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The Inevitability of Sharia Law in the West

When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. And so liberals believe that the solution to every problem is more socialism. Americans often believe the solution to every problem is more democracy. And Muslims believe that the solution to every problem is Islam. Combine the three, and you arrive at the inevitability of Sharia law in the West. As Muslims harness democratic pluralities in countries that have become socialist and thus less free, they will impose Islamic law.

In the conception of religion held by Western Liberals, religious moderates are people who are willing to allow the separation of religion from civic life, or even its domination by the civic code. Religious extremists they believe are people who want to impose religion on public life. By this standard however, there is virtually no such thing as a Muslim moderate, because Muslims do not recognize the hallowed ideas of Western liberals such as pluralism and the separation of church and state.

Even the few exceptions such as Turkey, did not create separate spheres, so much as they imposed forced secularism in order to modernize the country. And these exceptions are also collapsing, notably in Turkey where the Islamists under Erdogan have come to power. The imposed secularism in countries such as Turkey originated at a time when it was thought that a Muslim country had to forcibly secularize in order to enjoy the benefits of a modern state.

But the willingness of Westerners to accommodate Islam, and the billions in oil money that have flowed into Saudi Arabia and the UAE, have discredited that notion by showing that one can be a fanatical Muslim and still be a doctor in England, or own skyscrapers in Dubai, be a Lord or a Peer, a respected professor in a French university or have a nuclear reactor assembled in your country. Political correctness, appeasement and Dhimmitude have eroded the gains made by secularization, and helped radicalize Islam.

Muslim countries who are socially, morally and politically backward, nevertheless have access to all the modern technology and conveniences of the West. Their backwardness makes it all but impossible for them to actually reform their countries so they provide opportunities for their own people, but makes it all too easy for them to export their surplus populations to the West.

And so a goat herder who still believes that he has the right to kill his daughter if she so much as looks at a boy, can get on a 747 and arrive in London or Paris in a matter of hours. New York or Los Angeles in a matter of a few more. His children will go to Western schools, where they will be implicitly or explicitly taught the superiority of Islam, almost as much as they would be in a Madrassa. They will never be forced to choose between Islam and the benefits of the West-- and so they will inevitably choose both, benefiting from their free educations, their professional careers and the good life, while embracing increasingly fanatical Islamic ideas, in order to balance out their materialistic lives.

This combination of a Western trappings and Islamic interior will doom the West. Because Islam is an ideology that is less about faith, than it is about governance. Unlike their Western liberal patrons, Muslims do not recognize any distinction between church and state. Which means they are bent on imposing their religion on the state. Western liberals believe that most Muslims are moderate. Most Muslims however believe that the remedy for all social, political and moral ills lies in Islam.

A believing Muslim, whether Westerners consider him an extremist or a moderate, will believe that Islam and the Koran have the solution for all of society's ills. Social problems are caused by a lack of Islam. In his worldview, Muslim countries can only repair their problems through Islam. And non-Muslim countries in the Dar al Kufr (Realm of the Infidels), Dar Al Harb (Realm of the Sword) are bound to be even worse off, because they don't follow Islamic law. Which means their only solution is Islam.

In such a scenario, Sharia is inevitable. Because as Western liberals think of social reforms in terms of added government control, Muslims think of reform as added clerical control. This makes Muslims and Socialists seem like natural allies, at least for a time, because both confuse reform with centralization that takes individual liberties. Meanwhile the Western Liberal is deluded enough to think that any application of Sharia law will be moderate, when in fact it will be no such thing. Because the Muslim understanding of the world is radically different than the Western understanding of the world.

For example take the recent statement by a Muslim cleric that blames immodestly dressed women for earthquakes. Such an idea has a basis in Islam. It may seem utterly insane to the Western mind, but it demonstrates a worldview in which every individual action is inherently interconnected with the larger social welfare, (an idea shared by both Muslims and Socialists). And if indeed women not wearing a burka cause earthquakes-- then the greater good demands that they be compelled to wear them. After all what is more important, freedom of dress or people dying in earthquakes?

Variations of that argument will accompany resistance to any Islamic ban. And the only response to it can be that the idea behind it is lunatic and unproven. Yet the former would be construed as denigrating Islam and the latter is a useless point, as there is also no way to disprove that (or any other insane linkage that a cleric might come up with).

