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Russia, Georgia and Islamic Terrorism

Putin with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
It is no secret that Russia is the world's biggest non-Muslim sponsor of Islamic terrorism. Russian weapons and rubles flow into Iran and Syria, and from there to terrorist groups throughout the Middle East. Russian personnel train the Iranians, who in turn train Iraqi Shiite terrorists on the best way to kill American soldiers. While the US was getting ready to take down Saddam Hussein, Russia was using its best delaying tactics in the UN, while rushing its top of the line weapons into Iraq. Putin knew that Saddam was finished and that Iraq's debt to Russia would never be paid. Nevertheless the doomed Saddam got the best the Russian armories had to offer in order to kill as many American troops as possible. After the invasion, Russian officials would boast of the increased demand for their weapons in the Muslim world.

In Lebanon, once again Russian weapons flowed to Hezbollah (the Party of Allah) terrorists. Top of the line Russian weapons destroyed Israeli tanks and killed Israeli soldiers. And once again Russian officials boasted about their weapons being behind it all. And when Israel pulled out, Russia sent two detachments of its Chechen Muslim troops to Lebanon.

According to President Putin, the Chechens, as Muslims, will find it easier to “establish contacts with the local population” (Interfax, October 10). Alu Alkhanov, president of Chechnya’s pro-Russian administration, observed: “Importantly, all of these men strictly observe the Muslim rites which will play a role in Lebanon”

Remember Russia's Chechen Muslim soldiers, because you'll see them again soon. This time marching into Georgia.

The Cedar Revolution failed. the radical Islamists of Hizbullah became a major player in Lebanon's new order. Which meant that Iran and Syria were major players. Which meant that Russia, which stood behind them both, was a major player again. And all it took was a few thousand dead.

Meanwhile Putin and Medvedev are not just supplying weapons to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rest of the elite in Iran, but providing them with nuclear technology. Technology that puts Iran on track toward a nuclear bomb, which when detonated over Israel will not only remove the biggest obstacle in Russia's longtime plans to control the Middle East, but to execute a Second Holocaust as well.

Some people may wonder, how in the wake of Beslan and the numerous bombings by Muslim terrorists on its own soil, can Russia continue to support and work together with Muslim terrorists? The answer is that Putin and his merry band of ex-KGB operatives, do not object to Muslim terrorists. They like them a lot, they helped train them, they continue to supply to them-- so long as they're not fighting against Russia.

Talgat with Putin
Putin, like nearly every Russian leader before him, views Muslim terror as a valuable strategic tool. Russia's tightly controlled mosques preach Jihad... they just preach it against Russia's enemies, as when the Supreme Mufti of Russia, Talgat Tadzhuddin, called for a "single-'(Russian)-Orthodox Islamic' Jihad against the empire of Satan" when the US overthrew Saddam Hussein. Unlike Putin's critics, he didn't end up in a jail cell, strapped down in a psychiatric hospital or dead of a suspicious suicide. Perish the thought, here he is with Vladimir Putin. And he remains well funded by the Russian government.

Russia fights against Islamic seperatists, in order to control them and turn them into loyal subjects and troops again, as was done during the days of the USSR. And Russia's campaign in Chechnya is not about fighting Islamic terror, but about consolidating its hold on all the countries it used to control. And those campaigns are not limited to Muslim regions, but Christian ones as well. They include the Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia... and Georgia as well. Because Christian or Muslim, it makes no difference to the Ex-Communists in power. They are determined to once again rule over them all.

Russia's KGB masters have used many tools to achieve their objectives. They've employed blackmail, intimidation, poison, election fraud, street violence and of course outright invasion by Russian "peacekeepers". But above all else, the KGB has excelled at one tool-- propaganda.

And so we come to Georgia once again. Russia's invasion of Georgia in 2008 failed to achieve its goals. But that doesn't mean that Vladimir Putin has decided to take a break and spend all his time, posing and primping with tigers, karate outfits and rap stars for the adulation of his own government controlled media. The FSB/KGB propaganda machine, which over the last few years has accused Georgia and President Saakashvili of every conceivable thing is now trying to plant stories claiming that Georgia is in league with Muslim terrorists against Russia.

As the world's largest non-Muslim sponsor of Islamic terror, Russia accusing anyone else of collaborating with Muslim terrorists is already obscene. Numerous top ranking KGB defectors, including former KGB General Oleg Kalugin, Ion Mihai Pacepa, the former head of Romania's intelligence service, Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy, and others, who have stated repeatedly that Russia was behind much of the world's Islamic terror and that it continues to play that role today. They have even drawn connections between Al Queda and the KGB/FSB. While these allegations are debatable, Al Queda's number 2, Ayman Al-Zawahiri spent some time in Russia, and ex-KGB agents have alleged that he was trained by them.

