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Barack Hussein Obama vs Israel

The manifold organs of the ObamaMedia are abuzz with outrage over what they are calling Israel's "insult" to the United States. But what was the nature of this awful and outrageous insult? Did Israeli officials pull off V.P. Biden's rug to show off his bald head underneath. Did they ask him why the suit of his pants is so shiny. Did they make him sit at the kiddie table?

More to the point did Israeli TV air calls for a Jihad against America, as Palestinian Arab TV did? Did Israel name a square after the murderer of an American photographer, as the Palestinian Authority did? Did an Israeli Anchorman do a skit in blackface during Obama's visit, as a Turkish anchorman did during Obama's visit to Turkey? Are Israeli religious institutions issuing Fatwahs against America, as Al Azhar University, which Obama visited and spoke at, has done? Are Israeli leaders funding terrorism against America, as the Saudi King, before whom Obama bowed, does?

No, none of those incidents were described as insults. Nothing that Muslim countries did to mock, humiliate and murder Americans were even noticed at all. None of them produced furious condemnations from the White House or two hours of Hillary Clinton screeching on the phone at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So what did Israel do that was so awful, so horrible and terrible? It built houses. Yes, civilian houses. Not army bases or nuclear missiles or walls. Houses.

Israel approved a construction project to build housing for its own people, in its own capitol city, Jerusalem. Some of the housing will be built in the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood, situated around the grave of Shimon the Righteous, a Jewish religious figure famed for rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. A neighborhood where Jews have lived for over a century. As well as Ramat Shlomo, a thriving neighborhood with thousands of Jewish families living in it.

The Obama Administration's objections to Jews living in Jerusalem are purely racial and religious. If Israel were approving a construction project to build housing for Arab Muslim citizens of Israel, Biden, Hillary and their media troupe wouldn't be screeching about it to the high heavens. It is only because Jews are to live there, that they have a problem with it. Their objections therefore are purely based on race and religion-- and completely racist.

But this is hardly the first time that Muslims and their Western appeasers have tried to drive the Jews out of Jerusalem, or the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood in particular.

In 1876 the land was purchased by the Jewish community in order to build homes for poor Jews. In 1936, after the death of Sheikh Izz ad-Din al-Qassam (one of the inspirations for Hamas) and the Mufti of Jerusalem (who would go on to collaborate on the Holocaust with Adolf Hitler), Arab rioters drove the Jews out of the neighborhood with cries of Ibtach Al Yahood (kill the Jews). Over 500 Jews were murdered during this time. Many more fled their homes ahead of the enraged Islamic mobs.

The following was a sample of some of the Arab Muslim brutality toward the Jews at the time.

Alex Morrison, a British truck driver sympathetic to the Arab cause wrote, "They left behind them one of the worst sights I ever saw in my life... The naked bodies of the women exposed the evidence that the knives had been used in the most ghastly fashion." The bodies of children, apparently set alight with gasoline in a nursery, were still smoldering."

The Arab Muslim atrocities were successful not at intimidating the Jews, who slowly began to return, but at intimidating the British who enacted the White Paper, and closed the doors to Jewish immigration resulting in countless numbers of Jews dead during the Holocaust. A Holocaust which involved the participation of the same Mufti of Jerusalem who organized the riots. Which in turn had been partially funded by Nazi Germany.

In 1947 the Arab Muslim forces again came for the Jews. The Jewish residents of the Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood, accompanied by militia, fought them back with the few weapons they had. And then came the British colonial authorities and disarmed the Jews. And when the Arab forces came again, they had no weapons to fight with. And they fled.

The fall of the area cut off Hadassah Hospital from the rest of Jerusalem. A convoy of 79 doctors, nurses and patients to the hospital were massacred by Arab forces. They included a world renowned ophthalmologist, Chaim Yassky and his wife Fanny. Esther Fassman, the American director of social services at the hospital's Cancer Institute, carrying candy and magazines for her patients. And a man who had been riding along to reach his wife who had just given a birth. He never reached her.
The Jordanian Legion seized all of East Jerusalem, and drove out the remaining Jews living there. Synagogues were destroyed, others were turned into latrines. The tombstones from Jewish cemeteries were used as paving stones for the Arab Muslim occupation forces. The Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood though held the tragic distinction of being the first part of Jerusalem to have its Jewish population driven out.

