Home Obama's Victimization of Jewish Refugees from Muslim Countries
Home Obama's Victimization of Jewish Refugees from Muslim Countries

Obama's Victimization of Jewish Refugees from Muslim Countries

One of the unreported aspects of Obama's manufactured insult over an Israeli housing project in Jerusalem is the way in which the administration has targeted Jewish refugees from Muslim countries.

While media reports frequently denounced Interior Minister Eli Yishai, as a "Right Wing Extremist", for approving one stage of the planned housing project-- what they did not report was the larger story. Eli Yishai is the head of the Shas party, one of Israel's largest political parties, which represents the interests of Sefardi and Mizrahi Jews from Muslim countries. And the housing project would have benefited Jerusalem's sizable population of Jews from Muslim countries.

In the 20th century a vast exodus took place in which as many as a million Jews from Muslim countries fled or otherwise departed, often leaving behind homes and valuables. Some came to America and Europe. Many more came to Israel instead. Today three million Mizrahi Jews live in Israel, indeed the majority of Israeli Jews are not the "immigrants from Brooklyn" derisively referred to by Israel-bashing pundits, but Jews whose families came to Israel from Muslim countries, or who spent many centuries living in Jerusalem under Muslim dominion.

They came from Yemen, Turkey, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Iran, Egypt, Iraq and Algeria. Some were driven out by enraged Muslim mobs. Others had their children stolen and their property seized by the government. Others remained behind "sand curtains", unable to leave. The ways in which some of these Jews were smuggled out of the country through a virtual "Underground Railroad" is unknown to most. And this is a story that continues today.

Consider the story of one woman who successfully helped smuggle out thousands of Syrian Jews by bribing Syrian government officials. And though she describes the work in terms of the Holocaust, "How do you negotiate the price of human lives? I was breaking up children from their parents. It was like the 1940s – they were desperate to get their children out", in fact the last family she saved was in 2001.

This is what a million Jews from Muslim countries escaped to begin their lives again in Israel. They left behind life in Muslim countries where they were Dhimmis, legally treated as second class citizens under Islamic law. They thought that they had turned their backs on a state of affairs where Muslims could dictate that synagogues should be built no taller than mosques, where their lives were worth less than a Muslim's and were paid for with blood money and forced to live in ghettos. That is until Obama decided to be gravely insulted because they had decided to live in a place that he thought they had no right to live.

Some commentators have speculated that Obama's goal by manufacturing the "insult" scandal, was to force Shas out of the government coalition, thereby disenfranchising the millions of Jews from Muslim countries living in Israel. Apologists for Obama have cloaked this in the guise of some sort of campaign against the "right wing", but Shas, which has been part of coalitions with the Labor Party, including Yitzchak Rabin, is hardly right wing. It voted for the Oslo Peace Accords. It has been fairly open to all sorts of concessions. But its political leader Eli Yishai drew the line at turning portions of Jerusalem into a Jewish Ghetto, while reserving the remainder of the city for Arab Muslims.

And let us consider for a moment, Eli Yishai. Like so many other children of Jewish refugees from Muslim countries, Yishai was born in Jerusalem. His father, Zion Yishai, however came from Muslim Tunisia. Jews have lived in Tunisia for over 2,500 years. But where they once numbered in the hundreds of thousands, today there are hardly a thousand Jews left. The majority of Tunisian Jews now live in Israel and Europe.

The introduction of Tunisian Jews to Islam began under Idriss I, a direct descendant of Mohammed himself. Idriss I persecuted and massacred the Jews, demanding that they pay Jizya and deliver a certain number of virgins annually to his harem. And thus Idriss I showed himself to be a true greedy and perverted descendant of Mohammed. Several years later Idriss I was fatally poisoned by his Jewish doctor. But despite this coda, as the centuries passed, the discrimination and persecution of the Jews of Tunisia continued.