If you really doubt that such a thing can happen in the rational West, remember that much of our best and brightest currently believe that cow flatulence and human exhaling is destroying the planet, that gender differences are the product of nurture and that people who share their political views have superior genes. The belief of that Islamic cleric is no more absurd than these, and with enough force and propaganda behind it, is just as likely to be accepted. And much worse things will be as well.

As a country's population rises, it will approach the Sharia tipping point. Sharia law's imposition will be sold as social reforms, just as they are throughout the Muslim world. And since only disruptive forces would be opposed to it, naturally criticizing its implementation would be one of the first bans. There is only one clean way to avoid it. Just as there is only one clean way to avoid a Communist or Nazi takeover. And that is not to have people inside your borders who want to see the country turn into a Nazi, Communist or Islamist state. If you fail to do that, then sooner or later, you will either face a bloody civil war, or/and live under a Communist, Nazi or Islamist state.


  1. Awful, horrible stuff.
    One day the liberals of the world will cringe when they see what they have brought down on the world.

  2. Great article. Sharia law is the opposite of freedom.

  3. Lemon: You say that as though it's some consolation. Unfortunately, if the milk is gone it makes no difference whether the cat drank it, or the dog.

    I agree as almost ever with Daniel, but would go further to predict within the first half of this century, no less atrocity than Sharia-legal public floggings in a European country.

    David, Thailand

  4. "And that is not to have people inside your borders who want to see the country turn into a Nazi, Communist or Islamist state."

    Daniel, what do you suggest then? Banning immigration? Russia is half Muslim, despite the rigorous commieness imposed upon the population. Native Moslems not immigrants. Do you have figures as to how many Moslems in the West are immigrants and how many are native (converted)? I suspect as in Russia, the latter figure is higher.

    One solution would be to encourage Moslems to convert to another religon, become atheist. Why do you automatically assume that they won't? The Orthodox in Russia are leaving the Church, Americans are turning left and leaving the church.

    The Moslems can be persuaded to do the same.

    I think we should concentrate on converting Moslems

  5. Rather, "When you have no tool but a hammer . . ."

  6. Anonymous27/4/10

    DG wrote: And that is not to have people inside your borders who want to see the country turn into a Nazi, Communist or Islamist state. If you fail to do that, then sooner or later, you will either face a bloody civil war, or/and live under a Communist, Nazi or Islamist state.

    That has been my point for more then 30 years. It became insistent since 9/11.

    There is no way but to get Muslims out of the West ie Separation. The danger as I see it is not from Jihadi Muslims but from peaceful "moderate" Muslims, simply because it is the numbers that count.

    The question is how to do this while the Muslim population is still small enough for it to be doable. I have been posing this problem.

    How can it be done, when many if not all Muslims in the West have committed no crime. There is no cause or justification for taking such extraordinary measures against them- yet to has to be done.

    One method I suggested is to use AGW. Assume and go along with the UN and all Western governments, that AGW is such a huge threat. So huge that it is in the nature of an extinction event.

    Given that AGW could lead to the death of billions of people, and that humans are the cause of of AGW, it becomes possible to use any force to limit female fertility to 2. We apply this in the West only, as our consumption of energy is the largest per capita, and therefore poses the greatest threat to mankind (AGW wise).

    Those unwilling to limit their family size, will given the AGW threat, be forced to do so. Draconian methods can be applied, as the well being of the planet is involved. Those people unwilling to comply even when confronted by punitive financial and other legal strictures, will simply leave the West, and go to a Muslim country where they do not have to limit their family size. For many if not all Muslims, it is not possible for them to comply with a restriction on family size.

    If OTH, if said group or any one of its members, agrees to population limits, the threat is neutralised.

    Therefore no compulsion is applied anywhere, except in limiting population growth, which is really being done to prevent an AGW/ACC planetary catastrophe.

  7. Anonymous27/4/10

    Ultimately I think that there is only one force that can restrain militant Islam -- feminism.

    It's certainly a low probability, but our only chance is for rot from within to prevail.

