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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Everything is Unilluminated

Obama's festival of surrender, aka the Nuclear Summit proceeds with our allies on the sidelines or sitting it out, and our enemies up there front and center.

Just yesterday we witnessed Obama's high profile signing ceremony with Russia's President, even while Russia was pulling off a coup in Kyrgyzstan meant to eliminate the local US base there that serves to supply Allied troops in Afghanistan. Even while Obama was being treated like the chump he is by the Russians, the new coup leader, a former Soviet diplomat and top ranking Communist party member was thinking Putin for his assistance.

But completely unaware, Obama a day after the US has suffered a major setback, demanded to know what Sarah Palin's credentials were for criticizing his policies. After yesterday and his whole year for that matter, Obama has as much credibility in matters of foreign policy, as John Edwards aide, Andrew Young has lecturing about ethics. No, really.

Please join the Evans School for a unique perspective on ethics in leadership with Andrew Young, the former John Edwards adviser and author of the bestselling book The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards's Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down.

Apparently "unique perspective on ethics and leadership" means being part of a political coverup with criminal implications.

By that same standard it's undeniable that Barack Hussein Obama has a "unique perspective on ethics and leadership" as well, and I can't wait for him to share it at the desperate university of his choice. Unfortunately that will have to wait, as instead he'll be going on American Idol. No, really.

We've gone right past the jokes now, as satire becomes life. Obama heads to American Idol, Vaclav Havel, the one leader in the region symbolizing authentic democratic change, gets left at the door, while Barry and his Russian counterpart flip a coin to decide which of them is the worst tyrant.

Meanwhile stories are circulating of Obama's growing crackdown on Israel.

For decades, [Israeli] researchers traveled to U.S. universities for advanced professional training/study to enrich their knowledge in physics, chemistry, nuclear engineering. In order get to their studies at those universities, research personnel at the Nuclear Research Center were required to submit requests for entry visas to the United States, as is customary for all Israeli citizens. The difference [now] is, that the most recent [of the Israeli nuclear researchers applying for entry visas for study in the U.S.] received few of them [visas] because of the embarrassing/shameful refusal to grant them visas, when their only sins are that that they are employees of the [Dimona] Nuclear Research Center. According to security sources, the [Israeli nuclear] researchers have clean records–that they’ve never gotten into trouble with the law in Israel or the U.S.–and therefore, this new, present relationship is a difficult blow/injurious to them and their families.">Israeli nuclear scientists are being barred from the United States.

The administration of President Barack Obama has refused to approve any of Israel’s military requests since it entered office in January 2009. The Pentagon did not announce any weapons contracts to Israel over the last 14 months.

In May of last year I wrote an article that was considered alarmist at the time. It was called, Obama's Plan to Destroy Israel . If anything I understated the situation.

On the military side, Obama's people will make their non-existent efforts to stop Iran's nukes conditional on more concessions to terrorists. Since Israel will never be able to make enough concessions and since Obama is working with Iran, rather than working to stop Iran's nukes, this is a hollow charade.

Furthermore while Israel has already been locked out of the military technology pipeline for anything cutting edge, it still remains dependent on US military equipment for parts and supplies. The decades of US foreign aid have also served to create dependency. Unlike many other countries, including even Sweden, Israel does not have its own jet fighter. Israel's Air Force is heavily dependent on US weapons, parts and equipment. Cutting Israel off, would leave the Israeli military dangerously vulnerable in the case of a war. This is an effective chokehold that has been used before to prevent Israel from attacking Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, as well as preventing Israel from carrying out a preemptive strike against its enemies before the Yom Kippur War.

The overall Obama policy will be to push Israel to the brink, using financial and military blackmail against the Netanyahu government, while maintaining control over American Jews to prevent any protests or backtalk.

The more Israel will offer, the more the Obama Administration will tighten the screws. No offer will be good enough, and Israel will be blamed for every breakdown in talks and every bit of violence that takes place. The media will portray Israel and particularly Netanyahu as extremist and intransigent. Hamas will be slowly whitewashed in the media, the same way that Arafat's goons were, (assuming that they prove more willing to cooperate in creating a positive media image of themselves than Ahmadinejad is.)

