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The Middle East Peace Scam

"I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem"

Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden, March 09, 2010

Obama, Biden and Abbas
For nearly twenty years the great sham of the Middle East Peace Process has dragged on. And this despicable scam has consisted of only one policy, only one platform and only one plan. Pressuring Israel for more concessions.

Year in and year out, new peace conferences were declared and new plans for peace were hammered out. All of them had one thing in common, they carved up Israel for a non-existent peace. When Arafat and his gang of terrorists made a concession, it was to demand 5 percent less of Israel in the current phase of negotiations. When Israel made a concession, it was to turn over another 10 percent of land to its worst enemies in this phase of negotiations... in exchange for them putting off their demands for that 5 percent into the next phase of the negotiations. And this sick charade in which Israel gave and the terrorists took was the peace process.

While this great surrender process was going on, outside the bombs went on exploding, tearing apart buses, restaurants, malls and families-- the politicians and diplomats in charge excused the terrorists and damned Israel if it so much as lifted a finger to defend itself, or erected a single checkpoint to catch at least one of the terrorists on the way to kill a dozen people in Jerusalem.

And now finally the Vice President of the United States arrives in Israel to reaffirm his absolute commitment to Israel's security, a commitment he and just about every other politician who let that phrase trip lightly off their lips, honors by pressing Israel to surrender again the terrorists. He arrives and condemns the greatest impediment to peace. Jewish families living in the capital of their own nation.

Biden did not take the time to condemn Abbas for his failure to hold elections, for his attendance at a funeral for the terrorists in his own militia who murdered an Israeli Rabbi, for his violation of the Gaza Jericho agreement or for his recent threats of a Holy War against Israel. Not even the Palestinian Authority naming a municipal square two days ago after Dalal Mughrabi, one of the Coastal Road Massacre bus hijackers, resulted in any statements of condemnation. Let us for a moment balance the horrifying scene of Jews moving into new apartments in Jerusalem, vs the Coastal Road Massacre in which Fatah terrorists murdered Gail Rubin, an American nature photographer, hijacked a bus, and murdered 38 passengers, 13 of them only children.

Coastal Road Massacre
But the murder of Israelis never "undermines the trust we need right now". Only Jews living in East Jerusalem can do that. Not Israelis, Jews, for if Arab citizens of Israel were moving into new buildings in East Jerusalem, Biden and the media would not be condemning Israel for it. It is precisely Jews that are the problem for the Obama Administration and its Media-Government Complex. Just as they were a problem for Hitler and Stalin. Just as they have always been a problem for would be tyrants.

There are of course no worries about whether Israel will trust Abbas and his Fatah gang. As if anybody in their right mind would, after nearly two decades of terrorism that followed the ballyhooed signing of the Peace Accords and the famous handshake overseen by a smiling Clinton. After violating nearly every agreement he ever signed with Israel, Arafat unleashed a wave of terror, while pocketing a fortune in foreign aid. And after every bombing, the same despicable conglomeration of diplomats and politicians and diplopols that form the "World Community" pointed Israel to the negotiating table. Their only solution, then as now, was more concessions. By Israel to the terrorists-- of course.

And so here we are in the splendid year 2010, 5770 in the Hebrew calendar, and 1431 in the Muslim calendar. In a few months it will be 43 years since the Liberation of Jerusalem. Since Jews returned to the Old City they were ethnically cleansed from by Muslim soldiers. And today the Hurva synagogue, twice destroyed by Muslims, has been completely reconstructed. In 1948 the Jordanian command expelled the Jews from East Jerusalem and destroyed the Hurva synagogue, vowing that the Jews would never return. And today in the year 2010, the Vice President of the United States comes on a mission to carry on their work. That of the dynamiters and the bombers and the expellers.