The houses that the Jews had been driven out of were occupied by Arab Settlers in an East Jerusalem rendered empty of Jews. The great dream of the Mufti of Jerusalem, and every Islamic cleric and terrorist, who had urged the murder of Jews in order to build a pure Islamic Arab Palestine was fulfilled. The Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood was seemingly no more. Only the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood remained. Half of the historic Jewish capital was Judenrein.

In 1967, Jerusalem was liberated and reunited once again. But the victorious Jewish army did not drive out the Arab squatters. Instead in 1972 it restored the land in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood to the communal organizations which had owned it allowed them to remain on the condition that they paid rent. Those who refused, were evicted. Slowly Jews began to return to their old neighborhood again. A school opened and a normal semblance of life with it. However the US State Department and European government have continued fighting the Jewish presence in Jerusalem, demanding that it be restored to its former Judenrein status.

Over and over again, the diplomats have taken the side of the Arab squatters who stole the homes of the Jewish families living there, until Arab mobs and armies drove them out. Even when Jewish residents bought the land from those squatters, insuring the absolute legality of their ownership from any and every angle, their rights to live there have been denied. And those demanding an Apartheid Jerusalem, reserved for Arabs alone, have continued spewing lies and distorting the truth by claiming that Jews never lived in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood. That the only reason Jews live there now is out of spite (this in a city where spiraling real estate prices and crowded conditions have made apartments incredibly difficult to find.) And finally that the only reason that a housing project that has been in the works for over a decade was approved-- was in order to insult Joseph Robinette Biden... and through him America.

And then there was the Ramat Shlomo construction project. Supposedly the straw that broke the "camel's" back. Ramat Shlomo is and has been a Jewish neighborhood for some time now. There are thousands of families living in it. The 1600 additional units are not being built on inhabited land. Nor was the land ever supposed to be turned over to the Palestinian Authority in any conceivable settlement. In fact during the previous round of negotiations, even the PA had conceded Ramat Shlomo.

Let me be very clear then. The building of houses for Jewish families in a neighborhood where Jews have lived for 134 years is not an insult. A housing project that has been in the works for over a decade was not a secret conspiracy to humiliate the idiot Vice President on his visit there. It is of course an insult, but not to America. Only to Islam.

American diplomats have not usually described Israeli policies they dislike as an "insult"-- that is a term much more commonly used by Muslims, who are obsessed with perceived slights to their honor. Complaints over an "insult" is a common feature of Honor-Shame societies. America is not an honor-shame society. However the White House is currently occupied by a man bred in an honor-shame society. It is Obama that feels "insulted" by Israel, both out of the sensitivity of his Muslim heritage and his own egotism, which regularly motivates him to humiliate Republicans, while triumphantly celebrating his own greatness.

It is natural enough for Barack Hussein Obama to rely on such cheap honor-shame gambits. They are what he grew up with. And it is natural enough for him to keenly feel the loss of face of Muslims. After all his father's family was Muslim. And Muslims are keenly "insulted" when they conquer territory and then cannot hold it. Whether that territory is in Jerusalem, Israel or Spain or India. They cannot stand to suffer the loss of face. And neither can Obama.

Had there been a Jewish or part-Jewish President in the White House, the media would be raising the question of whether he is showing favoritism toward Israel. A question that has been repeatedly raised regarding Joseph Lieberman. A question that was raised regarding Goldwater, who was a practicing Christian. But the media refuses to allow the question to be raised of whether Obama is favoring Muslims because of his own Muslim background and family ties. Instead the media brands any such questions as racist, and instead spearheads the administration's campaign against Israel.

So directed out of the White House, a media firestorm howls enraged at Israel for presuming to allow Jews to live in a neighborhood where they had lived for a 134 years. The outrage. The offense. Heads must roll for this. Panicked, Netanyahu has already rushed to appease Der Fuhrer, suspending all home development anywhere in Jerusalem. Netanyahu has already apologized for building homes for his own citizens in his own country, but that of course is not enough. It's never enough.

