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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Party of Children

Now that Obama managed to interrupt his golf game long enough to deliver an emotional high profile speech in the Oval Office with a stealth push for Carbon Credits, a crisis is once again on the way to being co-opted as an opportunity. Not that it's much of an opportunity for Obama who is polling worse than ever. The left is growing to resent him almost as much as the right, for not being the liberal messiah they expected him to be.

The irony is that no matter how immature Obama may be, and out of touch with political realities in a democratic society-- his followers are even more so. Their impatience, their frustration and their constant demands that Obama meet their emotional needs, all scream of more Peter Pans who never grew up. Don't bother them with the facts, or what is and isn't possible. They just want what they want-- and of course, they WANT IT NOW. RIGHT NOW!

Obama is the mirror of the worst flaws of an ideological generation. His moodiness and laziness. His bipolar emotional shifts from active to passive. His constant need for attention and sense of entitlement. And his inability to tolerate any disagreement or resistance. But he's already old enough that his flaws are worse in his followers, than they are in him.

While the left keeps calling for the heads of his more politically realistic associates, particularly the Clinton people, who are about the only reason that he isn't polling in the low teens or in the middle of a civil war, Obama seems stuck in failure mode. The BP spill won't destroy him. ObamaCare already did that. He sacrificed his appeal to anyone outside the liberal plantation, for ObamaCare-- only to have the left shriek that it isn't enough. And so as a candidate who began by posturing as a savior, must now feel that he is becoming a martyr.

The left's unhinged response to failure isn't just falling on the black man in the White House. There's Alvin Greene, whose real crime is that he won a Democratic primary despite not being the officially anointed candidate and suffering from poor communication skills. Rather than shrug and deal with it, instead we've been treated to two weeks of Democrats shrieking that there must be some sort of evil conspiracy, because their party's chosen candidate didn't win.

Some of the smarter liberal pundits have avoided paying lip service to this brand of insanity, understanding that it's unsupported by the facts and makes them look like bullies. It's also why the Southern Carolina Democratic party dodged a bullet by not challenging Greene's win, despite "testimony" about machines forcing people to vote for Greene because of a VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY involving magnets and pure evil.  

But entitlement made the left flub its own opportunity to take a lemon and make lemonade out of it. The party had the chance to embrace Alvin Greene's unlikely win, work on his image and coach him through some speeches, and pull off a Susan Boyle. Instead they chose to lambaste and humiliate on national television. The results not only made Greene look bad, it made them look bad. And there's no way to fix that now. Especially since the party insists on not supporting Greene.

Which leaves them with two options. Either sit out the election and let Greene fight on his own for the sympathy vote, or continue trying to force him out. The latter approach would risk running into legal shark waters. Especially after the recent Sestak mess. And Greene is unpredictable, which makes any approach to him risky. But instead of making the best of the situation, and considering that perhaps a candidate who won a primary on his own, might have a shot at the general election after all with some help, true to form, the Democrats would rather throw a tantrum, than cooperate.

And the consequences of that childish and immature attitude can be seen all the way from the White House to South Carolina. That shortage of finesse now apparently translates to Elaine Kagan, who apparently classes the NRA in the list of "bad guy orgs" right next to the KKK. This is going to make selling Kagan as pro gun rights a whole lot tougher. Yet this is exactly a period of time when the White House is more vulnerable among the NRA base than ever before. Having already alienated independent voters and conservative Democrats who the Dems need to win back to survive in 2010 and 2012. Good luck with that now.

Turning now the Dar Al Islam and the Dar Al Harb, the flotilla is a fleet. Israel meanwhile is being roiled by the Emmanuel case, which was concocted by none other than our "friends" at the New Israel Fund. And guess who funds the NIF? None other than the Ford Foundation. The same people who funded social chaos and the dismantling of American values, are doing their dirty work in Israel too. And that's only a splinter of some of the dirty deeds the Ford Foundation is funding in Israel.

Latma, which had its We Con the World video censored by YouTube, is back with The Three Terrors

The bad guys are going to have to work really hard for a takedown excuse here. Copyright won't work as Funiculì, Funiculà dates back over a century.

Meanwhile Andrew Bostom has some fantastic background material on Turkey's Islamist ruler, Erdogan.

In 1974, Erdogan, while serving as president of the Istanbul Youth Group of his mentor, former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan’s National Salvation Party, wrote, directed, and played the leading role in a theatrical play entitled Maskomya, staged throughout Turkey during the 1970s. Mas-Kom-Ya was a compound acronym for “Masons-Communists-Yahudi” — the latter meaning “Jews.” The play focused on the evil, conspiratorial nature of these three entities whose common denominator was Judaism.

Then there's the giant heaping bag of Goebbels level crazy unloaded a few years ago by Erbakan, the leader of Erdogan's ruling party and a former Prime Minister. There's too much crazy to list, but here are the high points

we will know that there are no 200 countries in the world. There are only two. One is the world of Islam, and the other is all the others. Who uses these others? Racist imperialism [meaning Zionism].

China's and India's industrial development is being carried out with Jewish capital. Japan's too. They control them too. Now, only Islam remains against them.

This racist imperialist Zionism organized 19 Crusades just to reach its goals.

It was Zionism that established the sect of Protestantism. The capitalist order of today is the religious order of Protestantism.

"All this is because the Evangelical sect was built by the Jews for them to think that way. Bush belongs to that sect. Clinton belongs to that sect. Anyone you know…

Let's assume you, as a Muslim, want to go to [Mecca for] the haj, and you want to fly on a Turkish plane. For an airline to get a permit to fly and land in other airports, it must be a member of the IATA. The IATA is an organization of the children of Israel, of Rockefeller. To become a member, airlines must give them [the Jews] 9% of the ticket proceeds."

After they made us sign the Treaty of Sèvres, the French came to Kahramanmaras [on the Syrian border], not to keep it but to give it to make it part of Greater Israel. The English went to Palestine, not to keep it for themselves, but to build Israel. They are doing all this just so that Jesus will return.

But Erkaban's craziness is not atypical within the Muslim world, or inside Turkey. Erdogan defended Erkaban vigorously, blaming the whole thing on America and the Jews.

So this is what we're dealing with here. Weapons Grade Crazy.

Meanwhile if you thought that 400 million to Gaza was good news, here's another 60 million. . Hey, it's only money.


  1. As Avi Lipkin says, Islam is not a religion, it is a psychosis.

  2. How will humanity survive this century if Muslims have access to chemical/biological/nuclear/nano technology weapons? The answer is simple: it may survive but certainly a great catastrophe of immense suffering is coming that will put the twentieth century to shame.

  3. Excellent post.

  4. You nailed the Democrats on Greene. I hope he doesn't quit but fights to stay on the ballot.

  5. The Infidel Alliance19/6/10

    Just as Muhammed devolved from a preacher in Mecca to a sadistic sociopath in Medina, Islamic societies have the inexorable tendency to devolve from modernity to base primitivism.

    This is true of poverty ridden hellholes like Pakistan and Afghanistan, and wealthy hellholes like Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

    The common denominators in these societies are Islam and hellholes.

    ~The Infidel Alliance

  6. A lot to comprehend but definitely worth spending the time to understand.

    Obama--a classic passive aggressive personality. Procrastination and then does something at the last minute, when forced to, but with a grudge.


    Latma TV is outstanding! Their deos are conveying messages to millions under the guise of entertainment. It's great.

    Shavua tov


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