This is where nearly two decades of negotiations have brought us. In the early nineties, Israel was discussing the status of certain West Bank towns. Today Israel is being warned against allowing Jews to live in Jerusalem. Tomorrow... I would dearly like to say that the possibilities are endless, but there are only so many parts of Israel where Jews still live, and no doubt the eager ethnic cleansers in the Obama Administration and the EU have plans for them too.

And so the Middle East Peace Scam marches on. There is a great deal of preparation for intense rounds of negotiations at which it will be determined what else Israel must give for there to be no peace. East Jerusalem will naturally end up on the table soon enough. Meanwhile the entire farce has less legal basis than a kangaroo court and all the consistency of a drunken liar on the witness stand.

Today there are three Palestinian states. One in Jordan, divided to create an Arab State in the bygone days of the Palestine Mandate. A second state in Gaza, which is ruled over by Hamas as part of the spoils from their war with Fatah. A third state in the West Bank ruled over by Abbas and Fatah, even though his term ended and there have been no new elections. Out of this hodgepodge, Israel is expected to negotiate even though Hamas refuses to negotiate any permanent peace agreement, and Fatah has no legal authority to represent anyone.

You will not of course here about any of this in the media, which is still busy being outraged by the thought of Jews living in Jerusalem. When they're not being outraged by the thought of Israel treating Rachel's Tomb as a heritage site. After all the Prime Minister of Turkey has declared that Rachel's Tomb is not Jewish, but Islamic. Just as all of Israel is Islamic. Just as all of the world is Islamic. But the world isn't paying attention. The world is certain that the rage and violence of a billion Muslims can be calmed with some Jewish land and Jewish blood. Just as the rage and violence of Nazism could be calmed with some Czech land and blood.

But why listen to me? Listen instead to the soothing words of Ahmad Bahar, the Speaker of the Palestinian Authority Parliament.

"Make us victorious over the infidel people… Allah, take hold of the Jews and their allies, Allah, take hold of the Americans and their allies… Allah, count them and kill them to the last one and don’t leave even one.”

Ah, but you say it's about "the occupation". And there will be peace when the terrorists have all the land they feel they're entitled to. But... no.

"Our enmity with the Jews is a matter of faith, more than an enmity owing to occupation and the land."

Oh yes, there will be peace when they have all the land that they feel Muslims are entitled to. And this is the scope of their territorial demands.

“Soon, Allah willing, Rome will be conquered, like Constantinople was conquered, according to the prophecy of our prophet Muhammad. Their capital will be the first post of the Islamic conquests that will spread all over Europe then it will turn to the two Americas and even to Eastern Europe."

But don't worry. Joseph Robinette Biden is deeply committed to fighting against Jewish families living in Jerusalem. And the Middle East Peace Scam marches on.


  1. If only Israel had more oil than Arab nations all would be well.
    But alas, Israel does not and so America goes with the oily Arab types.

  2. The link you provided states that Ahmad Bahar is an acting chairman of Hamas government, not the PA.

  3. Better that we don't. We don't need these types of "friends". We need to realize that there is nothing other than G-d that we can rely upon, and unify us accordingly.

    Each day gets more absurd, we discuss these endlessly stupid situations that are not anywhere close to reality. Its time to just stand up and say the truth. We're not giving in on ANY of the issues. We've seen what that gets us, less than nothing. Not only do we not get peace for any "concessions" that are made, we instead get increased violence. THIS IS GOING TO STOP. There is nothing left to speak about, there is no conversation left.

    May G-d grant us the complete and total redemption mercifully now!

  4. Sultan, you wrote: "For nearly twenty years the great sham of the Middle East Peace Process has dragged on. And this despicable scam has consisted of only one policy, only one platform and only one plan. Pressuring Israel for more concessions."

    You've got a fan out there somewhere who keeps forwarding me your commentaries, like your fine piece earlier on Islam. More to the point, until we are willing to acknowledge, there are despicable people furthering this despicable scam on the Israel's Jews, we cannot make progress. Particularly post 9/11, I find it difficult to believe the folks pushing this scam are doing so either innocently or ignorantly.