David Axelrod huffed, "This was an affront, it was an insult." Hillary Clinton, Suha Arafat's former kissyface partner, called Netanyahu to berate him. And then did it again in the round of interviews, proclaiming, "It was insulting. And-- it was insulting not just to the vice president, who-- certainly didn't deserve that-- But it was an insult to the United States." Biden added his own voice. So did a bevy of underlines. Israel's ambassador was summoned to be yelled at by the Deputy Secretary of State.

In his visit Biden had repeatedly insulted his Israeli hosts. First he brought along Chris Matthews who accused Israelis of disliking Obama because they're racists. He arrived an hour and a half late to a ceremonial dinner. In other words he acted like every bit of the predictable buffoon that he is. Which is also not surprising given his history of hostility to Israel going back decades.

But none of that really matters. The bottom line is that the Obama Administration has been wanting to pick a fight with Israel for some time now... while pretending to be the victims. Much like the way Germany faked a Polish attack as a pretext for invading Poland, Barack Hussein Obama needed a pretext for waging his own political Jihad against Israel. All the while whining about how badly the Israelis have insulted him.

If it hadn't been Shimon HaTzaddik or Ramat Shlomo, some other pretext would have been found. Sooner or later, some visiting dignitary would have been offended by Israelis going on with their lives. Resulting in just this kind of cynical tantrum designed to win over Muslims and further degrade Israel's abilities to defend itself. The entire incident staged in keeping with the Honor-Shame background of the man in the White House.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem, Jews were celebrating the rebuilding of the Hurva Synagogue. Built in the 1700's, the synagogue had been demolished twice by Arab Muslims. The second time in 1948 by the Jordanian Legion, in order to insure that Jews would never return to East Jerusalem. They were wrong then, as Obama is wrong now. The plans of Muslims to banish Jews from their historic capitol are both immoral and racist.

Meanwhile the PA's Jerusalem minister, Khatem Abd el-Kader, condemned the renovation of the Hurva Synagogue, warning Israel that it was "playing with fire" and urged Muslim Arabs to "protect" the Al Aqsa Mosque. Naturally of course the riots are of course already on the way. An echo of the riots that drove Jews out of Jerusalem in the 1930's. Then the rioters had shouted, "Itbach-al Yahud" and "Addowlah ma'anah". Kill the Jews, and The Government is With Us. Except the government they mean now is not the British colonial authorities, but the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.



  1. אובמה האגגי I would not be surprised if it was not the real truth.
    Very well done.

  2. Look at the bigger picture. Israel was always used as a pawn in a big game the US played against the USSR. Israel was made to pay the Egypt with the Sinai as a payoff for its crossing over from the Soviet's into the US's camp. After the Soviet collapse the ruling US elites have no use for Israel anymore. They see it as a burden.

    There's no use in Israel for them anymore except to payoff the Arabs - that's why the mad pretense of a "peace" process is perpetuated against all logic - it's because it's just a smoke screen. This is not the process of achieving peace, but rather achieving an Israeli withdrawal, to better payoff the Arabs, mad with lust for their lost Empire.

    It took them 20 years to finally say it in the open - they want to ditch Israel in favour of the Arabs, in pursuit of their "interests".

    Germany once pursued its perceived interests in the Lebensraum in the East. This is no different.

    Mearsheimer and Walt are no Muslims. All the W.A.S.P. journalists in Obamamedia and the pseudo-intellectuals in Saudi funded universities were not raised as Muslims in Indonesia. This is the same elite today which is still mad at Roosevelt for taking America to war. Pat the Puke Bukeanan is the case in point. It wasn't an accident that America kept neutrality in the War until December 1941. Truth be told, it is not just the French who have to face up to their real role in the WWII.

    The American elite is today what it always was - a ruthless bunch pursuing their "interests", devoid of any morality and principles. These are the ones who would naturally feel insulted by the pesky little Jooos acting against their profitable schemes. Just by the fact of the Jews mere existence in the region, claimed by their long time real friends and partners - the Arabs.

    There is a reason for why not one allied forces bomb was spared in any attempt to disrupt the Nazi extermination machine. That reason is Dulles making precisely such a pledge before the Saudi King. It was Jews for oil. Simple enough equation for these people.

    And Obama - he's just their frontman. Nothing more, nothing less. Fitting perfectly to their today's agenda.

  3. Seraz15/3/10

    Thank you, Daniel.

    Very strong piece. I learned few things...