    There can be no external pressure which is as strong as co-opting at least some material portion of the 500 million women living under the repression of Islam.

    The other side must know this too. Look at all the rage/effort to prevent female education in Afghanistan.

  8. Mikec27/4/10

    So how does one purge Nazism, Socialism or Islamism?

    History gives us two solutions, first to let it 'run its course' so the Russians had 70 years of terror before the system collapsed, or by VIOLENT opposition where advocates of totalitarianism are PURGED and the country restored to 'normality' (as with Pinochet in Chile).

    Islam has proven much harder to purge, the Balkan states are a good example, Kosovo having just been 'won' back to Islam - thank-you NATO...

    There is no Historical presedent for the first solution with Islam, there is only violence and ethnic cleansing...

  9. Ilan,

    Russia has a rising Muslim population because it conquered a whole lot of Muslim countries, and then tried to rule over them. Same reason France and England had one originally. Russia could still try to keep Muslims from the Republics out, but it isn't seriously trying to.

    Some Muslims might convert, but considering that Islam is more fanatical and has well funded conversion efforts behind it-- such a competition is not going into to result in a significant net loss for Muslims in the West. For it to succeed, you would actually have to beat their birth rate, and considering the moribund religious state of the West, the insularity of many Muslim communities, etc

    Expecting to convert the majority of them, especially voluntarily, is just not going to work.

  10. DP,

    AGW exists in order to reduce the technological expansion and abilities of First World countries. It is not seriously meant to apply to the Third World or to Muslims. And any environmentalists who claim otherwise would quickly find themselves unwelcome in the larger left wing coalition, unless they didn't mention it.

    Using a tool of the left against the left won't work, because this is a tool designed to be used against the West, not the East.

  11. Anonymous,

    Possibly, but there are some problems with that. For one thing women tend to have little autonomy in the Muslim world. It may have some impact on Muslim women in the West, or would unless Western feminists had not already decided that Muslim women are not oppressed and that Islam is already feminist.

  12. Hi.
    as usual a very straight to the point article.
    I agree with your final conclusion in the end some will also leave their country, those who are left will end up in a civil (religious)war.

  13. Daniel

    I have family in Russia, and go there. Islam only exploded in the last 30 years or so in Russia, and it wasn't with conquering, or births. The native commie and Orthodox Xtian population are converting to Islam after the commie restrictions were lifted. The Orthodox church grew too, but then declined.

    What helped Islam rise wasn't immigration or conquest but declining commieness and Orthodox Xtianity.

    Do you have figures for what the demongraphics are in the USA? or even in the West? I suspect that it's the same case. we thinks it's immigration, but it's rarely that simple.

    Why won't converting them work? that's the only viable option.

    Civil strife won't work, for the same reason they're sucking up now to leftists and wannabe commies. For the USA it would be suicide, if it took to civil strife against it's Moslem population. Maybe Europe yes, First you'd need to actually convince people of a threat. Do you see that happening with liberals who you yourself say blame the West for all ills? and even if it did happen (as it did in the Balkans) There would be blowback from the Moslem countries, remember Kosova came about after Nato was pressurised by OIC, and civil strife in the Balkans hasn't lessened Islamic influence there.

    There needs to be a concerted effor to proselytise something to Moslems, but what? Not xtianity, but something else may work. I don't think they'd choose Xtianity for the same reasons we don't.

  14. A parallel system of Creeping Sharia is becoming a serious problem in the U.S., and it must be legally defeated everywhere it violates the separation of church and state and the equal protection provisions of our Constitution. That said, I don't believe Sharia will ever become the Law of the Land. If you make a side-by-side comparison of Sharia with the U.S. Constituion, there are dozens of serious disconnects. See: http://www.annaqed.com/en/content/show.aspx?pod=1&aid=16242 Unless there is a revolution or an invasion by a Muslim power, each of these disconnects will have to be changed by a constitutional amendment. The process requires not only a 2/3 vote of both houses of congress but also ratification by 3/4 of the individual states. Even with the demographic trends, such an outcome is virtually impossible.

    What can be done? Oppose, condemn, and ridicule Sharia Law at every opportunity. Do not allow a parallel system to take root here. Sharia Law is barbaric.

