as free as India under the British Raj.

When did all this happen? It happened when we gave up control of our own destiny and our own economy. And then the Muslim countries stopped being our proxies, and we became theirs instead. The tail began to wag the dog, until it eventually it was the dog. Now the tail barks, and our elected officials ask, "How High?" We don't have a terrorism problem, an immigration problem or an energy independence problem. We have a problem because we've become the dog's tail. We stopped giving orders, and we began taking orders. We act as proxies of our Muslim overlords. We fight their wars. We enforce their policy for them. Our money goes into their hands. Our people go off to do their work for them. Their people come here at our expense.

It is hard for the human mind to spot change because it is trained to look for discontinuities. A radical transformation is hard to see if it happens gradually. So too a power shift can be invisible, until it is simply the way things are. That is what a wake up call is for. It's the finger that points your attention to how bad things have gotten. It forces you to look at how high the water has risen. And asks you, how much more will you let it rise. 9/11 was a wake up call. Not the first or the last of them. Our leaders have chosen defeat. We must choose resistance.


  1. Anonymous6/6/10

    How do you cook a frog? You don't drop it into boiling water - it jumps out. No, you put it in comfortable warm water & slowly raise the heat. Et voila, cooked frog.

  2. Morry Rotenberg6/6/10

    I blame the useful idiots of the environmental movement, the global warmists, Hollywood, the MSM, and the academy. They are all acting as puppets for the vampire that just won't die, Marxism. No energy policy that would make Saudi oil irrelevant as a consequence.

  3. Anonymous6/6/10

    I thought a Janissary was an elite, highly trained and fanatical zealot. A special cadre of zealous converts.

    Am I wrong? Or are there two types?

  4. Great article. It should go viral. Sometimes you get a little nihilistic and somewhat detached from reality. But you got it right this time.


  5. Brilliant and insightful article.

  6. Anonymous6/6/10

    jlp4221, you are correct, BUT, they also wound up ruling Turkey (Ottoman Empire).

    This is a very good article, and it's only going to get worse. Get out the vote in November!!!

  7. It is frightening - because it is true. Good article ! Thanks !

  8. Great article! I agree 100%

    Shavua tov, Daniel:)

  9. Anonymous6/6/10

    I do agree in many aspects what you have written but i cant understand how would a religion plays a part in proxies. People or the Nations who practices the religion can act. Why do you think every Islamic country would be the same???

    In the sense that you are trying to create a hatred or creating a hatred for the billions of Muslims across the globe which you think would do just for the cause.

    Smart people only talks facts, where the factual values of this article remains to the people who practices all the this. Not the religion they follow.

  10. in this case the religion serves as an ideology providing a unifying sense of purpose

  11. In a strange way we'd all be either secular Muslims or Muslim Jews, Muslim Christians etc.


  12. rockingham8/6/10

    Brilliant insights. Westerners are so weak they submit to Islam's sword long before it is a physical threat. They have their minds and spirits submit in advance

  13. The tide of migration is relentlessly East-and-Third-World to West for reasons about which EVERYONE directly involved is in deep denial; and the hypocrisy of denigrating the West, in the most appalling language and actions, while migrating to it in vast numbers, is so profound as to be pathological.


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