But let's put Russia's own extensive ties to Islamic terrorism on hold for a minute, and focus on the situation in Georgia.

Russia's assault on Georgia is a virtual carbon copy of the NATO campaign against Yugoslavia. Like the Clinton Administration, Vladimir Putin used phony claims of ethnic cleansing to invade Georgia in order to force the independence of two regions with sizable Muslim populations inside Georgia. Essentially it was a mirror image of what happened in Yugoslavia, except this time Russia was the invader, Georgia was the victim, and rather than Kosovo and Croatia-- the two statelets in question were, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. (South Ossetia is a "country" of some 50,000 people which is only recognized by Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez and former Sandanista terrorist leader Daniel Ortega, which should tell you something right there.)

Now Russia is spreading claims that Georgia is in league with Muslim Jihadis and plotting against it. There's one problem with that. Georgia is a mostly Christian country, while both Abkhazia and South Ossetia are regions that hold sizable Muslim minorities. Do Muslim terrorists really want to prevent independence for two regions that demographically are much more Muslim than Georgia?

Especially when the Mufti of Abkhazia, Timur Dzyba, has called on the Muslim world to recognize Abkhazian independence and laid out extensive plans for Islamizing it by importing Muslims from Turkey.

In fact it was Russia who took its Muslim Chechen troops and marched them into Georgia. Those Muslim soldiers carried South Ossetian flags, (you remember that thriving nation of 50,000 people, whose independence Russia was fighting for.) And who were those Chechen troops fighting for Russia under a South Ossetian flag? They were former Chechen Muslim terrorists and guerrillas who switched sides and fought for Russia under Sulim Yamadayev as the Vostok Battalion.

Sulim Yamadayev, a Muslim thug, had been responsible for numerous gruesome atrocities committed by him and under his command. His men were known for the classic Muslim beheading, as well as carrying out gruesome tortures on their bodies while hiding the bodies. In Georgia, this battalion of Muslim throat-slitters participated in the murder, rape, plunder and abuse of Georgian Christians in a pogrom designed to ethnically cleanse the city of Gori.

It was Putin who brought Muslim terrorists in uniform into the heart of Georgia, to rob and kill, backed by the full might of the Russian military. It was the Russian Government that did it in order to carve out two parts of Georgia with a sizable Muslim minority, and turn them into full fledged countries. And all of this was done under the command of the GRU, the Russian foreign military intelligence directorate created by Leon Trotsky, that has long since become an object of horror to anyone in the region.

Unlike the Russian propaganda about their intelligence services seizing a briefcase from a dead terrorist that supposedly contained notes incriminating the Georgian government-- these are all facts. (These are the same intelligence services which report that people in their custody somehow keep committing suicide.) They are events that large numbers of people witnessed. They are part of the historical record. They represent information that can be researched independently without relying on the Russian security services or their Western stooges.

But let's continue exploring the credibility of their accusation that it is Georgia, not Russia that is allied with Muslim terrorists.

Russia's attempt to carve up Georgia was enthusiastically endorsed by Muslims.

The support of Russia’s actions on the part of the Islamic community of the Caucasus and several other Muslim states shows that the Islamic world still remains Russia’s staunch ally despite the virtual isolation of the country on the part of the West. There is no other European country that can boast of such a position in the Muslim community, representatives of the Islamic clergy of Russia, North Ossetia and Abkhazia said during their meeting with reporters.

When President Medvedev officially announced the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the Muslim clergy of the Caucasus was one of the first communities to have approved the Kremlin’s decision. Muslim clergymen congratulated the people of the two republics on their long-awaited independence and urged the world Islamic community to follow Russia’s example.

“I would like to address the Islamic world to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, deputy mufti of Abkhazia, Timur Dzyba said.

Timur incidentally has big plans for Islamizing Abkhazia by importing millions of Muslims from Turkey. Turkey's Islamist government and Ahmadinejad in Iran, have both pledged to cooperate with Moscow in "rebuilding" Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Russia's military and political actions in Abkhazia and South Ossetia are likely to have another unintended consequence: they are likely to make it easier and more attractive for Muslim émigrés from the North Caucasus to return there and change the ethno-religious balance not only in these two republics but in the region more generally.

At present, Muslims constitute approximately 35 percent of the populations of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but both Muslim leaders there and analysts in Moscow say that the new situation which has arisen in the wake of Russia's moves in Georgia is certain to increase that figure, possibly to the tipping point of more than 50 percent.