  15. sammish27/4/10

    The title seems to suggest that Sharia laws are inevetable to avoid in the West. As if it is a "fait accompli". Or is it? I understand that the entry provides and explains succinctly the factors inherent in the so called religion of peace and the lax attidutes by which western democracies have left the situation go from bad to worse, yet it does not provide clues or ways by which to counter this plague.

    I agree, given the nature under which the Western democratic institutions operate and the apologist tendencies of the major political parties have towards encroaching islamization, that this situation may seem hopeless. However, there is still time to counter-attack. But I beleive that a major change has to occur and I mean major. And this may spell some discomfort for a lot of people in the West, because a change means a change against the democratic values the West is accustomed with. In the end, islamization cannot be contained with democracy. It is impossible for democracy to win. Islam is totalitarian in nature. It needs I beleive a similar system to counter it and eventually to overcome it. This political system needs not be totalitarian or fascist like in nature but with a large base of political consensus, it can be done, similar to what the state of Israel has done all a long to counter its enemy from within and outside. In sum, you will need a stick, and not a carrot. This may seem too simplistic or naive but are there any other ways?

    In the final analysis, we have to remember that islam works with the "taquiya" process, which is the political deceit of the first order as the ultimate process and goal to spread islam (if it is not the sharia laws) all over the world, because it knows too well that military victory is out of the question and an impossibility. Another point, they are still many so-called arab countries in which islam is the predominant religion yet they still have not instituted Sharia laws. Until these countries fall under the wahabist and salafist orthodox islam, the West has still some time on its hands to work out a strategy. Until that time comes, western democracies can still work towards undermining and eradicating any sign of small sharia laws wanting to be impleted in the western democracies,....no exemption.

  16. Sammish,

    It is inevitable when a demographic tipping point is reached.

  17. Ilan,

    You're talking about an effort to convert millions of people, many in insular communities, some who barely speak the language of the land... and who are fundamentally resistant to any such efforts.

    And doing so fast enough to beat both a high birth rate and immigration. It's not likely to do anything more than make a minor dent.

    And considering how much money the Saudis have put into promoting Islam, it wouldn't likely even result in a net gain.

  18. Dee, for me it is a consolation.

  19. Warren27/4/10

    It seems as though most Moslems are sadistic.Where does this psychological problem come from.

  20. Cat K28/4/10

    Thanks for another great article.

  21. Islam- the satanic cult of mass murder, mass forced conversion and gangrape- is the root cause of most of the problems of world. In any part of the world they reach, they start breeding faster than rabbits to gain control of that area, they live in their ghettos and never integrate with the mainstream and what is more, then they demand favours from governments for their backwardness which is due to their own practices. When they reach 15-20%, they start demanding a separate nation and waging jihad for it. When they reach majority, forced mass conversions, riots and arsons in and about their ghettos starts. And after reaching 70-80%, they start cleansing the country of Kafirs by mass persecution, murders and rape (example- Bangladesh). Open-minded Europeans and Americans blundered by treating the Muslim serpents as fellow human beings, allowed them to settle in their countries and now are paying the price! In India, we can see the effects- already they've reached 15-20%. Do you think 26/11 was perpetrated without the help of local Muslims? Open your eyes and see, the truth is there for everyone to see. In India, alas, we have a whole mass of 'pseudo-intellectual' pseudo-secular Muslim appeasers and sycophants, who have made blatant lying, Hindu-bashing, distortion of facts and Muslim glorification the only mission of their lives. But you can't turn the day into night by just tightly closing your eyes! Don't believe me? Go watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTV1spgb1-k. Go to http://www.faithfreedom.org/ and http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/index.html. Find out what happened in Lebanon and Malaysia. Find out about Kashmiri Pandits, Bangladesh. And, dear 'liberals', tell me were Beslan massacre, Beirut bombings and 9/11 in response to Gujarat riots? Mind you, once they are finished with getting rid of us unbelievers, they will turn upon you and kill you also, unless you convert or pay Jaziya and surrender your womenfolk for 'comforting' of the tired 'holy warriors'!

  22. Anonymous19/4/11

    Ah, the moderate muslim - where are they, this Islamic equivalent of a unicorn...?


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