Home global warming The Post-Human Left Unleashes Species Warfare at Copenhagen
Home global warming The Post-Human Left Unleashes Species Warfare at Copenhagen

The Post-Human Left Unleashes Species Warfare at Copenhagen

A century ago protesters on the streets of a European city might have been marching to call attention to the plight of the poor living in slums on those same streets. Today protesters are rioting in the streets of Copenhagen, not on behalf of their fellow human beings, but for the rights of the ant, the polar bear and the crocodile. The rhetoric has not changed very much, but the core worldview has, embracing a collectivism that no longer has anything human in it.

No longer is it about the poor of Copenhagen or London or New York. In modern industrialized nations, such people have in any case become increasingly hard to find, let alone portray as the victims of greedy capitalists. It is not really about any human collective anymore, but a biological collective in which humans occupy a role within the biological kingdom, identical to the one that Americans identify within the global order, that of occupiers and exploiters.

For half a billion corporate dollars, the movie Avatar will be splashing that same worldview across a million movie screens, backed by the latest and most ingenious corporate technology, using aliens in place of animals. It is a worldview that began with Save the Whales and ends with Drown the Humans, but it is one that originates even more deeply in the collectivism of class warfare, in the notion that every modern society is innately corrupt and must be subject to a constant wave of reform revolutions meant to unseat the powerful and uplift the oppressed.

But that very notion of class struggle has been dying a prolonged and painful death, crushed by the reality that trickle down economics do work, and that capitalism writ large ultimately turns the poor into the middle class. And so to replace the vanishing domestic poor who had become the new middle class, the "new poor" in the form of Third World immigrants were imported and transported to fill the proletarian gap. And so Europe, Israel and America's left helped transform their countries into war zones, new class consciousness was raised up and once again the sons and daughters of the wealthy could get out their guitars and their Marxist textbooks, and damn the privilege and wealth of their forebears.

But once again the greatest enemy of class warfare has been productivity. Today the productive powers of capitalism have extended even to the worst off parts of Africa. From the billions that Bush had directed to Africa, to the Gates Foundation to One Laptop Per Child and to Microfinance, liberal capitalists were demonstrating paradoxically enough, that business profits could produce actual change, rather than simply treating the Third World as poster children for the perpetual evils of Western oppression.

Environmentalism, in its current embodiment as the Cult of Global Warming, has become the ultimate weapon of class warfare, except it is no longer class warfare, but species warfare. Say what you will about polar bears or penguins, but unlike every single human minority whose cause the left has tried to appropriate at one time or another-- they are not likely to pad in from the North Pole and demand a seat at the table. This has made animal rights and environmentalism the perfect pet cause for the post-human left.

Class warfare began as a dualistic view of society split between the haves and the have nots. Environmentalism perpetuates the same premise, except this time the haves are human beings, and the have nots, are the members of the animal kingdom. And that is the new face of the post-human left, the face of a dog, a polar bear, a rat-- a blue shining impersonal globe symbolizing a global collectivism no longer dependent on any political franchise or even humanity. Because the Post-Human Left is less interested in human beings than it is in mosquitoes and clams.

Of course the movers and shakers at Copenhagen have extended offers of financing to fight the pernicious effect of Carbon, one of the most common elements in the air, to African countries in order to bring them on board the Global Warming bandwagon. And too many African governments who have been trained to demand handouts from the First World have shown up on cue. Naturally they don't believe in Global Warming, but they do believe they're entitled to money for all that the West has wrought, and if shouting about the damage that Carbon has done to Africa is the way to get it, that's the way they'll go. Even more naturally the funding to fight Global Warming will go into the usual foreign bank accounts and the same places that much of the usual foreign aid that isn't human centered goes.

But then Copenhagen is the triumphant bleat of an inhuman world, a world in which humanity has no more meaning than a mollusk. Had the activists of the left thrown a fraction of the effort they have devoted to Global Warming into the genocide being carried out by the Sudanese regime in Darfur, countless numbers of people might have been saved. Instead the hypocritical jet setters of the left will get on their jets and into their limos, reserve entire hotel floors, gorge themselves on the finest delicacies imported from around the world at the expense of working class taxpayers-- all in order to spend trillions of dollars on schemes that will do nothing to fight an imaginary problem that even the dullest of them knows doesn't exist, but that will personally enrich them and their supporters.

The left has always used the ideology of Class Warfare as a lever to raise themselves up to power under the guise of a Dictatorship of the Proletariat, seizing on economic downturns and political outrage to raise up a tower of tyranny over the very people who put them into office. The EU, like the USSR, like the Obama Administration, like every international body gimmicked up to serve the interests of the same crowd, exists to merge the political and business interests of corporate socialists, with the hard left wing mobs outside that supply their ideological innovations for them.

Species Warfare has that advantage over Class Warfare, that it is fundamentally irresolvable, that success can never be measured or tracked, and that it completely destroys the self-worth of nations and individuals, teaching generations of children to see themselves as a pestilence not only against a variety of aborigines and less developed countries, but against every living thing one earth from the microbe to the trained seal.