    It's like Fox New Network's Glenn Beck. A few weeks or months back, Beck interviewed courageous Dutch politician Geert Wilders - a friend of Israel and the Jews. Beck told Wilders in the course of the interview, he disagreed with him on Islam. He assured Wilders he personally knows fine Muslims, etc.

    Beck of course knows Wilders maintains, it is not (in his view) about Muslims per se but the "ideology" as Wilders characterizes Islam.

    A couple of evenings back, Glenn Beck, along with his willing conspirators -- Charles Krauthammer and William Kristol -- alleged Wilders is not only a fascist, in the European mold, but a "demagogue" who does not understand the distinction between Islam and "Islamism."

    Are these intelligent and gifted men (like Mr. Biden) ignorant or is something else in play here besides issue of prince Alwaleed bin Talal?

  5. Danny,

    Bahar served as speaker under the Fatah-Hamas unity government. His incitement was broadcast on PA controlled TV.

  6. Steve,

    Some people have noticed the sudden anti-wilders shift on FOX. Krauthammer has always been iffy in some ways, for example he supported Disengagement. Beck is a buffoon who says whatever will get him ahead at a given time.

    Still it does suggest that Saudi money may be influencing coverage.

  7. Daniel, Beck may indeed be a baffoon but he has a large following, especially in the tea party movement. I cannot afford to dismiss him.

    I suppose he champions himself an amateur or not so amateur historian. That being the case, I wonder in what way he believes "fascism" applies to Geert Wilders?

  8. I doubt Beck even knows what fascism means.

  9. Anonymous10/3/10

    Theatre of the absurd, a sham like you wrote, and everybody treats this talks with outmost seriousness. If one reads the newspapers or listens to the news it's almost like the beggining of Oslo: THE peacetalks are here. Lemon, this is not about oil, it's pure antisemitism under the disguise of oil needs and appeasement from the Right and the Left. G-d makes it clear that we have no supporters anywhere in the world, yesterday Beck was our supporter, today is Wilders, tomorrow... who knows, it's the theatre of the absurd and in Israel they are losing themselves in the Big Brother TV program, absolutely crazy.

  10. Mikec10/3/10

    "I doubt Beck even knows what fascism means."

    Is this not the real problem?, history has become laced with populist flights of fancy which are carefully propagated as 'fact'.

    So fascism become synonymous with 'racism' and 'white supremacy', whilst conveniently forgetting that Lincoln was the Republican, and the KKK a 'Democrat' lobby.

    Fascism was about 'change' and about workers and corporates 'pulling in the same direction'. There was very little racism in Italian or Spanish fascism, what little there was was endemic in 'left' thinking in the thirties. Nationalism is more about culture than race.

    Now if you really want to see racism, try the Middle East, particularly the Gulf region. But the left cannot comprehend racism outside of the 'white supremacist' context, and has no concept of 'culture' at all.

    I live about 50 yards from the 'Green Line' in J. I have deadlocks on (steel) doors, bars on (steel shuttered) windows and a bomb shelter. This is because, historically, Arabs murder Jews. They are commanded to do so in their religious books.

    If J is given over to the P.A. then I, with my family, will be ethnically cleansed, because Palestine is to be Jew free. But this is not racism of course, it is the sacrifice that I must make for 'world peace'.

    In 1929 many Jews in Hebron, burial place of Jewish patriarchs, were massacred by Palestinian Arabs incited to murder rape and infanticide by a rumour (started by the Mufti) that Temple Mount was going to be handed over to the Jews. The British mandate authority decided that the Jews were responsible because they were 'there' (and had been there for 4000 years) so they were removed in order to restore 'peace' to the area.