In the 15th century a Flemish nobleman wrote as follows; "The Jews, on the other hand, have no freedom. They must all pay a heavy ... tax. They wear special clothes, different from those of the Moors. If they did not do so, they would be stoned, and they therefore put a yellow cloth on their heads or necks; their women dare not even wear shoes."

Tunisian Jews were forced to live in ghettos called "Haras", subject to Muslim riots and atrocities. One in 1864 was described as follows, "Muslim fanaticism ... unleashed against our brethren on the island of Djerba... synagogues profaned and defiled. The Scrolls ... torn in pieces and burnt ... men injured and trampled ... all the women and girls raped .... My pen refuses to set down the terrifying ... atrocities ... in all [their] horror."

In 1869, the rabbis and leaders of the community of Tunis appealed desperately to the government in Paris that "in the face of Muslim ferocity, eighteen Jews have fallen to the knives of the fanatical murderers.

Tunisian independence, celebrated by liberals as the end of colonialism, opened the door to a renewed wave of Muslim anti-Jewish violence. Today of the 105,000 Jews that lived in Tunisia in 1948, barely a thousand remain. This brief recitation of history is important because it is a reminder of what so many of the millions of Mizrahi Jews of Israel and their fathers and grandfathers suffered. And those liberals who cynically condemn Eli Yishai as a "right winger" because his party would like to provide housing for Jews in Jerusalem, rather than returning to the Tunisian ghettos are cynically exploiting the real victims of Islamic colonialism.

Obama and those in the EU who are striving to turn Jerusalem into another ghetto with areas where Jews may live and areas where they may not live, are once again inflicting the horrors of Islamic Occupation on the Jews who fled from it. It is of course understandable that Obama would sympathize with Muslims over non-Muslims due to his own extensive Muslim heritage, a fact he himself emphasized in a speech at Al Azhar Islamic University. But where Obama might have chosen to redeem his ancestors' religion by showing tolerance to the Jewish refugees whom his family's co-religionists had persecuted for over a thousand years, he instead chose to perpetuate their legacy of oppression by manufacturing a scandal over the "insult". The insult being that Jewish refugees and the descendants of Jewish refugees might have actually been able to live in their ancient city in homes built on empty land. And as a result Muslim anti-Jewish riots have broken out in Jerusalem, that bear some resemblance to those in Tunisia.

"I think that the Arabs want to control the whole world. That is obvious; after all, it is written in their Koran. Furthermore, you can't trust them. For instance, my parents were their neighbors in Yemen. When my parents decided to immigrate to Israel, the Arabs tried to rob them of their possessions." So speaks Avraham Yitzhaki, one of the original residents of the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood.

The Shas party meanwhile has promised to use Obama's attacks in their own campaign commercial and their newspaper answered Barack Hussein Obama even more bluntly in its weekly newspaper, describing Obama as "a Palestinian stone throwing youth in East Jerusalem, and not a strategic leader" and his actions as, "a creative solution coming from an Islamic extremist". The editorial concluded, "Today it is here, but tomorrow it will be in the U.S. and Europe".



  1. Anonymous23/3/10

    Maybe I give the current administration to much credit, but this may be a way to creat the ground-work to blame Israel whenever, not if, the next serious attack on America occurs. That way Obama, et. al., need not counter the attack. Instead they can blame Israel and demand more concessions. Of course, the anti-Israel folks and the Arabs will willingly play their parts.

  2. Obama is a mohammedan worshiper and
    birds of a feather flock together. It is a simple saying because truth is often plain and simple.
    He will protect his own and his own don't include or like Jews or America much at all.