In an interview given to "NZ-Religii" and published today, Timur Dzyba, the mufti of Abkhazia, said that Muslims in his republic – including Abkhaz, North Caucasians, Tatars, Bashkirs and Turks – have been able to maintain their share of the population in recent times but now expect to expand it.

All this is unsurprising as Muslims in Georgia had been complaining that President Saakashvili was "Christianizing" Georgia by placing a cross on the flag and inserting too many of the country's past Christian values. Of course under an Abkhazian state, in which Russia will help funnel Muslim immigrants to expand the territory under control, that won't be a problem;

During the Soviet period, Abkhazian Islam became weaker, but it would seem that since the fall of the USSR, the establishment of links between Abkhazians of Georgia and descendants of Abkhazian immigrants in Turkey has somewhat favoured an Islamic revival

And eventually Georgia will go the way of Abkhazia as well. That is Putin's plan.

As a Christian country surrounded by Muslim countries, Georgia has made attempts to reach out to them. Less so than most Western European countries. What it has not done, is employed Muslim terrorists in its armed forces-- as Russia has. It has not financed and armed Muslim terrorists, as Russia has. It has not provided nuclear technology to Muslim terrorists, as Russia has. It does not control mosques which preach Jihad against the United States-- as Russia does.

After all the horrors perpetrated by the KGB, anyone who takes claims made by the same people who were in the KGB as fact... sight unseen, is making a profound mistake. And anyone who supports the side of the ex-Communist thugs who not only tortured innocents, trained terrorists, assassinated dissidents in the past-- but are still doing it today, need to ask themselves if they aren't playing Dhimmi to monsters who filled mass graves every bit as enthusiastically as the Nazis did.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov with Hamas leader
But if anyone wants evidence of a meeting between a top leader in the South Ossetian war with Islamic terrorists, that's easy to come by.

In 2006, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov met with Hamas terrorist leader Khaled Meshaal. That same year Vladimir Putin invited Hamas leaders to visit him in Moscow, and stated that he does not consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization.

These are not secret revelations from intelligence sources, but open stories in major media outlets of top Russian officials meeting with and welcoming Islamic terrorists.

I do not believe that the Serbian people, despite their closer ethnic ties to Russia than to Georgia, would want to see what was done to them, done to another country in their name. In fact a major Abkhazian site uses NATO's actions in Kosovo as a precedent for what Russia is doing in Georgia. Is that really what anyone who is outraged by NATO's actions in Yugoslavia wants to support?

Nor is arguing for Russia's partition of Georgia, any kind of counter-Jihad effort. Russia's goal is to create two states that will have larger Muslim population percentages than Georgia as a whole. And those populations are meant to continue expanding through repatriation from Turkey. That means Russia will eventually have created its own Kosovo out of parts of Georgia. How in the world is supporting the party that used Muslim troops and is creating countries where Muslims will eventually become a majority, counter-Jihadist?

And to dismantle the last leg of this stool, the Obama Administration is not supporting Georgia at the expense of Russia. In fact the Obama Administration has turned its back on Georgia, in favor of a reboot with Russia. Obama snubbed Saakashvili in favor of Putin's pet, Medvedev. Obama had earlier compared the Russian invasion of Georgia, with the US invasion of Iraq. So opposing Georgia and supporting Russia is not the anti-Obama line-- it is Obama's line. You are not opposing Obama, if you support appeasing Russia and betraying Georgia. You are supporting Obama.

When McCain looked into Putin's eyes, he said that he could see three letters, KGB. Ask yourself. Do you see what McCain sees, or do you see what Obama sees?

Because beyond the politics, there's the question of conscience. While the countries involved are far away, this debate carries a burden of flesh and blood. Russian propaganda claims that Georgia is in league with Muslim terrorists operating in its territory, and that Georgian leaders are actively involved in planning attacks on it. Russia has tried to sell this same line before, but it has implications far beyond plain propaganda. By promoting and distributing this claim, those who do it are providing Russia with a casus belli for invading Georgia, the next time a terrorist attack happens in the Caucasus.

Do you remember Russian tanks suppressing the uprising in Hungary? Do you remember them in the streets of Prague? Do you want part of the responsibility for those tanks in the streets of Tbilisi? Do you want the Muslim butchers of Gori roaming through a peaceful city, robbing, raping and murdering? Because this is not academic. This is not just about words in which no one gets hurt and we all go home afterward. This is about a totalitarian country which has murdered hundreds of reporters, imprisoned dissidents in psychiatric hospitals and jailed their lawyers, carried out assassinations worldwide, that is now determined to conquer a country it once controlled. And it wants to use you to do it.