    Israel exists because the world does not like Jews, Israel was the supposed to be the UN's final answer to the 'Jewish problem' - lest we forget. So how many Israeli Jews is O willing to allow into the USA? the same number as FDR maybe, perhaps a few less, the rest can go to Madagascar or Uganda or Cyprus or Mauritius or maybe that 'Birk' place in Poland.....

  11. Oil plays a large part in how America's ruling class view the middle east.

  12. Lemon said...
    Oil plays a large part in how America's ruling class view the middle east....."


  13. Lemon said...
    Oil plays a large part in how America's ruling class view the middle east....."

    One more thing needs to be said in this regard. I cannot say that oil does not play a part in the way Americans in general view the Middle East. I say this as an American citizen. Though polls consistently reveal the balance of the American public views Israel more favorably than the "Palestinian" Muslims, this is unsurprising in light of Muslim violence here in the US and worldwide. Many Americans saw video of Muslims dancing, celebrating, handing out candies and sweets in the PA territories on 9/11.

    Nevertheless, Americans are either supportive or accepting of the US aggressive role in pursuit of Israel's dismemberment and her ultimate destruction at the hands of the Palestinian Muslims.

    Ultimately the American people can no more claim to be innocent of this immoral policy their elected government is pursuing than the German people could claim to be innocent of the policies of the Third Reich. Only those Germans who resisted or publicly protested were innocent in my view.

    The same holds true for Americans.

  14. Anonymous10/3/10

    This is somewhat off topic but I have a friend who is a secular Jew and I contend Anti-zionism is Anti-Semitism in disguise. She disagree's and states "you gotta remember that for much of the first half of the 20th century, there were deep divisions, among the Jews, about whether there should be a Jewish homeland or a Zionist state. Thus you got avery proud and prominent Jews who were extremely anti-Zionist."

    Is this true?

  15. While American citizens may well not choose the oil over Jews, the government certainly does and that is the reality of it today.
    Oil is what motivates the US in it's choice to suck up to Arab nations vs Israel. It is a motivating factor in the US's actions regarding Israel.
    And the US does suck up to Arab nations.
    One can imagine the hue and cry in America if hispanics really begin to agitate for "return" of California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico and the world favors the return despite lack of real claim.
    American politicians cannot be so blind as to actually think a terroristic group of people who , despite historical fact, suddenly declare themselves a people are in the right. They are seeking to please the arab world because in the end they consider Jews expendable and oil indispensible.

  16. Terrific post!

    This sham has been going on long before '67. The Arabs have been using the same language, the same narratives, and tactics for generations. That the United States government does not see the truth of the matter is twofold.

    1) The secular government in Israel suffers from collective Stockhausen syndrome to the point that they now believe they are occupiers, and through land concessions they feed the Arab narrative lie. When Israel itself fails to fight the lie, what other reality does anyone expect the world to see?

    2) Despite the overwhelming numbers of Americans who support Israel, the United States government does not. Let's face it, an American national born in Jerusalem cannot denote Israel as their country of birth. The US does not consider any part of Jerusalem as being part of Israel. This is a policy that goes back as far as Ronald Reagan's administration as I have a friend whose son was born there and they could not name Israel as the country of birth back in the early 80's. But Arabs can strike Israel from their passports if they wish.
    The racism on display from Biden is just more of the same since Israel's rebirth.

    Yes Lemon, Arab oil trumps Jewish blood. It always has, and it always will.

    We have no one to rely on but ourselves and the G-d of Israel. American support of Israel is as farcical as the peace process itself. The sooner Jews figure that out the better.

    Chazak v'amatz!

  17. Oh, and here's a little insight into what else is happening at Fox, aside from the prince that I saw over at Logistics Monster


  18. Mikec11/3/10

    The real Zionist/Homeland dialogue was more profound, zionism was and is deeply embedded within Judaism and goes back to Isiah and Zechariah and the prophesies of the 'return', much predating Hertzel.