    You mentioned that Israeli TV did not call for jihad against America, that Israel did not name a square after the murderer of an American, etc. Well, maybe this is what is missing. If this is how Muslems get respect from US and "the world", maybe Israel should try the same? Like, kidnap Biden and keep him for few years as negotiation chip... What the heck, get the Hillary too.

  4. Mikec15/3/10

    There comes a point where Israel has nothing to loose by dumping the USA and relying on G-d.

    Lets hope they strike oil....

    Israel will still be a hard nut for Hamas/Hezbollah/Iran to crack open, a lot of people will die on either side.

    And goodness knows what Samson technology is there in the background.

    G-d has a curious habit of taking revenge in kind, Moses had to be hidden in a floating cradle to save him from execution by Pharaoh's henchmen, G-d's final revenge on Pharaoh was the execution of Egypt's firstborn.

    He then wiped out its Army elite so that it could not withstand the Hyksos (Amalakite?) invasion.

    There is no reason to believe that anything has changed.

    Thus it is the USA that will suffer/is suffering the consequences of bullying Israel. The covenant land is not Obama's to give away or to dictate as to its usage.

    When Ottoman Turkey refused entry to Jews, there was a revolution deposing the Emperor, it was defeated in WWi and it lost the land in Short Order.

    When Britain tried, it lost its financial integrity (in WW2), its Empire and its credibility in short order.

    When the USA supported Israel it was rich and prosperous, within a few years of Oslo, it was the US economy which was suffering.

    Supporting Arab oil interests has not given a good return on investment.

  5. Another thing is, it is not the Presidents who do actually rule in Washington, apparently. The true change came to Washington not with Obumma's election, but in 2007, with Baker-Hamilton report which demanded "Iran's legitimate regional aspirations" be accomodated and Israel ditched.

    Bush did nothing to oppose that diabolic plan and promptly dismissed Rumsfeld and appointed Bobby Gates to overlook the peaceful nuclearization of Iran. To which, Joey Biden recently said, Israel would "have to reconcile itself".

    NIE report was promptly forged, Iran wasn't bombed, Mearsheimer and Walt provided the ideological base to the new movement, and Bobby Gates is still in the White House.

    And Israeli press - sometimes I think half of them are on the CIA's take, bought and paid for. Re: their shouting in unison about Biden's being the "greatest friend of Israel". Which, it turns out from your article, is patently false.

  6. Anonymous15/3/10


    Let me get this straight! We have a problem. The Obama, the one from Allah, is on the side of the PA. The L rd Our G d is on the side of Israel!

    I know who wins in this situtation.

  7. Having just read Tommy "driving drunk" Friedman's infamous column, one thing is clear. Apparently, the US's Sunni "moderate" Arab regimes demand Iran to be delt with (Israel's wishes of course don't mean much). So Obumma's encouragement of PA's refusal to talk with Israel for the last year is designed to maintain this crisis as a distraction and a pretext of why the US do nothing to stop Iran.

    Because apparently, having Iran nuclear is a strategic choice American rulers have made, the geniuses.

  8. Anonymous15/3/10

    Brilliant essay.

    I will be linking it wherever I can.

  9. Zechariah 12 (New American Standard Bible)

    Zechariah 12
    Jerusalem to Be Attacked
    1The burden of the word of the LORD concerning Israel. Thus declares the LORD who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him,

    2"Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah.

    3"It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

    The word " reeling" should also be translated as drunkenness.

  10. Nice job, as always, Dan. The facts truly speak for themselves. That's why the Obama administration along with the duplicitous media totally ignore them.

    Keep fighting the good fight!


  11. Claiming that Israel insulted America and that it is putting American troops in danger was aimed at turning Americans against Israel.

  12. Anonymous15/3/10

    May G-d help Israel and G-d bless you for such fantastic and informative writing.

  13. Nice to know someone gets it! The objection to Jews building homes by the U.S. State Department amounts to an official policy of anti-Semitism by the United States Government.

    Jews need to stop being so scared to say that. Moreover, we need to realize that the only difference between the O'Bama Administration and the Bush Administration is that the O'Bama Administration is louder about it.