We may not always do good, but we can always refuse to collaborate with evil. That is our choice. For those brave Russians and Jews who defied the KGB in Soviet times, this was a dangerous and costly choice. For us it is as easy as doing the right thing.

Supporting Russia's campaign against Georgia does not hurt the Jihad, it helps it. It does not hurt Obama, it runs in tandem with what he is already doing. It does not reject NATO's actions in Yugoslavia, it copies them and endorses them. But above all else, there's a simple question to be answered here.

Do you want to help the KGB thugs who provided Saddam with the weapons used to murder US soldiers? Who are providing Iran with nuclear technology in order to commit genocide? Who are the largest non-Muslim state sponsoring Islamic terrorism?

We always have the ability to do the right thing. To refuse to collaborate with evil. To refuse to be Dhimmis for either Islam or the KGB. That is the power of moral choice. That is the power of doing the right thing. That is the power of refusing to collaborate with evil. That is the power of being free. Because the power of evil comes from its ability to seduce you, to trick you, or to finally compel you to serve its ends. The power of good comes from refusing to do its bidding. And that is why only those who refuse to collaborate with evil, are truly free.


  1. Moshe21/4/10

    ARen't Putin's top Russian Mafiosi nearly all Jewish? Victor Bout, who is one of the ones now being tried in Thailand, is Jewish

    these same mafiosi brought havoc to Israel with their ill gotton gains, and liasons with commies, islamists, and the Russian Orthodox

  2. Hardly. Some of the oligarchs are Jewish or part Jewish. Particularly the ones who have been inflicted on Israel. A few of the international arms dealers.

    But the intersection of the Russian Mafia and the Ex-KGB types who run things now are rarely Jewish. They use the businessmen/arms dealers on an international level, but they're tools in the end.

  3. Asher21/4/10

    The enemy of my enemy isn't my friend. Not when he's also my enemy.

  4. I so agree with your blog. I bet Iran will try to bom Israel and miss and wipe out Syria. What do you think.

  5. it wouldn't be the first time russian weapons have misfired in Muslim hands, but they're more likely to pass on a dirty bomb to hezbollah

    note the scuds they got from Syria

  6. Anonymous21/4/10

    What will Russia do when the Muslims turn around to bite them in the arse? One must wonder.

  7. Anonymous21/4/10

    RE: Georgia...Thus the need for citizens to own and bear arms.

  8. they're already biting them in the ass, apparently they have to bite harder

  9. Russian is half Moslem already population wise, and Putin took Russia into the OIC which is todays Caliphate, of 52 or 53 members. Russia is an hononorary member now, after trying to join, and did make it clear when it was accepted that it wanted to work with Muslim countries. Obambi is leading the USA there too.

  10. Oh yes, I forgot about the OIC. Obama already laid out the basis for it by saying America is a Muslim country. But Russia got there long before him.

  11. Sammish22/4/10

    Brilliant and well timed piece from the previous one on "what drive Islam to be the religion of war" , which has generated a new discussion about the role of Russia in the post-modern terror network. This new piece sheds light on the intraquacies of post cold war factional politics,terrorism and nationalism and the complex wheeling and dealing that go between them.

    I have always beleived that Russia still uses fringe groups (islamists or not, religious or secural, progressist or reactionary you name it) as a mean to an end, in order to ascert its dominance. Dominance that was once real which is now threaten by splinter ethnic, religious, groups. However, to be honest with you, I was not aware of the extent on Muslim mercenaries use in Russia's lastest territorial dispute with Georgia and South Ossetia.

    In sum, I agree, Russia will defend, promote and use any terror islamist network that will work for its own agenga and regional dominance project. However, it would spell disaster for those who do not follow the Kremlin agenda.

    Thanks for the great piece.

  12. Unfortunately, as illustrated in today's article, a lot of powers thought and still think in terms of using Muslims for their own goals.

    Meanwhile totalitarian governments such as Russia's or even increasingly the EU, tend to think that a Muslim population might be more compatible with a totalitarian state, than a non-Muslim one.

  13. Yup,

    Russia is an honorary member of the OIC, Daniel, what's your take on if it did happen? if Obambi or any other did join the OIC, what's your take on the next election? do you think this usurper will get another term? would like to see you write about it,

  14. Depends on how far his backers and promoters are willing to go in 2012, I suspect.

  15. Philip_Daniel11/8/10

    "All this is unsurprising as Muslims in Georgia had been complaining that President Saakashvili was "Christianizing" Georgia by placing a cross on the flag and inserting too many of the country's past Christian values"

    I imagine that some Muslims pine for the re-establishment of the medieval Emirate of Tiflis...


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