    Zionists tended to want the whole of the land promised in the Tanack in various places. The 'homelanders' were content to have a safe haven where Judaic practice was the norm. The major division was more political as to whether the Jewish state should be a 'socialist' state.

    The modern 'Anti-zionist' stance has no foundation in history. It is just a convenient cudgel with which to beat 'Jews', but which can be also be disguised as an 'olive branch'.

    The Palestinian propagandists seized upon the word 'Zionist' (no doubt helped by their Soviet allies) and redefined it to encompass the 'occupation' of Judea and Samaria. So that Jews living in NY were not 'Zionist' because they did not live in Israel....

    Arab literature does not use the word 'zionist' in reference to Jewish people, it uses the word Jew (yehuda). 'Anti-Zionist' only has meaning in Europe and the US, and in Israel by the hard left who long for the destruction of their country.

  19. Anonymous said...

    "I contend Anti-zionism is Anti-Semitism in disguise. She disagree's and states "you gotta remember that for much of the first half of the 20th century, there were....proud and prominent Jews who were extremely anti-Zionist."

    Is this true?"


    Yes it is true. Some of those who opposed Zionism, a Jewish state and the re-gathering of the Jews back into the land of Israel, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, were rabbis. There are those who believe a Jew can be an anti-Semite. Professor Norman Finkelstein for example, author of "The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering."

    I share this view. Jews can be anti-Semitic.

  20. There were no religious Jews who were anti-Zionist in the sense of opposing a destined return to Zion. There were those who had issues with specific subgroups of the Zionist movement.

    Many socialists however opposed Jewish settlement Israel. This itself represented a split in the socialist camp.

  21. Daniel, might I suggest there were indeed religious Jews and their rabbis who were anti-Zionist? I've got a copy of "Eim Habanim Semeichah: On Eretz Yisrael, Redemption, and Unity" by Harav Yisachar Shlomo Teichtal.

    Rav Teichtal was a courageous Chassid Rabbi who was murdered at the hands of the Nazis. Teichtal's book offers a refutatation of the dominant stream of thought amongst his fellow rabbis whom he compared to the "spies" in the book of Numbers. The spies you may recall gave the Israelites an evil report about the people in the land of Canaan, thus discouraging the Israelites from taking possession of the good land.

    Rabbis throughout Europe, particularly in the Orthodox movements (both in the east and west), were very much anti-Zionist, calling the largely secular Zionist pioneers, wicked, "sinners" who were defying the will of the Almighty. Rav Teichtal believed these rabbis' motivation was rooted in selfish desires; by reason of power, control, etc., fearing they might lose it in the land of Israel.

    These rabbis Teichtal warned, as well as their followers, might perish at the hands of the Nazis if they did not amend their ways.

    Tiechtal believed the Almighty was using the Zionists, these Jewish "unbelievers," to accomplish His purpose of redemption. Many rabbis did not see it this way.

    Many rabbis and their followers did indeed perish at the hands of the Nazis. Today we have the chassidic movement, Neturei Karta, that follows in the steps of these rabbis. Like their forebears, they continue to oppose Israel's existence because messiah did not bring it about.

    Might I suggest Daniel - for whatever motivation - they hold to an incorrect interpretation of the prophets in our Bible?

  22. I'm well aware of Eim Habanim Semeicha and it is a courageous and powerful response. However I will point out that there was never any theological stream within Torah Judaism that either rejected settling in Israel or the ultimate return of the Jews to Israel. Their anti-Zionism was more of an unwillingness to accept radical change from their way of life (remember orthodox Judaism has always been very conservative) and suspicion over the secularism of some streams of the movement.

    The Neturei Karta are not a chassidic movement. Ironically enough their roots are actually anti-Chassidic. And some of their beliefs are odd and extremist.

    But the Orthodox definition of anti-Zionist is very different from them. These days it's primarily an opposition to the secular government over the State of Israel, rather than a desire to dismantle Israel. Outside of the Satmar movement and some of the Neturei Karta, you won't see that around much. And it's not that widespread even in Satmar anymore.