The plan is to destroy Israel, and to do it by pushing Israel to the edge of the cliff and then over the cliff. Israel's enemies will be getting top of the line US military equipment. Israel will not. Israel will be squeezed economically until the Netanyahu government collapses, leaving a weak left wing leader like Livni in charge of Israel, and in charge of acceding to the new Pharaoh's demands.

In the weekly blog roundup, The West, Islam and Sharia has an article defending Geert Wilders against the criticism of some "conservatives"

America’s policy approach to the Muslim world has been clouded by misrepresentations of Islam’s character. For instance, in one of the most important foreign policy initiatives of his presidency, in the now-famous Cairo speech, Obama observed that “[America and Islam] overlap, and share common principles—principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

We are left with the grim reality that at the fundamental level America’s policies toward the Muslim world are based on false premises—and hence, are untenable. This reality must be acknowledged widely before alternate policies can be devised.

The entire article is worth a read

Doug Ross at Director Blue and the Jawa Report both analyze the Wikileaks video fraud

Arlene Kushner at the American Thinker, via Israpundit, looks at the history of the PA's promotion of terrorism after Oslo.

Victor Davis Hanson asks whether Obama will serve as America's catharsis or tragedy.

Now, however, for the first time in my memory, the United States has an authentic leftist as president — one who unabashedly believes that the role of the U.S. government at home is to redistribute income in order to ensure equality of results through high taxes on a few and increased entitlements for many, while redefining America abroad as a sort of revolutionary state that sees nothing much exceptional in either its past role or its present alliances — other than something that should be “reset” to the norms embraced by the United Nations.

In sum, for years the loud Right warned Americans about what could happen should they vote for a genuine leftist. We mostly did not believe their canned horror stories. But now the country has got what it unwittingly voted for — and at last we have evolved beyond the rhetoric and entered into the real liberal world of the way things must be.

In just a year, the manner in which Americans look at things has changed radically. Something as mundane as buying a Ford or a GM car now takes on ideological connotations: The former company, in politically recalcitrant fashion, resists government takeover; the latter has been transmogrified from Michael Moore’s Roger & Me bogeyman into a sanctioned, government-subsidized brand. Toyota went from the good green maker of Priuses to a foreign corporate outlaw whose handful of faulty accelerators symbolizes the non-union threat to fair-play American production.

At the Canada Free Press, Judi McLeod warns of agent provocateurs infiltrating tea parties

For those interested, I will be appearing with Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, Jennifer) Dyer of the Optimistic Conservative, Omri Ceren of Mere Rhetoric and Rich Richman of Jewish Current Issues at a panel discussing the distortions of the media.

I've also been informed by a reader that sections of the blog archive are inaccessible. I have discovered that this is due to Blogger implementing auto-pagination in order to save money. This essentially means forcibly truncating blog pages and plays havoc with monthly archives. I am looking around for a workaround, but have not found one yet.

Finally at Boker Tov Boulder, the ominous notes are all there

.... During that last day I also looked in on my grandmother's younger sister, who lived in a corner house not far from us. Aunt Rivkah, as we called her, was pleased to see me an consulted me as to what would be the most appropriate outfit for the journey. I looked in her wardrobe and suggested a plain dress. She told me that that particular dress was only nice with a large brooch (real of course) which she had had to give up with her other jewelry. She also asked me if she should take a hat with her. I felt like screaming, for I realized that she had no idea at all of what was awaiting her....


  1. Your picture shows Obama putting some ugly metal around his neck, most likely given to him by another one of America's enemies ... and I'm sure he deserves it too; one more sell out.

    The problem with this picture is that it doesn't show the NOOSE Obama has slipped around the neck of our freedom as he walks the American people up the steps of the gallows to hang us.

    Even when he's gone, many people will still be dangling in the air, being choked to death with his left over residue that remains.

    I hope it won't be too late for Israel by the time we get him out.
    I also can't believe what he is doing to our only real ally.

  2. Follow--I am afraid the only people that can truly help the Israelis are Israelis, and Hashem of course.


    Daniel--congratulations on your success and being a panelist at the forum on the media.


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