  3. A Muslim through and through and his policies are indeed quite sinister. His hatred runs deep.

  4. Anonymous23/3/10

    Ramat Shlomo is more like North West Jerusalem, Jewish town which was never on the table for talks. I live in Jerusalem, and the attacks against Jews are every day many times a day--but the media ignores it. Arabs walk freely wherever they want but a Jew can lose his life by turning onto the wrong street. When a soldier was stabbed & killed while sitting in his vehicle, I did not hear an outcry, nor did anyone speak up for any other aggression, or when Abbas named a square after the murderer of 38 Israelis--many of them children. Every day the imams call for attacks to kill the Jews. Obummer has made them bold. The primitive arab mentality is nothing new, but the dhimmis in the US, EU, UK & UN are beyond my ken. Jordan claims the Qumran (Hebrew) scrolls are their heritage, the Fatah says the cave of Machpelah (Avraham's grave) and Kever Rachel are their historical sites, the Hurva is really theirs and Mother Mary was a Palestinian even though Mo the pedophile had not even had his first epileptic fit and "Palestinians" didn't appear on the scene till 1967--I know people who lived here when Israel was a baby and apparently if you called an arab a "Palestinian" it was a cause for war. Even so, Universities and governments worldwide have bought the lie (with saudi dollars??). Surely we are on the edge of madness.

  5. Mikec23/3/10

    Does one now has to assume that the various administrations of those countries that voted for UN resolution 181 were racist and ignorant of the plight of the Palestinian people?

    No. because the 'Palestinian' people at the time were mainly Jews....

    The Muslim population preferred the title 'Arab', and the Arab homeland was Transjordan....

    And then there were all those hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from the death camps locked up in British concentration camps....

    0 and the EU are try to rewrite history, they are trying to imply that the UN in 1947 was somehow in error in its judgement, and somehow did an illegal act....

    They are trying to imply that Israel invaded Judea and Samaria in 1967 as an 'act of aggression', even though Egypt commited an 'act of war' in closing the straights of Tiran.....

    If you shout a lie loud enough, and for long enough, people will believe it....

  6. The purpose of that report is a way for hussein obama to exempt his muslim brothers from any responsibility for attacks on Americans and redirect the American anger at Israel. Plus it also exempts DOD from any responsibility for the infiltration of jihadists like malik hassan into our armed forces.

  7. sammish23/3/10

    Although I have no disagreement with all the comments, I do however find it a bit naive to assume that US presidents old and new are held responsible for the hostile political conditions Israel find itself in. Maybe it is the a question of degree as to how much a president is a factor. However, all of the last 5 US presidents have bow down to and kiss the asses of the oil rich Arab states of the region which they themselves are fuelling the Muslim upheavals in Israel and the surrounding areas. So we must get real and wake up from this naivete that someone other than Hussain Obama could solve Israel pressing problem of sovereignty, autonomy, and right to exist. George Push senior and junior had close economic and social status ties with the Saudi Royal family and their thoundand undreds of cronies cousins and half, third or quarter brothers due to multiple polygamous marriages still practices in Saudi Arabia. It is same people that are partly to blame for financialli supporting political Wahabism and Hamas.

    Israel should from now on stands on its own and build housing for the next genration of the Jewish refugees from Arab lands. This concerns me personally because I, was born in a NOrth African country and was never able to come back to my place of birth. Although I live in the US and had lived before that Southern France since the great population transfer. Israel should be independent economically and politically from the US in order for it to be trully sovereign and allowed to meet its housing needs on lands that it has more connections to than the maurauding arabs who leave destruction, despair and utter chaos where ever they go.

    In closing,we need to stop blaming US presidents. They will not do anything for Israel to solve the problem once and for all, even if they support Israel emotionally, they are prisoners and fearfull of Muslim rage and anger.... they will play the wait and see game and uphold the role of the justice of peace only to dig Israel into a hole. I would say no more of this game let poeple build homes, Israel is not building military barracks, it is homes, places where families and grow...

  8. Anonymous24/3/10

    Obama is a tool of Hashem, just as Nebukadrezer was, just as Haman was, just as Hitler was, etc. When we trust in our Father in Heaven, and love each other, their "service" will no longer will be required, and they will return to the dust from which they were formed.

  9. It is now clear that Israelis are being killed as a direct result of Obama's anti-Israel rhetoric:




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