    Regarding biblical interpretation, in the absence of prophecy such interpretation is subjective. I don't believe anyone is qualified to say one way or another, but the actual fact that the nation exists is the best argument for the view that it was meant to exist, when you consider how improbable its recreation was and how many miracles took place around it.

  23. Mikec11/3/10

    It is interesting in this context to read Finkelstein's attacks on Joan Peter's book 'From Time Immemorial'

    Joan Peters (non-Jew) set out to show how evil the Israelis were over the 'refugee' problem, in researching the issue, the truths she discovered (totally at odds with the generally perceived view) rather shocked her into researching the whole 'Arab-Israel issue.

    Finkelstein did not attack the data in the book, but basically attacked the idea of defending Israel's actions at all.

    Where Israel (and Jews generally) are concerned, truth is of no real importance, what is important is to be able to camouflage antisemitism enough to 'fool' most of the audience, most of the time.

  24. You wrote: "I don't believe anyone is qualified to say one way or another, but the actual fact that the nation exists is the best argument for the view that it was meant to exist...."


    Exactly. Israel is a fact on the ground and THAT fact, I believe, makes one qualified to say it was a divine act in our history according to the words in our prophets. Read the book of Ezekiel, chapter 34. I believe he speaks to these rabbis, whom the prophet calls "shepherds who are feeding themselves" rather than the flock. Shouldn't the shepherd feed his flock?

    I have Christian neighbors who point out like you wrote, "Well it's a secular government running things in that country," as though this is enough to excuse them for not seeing Israel as Israel, or the regathering as anything significant or prophetic.

    There evil, secular, godless kings ruling ancient Israel. King Ahab comes to mind. God sent prophets to condemn these kings. Are we to believe because an evil (or a secular) king is ruling Israel, Israel is not Israel? Because PM Netahyahu is by and large a secular man, Israel is not Israel? Are we to believe today's Israel is a perversion of history as little doubt the Vatican believes? As the Muslim world believes?

    These rabbis whose "suspicion over the secularism of some streams of the (Zionist) movement," caused them to mislead thousands, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of Jews; these rabbis and their followers perished in Hitler's camps.

    Rabbi Teichtal has been vindicated. Yet he was and still is despised my many - I read the foreward to his book - because, like our prophets, he had the courage to speak the truth.

  25. Anonymous11/3/10

    Thanks for everyone's response.

  26. "The US has no better friend than Israel," according to Vice President Joseph Biden.

    Just like former President Bush: "Israel is our friend. I'm going to stand by Israel," even as he stabs us in the back.

    What is the proverb in the book of Proverbs?

    "The lips of a loose woman drip honey; smoother than oil is her speech, but in the end she is as bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two edged sword......"

  27. The first commandment that G-d gave to Avraham was to live in the Land of Israel.

    Rashi lived one thousand years ago. He begins his famous commentary on the Torah in a startling and prophetic fashion by quoting a teaching of Rabbi Yitzhak.

    Rabbi Yitzhak poses an interesting question. Why, he asks, does the Torah begin with the account of Creation? After all, the Torah is the book of Jewish Law. This being the case, it should begin with the first commandment that was given to the Jews. Nevertheless, he explains, the Torah begins with the story of Creation so that, in the future, when the nations of the world accuse the Jews of being robbers for having conquered the Land of Israel from the gentiles who lived there, the Jews will be able to answer them that He who created the world, and parceled out its lands as He saw fit, decided to take the land from the gentiles and give it to us.

    This is the answer we should give to Obama, to the Jew haters in Europe, and to the Arabs. The world belongs to G-d, and He gave the Land of Israel to us!