  14. Thank you. I was waiting for this Article.

    Don't you just love it when American Nut-heads call the Ramat Shlomo area "settlements?" Perhaps someone should tell Mexico to send some suicide bombers to the states, and then ask Obama to return California and texas...

    Oh no, don't tell'em. Obama will probably accomodate them right away, America-hater that he is!

  15. Just an outstanding essay and I will be linking this to my site
    and sending it to numerous people.
    One of the best I have read.

    Israel has the "Samson Option"
    if pushed too far, let them use
    it. It would be better if Iran
    and several other islamic states
    had already been pacified and
    neutered harmless. And I mean
    for good.

  16. Great commentary Daniel. I linked to it in another post on my blog. You might find this post of interest as well:


  17. I hope you don't mind that I posted this post onto my blog (w/due credits to you, of course).

    That was pretty intense.

  18. Anonymous16/3/10

    w.a.s.p.s in obama's media. heh. commies for sure. w.a.s.p.s, not so much.

  19. Thank you patriot, gun shy and Miriam

    I of course welcome links and redistribution.

    The Samson Option would unfortunately be a worst case scenario, as Samson did not survive it. Hopefully Israel will act long before then. Though it doesn't look good right now.

  20. Daniel said:

    "Thank you patriot, gun shy and Miriam.

    I of course welcome links and redistribution."

    I will be linking to your blog often Daniel, because it has a factual and balanced perspective, which is something that the MSM is sorely lacking these days.

    Here is a somewhat humorous evaluation of this administration's "dynamic duo":


  21. Anonymous17/3/10

    Beautiful, Daniel, so awesome it brought tears to my eyes.
    I sent it to my group supporting Israel -your column is our daily bread- and sent it also to PM Netanyahu ... It should appear in all media, be read aloud in lectures, at universities ... A master work, as usual from you.
    Crystal K.

  22. Anonymous17/3/10

    JERUSALEM was the Jewish capital when london, paris, and washington d.c. were swamps.

    kol kovod


  23. "w.a.s.p.s not so much ..."

    Chris Mattews ?..........

    Fareed Zakariah?.... well, yeah, you have a point.

    And beware the excessive communist-bashing. If not for other reason than Hitler was a great commi-basher too.

    We need to separate the ill-defined and generally vague notions of "communism", "Nationalism" and "Socialism" from the concrete political systems of Leninism, Stalinism and Hitlerism, even if they were perpetrated under those banners. Let's not forget e.g. Franco who kept neutral and provided Jews with safe heaven, or even Mussolini who didn't persecure Italian own Jews.

    But it's more than a question of nuances. The actual ideology under banner of which the particular social system operates will generally be quite different from the realities of said social system. Put differently, ideology is auto-directed propaganda.

    As such it may be quite benign when the actual system is quite monstrous. For instance, the Soviet propaganda/ideology line was "Everything in the name of Man, for the Good of Man". Hardly an evil thing, that. Of course demanding a totalitarian dictatorship for one party in the name of that is evil, and is just wrong.

    So to compare ideologies is to compare the ideals, and not the realities of particular social systems.

    But the ideology of Nazism is evil itself.

    Communism purports to be directed to the common good of all, everyone caring for all and all caring for everyone as its end-goal, with no-one excluded, but Nazism sets out to exclude everyone except the "superior race" and murder and exploit everyone else in the name of "interests" of said race. (compare BTW the today's america 1-st'ers insistence on US's "interests").

    The very ideals of Nazism are evil, as well as their political Hitlerist implementation.

    Being overly anti-"communist" is a slippery slope. It is what got the Vatican to support the terrible fascist Croatian regime, if not the Hitlerist regime itself, for which there seem to be some basis as well.

  24. Here, I've just read on Ruthfully Yours yesterday repost of Frank Gaffney's Geert Wilders apology, that Glen Beck has called Geert Wilders "a fascist".

    There's the example of just another "conservative" obsessed with "anti-communism". Seeing that "Jews are liberal socialists" and "leftists" and that Jihadists are the enemy of the Jews, it is no brainer for the obsessed anti-communist be friends with the Jihadists.


    Or else why we hear not one mention of Jihadism on the Glen Beck show?