If there is one message put forth by the Cult of Global Warming, it is essentially, A Plague on Humanity and All Its Works. And indeed if one were to take their ideology and every warmed over ancient myth presented as fact, then the inevitable conclusion is that the world would be better off if humanity had never existed. For all the clever cartoons, bright colors and adorable animals that are on the packaging-- this poisonous conclusion is the inevitable worm inside the box. Humanity is a plague. A toxic destroyer ravaging the environment. Its factories, its cows and even every breath of air that comes out of its mouth is killing the earth. Wouldn't it be better than if humanity didn't exist?

The ideology of Class Warfare successfully convinced generations of university students that they were at fault for being the sons and daughters of the wealthy and the middle class, convincing them to fight on behalf of the poor, only to find that most of the poor who weren't interested in living on the dole generally wanted to be wealthy and middle class themselves. Such a backward attitude naturally required that they be ruled by enlightened people like the aforementioned students in order to cure the poor of such selfish and greedy tendencies.

When the poor of the Free World got their wish and became middle class, in contrast to the poor of the Socialist Motherland of the Soviet Union, where everyone but the aforementioned students were poor, the ideology of Class Warfare became Global Class Warfare, and new generations of students were convinced that they were evil simply for being Americans, Canadians, Britons, Israelis, and other exploitative developed countries, who were taking advantage of the Third World. As it turned out though, like their own domestic poor, what the Third World nations wanted was to be First World nations. And while the First World nations have ravaged their own industrial economies, China and India are on the way to becoming First World nations instead.

And now Class Warfare and Global Class Warfare gives way to Species Warfare, and if turns out that all that the Polar Bears really want is to drive SUV's and own big screen TV's-- luckily they will never be able to make that known. And generations of students are taught to feel bad for simply being human, for having two arms and two legs, for having the intelligence to use a microwave oven instead of eating meat raw, and for enjoying all the comforts of civilization that have allowed them the luxury of bemoaning the fate of the animal kingdom in the first place.

And what of a people who are taught to be ashamed of working for a living, of being citizens of a prosperous country and of even being human? What comes of children who are taught that a noble savage is nobler than them and that in turn an animal is nobler than a man? We don't have to look far to see the intellectual consequences of an ideology that claims that not only are human beings no better than animals, but that we are actually worse than animals.

It is the moral and spiritual traits of a nation that make it great. And those traits are rooted in a sense of self-worth. To tell generation after generation that they are worth less than animals, is to transform them into animals, without shame, without striving and without any sense of self-worth, but that which is derived from the nakedly egotistical plumage of the animal kingdom. And such people are of course all too easy to rule over, to fool, to gull and deceive, to crack the whip overhead and watch them fall to their knees.

The chains being wrought at Copenhagen are the ideological product of a post-human left determined to wipe out every trace of the dignity of man, for their own political and ideological power. In order to rule as they wish to, one must have a nation of slaves to rule. And to create a nation of slaves, one must first eradicate every barrier between a slave and a free man. The chains are being wrought out of laws, but there are deeper chains of the mind being placed over the foreheads of every child and adult. A chain that says you are not worthy, your efforts and strivings accomplish nothing except the destruction of the earth. And it is those chains that must first be broken, for us all to be free.


  1. G-d should curse all of humanity for wailing over the plight of animals over human beings.

    Where are the Jack London's of 1903 who cared more about the "People of the Abyss" than animals?

    We see this everywhere. Even in Buffalo--the third poorest city in the nation. Here we've had a homeless man set on fire, another homeless man killed in a hit and run and people in my neighborhood call homelessness a lifestyle choice.

    But they agonize over the plight of the polar bears and global warming.

    We need more people like Jack London writing about the People of the Abyss!

    Great article, my friend.

  2. the homeless aren't romantic enough for them anymore

  3. Anonymous14/12/09

    We should not be surprised by the evolution of the evolution. When people are being taught they are not made in G-d's image but they are sons of bacteria and their grandfather was an ape, why shouldn't they care about their family?

  4. Anonymous14/12/09

    What the hell happened? Concervatives howled like wolves in heat when Clinton made homeless people a priority now you
    got commenter praying for God to
    humanity while sobbing about
    no one caring
    about humans?
    Insane and hypocritical.

  5. the good news is that Obama has also made homeless people a priority

    ...he made creating homeless people a priority anyway

  6. I'm a little confused by your comment to me, Anonymous.

    As for homeless...I have recently covered homelessness in my community and have been haunted by what I've seen. The horrors inflicted upon them. And the people I would have anticipated being tormented at the atrocities are indifferent.

    Obama indeed is creating more homelessness.

  7. Anonymous16/12/09

    Science needs to save itself, not the planet. CO2 is required for flora to grow, it's not a poison.
    Google EUGENICS on youtube and you'll find many more pointers of an elite wishing to demonize humanity.
    Great article, Thx.

  8. Mr. Greenfield:

    Based on your limited response above, I am curious. Did you write that essay because you hold man to be an end in himself or did you write that article to point out that there are the poor and homeless that need the money being re-routed to environmental causes?

    Is communism/socialism evil or does it just need to focus on man rather than animals?

  9. I believe that environmentally speaking, the purpose of the planet we live on is to house humanity. Any concerns about the environment can only be those that are human centered, rather than gaia centered.

    Regarding homelessness, again human needs take priority over inhuman ones.


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