    This is all well and good, but the problem is that there are many Jews in Israel whose commitment to the Land of Israel isn’t what it should be. They look upon the Land of Israel as a Monopoly deed that can be bartered away for practical purposes. This sad state of affairs derives from their lack of true understanding of the Torah. Rather than viewing the Land of Israel as an integral oneness bonded with an eternal unity with the life of the Jewish Nation, they view it as some external acquisition that can be chopped into negotiable pieces. As Rabbi Kook taught:

    “Eretz Yisrael is not a peripheral matter, an external acquisition of the Nation… Eretz Yisrael is an independent unit, bound with a living attachment to the Nation, bound up with an inner “segulah” with the Nation’s existence” (Orot, 1:1).

    This means that just as a person needs his heart and his head to be a whole, living person, so to the Torah, the Jewish People, and the Land of Israel are one, in an eternal, indivisible wholeness.

    Therefore, every believing Jew, no matter where he lives, should be willing to fight and die, if need be, defending the right of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel. After all, the Arabs are willing to fight and die over the Land of Israel, and it isn’t even theirs. How embarrassing!

    Instead of clinging to the Land of Israel with all of our might, with a readiness to sacrifice everything to keep it in our hands, we offer all kinds of excuses like:

    “I wasn’t born there – it’s not my fight.”

    “Peace is more important.”

    “We survived 2000 without the Land of Israel – as long as we have the Torah, we will be all right.”

    "The unity of the army is more important than the unity of the Land."

    Others hide their cowardice and lack of commitment to all of the Torah by saying, “If things in Israel were run according to my liking, then I would do my share in defending the Land.”

    Blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum.

    To preserve the wholeness of the Land of Israel, the wholeness of the Torah, the wholeness of the Nation of Israel, and to preserve the honor of G-d in the world, every Jew, no matter where he or she lives, has to actively demonstrate that we love and want the Land of Israel more than the goyim.

    Otherwise, all of our shuckling and shaking in prayer, and all of the talkbacks, are just a lot of “sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  28. Amen, amen Yamit!

    I have one thing to add to the question of anti-zionism being antisemitic. Zionism is the notion that the Jewish nation should be allowed to control its national destiny in its homeland. This is the sovereign and unalienable right of all nations. To seek to deny that right to Am Yisrael is antisemitic by its very nature.

    The reason why some people believe there is a distinction is because they fail to understand that the Jewish people are not a religion, we are a nation; and, as Yamit so eloquently and passionately stated, Eretz Yisrael is the land in which our nation dwells. It is our home. We are its indigenous people. In fact, we are the only people who have ever lived there as an independent, sovereign nation, and not only that, we have accomplished the feat twice. No one else can make this claim.

    For 2000 years the land was a desolate waste. Only in our hands does it bloom. Only in our hands do the grapevines cover the hills of the Shomron, a sign of our coming redemption.

    When we speak of our rights to the land, no one can challenge us. This is why the Arabs started banging their heads over Machpelah and Kever Rachel. There is no disputing our heritage and our claim. Even the Quran concedes the land is ours. The government of Israel has failed to speak of our right to the land, but the government of Israel does not represent Am Yisrael. As Yamit said, it is up to every Jew to claim our rights to live in and settle all of the Land of Israel as Hashem commanded.

  29. Mikec12/3/10

    Four (or more) Jews and one opinion
    - what is the world coming to.....

  30. It means you're not at the JTA

  31. Biden is part fool, part Obama henchman. As a fool a lot of people will dismiss what he's really saying and not read between the lines.

    As a henchman he'll do and say whatever his leader wants.

    That combination of fool and bully makes him even more dangerous than Obama.

  32. Anonymous12/3/10

    One thing that Israel has never understood, is that America's influence with the Islamic world rests on the assumption, that it is the only country that has influence to extract concessions from Israel.

    Two things follow from this

    1. The more Israel gives away, the less it will have, and thus less influence it has with America.

    2. The more America forces Israel to give, the less influence it has with the Arabs as well as Israel.

    It is not in the interest of America to force Israel to give anything.


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