  25. Rachel18/3/10

    Excellent history, but he's damaged his effectiveness I think by using immoderate language and coming across as a thug. You can't do that if you want to have an impact in an arena dominated by chic, suited, clean-shaven bleeding heart Palestinian sympathizers. When you stoop to using language like "idiot," "Der Fuhrer," "kissyface partner," "buffoon," you undermine your own effectiveness. If you've got solid historical facts going for you, it's foolish and lazy to dilute and cheapen your argument by name-calling. You've made it easy for the opposition to dismiss everything you've said.

  26. I don't feel particularly inclined to be respectful toward the Obama Administration, instead of condemning it in clear and plain language.

    I have never been inclined to moderation, but to speaking the truth.

  27. You can argue about the merits of the legitimacy of the Palestinians until the cows come home. The Fact is now they are recognized universally as a distinc nation. Enough of the dnial of reality.

  28. Real just like Bigfoot and UFO's right Ted?
    If the majority believe it, it must be true.

  29. It's not about the merits, it's about the reality.

    There has never been a Palestinian people and there isn't one now. Even when given billions of dollars and international political backing, they haven't been able to construct anything resembling one in nearly two decades.

  30. I agree with most of the above sentiments, and thanks for again echoing my thoughts. Only, the Samson Option is not an option at all, except to those in urgent need for consolation. While it seems to have been effective in its time and under vastly different, Biblical conditions, Daniel rightly points out that Samson did not survive it.

    More important, is that Israel neither could nor ever would use this meaningless Option since a deterrent is only a deterrent to those with something to lose. Unfortunately, in the insanity of the 21st century this does not include those whose leaders would happily sacrifice two, five, ten, twenty or even fifty million of their own people in the course of ridding themselves of their spiritual toothache.

    I would go so far as to suggest that, in the unthinkable event that may broadly justify the use of this illusory Option, its fallout would be the last effective act of the State, likely inflicting from irreparable to terminal harm against Judaism, and in exchange for at most a mild setback in terms of Islamic numbers and the loss of some sand for a century or two, all of which are profitable to Allah.

    It is easy to perceive silver linings if we look hard enough, because it is these that allow us to sleep easy at night. Returning to reality with a bump, though, it becomes difficult to ignore the facts that the niceties of democracy are no match for an unfettered and unrelenting Islam in the ascendant and gaining momentum across the board, economically, politically, demographically, spiritually, militarily, diplomatically, and via the cancer of a fifth column with its increasingly obliging media, each at the expense of a tiny State on the back foot with pockets of mostly passive supporters around the world, and handicapped at every turn by the manipulation of an increasingly gullible international community.

  31. Greg W RN20/3/10

    Speaking the clear truth is sorely needed, there are those who equate logic and reason with obfuscation,facts are facts, they don't change, the whole viral lying machine in Washington would be amusing if it were'nt so deadly. The entitlement generation of so called Americans don't see the writing on the wall. I especially appreciated the gentleman's reference to Zechariah. God will always have the final say. I suggest that real Americans prepare for the future unrest that is gathering. Israel fights every day for it's survival. Perhaps that will be our legacy as well.

  32. The world hates the Jews because they are living proof of a Living G-d who will one day ask every man for an account. He will also judge those nations who have hated His people and trampled His Holy City. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living G-d.

  33. hpeskin20/3/10

    Unfortunately Israel is completely under America's thumb. Israel should never have accepted 100+$ billion from the U.S. all these years. Israel should never have accepted 10$ bil loan guarantees to build homes for Soviet Jews. same for the enormous amount of advanced weapons and the best military training. Same for the most sophisticated
    reconaissance ,radar,and ballistic systems.Israel ought not to have solicited America's diplomatic support. If Israel hd acted differently, Israel would be a completely sovereign Nation today, which it surely is not.

  34. Irwin Ruff6/2/11

    I have been strongly opposed to O'banna since he first entered competition for the nomination, but the actions of him and his minions have finally pushed me over the brink. I no longer regard myself as an American, but as a Jew only. It seems to be not only the US, but almost all the countries of the world united against Israel. I am aware that there are individuals who do not agree with their governments, but they remain as individuals, unable to affect their governments. I can only hope that the war that seems inevitable will be the war of Gog & Magog, and will be the prelude to the coming of Moshiach.

    I remain your faithful reader,
    (at least there's someone who writes well with whom I can agree)
    Shlomo HaYehudi


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